Earthquakes (2014)
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The use of morality in prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes
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Welcome to the web page which explains the utilisation of mechanisms involved in work of "morality", for the prevention of destructive "earthquakes" and other cataclysms. Described here are six based on morality methods of self-defence against such cataclysms. On this web page these methods are summarised in item #A2, while their detailed presentation is provided in items #H1 to #M1. In turn the empirical evidence which confirms that these methods are in fact highly effective, is scientifically documented in items #I3 to #I5 from yet another my web page devoted to them, and named petone.htm. All of these methods were worked out from findings of the new so-called "totaliztic science" which researches the surrounding reality from "a priori" philosophical approach that represents an exact opposite to "a posteriori" approach used by the official science to-date (i.e. by this old science paid from our taxes, which sometimes is also called the "atheistic orthodox science" - for details see item #C3 from the web page named telekinetics.htm). Due to this "a priori" approach, the new "totaliztic science" was also able to reply to the question "why selected communities are destroyed by cataclysms?", while knowing this reply it was able to work out and indicate methods of prevention and defence. On the other hand, "a posteriori" approach of the old official "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT allow to go beyond the reply to the question "how this destruction occurs?" - means it does NOT allow to work out and to implement methods of effective prevention and defence.

Would you board a boat, and sleep peacefully in it, if someone would tell you, that in order to make some money the officers of that boat make short-cuts through extremely dangerous rocks? Well, how then it happens that you sit complacently on your own hands, when so many sources are telling you, that our entire world, including your and mine country, pushes strongly towards a disaster. After all, many scientists keep us warning about the incoming disaster - as this is explained in articles indicated in item #H4 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Disaster is also foretold in the Bible, as well as in numerous prophecies (e.g. consider an old Polish prophecy reported in items #H1 to #H3 from the web page named prophecies.htm, which states that the "humanity will bring upon itself such a disaster and depopulation, that men will kiss the ground when they see footsteps of another person"). Actually, already fast approaching disaster you can also detect easily by yourself due a simple calculation of what is the "common ratio" of the geometric progression by which each year increases the number of new countries which fall victims of social uprising, brutality, violent government changes, political turmoil and anarchy, impossible to tolerate corruption, etc. For example, if the last year were 2 new such countries, while this year is already 4 such countries, then this the common ratio "a" of the geometric progression must be around 2. This in turn means, that if the trend is NOT repaired soon due to deep reforms, then by the year 2020 all countries in the world can be wrecked by similar uprisings, violence, immorality, turmoil, anarchy, corruption, etc. In turn "all countries", means also "all producers of food", all safe places where rich people could escape, every place where you could run with your family and friends to survive in the situation of a total anarchy and rules of violence, etc. So instead of further "sitting on your own hands", perhaps you should consider of taking the matter also in your own hands and contribute your wisdom, experience and energy into the difficult task of rectifying this situation. After all, since you are reading this web page, this means that you are a person open to new ideas and sensitive to what happens around you. If also, by any chance, you know the philosophy of totalizm, and (similarly like the author of this web page) you believe that totalizm has the solutions for a democratic, peaceful and moral solving the current problems of humanity, then you should start acting. In turn, from what you should start your acting, some idea may give to you the viewing of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. On that web page I am reporting progress and experiences in my own standing for the election to New Zealand parliament in 2014 - you actually could consider doing the same. After all, if there are two of us, then we could cooperate together, NOT only later in the parliament, but also at the election stage, e.g. in establishing our own political party based on totalizm, with the help from which we could carry out the required social, economic, and political reforms much easier than when we act alone. So please write to me about your progress in this matter - my email address is provided at the end of that web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.

       The bulk of descriptions from this web page was originally a part of the different web page named seismograph.htm (which exists until today and is still available for interested readers). But that different web page was devoted to a thorough description of the instrument called the "Zhang Heng seismograph" which telepathically detects impending earthquakes (here this seismograph is briefly summarised in "part #M"). Therefore, the gradual development of explanations in it, as to how moral mechanisms rule over cataclysms, disturbed the consistency and distracted from the understanding of significance of the instrument described in there. So a need appeared that these sections of it which support the topic "utilisation of mechanisms of morality for prevention of earthquakes" were separated from it and formed into this web page. In this way the gradual development of descriptions presented below was initiated.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. What are goals of this web page:
       Every year earthquakes cause deaths of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people. On the other hand, there are methods of effective prevention of earthquakes and defence against them. Also, for almost two thousands of years is known to people a telepathic device which allows to detect at large distances the moment when an earthquake is brewing up and is about to strike. Thus, the device allows to give to people an advanced warning about the approaching danger with the sufficient time to let them save themselves and save their property. (This device, called the Zhang Heng Seismograph, was already build and it was proven in action - so we know for sure that it is extremely effective.) Unfortunately, because of a kind of hypocrisy and stubbornness of present "atheistic orthodox scientists", neither these methods of prevention, nor that device, are researched and implemented - although they could save lives and property of these thousands of people. Thus, the main goal of this web page is to realise, that such methods and a device for the prevention of consequences of earthquakes exist and are known since a long time, to explain "how", and "why", they work, and also to indicate the body of evidence which confirms that trully these methods and a device turn out to be effective in practice (of the kind of evidence collected and described in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm). These based on mechanisms of morality methods of defence against cataclysms are already summarised in item #A2 of this web page, while their detailed presentations are provided below in items #H1 to #M1.
       This web page has also additional goals. One of these is to realize, that only in "the world without God" cataclysms would hit innocent people, while true reasons of disasters would lie in behaviours of inhabitants from distant countries - so that victims would have NO ways to prevent cataclysms. But in the world ruled by God, earthquakes and all other cataclysms are "punishments" that God serves only to those people who previously deserved them through practicing the highly immoral [b]philosophy of parasitism that makes impossible to live accordingly to God's requirements[/b]. Thus, further goals of this web page include also a scientific elaboration of the fact, that in the world governed by God, every victim hit by a cataclysm actually deserves his or her punishment. This web page explains also, that the understanding of this fact is highly beneficial for people - as this is emphasized also in item #B3 from the web page landslips.htm and item #F1 from the web page totalizm.htm. After all, by understanding "what" and "how" is punished by God, everyone can now effectively defend himself or herself against cataclysms by undertaking prevention measures which agree with methods of God's actions - for details see item #P5.1 of this web page.
       Still another goal of this web page is to document, that many "religious" people also fall in clows of the highly immoral [b]philosophy of parasitism the practicing of which is punished by God with a cataclysm - therefore the sole fact of someone's "religiousness" does NOT protect from cataclysms at all, the same as the sole fact of someone's practicing "atheism" does NOT endanger with the arrival of cataclysms[/b]. Therefore this web page documents also typically overlooked truth that "morality" must NOT be confused with "religiousness", and thus that the fact whether someone is to be affected by a cataclysm, or whether is going to be protected from it, depends exclusively on "how moral life he or she leads" and "how actively this someone promotes morality, truth, justice, peace, love, etc." In the best way this fact is explained with words of the Biblical "Book of Ezekiel" verses 33:18-19, quote: "When someone righteous turns back from his righteousness and actually does injustice, he must also die for them. And when someone wicked turns back from his wickedness and actually carriers on justice and righteousness, it will be on account of them that he himself will keep living."

#A2. This web page indicates 6 different methods of prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms (i.e. 6 methods of defence against cataclysms):
       The narration of this web page was organised into the flow of "logical reasoning". It means, firstly in the parts #C to #G are provided philosophical analyses which led to the detection and working out methods of earthquakes' prevention described here. Only then in parts #H to #M are described specific methods of defence from earthquakes. But for the use of these readers who already know a significant proportion of results of my research, in this web page are also embedded "labels" which allow the reading of it "in a reversed order", namely starting from a very short summary provided in item #C1 of this web page - which explains what all these methods of defence are about, then straight going into descriptions of these methods of prevention and defence, and finishing with the use of these "labels" to gradually learn still unknown to the reader sections of my theories, philosophical analyses, and evidence, which reveal "why" these methods work and are effective. So for the use of these ones who are to read this web page "in a reversed order", I am beginning with naming and indication each one amongst these 6 methods of prevention and defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms, sending the reader straight to this part of the web page in which these methods are explained. Here they are:
       1. Prevention of earthquakes through the removal of reasons for their appearance - i.e. by change of the philosophy and behaviours practiced by the population of the endangered area from the previously practiced immoral parasitism into the requred by God version of the moral totalizm. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #H" of this web page.
       2. Holding back the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms through the inclusion to a given community at least "10 righteous". This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #I" of this web page.
       3. Suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to "funding a stipend for an active totalizt". This method of prevention and defence against earthquakes and against all other cataclysms, is described more thoroughly in "part #J" of this web page. In turn my proposal of the practical implementation of it, offered personally by myself already on 18th January 2011 to Christchurch or to any other city endangered by a cataclysm, is provided in item #P5.1 of this web page.
       4. Suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to turning ourselves into an "illustration" and an "example" for others. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #K" of this web page.
       5. Avoidance of finding yourself in the area designated for the destruction by listening to "warnings" given out by God. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #L" of this web page.
       6. The construction of a telepathic "Zhang Heng seismograph" which provides sufficiently early warnings that an earthquake is impending, that our life and property can be saved effectively. (the same "seismograph" warns also about the approach of tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and landslips and mudslides.) This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in "part #M" of this web page.
       It is worth to notice, that the implementation of each one amongst methods of defence and prevention described on this web page, requires the demonstration by people who implement it the required level of "humbleness" and "penitence". This is because the demonstration of such a "humbleness" and "penitence" is a major condition which God imposed onto all his concessions towards people. (For a clear example that these are always required - see fates of a biblical city of "Nineveh" described on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. here in "Re. (2)" from item #G1.) Because of this particular God's requirement, methods described here for sure will never be supported nor researched by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, representatives of this "monopolistic" science are too arrogant and too sure of themselves to humble themselves and to display any level of "penitence" in this matter. It is because of that their arrogance and self-admiration, the official science to date was experiencing exclusively defeats in all matters the researching of which is linked to confronting a superior intelligence which is NOT submissive to present scientists (e.g. in matters of God, UFOs, spirits, etc. - for more details see item #B1 from the web page named ufo_proof.htm).

#A3. The working out of defence methods described here was only possible due to "a priori" approach to research implemented by the "totaliztic science":
       From the everyday life we know, that in order to see and get to know something thoroughly, we need to examine it from at least two points of view - the rule which is best explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm or in items #C1 to #C4 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. For example, in order to get to know the entire appearance of a house, it needs to be viewed at least from (1) front and (2) back. However, the present official science, sometimes also called the "atheistic orthodox science" (means this still "monopolistic" science, which we learn in schools and at universities), researches the reality from only a single approach by philosophers called "a posteriori" - means "from effects to causes". In turn from this approach at most can be established "how" something happens. But it does NOT allow to establish neither "why" this happens nor "how to prevent this" - as more extensively explains this problem "part #F" of this web page. Therefore, it is necessary that our civilisation establishes also completely different (a new) science, which would research the surrounding reality from the opposite approach, by philosophers called "a priori" - means "from causes to effects" or "from God which is the most primary cause of everything, to the surrounding reality which is the effect of work of God". This new science in my publications is called the "totaliztic science" - because its philosophical and scientific foundations are based on the philosophy of totalizm and also on the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (from which theory the philosophy of totalizm emerged, and which developed the formal scientific proof that "God does exist"). The "totaliztic science" allows already to provide answers "why" something happens, "how to prevent this", etc. Thus, it becomes much more handy in the development of methods of prevention and defence against cataclysms, than that old "atheistic orthodox science" is. In addition, it is also "competitive" towards that old "atheistic orthodox science". Hence the official establishing of it would create the situation, that a highly detrimental "monopole for knowledge" of that old science would become taken away from it with huge benefits for the entire humanity, while both these sciences would finally mutually "watch hands of each other" and subject to continuous scrutiny all results accomplished by the competition. (Unfortunately, so far this new "totaliztic science" is still forced to work on principles of "conspiracy", being exposed to persecution, attacks, and accusations from that monopolistic official science. After all, this new science is still neither officially recognised, nor research of it is financed by anyone (apart from the author), while everything that it accomplished so-far was worked out due to the "hobby" research of just a single its creator and scientist - means by the author of this web page.)

Part #B: History of this web page - means how obvious errors of the official science in its atheistic "a posteriori" approach to cataclysmic earthquakes from Christchurch, New Zealand, inspired research that yielded findings presented on this web page:
#B1. Events which revealed the need for this web page:
       Our planet continually experiences deadly earthquakes. On the boxing day of 26 December 2003 the tragic earthquake in the city Bam from Iran claimed over 30 000 human lives. Also on the boxing day, but of 26 December 2004, the powerful earthquake and tsunami waves from the Indian Ocean claimed around 300 000 human lives. All these deadly events remind us how important is to be able to develop a principle, a method, and a working device on the Earth, which would be able to detect remotely the impending earthquakes a sufficient time before they actually strike. At the moment humanity does not have such a working device. However, surprisingly, the humanity knows a principle and an effective method for remote detection of impending earthquakes since 132 AD (means since almost 2000 years). Only that this principle and method seems to be intentionally ignored by present "atheistic orthodox science", means by the official science to-date on the Earth - as this science is defined in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. No-one wants to research it officially. Also no-one is prepared to build officially the alarming instrument that is based upon it. Sarcastically, the reason for this intentional ignoring of this wonder instrument is the fact, that the principle that it utilises extends beyond philosophical horizons of present science. This is because the instrument is based on intercepting and decoding "telepathic waves" (means the phenomenon by ancient Chinese called "chi"), the existence of which this "atheistic orthodox human science" still does NOT want to acknowledge officially. Furthermore, this principle is a living proof of the inferiority and inadequacy of present "atheistic orthodox science", which in 21st century still is unable to understand phenomena which stand behind a technical device that was build almost 2000 years ago. This is why, one amongst most urgent goals of present societies is to "break the monopole for knowledge" of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, and to open for it an effective "competition", through official establishing the completely new "totaliztic science" which is to research the reality from an opposite than so-far approach called "a priori" the scientific and philosophical foundations for which are providing the [b]Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm[/b]. After all, for as long as the science to-date starts to have an official competition which is going to "look at its hands", this science is NOT going to abandon its highly immoral culture of lazy thinking, unverified claims which fast turn out to be completely false, avoidance of definitive answers and taking responsibility for what scientists claim, "fiddling" with outcomes of research to suit interests of these ones who pay the most, hiding truths, etc., etc. So-far our science and scientists sometimes claim cardinal nonsense only because there is a lack of other authoritative institution, of the kind of such a competitive "totaliztic science" - which could these bullshit reveal to the society and correct it.
       At this moment humanity have mastered technically the method which detects earthquakes only after they have stricken. The reason is that so-far people use only "inertial" seismographs. But their attribute is that they must be "shaken" by an earthquake to be able to register it. However, the excellent principle and effective instrument, which are known to people since ancient times, are much more advanced than present "inertial" seismographs. They allowed to detect remotely earthquakes which still were in the stage of brewing up. Simultaneously, the official ignoring of their principles by present orthodox science does not decrease their usefulness, nor invalidate their historically confirmed successes. Therefore, this web page assumes the honourable task of reminding to people about this ancient principle and instrument that are intentionally discriminated by our present orthodox science. After all, with the use of this principle and instrument ancient Chinese were able to detect incoming earthquakes a long time before these earthquakes inflicted any damage. An extraordinary technical device constructed for this principle and method of remote earthquake detection was then called the houfeng didongy yi. In the Chinese language this name means the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". (Notice that the word "fluid" is used here in the meaning from hydromechanics. It means every substance which is in state other than that of solids.) Presently this instrument is known on Earth under a different and rather misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph".
       Actually every earthquake is "talking" to announce its arrival a long time before it strikes. It is a common knowledge that this "talk" is perceived and understood by many animals which show a clear panic before a powerful earthquake is to strike. Also some humans who have so-called "psychic" abilities, can hear an earthquake coming. The device described on this web page was able to "hear" and "understand" this "talk" of incoming earthquakes as well. Therefore, it was even able to indicate how much time was left before a given earthquake is to strike. Unfortunately, the device was build only once almost 2000 years ago. Then it was forgotten. So now it still awaits for someone to reconstruct it with the use of a modern technology. Regrettably, since this web page was published in March 2003, my continuous efforts to find a research institution which would help me to build this device have failed. It appears that our present scientific institutions are intentionally avoiding investment in a research and technology that would be able to sense warnings from such telepathic "talks" of incoming earthquakes.
       In item #H4 near the end of the web page named seismograph.htm is explained, that similarly to earthquakes, also the tornados broadcast into surroundings similar telepathic warning signals which announce their arrival. These signals from tornados also can be intercepted and understood by the instrument which is just a modified version of the device described on this web page. Therefore the principle of operation and the device "houfeng didongy yi", which are explained on this web page, are capable of remote detection of the approaches of impending earthquakes, as well as murderous tornados, and even hurricanes.
       This web page shows numerous photographs of modern replicas of the "houfeng didongy yi". But we must clearly emphasize here, that none of the replicas shown here ever worked. All of them are only replicas which copy external appearance and selected components of this instrument, but are unable to copy the operation of the original instrument. In fact, so far no-one on our planet managed to produce a working replica of this instrument - in spite that we all are so proud of the advancement of present technology. My research indicate, that the reason for this inability of replicas to work, is that all modern replicas of the "houfeng didongy yi" were constructed on the erroneous principle of operation. Their creators assumed that this instrument originally worked on principles of inertia - means that it worked exactly the same as present seismographs do. However, in reality it worked on principles of an "analogue processing of telepathic signals". Only this web page disclosed for the first time the true operation of this wonder instrument.

#B2. The impulse to prepare this web page was a series of strong earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, occurring on Friday, 23rd December 2011:
       On Friday, 23 December 2011, the city of Christchurch was shaken by another series of several quakes. Two of these earthquakes were of a relatively destructive power. Namely, the earthquake at 1:58 p.m. had the power of 5.8 on the Richter scale, while the earthquake at 3:18 p.m. had the strength of 6.0 on the Richter scale. As a result, again a lot of buildings were damaged, and again many streets of Christchurch were flooded with so-called "liquefaction" - i.e. the ejaculation of underground "liquid mud". More detailed descriptions of these earthquakes are included in the article [1#B2] entitled "A nightmare before Christmas" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue of dated on Saturday, December 24, 2011. These renewed earthquakes, as well as others that came soon after, are described in item #P7 from this web page. That item #P7, as well as the entire "part #S" which follows it, address the difficult topic of competence and accountability of both the whole of official science, as well as local scientists - that in spite of repeated shaking of Christchurch extends to three consecutive calendar years, i.e. to 2010, 2011 and 2012, still seem to be unable to formulate any satisfactory methods for improving the situation of the local population.
       The fact, that another earthquake is to come to the city, one could predict in advance by just comparing requirements of the "true morality" defined in item #B5 from the web page morals_pl.htm, with behaviours which dominated in there over the official procedures of compensations for damages that resulted from previous earthquakes. It was enough to just listen how residents of the city complained in television on the authorities and on the treatment that they receive, or to just read articles on what in this city started to happen - as for example the article [2#B2] entitled "Quake-city pay rise angers residents" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, December 22, 2011; the article [3#B2] entitled "Marryatt may reclaim $68.000 pay rise" from page A5 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, October 23, 2012; or the article [4#B2] entitled "Homeowners face years of waiting for quake repairs" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, December 21, 2011.
       Apparently the residents of the city still remain unaware, that whatever they face is directly linked to what is happening in the city. Therefore, to give them (and others like them) a chance to understand what is going on, I decided to make this website.
       As I am emphasizing it in item #P1 from this web page, in my descriptions I use the example of Christchurch from New Zealand NOT because out of all cities touched by natural disasters, the "group intellect" which occupies Christchurch stands out as having the most exemplary conduct, but because only about that city I have the opportunity to constantly get the required information from newspapers and from TV, and also because that particular city is very close to my heart. (For more information on why to those ones whom I love and respect I rather tell the bitter truth instead of a flattery or "sweet lies" - see item #A5 from the web page named karma.htm, items #A2.9 and #F1 from the web page named totalizm.htm, or item #F3 from the web page named god_exists.htm.)

#B3. The web page named seismograph.htm from the content of which this page was formed, and also the related web page named day26.htm which discusses the topic of "tsunamis" induced by earthquakes:
       These readers, who found themselves interested in the subject area of this web page, are invited to review also the related web page named day26.htm. This related web page discusses the subject of so-called "tsunamis" which, as we know, through the "physical cause-effect chain" are induced by earthquakes. For this reason that another web page day26.htm extends and additionally shows from a different angle numerous topics discussed here on this web page.

Part #C: The "atheistic orthodox science" to-date with its "a posteriori" approach to research is NOT interested in the development of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes, while if it even was interested, then it would only be able to explain "how" earthquakes are formed - thus in order to explain "why they occur" and "how to prevent them" it is necessary to form a new and competitive "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:
#C1. How greed for the "profit without taking responsibility" prevents the present official science from finding effective methods of detecting the impending earthquakes:
Motto: "Since the inability of science to detect that a deadly earthquake is coming, allows some academic decision makers to increase their earnings without taking responsibility for the consequences of their claims, it is not surprising that these decision makers are quietly blocking the research on finding effective methods for detecting the impending earthquakes."
       Quite a few brave people have since a long time unmasks and reveals for the public knowledge that, for example, pharmaceutical companies are trying to increase their profits at the expense of human health, through a gradual elimination of production of medicines that actually heal, and undertaking the production of increasingly larger volume of drugs which only ease symptoms of diseases, and in this way they make patients dependent for the rest of life from buying these medicines. Relevant references to publications revealing this morally shocking fact (of the increase of profits by forcing patients to purchase medicines for the rest of their lives) are provided in item #I1 from the web page named healing.htm. But so far I have not come across anyone who would dare to disclose openly the fact, that almost exactly the same situation exists in several non-medical disciplines of science, especially those involved in the study of cataclysms - for example in research on earthquakes. Indeed many scientists from these disciplines enlarge their earnings by taking part in various "panels of experts", which for a good fee volunteer to, for example, warn people about the approach of specific natural cataclysms. Unfortunately for them, issuing warnings always is linked to accepting a specific amount of responsibility - which, however, these scientists do NOT want to accept. (For example, sometimes the endangered cities would need to be evacuated - while NOT always they are later destroyed by the predicted earthquakes.) Therefore, instead of issuing actual warnings, these scientists prefer to use a trick or an excuse, which allow them to avoid this responsibility and either keep silence - when in fact they supposed to issue warnings, or to tell nicely sounding lies instead of risky truth. In turn such a perfect excuse for them is the claim, that earthquakes, or other cataclysms from which they volunteered to warn, supposedly cannot be predicted. However, in order to be able to extend infinitively such way of satisfying their urge to draw profits from impending cataclysms, without simultaneous taking on themselves responsibilities for their claims, these scientists actually utilise every opportunity they have, to block all promising research on finding by the humanity an effective method for detection of impending disasters. After all, such a sabotaging of research lies in their capabilities, as the access to these "panels of experts usually have only scientists from the highest academic posts - which posts allow them also to make decisions as to what is to be researched, and what should rather be qualified as topics that are "scientific taboo". In other words, these scientists in fact NOT only that botch their warnings about impending cataclysms - for which they take good money, but in addition they also sabotage everything that has a potential for allowing an early detection that such cataclysms are just brewing up. (I.e. they are keenly interested that the humanity e.g. do NOT have an effective method for predicting or detecting impending earthquakes.) Implications of this fact are so huge and so immoral, that to their explanation is devoted an entire separate "part #S" of this web page. After all, they cause that the private interests of a few individuals are blocking the progress for the entire humanity. Thus, I recommend to the reader to carefully read also "part #S" from this web page.

#C2. Why the philosophical foundations of the old "atheistic orthodox science" also make impossible for it to determine and to indicate how people should defend themselves from earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and all other cataclysms?
Motto: "If someone tries to enter a fortified castle from a wrong side, then instead of walking conveniently through an open gate, he or she must break through dozens of walls and moats."
       We live in age of cataclysms. It is enough to look into any newspaper, or to view any television news, to see how the humanity is punished by taking beating from increasingly more destructive cataclysms. In fact, it is just because of the immense escalation of cataclysms in recent times, that some people already started to "make money" and "laugh all their way to the bank", by scaring others with the supposed "end of world" - for the claimed "nearing" and date of which they keep finding ever-new excuses. For example, the article [1#C2] entitled "Countdown begins to 'end of time' ", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post - issue dated on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, informs that in the town Tapachula from southern Mexico a clock is installed which counts down minutes that are left to the moment in time when the 5126-year cycle of the present "Mayan calendar" ends, and thus when supposedly the world "as we know it" is to end (at least according to the increasingly more widespread hysteria). Of course, these ones who get hysterical about the "end of world" to occur in this "winter solstice" (means on 21 December 2012) are enormously wrong. As this is explained in item #N1 below, or in item #B8 on a separate web page named seismograph.htm, the "end of world" is NOT going to happen still for a long time. In turn, when after next thousands and thousands of years it finally is to come, no-one apart from God Himself will know about the exact date of the arrival of it.
       Simultaneously with the huge intensification of these cataclysms, views of people are shaped by the immensely swollen monopolistic institution of the official science, called also the "atheistic orthodox science". This science consumes a significant proportion of taxpayer money. It also behaves as if it knows already answers to all possible questions. But in the matter of the defence of people from cataclysms, this science turns out to be equally hopeless and incompetent like present politicians, bankers, and decision makers are hopeless and incompetent towards increasingly powerful economic crisis - for the supposed controlling of which they keep, though, paying to themselves astronomical salaries. In this item I am explaining what error this old science makes that it turns it to be so hopeless and so incompetent towards cataclysms, and how to repair this error to defend ourselves efficiently from cataclysms. This explanation stems from the finding of the new "totaliztic science", that cataclysms are controlled by the superior intelligence, which does NOT have any interest in cooperating which scientists, while present atheistic orthodox scientists turn out to be completely incompetent in researching problems that results from activities of such uncooperative towards them superior intelligence - for more details see item #B1 on the web page named ufo_proof.htm.
       The reply to the question "why the official science to-date is unable to develop and to teach people an effective method of defence against cataclysms?" is provided by the relatively new philosophy called the philosophy of totalizm. In publications of this philosophy, e.g. in item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm, or in item #C1 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, is explained, that the problem lies in the "monopole for knowledge" of the to-date official science, or more strictly - in the stubbornness with which this science limits its deliberations exclusively to "a posteriori" approach to scientific research. In order to explain here what this problem is about, I am going to use an example of a "strongly fortified castle of ignorance" that is already referred in "motto" to this item - e.g. such one like the castle of Teutonic knights in Malbork, Poland. Namely, if someone tries to get inside of such a castle from a wrong approach, then he or she would be forced to overcome tens of defence walls and moats, before getting inside. But if someone approaches it from the "right side", then can simply enter inside through the main "gate" which remains open already for a long time!
       The old "atheistic orthodox science" researches the reality around us from the approach which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" (means "from effects to causes") - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #A3 above on this web page. Unfortunately, by researching the reality around us from that approach, one is like that person from the previous example - who tries to enter a castle from the wrong side. This is because from that approach it is impossible to determine a number of facts which turn out to be extremely vital for the safety and wellbeing of people. For example, it does NOT allow to establish nor prove that "God does exist" - as this is scientifically proven with the use of evidence presented on the web page named god_proof.htm. It also does NOT allow to define correctly that the so-called "morality" is actually a set of "non-negotiable" requirements, the fulfilment of which God ordered to people - as this is explained in item #B5 of the web page named morals.htm. Furthermore, it does NOT allow to discover, that "all possible cataclysms in reality are just tools of God in correcting the morality in immoral people and immoral communities" - as this is explained e.g. in items #B4, #C2 and #A4 from the web page named tornado.htm. In other words, because of the wrong "a posteriori" approach to research of the surrounding reality, the old "atheistic orthodox science" is unable to give a correct reply to the question "why" cataclysms hit people, nor is able to indicate effective methods for defence against cataclysms. The only thing that this old science is able to determine with such "a posteriori" approach, is the answer (expressed with clever and on purpose difficult to understand, scientific language) of "how" these cataclysms harm people - but this particular answer people learn anyway from their own bad experiences.
       Fortunately, starting from the year 1985, on the Earth a completely new science is developing, called the "totaliztic science". Because of the absolute "monopole for knowledge" of that old "atheistic orthodox science", the new "totaliztic science" so-far is forced to work "underground" while continually being persecuted, sabotaged, scoffed at, slandered by representatives of the old orthodox science, etc. Also, the entire research and activities of this new science never received any official support, grant or financing - therefore are paid exclusively from the private savings of the author of this web page. But this did NOT put off the new "totaliztic science" from the developing by now, as many as several different and effective methods of defence against earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other cataclysms. These methods are described more comprehensively in parts #H to #M of this web page. How effective they are, the reader can determine himself or herself from the evidence presented in items #I3 and #I5 of the web page named day26.htm, or from trying them out. The development of these methods become possible due to "a priori" approach to research (i.e. "from cause to effects") practiced by this new "totaliztic science". This approach turns out to be like the "convenient entering of a fortified castle through the gate which is already open for a long time".
       The new "totaliztic science" has proven, that the key to defence against all kinds of cataclysms is to practice the "right kind of morality". This is because when people begin to practice this "right kind of morality", means when they begin to obey and fulfil moral requirements imposed on humans by their omnipotent God, then, with their obedience, they eliminate reasons for which God was forced to send these cataclysms on the humanity to correct people's morality. In turn, after eliminating reasons for sending cataclysms, these cataclysms are to cease just by themselves. In most brief manner this "right kind of morality", the practicing of which is required for the elimination of cataclysms, is described, amongst others, in item #J1 of the web page named tornado.htm. On this web page, that "right kind of morality" required from people, is described in items from #H1 to #M1. One needs to clearly distinguish it from the present "deviated morality" of the humanity, which gradually and cunningly is introduced into life by "atheistic orthodox scientists" and by immoral politicians who are unaware of the principle of the "survival of most moral intellects" discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science" and described in item #B1 of the web page changelings.htm, and thus who erroneously tell people that in the life one needs to be greedy, aggressive, muscle, brutal, arrogant, lying, deceitful, atheistic, loud, imposing, having no own opinion, etc., etc.
       While rushing in our everyday runs "for bread", we usually do NOT have time for philosophical analyses of the kind presented in this item and web page. So we are NOT even aware, how much the irresponsible politicians already managed to deviate the human "morality". After all, instead of issuing laws that would defend the morality given to people by God, present politicians issue laws which introduce their "private morality" to the public life - for examples of just such their "private morality" and official laws that implement it, see item #B5.1 on the web page named will.htm or item #B4 on the web page named antichrist.htm. Only if one considers (as this is done in item #G3 on the web page named prophecies.htm) what would happen if e.g. Jesus appeared today on the Earth, and also if one discovers then that everything that in times of Jesus was considered to be "good deeds", in present times already turns out to be forbidden, illegal, punishable by laws, etc., realises to us in how deviated and immoral world we actually live. So it should NOT surprise anyone, that God really punishes with increasingly more destructive cataclysms all these people who instead of practicing "the morality given to people by God" actually act immorally because they benefit from this "deviated morality" that is already legalised by politicians and by present human laws.
       In fact, the humanity is going to be troubled by cataclysms until the time when officially is established (and officially is financed) the new "totaliztic science" which from one hand is to explain to the humanity "why" cataclysms trouble it and "how to defend themselves from cataclysms", on the other hand which is to break this destructive for the entire humanity absolute "monopole for knowledge" that is still held tightly by the official "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, when two "competitive" towards each other sciences begin to exist, which are to mutually "look at hands of each other" and scientifically verify claims of the competition, then ceases to exist the to-date culture of irresponsibility, greediness, terrorism, and telling nonsense to people, practiced by representatives of the old atheistic orthodox science, and implemented in laws by politicians advised by these representatives of old science. There is about the time to understand, that similarly like no-one wants to live in the country which is ruled by a single dictator or by a single monopolistic political party, also the life under the dictatorship of just a single monopolistic science leads to errors, deviations, and to tormenting of people. Thus, there is also about the time to roll-up our sleeves and give our own contribution towards the establishment of the new "competitive" totaliztic science. After all, currently is already obvious, that the lifting of the new "totaliztic science" from this necessity to "work underground" and the bringing it to official life, lies in vital interest of every inhabitant of the Earth.

#C3. In order the world works as this is described by the old "atheistic orthodox science", there would need to be NO God:
       Only a highly incompetent science, or a science which has reasons to hide truths from people, refuses to notice that "the world deprived of God" must significantly differ from "the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God". After all, there must exist really a lot of such differences between both such worlds - as this is illustrated on examples item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm. If someone matches these differences to the physical world in which we live, as this is done in item #B2 from the web page named changelings.htm, then it turns out that the world in which we live displays all attributes of the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God. The existence of these attributes is so obvious and so omnipresent, that it allows for the formulation of several formal scientific proofs that "God really exists". These proofs are described in more details on the web page named god_proof.htm. Since there are such countless scientific items of evidence and proofs, which conclusively confirm the existence of God, then whatever about the operation of the universe claims the old "atheistic orthodox science", it is simply either an error, or an immoral misleading of people carried out for drawing various financial benefits. (Notice that the name "atheistc orthodox science" increasingly more people uses to describe this still monopolistic science discussed in items #F1 to #G1 from the web page named god_exists.htm, simplistic claims of which we learn in schools and at universities, and which stubbornly although erroneously tells us, that God supposedly does NOT exist.)

Part #D: Why in the world created and ruled by intelligent God, cataclysmic earthquakes are just one amongst "tools" which God uses for accomplishing his superior goals:
#D1. God has NOT created people "for fun" - He has an important goal which He tries to accomplish with the assistance of people which He created:
       In order to learn that "goal of God in which He created people" - see items #B1 to #B5 from the web page named antichrist.htm.

#D2. Let us learn goals of God that are accomplished via earthquakes, and these goals will reveal to us ways how to prevent earthquakes:
       The goal for which God brings cataclysms onto selected communities turns out to be "correcting morality of immoral people and communities" and the restoration of moral principles of behaviours.

Part #E: The established due to research of the new "totaliztic science" a direct relationship between cataclysmic earthquakes and the level of "immorality" of people that live in areas destroyed by these earthquakes:
#E1. The so-called "group morality" and the primary principle, that "in 'group intellects' all members are responsible for immoralities and all get punished":
       What is the so-called "group morality", is explained, amongst others, in items #B1 to #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. In turn detailed descriptions, how all members of a given "group intellect" (i.e. a city or a community) bear the responsibility (and together are all punished by God) for immoral behaviours of a given "group intellect" governed by just several individuals representing participants of this group intellect, are provided, amongst others, in item #B4 of the web page named parasitism.htm. For example, if the immorally acting "group intellect" is a bank or a so-called "finance company" (such as these described in item #G4 from the web page named will.htm), then if this group intellect acts immorally, the punishment it receives from God as a whole is a bankrupcy. In turn, after the bankrupcy of such a bank or a finance company, all people who were employed in it loose their jobs and the source of income, while all people who kept their savings in it loose their money. Such loses of income and savings represents for all of them the group punishment for a passive tolerating immorality of the entire "group intellect" for which all these people were parts of. This is because God imposes onto every person a "group-linked moral obligation" and later with an "iron hand" makes everyone accountable for obeying or for ignoring that moral obligation (i.e. God "punishes" or "rewards" everyone who belongs to a given "group intellect"). This applicable to all of us "group-linked moral obligation" states that every person which is a part of a larger "group intellect" has an obligation to continually watch the state of morality in the entire "group intellect" to which it belongs, while if this person detects that the group morality of this intellect begins to drop, then this person has a duty to do everything in its power to lift the state of morality of this group intellect to the level that is required by God. In turn, if persons who are parts of a given "group intellect" fail to fulfil their part of the "group-linked moral obligation" imposed by God at all of us, then God issues a group punishment to the entire given "group intellect" by the termination of life of this intellect - accordingly to the principle of the "survival of most moral" described in items #G1, #G3 and #G4 from the web page will.htm and in item #B1 of the web page named changelings.htm. (E.g. in case of immoral banks and finance companies, God terminates their lives through bankrupting them, in case of immoral companies - through dissolving them or absorbing them by other companies, in case of immoral countries – through collapsing them and establishing on their place other countries with a different ideology, etc., etc.) Simultaneously every person which is a part of a given "group intellect" is punished for its passiveness with consequences of the termination of life of that entire group intellect - e.g. clients of bankrupted banks loose their savings, employees of dissolved companies loose their employments and salaries, citizens of collapsed countries begin much more difficult lives in other political systems, etc., etc. But even the more interesting (and educational) is additional punishment served by God individually to these eminences from a given "group intellect" which were personally responsible for the fact that this "group intellect" become so immoral that God was forced to punish it through terminating its life accordingly to the principle of the "survival of most moral". Namely, these personally responsible eminences typically God puts to death - for examples of just such cases of God killing e.g. founding persons, directors, or leaders of immoral "group intellects", see item #G4 from the web page named will.htm.
       There are also kinds of "group intellects" attributes of which make difficult or impossible to punish for immorality through their e.g. bankrupting or dissolving. Examples of just such group intellects are communities living in cities or in villages, as well as owners, crews, and passengers of ships, airplanes, cars, trains, etc. Thus, if such group intellects behave immorally and require a punishment, then for entire immoral communities God sends killer cataclysms, while for immoral owners, crews and passengers God sends a catastrophe. The further part of this web page is discussing just such group punishments from God to entire communities, owners, crews, passengers, etc., for immoralities which are committed in their sight, but towards which they remained e.g. passive, or even (worse) which they supported somehow - e.g. through purchasing tickets from immorally acting airlines.

#E2. Morally behaving communities are NOT troubled by earthquakes nor any other cataclysms:
       Examples which document this fact, are described, amongst others, in items #I5 and #I3 of the web page named day26.htm and repeated in items #I3 and #I5 of the web page petone.htm.

Part #F: Why destructive earthquakes, and other cataclysms, are disastrous only from the human point of view:
#F1. If one learns methods used by God, then he or she knows "for which behaviour", and "how", God is going to punish us, if we act immorally - in turn this knowledge is a primary condition for an effective defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms:
       "Murderous earthquakes" belong to the category of "acts of God" which clearly fulfil the definition of "punishments from God" that affect entire large communities. After all, apart for killing and destroying, these do NOT perform any other major primary function. (On the other hand, the majority of other phenomena, which do NOT fulfil the definition of "punishments from God", usually perform many important primary functions simultaneously.) Although the official human science researches "earthquakes", I never encountered any sign of official scientific research on "God's punishments". Situation with the researching of "earthquakes" while simultaneously avoiding to research "God's punishments", is a repetition a similar situation with present orthodox medicine - which aims at "healing symptoms" but avoids as only can "healing illnesses". (This is why in the society increasingly stronger opinion spreads, that the medicine intentionally avoids "healing of illnesses", because healthy people would be "bad clients" in the booming present business of orthodox medicine - see item #G2 from the totaliztic web page healing.htm.) But I personally believe that the reason for this lack of research on "God's punishments", is the fear of present scientists, that they are going to be symbolically "burned on stake" by "scientific neo-inquisition" that started to rage in the present period of "neo-medieval epoch" (activities of this "scientific neo-inquisition" that operates in the present re-emerge of "neo-medieval epoch" is explained in item #I7 of the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm). I am also ready to bet, that neither readers have heard about such official research on "punishments from God". This is quite pity and even a kind of paradox. After all, the subject which is NOT researched scientifically by our civilization, remains completely unknown to people. This especially concerns "punishments of God" served to entire large communities (means served to "group intellects" - as such entire communities are called by the philosophy of totalizm). After all, e.g. religions are limiting their interests mainly to individual people, thus they do NOT indicate principles of avoiding "punishments of God" by entire larger communities. In other words, in matters of "God's punishments" served to entire communities, our civilization prefers to remain in darkness, ignorance, and in "blindness", similarly like it also remains in matters of UFOs. All these in spite that e.g. Christianity is practiced officially for over 2000 years, and that periodical checks on state of faith regularly confirm that as much as around 90% of people in the depths of their souls still believe that "God does exist" - even if they do NOT practice actively any religion (for the source of this data see item #D1 on the totaliztic web page ufo.htm). The proverb states that "no pain, no gain" - in this case "no research, no reliable knowledge". Unfortunately, in matters of "punishments by God" it would be a good idea to acquire a reliable and modern knowledge of the kind "what exactly" is punishable by God and "in what manner" God really punishes larger communities. After all, if we could know the truth on this subject, then instead of to-date blind "asking for punishments", specific communities could begin to knowingly avoid these punishments. On the other hand, there is no doubt about the fact that God really punishes selected communities. After all, God clearly "promises" such punishing in several places of the Bible (e.g. consider the Great Flood, or fate of Sodom and Gomorrah discussed in item #G1 below). In addition, every now and again God illustrates this punishment for us - as an example consider the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3 from the web page named seismograph.htm. So let us abandon for a moment these "double standards", that while a decisive majority of us still believes that "God does exist", yet an official, open, reliable, and scientific research on anything regarding this God supposedly is NOT desirable to carry out at all. Let us gain a courage to analyze the matter of "God's punishments" served to larger communities in a logical, objective, and evidential manner - as this is enabled by the present state of methods and tools of modern science.

#F2. Analyses of questions "why" reveal that even disasters and catastrophes are justified and also bring various benefits, in turn being such most clearly they are unleashed on purpose:
       We all know the proverb that "Out of something bad always something good comes-out". It teaches us that everything that we humans consider to be "bad', in fact also has good consequences. For example, every murderous earthquake not only kills a lot of people, but also destroys old social structures, obligations, links, and institutions which supported the stagnation and corruption, eliminates old, mouldy and unhealthy buildings in which without earthquakes people would be forced to live, creates opportunity for people who believe in God to prove the power of their faith - e.g. through the devotion with which they help victims, etc., etc. Every war not only decimates countries, but also forces people to new manners of thinking and acting, eliminates and removes parasitic people from governments, removes decadent institutions from countries - which otherwise would maintain stagnation and conservatisms, reminds to nations the value of moral acting, peace, and negotiations, etc., etc. In turn e.g. mosquitoes not only spread several murderous illnesses, but also serve for various other purposes, for example motivate progress through forcing people to seek manners on which these mosquitoes could be annihilated, indicate to people these areas of the Earth in which already prevails the destructive philosophy called "parasitism" - which deprives people of motivations, initiative, and ability to act (and thus the spread of which manifests itself by a high infestation with vermin of the communities which practice it), etc., etc. Even pain and suffering serve for a number of desirable purposes - as this is explained in the web page named god_exists.htm. In other words, catastrophes and disasters are just such only from the point of view of people. In turn from the global point of view of God these are mainly further amongst numerous tools which allow God to restore the balance and totaliztic principles of acting in all areas where these were already abandoned.
       The present atheistic science makes us believe, that catastrophes and disasters are exclusively "bad". Unfortunately, through such a thinking, the science to-date deprives us the motivation to seek replies to vital questions of the "why" type, and thus also to notice these positive consequences of all catastrophes and disasters. On the other hand, without learning these positive consequences, our civilisation does NOT see "why" God brings to people all these catastrophes and disasters. In turn, without knowing the answer "why", our civilisation is unable to realise the existence of very simple manners on which cataclysms can be prevented, nor is able to develop effective methods of defence against cataclysms - of the kind of manners and methods which I am describing in items #H1 and #P5.1 of this web page, as well as in items #A2.3 and #A2.2 of the separate web page named "totalizm.htm". (These futuristic manners and methods of preventing cataclysms and disasters depend on practicing in our lives the moral, peaceful, and progressive philosophy of totalizm - which completely eliminates for God the need to bring cataclysms to people in order to force them to implement this particular philosophy in their lives.)
       Atheism did NOT overwhelmed yet the entire world. Thus, there are people e.g. like myself, who know for sure that God does exist - because they for example learned scientific proofs for the existence of God (of the kind of proofs described on the totaliztic web page named "god_proof.htm"). Such people which are aware of the existence of God, probably sometimes ask themselves these questions "why". Unfortunately, without the knowledge of the highly effective theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - which provides us with the key for getting to know God scientifically, these people typically are unable to find correct answers for their questions "why". Therefore, in this part of the web page I am going to find this answer together with the reader - by relying on findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But before I begin the search for this answer, I would like to remind here that the answer maintains its validity for a whole array of questions "why", the discussion of which is spread over several totaliztic web pages. So let us list here examples of such questions "why" - answer to which is provided in this part of the web page. "Why God troubles inhabitants of poor countries with murderous earthquakes" - of a kind of the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3 of the web page named seismograph.htm. "Why God brings to people catastrophic tsunami waves" - of the kind of these described on the separate web page named "day26.htm". "Why God destroys inhabitants of selected areas with destructive hurricanes" (i.e. hurricanes of the kind described on the web page named "katrina.htm"). "Why God blows out of the surface of Earth entire settlements with the use of murderous landslips and mudslides" - of the kind described on the separate web page named "landslips.htm". "Why God send murderous illnesses to many countries" - of the kind described on the totaliztic web page named "plague.htm". Etc., etc.
       For people who already acquired the scientific certainty that God does exist, and learned methods of God's action, there is no doubt that all these catastrophic events are actually "punishments" send to people by God. After all, the omnipotent God extends the absolute control over the entire our physical world. Nothing in the entire universe happens without His agreement and action. Thus, catastrophes could NOT appear without the knowledge and participation on the part of God. Furthermore, for these people who thoroughly investigate these catastrophes, God always leaves several small details on the spot, which are to discreetly confirm that these catastrophes in fact originate from God (e.g. leaves churches spared from the destruction while located in the very centre of cataclysms - see 2 from item #F3 below). Therefore, before on this web page the reply to questions of the type "why God sends catastrophes to people" is provided, we firstly should have a look in the next item at several examples of such discreet information written by God into typical earthquakes. After all, these examples of information confirm conclusively, that every large and murderous earthquake in fact is caused by God. Also these examples indicate the simple manner (described below in item #H1) in which people can prevent such catastrophes.

#F3. How various regularities contained in supposedly irregular earthquakes confirm that these are NOT initiated at random:
       If the universe IS NOT governed by intelligent and justice-loving God, then earthquakes would have purely random character from every point of view. But if our universe IS governed by a wise God who maintains the universal justice, then even in so random and chaotic events as earthquakes, God also writes discreetly a whole array of regularities. As it turns out, actually a thorough researcher can detect various regularities in strikes of murderous earthquakes. On one hand, these regularities confirm that earthquakes, similarly like everything else that happens in our physical world, are ruled by highly intelligent and wise God. On the other hand, they indicate "why" this wise and justice-loving God troubles people with earthquakes. Moreover, these also create for people the opportunity to predict the place and time of next murderous earthquakes. So let us now review the most vital amongst these regularities that appear in earthquakes.
       1. Earthquakes always destroy the area inhabitants of which already reached the level of so-called "agonal intellect" in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism. In this way the first regularity which everyone can notice not only in earthquakes, but also in all other catastrophes that trouble people, is that these disastrous events "always hit the area which in a given period of time is characterised by the most powerful 'explosive release of moral energy' caused by the practicing of advanced form of philosophy called parasitism by inhabitants of that area". This regularity is explained more comprehensively in item #F4 below. Because symptoms of someone practicing the philosophy of parasitism include, amongst others, stagnation, corruption, ignorance, inability to improve own situation, privacy, egoism, poverty, chaos, indecisiveness, the lack of unity and organisation, dependency on help of others instead of own work, etc., outside witnesses of such earthquakes notice this regularity as a subjective impression, that earthquakes always seem to strike and "harm" people who even without them are already very poor, hopeless, and desperate. An excellent example of the earthquake which hit just such a community already paralysed completely due to the slipping down in its practicing of the philosophy of parasitism into the state of "agonal intellect", is the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3 from the web page named seismograph.htm.
       2. Earthquakes and other catastrophes always meaningfully ovoid destroying at least one religious object located in the area of destruction. I personally believe, that this intentional avoiding the destruction of religious objects is the most meaningful and significant regularity with which God clearly lets us know that a given catastrophe is a "God's punishment for practicing the philosophy of parasitism". This regularity hits our eyes in practically all natural catastrophes - unless there was a religious reason that given objects of cult or religion were destroyed. I discovered this regularity for the first time during the analysis of effects of tsunami described on the totaliztic web page day26.htm - during which living quarters and houses were massively destroyed, but mosques and Buddhist temples survived untouched. Then the same regularity hit my eyes during the tsunami from the island of Samoa on Tuesday morning, 29 September 2009 - see the description of that tsunami in item #F2 of the web page named day26.htm. On the island of Samoa also living quarters and homes were completely ruined, but the local church that stood amongst them was left untouched - in spite that it was the structure completely closed which must create a huge resistance to the wave of water that hit it. This church still standing there in the area destroyed by tsunami was mentioned in the article "Devotion among devastation" from page A2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Tuesday, October 6, 2009. The same regularity of leaving by God non-destroyed churches was also confirmed in the earthquake from Haiti - as it is indicated in item #C3 from the web page named seismograph.htm, and in the mudslides that destroyed, amongst others, Brazilian towns called "Teresopolis" and "Nova Friburgo" (descriptions of these mudslides are provided in item #H4 from the web page named landslips.htm, while photographs of these churches spared by mudslides and standing in very centre of destructions - in January 2011 one could see on the Polish web site from the address
       It was already after the first formulation of this item, when my attention was brought to two further confirmations of the regularity described here (i.e. that "during catastrophes God always leaves for us a 'sign' through saving a religious object located in the centre of the area of destruction"). One amongst these confirmations was my own recall of a strange event with an old Bible which during the flood in the area of Wairarapa on Wednesday, 5 July 2006 was reported in New Zealand television news. Namely, in a slightly different part of the North Island from New Zealand than the one in which I live, there was then a destructive flood which submerged many settlements and destroyed some houses. I was interested in this flood because I was afraid that the catastrophic rains which caused it could shift to the nearby "Hutt Valley" in which I lived and to flood also my flat - fortunately these so-called "cloud bursts" omitted my valley (most probably for reasons explained in item #I4 of the web page named day26.htm). The owner of one amongst destroyed houses had a very old and precious Bible. When the flood ceased, the Bible was found on a nearby paddock that previously was under water - it was so extraordinary case that it was even later shown in New Zealand television. The point which this farmer identified as a kind of miracle, was that the copy of that Bible survived without being wet or destroyed - as if the Bible was NOT touched by water and it was kept dry during the flood. Since writing this item I started to look more carefully than previously at these parts of television news which reported about various catastrophes. To my dismay, when in evening on 7 February 2010 the television news from New Zealand reported about the first anniversary of the tragic so-called "black Saturday" - during which in Australia 173 people died in the result of catastrophic bush fires from the State of Victoria, I again noted a confirmation described here. Namely, when television cameras were panning through destruction in the burned Australian settlement called "Kinglake", the view accidentally showed to us a church which survived in spite that everything around it was burned. Simultaneously there was a break in the commentary - almost as if for some reason someone intentionally "censored out" from this commentary the information that the church survived untouched by that catastrophe. Intriguingly, when a year earlier this catastrophic bush fire from Australia took place, I was carefully analysing all reports and listened to all news on this subject, and I intentionally looked whether any church was left in there standing. Thus, I know for sure that an information about the survival of this particular church was NOT provided at that time. So now I am left puzzled and wondering. After all, it would be unheard of, if in the democratic Australia for some strange reasons someone could systematically and intentionally "censored out" the information about this church. Besides, that area was inspected by numerous reporters, so to have such a censorship someone would need to unleash a large-scale conspiracy. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that the survival of the church could just be overlooked by all these reporters. Intriguing is also whether in reports from various other catastrophes, on similar principles is also omitted an important information about possible survival of further religious objects that were present in the areas of destruction.
       3. Every earthquake, and also every other cataclysm, has in-build attributes which document simultaneously at least three different mechanisms of its formation. These attributes, as well as these at least three mechanisms of formation that these attributes describe, are explained in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm. Furthermore, they are also described on several other totaliztic web pages. So here I am NOT going to repeat those descriptions.
       4. Murderous earthquakes prefer hitting in days of holidays, and also on 13th and 26th day of months. Another noticeable regularity of earthquakes, concerns dates when these most murderous out of them hit their victims. As this is explained in item #D8 from the totaliztic web page named "day26.htm" and also confirmed on examples from part #P of this web page, and from item #B1 of the web page named seismograph.htm, earthquakes have their favourite days in which they prefer to hit their victims. Most frequently they hit during a holiday (frequently even in the first day of a holiday), as well as on 13th day of a given month or on 26th (i.e. 13+13) of a given month. I tried to explain reasons behind this their regularity in subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4]. For example, the cataclysm occurring during a religious holiday reassures believes in God that it has a religious justification.
       5. Practically every earthquake is predicted by animals. This further regularity of all earthquakes has the multidimensional meaning. For example, it proves that animals are innocent of practicing the philosophy of parasitism by their human masters. Therefore God always allows animals sense the warning about approaching catastrophe. So animals know well what is to come and if they wish so they can escape the destruction. As this is to be explained in further parts of this web page, animals learn about impending earthquakes, because each such earthquake sends a "warning" in the form of a special beam of "telepathic waves" which can be intercepted and decoded by both, animals as well as by appropriately constructed technical devices (one amongst of which is described on this web page). This is why that particular regularity proves also that if people were able to break through the inherited inclinations to follow the philosophy of parasitism, then they could build alarming device described on this web page which would warn them about approaching murderous earthquakes.

#F4. "Explosive" dispersion of so-called "moral energy" that brings disasters:
       Justification of reasons for which God brings various natural disasters on selected areas of the Earth, stems from the theories of two opposite philosophies called totalizm and parasitism. If we would explain in one sentence these reasons, then these would state that "in his effort to restore morality, justice, progress, and peace, God hits with a catastrophe into every area in which the spread of immoral philosophy of parasitism achieved the level of 'agonal intellect', while the consequences of this catastrophe God uses to restore on that area the practicing of moral philosophy of totalizm".
       According to theories of these two opposite philosophies, everything that we do in our lives, causes the flow of unique energy called the "moral energy" through a border that separates two different worlds called "our world" and "counter-world". If whatever we just do is "moral", then this moral energy flows from our world to the counter-world. Thus, in our physical world such morally-correct activities have the character of "implosions" of this moral energy. It somehow happens, that God made beneficial for people everything that works on principle of an "implosion" occurring in our physical world (in turn everything that is based on an "explosion" God turns to be destructive and detrimental for people). However, if we do something that is "immoral", then it causes that moral energy is explosively let out from the counter-world to our physical world. Means, if someone practices this immoral philosophy called parasitism, then he carries out almost exclusively immoral actions. Thus, such a person, institution, society, or country with the parasitic philosophy, causes a local "explosion" of this "moral energy" that brings disasters.
       Reasons for which God was forced to destroy areas on the Earth in which local societies practice the philosophy of advanced parasitism, are described in subsection KA8.2 from volume 7 of monograph [8/2]. Namely, the point is that intellects (means people, institutions, communities, or countries) which in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism slip down to the level of so-called "agonal intellect", cannot be saves and the only option which remains towards them is to allow them to die. After all, by being already in the agonal state, they are NOT able to change their immoral principles of behaviour, while even if someone tries to save them and artificially extends their existence - they just are going to consume resources and energy of the saviour, but their moral state and principles of behaviour will NOT improve. Thus, if they are artificially maintained alive, they will still do a lot of harm, while their immoral behaviours increasingly more are going to demand the restoration of justice. In addition, their philosophy of parasitism is very "infectious". So it is like an infectious moral disease which spreads fast to neighbourly areas. Thus, if a larger area on the Earth slips down to this irreversible level of such "agonal intellect", then in order to protect neighbourly regions from spreading this dangerous "moral illness", and also to restore totalizm on a given area, God has no other option but to decimate and segregate inhabitants of the area with the use of a large catastrophe. After all, every large catastrophe annihilates various human structures, links, dependencies, parasitic traditions, decadent institutions, etc., which previously troubled a given area. It also abolishes the stagnation, exploitation, forces to moral acting, to giving help mutually, to organizing themselves, etc. In the result of such a catastrophe, a given area experiences various external pressures, starts a new life, different people and new ideas take hold in there, etc. Thus, instead of previous philosophy of parasitism, this area temporally is forced to adopt the philosophy of totalizm. In this way, all areas of the Earth where inhabitants slipped down in their practicing of parasitism to the level of "agonal intellects", God troubles or annihilates with destructive catastrophes. This is because if God leaves such areas to themselves, then their parasitic philosophy, like a kind of fatal plague, would spread on the neighbourly areas. In turn the lack of God's reaction to their highly immoral ways would make impossible the restoration of universal justice. (Notice that God clearly warns people via the Biblical story about the fate of "Sodom and Gomorrah", that communities practicing an advanced philosophy of parasitism will be destroyed by cataclysms - as an example see the Biblical "Book of Genesis", 18:22-33, 19:1-28.)
       Of course, in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will" and to leave their views unchanged, God always selects a kind of catastrophe with which He hits a given community, in such a manner that it looks like a completely "random" and accidental disaster. After all, God has an entire arsenal of catastrophes with which He can strike, not just earthquakes described on this web page. Other, also "random" looking catastrophes, include: tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, plagues, collapses of buildings, infernos, terrorism, floods, explosions, etc., etc. Thus, for each situation and community God is able to select both the catastrophe, as well as circumstances in which it strikes, so that these look as if they are completely random and explainable according to the "canon of ambiguity" described in item #C2 on the totaliztic web page will.htm. In this way goals of God can be accomplished without imposing at people different views nor changing their attitude towards God.

#F5. What is the mechanism of change of morality and philosophy in people from areas affected by a cataclysm:
Motto: "Every event in the universe serves to a vital purpose, thus it confirms a purposeful acting of a superior intelligence."
       The practicing of destructive philosophy of parasitism results from the stagnation. This is because every stagnation causes that some people acquire permanent parasitic habits of a highly immoral character. These habits are acquired mainly by people who do not have a so-called "moral skeleton" which results e.g. from their religion, certainty of God's existence, knowledge of totalizm, etc. Thus, for example, if such a person deprived a moral skeleton for a long time is left to itself and lives in the same conditions, then with the elapse of time begins to take care exclusively of itself, acts only along the so-called 'line of least resistance', does only whatever is absolutely necessary, treats differently people whom knows and very differently these ones whom does not know, (lies) says one things and does something completely different, etc., etc. Of course, such immoral individuals with inclinations to acquire parasitic habits exists in practically every society. Therefore almost every society left just to itself for a longer time and not exposed to external pressures, starts to develop various parasitic behaviours. For example, it forms informal structures and links which motivate people to immoral actions such as employing just only own relatives and friends, implementing the principle "matters whom you know, not what you are able to do", practicing corruption, finding ways on which others can be exploited, forming monopoles, paying themselves increasingly higher salaries and premiums, etc., etc. Thus every catastrophe, even if it annihilates just a fraction of members of a given society, breaks stagnation and destroys these informal structures and parasitic behaviours. After all, it eliminates people who previously formed these decadent structures and links, forces these that survived to undertake new activities, positions, and initiatives - about which they still do not know how to utilise these for their own advantage, introduces new people to the system and various new pressures, makes various key people to shift or emigrate out of the area, etc., etc. In this way every catastrophe forces a given community to change the philosophy which it practices as a larger "group intellect", from previous parasitic into more totaliztic. This is why, e.g. soon after the second world war almost all communities from territories affected by fighting started to practice the philosophy of totalizm. (E.g. I experienced personally this totaliztic philosophy via the community of my native village Wszewilki.) But as time elapsed, habits and philosophy of these communities again started to "creep" towards the philosophy of parasitism. Thus, at present time in almost all these communities again parasitism prevails. In turn on territories which already for a long time did NOT experience war nor any other serious disaster, the level of parasitic philosophy which prevails in there is close to that irreversible "agonal state". So probably soon God will have no other option but to shake them again with some catastrophic events which are to restore totalizm for them.

Part #G: How God implements earthquakes and all other cataclysms:
#G1. The "standard procedure" for a cataclysm:
       At the beginning of this web page, in item #A1, is emphasized that the Bible is unambiguous - if someone leads the life of a “wrongdoer” (wicked person), then he or she will be killed because of this. In turn on several different web pages, e.g. on the one named bible.htm, the finding of totalizm was emphasized, that the Bible contains commands and requirements of God explaining "how people must lead their lives", and that this commands and requirements are NOT negotiable - if someone does NOT obey them, then is going to bear consequences. For this reasons, all so-called "group intellects" - means nations, cities, or communities, which refuse to lead their lives in the manner currently called "moral" (i.e. agreeable with requirements of God), are treated with cataclysms which kill these "wrongdoers" and which correct the morality of such "group intellects".
       Item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm explains the finding of the totalizm, that the complete and balanced picture of reality is obtained only if this reality is researched from two approaches simultaneously, namely from the approach called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from effect to cause") and approach called "a priori" (i.e. "from cause to effect"). Unfortunately, the jealously guarding its "monopole for knowledge" present "atheistic orthodox science" researches the reality from just one approach called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from effect to cause"). In turn for such an approach, this science sees only a "half of reality", and thus e.g. is unable to indicate any effective method of defence against cataclysms. On the other hand, when the author of this web page analysed already accumulated by him attributes of cataclysms presented, amongst others, in "part #P" of this web page (and also presented on the entire web pages day26.htm and landslips.htm, in items #H2 to #H4 of the web page tapanu.htm and also in item #B1 of the web page named prophecies.htm), then from these cataclysms emerged very clear regularities. Such regularities, after being processed from an opposite philosophical approach called "a priori" (i.e. "from cause to effect"), indicate several relatively easy methods of defence against cataclysms. Unfortunately, the same "atheistic orthodox science" has reasons (e.g. the danger of loosing its "monopole for knowledge") to block the dissemination of knowledge about these methods of defence. After all, if it turns out that really works a method of defence against cataclysms which I developed, then this would mean that also correct and working are all other ideas which I developed, and which dissemination the official science blocks since around a quarter of century, because they invalidate correctness of the foundations of present atheistic science - i.e. such ideas as my [b]Concept of Dipolar Gravity, totalizm, Magnocraft, time vehicle, Oscillatory Chamber, etc., etc.[/b] Therefore, this atheistic science is going to do everything in its power to hold back the verification of any amongst these methods. However, taking under the account the present desperate situation of the humanity with cataclysms, in the vivid interest of endangered cities and communities lies saving themselves with the use of every already developed method of defence, even if the atheistic orthodox science to-date has towards this method some irrational prejudices and intends to NOT allow to disseminate it amongst people. According to the principle explained in item #F1 of the web page totalizm.htm and stating that truth is the source of progress, even if it is unpleasant, this duty of "trying" of self-defence extends also to methods of defence which are described on this web page.
       The theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" explains to us that God is simply a huge, self-aware, natural program (for details see item #C2 on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm, or item #I2 on the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm). In turn being a program, God likes to develop "standard procedures of action" for almost everything that He does. (Examples of a number of such "standard procedures" of God's action, including also a procedure of creating subsequent races of people, are described in items #D1, #D2, and #D3 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm). Probably for this reason, if the leading of "immoral" lives by "group intellects" forces God to "punish" these intellects with a cataclysm, then God also sends this cataclysm according to a "standard procedure of punishing immoral communities with a cataclysm". In a best manner this "standard procedure of bringing a cataclysm" is described in verses from 18:20 to 19:28 of the Biblical "Book of Genesis" - at an occasion of the discussing in there the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and then later is illustrated with numerous examples of immoral cities already punished by God - for summary of legends about destructions of such cities see items #H2 to #H4 of the web page named tapanui.htm or item #B1 of the web page named prophecies.htm. My analyses to-date of the cataclysms to descriptions of which I had an access, reveal the essence of several most frequently repeated stages, in the typically implemented by God "standard procedure of serving a cataclysm". In turn our learning, to what God pays the greatest attention in each one amongst these stages, allows us to develop effective methods of self-defence against cataclysms.
       Here are stages which seem to be repeated most frequently in cataclysms already known to me which I had opportunity to analyse so-far: (1) Warning reminder of "what" and "how" is punished by God. (2) Checking the "complaints" of people arriving to a given city, means checking whether a high number of complaints of outside witnesses about behaviours of the inhabitants of a given city, qualifies this city to receive a God's punishment. (3) "Clarification of reasons" for which this cataclysm is send to a given community. (4) "Warning" a given city (or community) that a cataclysm is going to be send to it - if its inhabitants do NOT change their behaviours and philosophy into more "moral", and giving a chance to them to defend and to protect themselves. (5) Checking whether the required "change" of behaviours and philosophy really took place. The inhabitants of city selected for a cataclysm are tested whether they can document, that they really changed their behaviours and philosophy. (6) Counting and removing the "righteous" people from the area selected for a destruction, and preparation of manners of saving these ones who deserve to be saved. This stage is aimed at making sure that these people, who do NOT deserve the punishment from God, are protected (see the "Book of Genesis", verses 19:12-22). (7) "Sending the cataclysm" (see "Book of Genesis", verses 19:24-28). In cases when there is a real chance that a given city (or community) still can change their behaviour into a more moral, then the destructive cataclysm is served in at least 3 increasingly powerful steps, after each one of which is repeated the completion of all stages (1) to (7) described above, and is also provided a time required for the change of behaviours and philosophy that this city (or community) practices. And so, firstly is served (7a) the "warning cataclysm" which destroys property, but usually do NOT kill people. If after it still the change of behaviours and philosophy does NOT take place, and still a given city or community continues old ways and practicing the philosophy of parasitism, then God serves (7b) the "urging cataclysm" which is to remind that there is about the time to change the philosophy and behaviours. This one destroys properties, but also kills a lot of people. If also after this "urging cataclysm" neither the philosophy nor behaviours do NOT display the required change, then God serves (7c) the final "annihilating cataclysm". After that one the entire city (or a given community) is completely wiped out from surface of the Earth. So it ceases to be suitable for further inhabiting. After the wiping out this city (or community) from the surface of Earth, still left are after it various remains which later are serving as (8) the "moral lesson for further generations of people". Let us now discuss briefly the most vital attributes of each one amongst the above steps.
       Re. (1): The warning explanation "what" and "how" is punishable. This function is performed by an event induced intentionally by God, which reminds to inhabitants of a given city or community, that they must obey commandments of God. In turn the commandments which people must obey, for the last 2000 years are clearly explained in the Bible and in various religions, while lately are also recommended by the philosophy of totalizm with the use of modern language and scientific notations. Of course, practically the entire Bible explains "what" and "how" is punished by God. In addition to this, there are parts and verses in it which clearly emphasize these most severaly punished behaviours. For example, in the "Book of Deuteronomy", verses 27:15-26, is provided a lengthy list of "God's curse on anyone who...". In turn the verse 18:22 from the "Book of Leviticus" reminds us - quote: "No man is to have sexual relations with another man". Verse 30:1 from the "Book of Ecclesiasticus" (note - do NOT confuse it with the different "Book of Ecclesiastes") states - quote: "Whoever loves his son will beat him frequently so that in after years the son may be his comfort." (For more details on the subject of commanded by God way of disciplining the youth - see item #B5.1 from the web page will.htm.)
       Me personally fascinates the immense intelligence and skilfulness with which verses 18:23-32 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis" warn these readers who know how to read them, while simultaneously pretend to be "old stories told by shepherds" for atheists and for internally biased readers. If someone reads these verses, then is stricken by these six repetitions of assurance that the city is NOT going to be destroyed for decreasingly lower number of "righteous" people. These repetitions capture and hold the attention of less careful and inquisitive believer, to realise to him or to her, that if he or she lives in the area where also live a noticeable number of especially morally acting people (i.e. "righteous"), then should NOT wary - because he or she is safe. After all, God clearly promises in the Bible which He authorises, that He never is going to punish and to destroy an area inhabited by a significant number of "righteous" people. In addition these verses emphasize, that the smallest number of such especially moral people, which still is able to prevent a given settlement from the "God's punishment", is ten righteous. Thus, if someone wishes to be reassured, whether a given area is safe from the "God's punishment" - in spite that a large proportion of its inhabitants does NOT behave morally, then he or she should count, whether really knows at least "ten righteous" people living locally. But it is important to take notice of the exact meaning of the word "righteous" which is used in the Bible, and thus not count wrongly for these "10 righteous" some 10 people who are NOT "righteous". After all, a "righteous" is a person who not only just listens to his or her voice of conscience, who lives morally, and who is a moral role-model for others, but someone who in addition to all these attributes also is doing a work which boils down to the judging and categorising of other people - means someone who works actively with the community, who polarises, attracts and groups around himself or herself other morally acting people, who exerts a moral influence on others, etc. So the "righteous" must NOT be confused with the "religious" people - after all, as the most recent religious scandals emphasize this, someone can be highly "religious", but he or she is still practicing the punishable by God philosophy of parasitism. In spite of such significant role that these repetitions of verses from the Bible play for believers, for ordinary readers and for atheists the same repetitions of verses serve to an opposite purpose - namely for the intentional discouraging. Thus, e.g. for atheists the repetitions prevent the content of these verses from being taken seriously and from being analysed carefully. (After all, God always follows the action of "moral field" and act accordingly to the so-called "canon of ambiguity" described in item #C2 from the totaliztic web page will.htm.) But if someone has the so-called "moral skeleton", and because of it treats these verses seriously as a "message from God", then he or she discovers in them two vital facts. The first of these is that in verses 18:27-32 they do NOT refer to Sodom any more, but refer to any "city" in the world. In turn the second fact is that they are so skilfully formulated, that they express everything in the future tense. In other words, these verses actually contain warnings and explanations which God gives to all communities and to all cities of the world, and which extend their validity to all times to come.
       Re. (2): The checking of "complaints" of people that arrived to a given city. If a city (or a community) practices the punished by God philosophy of parasitism, then the manifestation of this practicing always is that almost all strangers arriving to that city, "complain" later on the treatment that they received in there. For example, inhabitants of that city (or community) form a kind of arrogant "gang" which recognises only "their own" while looks down to all others, which makes miserable life to all outsiders, which is snobby, jealous, greedy, and shares nothing with others, which do NOT known what is compassion, helping, politeness, etc., etc. Of course, in such a city (or community) outsiders feel bad and "complain" later about the treatment which meets them in there. Thus God emphasizes in the Bible that "complains" of outsiders are the triggers and the cause of undertaking "punishing procedures" towards a given city (or community). For example, for Sodom and Gomorrah such "complains" are emphasized in the Biblical "Book of Genesis", verse 18:20, while in case of the city Nineveh in the "Book of Jonah", verses 1:2 and 3:2. Then the same "complaints" are also the reflection what outside world thought about a given city (or community), and thus how in the future this city is to be presented in the "moral lesson for future generations of people". Of course, God sees perfectly well the level of morality of this city from the "implosions" and "explosions" of its moral energy. But for people such "implosions" and "explosions" remain invisible. After all, the "moral energy" itself remains invisible to the human sight. But God created this energy and sees its flow. Thus, for God areas in which people practice massively the philosophy of parasitism look like kinds of volcanoes that dissipate moral energy. In this way God can easily notice and select these areas on the Earth, which because of the massive practicing of parasitic philosophy already reached the level of "agonal intellect" and thus demand some sort of catastrophe to be send to them by God. But the problem is, that about immoral behaviours of inhabitants of a given area must learn also outside witnesses from other areas. After all, only then a given punishment serves to next generation as a "moral lesson". In order punishments could serve as such "moral lessons", it is necessary that people from outside areas previously "complained" vividly about the city being punished. For this reason the number of "complains" of outsiders becomes a "trigger" which releases the sending of the "God's punishment" to a given city.
       The Bible also informs (see "Genesis", verses 18:20-21 and 19:1-11), that in addition to visual scanning the level of advancement of philosophy of parasitism in a given area, before sending a disaster God always sends in there His "bodily representations" so that these could in person experience the treatment that inhabitants of a given area serve to visiting people. (What are these "bodily representations of God", is explained in "Re. (3)" from item #D1 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm.) If the community from that area in fact proves its parasitic habits, then the decision about the catastrophe is finally confirmed.
       Knowing that "complains" of outsiders bring a cataclysm, it is possible to develop a "crisis method of cataclysm prevention" which is based on the elimination of such complaints. Although such a method "heals symptoms, not the illness", in a crisis situation it can be used to temporally delay the cataclysm.
       Ad. (3): The clarification of reasons. Because God's punishments are actually "moral lessons" which later must serve people for a long time as moral guidelines to correct behaviours, before God initiates a "punishment procedure" towards a city, He firstly clarifies exactly "for what" a given punishment is served. For this clarification, in old days God used various strangers send to a given city, to experience in there various forms of persecutions, bad treatment, chasing by dogs, etc., and then brought news about these treatments to the rest of the world - for details see e.g. verse 19:5 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis", or see e.g. item #H4 from the web page named tapanui.htm. In present times these clarifications of reasons (i.e. complains of people badly treated) are contained in newspaper articles, television news, in descriptions on internet web pages and blogs, etc., etc. - although still most frequently they originate from visitors to a given city. After all, the most reliable indicator of someone's morality is how this someone treats strangers, emigrants, older people, weaker then oneself, etc. - means all these who do NOT belong to "old boys club", "system", "ours", nor to the group of "former colleagues from the same school".
       Ad. (4): Warning. Every city (or community) punished by God is always firstly "warned" that they are going to be punished. Furthermore, it obtains various chances to be able to defend or protect from the incoming punishment. The warning typically contains also the explanation "for what" a given punishment is served - and contains a condition that "if a given city (or community) does NOT change its ways and philosophy". About the fact that God really requires the change of philosophy practiced by a given city, clearly certify attributes of a "change" that is acceptable to God, described in the Biblical history of the city "Nineveh" - see the Bible, "Book of Jonah", verses 3:1-10. For examples of manners on which in old days such "warnings" were delivered, it is worth to see item #B1 on the web page named prophecies.htm, or items #H2 and #H4 of the web page tapanui.htm. Of course, in present times we have newspapers, radio, television, internet, telephones, etc. So today these warnings may take e.g. a form of statement published in the media - as an example see item #C4 from the web page named seismograph.htm, or see the article "Kaumatua's earthquake prophecy will come true ... eventually", from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post - discussed in 8 from item I3 of the web page day26.htm, or see item #G2 on the web page prophecies.htm.
       The chance given by God to every city (or community), to be able to defend or protect from the incoming cataclysm, has a "self-regulatory" character. It is illustrated and explained in the best manner in item #I1 of this web page, on the example of New Zealand. A long time before New Zealand was affected by earthquakes from Christchurch, it received a model of a device for remote detection of impending earthquakes shown below in "Fig. #M1", and it also received an expertise in the form of my knowledge and creative capabilities, which allowed to build working prototypes of this device and to use these prototypes for alarming of inhabitants of Christchurch (and other cities of New Zealand) that an earthquake is just approaching.
       The human lack of knowledge about "warnings" that cataclysms are coming, typically result from the fact that God makes sure only that they take a form that is accessible to everyone interested (i.e. that everyone who is going to be killed or ruined in the result of given cataclysms, could earlier learn that they are coming - of course only if wants to know this). In turn familiarising oneself with these "warnings" God leaves to the "free will" and choice of every interested person. So in order to learn about just such a "warning", it is NOT enough to passively lie on "one's back" and to await for someone to yell it to our ears - as this is done by present politicians and salesmen. According to the action of the "moral field" the "warnings from God" one must seek actively - typically in places which officially are ignored, but which have a long tradition of honest confirming the truth. After all, it lies in the personal interest of everyone, that due to early learning of such warning, one can undertake a self-defence against given cataclysms. In turn when cataclysms already come, one cannot self-defend against their destructive power with the help of typical today excuse "I was NOT warned about them".
       Ad. (5): Checking whether the required change of philosophy and behaviours took place. Before a cataclysm is served, firstly takes place a check whether previous moves of God, e.g. warnings or earlier treatments, already provided the intended effect, while a given city (or community) actually changes its behaviour and philosophy onto the required "more moral". If inhabitants of that city are able to prove to other people (amongst others to those ones who previously complained about them), that they really changed their ways into more "moral", then the cataclysm is called off. In the "Book of Jonah" from the Bible, verses 3:1-10, is provided a clear confirmation, that if inhabitants of a given city let other people somehow know clearly that they changed their ways and philosophy, then the cataclysm is called off.
       Re. (6): Counting and removing the "righteous" people out from the area, and preparation of manners of saving these innocent people that deserve to be saved. The counting of "righteous" results from the promise of God discussed in "Re. (1)" above, that the city in which lives permanently at least 10 such "righteous" will NOT be destroyed. Thus just before sending a cataclysm, God makes sure, that the number of "righteous" is already in there below the required number of 10, and then God takes out of the city all of them. Also, in practically every cataclysm there are people who avoid it due to a previous guiding that they received, or by some miraculous "coincidence". Although typically they are just "ordinary" people who cannot be described by the definition of "righteous", still most frequently they are more moral from others, and also in their further life usually turns out that God had for them some vital mission to fulfil. In spite that such "coincidences" which save them from a cataclysm, can always be explained atheistically as just "random events", actually when one considers them, they turn out to be this "leading 'moral' and 'innocent' people out of the area affected by a given catastrophe". (Notice that "coincidences" really are "unexplained", as the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date still does NOT know "what" or "who" rules over such "coincidences" with intelligent consequences.) To be honest, even myself I had several cases in my life, when my life was saved just by such a "random coincidence" (an example of this my personal "coincidence" is described in item #77 from subsection W4 of volume 18 in monograph [1/5], while briefly it is mentioned in item #M3 of the web page fe_cell.htm, and also in item #H2 of the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm.)
       Re. (7): Sending the cataclysm. If a given community is to be punished with a catastrophe, then the moment of time and circumstances when the catastrophe is to hit, are carefully planned. For example, the date of it is frequently so designed, that for people who are sensitive to hidden messages, religious reasons for serving it are emphasized. These cities (and communities) about which God and other people already received confirmations, that for sure they are NOT changing their philosophies, are destroyed fast with a single deadly cataclysms. A recent example of just such a cataclysm is the Indonesian province "Bandar Aceh" described on the web page day26.htm. But these cities and communities, which still display a potential for changing their philosophies, typically are "punished" in three steps, served with a growing force. Examples of such "three steps" in punishing cataclysms are indicated in item #M1.2 from the web page telekinetics.htm. Let us discuss now these three steps:
       Ad. (7a): The "warning cataclysm". This one is send at the very beginning as a kind of "warning", and simultaneously "test for morality" and the illustration of the power of "nature". It demonstratively destroys properties, but either does NOT take lives at all, or just kills symbolically a small number of people. After it, a period of time comes, in which the endangering with a cataclysm hangs above heads of punished people, but they receive a chance to document that they changed their philosophy. If necessary, such a "warning cataclysm" is repeated several times. But if in the result of it a change of philosophy and morality does NOT happen, then served is incomparably more destructive "urging cataclysm".
       Ad. (7b): The "urging cataclysm". This one destroys NOT only a lot of properties, but also takes lives of a significant number of people. From analyses to-date seems to appear, that in case of cities it typically destroys around a half of their infrastructure (i.e. houses, streets, water and electricity supply, plumbing, etc.), and kills enough people to make every inhabitant of the city to feel a mourning after someone he or she used to know in person. After that "urging cataclysm" God typically allows the inhabitants to rebuild the city, but He watches whether in the effect of this rebuilding the morality and philosophy of the inhabitants experienced the required improvement. However, if the city does NOT prove that it experienced a significant change in morality and in philosophy, then after the rebuilding is finished, the final "annihilating cataclysm" is served which erases that city from the maps.
       Ad. (7c): The "annihilating cataclysm. This one completely wipes out a given city or community from the surface of the Earth, so that it ceases to be suitable for further inhabitancy by people, and thus it disappears from maps of the world. But as it seems from already occurring cases, usually appears a significant time-gap between an "urging cataclysm" and that final "annihilating cataclysm". This gap looks-like a kind of "verification spread in time" whether destructions caused by the "urging cataclysm" actually induced the required change of philosophy. For example, just so happened with Pompeii. Firstly destroyed was in it around a half of buildings of Pompeii, then God gave to it around 16 years of time and peace - so that inhabitants were allowed to rebuild it. But when it turned out that these destructions and the effort of rebuilding did NOT cause the required change in morality and philosophy, in 16 years later Pompeii was "erased from maps" with this final "annihilating cataclysm" in the form of Vesuvius eruption. Another similar case was the city of Salamis in Cyprus - described in item #H3 of the web page named tapanui.htm. It was firstly half-destroyed by a war. But when it rebuild, yet the immorality and decadency of its inhabitants did NOT change, it was wiped out completely from the surface of the Earth by as many as three tsunamis arriving in short time gaps. So if someone would extrapolate those fates of Pompeii and Salamis to present times, then probably would find as many as several cities described, amongst others, on this web page and on pages related to it (e.g. on pages tornado.htm, katrina.htm, landslips.htm or day26.htm), which further fates would be worth to carefully watch now in order to see whether after finishing their rebuilding from "urging cataclysms" that they received, these morally most incorrigible amongst them will also be wiped out from maps of the world.
       Ad. (8): A moral lesson for next generations. In order the future generations have guidelines and examples for moral lives, the history and consequences of a given cataclysm are then documented in the form of legends, historic descriptions, material remains of the city being destroyed, etc., etc. Examples of just such documentations are described in items #H2 to #H4 from the web page named tapanui.htm.

#G2. How these at least three (3) main manners on which God "camouflages" (hides) the true mechanisms of formation of earthquakes and all other cataclysms (in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will"), prove to us that every cataclysm is extremely carefully planned and implemented by God:
       God implements every cataclysm in so carefully planned and wise manner, that there are embedded into it at least three (3) sets of attributes which document simultaneously at least three different causes and mechanisms of that Act of God. Therefore, depending on the philosophy and views of the person which explains the appearance of a given cataclysm, the origins of it can be explained at least: either as (1) induced accidentally by the "stupid and blind nature", or as (2) induced intentionally by "simulations" of the hostile towards people creatures which I myself call "evil UFOnauts" in my research, or as (3) induced on purpose by God in order to correct the morality of people living in a given area.
       In turn, when the character of a given cataclysm allows to explain it also as caused by, or dependent on, human activities, and when people actually do carry out immoral activities which display cause-effect link to a given cataclysm, then God additionally embeds into it the fourth set of attributes - explained in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm. Namely, in such cases evidence also appears which suggests, that a given cataclysm was (4) caused by immoral activities of people. An example of cataclysms, which in fact contained evidence that they supposedly were caused by explosions of nuclear bombs (i.e. by people), was that highly destructive earthquake and tsunami, which affected Japan on Friday, 11 March 2011, and which were described more thoroughly, amongst others, in items #C7 and #I1 of a separate totaliztic web page named seismograph.htm, and in items #M1 to #M1.3 from yet another web page named telekinetics.htm. A relatively extensive body of evidence which suggested origins of that Japanese tragedy from nuclear explosions, in 2011 was circulated in internet. At that time examples of it was possible to find, amongst others, via and A very similar evidence about a different earthquake in Washington DC, supposedly also induced by nuclear explosions (i.e. about the earthquake described more extensively in item #C8 from the web page named seismograph.htm), in 2011 was available, amongst others, at addresses,, and In turn completely different example of almost a world-wide cataclysm, which also included evidence that suggested its origins from immoral activities of people, is described in items #J1 and #K1 from the totaliztic web page named plague.htm.
       This discovery of the new "totaliztic science", that God embeds into every cataclysm simultaneously at least three (3) different sets of attributes, realises to people a number of immensely vital facts, which previously were NOT understood by the humanity at all. For example, (a) it proves that every cataclysm is prepared by God extremely carefully - and thus that there must exist very vital reasons for which it is implemented (such as the necessity to "correct the morality of a given 'group intellect' "). It also (b) realises, that an exact course of every cataclysm is planned in advance to a smallest detail - thus e.g. the fact "who" and "how" is to be saved from this cataclysm is also planned in advance. What really vital, ©, it proves and confirms beyond any doubt, that cataclysms are NOT implemented by the "stupid and blind nature" (as this is claimed by the old "atheistic orthodox science"), but by immensely intelligent and omnipotent God (as this is scientifically documented by the new "totaliztic science"). After all, "stupid and blind nature" would NOT be able to embed into every cataclysm these at least three sets of attributes simultaneously. In turn from the criminology we know, that even the most intelligent human criminals have difficulties with embedding into their crime this "second" set of attributes which would "set up" into a given crime someone completely innocent. Also in case of attempts of such "embedding the second set of attributes" by human criminals, usually even ordinary policemen are able fast recognise this. However, the fact of embedding by God into every cataclysm these at least three (3) sets of attributes, for almost two thousands of years remained undetected by even the most genius human scientists! In turn thus proving and confirming, that cataclysms are planned by intelligent and omnipotent God, reveals also that (d) there are ways for convincing God, to delay or to abandon the sending of a cataclysm onto a given "group intellect" (i.e. onto a given community) or convincing God to save a given person from the incoming cataclysm. This in turn means, that implementing cataclysms by God allows to develop "methods of effective defence" of the kind described in items #A2, #C2, and #H1 to #M1 of this web page.
       The existence of these at least three sets of equally valid attributes embedded into every cataclysm, which attributes allow to explain every cataclysm at least at three (3) equally valid manners, is discussed from various points of view on a number of totaliztic web pages. Thus readers can find their descriptions e.g. in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm or in item #J1 of the web page named plague.htm.

Part #H: The prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to elimination of reasons for which these cataclysms are to be send - means due to the change of philosophy:
#H1. A simple way on which larger communities are capable to stop the arrival of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms by changing their philosophy and behaviours:
       The principle of our self-defence against earthquakes and against all other cataclysms is very simple. It is enough that communities living in given areas (i.e. local so-called "group intellects") permanently eliminate reasons for which God is forced to "correct the morality of these group intellects" to and "punish" them through sending such cataclysms. Such a "permanent elimination of reasons" is already accomplished when a given community, considered as a whole, changes its morality, philosophy, attitudes, etc., onto these "correct ones - because required by God", means when a given community e.g. begins to voluntarily practice either what God commands in the content of the Bible, or what in a more modern manner is recommended to everyone by the moral philosophy called totalizm. (E.g. when every member of this community in its actions and behaviours begins to practice at least a so-called "intuitive totalizm" - which boils down to listening and implementing "whispers" of own organ of "conscience".)
       One amongst most illustrative evidence, that undertaking practicing of this "correct kind of morality" (i.e. the morality commanded to people by God) eliminates cataclysms, can be the verifiable to everyone fact that areas on which the population practices a version of philosophy of totalizm are omitted by all cataclysms - e.g. see items #I3 and #I5 from the web page named day26.htm. All possible catastrophes hit only these areas, the population of which practices the reversal of totalizm, means the immoral philosophy called parasitism - e.g. consider what happens in Pakistan, Haiti, or Somalia. A similar evidence is also provided by historic analyses. Namely, the intensification of all possible cataclysms takes place in times when the humanity intensifies its immorality (e.g. consider medieval times, and also consider present time - as this is described more thoroughly item #G2 from the web page named plague.htm).
       In the light of the above, a simple method of permanent elimination of earthquakes and other cataclysms described here, boils down to making sure that all members of a given community practice in their everyday life some form of the philosophy of totalizm. In turn how practically undertake this practicing, and what requirements and conditions need to be fulfilled for this purpose, are explained more comprehensively in item #G2 on the web page named plague.htm.

#H2. Additional benefits from the elimination of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms through the change of philosophy being practiced:
       Societies which practice a philosophy of totalizm will display also sufficiently open minds to accept, develop, and implement all new ideas. In turn such new ideas provide also atheistic justifications and capabilities which cause that catastrophes are going to omit them. In this way the practicing of totalizm will protect against catastrophes independently whether someone believes in God or not. For example, societies which practice totalizm already long ago would build a device described on this web page and called the "Zhang Heng seismograph". (But communities practicing a philosophy of parasitism would never be able to mobilise themselves to such a building, while if someone gave them this device for free, they would waste it anyway - in the same manner as ancient Israelis wasted in past the Ark of the Covenant which they received for free - see the Bible, "Exodus", 25:10-28, while Mongols wasted the device described on this web page - see "Fig. #F4" from the web page named seismograph.htm.) In turn such a device would protect these communities from falling victims of earthquakes (and also other "natural" disasters) the approaching of which this device can detect remotely.
       Between us, in recent times increasingly more areas on the Earth approaches the level of "agonal intellect". So it is sure, that the number of murderous catastrophes will fast increase in the nearest future. One can only wait when by a catastrophe is hit e.g. the area in which one lives, or are hit some other areas of the Earth - e.g. the country Somalia or the city London. After all, although from our imperfect (because human) point of view not always is visible what level of advancement of the philosophy of parasitism reached the population of subsequent areas of the Earth, still God has a perfect knowledge in that matter. Thus God knows exactly which community should next time be directed into a moral path with the use of a powerful catastrophe.
       The wider explanation why the humanity is persecuted by God with earthquakes and with other disasters, provided from a slightly different point of view, is provided in item #J1 of the totaliztic web page named newzealand_visit.htm.

#H3. Principles of predicting that a cataclysm is coming:
       The reason for which it is worth to scientifically research the goals, manners of thinking, and principles of God's actions, is to acquire the capability of predicting "what soon is to happen". This is why, one amongst goals of newly being formulated "totaliztic science" (the one described in items #G1 and #F2 of this web page) is to learn gals, manners of thinking, and principles of God's actions, sufficiently well to be able to predict "what God is going to do in a given situation". In turn our knowledge what God is going to do, allows us to align better our actions and behaviours to God's requirements, and the same to lead more happy and more fulfilled lives. After all, in case of e.g. "cataclysms" described on this web page, such an exact getting to know God, allows us to predict whether a given community is going to be a next place where a cataclysm is going to hit soon, and thus also allows us to prepare ourselves to the incoming cataclysm - while sometimes even to undertake actions which would allow us to avoid it. Although God typically does NOT allow people to predict "when" a cataclysm is to hit (after all, the capability of making such predictions would give to specific people the status of "prophets" - while this status is too precious to be given just for this one capability), but God gives to people a chance to learn all signs that inform exactly "where" such a cataclysm is to hit soon.
       Unfortunately, the way God thinks is difficult to investigate, because God thinks in a much different manner than people think. The to-date research carried out by the philosophy of totalizm reveal, that "God thinks at multiple levels simultaneously". It means, that otherwise than people do it, God acts and thinks in a way as it is done by present "multiprocessor computers" described in item #C6 of the web page named prawda_uk.htm. Such a "multilevel" (or multiprocessor") thinking allows God to consider and to process parallel, in the same moment of time, a huge number of various influences, factors, acts, behaviours, limitations, promises, etc., etc. (In turn people "think at one level only" similarly like present "single-processor computers", means people always in a given moment of time do or consider just only a "single action", "one problem", "one reason", "single solution", "one explanation", "one way", "one outcome", etc.) Therefore, the decision of God whether a give area or community is to be hit by a cataclysm, is made by God through simultaneous considering a whole list of various factors. For this reason, our scientific prediction "where" a next cataclysm is to hit (means, our replying to the most vital question "whether the area in which we live is soon going to be destroyed by a cataclysm?") - is quite difficult, although is still possible. As so-far, the philosophy of totalizm managed to identify several vital factors, which God most clearly takes under consideration when He selects the place and the community which are to be hit with the "next" cataclysm. So let us list now most important amongst these factors:
       (1) The "level of submerging" into the [b]philosophy of parasitism - which is reflected by the number of "complains" that harmed outsiders announce about the inhabitants of a given area.[/b] This factor is the most vital one - this is why it is going to be discussed wider in next item #H4. After all, cataclysms hit only these cities and communities which already practice an advanced form of parasitic philosophy. In turn areas where this philosophy is NOT practiced, do NOT generate "complains" about locals, thus are NOT troubled by any cataclysms! Unfortunately, in present times the philosophy of parasitism is prevailing already in almost every country and in every community. So the only question which we still may ask, is whether the "level of submerging" into this immoral philosophy already reached the depth which is punished by God.
       (2) The "intensity of the stream of information" teaching other cities or countries, means the "informative value" of manifestations of the [b]philosophy of parasitism practiced in a given area.[/b] God created and maintains the humanity for a vital reason, namely to "increase the knowledge". (This "goal of creation and existence of the humanity" in the best way explain subsections A3 and A3.1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], while briefly it is discussed in item #F3 from the web page will.htm.) In turn, as we know this from the analysis of cataclysms, if a community practices an "aggressive version of parasitism", which actively "persecutes" other parasitic communities, thus giving them a vital moral lessons, then God suspends the destruction of such parasitic community. This is because it introduces too significant "educational value" to our civilisation, to just be destroyed. After all, for God knowledge and education are major goals of all His actions. This is why, e.g. aggressively behaving Somalis are NOT affected by cataclysms - although their level of parasitic philosophy is deeper than e.g. the level in Haiti or in Japan. But Haiti and Japan "did NOT gave moral lessons" to other nations, thus their parasitism do NOT served to the progress of knowledge nor towards the educating of people. This is why in item #C7 of the web page named seismograph.htm (and also in items #B4 and #B1 of the web page named parasitism.htm) I am explaining, that it is immensely vital to be active in whatever we do, because the passiveness is punished by God the same as a "partnership in spreading evil". However, the practicing of an "aggressive version of parasitism" does NOT protect against cataclysm, but just delay the time when a cataclysm is served. This is because after some time diminishes the "intensity of a teaching stream of information" generated by a given parasitic community (i.e. the rest of the world is already sufficiently "educated" by it) - and this means that God ceases to have reasons to tolerate any further a given "parasitic educator". Thus, after such a diminishing of the "intensity of a teaching stream of information", God treats this community with a punishment which it deserved since a long time. Because this "suspending of cataclysm arrival" action of the "teaching stream of information" is extremely vital, it is going to be additionally discussed in sub-item #K1 from this web page.
       (3) The protective against cataclysms presence of so-called "10 righteous". This presence is explained more thoroughly in several items of this web page, e.g. see items #I1, #I2, or #P5.1. It is vital to be aware of the fact, that our "group intellect" (i.e. our country, our city, our village, our institution, our family, etc.) is already endangered by a cataclysm, only that the arrival of destruction is temporally hold back either by these "10 righteous" or by a significant "intensity of the stream of teaching information". After all, then we can prepare ourselves to the cataclysm, or even we can implement various prevention measures which are to remove the danger that a disaster is to come. Therefore, in sub-item #K2 below I am going to explain, which indicators are to inform us, that our group intellect was already selected by God for receiving a cataclysm - if it does NOT change its ways.
       (4) The future. What is to happen to someone now, depends also on what this someone is going to do in the future - as this is explained more comprehensively on the entire web page god_exists.htm and in item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm. Although we people do NOT have an insight into the future yet, we still can roughly estimate it through an "extrapolation of general trends" which we see in a given community.
       (5) The karma. These communities which have a "bad karma to pay", are hit much earlier by cataclysm than communities which do NOT have such a karma.
       Of course, the above are just some amongst factors which are indicated by already analysed cataclysms, that God considers them in the selection of communities which will be punished next with cataclysms. But even after learning just these several above factors, if the "totaliztic science" learns how to assign some "quantitative weights" to subsequent amongst them, then this should already allow to predict "who is next" and "whether the place where I live is already endangered". In order to understand the significance of such "quantitative weights", I would suggest to the reader to select several communities on the basis of this one, and next, items, and then try to predict which one amongst them is going to be first punished with a significant cataclysm.
       Because two amongst the above factors, namely (1) the "level of submerging" into the philosophy of parasitism, and (2) the "intensity of the stream of teaching information", in typical cases exert the strongest influence on the arrival or suspension of cataclysms, they both will be discussed in more details in sub-items that are to follow.

#H4. What signs inform us that we live in the community which is close to the state of "agonal intellect" in its practicing the philosophy of parasitism (and thus close to a cataclysm):
       I already explained this in items #I5 and #I6 from the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm, that in present times - in which power over the Earth holds the generation of "Midases in reverse", the philosophy of parasitism is fast spreading in practically every country of the world. Thus, there is no a slightest doubt that we all live in communities which since a long time are practicing the philosophy of parasitism. The only doubt which we still can have, is whether the level of advancement of this philosophy in our community is already close to the state of "agonal intellect" - which for God is a sign to serve a cataclysm. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn several most characteristic marks of this "agonal intellect". Here they are:
       1. Pride, haughtiness, arrogance, etc. According to the Bible, the feature of the "intellects" which hides under these names, is the primary source and cause of the downfall of these intellect - see the Good News Bible, 1984, "Book of Proverbs", verse 16:18, quote: "Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall". Although a slight amount of this dangerous feature is present in practically every intellect, because every intellect likes to occasionally experience the prising and adulation from others, the destructive power of this feature is released when the level of pride and arrogance exceeds the specific threshold value. In turn, what is this threshold value, it can be learned through the analysis of these "group intellects", which has already been destroyed, or which destruction has already begun. For example, in the "Titanic" - means in the ship which owners and the crew with a pride considered to be "unsinkable", this feature revealed itself by the fact that it did not have enough lifeboats even though it had the fourth unneeded and unused chimney "for the decoration and to impress" (imagine how many lifeboats could be carried on the deck if this "ornamental" chimney is NOT built into it because of the pride), nor it slow down its run in the zone affected by icebergs. In turn, for example, in New Orleans, this feature manifested itself by the local certainty that the hurricane Katrina has no chance to harm that city - as, amongst others, this is mentioned in item #S5 from this web page. In Christchurch, this feature manifested itself as explains this the web page linked below in item #P3. In turn, within the entire today's "atheistic orthodox science", the pride manifests itself, among others, through a complete ignoring of consequences of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - in this number, for example, ignoring the outcomes of the author's research based on this concept and described in item #S2 from this web page. Etc., etc. Thus, in order to check whether a given group intellect has exceeded this threshold level of pride, it is worth, for example, to check whether it actually appreciates and treasures the work and the real achievements of others - or rather it is just preoccupied exclusively with praising itself, its own greatness and significance, and only its own achievements. Whether it displays a significant difference in attitude towards strong and rich in comparison to weak and poor. Is the form already dominant for it over the content, or the form is still serving the content. Can it see a merit in the criticism and complaints of others, or whatever others say and write it only considers to be products of their jealousy or inferiority. Etc., etc. For example, if the analysed group intellect is an entire country, then it is enough to look into its local newspapers and television and check what proportion of their volume is devoted to these other countries, which a given country does NOT consider a part, a copy, or a version of itself. Ot it is enough to visit its libraries and check how one group of its inhabitants respect the concentration and work of other citizens of the same country through maintaining silence and the library atmosphere in there. Or go to any of its public hospitals and see how sick and weak are treated in there. Or check how really this country takes care of its unemployed and retirees. Etc., etc.
       2. "Inventive impotency" - means the lack of implementation of even the most miserable invention on the territory of a given country. First symptoms that a given country is sliding dangerously deep into the philosophy of parasitism, is the "inventive impotency". This impotency is brought about by the "curse of inventors" described in items #G1 to #G9 of the totaliztic web page eco_cars.htm. that rages in a given country. Such "curse of inventors" causes that in a given country cannot be implemented to a permanent accomplishment of people, even a least complex technical invention or discovery - the implementation of which depends on the good will and support of a number of people. Of course, such an "inventive impotency" does NOT mean at all, that a given country or nation does NOT have any more creative inventors, nor it means that these inventors do NOT create valuable inventions. It only means that the philosophy of parasitism which dominates in that country makes impossible implementation of local inventions from that country to the permanent technical accomplishments of the entire humanity. It happens so because the local parasites are so strongly persecuting inventors from that country, that these inventors are either forced to completely cease their attempts to complete their inventions (as this is described in items #H1 to #H2 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm), or they manage to build their inventions but local parasites so trouble them that their inventions cannot be put into a practical use (as this is described in the web page boiler.htm), or that through superhuman efforts these inventors break through the barriers and build their inventions, and even break through resistance of local parasites and implement their inventions to use, but local parasites still waste later given inventions through failing to allow these inventions to be included into the pool of permanent technical accomplishments of the entire humanity (as this is illustrated with examples from the totaliztic web page mozajski_uk.htm). The cause for this "inventive impotency" is that the principle on which the "curse of inventors" works, boils down to just such "organising" the fate of a given inventor, that in his efforts to implement his invention he is forced to break through resistance of most parasitic opponents of his invention who live in the country of his work. Due to such designing the principle of operation of this curse, God makes sure that the technical progress is carried out only in the most totaliztic countries of the world, and that only citizens of these most totaliztic countries of the world as first are going to benefit from fruits and blessings of inventiveness and progress. To the pool of examples of countries, which already a long time ago reached so significant fall down into claws of the philosophy of parasitism, that in them already prevails the complete "inventive impotency", belong, amongst others, both countries with which the fate tied up my own life, namely Poland and New Zealand. None of these two countries so close to my heart, can show that on its territory has been implemented even a most miserable invention the completion of which required the totaliztic cooperation of at least several of its citizens.
       3. Complains and dissatisfaction of visitors. In item #G1 above is explained, that according to the Bible and totalizm "complains of outsiders" are actually a "trigger that brings a cataclysm". Therefore, their truth, number, and content are perfect indicators of the level of someone's endangerment with a cataclysm, and thus in the interest of everyone lies that they are thoroughly monitored. Of course, in order to hear a truth and honest complains, asked must be only these outsiders who already are NOT dependent somehow from a given city or community (e.g. ask them only just before they sit into the airplane and fly away, or ask when they already leave for good their previous place of work). After all, truth and complains cannot be heard from an emigrant who counts on the permit to stay, or from a tourist who just checked in and do NOT wants further problems, or from a passing worker who still wants to keep his work and income. (However, the majority of cities and communities seeks opinions about themselves just by asking such people that still are "dependent" on them.)
       4. A fast and clear drop in the average level of moral energy, and the appearance of symptoms that indicate this drop, such as immorality, hypersensitivity, injustice, double standards, suppressing contents by forms, etc. A consequence of practicing the philosophy of parasitism is a fast and clearly noticeable drop in the average level of moral energy in a given community. In turn signs of this drop are all symptoms discussed, amongst others, in item #D4 of the web page parasitism.htm and in (iv) from item #F2 of the web page nirvana.htm, such as immorality, hypersensitivity, injustice, exploitation, laziness, unemployment, poverty, hunger, double standards, depression, addictions, deviations, crime, robberies, savagery, etc. If these start to hit our eyes at every step and at every opportunity, and if these are accompanied by increasingly alarming phenomena of the kind described in the article "Rampant spread of the vile germ that spreads acute sensitivity disorder", from page B5 of newspaper The Dominion Post, (issue dated on Tuesday, May 11, 2010), then this means, that slowly comes a turn for also our community.
       5. The diminishing "export" of parasitic behaviours and the directing of aggression towards inside. The consequence of sliding down into claws of parasitism is always the increase in aggression. The deeper an intellect is in parasitism, the more aggressive it is. In turn in this aggression of parasitic intellects two clear phases do exist, which can be called (1) aggression directed outwards (i.e. exported aggression), and (2) aggression directed inwards. In case of individual parasites, the aggression (1) directed outwards usually boils down to the "export of aggression" means to harming (and sometimes even killing) completely strange people or passers by, to persecuting subordinates and colleagues at work, to quarrelling with neighbours, etc. In turn the aggression (2) directed inwards boils down to persecuting and harming members of own family, to killing wife or husband, close friends, etc. In turn for parasitic communities, the aggression (1) directed outwards always depends on the "export of parasitic behaviours" - as this takes place e.g. in the parasitic Somalia (which produces pirates who rob ships passing by that country). Of course, manifestations of the "export of aggression" by parasitic group-intellects are NOT limited to pirates, but also can take the shape of wars, terrorism, fights on borders, threats, etc. In turn the aggression (2) directed inwards unloads the entire evil within its own society - as this took place in the parasitic Haiti or in the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. As this appears from analyses to-date, God does NOT "punish" with natural disasters these parasitic intellects which are still in the phase of "export of aggression". He only "warns" these intellects increasingly frequent with e.g. "acts of terrorism" or with "accidents" (of the kind described in item #H2 from the web page eco_cars.htm), letting them know that they are increasingly closer to the "agonal state". Hit with murderous catastrophes are only these intellects which reach the phase of the aggression (2) directed inwards. Therefore, if you (the reader) intend to trace the level at which the area where you live is endangered by a catastrophe, then you should take the notice of the point in time when the community in which you live ceases to "export the aggression" and starts to direct inwards own aggression. This is because such a point in time is the beginning of end.
       6. The lack of "ten righteous". If we establish that in the area where we live in fact already the state of "agonal intellect" is reached - because we see already signs described in 1 to 5 above, then it is worth to count how many "righteous" people live in a close proximity. If we are unable to identify and to count in our close proximity these at least 10 socially active people, who fulfil the definition of "righteous" - i.e. who not only speak about morality and good, but also practice (implement) morality and good in everything that they do, and thus who for all people around are role models for moral and righteous behaviour (means who according to descriptions from item #I2 of this web page would screen their proximity from a catastrophe), then it is worth to begin prepare ourselves for the arrival of the unavoidable.
       7. Persisting disasters. If on a given area already prevails the philosophy of parasitism, then various cities and communities from that area are more advanced than others in practicing this destructive philosophy. In turn these one amongst them which already accomplished the state of "agonal intellect" are punished by God with various catastrophes. Thus, if close to us start to appear persistently various frequent and repetitive catastrophic "acts of God", such as earthquakes, tsunami waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, rains, frosts, snows, pollution, smog, dusts, plagues, mudslides, droughts, fires, collapses, explosions, acts of terrorism, robberies, epidemics, illnesses, etc., then this is a sign that we are just reaching the state of "agonal intellect". From then onwards anything can happen at the least expected moment of time.
       8. Aggressive behaviour of weather and nature. Even present atheistic science admits that "the environment shapes people". But if one subjects this matter to thorough research, then it turns out that "the morality and philosophy of people shapes behaviours of nature and weather" (means that the morality of people shapes their environment). In the result, if someone is able to separate the current behaviour of weather and nature from a given area, from long-term attributes written into its climate, then it turns out that these current behaviours of weather and nature are kinds of "signs" which are able to inform us correctly what is the present state of morality and philosophy of community which lives in that area. The same, such "signs" are able to warn us if to the area is coming a deadly cataclysm. More comprehensively this extraordinary ability of local weather to reflect the state of morality and philosophy of human inhabitants of a given area is described in item #I4 on the totaliztic web page named day26.htm.
       Of course, the above do NOT exhaust all signs that a given community (or city) is approaching the state of "agonal intellect", and thus that its turn is coming for experiencing a deadly catastrophe. For summary of further information on this subject - see the web page about the philosophy of parasitism. In turn a full description of this state is provided in volume 13 of the newest monograph [1/5]. volume 7 from the shorter monograph [8/2] "Totalizm", and also in volume 8 of slightly older monograph [1/4].

Part #I: The holding back of the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms through the inclusion to a given community at least "10 righteous":
#I1. Who are these "righteous", as well as "what" and "where" God has promised to communities which e.g. host at least "10 righteous" living in their midst:
Motto: "The inhabiting of at least 10 especially moral people in a given human settlement drastically changes the features and atmosphere of this settlement - this is why God rewards communities which host such '10 righteous'."
       In the majority of English-language Bibles the name "righteous" is assigned to persons who in their daily lives fulfil all the requirements and commandments of God. (Notice, that there is rather a lot of these requirements and commandments.) Therefore, one needs to be a very dedicated to God and extremely moral person, to deserve to be called by the name "righteous". So, if someone asked me about the definition of a "righteous" person - in the understanding of this name presented in the Bible, then I would provide the following my understanding of this terminology: a person which in the Bible is described under the name of "righteous", is a pedantically moral individual, who in his (or in her) everyday life fulfils all the commandments and all the requirements that are imposed onto the people by God and are described in holy books which God inspired (e.g. in the [b]Christian Bible), as well as are ordered to be fulfilled by the organ of conscience which every person has and which continually notifies that person what God requires from him or from her to be done in a given situation[/b]. In other words, "righteous" is a "totalizt" who consistently and continually fulfils the principle of totaliztic life which states pedantically obey all moral laws.
       It is worth to notice here, that since all moral obligations and requirements imposed by God onto people (which in the Bible [1#I1] are called the "Law"), are also constantly suggested to each person by his or her organ of conscience, this definition of a "righteous" can also be met by persons who profess different religions than Christianity. (Although the fulfilment of this definition is most easy in Christianity, because in it the "Law" was clearly outlined in writing and explained in the Bible - it is because of this dissemination of the Low in such written form, God currently promotes Christianity and Bibles in practically the entire world.) Text of the Bible confirms the fact of prompting to us the God's requirements (i.e. the Law) by the organ of our conscience, and the possibility resulting from this prompting, that similarly like Christian "righteous", also followers of religions other than Christianity may as well be judged by God to heaven - if they only listen to their voice of conscience and they do whatever the conscience orders them to do. For example, in verses 2:14-16 from the Biblical "Letter to Romans" is stated - quote from [1#I1]: "The Gentiles do not have the Law, but whenever they do by instinct what the Law commands, they are their own law, even though they do not have the Law. Their conduct shows that what the Law commands is written in their hearts. Their consciences also show that this is true, since their thoughts sometimes accuse them and sometimes defend them. And so, according to the Good News I preach, this is how it will be on that Day when God through Jesus Christ will judge the secret thoughts of all." Also, according to God's principle described in item #L3 from the web page soul_proof.htm, stating that every most important information is coded in the Bible in at least three places (but each time with different words), the above information, that every person from the world is to be judged by God according to the agreement of its actions with the Law prompted to it by the organ of conscience (but NOT according to the religion which this person practices, nor position which it performs), is also coded with different words, in e.g. verse 4:17 from biblical "Letter of St. James", and in e.g. the prophecy from verse 13:6 in the biblical "Book of Zechariah". In fact, it stems from my experience gathered during travels "for bread" around the world, that out of all the countries where I had the opportunity to spend some period of time, the highest density of "righteous" persons had (and probably still have until now) two countries from the Far East, in which Christianity is NOT the dominant religion, namely in 2007 had the South Korea (predominantly confessing to Buddhism), while in years 1996 to 1998 had the Malaysian province of Sarawak on the tropical island of Borneo (officially confessing to the Muslim religion - but practically having a mixture of almost all basic religions). By contrast, in countries with a predominantly European population, in which traditionally dominated Christianity, the number of "righteous" persons is rapidly declining recently, and in the first decade of the twenty-first century it has become close to that from the most corrupt countries of Africa. Thus, summarising this situation jokingly, it may happen, that the official language in heaven will NOT be English, but e.g. Korean.
       Unfortunately, nowadays the use of Biblical name "righteous" no longer defines what it supposed to mean. After all, today this name can also describe a rich atheist, who when giving an amount of "pocket money" to his spoiled son - because this son is going to a "party", also gives without even being asked an equal amount of money to his daughter (notice here that a "rich atheist ", as well as the person giving "pocket money" to his or her children which have NOT yet earned any amount, according to the Bible constitute a denial of "righteous"). This is why in publications that I authorize I introduced the name "soldier of God" defined more comprehensively in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. The name "soldiers of God" more thoroughly defines the characteristics of persons, who in English-language Bibles are most frequently called "righteous" - therefore this name can be used in place of the name "righteous". In addition, due to its origin and characteristics, the name "soldiers of God" does NOT imply, that persons named with it must adhere to the Christian religion - after all, the definitional requirement imposed onto the "soldiers of God" is that all of them must fulfil every single obligation and requirement of God (e.g. whispered to them through their organ of conscience), NOT just obey directives and requirements of a given version of the Christian religion.
       I should also add here, that the next (higher) related state after being "righteous", is to "personally experience the totaliztic nirvana". In fact, I believe also that it is impossible to achieve a state of totaliztic nirvana, if previously one did NOT achieved already the state of such a "righteous". Expressing this in other words, all those persons who are experiencing the state of totaliztic nirvana, much earlier already reached also a state of "righteous". But in contrast to "nirvana", the state of "righteous" can be achieved in every situation and in every community (society) - even in these the most immoral ones and with the lowest level of moral energy. This is because it does NOT depend on the condition, situation, or the level of moral energy, of the people who surround such a "righteous". For example, in New Zealand I know a number of people who currently fulfil the definition of "righteous", but since my return from the serene Borneo in 1998, I have NOT managed to locate in New Zealand even a single person currently experiencing the state of totaliztic nirvana (the only person in the state of totaliztic nirvana I met in New Zealand in 1987 - see item #B3 from the web page named nirvana.htm). Moreover, in spite of my knowledge about nirvana, I myself am NOT able to achieve the state of nirvana in New Zealand - despite, that such a state of totaliztic nirvana I attained and kept up for many months in that province of Sarawak from the tropical island of Borneo.
       As the condition of "righteous" lies just before the state of achieving the "totaliztic nirvana", one can speculate, that if these righteous are separated from ordinary people (i.e. from the ordinary "sinners"), who vampire on their "moral energy" and who under normal circumstances are preventing "righteous" from achieving the state of "totaliztic nirvana", then in such a highly moral community composed exclusively of "righteous" persons, all the participants would immediately reach, and maintain, the continuous state of "totaliztic nirvana". This, combined with the mechanism of obtaining of the so-called "everlasting happiness" described in item #H2 from the web page named immortality.htm, explains why in the "kingdom of heaven" described near the end of this item, the people invited to it will experience the state of continuous happiness, and also explains why to this "kingdom of heaven" from the "flying city" of Jesus (i.e. to "New Jerusalem") will be invited exclusively those people who in their prior physical life already reached the state of "righteous".
       All the "righteous" persons enjoy a particular respect of God. As a reward for their dedicated service to God, God rewards them lavishly in a number of ways. For example, in case of individual "righteous" persons, God typically meets almost every request contained in their prayers. Of course, the most important reward for individual "righteous" persons is the one already mentioned before, namely that each of these "righteous" people has the promise from God described in the Bible, that after the "end of the world" (see item #N1 below) and after the so-called "Final Judgment" he or she will receive a new immortal body, and will be included into the group of those rare people who, under the leadership of Jesus Himself, will live for 1,000 years in the flying city of happiness and pleasures, that in the Bible is called "New Jerusalem" - see descriptions of this flying city provided in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm. (It is worth to emphasise here, that God fulfils every His promise.) God lavishly rewards also entire communities, in the midst of which resides an increased number of people who fulfil the Biblical definition of "righteous". For example, everyone can notice this for himself or herself, that a small country such as the South Korea, in which I personally noticed in 2007 the highest (known to me) "density" of the "righteous" people, already now slowly becomes the world's industrial superpower. In turn, as I explained this in item #H1 from the web page named military_magnocraft.htm and in item #H1 from the web page named prophecies.htm, God probably has even a greater plans in relation to this small country with especially moral population. Another example of a group rewarding of communities in the midst of which lives many "righteous" individuals, is that for example, if in any human settlement lives at least 10 of these "righteous" persons, then God promises in the Bible, that this town or city is not going to be destroyed by any cataclysm send by God - the actual observance by God of this promise I documented scientifically in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm. However, I should add here, that the residing in a town or a city of these at least 10 "righteous" does NOT protect it from disasters and calamities brought in by people - i.e. the promise of God applies only to natural disasters send by God, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, rains, flooding, cold, heat, drought, etc. However, the calamities and disasters caused by people themselves, such as air pollutions, smokes, poisoning of the water and the natural environment, noises, crimes, hooliganism, shootings, terrorisms, arsons (fires), bureaucracy, high prices, unemployment, poverty, etc., still are to plague those places even when 10 or more "righteous" individuals are living in there - as I described this for the New Zealand township named Petone.
       For sources of this God's promise, that He does NOT destroy a town or a city in which lives at least "10 righteous" - see the Bible, "Book of Genesis", verses 18:23-32. This promise from God is also discussed in item #N1 of this web page, and also in a number of other totaliztic web pages, e.g. in item #G2 of the web page named day26.htm or in item #B4.3 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm.
       An interesting fact that I noticed about these "righteous" ("soldiers of God"), is that if in (or near of) any town or city lives at least 10 of them, then in that place prevails a completely different atmosphere and climate than in localities which do NOT have such a numbers of them - what I am trying to emphasize e.g. in item #I4 from the web page named day26.htm. If I tried to describe that atmosphere and climate, then I would state that one can perceive it as a kind of the emanation of "warmth", "sincerity" and "friendliness". In fact, since once someone experiences that feeling, then probably only on the basis of it should be able to recognize the city or town which host these required at least "10 righteous". For example, in New Zealand, the same kind of "warmth" which in the township of Petone I started to notice since 2010, in years 1984 till 1987 I noticed to be emanated in the city of Invercargill. Thus, although I really do not know whether in Invercargill lived then these required at least "10 righteous", just on the basis of the emanation of that "warmth", as well as due to the noticing that, like now Petone, also Invercargill was then omitted by all cataclysms send by God, I suspect that YES. Moreover, in the towns and cities inhabited by these at least "10 righteous", although human-induced "evil" still does happen in there, their people focus mainly on speaking, taking notice, and listening to about "good" - as I remember that used to do people from the totaliztic village of Cielcza. Thus, they do the opposite to the inhabitants of towns and cities in which there are no these required "10 righteous", and thus the population of which not only that does evil, but it also primarily speaks, admires, and listens about the "evil" (i.e. it ignores talking about, seeking, and listening mainly to representations of "good"). One could therefore argue, that a symbolic "coat of arms" for towns and cities having their "10 righteous" are those Buddhist "three wise monkeys" (i.e. the Buddhist "four wise monkeys" orphaned from the most important one and described in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm) - an abundance of statues of which (monkeys) are offered to tourists in markets of the Far East. Out of these "three wise monkeys", one clogs the mouth with its paws, another covers its eyes with them, the third one clogs the ears with own paws. These three monkeys symbolically express the remaining parts of the old Buddhist commandments which were deprived by Japanese of their most important part (i.e. thus which by present times endured a significant distortion), and which originally used to state: "do NO evil, speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil". (These commandments originate from God and initially were disseminated by the Buddhist religion, while later also by the philosophy of Confucius.) These shortened God's commandments (i.e. deprived of their most important part and thus distorted due to the passage of time and due of the action of human imperfections), in the most moral manner can now be interpreted as if they try to recommend to us: "although other people do evil, you yourself do NOT repeat evil, do NOT admire evil, do NOT listen to evil" (which message is also expressed shortly by the famous English proverb: "speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil").
       As a child, I was in a highly advantageous situation, because my grandfather was just one of those "righteous". Several references to that my grandfather (the "righteous" one), are contained in my web page named cielcza_uk.htm - which describes the totaliztic village called Cielcza, means a village that during the days of my grandfather certainly had its at least "10 righteous" (although at that time I was NOT aware of this fact, nor I did know them personally). It so happens, that every "righteous" person NOT only behaves and speaks in a rather unique way, which can be described by the words "warm", "delicate", "nice", "sincere", "understanding", "friendly", "helpful", etc.; but also from such a "righteous" person emanates a clearly perceived kind of a warmth and a love of your neighbour - very similar to the warmth and love that are also emanated from the people in the state of totaliztic nirvana (only that this emanation is NOT as strong as for the nirvana). Therefore, this advantageous for me fact, that my grandfather used to have the characteristics of a "righteous" person, taught me how to quickly distinguish between "righteous" people, and any other ones. As a result, today I believe that I can recognize a "righteous" person already after the exchange of just a few sentences with him or her.
       To become a "righteous" person requires that on the daily basis it is necessary to do everything that God commands us, and that God expects from us. In turn, the knowledge as to what and how we should do for that purpose, is constantly prompted to us by our organ of "conscience" - described more comprehensively e.g. in item #C3.2 from the totaliztic web page named morals.htm. In addition, almost the entire Bible is devoted to a precise description of God's commandments and requirements. One of the more general such biblical lists of those commandments and requirements, is contained in verse 18:5-9 from the Biblical "Book of Ezekiel" - I quote them here from [1#I1]: "Suppose there is a truly good man, righteous and honest. He doesn't worship the idols of the Israelites or eat the sacrifices offered at forbidden shrines. He doesn't seduce another man's wife or have intercourse with a woman during her period. He doesn't cheat or rob anyone. He returns what a borrower gives him as security; he feeds the hungry and gives clothing to the naked. He doesn't lend money for profit. He refuses to do evil and gives an honest decision in any dispute. Such a man obeys my commands and carefully keeps my laws. He is righteous, and he will live," says the Sovereign Lord. It is worth to notice here, that the Bible further clarifies each of these requirements and orders - as an example of such a clarification, consider the so-called. "10 Commandments" of God, the observance of which is briefly highlighted above with the words "obeys my commands", however the full content of which 10 Commandments is thoroughly explained in a number of verses 20:3-17 from the Biblical "Exodus", while briefly summarised, amongst others, in verse 10:19 from "Mark" (notice, that the Bible utilises the principle that each vital information is repeated in it at least three times).
       In many places of the Bible are repeated warnings that after the "end of the world" and after the so-called "Final Judgment", for the eternal life in the physical "kingdom of heaven" only the "righteous" people are to be admitted to live with Jesus. In other words, according to the Bible (and contrary to the reassuring claims of many of today's religions and priests), in order to get to heaven, it is NOT enough to go to a church one time in a week, while the rest of the days to continue the usual daily hurting, cheating, lying, satisfying own desires, etc. - hoping that the claims of priests are true, and that good God sill forgives all sins. In fact, to get into the "kingdom of heaven", according to the Bible it is necessary to continually and on a daily basis act as it is required to achieve the state of this biblical "righteous" person. However, due to the large number of God's requirements and commandments that one needs to fulfil in the daily life to be classified as a "righteous", only very few people are able to achieve this state of a "righteous" person. In fact, in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm, I tried to estimate what is the "density" of these "righteous" among the human population which have lived or are living now on the Earth. (I mean, I tried to estimate quantitatively what proportion of the to-date population of the Earth has a chance to get into the "kingdom of heaven".) After all, we know approximately how many people have been born on the Earth so-far. In turn, from records in verse 21:10-23 of the Biblical "Revelation" (discussed also in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm), we know already that all these "righteous" are to accompany Jesus in His "kingdom of heaven" and will fit inside of a single four-propulsor Magnocraft type T12 - the dimensions of which we know today. Since we already know approximately how many cubic meters of the interior of this starship is required to maintain a comfortable life of each of these "righteous", now it is possible to approximately estimate to how many "righteous" people God ultimately intends to give the immortal body and the eternal life. As it seems to stem from such my estimates, on average for every million of people who live, or have lived on the Earth, accrue a maximum of four people who fulfil the Biblical definition of "righteous". Approximately a similar "density" of "righteous" ultimately selected for the salvation, seems to also confirm verse 14:3 from Biblical "Revelation" - which can be interpreted that the saved will be only "one hundred forty-four thousand" (i.e. 144 000) of these "righteous" people. (Notice here, that in order to reassure us about the correctness of the most relevant information, the Bible applies the principle of repetition of this information in as many as three different its places.) In turn, such a small concentration of "righteous" among the world's population, coupled with warnings from the Bible, that practically only they will be saved, could mean that after the "end of the world", to the eternal life in the "kingdom of heaven", the resurrected will be on average, only one person in at least every 250,000 people previously living on the Earth. Regrettably, all the rest of people may only be resurrected so that after the "Final Judgment" they will be burned permanently - I do hope that I'm wrong in these estimates and may God show us mercy.
       Immediately after the completion of above estimates, I was overwhelmed by a fear. After all, according to these results, paraphrasing the verse 10:25 from the Biblical "Gospel of Saint Mark" - it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a today's typical television worshiper is to enter the "kingdom of heaven". This is because if I'm not mistaken in these estimates, then for example, from all of today's Poland to the "kingdom of heaven" may get much less people than just after the world's war two lived in my native village Wszewilki - and at that time we all thought that our Wszewilki is one of the smallest villages. On the other hand, for example in the entire present-day New Zealand is almost twice as many politicians employed in positions of "ministers" and receiving ministerial salaries, than the number of people of this country that statistically have chances to deserve getting into the "kingdom of heaven". However, if we consider the matter objectively and on logic, then it turns out, that this estimate resulting from the descriptions in the Bible, may turn to be rational and legitimate. After all, the majority of people are highly imperfect creatures, who sabotage every God's effort of upbringing them into better people, who refuse the perfecting themselves and their characters, and who stubbornly stick to their imperfections. In turn, if such creatures stubbornly persisting in imperfections God allows to the future "kingdom of heaven", and gives to them immortal bodies, then even God is NOT able to prevent transforming that kingdom into a place of "everlasting hell" described in item #H3 from the web page named immortality.htm. Therefore, in the interest of God lies allowing to the "kingdom of heaven" only these people, who in present physical lives already have proven their will for a constant perfecting of their character, and showed a pedantic obedience of God - means allowing into the "kingdom of heaven" just only persons who fulfil the definition of "righteous". This is because only such a rigid criterion of entry to heaven is to assure, that the "kingdom of heaven" is NOT becoming a place of tears, misery, envy, intrigues, jealousy, strife, etc. - means is NOT the place like now is Earth. After the "sifting" of the "sinners" from "righteous" people, God is to be left only with persons of a high moral quality, which in the other world and life, will be characterized by the following features, which they accomplished in their earlier life on the Earth:
       1. The recognition of the authority of God and a deep love for God. After the "sifting" of all of today's sceptics, sinners, rebellious unbelievers, etc., the remaining "righteous", who already proved in their previous lives the appreciation for God's absolute authority, wisdom, justice, etc., are NOT going to question the right of Jesus to give commands, to govern, to impose requirements, etc. (as that would be done by many random people or even many followers of Christianity) but they just are to meticulously do whatever Jesus orders them to do.
       2. The love and deep respect for all the other "neighbours". This in turn is to result in a high harmony, pleasure, courtesy, tact, etc., in mutual co-existence of people in this "kingdom of heaven".
       3. The complete elimination of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions, which God has defined as sins and prohibited them in the Bible. This in turn means, that in the "kingdom of heaven", no-one is to be offended, abused, maltreated, etc., by anyone else.
       4. The voluntary discipline and obedience to God. After all, these result directly from a voluntary but still pedantic compliance by these "righteous" with all the requirements and orders imposed on the people by God.
       5. The submission of the faithful service to God over the care of own affairs, businesses, body, pleasures, etc. This in turn is to turn these "righteous" into excellent "Soldiers of God" who with enthusiasm undergo the required training and fulfilling of their service duties which result from their role described in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm.
       6. The contribution of human ideas, solutions, and human points of view, to every problem being solved by God. Although God knows practically everything, still for the most proper functioning He requires the so-called "feedback loop", that is information that show Him things from a human point of view, which suggest to Him the human opinions and ideas on solutions to every problem, etc. Therefore, close cooperation between God and the inhabitants of the "kingdom of heaven" is to constantly supply this "feedback loop".
       7. The continuous maintenance of the state of [b]totaliztic nirvana.[/b] This in turn is to ensure that in the "kingdom of heaven" shall always rule the everlasting happiness, harmony and satisfaction with life - as described in item #H2 from the web page immortality.htm and in items #B4, #E1 and #G1 from the web page nirvana.htm.
       These features, which are to dominate among the "righteous" people that are to become residents of that future "kingdom of heaven", cause that all interested parties are to benefit in whichever way is most vital for a given party. For example, God obtains an army of devoted soldiers who will stand behind Him like an impassable wall, and who voluntarily, unconditionally, meticulously and intelligently will fulfil every divine wish and intention. In turn, for the people who live in this "kingdom of heaven" finally is to fulfil the promise of God described in verse 21:4 of the Biblical "Revelation" - quote from [1#I1] the "Good News Bible" (Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York, 1976, ISBN 0-647-16257-1): "He will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief, or crying or pain. The old things have disappeared."

#I2. A simple way on which larger communities are capable to stop the arrival of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms due to inviting "10 righteous" to live amongst them:
       From God's promise described above in item #I1 stems a highly effective manner of saving a given community or a given city from a cataclysm. It boils down to making sure that amongst a given community or in a given city lives and acts at least "ten righteous" people, about which clearly reassures us the abovementioned verse 18:32 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis". Through giving to us such a reassurance in the holy book which He authorises, God clearly lets us know that people living "righteously" (means accordingly to commands from their own conscience) are under a special God's protection. (But we must distinguish real "righteous" people from various false "devotees", or even from priests with parasitic inclinations.) Thus, every community and every city should be very interested in settling amongst its citizens just such holy people so that they live in it. After all, if in a given community lives 10 or more such "righteous" people, then this community will NOT be affected by a murderous catastrophe. (But if there lives less than 10 of them, then the catastrophe still can arrive, as God is to cause that these people for some reasons will leave the area for the time of the catastrophe, or that consequences of the catastrophe will selectively omit them.) What even more interesting, God not only gives to us this promise, but He also continually illustrates in real life that He keeps this promise. As examples let us consider the city Rome and the country India. In Rome lives Pope and his cardinals. So in spite that Italy has volcanoes and is frequently shaken by earthquakes and other disasters, and also in spite that many normal inhabitants of Roma is very far from "moral behaviour", Rome always is left without a major destruction. Similarly is with the country India which inhabitants are far from being angels. But amongst people in India lives a lot of "righteous" mystics who behave like saints. After all, in present times only in India still can be found mystics of the kind of someone named Prahlad Jani from Ahmedabad, about extraordinary abilities of whom informed us shocked newspapers - e.g. see the article "Mystic who lives on air staggers docs" from page A15 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 11, 2010). It turns out that in order to live, this mystic does NOT need food nor water - but just lives on air. Doctors who did NOT believe in his capabilities subjected him to a strict test to check whether he really will live without food and water. For this purpose they locked him for 15 days in the hospital from Ahmedabad, continually surrounding him with 30 doctors, repetitively checking the reaction of his organism, and all the time recording every his movement with television cameras. It turned out, that during these 15 days he truly lived, behaved, and reacted normally, eating and drinking nothing and not going to a toilet. This test completely staggered the conventional medical knowledge of present times. No wonder that having such holy men, apart from a small number of small areas which are avoided by these mystics, India as a whole is NOT destroyed by catastrophes. But located near the border with India areas of neighbourly countries, e.g. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh, are troubled by frequent catastrophes. Explanation - in these other countries there is a lack of such at least "ten righteous" mystics that would co-habit in given communities with normal humans prone to influences of parasitism.
       Another area on the Earth which I personally verified that in the vicinity of it in fact do live the required number of "10 righteous", is the area of Petone from New Zealand (in which place, amongst others, I also live). As I am reporting this comprehensively in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm, and in items #I1 to #I4 of the web page named day26.htm - that township of Petone also is carefully omitted by natural disasters, even when these disasters trouble nearby human settlements.

#I3. Which scientific evidence we have in our disposal, which confirms that hosting at least "10 righteous" by a given community actually does stop the arrival of cataclysms:
       For the required evidence see items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm, or items #I3 and #I5 from the web page named day26.htm.

Part #J: The suspending of the arrival of earthquakes (and all other cataclysms) through "funding a stipend for an 'active totalizt' ":
#J1. What actually is this "stipend for an active totalizt" and why it has the power to "suspend a cataclysm":
       An "active totalizt" is a totalizt who NOT only practices himself or herself the aware version of the philosophy of totalizm, but who also "fights actively" with immorality of other people on every manner which is available to him or her - and thus who becomes widely known from his or her morally righteous activities and from his or her fight with immorality carried out exclusively with "morally correct methods". In this way an "active totalizt" eliminates for himself consequences of the "passiveness towards immoral behaviours of other people" - described, amongst others, in item #B4 of the web page named parasitism.htm. Thus, in connection with own exclusively moral behaviour, such an active totalizt starts to fulfil the biblical definition of so-called "righteous". Furthermore, he or she attracts positive thoughts of other totaliztically acting people - thus forming the effect of "delegating" described in item #I3.1 of the web page named day26.htm.
       In the light of the above, a "stipend for an active totalizt" boils down to inviting such an "active totalizt" to live at cost a given city or settlement, amongst people who feel endangered by a cataclysm - as, amongst others, in item #P5.1 of this web page I offered this to inhabitants of the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. After all, his or her living amongst this community, is to release the action of a number of different moral mechanisms, the combined outcome of which are to cause that the arrival of a cataclysm to this community would be suspended by God.
       There is a whole array of moral mechanisms in action, the combined action of which would cause, that the place of living of such a morally active, aware totalizt, starts to be protected from cataclysms. To the most strongly acting amongst these mechanisms belong:
       (1) A kind of "penitence" and "humbleness" which a community or a city must induce in itself and display to others, when at its own cost it is to invite such an active totalizt for living amongst this community. In turn - as this is explained in item #A2 above on this web page, the demonstration to God of such a "penitence" and humbleness", is one amongst most vital conditions required by God for "forgiving" a given community its past "sins".
       (2) The protective action of "10 righteous" described in previous item #I1. If even a single "active totalizt" starts to live in a given city or community, then his or her morally active performance is to cause, that soon around him or her a further number of people is to assemble, who with the elapse of time are to also fulfil the requirements of so-called "righteous". In turn, when the number of such "righteous" exceeds 10, then the quantitative condition of God is fulfilled, and a given area is protected from cataclysms.
       (3) Good-wishing "delegated" at a distance by other totalizts, the gift of "protection" against cataclysms. As this is explained in item #I3.1 on the web page named day26.htm, various premises suggest already, that if a given "active totalizt" is widely known amongst other people practicing the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, then these other totalizts send to him or her thoughts of "protective wishes". In this way, together they fulfil the requirements from verse of 18:19 in the Biblical "Evangel of St. Matthew", quote: "whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven". In the result, just a single widely known totalizt, supported with unanimous thought wishes of many other totalizts known to him, gains the power to represent several amongst these required "10 righteous". So even if initially in his or her place of living there are NOT yet all these "10 righteous", such a "delegating" of "protective thoughts and wishes" by other totalizts, is going to protect this area from cataclysms equally well as if there actually lived all these at least "10 righteous". It is worth to add, that this - based on another promise of God, gift of "delegating", for sure works in healing - for descriptions of it see item #F5 on the web page named healing.htm. Thus almost for sure it also works in the protection from cataclysms. Furthermore, surprising changes in "weather anomalies" which are noted in the New Zealand town of Petone (a suburb of Wellington) and which are described in (12) from item #I3 on the web page named day26.htm, also probably are one amongst consequences of the remote "delegating" of good thoughts and wishes described here.
       (4) Unleashing the action of energy of "positive thinking". One amongst most vital findings of the "totaliztic science" is this described in item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm. This finding could be summarised in one sentence, that "God always gives to people in whatever receiving they strongly believe. A negative example of the work of this principle of God, is the phenomenon usually called "self-fulfilling prophecies". For example, if someone deeply believes that is going to get sick and die on cancer, then in fact this someone is getting sick and dies of cancer. In turn if someone deeply believes that is going to have a specific kind of accident, e.g. is to drown, then this person really is going to have this particular accident. But the same principle is also used by God for positive consequences. Most frequently it is then called the "positive thinking". Best examples of the positive action of this principle, are various believes of Chinese. As an example consider the deep belief of Chinese, that "if in a given family is born someone crippled physically or mentally, while the family provides this handicapped person with the love and care required to assure his decent life and development, then God rewards this family by sending prosperity to it". This deep belief truly fulfils itself for all Chinese families who deeply believe in it. But it does NOT fulfil itself to European families which do NOT know such a belief, and thus which do NOT believe that a "decent care over a crippled person brings prosperity". Or consider another example of Chinese belief in so-called "chi energy" and in "Feng Shui" - for more details on this topic see e.g. items #B1 and #B6 from the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm. Namely, many Chinese believe deeply, that if they place in the window of their shop e.g. a "cat which waves its paw", then this cat is going to call many new customers for them. And in fact this is what really happens. Or they believe that if they place at the entrance to their bank or business two carvings of a mythological animal, then this bank or business is going to generate huge profits. And this is what actually is happening. Such an energy of "positive thinking" also works in case of holding back the arrival of an earthquake (or any other cataclysm) by a single "active totalizt". After all, the invitation to live amongst a given community must be issued to an "active totalizt" in an open ("ceremonial") manner, that is to be known by every member of this community - for details see item #G2 from the web page plague.htm. This in turn causes, that after his arrival, the majority of inhabitants of a given city of settlement begin to believe, that this active totalizt living amongst them really is going to stop the arrival of further cataclysms. Thus, their "positive thinking" adds its energy to other moral mechanisms which action this totalizt is to trigger, and which in total are causing, that the arrival of further cataclysms is really halted at the moment of his arrival to a given city or community.
       (5) The public invitation of an "active totalizt" to start living in the midst of a given community at the cost of that community, requires making a decision which runs "uphill in the moral field" (means which is absolutely correct morally) - as this is explained in items #A2.1, #H2 and #C1 from the web page named totalizm.htm. In turn making such "morally correct" decision requires a drastic departure from the previous principle of making exclusively "immoral" decisions which always run "downhill in the moral field", which exclusively immoral decisions are always being taken by decision-makers, politicians, and some representatives of communities endangered by cataclysms. Of course, seeing such a "first step" of a given community towards departure form the tradition of taking exclusively "immoral" decisions, and seeing that this community already started the making decisions which are morally correct (i.e. decisions which run opposite to the "line of the least intellectual resistance"), God is going to support efforts of a given community to change ways on which it operates, and He is going to grant this community the suspension of further cataclysms until the time when the moral state of this community clarifies further (so that God knows whether this moral direction of action becomes permanent). After all, God sends cataclysms just to force given communities just to abandon their previous practices of doing exclusively what is immoral, easy, convenient, etc., and therefore what runs "along the line of the least resistance" and thus what pushes a given community "downhill in the moral field".
       A detailed proposal of the "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" is presented in item #P5.1 below on this web page. The formulation of this proposal is adopted from item #C5.1 of the web page named seismograph.htm.

#J2. Out of all methods of cataclysms' prevention, the "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" is the most easy for implementing, most inexpensive, and provides fastest outcomes - thus it allows to temporary "buy more time" in order to implement later some more permanent method of defence:
       The "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" does NOT require a change in philosophy and behaviour of the entire given community - as this is required e.g. for the method from item #H1 of this web page. A decision in this matter can also be taken by practically any person who has the required funds, influence, or power. Thus, such a stipend represents a method practically most easy for a fast implementation - as this may be required when e.g. some cataclysms already "hangs over heads" of a given community.

Part #K: The suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to turning ourselves into an "illustration" and an "example" for others:
#K1. The "intensity of the stream of teaching information" and the capability of it to hold back the arrival of cataclysms to communities which already reached the level of "agonal intellect" in their practicing the philosophy of parasitism (and thus which are close to being punished with a cataclysm):
       I do NOT know whether this is also practiced in other than Polish armies, but in Poland, when a "sergeant" needs to show to privates how to do properly a difficult task, he always have two ways to illustrate it. Namely, he either can (1) order a best soldier to stand up in front of the platoon and show to others "how it should be done properly", or he can (2) order the worst soldier to step out in front of the platoon (in past such a soldier was popularly known as the "awkward fellow" - in Polish "oferma kompanijna") and then show to the others "how this should NOT be done". Exactly in the same way God does to people. Namely, God teaches people not only by exposing them to the "best examples", but also through exposing them to the "worst examples". But because in recent times "best examples" almost completely disappeared, almost the only ones which still God can show to people are these "bad examples". However, from the point of view of the main goal of God, which is the "increase of knowledge", these "bad examples" are equally educational for the humanity as would be "good examples" - if God would have a sufficient number of them. So in order to make possible the education of the world by the "aggressive towards others" parasitic communities which provide to others just such "bad educational examples", God delays the destruction of these communities with cataclysms until the time when diminishes almost completely their educational influence on others.
       In the present world there is a lot of nations and communities, which since a long time deserve a cataclysm. But because of the explained above their "educational mission" is still unfinished, it is to pass some time before any cataclysm is to hit them. In turn the indicator for all of them, "when" their time is to come, is the so-called "intensity of the stream of teaching information". Because the reader may NOT understand what exactly this term means, I am going to explain it more exactly. And so, in the previous example of the "awkward fellow" from the Polish army, this "fellow" did NOT performed the function of a "teacher" all the time. He only thought others when special conditions were met, e.g. when in some manner the attention of others was brought to him - e.g. through ordering him to stand in front of other soldiers, when he did something in a manner strange to others - e.g. he had a "fit" which shocked everyone, etc., etc. In such moments, between this "fellow" and the rest of soldiers occurred the phenomenon which in informatics is called the "flow of information". But soon afterwards this "flow of information" ceased - means everyone already knew what this "fellow" was capable of and others stopped pay attention to him. In other words, in various times such a "flow of information" can occur with a various "intensity"- similarly like through the same wire in different times electricity current can flow with a different Amperages. An excellent illustrations of changes in the "intensity of flow of information" are videos posted in internet, e.g. in "YouTube". Namely, immediately after they are posted, many "surfers" log to them to see what they show - so in internet-wiring occurs then a high "intensity of the flow of information". But with the elapse of time almost all interested people see this video, and this causes that the "intensity of the flow of information" from it to other people almost drops to zero.
       Exactly the same way works the "intensity of the stream of teaching information" generated by most aggressive parasitic intellects. When this intensity is high, the world and people learn something from the example of these intellects. (After all, even the "worst lesson" still is a lesson which teaches something.) Therefore, even if they deserve to be treated with a cataclysm, God suspends the serving of that cataclysm. But with the elapse of time, this "intensity of the stream of teaching information" gradually diminishes. When it reaches the level sufficiently low to NOT have any significant educational influence onto other people, God is punishing given parasitic intellects with a cataclysm which they deserved since a long time.
       The present world is full of "group intellects" which since a long time deserve an "annihilating cataclysm" - but so-far they still generate too-significant "intensity of the stream of teaching information" to destroy them with a cataclysm. It is a highly educational and eye-opening to realise who they are. It would be interesting to see whether the reader is able to deduce which commonly known countries, nations, and global institutions, belong to this category of parasitic intellects that deserve a cataclysm already since a long time, but are still protected by the teaching information which they are oozing?

#K2. Which indicators are to tell us that the place where we live already deserved a cataclysm, only that either "10 righteous" or a high "intensity of the stream of teaching information" still holds back the arrival of it:
       In today's highly immoral times, in which the punishable by God philosophy of parasitism is widespread practice around the entire world, many of us live in countries, cities, or localities, or work in institutions, that since a long time have deserved to get a devastating earthquake or other cataclysm, but for various reasons God still refrains from serving it. After all, this holding back of the arrival of a disaster sooner or later is to stop and our "group intellect" gets whatever it deserved. Since we ourselves are "sub-intellects" of this "group intellect", and thus we are co-responsible for its moral state, when it gets a hit, we also are getting it (this is appropriately described by a Polish saying that "where wood is chopped chips fly", in Polish "gdzie drwa rąbią tam wióry lecą") - as this is explained with more details in item #E2 from the web page totalizm.htm. Therefore, if one already is in such a situation, it is good to be aware of that. After all, one can then prepare properly to the incoming cataclysm and can also take various prevention measures. In this item I am going to describe various indicators that characterize these countries, cities, and human settlements which already have a disaster hanging over their heads, only that for some reasons this disaster is delayed.
       (1) Experiencing recently a "warning" cataclysm. The most important indicator that over our heads is "hanging" an ominous disaster, is if our "group intellect" has already been hit by a "warning cataclysm" or even by several of them. This is because such "warning cataclysms" are easy to notice. They always look very seriously, destroy a lot of property, except that typically they yet do NOT take human lives. After them, however, are to already come "urging cataclysms", which, unfortunately, are to kill some people - as explained in items #G1 and #P6 this web page. Therefore, when a "warning cataclysm" already is over, it is NOT worth to wait until arrives the "urging cataclysm", but rather members of a given "group intellect" need immediately and vigorously get started some corrective actions and self-defence described on this web page.
       (2) The presence of "indicators of an approaching cataclysm". A very important sign that we are due to a cataclysm, is also the presence in our "group intellect" of any of these attributes that are described in item #H4 from this web page.
       (3) Disasters plaguing our close neighbourhood. The source of many indicators that the disaster is already hanging over the heads of our "group intellect" (or "collective intellect"), is a huge "infectivity" of the philosophy of parasitism. This "infectivity" causes that if our group intellect has slipped down to the depth of parasitism that is punishable by God, then in a similar situation are also other group intellects which are adjacent to our own, as well as all sub-intellects which are components of our group intellect. Since some of these "neighbours" of our group intellect, as well as some of its "sub-intellects", DO NOT meet the requirements that for us prevent the incoming of a cataclysm, these neighbouring group intellects, and some of our "component sub-intellects", will already be troubled by various natural disasters and calamities - as for the township of Petone this is described in items #I3 and #I3.1 from the web page petone.htm. Therefore, another obvious indicator that our group intellect already deserves a disaster, but for some reasons the arrival of this disaster is delayed by God, is that some of the constituent sub-intellects of our group intellect, and also some similar intellects from the neighbourhood, are been repeatedly plagued with various calamities and disasters. So if, for example, the neighbourly city is plagued by floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., or some of the buildings of our own city are suddenly ruined, sink into the ground, burn in fires, floods, plague, etc., then it is the sign that also above our own heads already hangs a devastating disaster. So there is only a matter of time when it will strike us.
       (4) Parasitic behaviours of people. Another group of indicators stems from human behaviours. In the group intellect dominated by parasitism, people behave differently than in a totaliztic intellect. I mean, almost all of them exhibit the characteristics of people that practice an advanced form of parasitism. (These characteristics are summarized on the web page parasitism.htm, while more fully described in volume 13 of monograph [1/5].) For example: people talk a lot and beautiful, but they do almost nothing (according to the proverbs "empty pots make a lot of noise" or "the most barren cow bells the most"); for carrying out even insignificant actions for years must be debated by governmental bodies, but the action still is not taken; what is said in there is the opposite of what people are doing; the form is dominant over the content; people are very cunning in there for the money; the prices there are rising rapidly while the real value of the local currency falls; almost no one and nothing keeps dates, timings, liabilities; everyone becomes hyper-sensitive and almost everything is treated as an offence; etc., etc.
       (5) The visibility of reasons for which God suspended a cataclysm. Still another group of indicators results from the very reason for which God suspends the incoming cataclysm. The point is, that if there is such a reason, then God discreetly reveals it to those who search for the truth. For example, if this reason is e.g. the presence of these at least "10 righteous" in our city or in our group intellect, as this is the case in many large Polish cities, as well as around the New Zealand's township of Petone, in which I live, then these "righteous" actually can be recognized in the crowd and be counted, whether really there are 10, or even more, of them. In turn, if the reason is e.g. the large "intensity of flow of teaching information", then our city or town is famous in the entire area, and sometimes in the entire world, for what it does - just like in every possible area now is famous the USA or England.
       If on the basis of indicators available for us, we discover that our "group intellect" (i.e. such as a place in which we live, or the institution in which we work), has a cataclysm already hanging over its head, then it is worth to start preparing for it. To descriptions as how to do it, is dedicated the entire this web page - that's why it's good to start from reading it. If I have to remind here what activities are the most important in these preparations, I would stress that they include (1) starting ourselves to practice the philosophy of totalizm and (2) starting to persuade others to initiate an official implementation in the public education and in the everyday life findings of the "science totaliztic", especially findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Part #L: Taking notice of "warnings" issued by God:
#L1. Kinds of "warnings" from God:
       Before a cataclysm destroys any community, always God firstly "warns" this community. These warning always take many different forms. For example, one amongst these forms is "verbal" - meaning the community selected for a destruction is "warned" by someone in a manner which is understandable for everyone. Another form takes the shape of warning passed to people via animals. For example, it is known that rats always beforehand leave a boat that is to sink, a mine that is to have a disaster, and even a city designated for a destruction. Similarly pigeons are leaving cities designated for a destruction. In Japan is kept a special kind of "cat fish" which warn about approaching earthquakes. The impending earthquake are also announcing frogs and toads - as this is described in item #D7 from the web page named day26.htm. So it is worth to listen to the surrounding nature.
       Selected people are also warned through some form of a "premonition". E.g. they have a dream, a vision, may just get a specific phobia, etc.
       A kind of warning is also the intensification of increasingly unpleasant "natural" phenomena in a given area. This is because before a given area is destroyed by a cataclysm, always firstly appear in there less destructive natural phenomena, such as droughts, fires, winds, tornadoes, floods, etc. - for details see 6 and 7 from item #H4 of this web page. Slightly more information about the "unfriendly" behaviour of "nature" in areas occupied by immorally behaving communities is provided in items #I4 and #I5 from the web page named day26.htm.
       One amongst the most intriguing "warnings" from God which I encountered so-far, was the "sending" to New Zealand (by the Chinese government) a "model" of the ancient instrument for a remote detection of impending earthquakes and for early warning about these earthquakes that are just brewing up - very briefly described below in item #M2, while explained in details on a separate web page named seismograph.htm. This instrument was known in ancient China by name of the "houfeng didongy yi" - this after translation of Chinese means "the instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". This warning device was supposedly be send to the museum in Christchurch. But in the last moment someone supposedly decided that it should be exposed in Wellington in the national museum called "Te Papa". Thus, similarly like everything else that happens on the Earth, the arrival of to New Zealand also turned out to NOT be just a "coincidence".

Part #M: Development of knowledge and devices which warn against impending earthquakes and other cataclysms:
#M1. God "rewards" these people who develop morally correct knowledge:
       The major goal for which God created people is the "pursue of knowledge" - as this is explained in item #D1 of this web page. Therefore these "group intellects" which really "pursue" correct kind of knowledge are rewarded by God. For this reasons it is worth that communities and countries invest in the development of devices and ideas which previously were NOT yet known on the Earth - e.g. such as these described in item #G4 on the web page eco_cars.htm. It is sure that such an investment into a new knowledge is to be rewarded by God. One amongst devices which God for a long time recommends for the development by communities and countries, is the "houfeng didongy yi" (i.e. "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement") describe in next item.

#M2. An example of the telepathic "Zhang Heng seismograph" (originally named "houfeng didongy yi") which detects and warns about an impending earthquake significantly long in advance:
       Seismic activities of our planet are on the increase lately. Every year thousands of people die or loose their most precious possessions only because an earthquake catches them in a dangerous place or during a defenceless sleep. Our present "atheistic orthodox science" is powerless towards earthquakes, because it does NOT want officially recognise the existence of telepathy, simultaneously still is not known any other principle on which earthquakes could be detected before they strike. Our only present earthquakes' detecting instruments, means the so-called "seismographs" invented over a century ago, work on an old and very clumsy principle of "inertia". Therefore, in order for them to indicate an earthquake, they actually need to be "shaken" by it. Only when they are shaken by an earthquake, their inertial component moves in relationship to the chasse, thus indicating that an earthquake actually took place. But for people this is already too-late for an escape. In order to save lives, earthquake-detectors must be able to start an alarm a significant time in advance, before a given earthquake strikes. Only then people would be able to escape from a danger zone and salvage their most precious possessions. Below on this web page is shown (and briefly described) just such a telepathic earthquake detector, which senses and warns a long time in advance about a cataclysm which is only just brewing up. This device gives a sufficient time for an effective escape from the danger zone. Detailed description of this telepathic earthquakes detector is presented in items from #D1 to #H4 of the separate web page named seismograph.htm.

[Bild: 14_n06.jpg]

Fig. #M1 (K6 in [1/5]): Remote detector of incoming earthquakes. This extraordinary device is able to rise alarms a long time before earthquakes strike, i.e. sufficiently in advance to allow an effective escape from the danger zone. The descriptions from this web page are to explain the principle of operation and the design of it. It is known presently under a misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", although it does NOT utilise the inertial principles of present seismographs at all. In my opinion, the best reflection of the true operation of this device is still the original ancient Chinese name houfeng didongy yi - meaning the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement".
       The replica of this "houfeng didongy yi" shown above, for a long time was exhibited in New Zealand in the Te Papa museum from Wellington. Between the years 2003 and 2010 I had the pleasure to repetitively view it over there, as well as show it to my overseas visitors. This is the same replica that I studied to work out its hydraulic principle of operation and its ability to remotely detect earthquakes which are still in the stage of brewing up. Descriptions provided on this web page eventuated because of a strange turn of fate, namely that the above instrument happened to appear just a few kilometres from my flat, while I was seeking it in the entire big world, being prepared to even fly to China just to see it in there.
       Unfortunately, I should mention to the interested readers, that the above replica of the "houfeng didongy yi" was already removed from the active exhibition in Te Papa. The rapid removal of it occurred around the time when a nearby city of Christchurch was hit by a powerful earthquake described in item #P5 of this web page. Pity that it is not in my means to establish real reasons for the removal of this device. I am intrigued whether these real reasons were by any chance the "supernatural" behaviours of the device already a few days before the Christchurch earthquake, which disturbed the peace of people who visited (and guarded) the museum, for example the telepathic instigation of the "houfeng didongy yi" into vibrations, the emmission of buzzing sounds, loud ringing of its copper balls falling from dragons' mouths, etc.
       The above "houfeng didongy yi" is not the only highly controversial exhibit removed from the active exhibition in "Te Papa". Another equally controversial exhibit, about the housing of which in Te Papa I am also aware, is the so-called "Colenso's Bell" - means an early Tamil ship's bell probably from Java, which had inscriptions in an extremely ancient version of the Sanskrit alphabet. This bell supposedly was found under roots of an uprooted tree. (In order a tree fell just by itself, it must be very old - e.g. the New Zealand trees "totara" fell by themselves after at least one thousand years.) This in turn may suggest, that the bell arrived to New Zealand a long time before the arrival of Maoris - especially that similar letters as these on it were supposedly found on primeval drawings from one of caves, as well as in a plate from wreck of a strange ship found on "Ruapuke Beach" located between Raglan and Kawhia. Thus, the exhibition of this bell would probably be a visual contradiction of official claims, that Maoris were supposedly the first discoverers and settlers (and thus also first owners) of New Zealand. The "Colenso's Bell" is described and illustrated in many books about curiosities of New Zealand, e.g. on pages 88-91 of the book [1#M2] by Nicola McCloy, "New Zealand mysteries" (Whitcoulls, 2005, ISBN 1-877327-36-0), or on pages 20-23 of the book [2#M2] by Robyn Jenkin, "New Zealand mysteries", A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington 1970, ISBN 0-589-00494-8. Descriptions of this bell can also be found e.g. in the search engine, where one can see its illustrations as well after typing key words Tamil Bell Colenso's.
       Because tornadoes and hurricanes release similar telepathic phenomena as earthquakes, the above instrument is also able to remotely detect approaching tornadoes and hurricanes. For more information about the use of this device for remote detection of hurricanes and tornadoes - see separate web page named hurricane.htm.
* * *
       (Note that you can see the enlargement of each illustration or photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration or photograph. Furthermore, a majority of browsers currently in use, including into this the popular "Internet Explorer", allows to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.)

Part #N: Interpretations of earthquakes and other cataclysms:
#N1. Could these cumulative raises in earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters mean that the "end of world" is just approaching?
Motto: "The physical world exists for very important reasons, thus in order it finishes also very important reasons need to appear."
       For as long I reach with my memory, every several years some next "false prophets of doom", desiring fortune, fame, or power over other people, announce, that the "end of world" is just approaching, and they even determine the date when the entire world supposed to become completely annihilated. After all, if they have a good business which produces goods that are promising people to survive that "end of world", for example, a business which produces underground bunkers, or if they sell their books which spread panic, or if they are poor priests of any marginal religion or cult which needs docile followers, then there is nothing that could give a new life to their interests, as scaring people with the end of the world. Then, when this date passes and nothing happens, they can announce another such date and pretend that this time they "know what they are talking about" - means they may even support their claims with ever newer "authoritative source or data".
       In years 2009 and 2010, on the entire world a hysteric campaign of such "false prophets" was noisily disturbing the life of people, by trying to scary everyone that in 2012 the world supposed to end. Those forecasts were cleverly beaten yet in 2011 by an American radio "preacher" who allegedly managed to "make a fortune" due to convincing many naive believers that they should invest their savings in "warning" other people that "the end of the world" supposed to take place on May 21, 2011 - for more details see the articles of that time, e.g. see "Apocalypse business booms for Family Radio", from page B3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, May 20, 2010), or see the article "When doomsday forecasts go wrong" from page A6 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, (issue dated on Saturday, May 21, 2011 ). (In this latest article is recalled, amongst others, 5 other similar cases of someone announcing the next date of the end of the world - which, of course, all would NOT come true.)
       In this item I am going to justify on the empirical evidence, why persons who practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm should NOT take any notice of such attempts to scary them, but take these attempts for what they really are, that means take them for someone's clever ways to make money, to attract attention, to exert a negative impact on other people, to become famous, to gain donations of docile followers for their cult or religion, etc.
       After a subsequent fiasco of just such "predictions" for the year 2000, when according to prognosis of many fatalists the world supposed to end amongst others, because of the computer virus "Y2K", further such "false prophets of doom" determined next dates for the "end of world", one amongst of which, according to their opinion, supposed to be December 2012. That time the date supposed to be reliable, because it was based on an ancient so-called "Maya Calendar" - i.e. the calendar which still remembered the epoch of chipping stones, although it was also known in history that it was unable to revel to its "Maya" owners that their end is just coming. To be honest, if according to the logic of those "prognosticators of 2012" someone looked at item #B5 from my web page named pigs.htm, then he or she could begin to announce that "the end of the world" will take place on 21 January 2080, because the "Chinese Lunar Calendar" from that my web page just ends on that particular date. (Of course, in reality that my calendar ends there only because I had to finish it somewhere, while I ran out of patience on this date to continue beyond it my searches and writing down further dates of the "Chinese Lunar Calendar" - but in fact if someone would wish, then this calendar could extend almost to infinity).
       Because on this web page I am explaining most vital aspects of natural cataclysms, while this item I wrote and published still before December 2012, I also considered to be my duty to disperse fears of readers regarding the year 2012, plus, of course, regarding all other dates of "the end of the world" that supposedly are already very close, while with which most certainly many different "false prophets" are to keep constantly coming out. Although December 2012 have already long passed since (and nothing happened then), below I am providing, without any changes, of what I wrote before the time of that December 2012 has came. After all, my descriptions for this already past time, are equally important for all subsequent false prophecies with which successive "prophets" are to keep coming out all the time. Here is what I wrote in this item prior to December 2012:
       I guarantee, that the world will NOT end in December 2012. However, the caused by immoral people intensification of natural catastrophes, combined with the stubbornness of people in destruction of our planet, may cause a significant depopulating of the Earth, which is to take place in the not-too-distant future. This depopulating may even lead to the not-too-distant fulfilment of the old Polish prophecy described in items #H1 to #H4 of the totaliztic web page prophecies.htm, that our planet become so unpopulated, that "men will kiss the ground when seeing on it footsteps of another person". After all, God uses catastrophes just for correcting morality of people. In turn imperfect people are extremely needed by God. This is because they are tools and experimental aid which God continually uses for increasing His own knowledge - as this is explained, amongst others, in items #B1 and #B1.1 from the totaliztic web page named antichrist.htm, and in item #F1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm.
       I am NOT the only person, who since a long time tries to reassure people, that the world is NOT to end neither in December 2012, nor at any other date which after the year 2012 most surely these "prophets of the end of world" are to indicate again. Similar assurances, only that justified by premises completely different from these indicated by my research, every now and again appear in mass media. For example, one of these was published in the written form in the article "World not ending, says guru", from page 6 of Malaysian newspaper The Sun (free copy), issue dated on Tuesday, August 17, 2010. That article repeats the announcement of "guru from India", i.e. someone named Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 54, creator and owner of the "Art of Living Foundation" - i.e. the foundation which is paid by the United Nation money, to work in areas destroyed by war, such as Kosovo, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Probably just within this framework, the foundation implemented in the peaceful Malaysia a series of programmes which tried to convince Malaysians to drop their prejudices regarding race, religion, education status and social status, etc., and teach them how to rehabilitate themselves, motivate themselves, pray, and live in peace. On the subject of the end of world, the guru informed the crowd of 8000 from the Sports Arena in Penang, Malaysia, that in 2012 the world is NOT going to end, but just is to transform into a more spiritual one, and more based on love. But the article did not explain what is going to propel this transformation, nor how in opinion of that guru the transformation is going to happen.
       Various empirical evidence is available, which also proves that there cannot be "end of world" neither in December 2012, nor in any other near date. Most illustrative examples of such evidence include "insights into the future". Some people (e.g. consider Nostradamus) were in past, and are even at present, being taken to a distant future, where it is demonstrated to them that the world will still exist then. For example, in item #J3 of the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm is described my own trip into the future. This my trip to the future extended much beyond the year 2012, and even beyond 21 century, because I saw in it very old trees having at least 50 to 100 years, which grew in my native village Stawczyk in areas where at present there are no trees. So now I estimate, that most probably I was in my native Stawczyk of the future around the year 2222 - for details see item #C4 from the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm. This estimation means, that probably I was given an insight into the future which is distant from now by over 2 centuries (this note I was writing in August 2010). Thus, the fact that some people are taken to the distant future and see in there that the world will then still exist and even 'look quite good", proves quite unambiguously, that the "scare mongering" about the year 2012, or about any other date, is just another example from a long list of scaring people with the "end of world" by those ones whom the Bible calls with the name "false prophets".
       A most sure manner of estimating the closeness of humanity to the "end of world", is to determine how much from the God's so-called "omniplan" is already implemented. This is because similarly like the life of every person is ruled by the "program of fate and life", the repetitive running of which allows e.g. to implement the so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in item #H1 from the web page named immortality.htm, also the life of the entire physical world is ruled by a special "control program" which in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called the "timespace" or "omniplan". The content of this God's "control program" was partially revealed to people in various sources, e.g. consider these verses of the Bible which explain that people are to overcome the death only near the end of times. Various facts from the real life, for example the action of the so-called "curse of inventors" which is described, amongst others, in item #G1 from the web page named eco_cars.htm - i.e. the "curse" that does NOT allow too-early inventions to spoil the precision of implementation of this "omniplan", reveal that God gradually completes His "omniplan" with the iron hand. Thus, if people wish to know when exactly the "end of world" is to come, then they should check on which level of implementation of this "omniplan" the humanity currently is. In turn, an excellent indicator of the level of current advancement of this "omniplan", is the so-called "Cyclic Table" of my invention, described on a number of totaliztic publications - amongst others in subsections B1 and LA1 from volumes 2 and 10 of the newest monograph [1/5], as well as on the totaliztic web pages named propulsion.htm, magnocraft.htm and pajak_jan_uk.htm. According to the information provided by this "Cyclic Table", until the present time God allowed people to implement only less than 30% of inventions (and only these most primitive and simple ones) that the humanity is to implement before the "end of world" is to come. Thus, if we assume the linear progression of human inventions, then this would mean, that the physical world exists only for NOT longer than some 30% of the planned by God time of its existence which God pre-programmed in His "omniplan". But even with a cumulative (exponential) progression of human inventions, in spite that then the current form of the humanity would face the further living through much less than these 70% of its entire time, still the humanity would need to exist for further hundreds, if not thousands, of years, to complete all inventions that God designed for the construction and experiencing by the humanity at this stage of people's training into "soldiers of God". For example, according to what is explained in section #J3 from my web page named magnocraft.htm after I leave this world, and thus I will NOT be able to assist the builders of my Magnocrafts and my Time Vehicles with any advices, still the undertaking of research and development of these vehicles of my invention by teams of the well-paid "atheistic orthodox scientists" with their highly-limited minds and horizons, could take up to 50 times longer than it would take myself - means the construction of Magnocrafts and Time Vehicles may even take more than a half thousand years. On the other hand, according to an information from the Bible, "the end of the world" will NOT happen before the humanity defeats the death - that is, before my Time Vehicles are completed on the Earth. In addition to the Bible, this fact is also confirmed by the knowledge of the operation of "Time Vehicles" which have been already determined by the new "totaliztic science". According to this knowledge, the "flying city" of Jesus (i.e. New Jerusalem), described e.g. in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm, or in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, is actually a "Time Vehicle". So before God is to allow for selected "righteous" to live in this city of immortality and happiness, firstly He will want that at lease some of them have experienced in their prior physical life of all these extraordinary phenomena described in items #H1 to #H7 from the web page named immortality.htm (i.e. that those people get to know in person what is the "imprisoned immortality", "everlasting happiness", "everlasting hell", etc.). After all, people can only learn these phenomena if previously they build "Time Vehicles". For this reason, in fact it lies in the vital interest of God, that before the coming of the "end of the world", people firstly built my "Time Vehicles", then they learn thoroughly the knowledge and phenomena associated with the operation and use of these Time Vehicles.
       The most certain determination when the end of the world may actually occur, one should seek in the Bible (and perhaps also in the sacred books of other religions). After all, the author (inspirer) of the Bible (and also other holy books) is God Himself - and He knows exactly when He planned to end the current form of humanity. Moreover, from the manner in which the Bible was written, it is already known to us, that it contains a well-hidden information about each key action of God. In turn the ending of this world is one amongst the most key such actions. But God so formulated the Bible, that all key information is fully encrypted in it, and typically it is impossible to decipher this information without putting in a huge amount of work and research. According also to my understanding, all previous investigations of people on "where" and "how" God encrypted in the Bible the date for the end of the world, are containing all sorts of false assumptions and distorted interpretations - and thus definitely false. As so far, I managed to find myself in the Bible only one coarse calming of people about the end of the world, which allows to be deciphered without making too many questionable assumptions and interpretations. This Biblical calming I already described in item #C4 from my web page named immortality.htm. It is contained in verses 12:11-12 from the Biblical "Book of Daniel". It states - I quote it from the Bible [1#I1]: "From the time the daily sacrifices are stopped, that is, from the time of The Awful Horror, 1,290 days will pass. Happy are those who remain faithful until 1,335 days are over!" To understand what these verses state, one needs to know, amongst others, the code that God uses in the Bible for determining the year of the end of the world, which code is disclosed in verse 4:5 from the "Book of Ezekiel", quote: "I am giving you the years of their guilt in the number of days." One needs also to know that the "daily sacrifices" were stopped with the crucifixion of Jesus. Although the exact year of the crucifixion of Jesus still has not been established beyond a reasonable doubt, in order to interpret the verses discussed here, out of all the years provided by "experts", the most rational is to select the year 31 AD. This is because at that year was historically recorded the earthquake - about the appearance of which during the crucifixion of Jesus wrote also the Bible. Furthermore, if we ever managed to establish beyond a reasonable doubt, that exact date the crucifixion of Jesus took place, was later, for example in the year 33 AD, then the humanity would only benefited from this because it would be given an additional two years of the existence before the end of the world. So if the above rules are applied to abovementioned verses 12:11-12, that is, if to the year 31 AD we add 1290 years, and then we add another 1335 years, then these verses can be understood, that with their help God reassures us that the end of this world definitely is NOT going to happen earlier than in the year 2656 AD. The way, however, in which these verses were formulated, suggests that this end may even be much later than in the year 2656 AD.
       For the year 2656 determined in this way, applies several rules which in relationship to "the end of the world" are explained in item #C4 from my web page named immortality.htm. For example, applies the rule that the closer the date of the end of the world someone indicates, the more likely that he is motivated by a prospect of some gains, while the further this date is indicated, the higher is the certainty that the person who points it out believes in the correctness of this date and disclose it to others on the principle of a moral obligation and a favour. This is probably because of the work of this rule, that I never met someone (apart from myself) who indicated the year 2656 AD as a possible date of the end of the world - in spite that the data on this subject can be easily decrypted from the Bible, and in spite that quite clearly this data indicates that it relates precisely to the end of the world. After all, the year 2656 lies beyond the scope of life of the present-day humans. So by pointing it no person is either able to induce panic which would increase the number of followers of his or her cult or religion, nor would increase his or her fortune by a massive sale of his or her book or e.g. underground shelters. Another rule also applicable to the year 2656, says that when the end of the world actually is to be approaching and close, people will NOT be aware of its proximity. This rule also will be met due to the fact, that for the final years the Bible foretells such a governmental terror and persecution of the knowledge about God, and also such a persecution of the morally acting people, that probably just having a Bible will be then prohibited, while the dissemination of information about the content of the Bible will be severely punished. (Notice from the article [1#C4(9)] indicated in item #C4 from the web page immortality.htm, that already in present times exist countries in which owning a copy of Bible is forbidden and officially punishable.) Thus, in those days my research findings and my publications will probably be treated in the same way, as heresy was treated during times of the medieval Inquisition. Still yet another rule states, that in order to avoid misinterpretation of biblical words and phrases, each one amongst the items of more important information from the Bible, God repeats in at least two or three different places of the Bible with the use of at least two or three different wordings (which vital fact I explained more comprehensively in item #C5 from the web page bible.htm). Thus, if the year 2656 will actually be the year of the end of the world, then it is also encoded somehow in at least one or two other places of the Bible. Unfortunately, at the moment I am far too busy with other research to find these other places and to try interpreting them on the basis of the findings of the new "totaliztic science". But I do NOT exclude the possibility, that I will do it in the future - if I only find the required amount of spare time. One needs to bear in mind here, that the second and further repetition of the more vital dates are in the Bible coded increasingly deeper - as an example consider the Biblical description of the lasting 1260-years duration of the political power of Roman-Catholic Church (i.e. from 538 AD till 1798 AD), coded in verse 7:25 of "Daniel" just with words "a time, and times, and half a time", while repeated with the same words in verse 12:14 from "Revelation", and additionally expressed with other words in verse 13:5 from "Revelation". The wording from verse 7:25 "a time, and times, and half a time" is used in the meaning: 360 days plus 2x360 days plus 180 days, while each day represents one year - according to the abovementioned verse 4:5 from "Ezechiel". In turn the verse 13:5 expresses the same length of the political power of the church with the number 42 months - which after being converted in a similar manner as the previous verse 7:25, also yields the same value of 42 times 30 days/years = 1260 years.
       It is worth to emphasize here, that to the "end of world" applies also this personal promise of God, expressed in the verse 18:32 from the "Book of Genesis" of the holy Bible - which verse concerns the significance of so-called "10 righteous" (already described above in item #I1 of this web page). Namely, this promise expresses the personal assurance from God, that He is NOT going to destroy a given community or area, if in there is living at least 10 people who fulfil the God's definition of so-called "righteous". Because in turn the "end of world" from the very definition is such a time, when the entire Earth, as well as all communities that populate the Earth, are destroyed by God, this promise from God by the definition extend its validity also over the "end of world". Expressing this in other words, the humanity has also a personal promise from God, that the "end of world" is NOT going to happen for as long, as long within the so-called "destruction area" still are going to live at least 10 people that fulfil the definition of "righteous". Of course, many people who do NOT believe in God, will express various reservation about the reliability of personal promises from God expressed in the Bible. A typical reason for such reservations is that so-far practically no researcher in the world investigated scientifically whether God in fact keeps His promises, and also that as so-far, the level of human knowledge about God and about God's moral requirements was still too low for people to know exactly which moral behaviours God expects from humans. (For example, in the relation to the promise described here about "10 righteous", in fact until recently no-one could carry out checks how God keeps this promise, simply because previously the philosophy of totalizm was NOT formulated yet. Thus, people were unable to define correctly the meaning of the term morality - thus also were unable to define who actually does fulfil the God's definition of a "righteous".) Therefore, myself was probably the first scientist in the world who with the use of highly objective "totaliztic science" (described, amongst others, in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 to #C4 of the web page named telekinetics.htm) carried out such a scientific check of the level of fulfilment by God of promises which God included into the Bible. It then turned out, that these promises are fulfilled "to the letter". Documented scientifically examples of their fulfilment are described, amongst others, in items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named petone.htm, in item #I3 from the totaliztic web page named day26.htm, and near the end of item #G2 from the web page named healing.htm. As every person can check this from this my research and documentation, in fact God with the true "iron consequence" keeps every His promise - including the promise about NOT destroying the area in which at least "10 righteous" people are living, or about healing everyone who displays a strong "faith" in his or her own healing.
       To summarise deductions from this item, and also to summarise the essence of findings presented in other totaliztic web pages, on the basis of rather extensive body of empirical evidence, it can be conclusively proven, that our physical world was NOT going to end in 2012, and is NOT going to end in any future year which is to precede the age when people construct my Time Vehicles. Only after "time vehicles" are build, and after all people accomplish (due to these Time Vehicles) the popular access to the described above "imprisoned immortality", it is possible that the "end of world" may take place - if authorities of that time will NOT respect pedantically the requirement that the access to the "imprisoned immortality" is reserved exclusively to individuals who just are experiencing the earned nirvana. I myself researched for many years this kind of matters, thus I have a logical and empirical basis to state with all my authority, that the scaring with the "end of world" in the year 2012, or in any other date that lies within the scope of living of present people, is just another case of "scare mongering" by the so-called "false prophets".
       Since we already mention "prophets" here, then it is worth to notice, that according to totalizm everything vital that God carries out, He always intentionally does it at such date and time, that NO-ONE amongst people is able to predict when exactly it is to happen. In this way God avoids unnecessary establishing "prophets" - as this is emphasized in several items of this web page, e.g. near the beginning of item #H3 or near the end of item #P5. The point is that if any amongst people is able to predict when exactly God does something, then other people would unnecessarily announced such a predictor to be another "prophet". On the other hand, in order someone could become a true "prophet", he or she must fulfil much more requirements (especially moral ones) than just be able to predict when something is to happen. Therefore, the fact, that the exact date when God carries out something very important, is NOT for predicting by anyone amongst people, God emphasizes in the Bible. For example, in relation to the "end of world", in verse 13:32 from the Biblical "Evangel of St. Mark", God states, quote: "Concerning that day or the hour nobody knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but the Father." In order to also fulfil the recommended in the Bible command of God, that every vital matter must be confirmed by at least two or three independent "witnesses" (for details of this command see item #C5 on the web page named bible.htm), the above information God also additionally repeated, but with different words, in verse 24:36 from the Biblical "Evangel of St. Matthew", and in verse 1:7 in Biblical "Acts of Apostles". Notice here, that according to findings of totalizm, the above information (about the intentional disallowing the formation of "prophets" which could easily predict dates of vital events) maintains its validity also for all other vital cataclysms and Acts of God - this is why it is extremely difficult to predict "when" and "where" hits e.g. another ordinary earthquake, tsunami, flood, tornado, hurricane, fire, etc. In other words, because of the principle used by God and described here, to NOT turn into "prophets" people that do NOT deserve this honour, if whenever we hear about any further widely advertised date of the arrival of the "end of world" (or any other specific cataclysm), then we can be absolutely sure, that the "end of world" (or this other cataclysm) for sure will NOT come at that particular date.
       But while definitely denying here the possibility of the "end of world", I would like to simultaneously emphasize, that lately the human immorality slides down increasingly closer to the level of "agonal intellect" from the philosophy of parasitism - which God clearly is NOT prepared to tolerate any longer. Therefore, according to what I explained on this web page, and on related web pages, e.g. petone.htm, day26.htm or tornado.htm, with the increasing certainty we should expect, that in the nearest years this intensification of natural disasters, either gradually, or rapidly, is going to remove from the Earth the majority of immoral individuals and immoral communities - according to the principle of "extinction of most immoral" described in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm. In turn, for these immoral people, who because of practicing the philosophy of parasitism will soon need to die, in fact their little "worlds" are going to end already then. However, people who practice some form of the philosophy of totalizm do not need to be scared. This is because the empirics has proven, that when a destruction is to come, they will be saved on various ways. Thus, because such practitioners of totalizm are going to survive, no matter how many of them is to remain, still the physical world and the humanity are going to exist and still are going to continue the fulfilment of functions which God imposed onto them.
       The above presentation of the topic "end of world" was originally developed for item #B8 from the totaliztic web page named seismograph.htm.

#N2. Those more scared ones can relax - the (third) world's nuclear war will never happen:

       In a similar manner like previous item #N1 reasons on the basis of easily verifiable body of evidence, that for the "end of world" the panicking "false prophets" must still await rather a long time, approximately many, many thousands of years, also a similarly verifiable body of evidence indicates, that on the Earth never is to happen a "world's nuclear war". (I.e. that there never will be a war which with the radioactivity and with radioactive pollutions would destroy the entire humanity, so that no even a single human would survive through it, while after it the Earth would get empty - although probably there will be even several local wars in which atomic weapon will be selectively used and which may even completely destroy some entire countries or entire nations.) But because to the discussion of the subject of wars the whole other web page is devoted, the body of evidence that "there never will be a nuclear world's war" is discussed in item #J4 from the separate web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm. I recommend for interested readers to have a look at the body of evidence presented in there.
       I should also add here, that although the nuclear 3rd world war is NOT going to happen, still our civilization is just a few decades away from the disaster which is going to kill even more people than would such a war, and which touches virtually every person residing on Earth. This disaster is described in more detail in items #H1 to #H3 (especially in item #H1.1 ) from my other web page named prophecies.htm. It is to be caused by hunger, savagery, loss of law and public order, and by robberies and killings that are to occur at a time when our civilization loses its balance in the food production (i.e. by events similar to those which in the medieval Lower Silesia from Poland were accompanying circumstances of the creation of exhibits for today's "Chapel of Skulls" from Czermna near Kudowa Zdrój, Poland, means by events described in item #C2 from the web page named petone.htm). The arrival of this disaster that is to depopulate Earth is foretold for centuries by the predictions of almost all peoples of the world. For example, in Poland it is announced by the old prophecy about "kissing the ground when a man sees footsteps of another man". In turn, e.g. for American Hopi Indians it is announced by the prophecy about the so-called "Third Great Shake".

Part #O: We are entering times when we should scientifically research and learn God, instead of just at the most "worship" Him:
#O1. One always can loose his or her "belief in God", but one never looses his or her "knowledge of God":
       (The translation of this item, and the next one, still awaits to be completed - please return here again some time later.)

#O2. In the "world created and ruled by God", God really rules, while "laws" which He issues are "NON-negotiable" for people and must be obeyed:

Part #P: A review of probable reasons and a history of earthquakes which affected the city of Christchurch in New Zealand:
#P1. Why for the illustration of deductions presented on this web page an example of the city of Christchurch from New Zealand was used:
Motto: "If you love and respect someone, you have to give him a chance for perfecting and for further development by making truths available for him."
       In item #B2 of a separate web page named antichrist.htm is explained in details, that in order people could more effectively "pursue of knowledge", God was forced to create people as maximally "imperfect creatures". In turn one amongst effects of human imperfections is, that people always seek in others of "what is NOT there". Being aware that someone may also start to see "what is NOT here" in reasons why for the illustration of deductions from this web page I used here the example of the city of Christchurch from the country in which I live, I intend to preclude these unnecessary deliberations and explain here why in fact as an example I am indication here this city, instead of e.g. some cities located in distant and non-connected with me countries. Reasons for this is several, so I am going to describe them in items. Here they are:
       1. Availability of information. In order to scientifically draw and document conclusions, to which almost no-one in the entire world seem to arrive before (i.e. conclusions described, amongst others, on this web page), it is necessary to process and analyse huge amounts of information. It so happens, that the city of Christchurch is located in the country in which I live. So on its topic continually appear detailed information in newspapers which I read and in television which I watch. Thus, I have a continuous and current access to information which arrives from that city. In turn if I as an example for analyses choose some city unknown to me from a distant country, then I would NOT have an access to such a current and continuous information.
       2. Finding (and recommendation) of the philosophy of totalizm, that "if we love and respect someone, then we should make sure that this someone has an access to the truth to which we already managed to arrive". (Although this truth must NOT be "forced" at anyone, but just should be make "available" - in case one wishes to make use of it.) After all "without learning truths there is NO progress". In turn myself is NOT only a creator of the philosophy of totalizm, but also the most devoted follower and a person which at daily bases practices totalizm for already the longest period of time (i.e. the person which is the carrier of the "world record" in the length of practicing totalizm). Therefore, the making truths available to someone whom I love and respect, is considered by me to be my moral duty. After all, truths give this someone a chance for making a progress and for gaining the higher level of perfection. (Although it is known also, that truths are accepted with the reluctance and significant objections by many people.) This finding (and recommendation) that stems from the philosophy of totalizm, is emphasized on a number of totaliztic web pages - for their examples see item #F1 on the web page named totalizm.htm or item #K1 on the web page named morals.htm.
       3. Information provided on this web page allows the restoration of the "control over the situation" for inhabitants of that city. The old "atheistic orthodox science" takes away from people affected by cataclysms the feeling that they have the "control over the situation". After all, the responsibility and fault for these cataclysms this old science "assigns" at the hostile towards people "forces of nature", and also on the wrong activities of inhabitants of distant countries and lands - who cause the "climate warming", "pollutions of atmosphere", "disappearance of the ozone layer", "Al Nina", etc., etc. In turn due to such allocation of responsibility and faults, people loose the control over the situation. After all, they cannot influence what inhabitants of distant countries are doing, nor they can change "forces of nature". On the other hand, the new "totaliztic science" reveals, that "it is exclusively our own morality, philosophy, attitudes, activities, etc., that are responsible for everything that happens to us" (i.e. moral mechanisms work in such a way, that "whatever is done by other people is going to cause that these other people are to experience consequences of it"). Thus discoveries and findings of the new "totaliztic science" restore the "control over the situation" in all people. This is because all people have the power and capability to change their situation through just an ordinary change of the morality and philosophy that they practice on everyday basis.
       4. Inhabitants of the city of Christchurch need hearten up, calm, etc. - in turn nothing is more mitigating than the awareness that there are ways for defending ourselves from troubles. Inhabitants of Christchurch are torn apart by numerous contradictions. For example, they are flooded by the propaganda from high quarters, that in their city everything progresses fine - but simultaneously they see that everything increasingly faster is going to the drain. Scientists flood them with cleaver expressions, but are unable to tell what is to happen even in the nearest future. City is emptying. Fires, burglaries, robberies, crimes are fast raising. Etc., etc. No wonder that mood amongst the inhabitants is increasingly more "dark" - as this is described e.g. in the article "Super-hyper aware of the frailty of the city and of mind", from page B3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, January 9, 2012. In this situation they need knowledge, that in fact there are methods of effective defence against cataclysms, and if the city wants, then it can defend itself from further earthquakes. This web page provides such a knowledge.
       5. The city of Christchurch is my most favourite city in the world. My heart for a long time is in Christchurch. Thus, I am scared by even a thought that e.g. a possible avoiding by me of the revealing truths that are difficult to accept, could stop inhabitants of that city from undertaking steps which they could take, and which could, e.g. save this city from destruction.
       I am aware that in present world in which are "fashionable" such things as "atheism" and "immoral behaviours" - as this is explained e.g. in item #G3 from the web page named prophecies.htm, truths which I try to reveal are for some people rather difficult to take. But such philosophical immaturity of a small proportion of people who unable to take truths, should NOT block the access to these truths for people whom they (truths) can help significantly.

#P2. Beware of symbolism of names assigned e.g. to areas on the Earth, cities (e.g. "Christchurch" means the "city which represents the church of Christ"), ideas, etc., as these names define powers and roles that God designated for them to be fulfilled:
Motto: "Beware of 'words', because until today they keep their power to 'became flesh'."
       Until 2010 the city of Christchurch was a magnificent, picturesque metropolis located on the South Island of New Zealand. I was truly in love with it and I always wanted to live in there. The name of it means the "Church of Christ".
       From numerous cases which I encountered during my research to-date, stems a rule that "in the world created and ruled by intelligent God" words which God inspired to be assigned as names of specific areas on the Earth, cities, ideas, etc., have the power of symbols able to "become flesh", means to define events, phenomena, behaviours, etc., which are described or required by these names. However, so-far I did NOT write down cases which document this extraordinary rule. It is pity, as I encountered already a large number of such cases. Only after the formulation of this web page on 23 December 2011, I decided that I am going to write here and to present to readers examples of just such extraordinary cases which I am to encounter in my future research, or which I manage to recall from the past. After all, these cases represent also evidence, which in addition to the body of evidence presented on the web page named god_proof.htm, also clearly prove, that "God really exists and He rules over the physical world with an iron hand". So here are subsequent cases (in addition to the name "Christchurch"), which document, that according to the intention of God "words" assigned to names of places on the Earth have the power to "became flesh" (interesting, that this extraordinary rule seems to be just a small section of a much more general principle implemented systematically by God):
       1. The death on the "Mountain of Death". In item #E2 from the web page named evidence.htm - is described the so-called "Diatlov's Pass" on the Ural Mountains. By local "Mansovs" the hill by that pass is called the "Cholat Siahl" - that means the "Mountain of Death". Thus should NOT surprise anyone, that in 1959 UFO vehicles mysteriously killed 9 students and graduates of the "Technical University in Swierdlovsk" (today the "Technical University in Jekaterynburg") who went in there for a mountain climbing.
       2. An attempt to maul (by a lion) of a girl which lives on the street named "Mauldeth". On the Wellington's street named "Mauldeth Tce", from the "Churton Park" in the capitol of New Zealand, lives 3 years old girl named "Sofia". On Wednesday, 4th January 2012, Sofia together with her mother went to ZOO in Wellington to see lions. In there she watched 7-years lion named Malik from behind 33 millimetres thick glass cage. Malik supposedly is a tamed lion and typically it takes NO notice of people who watch it. But this time he aggressively pounced in the direction of Sofia and with a roar he tried to maul her with claws. Fortunately, she was protected by the glass. Thus the only thing that the lion Malik was able to do, is to repetitively and persistently scratch the glass with its claws - in a manner in which dogs scratch the ground when they dig a hole. Mother of Sofia recorded the entire event on a video. This video was later shown, amongst others in evening news broadcasted on channel 3 of New Zealand television on Monday, 9th January 2012, at 6 pm till 7 pm. It was also placed in "YouTube" at the address A best, because a complete, version of this video readers can view, amongst others, on the web page of newspaper "The Dominion Post", at the address Furthermore, the history of the attempt to maul this girl by the lion was also published in the article "Sofia the Lionheart unafraid of king of the jungle", from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.
       3. Ripping the hulk of the cruising sea-liner "Costa Concordia" at the moment of time when in its speakers was played the leading tune from the film "Titanic". On Saturday, 14th January 2012, at 9:42 pm, a sharp rock near the Italian picturesque island Giglio ripped a big hole in the hulk of a cruiser liner named "Costa Concordia". Paradoxically, many aspects of this sea tragedy resembled the tragedy from the famous passenger boat named "Titanic" - e.g. irresponsible behaviour of the captain, panic, lack of coordination in saving passengers, impossibility to use all lifeboats, mysterious phenomena on the ship - e.g. the unexplained electric blackout and the darkness which make difficult to find escape routes, jamming of many doors which increased the number of drowns, etc. But the most meaningful in my opinion was the information provided in the evening news from channel 3 of New Zealand television broadcasted on Thursday, 19th January 2012, at 6 to 7 pm - namely that at the moment when this ship hit a rock, its deck speakers were playing the leading tune from the film "Titanic". Although later I was unable to find a written confirmation for this information, the sole fact that it was broadcasted in television news seems to suggest that it was a confirmed fact. This in turn again confirms, that specific words, phenomena, ideas, etc., have the power to "become flesh".
       Thus, according tot he above rule, by inspiring the person who was giving the name to a new city, to assign the name "Christchurch" to the city which this person was establishing, God most clearly expects, that inhabitants of that city are to act and to behave as it is fit for people who live in the "Church of Christ". In turn, if inhabitants of that city disappoint the God's hope, then they should NOT be surprised by consequences which are to result from this.

#P3. The "rejection of Second Jesus" back in 1999 - was like "asking for troubles":
       That "rejection" of the arrival of "Second Jesus" to Christchurch in 1999 is described in items #G2 to #G3 of the web page named prophecies.htm - thus I am NOT going to repeat here that description.
       The only thing that should be emphasized here, is that the course of events described in there in the "world created and ruled by God" seem to be a kind of "asking for troubles".

#P4. The earth shakes continually - only that in the majority of cases this is a kind of "smoke screen" which is to hide from people the selectiveness and the purpose of catastrophes send by God:
       In many countries of the world the earth shakes continually although most of time non-violently. Examples of such countries include New Zealand and Japan. Thus, in order to e.g. notice these continuous earthquakes in New Zealand, it is enough to look at indications of seismographs shown "life", amongst others, on web pages or These continuous but non-violent earthquakes are needed by God to allow some people to maintain atheistic views. After all, since earth shakes continually, atheists have reasons to believe that earthquakes are "natural" phenomena which occur "at random". In turn for believers, God always writes into these catastrophic earthquakes several discreet indications, of the kind described in item #F3, that in fact it is Him who maintains a full control over them.

#P5. The warning Christchurch earthquake from New Zealand, on Saturday 4th September 2010 at 4:35 am:
       On Saturday, 4th September 2010, at 4:35 in early morning of the local time, a powerful earthquake hit in the second largest city of New Zealand with around 340 thousands of inhabitants, which is named "Christchurch". The epicentre of this earthquake was located at the depth of around 10 km, some 40 km to west from Christchurch, approximately a half way between settlements called Darfield and Rolleston. The map of the area affected by this earthquake was published in the article entitled "Earthquake", which appeared on page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper [1#P5] named The Press, issue dated on Monday, September 6, 2010 (pages A6 and A7 the same newspaper [1#P5] published numerous photographs from that earthquake). The main quakes of this earthquake lasted for around 40 seconds. The first hit of these quakes had the initial power 7.4 in the Richter scale, while the remaining main quakes had the power 7.1.
       The Christchurch earthquake was quite special and clearly differed from other earthquakes described on this web page. For example, about such other earthquakes I usually had very little information - because their descriptions would NOT appear in mass media to which I have access. But on the Christchurch earthquake I had an access to huge amounts of information - after all it took place in the country in which I normally live. In fact it shook even the home in which I hire a flat - inducing a panic in my female neighbour who lived upstairs above the flat that I occupy. Only that in time when it happened I was just on my vacations in the distant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thus first attributes of it I could learn only on the basis of photographs and descriptions that were published in Malaysian newspapers. But after 8 days since the earthquake I returned to New Zealand and could filtrate the most vital information from a whole ocean of newspaper and television news that appeared in there on the subject of it. The only problem which limited my research, was that remaining unemployed in New Zealand since 2005, and receiving no unemployment benefit nor any other financial support - as I explained this in items #A2 and #B1 of my autobiography, I could NOT afford to go in person to Christchurch and to carry out research and checks on the spot. Thus, the entire information presented here I gathered remotely through an analysis of articles and photographs in newspapers and in television news. Other special aspect of this Christchurch earthquake was also that I predicted its arrival, only that I did NOT knew when exactly it is to occur. These my prediction I described cautiously already several months earlier before it stroke - the reader finds it cautiously coded both, in the previous items of this web page, as well as in "part #I" of another related web page named day26.htm. Below I am reviewing the most important attributes of that Christchurch earthquake, filtered from the huge volume of information that appeared on this subject. These attributes reveal the intentions, wisdom, farsightedness, caution, and care with which God served this cataclysm. Here are these attributes:
       1. The miraculous lack of deaths. Not even a single person died in this earthquake. Only two people experienced slightly more serious wounds and were taken to a hospital. But soon afterwards they were restored to a good health. The leader of New Zealand in his speech in TV stated, that it was a miracle that no-one died. For example, according to the article [1#P5.1] "Quake scare for M'sians" from page N3 of the Malaysian newspaper the Sunday Star (issue dated on Sunday, 5 September 2010), in 1968 a similar earthquake of the force only 7.1, which happened in almost unpopulated "West Coast" of New Zealand, still managed to kill 3 people. In turn the Haiti earthquake (also of a similar force) took numerous lives – see item #C3 above on the web page named seismograph.htm, or see the article [2#P5.1] "Haiti's quake similar but deadlier", from page A2 newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, September 9, 2010. The significance of the miraculous character of this earthquake from Christchurch emphasizes also the fact, that it took place in a large city just before dawn, when almost all people slept deeply in buildings the walls of which this earthquake collapsed. Also before these people managed to awake from the sleep and consider their escape from the endangered area, the earthquake was over.
       The fact that a certain miracle that accompanied this earthquake saved the affected people from death, suggests that this earthquake most probably had just a preliminary character of a warning and confirmation - as this is explained in item #G1 above on this web page. Probably only if this preliminary warning and confirmation does NOT accomplish the intended effect, only then the sending of main cataclysm may be considered, which - according to what I explained in item #I2 of a separate web page named day26.htm, and also according to what I wrote in the previous item #C4 of the web page named seismograph.htm, most probably would then be to hit the biggest city of New Zealand called Auckland. (The third large city of New Zealand, i.e. Wellington - in which I live at present, right now is protected against a cataclysm by these "10 righteous" described in item #I3 of the web page day26.htm.)
       2. Disproportionably huge destruction of the city Christchurch and its vicinity. The earthquake caused that in a large number of buildings collapsed their facade walls, disintegrated tops of their chimneys, gave up slanted roofs, etc. In streets and on footpaths appeared ditches and deep cracks. On roads appeared wide cracks and sinkholes which made them dangerous. Parked cars were smashed with falling rubbles. Underground cables, pipes with water and gas, and sewage flows got destroyed, while streets were flooded with sewage and human waste. River beds were blocked, while a significant proportion of the city was flooded with water thus hold back. In addition, simultaneously with this Christchurch earthquake appeared hurricane winds and freezing cold - e.g. see the article "High winds lift roofs, knock out power", from page A9 of the newspaper [1#P5]. The initial estimates of material losses carried out right after this earthquake, stated the cost of it equal to at least 2 billions of New Zealand dollars. The article [1#P5.2] "Christchurch 'wobbled like jelly'" from page W41 of the Malaysian newspaper Sunday Star (issue dated on Sunday, 5 September 2010) describes that the entire city was shaking like a jelly, while people (and also furniture, television sets, etc.) were thrown around in their flats and felt as if they are in a huge washing machine.
       The enormity of destruction caused by this earthquake may suggest that independently from serving for warning and for confirmation, this earthquake probably was also so designed that it could cause a significant renewal - as it is explained in item #F5 of this web page.
       3. The accompanying of the earthquake from Christchurch by an array of highly mysterious and puzzling phenomena unknown in other earthquakes. Let us review here the most extraordinary amongst these phenomena.
       3.1. The electricity blackout before the earthquake. The article [1#P5.1] claims, that already a noticeable time before the earthquake hit, areas located not far from its epicentre were experiencing the electricity blackout. (Such a blackout right before the earthquake was noticed e.g. in the town named "Lincoln".) In turn, since this earthquake was proceeded by a phenomenon capable of blocking completely the flow of electricity, scientists should research it intensely - after all in the future this phenomenon could be used for warning that just such a powerful cataclysm is coming. (From different my research it stems that this phenomenon which blocked the flow of electricity was the same "telepathic noise" which in the ancient "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described in further parts of this web page was utilised for early warning that a powerful earthquake is just arriving at a given location.)
       3.2. Mass heart attacks. Simultaneously with that earthquake, waves of some sort propagated in the space, which induced heart attacks in people susceptible to it. According to the article [1#P5.3.2] "Quakes cause heart attacks" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, September 10, 2010) after each seismic wave hospitals were flooded with a crowd of people with heart attacks. From numbers provided in that article it appears that numbers of heart attacks were at least 3 times higher than normal. Their interesting aspect was, that the factor which caused these attacks for sure was NOT e.g. fear induced by quakes, but some kind of a radiation which was given out by this earthquake. (I.e. most probably it was the same kind of "telepathic waves" which were utilised in the operation of the ancient "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described in further parts of this web page.)
       3.3. The loss of sense of direction in dogs and cats. The article [1#P5.3.3] "Did cattle know tremor was coming?" from page A2 of newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, October 2-3, 2010), reported interesting reactions of animals (including domesticated) noticed before the earthquake discussed here. These reactions were called "earthquake precursors". As the article writes, farmers noticed that shortly before the earthquake was started, firstly pigs initiated squealing - while their squeal become increasingly high-pitched. Then pigs were joined by cows which started to bellowing. Simultaneously various birds started to chirp crazily and chaotically, like in fear. Finally all this noise of animals rapidly ceased and there was silence. Around 10 to 20 seconds later the ground started to shake. But the most in my opinion significant information contained in this article concerned the missing dogs and cats in the week preceding the earthquake. As it turned out, in the week preceding this earthquake at least twice as many missing dogs and cats were reported as in ordinary days, while in some day of the earthquake even many times more (e.g. in news broadcasted in channel 1 of TVNZ on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, at 4:30 pm, it was stated that the number of officially reported missing of dogs on the day directly preceding the earthquake was 6 times higher than such missing on the same day but one year earlier). This in turn means that before the earthquake the ground emitted something increasingly powerful that in animals was able to disturb the sense of direction and current location. This something could NOT be neither electromagnetic waves nor disturbances in magnetic field of the Earth. After all, these two quantities are currently constantly monitored by various measuring instruments installed in a number of research institutions. In turn these instruments do NOT detect any irregularities in magnetic field or in electromagnetic waves that appear before every earthquake. So the only explanation is, that the earthquake described here emitted powerful waves of telepathic noise which caused the confusion in brains of animals. In other words, these reports about the loss of sense of direction in animals during the week preceding the earthquake, represent also the evidence, that the incoming earthquakes in fact emit powerful waves of telepathic noise which are able to trigger the action of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described on this web page. This noise appears already at least a week earlier than a given earthquake and it intensifies with the elapse of time. So it is pity that present scientists so stubbornly ignore findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity on subject of the phenomenon of telepathy. After all, if these findings are considered as they deserve, while the research that I am carrying out is supported officially, then probably already a long time ago I would have a chance to build a device capable of early detection of impending earthquakes, that is based on the remote identification of telepathic waves emitted by the ground which is to shake. It does not need explanation how many lives and valuable properties such a device could save.
       Interestingly, this loss of the sense of direction in animals, disturbed by the powerful waves of telepathic noise emitted by the brewing earthquake, confirms with evidence the explanation of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity for the mechanism of sense of direction in animals, while simultaneously it invalidates the present explanation of this sense by today official science. Namely, the present official science claims erroneously, that animals recognise the direction in which lies their nest or home, by estimating their location in relationship to the Earth's magnetic field. Thus, according to present scientists, animals navigate in their travels on the same principle as this was done in past by humans during sea navigations. In turn my Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains the navigation of animals on completely different principle. Namely it states, that animals have additional sense-organ similar to the human "conscience". This sense-organ "whispers" to them intelligently everything that animals wish to know, e.g. where is their nest or home, which substances they should NOT eat because these are poisonous, which pray they can catch and eat easier because it is not feeling well, which herb is helpful for their current health problem, etc. An example how works in wild bears this sense-organ similar to our "conscience", is described in item #F4.1.2 from the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm. In turn this sense-organ similar to our "conscience" acquires the information needed to a given animal through the telepathic communication with intelligent "counter-matter", i.e. on a similar principle as present water diviners and pendulum users acquire replies to their questions from the same intelligent counter-matter. (What is the mechanism of operation of diving rods and diving pendulums, it is explained in subsection I8.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].) Thus, if a powerful earthquake is brewing, this telepathic communication between animals and the intelligent counter-matter is interrupted by the telepathic noise. In the result, animals are then unable to, amongst others, return to their nests or homes - if they wondered too far from these.
       3.4. The powerful "bang" and metallic screech. The article [1#P5.3.4] "Quake hits Christchurch" from page 39 of the Malaysian newspaper New Sunday Times (issue dated on Sunday, 5 September 2010), states that this earthquake was initiated with a kind of powerful sonic "bang" - which could be heard as an extremely powerful explosion. Then, in the duration of the entire earthquake, people heard a loud metallic grit and an extraordinary noise which they compared to the sound of a heavy train rolling through their bedrooms. I myself lived through several earthquakes and know jolly well that typically earthquakes themselves are silent. Only sounds which can be heard during earthquakes are generated by objects which they toss around - e.g. by furniture in shaking homes. The extraordinary (eerie) silence of typical earthquakes is also confirmed by the article [2#P5.3.4] entitled "Interesting twist to the quake tale", from page A25 of newspaper Weekend Herald issue dated on Saturday, September 11, 2010.
       3.5. The collapsing of walls of buildings due to a factor that arrived through the air, means not due to shakes of the ground. As it is clearly documented by photographs of destructions, it was this sonic-like "bang" that propagated through the air (not the earth movements) that caused collapsing of front walls in the buildings which were positioned almost perpendicularly to the direction of the epicentre of the earthquake. What even more intriguing, the collapsed were only these buildings and these frontal walls, which were NOT sheltered from the force of that sonic "bang" by some other buildings or walls. In the result, in a significant proportion of buildings, collapsed were just only upper sections of their frontal walls (and also towers, roofs, and chimneys) - because only these were sticking out and exposed to that sonic "bang" that propagated through the air. In turn remaining destruction of walls was caused by falls of these upper segments of walls when these collapsed on other walls or structures.
       3.6. Symmetrical outward "swell" of outlets from hundreds of chimneys. Through the action of some mysterious factor, hundreds of chimneys from Christchurch which had open outlets directed right upwards, were "swollen" outwards in all directions - all at a similar distance from their outlets that amounted to around a meter. The appearance of these chimneys resembled to me the appearance of the swell in intensely played "pipes" made of willow bark, which in times of my youth children used to make by themselves. (In such pipes from willow bark, this bark was relatively weak, thus if someone played intensely on them, the sonic wave caused the swell at the specific distance from the mouthpiece.) Fire brigades from Christchurch were forced to pull down literally hundreds of just so "swollen" chimneys. The mysterious in these chimneys is the fact that their "swell" in all chimneys looked the same and in all chimneys appeared in the same distance from their outlet. This in turn eliminates shakes of the ground as the reason for their appearance, while suggesting that it was caused by some wave probably of the sonic nature, which propagated through the air. Unfortunately, no-one took the effort of researching these mysterious "swells", or even just take notice of their mysterious attributes.
       3.7. The previous lack of the break in Earth's crust (called "fault") in the epicentre of the earthquake. Highly mysterious in that earthquake was also that according to previous research and claims of scientists, the Canterbury Plains (on which the city of Christchurch is located) previously had NO known geological so-called "fault" (means had no break in the Earth's crust which later turns to be a starting point of earthquakes). These previous reassurances of New Zealand scientists that there is NO geological fault in Canterbury Plains, later were even scoffed at in a highly sarcastic photograph [1#P5.3.7] published on page A23 of newspaper The Press, issue dated on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. This photograph taken from the airplane shows a green paddock of some farmer located on this new geological "fault" and ripped apart by the earthquake. Near this fault the farmer burned a highly sarcastic sentence stating "NO FAULT HERE - yeah right". The paddock with this sentence was located somewhere between townships Rolleston and Greendale. According to scientists, the nearest such geological "fault" supposed to exist only under the "Southern Alps" mountain range - means at least further 100 kilometres to the west from Christchurch. But the earthquake revealed previously unknown, and appearing to be completely new "fault" - the course and attributes of which local scientists still seem to NOT know exactly nor research thoroughly. What even more intriguing, this new "fault" does not run along a straight line, but it folds into the shape of a section of a closed loop - thus suggesting that it may be a beginning of a future volcano. In total, everything seems to suggest that God did NOT assume in advance that He is ever going to treat the city named "Christchurch" to an earthquake. Probably only the most recent behaviours of inhabitants of that city, clearly contradicting to the old Polish saying that "nobility obliges" (in Polish: "szlachectwo zobowiązuje") - as this was explained in item #C4 from the web page named seismograph.htm, forced God to apply so drastic measure.
       3.8. Smell of sulphur. In eastern suburbs of Christchurch locals noticed a strong smell of sulphur, which they compared to the smell spreading in the New Zealand town called "Rotorua". This smell is described in a brief article [1#P5.3.8] "Sulphur smell not gas" from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Thursday, September 9, 2010). Although this smell was ignored quite fast and hardly anyone took notice of its significance, in combination with the rounding path of the geological "fault" (described in the previous point) it seems to indicate a danger, that a completely new and powerful volcano gradually forms and saturates with explosive energy underground near Christchurch. After all, the smell of sulphur always spreads from the earth near active volcanoes. (For slightly more information about the smell of sulphur spreading in volcanic town of Rotorua, see the article [2#P5.3.8] "Deadly gas warning for hot pools" from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.) In turn, if such a new powerful volcano accumulates sufficient energy to break through stagnant shell of the Earth, and to explode, for sure its force will be so high that probably it will have the character of so-called "pyroclastic flow" - means that it would blow out all traces of the city Christchurch from surface of the Earth. So it would be worth to check with research, whether by any chance something is brewing up in there and soon our planet receives a second version of Pompeii located in the centre of New Zealand.
       Typically people do not believe, that completely a new volcano may rapidly explode in the plains. But the Canterbury Plains on which Christchurch is located had already such an explosion on plains. Traces of it are still visible until today in the so-called "Centennial Park" located on the outskirts of the town called Timaru - distant just by around 160 km from Christchurch. It was just under the layer of lava from just such a volcano on plains, that in Timaru oldest so-far known bones of Moa bird were found.
       3.9. The puzzling persistence of aftershocks. Almost every earthquake causes several aftershocks. But after the Christchurch earthquake these "aftershocks" persisted as if they never intended to end. For example, in last days of September 2010 their number already exceeded 1000. Also each one of them was of a noticeable power - at a level of around 4, and many even over 5 on the Richter's scale (means each one of them was like a new significant earthquake). They still persecuted Christchurch even in the middle of October 2010 (when I updated this information), while for example the news item from the evening news on channel 3 of TVNZ from 6 pm news on Friday, 8 October 2010, stated that until that day the total number of aftershocks amounted to 1575. (On that day Christchurch was troubled by two more such aftershocks of the force 4.4 and 4.2 which hit 12 minutes apart from each other.) Thus, such a persistence of aftershocks can also be understood as a message or a suggestion, that this particular earthquake was NOT just a single event, but is a continuous process which leads to something even more serious. Pity that it looks as if their significance is ignored instead of being intensely researched. After all, it could lead to discovering what these aftershocks try to foretell us.
       3.10. The wandering of epicentres towards the middle of Christchurch. An extraordinary attribute of numerous aftershocks from Christchurch, that persist for unusually long time, is that their epicentres are wandering and gradually approach directly beneath the middle of Christchurch. In the result, in the "Boxing Day" of 26 December 2010, a series of relatively mild aftershocks - the most powerful amongst which (at 10:30 a.m.) was just 4.9 in the Richter scale, caused in the centre of Christchurch another wave of destruction which was described as even larger than destruction from the original earthquake on 4 September 2010 of 7.1 force - an example of descriptions of this destruction is provided in the article [1#P5.3.10] "Major aftershock cruel blow for struggling stores" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Tuesday, December 28, 2010. The destruction from these aftershocks were so significant, that authorities decided to treat them legally (e.g. for purposes of insurance) as a completely new earthquake. In turn the reason for such a destruction from a mild aftershocks was explained officially as resulting from the fact that the epicentre was exactly beneath Christchurch - e.g. see the article [2#P5.3.10] "Quake directly beneath city" from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, December 27, 2010. The article informed also, that from the force point of view these aftershocks were just on 17th position - but by the size of destruction they turned out to be leading ones.
       If instead of looking atheistically on this phenomenon of wandered aftershocks, we rather look at them from the point of view of God's intentions, then they appear as an "encouragement to leave" - according to the procedure of cataclysms described in "Re. (3)" from item #G1 above. Namely, this wandering of epicentres of aftershocks towards the middle of Christchurch may appear as an encouragement "please leave - it is unsafe here". NOT without symbolic meaning is also the fact, that these destructive aftershocks described here took place on 26th December, means on the day which to the affected people seems to carry the message "I disapprove your beliefs, philosophy, and behaviour". (About the existence of a message hidden under the date of 26th, I try to warn, amongst others, in 3 from item #F3 of this web page, and also in item #D8 of the separate web page named day26.htm.) So it is no surprise, that some inhabitants of Christchurch already took this warning seriously and are moving out from the city to wherever they can.
       3.11. The probable appearance of premises, that the telepathic phenomena induced by the earthquake brewing up in Christchurch, induced so "supernatural" and peace disturbing behaviours of the replica of ancient detector of impending earthquakes shown below in "Fig. #M1", that it forced the museum to remove this remote detector of impending earthquakes from the active exhibition. (Unfortunately, an official confirmation of these probable premises exceeds my means.)
       3.12. Disproportion between the moral state of some inhabitants of Christchurch described by mass media, and consequences of that earthquake. For a significant time the city of Christchurch is getting into news for all wrong reasons, from which inhabitants of that city cannot be proud of. Furthermore, inhabitants of Christchurch acted quite angrily and hostile towards the idea that the Second Jesus visited their city in 1999 - as it is described in item #G2 from the web page prophecies.htm. But in spite of this, God treated them especially gently. So it is a mystery worth explaining why happened so and what were intentions of God when He implemented this lives-sparing earthquake. After all, there is a possibility that it was just a confirmation, reminder, and warning - which in case of being ignored may have much more serious consequences in a near future.
       3.13. Over ten times higher number of alcoholics rapidly getting rid of their addiction. In television news on TVNZ 3 broadcasted at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, 25th January 2011, reported was that after the Christchurch's earthquake over 10 times more people than in previous times comes to clinics and to organisations which treat for the addiction to alcoholism. The explanation which was given for this extraordinary phenomenon, stated that it is caused by stress of citizens - which pushes many amongst them to alcoholism that then they try to heal. But what I do NOT understand, is that this phenomenon appeared too soon after the earthquake and lasted for too long, to be explained as a post-earthquake alcoholism. After all, falling into the addiction to alcoholism, realising that fact, and the emotional ripening to undertake the healing, typically consumes a lot of time (usually many years). Is it possible, that in some manner (e.g. through the content of this web page, trough the page day26.htm, or trough the whisper of conscience) the earthquake only realised to alcoholics who for a long time existed in Christchurch, that in order to NOT be "punished by God" any longer, firstly they must get rid of their highly immoral addiction? After all, we must remember, that if in present times someone would come to a clinik for alcoholics and claim that he tries to heal his addiction because does NOT want to take any further "punishments from God", then probably he would be immediately send to a mental hospital. So it is much more convenient to state as the official reason "because the earthquake stressed me". Pity that I cannot carry out on the spot any investigation which would find out what is the real reason for this mysterious phenomenon.
       3.14. Coincidence with prognosis. Already several months priori to the appearance of the earthquake from Christchurch, I predicted that it is to happen. In fact it happened according to my predictions. Such a coincidence of my prognosis with actual events is rather unusual. This is because from my research to-date it stems, that God typically avoids giving confirmations for predictions or forecasts of any human. After all, the fact whether with His Acts God confirms, or denies, predictions of a human, is this vital detail which decides, amongst others, about a difference between e.g. a "knowledge-based prognosis" and someone’s "ignorant talk", or between e.g. a "true prophet" and a "false prophet". On the other hand God is too omni-knowledgeable, farsighted, predicting, and having in His disposal too great capabilities, to give without vital reasons the capability of correct predictions to a human, and then support predictions or warning of that person with real Acts of God. This is why, if a person predicts that soon a cataclysm is to happen, in typical cases it gives almost a certainty that this cataclysm does NOT happen in the predicted place and the predicted moment of time. The good confirmation for that principle is e.g. the so-called "pandemic" of bird flu and then swine flu – which according to predictions of various learned men supposed to happen already around 2008, but which has NOT happened until today. In a similar manner the "end of world" was predicted repetitively many times by various false prophets and it never happened in the designated date. (Included into these false predictions is also the "end of world" which according to various "false prophets" supposed to happen in December 2012 – as this is explained in item #N1 from this web page.) In a similar manner the humanity will never be affected by the "nuclear (3rd) world’s war" – continually prophesized by numerous "false prophets" of various sorts. So if, in spite of utilizing by God the principle to confirm predictions and warnings of individual humans in only extremely rare cases, God still confirmed my predictions of the cataclysm described here, most clearly He had for this very vital reasons and clearly wishes that whatever this item reveals is to be written down and published so that people could take notice of that information.
       The fact that the Christchurch's earthquake could be predicted on the basis of philosophical and moral situation in New Zealand, introduces various implications. One amongst these is the consequence of similarities between UK and New Zealand. New Zealanders take a great pride from their links to UK and always emphasize that their country is an almost exact copy of the culture, language, religions, philosophy, morality, etc., of UK. Large number of New Zealanders have even British passports and spend significant proportion of their lives in UK. In turn New Zealand television and newspapers almost exclusively talks about UK and English-speaking countries, routinely ignoring what happens in non-English places and countries. This close links with UK in turn suggest, that if the philosophy and morality of New Zealanders was the reason for the cataclysm described here, then the similarity to UK may imply that soon also UK should expect equally powerful cataclysm to appear.
       3.15. Such implementation of this earthquake, that its origins, significance, and consequences can be interpreted on several different ways. After all, the presence in the Christchurch's earthquake as large number of mysterious and earlier unknown phenomena, as these described above, allows investigators with different views of the world to develop and to document at least 3 different explanations for origins of this earthquake. Also, according to my findings described in caption under "Fig. #D8", and in item #C2 of the web page named day26.htm, each one amongst these explanations can satisfy different people in this world full of drastically contradictive views. For example, the presence of mysterious attributes listed above allows that depending on someone's views, this earthquake could be explained as (1) the stupid action of untamed nature, (2) intentional destruction caused by UFOnauts, or (3) morally and philosophically corrective Act of God. In addition to these, the earthquake provides also strong premises, that in each of these explanations one can see the warning that soon a next stage and continuation of this earthquake can reveal itself.
       Revealed in the above items are only these mysterious and puzzling phenomena, the appearance of which in Christchurch I was able to determine remotely through the analysis of articles in newspapers and reports in television news. Of course, if I could drive to Christchurch and carry out my research and verification on the spot, for sure I would detect, verify on the spot, and describe, much more such mysterious phenomena. Some of them perhaps would be able to save someone's life or property in the future. Unfortunately, remaining unemployed already since 2005, and having no any source of income nor even receiving unemployment benefit - as this is explained in my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, financially I am unable to afford to go to that city. After all Christchurch is located on a different island from the island on which I live, and also the infested by monopoles economic structure of New Zealand causes that travelling in there is extremely expensive - not for my pocket. This is pity. After all, my long training in detecting and explaining mysteries of the nature, combined with my wide and multidisciplinary knowledge represented by the theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" which I developed, would allow me to detect and to interpret these phenomena and material evidence, the existence of which normal scientists would simply overlook. In addition, my personal courage and devotion to morality and to truth, would allow me to publish even findings which normal scientists would never have the courage to make available for the public knowledge. I do not need to explain here that if I would be on the spot in Christchurch, then I would also establish in discussions with locals moral and philosophical reasons for which God send this cataclysms, and also would try to establish whether the actions of people in response to this cataclysm really are turning in morally undesirable direction - as this seems to be suggested by report in New Zealand press and television (means I would also establish whether this cataclysm is going to be repeated soon). After all, so-far I seem to be the only scientist in the world who developed tools and methods for carrying out this kinds of estimates, the only scientist who is able to qualify the philosophy of his conversation partners from just several sentences that they tell, and also probably the only scientist who would have the courage to publish his findings regarding such "taboo" areas.
       4. Invisibility of scientists. After the earthquake as full unexplained phenomena and mysteries as the Christchurch one, we could expect that scientists should rush to research these and to explain these to interested members of the society. However, in the post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand scientists are completely invisible. The only sign that allowed me to notice that they still do exist, was a small article [1#P5.4] entitled "Fault awakens after 16,000 years of inactivity", from page A11 of newspaper The Press, issue dated on Tuesday, September 7, 2010. Unfortunately, the content of this article documents, that scientists who suggested this content, did NOT move from their armchairs and ivory towers to research the situation on the spot. The article is full of speculations completely removed from realities present on the spot of the earthquake. It does NOT provide explanation to any puzzles indicated above in items 3.1 to 3.9. It explains the appearance of a completely new "fault" as the existence of this "fault" for 16000 years - but it does NOT address the question how it is possible that scientists had NO idea about the presence of it. It also does NOT address many puzzles of that "fault", for example the fact that it seems to loop - as if it is just a section of a larger circular structure, or the fact that the length of it amounts to only around 30 km while ends of it do NOT link to any other "faults". It is also worth to notice, that the article [1#P5.4] appeared in the morning newspaper already in 3rd day after the earthquake - this means that it needed to be written not later then in the second day after. Only scientists sitting in comfortable armchairs and seeing the world from the heights of their "ivory towers", know for sure already second day after the earthquake that it was caused by unknown earlier "fault" which slept under the surface of the Earth for the last 16000 years.
(The rest of this item #P5 is yet to be translated.)
       W (1) z punktu #E1 na stronie o nazwie rok.htm wyjaśniłem, że począwszy od 1989 roku uczelnie wyższe Nowej Zelandii "ujeżdżają tygrysa" - czego efektem jest nieustanny spadek jakości ich nauczania oraz spadek ich osiągnięć naukowych. Ów spadek został już zresztą obiektywnie potwierdzony np. badaniami opisanymi w artykule [2#P5.4] "Universities slide down world ranks" (tj. "Uniwersytety ześlizgują się w dół w zajmowanych pozycjach") ze strony A7 gazety The New Zealand Herald wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), September 8, 2010. Według informacji z owego artykułu, uczelnie Nowej Zelandii spadły już do pozycji pomiędzy 68 i 302. Nie powinno więc nikogo dziwić, że w potrzęsieniowym Christchurch miejscowi naukowcy pozostawali niewidzialni. Faktycznie to na przekór że Christchurch ma aż kilka uczelni, zaangażowanie tamtejszych naukwców w ostrzeżenie obywateli iż po wstępnych wstrząsach zbliża się śmiercionośny kataklizm było niemal tak samo nieodpowiedzialne i tak samo kryminalnie niewystarczające, jak w owym słynnym włoskim przypadku opisanym w punkcie #P6.1 tej strony. W przeciwieństwie jednak do Włochów, w Christchurch nikt NIE został rozliczony za zaniedbywanie obowiązków służbowych za jakich wykonywanie był sowicie opłacany, a jakich nieodpowiedzialne potraktwanie doprowadziło do śmierci niemal 200 osób.
       5. Uszkodzenie kilku kościołów Christchurch, w tym zawalenie wieży prezbyteriańskiego kościoła z Hororata. Raport telewizyjny jaki po raz pierwszy widziałem w Malezji w wiadomościach nadawanych przez stację "Al Jazeera", pokazywał że owo trzęsienie ziemi zawaliło wieżę 99-letniego, historycznego kościoła prezbyteriańskiego z Hororata - pod wezwaniem św. Jana. Fotografię zniszczeń owego kościoła publikował też artykuł [1#P5.5] "Tremors strike historic church" (tj. "Wstrząsy uderzyły historyczny kościół"), ze strony A14 gazety [1#P5]. W połowie września 2010 roku w internecie fotografia owego kościoła dostępna była pod adresami oraz
       Podczas trzęsienia ziemi z Christchurch Bóg działał ogromnie wybiorczo. Zniszczeniu uległy tylko niektóre starannie wybrane budynki, co nawet odnotowali zaskoczeni dziennikarze - patrz artykuł [2#P5.5] "Surprise as most houses left intact" (tj. "Zaskoczenie jako że większość domów pozostała nietknięta"), opublikowany na stronie A13 gazety [1#P5]. To zaś znaczy, że każde zniszczenie z tego trzęsienia ziemi było NIE tylko aktem Boga, ale także wyraźną wiadomością od Boga. Na dodatek, z innych kataklizmów wiadomo, że w typowych sytuacjach Bóg oszczędza obiekty religijne, pozostawiając je nietknięte. Stąd owe znaczące zniszczenia w anglikańskich kościołach, też wyrażają sobą konkretną wiadomość od Boga - na którą to wiadomość staram się już zwracać uwagę czytelnika w punkcie #P6 tej strony, a także w punktach #C3 i #C4 from the web page named seismograph.htm. Można się domyślać, że owe zniszczenia są oznaką dezaprobaty Boga dla dającego się odnotować już od jakiegoś czasu stopniowego "rozmywania" granic tego co odróżnia moralne od niemoralnego, na jakie pozwalają kapłani tego kościoła. Przykłady owego "rozmywania granic" obejmują przedmiot nakazu powtarzanego w Biblii aż wielokrotnie i wyrażonego np. słowami z bibilijnej Księgi Kapłańskiej (Leviticus), werset 18:22 - cytuję: "Nie będziesz obcował z mężczyzną, tak jak się obcuje z kobietą". Albo stanowisko wyrażone artykułem [3#P5.5] "Archdeacon backs atheist ads-on-buses campaign" (tj. "Arcydziekan aprobuje ateistyczną kampanię ogłoszeń-na-autobusach"), ze strony A6 gazety The New Zealand Herald wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), March 2, 2010. Albo też inicjatywy w rodzaju wyeksponowania przy kościele w Auckland słynnego plakatu (billboard) który pokazywał św. Józefa w łóżku z Matką Boską - tak jak wyjaśnia to artykuł [4#P5.5] "Anger at biblical bed scene" (tj. "Dezaprobata bibilijnej sceny w łóżku"), ze strony A3 gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), December 17, 2009), zaś zilustrowała fotografia owego "billboard" pokazana przy artykule [5#P5.5] "Billboard will stay, despite upsetting bishop" (tj. "Plakat pozostanie, na przekór że wzburzył biskupa"), ze strony A9 Weekend Herald (wydanie z soboty (Saturday), December 19, 2009).
       6. Po głównym trzęsieniu ziemi, Christchurch było trapione setkami wstrząsów wtórnych (tzw. "aftershocks"). Zgodnie z artykułem [1#P5.6] "Aftershocks strike" (tj. "Po-trzęsieniowe wstrząsy uderzają") opublikowanym na stronie 14 malezyjskiej gazety The Malay Mail (darmowe wydanie z wtorku, 7 września 2010 roku), tylko podczas następnej nocy po owym trzęsieniu ziemi, Christchurch zostało uderzone przez około 20 po-trzęsieniowych "aftershocks" największe z których miały siłę 5.4. W przedziale zaś całej doby od owego trzęsienia, naliczono tam ponad 100 owych "aftershocks" o wielkości od 3.2 do 5.4 w skali Richtera. Owe wtórne trzęsienia ziemi pojawiały się powtarzalnie aż przez kilkanaście następnych dni, wstrzymując ludzi przed wejściem do swoich domów, pogłębiając na ulicach niepewność i poczucie zagrożenia, oraz dodając dalszych zniszczeń do tych spowodowanych głównym trzęsieniem ziemi. Przykładowo, o całej ich serii ciągle zaistniałej 14 września 2010 roku informowały owego dnia wieczorne dzienniki TVNZ. Jak w owych wiadomościach to podkreślano, do wówczas Christchurch doświadczył już ponad 300 takich wstrząsów wtórnych powstrzymujących powrót stabilności i normalności do życia mieszkańców owego miasta. Owe wtórne wstrząsy ciagle trwały nawet w listopadzie 2010 roku. Przykładowo, o kolejnych dwóch z nich o sile niemal 5 na skali Richtera informuje artykuł "More shakes" (tj. "Więcej wstrząsów") ze strony A3 gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z poniedziałku (Monday), November 15, 2010). W owym artykule informowano, że do wówczas Christchurch był już wstrząsany przez aż kilka tysięcy podobnych wstrząsów wtórnych.
       Takie wydłużanie poczucia zagrożenia i niepewności sprzyja zapewne rachunkowi sumienia, poszukiwaniu przez ludzi prawdy, oraz bardziej poważniejszemu potraktowaniu przez nich niezbędności odnowy - zgodnie ze staropolskim powiedzeniem kiedy trwoga to do Boga. Jak wysoką atmosferę zagrożenia wprowadzają owe wtórne "aftershocks" doskonale oddają to słowa burmistrza Christchurch opublikowane w artykule [2#P5.6] "Big aftershock rocks New Zealand city again" (tj. "Silne wstrząsy ponownie zakołysały Nową Zelandią") ze strony 14 malezyjskiej gazety The Malay Mail (darmowe wydanie ze środy, 8 września 2010 roku). Burmistrz ów stwierdził, cytuję: "Aż wnętrzności mi się wywracają. Kiedy to wszystko się skończy? To jest jak życie w wirówce. ... Nasz personel popłakuje, wozy straży pożarnej uganiają się po centrum miasta, elektryczność nie dopływa, zaś wielu, wielu ludzi jest całkowicie przytłoczone tym wszystkim." (W angielskojęzycznym oryginale (Mayor, Bob Parker, said): "My guts is churning up here. When will this thing end? It is like living in a maelstrom. ... We have got staff in tears, we have got fire engines going through the middle of the city, power is out and a lot of people are very, very churned up by that.")
       7. Symboliczna wymowa mojej nieobecności w Nowej Zelandii w chwili owego trzęsienia ziemi. Z powodu kiepskiej sytuacji finansowej, od 2008 roku ja nie wyjeżdżałem na wakacje. W 2010 roku też nie miałem zamiaru wyjechać. Do wyjazdu zmusił mnie głównie przewlekły kaszel, jaki w owym zimnym, przeciekającym i zagrzybionym mieszkanku jakie wynajmuję nie chciał ustąpić przez wiele miesięcy. Wierzyłem więc że pobyt w gorącej Malezji pozwoli mi ów przewlekły kaszel wyleczyć - co też faktycznie się stało. Potem jednak się okazało, że mój wyjazd z Wellington miał też wysoce symboliczne znaczenie. Ujawnił bowiem, że Bóg - jeśli tylko zechce, wówczas z łatwością może niepostrzeżenie usunąć każdą osobę z zasięgu katastrofy jaką właśnie przygotowuje dla danego obszaru. To z kolei oznacza, że miasto Wellington przy którym ja mieszkam wcale nie jest trwale chronione przed kataklizmami przez owych "10 sprawiedliwych" których opisuję w punkcie #I3 strony day26.htm. Jeśli więc mieszkańcy Wellington ześlizgną się do niedozwolonego poziomu filozofii pasożytnictwa - który stworzy potrzebę "korygującego kataklizmu", zaś niektórzy z owych "10 sprawiedliwych" z niego się wyprowadzą, wówczas Bóg bez trudności tymczasowo usunie z miasta pozostałych z owych "10 sprawiedliwych" jacy narazie ciągle je chronią, poczym zaserwuje miastu wymagany kataklizm.
       8. Stworzenie szansy dla Christchurch, aby wypełnić powiedzenie "nie ma takiego złego co by na dobre nie wyszło". Brak ofiar ludzkich, selektywność zniszczeń, oraz gotowość rządu Nowej Zelandii do udzielenia pomocy finansowej ludziom dotkniętym tym trzęsieniem ziemi, ujawnia że owo trzęsienie ziemi może też z czasem okazać się rodzajem "dobrodziejstwa" dla Christchurch. Chodzi bowiem o to, że Nowa Zelandia, włączając w to miasto Christchurch, ma najbardziej pożałowania godne warunki mieszkaniowe ze wszystkich krajów jakie ja znam, włączając w to kraje tzw. "trzeciego świata" - np. Malezję. (Który to fakt zwolna zaczynają sobie uświadamiać także i sami mieszkańcy Nowej Zelandii - np. patrz artykuł "Wellington's cold, damp homes worst in country" (tj. "Zimne i zawilgocone wellingtowskie domy najgorsze w całym kraju") ze strony A12 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, (wydanie ze środy (Wednesday) November 2, 2011.) Typowe mieszkania w Nowej Zelandii są w domach zbudowanych z dykty i zupełnie niezaizolowanych przed zimnem. Typowo mają one błędnie zaprojektowaną architekturę która ignoruje realia klimatyczne i koncentruje się wyłącznie na wyglądzie. Ich dachy i źle osłonięte ściany zwykle przeciekają - w rezultacie czego owe domy z dykty gniją, zaś ich mieszkania są wilgotne, zagrzybione i wysoce niezdrowe dla zamieszkujących je ludzi. Mieszkania są też zimne, bowiem ich nieszczelne ściany, okna i cała architektura uniemożliwiają ich efektywne ogrzewanie. Nie bedę się tu już rozpisywał, że obecna cena rynkowa owych podrzędnych jakościowo domostw jest ponad 10 razy wyższa niż wynosi ich faktyczna wartość - tak że normalny Nowozelandczyk nie jest już ich w stanie sobie zakupić. (To zaś praktycznie oznacza, że na zakup domów stać jedynie tych bardziej bogatych Nowozelandczyków, którzy potem je wynajmują swoim biednym współziomkom, wykorzystując ową sztucznie stworzoną trudną sytuację mieszkaniową jako narzędzia dla bezwzględnej eksploatacji biednych Nowozelandczyków przez ich bogatych współziomków.) W rezultacie, opisywane tu trzęsienie ziemi może być okazją jaką wyjaśnia artykuł [1#P5.8] "Opportunity to build houses suitable for our climate" (tj. "Okazja aby budować domy odpowiednie dla naszego klimatu"), ze strony A21 gazety The Press, wydanie ze środy, September 8, 2010 roku.
       9. Niemal równoczesne uderzenie Nowej Zelandii przez całą gamę innych kar i kataklizmów. Trzęsienie ziemi z Christchurch było tylko jednym z całego szeregu kataklizmów które ostatnio zaczęły uderzać w Nową Zelandię, a których nieprzerwane pojawianie się jest wskazówką że Bóg stracił już cierpliwość dla nieustannego ześlizgiwania się mieszkańców owego kraju w szpony filozofii pasożytnictwa. Już wrótce po trzęsieniu ziemi z Christchurch, hodowcy owoców "kiwi" z owego kraju, uparcie popierający niemoralne zasady monopolistycznej sprzedaży owych owoców, zostali ukarani wysoce niszczycielską chorobą PSA - patrz artykuł "Grower begins to destroy kiwifruit" (tj. "Sadownik zaczął niszczenie owoców kiwi") ze strony A6 gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie z wtorek (Tuesday), November 16, 2010) - która to choroba PSA w listopadzie 2010 roku zaczęła raptownie dewastować nowozelandzkie sady z owocami "kiwi" - tak jak to opisałem w punkcie #D5 strony o nazwie fruit.htm. Dziwna choroba nagle zaczęła dziesiątkować również poszukiwane na świecie nowozelandzkie ostrygi, których eksport generuje około 30 milionów dolarów zysku rocznie - po szczegóły patrz artykuł "Mystery as oysters wiped out" (tj. "Tajemnicze wymieranie ostryg") ze strony A3 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z piątku (Friday), December 3, 2010. Ponadto u wybrzeży Nowej Zelandii, lub na jej plażach, co jakiś czas pojawiają się ogromne ławice martwych ryb - patrz artykuł "Mass of floating snapper a mystery to officials" (tj. "Masa zdechłych snapperów zagadką dla urzędników") ze strony A9 gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), Decemb 2, 2010). Nie wpomnę tutaj już, że nieodpowiedzialne wylewanie trucizn na lasy, łąki i pola Nowej Zelandii spowodowały masowe wyginięcie jej pszczół - tak że obecnie zobaczenie pszczoły np. koło mojego domu jest już niemal niemożliwe. Z kolei kopalnia węgla zwana "Pike River Coal Mine" została wstrząśnięta eksplozją gazu o godzinie 15:43 w piątek dnia 19 listopada 2010 roku - patrz artykuł "Don't seal the mine, beg relatives" (tj. "Nie zamurowujcie kopalni, błagają krewni") ze strony A5 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z piątku (Friday), November 26, 2010. W wyniku tej eksplozji w kopalni zostało uwięzionych 29 górników, zaś każda kolejna próba ich uwolnienia była udaremniana coraz to innym dziwnym "zbiegiem okoliczności". W rezultacie zapewne NIE uda się wydobyć na powierzchnię nawet ich ciał. Do tego wszystkiego dadają się fenomeny pogodowe które dewastują rolnictwo Nowej Zelandii. Przykładowo, we wtorek 28 grudnia 2010 roku obszar Nowej Zelandii znany jako "Golden Bay" został uderzony największą od 150 lat powodzią - patrz artykuł "Clean-up begins after storm inflicts worst flooding in 150 years" (tj. "Sprzątanie się zaczyna po tym jak sztorm spowodał najgorszą powódź od 150 lat") ze strony A2 gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), December 30, 2010). Interesująco, owa "Golden Bay" leży niedaleko Petone w której ja mieszkam - faktycznie gdyby NIE góry otaczające Petone, wówczas zapewne byłoby ją widać z mojego domu. Jednak kiedy w "Golden Bay" szalała najgorsza powódź od 150 lat, w Petone świeciło wówczas słońce - aż tak duża jest moc ochronna owych "10 sprawiedliwych" których bronienie Petone przed kataklizmami zostało opisane w punkcie #I3 strony day26.htm. W sumie, tylko dla ludzi pozbawionych zdolności do patrzenia ciągle nie jest jeszcze widocznym, że Bóg jest coraz bardziej rozgniewany na to co się dzieje w Nowej Zelandii. (Oczywiście, Nowa Zelandia jest tylko jednym z całego szeregu krajów o szybko obniżających się moralnościach, którym Bóg coraz wyraźniej ujawnia swój narastający gniew seriami najróżniejszych kataklizmów podobnych do tych które tutaj zostały opisane jako przykłady ilustrujące objawy czyjegoś ześlizgiwania się w niedozwolony obszar pasożytnictwa i niemoralności. Jedynym zaś powodem dla którego pisze tutaj o Nowej Zelandii, zamiast np. o Pakistanie, Afganistanie, czy Zimbabwe, jest że dostęp do faktów i do precyzyjnych informacji mam głównie o kraju w którym aktualnie mieszkam. Wcale jednak to NIE oznacza, że w innych krajach sytuacja moralna ich mieszkańców jest lepsza niż ta którą tu opisuję.)
* * *
       Niestety, problem - a zapewne również i "test na moralność" jakiemu Bóg poddaje Nową Zelandię za pośrednictwem tego trzesienia ziemi, polega na tym że zarówno decydenci jak i poszkodowani obywatele owego kraju sprawiają wrażenie zbyt już zasiedziałych (complacent) i zbyt głęboko zanurzonych w filozofię pasożytnictwa aby owo trzęsienie ziemi obrócić dla dobra ludzi. Przykładowo, z zapewne cenzurowanych a stąd raczej ostrożnych wypowiedzi w prasie i w telewizji, wyłania się obraz że ofiary trzęsienia są jednak trapione wieloma plagami reprezentującymi typowe manifestacje pasożytniczej filozofii. I tak, np. trapi ich nadmierna biurokracja paralizująca niemal wszelkie działania, odwlekanie i brak rozstrzygajacych decyzji, monopolizowanie wszystkich działań i decyzji przez instytucje i władze które są zbyt wolne i zbyt nieudolne aby podołać obowiązkom - które jednak upierają się przy utrzymywaniu swego monopolu i nie chcą dzielić robót (a stąd i zysków) z innymi, monopolistycznie nastawione prawa które wyróżniają wybrane jednostki i grupy kosztem postępu i dobra całego społeczeństwa, itd., itp. Jeden poszkodowany przez owo trzęsienie ziemi skarżył się w telewizji w dniu 15 listopada 2010 roku, że potrzęsieniowa biurokracja jest tak silna, zaś istniejące prawa tak mocno krępują działania obywateli, że on osobiście się przekonał iż zbudowanie zupełnie nowego domu na całkowicie nowej działce budowalnej przychodzi mu łatwiej, szybciej i mniej kosztownie niż naprawienie kilku uszkodzeń w starym domu. Jak mocno owe monopolistycznie zorientowane prawa potrafią paraliżować obywateli, ja też przekonałem się na własnej skórze około 10/10/10 - kiedy to wysiadł mi programator w mojej pralce nowozelandzkiej produkcji. Na przekór że jestem byłym profesorem wykładającym kiedyś elektronikę, oraz na przekór że na Politechnice w Timaru prowadziłem kurs dla elektyryków, ciągle nie mam nowozelandzkich uprawnień rzemielśniczych elektryka uprawniających do naprawy pralek. (Kiedyś miałem takie uprawnienia na Polskę, gdy jako student dorabiałem sobie jako maszynista młockarni - jednak polskie uprawnienia NIE są ważne w Nowej Zelandii.) Stąd sklepom NIE wolno sprzedać mi nowego programatora wartego około 20 dolarów. Aby go więc wymienić musiałbym zawołać "specjalistę" który za "diagnozowanie" najpierw pobiera 100 dolarów, potem zaś za "wymianę programatora" każe sobie zapłacić około 200 dolarów. Tymczasem nowa pralka kosztuje 699 dolarów. Naprawa kosztowałaby mnie więc niemal połowę ceny nowej, podczas gdy pralka ciągle byłaby już stara i zapewne wkrótce coś innego by w niej nawaliło. Tak więc odkryłem wówczas, że na przekór iż w pralce nawaliła mi część warta 20 dolarów, oraz na przekór że aby wymienić tą część potrzebny jest jedynie śrubokręt warty około 5 dolarów, z powodu anty-postępowych i ograniczających swobodę działania praw jakie obowiązują w Nowej Zelandii, korzystniej się okazuje kupić sobie nową pralkę za 699 dolarów niż naprawić starą. Podobne prawa działają też w niemal każdym innym obszarze - to dlatego np. ja NIE jestem w stanie podjąć tam nawet realizacji relatywnie prostego tzw. "ogniwa telekinetycznego" które sam wynalazłem - a perypetie z którym opisuję w punkcie #J1 strony internetowej o nazwie fe_cell.htm. Działanie tych represyjnych praw na społeczeństwo, miejscowi nazywają "red tape" (tj. "czerwona taśma") - ponieważ zakuwają one ludzi i obezwładniają ich działania tak samo skutecznie jakby ludzie zostali cali pooklejani lepką taśmą - po inny przykład z tej samej kategorii patrz strona boiler.htm. Do biurokracji i do zakuwających wszelką inicjatywę praw, w Christchurch zdają się też dodawać problemy z dystrybucją funduszy i pomocy, problemy społeczne spowodowane brakiem gotowości ludności do samodzielnego działania i czekaniem aż inni wszystko dla nich zorganizują, brak informacji i niewiedza co naprawdę się dzieje, itd., itp. W rezultacie, wygląda na to że zamiast odnowić moralnie, owo trzęsienie ziemi z Christchurch tylko ugruntowuje zasiedziałość i niektóre niemoralne zachowania. To zaś oznacza, że po jakimś czasie zapewne usłyszymy o następnym katakliźmie, np. o następnym trzęsieniu ziemi, tym razem znacznie już bardziej niszczącym i pozbawionym cudu jaki poprzednio miał miejsce w Christchurch.

#P5.1. There is a very simple (and inexpensive) way for Christchurch (and also for other cities and communities) to protect itself against any cataclysm - unfortunately the city acts exactly opposite to this way:
Motto: "If you wish to have a peaceful and safe life (far from cataclysms), then 'fund a stipend for an active totalizt'."
       If one believes in claims of the atheistic science, then after getting a "punch" from a destructive cataclysm, one may only "sit and cry". After all, for the atheistic science, e.g. devastating earthquakes from Christchurch described here, or e.g. catastrophic floods which on 10th to 12th January 2011 devastated Toowoomba and Brisbane from Queensland in Australia, are the outcome of NOT what happens in a given area, but of what happens in the entire world. Unfortunately, inhabitants of New Zealand or Australia cannot order e.g. politicians from the USA to start to control emissions from chimneys of their factories, nor order e.g. politicians from Brazil to stop further cutting-down Amazonian native jungles. Therefore, when standing by beliefs in the correctness of claims of atheistic science, practically everyone feels completely powerless in matters of prevention of cataclysms. The reason is that claims of official science today are like speeches of present politicians - they shift to others and dissolve the responsibility for committed mischievousness and disallow to establish what should be done to improve our situation.
       But if one believes that the world is ruled by omnipotent God, then the prevention of cataclysms becomes possible end even easy. After all, in the world ruled by God, destructive cataclysms are simply "punishments" which God serves to those who do NOT live according to His requirements. In such a world, every city and every community receives from God exactly whatever it deserved with its own behaviour. (Notice that in the world ruled by God the level of someone's voluntary fulfilment of the requirements imposed on people by God, is called the "morality". Thus, in such a world the arrival of cataclysms is the outcome of "immorality" of inhabitants of a given area treated as a single "group intellect".) So in order to prevent or stop the arrival of cataclysms, in the world ruled by God suffices to just find out which immoral behaviours God punishes with cataclysms, and simply either eliminate these behaviours completely, or change them into more moral which God is willing to accept without serving a "punishment". In other words, in the world ruled by God, whatever hits you is exclusively your own fault. Thus, you cannot pass the responsibility for your disasters onto neighbours or on distant countries, but the improvement of your own situation you must start from yourself.
       The research to-date carried out for the philosophy of totalizm and described in this web page as well as in the page day26.htm, suggests that typically there are two basic reasons for which a cataclysmic phenomenon of nature destroys a given "group intellect". (The "group intellect" is explained e.g. in items #B2 to #B4.4 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm. It is defined as "an entity composed of many people and leading its own 'life', and thus subjected to the action of moral mechanisms and laws" - e.g. a city, village, community, nation, country, entire human science, etc.) These reasons include: (a) the lack of the required at least "10 righteous" in this "group intellect", whom would protect it against cataclysms - as this is explained in item #A2.3 from the web page totalizm.htm, and (b) the wrong philosophy (and thus wrong beliefs) which this "group intellect" practices. For example, in case of Christchurch, instead of e.g. attracting and encouraging "righteous" people to settle in that city, inhabitants of this city rather prefer to "repel" them, while attract people who represent reversals of "righteous" and whom later make this city famous for completely wrong reasons. I am aware of two cases when this city clearly "repelled" from itself "righteous" people that could change its fate (instead attracting such people). But it is obvious that these two cases represent a permanent "trend" that prevails in that city. The first case is that of 1999, when in the city was this miraculous revelation that Christchurch is going to be visited by "Second Jesus" - as is described in item #G2 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Instead of helping the city director who was preparing the city for that vital visit, the city preferred to scoff at, and remove this director from his post. The second case is my own attempt to find a job in Christchurch. Namely, starting since the time of my emigration to New Zealand, I personally used to fill at least one job application each year for a post at the Canterbury University in Christchurch. After all, I love this city and I wanted to live in it. But all these my numerous applications (plus also many applications to the Polytechnic in Christchurch and to the Lincoln College) were systematically rejected. This rejection could NOT be based on my qualifications, knowledge, experience, and capabilities, as in these I always excel in comparison to all other candidates - for details see item #E1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm. So they needed to result from my views that were known to members of selection committees, and that are far from atheism and from orthodoxy so dominating that particular university and the city. I do NOT need to explain here, that philosophies and believes that were sources of motives for both above cases of "rejection" from Christchurch of the "righteous" people who could protect the city, were also the reason (b) listed above for which the city is troubled by series of cataclysms.
       After identifying reasons why "group intellects" (including Christchurch and many other cities and communities) are "punished" with cataclysms, the philosophy of totalizm allows to develop several simple ways how to eliminate these reasons. I am going to explain here how works an example of one such way, which applies to Christchurch, but which gives an idea how to develop similar ways for other cities and communities. For Christchurch, the most simple and inexpensive amongst these ways states, that "it suffices to officially invite Jan Pajak to permanently live in Christchurch on the expense of city inhabitants, and the cataclysms will omit this entire destruction area". The work of such an official invitation would boil down to the philosophical effects of procedures of issuing it. These procedures would eliminate both, the reason (a), as well as the reason (b) explained above. The elimination of reason (a) would stem from my (already well known) moral stand which qualifies me as one amongst these "righteous" that would protect Christchurch from cataclysms. In addition, after shifting to Christchurch I would soon surround myself with a group of followers of totalizm, thus complementing the required number of at least "10 righteous" living in the city. After all, the philosophy of totalizm can be considered to be a kind of "generator of righteous" people - as those ones who pedantically practice the "formal totalizm" fulfil simultaneously the demanding definition of "righteous" from the Bible. In turn, the elimination of reason (b) would stem from the sole process of granting me a formal invitation to live in Christchurch on the expense of city. The process of such granting would cause a significant modification of philosophies and beliefs that dominate this city (i.e. the city treated as a single "group intellect"). In turn, such a change of philosophies and beliefs in the city would eliminate the action of the principle applied by God and described in item #A2.2 of the web page named totalizm.htm, to "always affect people with the evidence which is the reflection of beliefs that these people adhere and on the base of which they undertake their actions". In other words, if I really was invited to live in Christchurch on the expense of the city, then the sole process of making this invitation would implement in there the method described in item #A2.2 from the web page totalizm.htm - which would effectively defend the city against "mischief of nature". To the above it is also worth to add, that in my presence quite strange events always happen, which can be described with the name of "silent miracles". The list of examples of these is provided in item #H2 of the web page god_proof.htm. Furthermore, the premises which are described in item #I3.1 of the web page named day26.htm suggest that the "gift" of protection from cataclysms by "10 righteous" probably can be "projected" to a selected single "righteous" person. Thus, if I am invited to live in Christchurch on the expense of this city, then also in there such "silent miracles" would probably start to happen, while all possible cataclysms perhaps would start to omit this city at large distances - as at present all cataclysms omit the town of Petone in which I live. (For the evidence of omissions of Petone by cataclysms - see item #I3 on the web page day26.htm.)
       The method of defence through "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" described above, is fast and effective. So it excellently suits the "crisis situations" - means cases when the philosophy practiced by a given city or community already reached the level of parasitism at which God sends cataclysms. But in present times such situations prevail already in many areas of the world, e.g. in New Zealand they include a significant number of cities, towns and provinces, regularly troubled with droughts, fires, floods, frosts, sows, hurricanes, earthquakes, hooligans, mobs, fights, robberies, etc. In turn in Australia it includes cities and communities from several states regularly affected with droughts, fires, winds, floods, dust storms, tornadoes, locust plagues, etc. I will not elaborate here on the rest of the world, including USA, England, and the continental Europe, where various cataclysms are rampant. Of course, in the applying this method, this "righteous" someone invited to settle on the cost of given community not necessarily must be myself, but can be [b]any active "totalizt" who practices a "formal totalizm" and who fulfils the God's definition of a "righteous" - so precisely explained in the content of the Bible, as well as who additionally is widely known in the world from active promotion of this unorthodox philosophy[/b]. After all, in the method described here the invited "righteous" is NOT the one who stops cataclysms. He just acts on the philosophy of local people in a similar way as active "catalysts" act in chemical reactions - i.e. he triggers with his views and his actions the change of philosophies in a given community, while only the effect of this change in philosophy and beliefs causes that cataclysms cease.
       From the formal point of view, the "invitation of an active totalizt to live in Christchurch at cost of the ratepayers" would NOT differ significantly from whatever this city is doing already for many years. After all, Christchurch probably is the only city in the world, which - on the expense of ratepayers, for many years officially employs the so-called "Wizard" - who previously on the central square of this city was performing various "pagan rituals" in order to amuse with them passers-by and tourists. (Now this central square is destroyed.) Thus, if instead of "wizardry" this "Wizard" become famous from practicing the formal version of totalizm, while instead of amusing passers-by with "pagan rituals" he rather tried to impress God by the devotion with which he fights for the right kind of morality, then probably the earthquake from Christchurch would never happen. However, while considering hypothetically a different orientation and philosophy of that "Wizard", it is also worth to ask a question, whether the city of Christchurch would then employ him for the role which he fulfils.
       As the reader can find out this from my autobiography, totalizm still is a persecuted philosophy - similarly like in first centuries of AD persecuted was the Christianity. After all, everything that introduces a significant progress, including totalizm, is persecuted with the so-called "curse of inventors" described in item B4.4 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm. Thus, the majority of "totalizts" hide from their surroundings the fact of practicing this philosophy. But many of them are in contact with me - after all I am the creator of totalizm. Therefore, if someone wishes to get in touch with nearest totalizts, then should turn in this matter to me.
       Of course, totalizm indicates also methods for long-term "prevention" of cataclysms. (These methods are to work more permanently than the above method of fast and short-term removal of the "crisis" caused by cataclysms that already have arrived). The most sure amongst these "preventive" methods recommends to the endangered communities: "include into the syllabuses of your schools and universities three additional subjects, namely the "[b]Concept of Dipolar Gravity", the "philosophy of totalizm" and the "philosophy of parasitism" - so that they balance the "atheism" and the "scientific orthodoxy" forced monopolistically in the highly biased current educational systems[/b]. In turn, such an inclusion of these subjects will reassure that the new generation in these communities starts to practice the correct philosophy from the very beginning and just by itself is to generate the required number of "righteous" individuals which are to protect these communities from cataclysms.
       At the end I would like to explain "why I am writing here all this, while realistically I know in advance that present atheistic people will NOT implement it, while some amongst them will even scoff at it?" Well, there are three main reasons. (1) At present there are numerous cities and communities in the situation of Christchurch. Thus, on the example of Christchurch this item indicates for all of them, how in a simple and inexpensive way they all can defend themselves against increasingly frequent cataclysms. (2) If, knowing the method of defence, I decided to keep it secret, then the guilt for the consequences would fall on my shoulders. But if other people are informed what they should do to avoid cataclysms, however, at their own responsibility they decide to NOT implement it, then they themselves bear the entire responsibility for whatever is to happen. Furthermore, (3) the above descriptions indicate an obvious evidence for the actual acting on the Earth the reason (b) described here for the appearance of present cataclysms. After all, this reason is the wrong kind of philosophy and beliefs amongst present people, while this item clearly realises that such wrong philosophy and beliefs become already so dominant that they really make impossible the implementation of even so simple and so well documented method of self-defence against cataclysms as the one described here. Thus, this item realises that instead of actually defending themselves against cataclysms, present people prefer to rather act in the way caption under "Fig. #M1" explains that employees of "Te Papa" acted with "houfeng didongy yi" (i.e. present people prefer to remove from the view and to hide in cellars the evidence which documents that they follow a wrong path).
       I should also add here, that my suggestion expressed in the content of this item #P5.1 was already published on 18 January 2011 (simultaneously in two places, namely in item #C5.1 from the web page named seismograph.htm, as well as in post number #193E from two blogs of totalizm with addresses indicated in item #U2 below).

#P5.2. The "moral field" works in such a manner, that whatever is the easiest thing to do, is NOT the deed which yields beneficial outcomes:
Motto: "For those endangered with a cataclysm the most vital is the answer: 'how we prove to others that we really changed the philosophy which we practice'."
(The translation of this item still awaits to be completed - please return here again some time later.)
       Oczywiście, tak jak można było tego się spodziewać, opisane w poprzednim punkcie moje sugestie metod z pomocą których mieszkańcy Christchurch mogliby oddalić obecny "kryzys zagrożenia kataklizmem" okazały się "wołaniem na puszczy". Znaczy, nikt nawet NIE rozważał "ufundowania stypendium dla totalizty", "zaimportowania" do miasta "10 sprawiedliwych", albo chociaż wprowadzenia np. "Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji" do programu nauczania. Wszakże tylko niewielu ludzi wie z działania "pola moranego" (opisywanego w punkcie #A2.1 strony o nazwie "totalizm.htm" oraz w punkcie #F1 strony o nazwie "rok.htm"), że chociaż "zignorowanie" przychodzi znacznie łatwiej niż "zrealizowanie", tylko pracowite wdrożenie prawdy może przynieść pożądane następstwa. Także zamiast podjąć budowę tak potrzebnego Nowej Zelandii "zdalnego wykrywacza gotujących się trzęsień ziemi", opisanego na tej stronie, po pierwszym trzęsieniu ziemi w Christchurch odnotowałem że model tego wykrywacza (pokazany poniżej na "Fot. #M1") został usunięty z aktywnej wystawy w muzeum i schowany przed ludźmi do piwnicy. Inne "wskaźniki zmiany filozofii" też wyglądały podobnie. Przykładowo, skargi ludzkie na Christchurch tylko się nasiliły, zaś sporo mieszkańców miasta coraz głośniej narzekało na załatwianie spraw wynikających z trzęsienia ziemi opisanego w punkcie #P5 powyżej. Aby dać tu jakieś pojęcie o rodzaju tych skarg i narzekań, to w połowie lutego 2011 roku, czyli po upływie niemal pół roku od owego trzęsienia ziemi, ciągle "formalne szuflowanie papierkami" NIE zostało jeszcze zakończone, zaś poszkodowani nadal NIE otrzymali nawet formalnych pozwoleń na podjęcie odbudowy swych zrujnowanych budynków. Przez więc około pół roku życie i postęp zostały zamrożone w Christchurch przez biurokratów, zaś ludzie ciągle NIE otrzymali formalnej zgody aby zacząć przywracać to życie do normy.

#P6. The "urging" earthquake from Christchurch, on Tuesday, 22 February 2011:
Motto: "People relentlessly refuse to accept the truth, God relentlessly illustrates this truth for them."
(The translation of this item still awaits to be completed - please return here again some time later.)
       We wtorek, dnia 22 lutego 2011 roku, o godzinie 12:51, kolejne katastroficzne trzęsienie ziemi uderzyło Christchurch. Jego siła była zaledwie 6.3 w skali Richtera. Jednak jego epicentrum leżało niedaleko od środka miasta, na płytkiej głębokości tylko około 5 km pod ziemią. Unieszczęśliwiło ono tysiące właścicieli domów, oraz wiele businesów których siedziby zostały zrujnowane. Uśmierciło też sporo ludzi. Np. w dniu aktualizowania tego punktu w dniu 31 marca 2011 roku, dzienniki telewizyjne podawały końcową liczbę 181 znalezionych ciał zabitych. Dokumentnie zniszczyło też sporą część miasta Christchurch – szczególnie tą która miała sporo do czynienia z dochodami i z prawami ludzi, a także z urabianiem poglądów tzw. "opinii publicznej".
       W tym kolejnym trzęsieniu ziemi ciągle można dopatrzeć się aż szeregu "szczęśliwych zbiegów okolicznosci". Przykładowo, uderzyło ono w środku słonecznego dnia i to w godzinach tzw. "lunchu" - tj. dokładnie "za dziewięć pierwsza po południu". Stąd większość ludzi przebywała już poza budynkami aby skorzystać z pogodnego dnia i zjeść sobie lunch gdzieś na wolnym powietrzu. Dobre oświetlenie pozwalało też aby owi ludzie mogli wyraźnie widzieć co wokół nich się dzieje. A więc aby mogli też uciekać przed upadającymi ścianami i gruzem. Jak też widać to doskonale na ujęciach filmowych, wielu ludzi uniknęło śmierci właśnie poprzez szybkie uskoczenie lub odbiegnięcie z drogi walących się gruzów, ścian i balkonów. Następstwa tego trzęsienia ziemi ciągle były więc łagodniejsze od nieszczęść które by ono wywołało gdyby uderzyło powiedzmy w chwili gdy ludzie ciągle byli w biurach, np. około godziny 10 rano, a stąd kiedy walące się budynki waliłyby się na owych ludzi, albo kiedy byłoby ono choćby o trochę wyższej sile. Można więc uważać, że Bóg i tym razem miał na uwadze iż doświadcza "Masto Chrystusa" i potraktowal owo "Christchurch" relatywnie łagodnie.
       Dzięki opisanym powyżej relatywnie "szczęśliwym zbiegom okoliczności", w tym trzęsieniu ziemi z Christchurch zaistniały jedynie 4 główne przypadki, kiedy zawalające się budynki pochłonęły większą liczbę ofiar ludzkich - choć przy mniej sprzyjających okolicznościach takich "centrów umierania" mogłoby być całe dziesiątki. Intrygująco, te cztery przypadki reprezentują również najważniejsze źródła wpływów na filozofię praktykowaną przez mieszkańców Christchurch. Obejmują one budynki dwóch najważniejszych instytucji kształtujących poglądy mieszkańców Christchurch. Z tych najwięcej ofiar pochłonął (1) budynek tzw "CTV" (tj. lokalnej stacji telewizyjnej zwanej "Canterbury Television"). Na swym szczycie budynek CTV zawierał bowiem międzynarodową szkołę języka angielskiego z około 100 zagranicznymi studentami - głównie z Japonii. Budynek ten całkowicie się zawalił, zaś niemal wszyscy ludzie z jego środka zginęli. Ludzkie ofiary pochłonął także (2) częściowo zapadły budynek lokalnej gazety z Christchurch, zwanej "The Press" - znanej z jej "ortodoksyjnych" artykułów. Warto tu jednak nadmienić, że w zniszczonym centrum Christchurch zlokalizowany jest też budynek 3-go kanału "Telewizji Nowozelandzkiej" (ogólnokrajowej) - który przetrwał nietknięty. Interesująco, ów nietknięty "kanał 3" od jakiegoś już czasu przewodzi w Nowej Zelandii w walce o moralność, o prawdę, o sprawiedliwość, o postęp, o równość, itp. Wygląda więc na to, że jego przetrwanie dokumentuje ścisły związek pomiędzy "aktywnym obstawaniem za prawdą i za moralnością", a przetrwaniem kataklizmu. Kolejnym przypadkiem zawalenia pochłaniającego liczne ofiary był ośrodek finansowy, legalny i ubezpieczeniowy Christchurch - do biur którego dałoby się wytropić sporo ludzkich skarg i narzekań publikowanych w prasie i wypowiadanych w telewizji. Był to (3) niemal całkowicie zapadły budynek tzw. "Pyne Gould Corporation". W końcu, około 20 ofiar ludzkich pochłonął (4) kościół anglikański (katedra) z centralnego placu Christchurch (do wiernych kościoła anglikańskiego zalicza się przeważająca większość mieszkańców Christchurch). Interesująco, w sporej liczbie innych kataklizmów, kościoły i inne obiekty religijne zwykle przetrwały nietknięte - co podkreślam w punkcie #F3 powyżej. Jedynie kościoły których praktyki wypaczały nakazy zawarte w Biblii (tak jak katedra w Haiti) zostawały zrujnowane. Tymczasem w Christchurch niemal wszystkie kościoły zostały zrujnowane - niezależnie od praktykowanej przez nie religii. To obejmuje również katedrę katolicką - z której dachu spadły dwie, z 3-ch tam istniejących, kopuły blaszane. Na szczęście, ani w niej, ani przy niej, nikt nie zginął. Czyż więc jest możliwe, że Bóg wyraził w ten sposób swoją dezaprobatę dla źródła skarg które jakiś czas temu wzburzyły opinię publiczną z powodu niewłaściwego potraktowania (seksualnego eksploatowania) dzieci objętych opieką kościoła katolickiego? O tym wszakże że Bóg ma o coś wyraźną pretensję do całego kościoła katolickiego z Christchurch, świadczy dosyć symboliczne zdarzenie z owej katedry opisane w artykule "Cathedral statue turns the other cheek" (tj. "Posąg z katedry nastawił drugi policzek"), ze strony A6 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), March 10, 2011. Mianowicie, znajdujący się w owej katedrze posąg "Our Lady" ("Naszej Pani" - czyli "Matki Boskiej"), przed trzęsieniem ziemi skierowany był swoim przodem do wiernych. Podczas trzęsienia ziemi odwrócił się jednak o 180 stopni, tak że po trzęsieniu ziemi zaczął być odwrócony tyłem do wiernych - tak jakby "NIE mógł już na nich patrzeć". Zarówno gazeta, jak i wielu ludzi, zapewne uważa owo "odwrócenie się posągu tyłem do ludzi" za zabawny "zbieg okoliczności". Ja jednak posądzam, że jest to wysoce symboliczny "znak" dany ludziom przez Boga, tyle iż w typowy dla boskich działań sposób wypełnia on tzw. "kanon niejednoznaczności" - tak aby każdy mógł go interpretować na swój własny sposób (kanon ten opisany jest, w punktach #C2 i #A2 strony will.htm). Poza tymi czterema jednoznacznie definiowalnymi miejscami uśmierceń, reszta ofiar ludzkich pochodziła z przypadkowych chodników i ulic centrum miasta, kiedy to ziemia się zatrzęsła i na głowy przechodniów zaczęły się sypać kamienne parapety i cegły, zaś oni byli zbyt powolni w ucieczce i NIE zdążyli uskoczyć. Ostatnią żywą osobę wyciągnięto z gruzów już w środę około 15 po południu, czyli w zaledwie jeden dzień (albo w około 26 godzin) po trzęsieniu. Potem wyciągano już tylko ciała. Co zastanowiło wielu, to że już w około dobę po trzęsieniu zaniechano ratowania zagranicznych studentów z owej szkoły językowej w CTV - co dokumentuje artykuł [1#P6] "Search for CTV survivors called off" (tj. "Zaniechano poszukiwań tych co przeżyli w CTV") ze strony A5 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), February 24, 2011. Tymczasem w wiadomościach TV3 z piątku podawano, że któryś z tych studentów ciągle wysłał SMS z prośbą o ratunek jeszcze w czwartek, około 2-giej nad ranem. (Ogromnie smutną historię kobiety pogrzebanej żywcem w budynku CTV i komunikującej się z mężem aż do chwili wyczerpania się baterii w jej telefonie komórkowym, opisuje artykuł "Hope fades with dying phone battery" - tj. "Nadzieja wycieka wraz z umierającą baterią telefonu", ze strony A7 nowozelandzkiej gazety Weekend Herald, wydanie z soboty (Saturday), March 12, 2011.) Dopiero kiedy do Nowej Zelandii dotarła ekipa ratunkowa z Japonii, wznowiła ona poszukiwania ciał własnych studentów w ruinach budynku CTV - co podkreślił artykuł [2#P6] "Japanese rescuers searching for their own" (tj. "Japońscy ratownicy poszukują swoich własnych"), ze strony A4 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z piątku (Friday), February 25, 2011.
       Z ogromnym współczuciem odnotowałem także, że samo to trzęsienie ziemi, zniszczenia budynków, oraz śmierci licznych ofiar, były jedynie początkiem piekła jakie potem się rozpętało dla mieszkańców Christchurch. Wszakże brak elektryczności, uszkodzenia dopływu wody i odpływu ścieków, smród i chorobotwórcze działanie ludzkich odchodów które NIE odpływały ze ściekami, brak paliw, brak sklepów i towarów w sklepach, nieprzejezdne drogi, wytryski płynnych minerałów z podziemi które zatapiały mieszkania, ogrody, drogi oraz wsysały samochody, ewakuacje sporych fragmentów dzielnic, liczne zakazy, bariery i ograniczenia ponakładane przez władze, powolność i selektywność reakcji, ociąganie się z nazwaniem lub oddaniem ciał ofiar, raptowny wzrost przestępczości, rozpętanie się zimnej i wietrznej pogody, nieustanne "wstrząsy wtórne" i zagrożenie ponownym trzęsieniem ziemi, itd., itp., spowodowały że dalsze życie w owym mieście stało się jednym pasmem cierpienia. Na dodatek pojawiły się liczne niebezpieczeństwa. Przykładowo, Nowa Zelandia ma "problem azbestowy" bowiem spora proporcja domów ma ów rakotwórczy minerał zmieszany z tynkiem sufitów i ścian. Po trzęsieniu ziemi w Christchurch, pokruszony na pył tynk z owym azbestem był rozwiewany przez wiatry tworząc zabójcze "azbestowe chmury" do wdychania. Ci więc nieuświadomieni ludzie, którzy NIE ubierali masek, zapewne wkrótce będą chorzy na "azbestową pylicę". Na dodatek, poniszczone sklepy i instytucje zaczęły przyciągać kryminalistów najróżniejszej maści. Ponadto, braki nieuszkodzonych budynków zaczęły eskalować ceny za wynajęcie. Nic dziwnego, że już tylko przez pierwszy tydzień po tym trzęsieniu, porzuciło Christchurch i odleciało samolotami aż 50 tysięcy mieszkańców, przy całkowitej populacji tego miasta (w/g ostatniego "cenzusu") wynoszącej 348 tysięcy - dane podane w zestawieniu [3#P6] ze strony A2 gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), March 1, 2011). Sporo bowiem rodzimych Nowozelandczyków jest właścicielami więcej niż jednego domu w odmiennych częściach kraju - miało więc dokąd uciekać. Ta liczba 50 000 obejmuje przy tym tylko tych co odlecieli samolotami - a stąd których dało się oficjalnie policzyć dzięki dokładnemu dokumentowaniu biletów jakie prowadzą linie lotnicze. Ilu bowiem dalszych ludzi opuściło Christchurch własnymi samochodami lub autobusami, tego nikt NIE wie. W mieście głównie pozostali więc tylko bardzo biedni - którzy NIE mają dokąd uciekać, a także bardzo bogaci - którzy wprawdzie posiadają też inne domy, jednak NIE chcą utracić z oczu źródła swego dochodu i bogactwa.
       Moje serce, współczucie i szczere kondelencje są z mieszkańcami Christchurch. Ja sam też straciłem oboje rodziców - wiem więc doskonale jak to się czuje utracić kogoś nam najbliższego. Ponadto, już aż kilka razy w swoim życiu traciłem też niemal wszystko co posiadałem. Chociaż te moje kolejne straty wynikały z niemoralności ludzi od których byłem wówczas zależny (tak jak to wyjaśniam dokładniej w punkcie #4 strony o nazwie jan_pajak.htm), strata dorobku życiowego zawsze jest stratą i odczuwa się ją tak samo boleśnie bez względu na to kto, czy co, ją powoduje. Z tamtych moich własnych strat najbardziej wyryło mi się w pamięci, że ten kto stracił coś naprawdę dla siebie ważnego, zwykle szczerze pragnie aby jego ból i cierpienie mogło jakoś być obrócone w dobro dla innych. Znaczy, aby jego strata była już ostatnią. To właśnie z tego powodu napisałem niniejszą stronę, stworzyłem otwierającą nam oczy filozofię totalizmu, nieustannie przypominam, że "moralność jest kluczem do wszystkiego", wyjaśniam, że "w świecie rządzonym przez Boga 'moralność' to poziom zgodności zasad naszgo życia z wymaganiami nałożonymi na nas przez Boga", itd., itp. Rozumiem bowiem że na świecie wcale NIE brakuje ludzi którzy spędzają całe swe życie na grzecznym pocieszaniu, zachęcaniu, wychwalaniu, oraz wybaczaniu innych. Natomiast brak nam ludzi którzy mają odwagę wypowiadać prawdę - szczególnie kiedy owa prawda jest gorzka, lub kiedy jej publiczne wypowiedzenie zagraża im utratą dobrze płatnego zawodu czy wygody zajmowanej pozycji. Tymczasem - jak to staram się wyjaśnić w punkcie #F1 strony totalizm.htm, bez poznania prawdy NIE ma postępu. Wszakże, jeśli np. tragedię Christchurch rozpatrzy się z podejścia "a priori" (tj. z podejścia "od przyczyny do skutku" - opisanego w punkcie #G1 powyżej), wówczas aby znaleźć skuteczną metodę obrony przed takimi kataklizmami, najpierw trzeba poznać całą prawdę na temat przyczyn dla których owe kataklizmy nas nękają. Ktoś musi więc mieć odwagę aby całą prawdę na temat tych przyczyn nazwać, zdefiniować, wypunktować, oraz potem głośno wypowiedzieć. Potrzeba zaś aż ogromnego bólu, strat i zawodów, a także wielkiej miłości do Boga, do swoich bliźnich, do natury i do świata w którym żyjemy, w rodzaju tych którymi ja zostałem już doświadczony, aby ktoś czuł się przygotowany do podjęcia tej niewdzięcznej roli.
       Wysoce uczącym przykładem losu który spotyka osoby usiłujące ustalić prawdę i poinformować o niej współziomków, była kampania zgodnego potępienia i atakowania Nowozelandczyka, który analizując współzależności pomiędzy odległościami Księżyca od Ziemi, wielkościami przypływów morza, oraz pojawieniami się trzęsień ziemi, przewidział i publicznie to zapowiedział, że w niedzielę dnia 20 marca 2011, silne trzęsienie ziemi ponownie uderzy Christchurch. Natychmiast na owego - jak go nazwano "Moon Man" (tj. "osoba z Księżyca"), zgodnym chórem potępienia napadły wszystkie gazety, radio i telewizja. Każda ważna osobistość wypowiedziała się też że NIE ma on racji i że jego przewidywania są wysoce "nieodpowiedzialne" i "szkodliwe" - patrz atrykuł "Quake forecast reckless, says MP engineer" (tj. "Zapowiedź trzęsienia ziemi lekkomyślna, stwierdził poseł na sejm z dyplomem inżyniera") ze strony A3 gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie z poniedziałku (Monday), March 21, 2011). Lokalni naukowcy, których normalnie nigdzie ze świecą NIE uświadczy, nagle powychodzili z ukrycia tylko po to aby publicznie go zrugać i obwieścić że on się myli (żaden z nich nie podał jednak swojej daty kiedy mieszkańcy Christchurch powinni spodziewać się następnego trzęsnienie ziemi). Natomiast słynne "stowarzyszenie sceptyków" z Christchurch, które kiedyś mi także dawało solidnie w kość na głoszenie moich poglądów, zorganizowało transmitowany przez telewizję "lunch" w restauracji położonej dokładnie ponad przewidywanym epicentrum zapowiadanego trzęsienia ziemi. Aczkolwiek w normalnych okolicznościach Bóg unika potwierdzania ludzkich przewidywań - co wyjaśniam w (3.14) z punktu #P5 niniejszej strony, tym razem Bóg zdecydował się interweniować. Wszakże NIE mógł pozwolić aby uszły na sucho aż tak niemoralne potępienia i napaści na kogoś, kto jedynie pragnął prawdy i postępu wiedzy oraz kto bezpłatnie wykonał prognozę którą powinni wykonywać wysoko-opłacani naukowcy. Stąd, na przekór że cały ów dzień minął spokojnie, tuż przed godziną 22-gą Christchurch zostało jednak uderzone wskazanego dnia wstrząsem o sile około 5 w skali Richtera, z epicentrum zlokalizowanym dokładnie tam gdzie ów "człowiek z księżyca" to przewidział. Czyli ów zwykły człowiek działając amatorsko odniósł sukces w czymś do wykonania czego doskonale-płatni "eksperci" okazują się kompletnie bezużyteczni, mianowicie z sukcesem przewidział on NIE tylko kiedy nastąpi kolejne trzęsienie ziemi w Christchurch, ale także wskazał gdzie dokładnie będzie jego epicentrum. Czy więc ktokolwiek z owych ważnych osobistości go przeprosił albo przekazał mu wyrazy uznania? Jak się okazało, NIE. Na drugi dzień nadal go krytykowano w gazetach i telewizji, oświadczając że on przewidywał "duże" trzęsienie ziemi, tymczasem to które przyszło wcale NIE było "duże". W tym miejscu powinienem zaznaczyć, że totalizm nam ujawnia, iż z punktu widzenia moralności, prawdy i postępu, to właśnie owa histeryczna kampania przeciwko tamtej prognozie jest "nieodpowiedzialna" i "szkodliwa". Wszakże akceptuje i nagradza ona pasożytnicze zachowania dzisiejszych naukowców, oraz ich kulturę typu "NIE czyń niczego", czyli samemu nawet NIE próbuj prognozowania trzęsień ziemi, za to gań i krytykuj każdego kto prognozowania takiego dokona - nawet NIE sprawdzając uprzednio czy jego prognozy okazą się poprawne (po więcej szczegółów na temat "kultury" i zachowań dzisiejszych naukowców - patrz punkty #C1 do #C4 na stronie telekinetyka.htm). Przy takiej zaś kulturze i zachowaniach, postęp sam nigdy się NIE wypracuje, zaś ludzie nigdy NIE będą poinformowani kiedy powinni uważać bo zachodzi niebezpieczeństwo iż ziemia ponownie pod nimi się zatrzęsie. Jak więc widać "każdego spotyka dokładnie los na jaki zasługuje".
       Ja powinienem tu się przyznać, że jestem "zakochany w mieście Christchuch". Powodem jest prawdopodobnie, iż ze wszystkich miast Nowej Zelandii, architektura, parki i widoki właśnie Christchurch są najbardziej podobne do tych jakie pamiętam z mojej rodzinnej Polski. Kiedy więc oglądałem w telewizji raporty z tej ogromnej tragedii mojego najbardziej ulubionego miasta, nie mogłem się oprzeć zapytywaniu, dlaczego nawyki filozoficzne, moda, "naukowe zachowania", oraz utarte sposoby załatwiania niektórych spraw, NIE pozwalają jego mieszkańcom aby spróbować odmienić swój los poprzez ochotniczą zmianę filozofii którą praktykują. Wszakże w dzisiejszych rozpaczliwych czasach, ludzie powinni czynić wszystko co w ich mocy, oraz próbować każdej już zidentyfikowanej metody obrony przed kataklizmami, tak aby podobne tragedie przestały się przytrafiać mieszkańcom dzisiejszych miast i społeczności.
       Zniszczenia budynków od opisywanego tu trzęsienia ziemi były ogromne. Jak wyjaśnia to artykuł [4#P6] o tytule "Counting the cost" (tj. "Podliczenie strat") ze strony A1 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), March 8, 2011, z ogólnej liczby 140 000 domów istniejących w Christchurch, około 10 000 trzeba będzie wyburzyć bowiem NIE nadają się już do naprawy, dalsze zaś około 100 000 zostało pouszkadzane - chociaż ciągle jeszcze nadają się do naprawy. (Odnotuj że w miastach Nowej Zelandii domy typowo są drewniane i wyglądają zupełnie inaczej niż domy w miastach Polski. Poza ścisłym centrum miasta, czyli poza tzw. CBD, reszta zabudowy to kilometry i kilometry taniutkch parterowych domków jedno- lub dwu-osobowych o niemal identycznie przybrudzonym wyglądzie, wykonanych z dykty oraz pokrytych rdzewiejącym i zwykle przeciekającym blasznym dachem, każdy z których domków stoi w miniaturowym ogródku w jakim poza obumierającą trawą i krzakami zwykle nic innego nie wyrasta. Oczywiście, każde miasto ma też co najmniej jedną dzielnicę bogatych ludzi, w której domy są większe - chociaż ciągle parterowe, czasami nawet wykonane z cegieł i pokryte dachówką, zaś których powiększone ogródki mają nawet kwiatki. Jednak owe dzielnice z bogatymi, zdrowymi i ładnymi domami wcale NIE są typowe, podobnie jak dobrze ubrani, zasobni oraz zdrowi na ciele i duchu ludzie wcale NIE są typowymi mieszkańcami dzisiejszej Nowej Zelandii.) Okazało się także iż zniszczenia domów Christchurch NIE były rozłożone równomiernie. Trzy przymorskie dzielnice tego miasta (znaczy wschodnie i najbardziej stare wiekowo oraz filozoficznie) zostały bowiem zniszczone niemal dokumentnie. Z kolei kilka zachodnich dzielnic miasta (najnowszych - zarówno wiekowo jak i filozoficznie) niemal wogóle nie ucierpiało zniszczeń.
       Filozofia totalizmu wyjaśnia, że każde działanie można zrealizować na co najmniej dwa sposoby. Jeden z owych sposobów, wspinający się najbardziej stromo "pod górę" pola moralnego, totalizm zdefiniuje jako najbardziej "moralny". Stąd, zgodnie z zasadą działania "pola moralnego", będzie on najtrudniejszy do urzeczywistnienia - wszakże jego realizację w "intelekcie grupowym" będzie utrudniał mechanizm tzw. "przekleństwa wynalazców", opisywany w punkcie #B4.4 totaliztycznej strony mozajski.htm. Za to owoce tego najmoralniejszego sposobu będą najbardziej korzystne, trwałe, oraz najbardziej cieszące wszystkich zainteresowanych. Inny z tych sposobów będzie schodził najbardziej stromo "w dół" pola moralnego. Stąd totalizm zdefiniuje go jako najbardziej "niemoralny". Za to będzie on najłatwiejszy do zrealizowania. Z kolei jego owoce okażą się w przyszłości najbardziej niekorzystne i będą źródłem dalszych utrapień dla wszystkich dotkniętych nimi ludzi. W przypadku działania w rodzaju "odbudowa Christchurch", przy aż tak dużym poziomie zniszczenia miasta jak ten opisywany powyżej, relatywnie łatwo jest ustalić który ze sposobów jego odbudowy kwalifikuje się do której z obu powyższych katagorii. I tak, najbardziej "moralna", chociaż najbardziej trudna do zrealizowania, byłaby odbudowa Christchurch polegająca na całkowitym wyburzeniu najbardziej zniszczonych (wschodnich) dzielnic miasta, założeniu na ich miejscu parków, oraz przeniesieniu dotychczas zamieszkujących je ludzi do nowo-wybudowanych dzielnic, tym razem zlokalizowanych już na zachodniej (nowej) stronie miasta. Taka bowiem odbudowa przyniosłaby wiele korzystnych następstw. Przykładowo, przeniesienie sporej części ludności do zupełnie nowych dzielnic spowodowałaby zasadniczą zmianę w filozofii tych ludzi. Wszakże spowodowałoby ono "wymieszanie" ludzi i zburzenie starych "układów społecznych". W ten sposób wyliminowałoby ono niebezpieczeństwo następnego kataklizmu - tak jak to wyjaśnił punkt #P5.1 powyżej. Ponadto, byłoby ono nieporównanie szybsze od naprawy owych domów. Wszakże eliminowałoby ono wiele czasochłonnych formalności biurokratycznych (w rodzaju oszacowania i udokumentowania poziomu zniszczeń każdego indywidualnego domu, wyceny tych zniszczeń dla ubezpieczeń, zatwierdzania i wypłaty ubezpieczeń, architektonicznego zaprojetowania sposobu naprawy, itp.). Upraszczałoby też cały proces odbudowy. Wszakże nawet najbardziej "sprawiedliwy" proces redukowałby się wtedy do tylko czterech bardzo prostych działań, mianowicie do: (1) wyceny ile stary dom był warty (co jest już dokonane od dawna, bowiem w Nowej Zelandii każdy urząd miasta posiada oficjalne wyceny wszystkich budynków tego miasta - to bowiem na podstawie tych wycen jest tam ustalane ile "komornego" dany właściciel ma płacić miastu za każdy swój budynek), (2) dania właścicielowi nowego domu o podobnej wartości - tyle że już zlokalizowanego w nowej dzielnicy, (3) przeprowadzenia się ze starego do nowego domu, oraz (4) wyburzenia starego domu i założenia w jego miejscu parku. Pozwalałoby ono też aby nowe domy były budowane szybko, taśmowo i ekonomicznie przez niezainteresowane w zyskach państwo - co zmniejszyłoby ich cenę, jako że wyeliminowałoby monopol budowlańców i architektów którzy w takich sytuacjach bezpardonowo "podbijają ceny". Zwiększyłoby też zapotrzebowanie na produktywnych fachowców, zamiast na jałowych biurokratów - czyli eliminowałoby obecną depresję ekonomiczną kraju. Zmniejszałoby liczbę źródeł niezadowolenia i skarg ludzi, które (zgodnie z punktem #G1 tej strony) stają się potem powodem zaserwowania następnego kataklizmu danemu miastu czy społeczności. Ponadto, eliminowałoby ilość i poziom niemoralnych oszustw które są możliwe przy okazji długotrwałych napraw wymagających wielu etapów, dużej biurokracji, najróżniejszych urzędników, wypłat przez sporo instytucji i przez państwo, mieszaniny rzemielśników, harytatywnych składanek, itd., itp.
       Na przekór iż rząd Nowej Zelandii faktycznie zaoferował mieszkańcom Christchurch, że podejmie się zrealizowania powyżej opisanej, najbardziej "moralnej" zasady odbudowy tego miasta, jak wynika z raportów w telewizji i w prasie, sami mieszkańcy miasta, a także jego lokalne władze, odrzuciły tą ofertę i uparły się przy dokonywaniu odbudowy zgodnego z łatwym do zrealizowania poruszaniu się "w dół" pola moralnego. Znaczy, upierają się aby każdy dom odbudować w miejscu na którym obecnie stoi, używając ów najbardziej biurokratyczny, czasowo najdłuższy, oraz najbardziej kosztowny proces dokumentowania na papierze i wyceny każdego uszkodzenia, wypłacania ubezpieczeń i kompensat rządowych, opracowywania projektów architektów jak odbudować każdy dom, poczym powolnej i kosztownej odbudowy wymagającej usług dziesiątków najróżniejszych rzemielśników i ich nadzorców. W rezultacie, całe dzielnice miasta nadal będą położone na najbardziej niestabilnym i najbardziej zagrożonym terenie. Na dodatek, na przekór "utopienia" w owych dzielnicach i domach ogromnych funduszy, domy nadal będą tam stare, nadal przeciekające, wilgotne i trudne do ogrzewania, nadal zagrzybione, nadal niezdrowe i praktycznie nie nadające się do zamieszkania. Co jednak najgorsze, przy tej zasadzie odbudowy filozofia mieszkańców wcale NIE ulegnie zmianie. Wszakże każdy pozostanie w "starych układach", zaś zasiedziała atmosfera i stosunki międzyludzkie nadal się nie zmienią. Za to pojawią się tysiące nowych źródeł dla skarg i krzywdy międzyludzkiej. Stąd, w niedługim czasie później Bóg zapewne będzie musiał tam uderzyć następnym kataklizmem aby jednak zmusić tych ludzi do powprawadzania koniecznych zmian filozoficznych i moralnych.
       (Odnotuj, że w przeciwieństwie do innych kataklizmów, do których szczegółowych opisów NIE mam wogóle dostępu, precyzyjne raporty i informacje o katakliźmie w Christchurch mogę śledzić na bierząco i badać pod ignorowanym przez dzisiejszą "ateistyczną naukę ortodoksyjną" filozoficznym podejściem "a priori" - tj. "od przyczyny do skutku", opisanym dokładniej w punkcie #A2.6 strony totalizm.htm i w punktach #C1 do #C4 strony o nazwie telekinetyka.htm. Ponieważ zaś, tak jak każdy inny kataklizm, niezależnie od tragedii ludzkiej, kataklizm ten ujawnia również "wymiar filozoficzny" - który powinien być obiektywnie badany i poznawany dla dobra całej ludzkości, na niniejszej stronie będę kontynuował raportowanie o wynikach swych badań tego właśnie wymiaru filozoficznego. Mam bowiem nadzieję, że wyniki moich obiektywnych badań, chociaż smutne i czasami przykre, w sumie dobrze przysługują się owej wysoce moralnej idei iż bez poznania prawdy NIE ma postępu, a stąd w długoterminowym efekcie okażą się korzystne dla wszystkich zainteresowanych.)
       Wszystko co opisałem powyżej reprezentuje raportowanie zdarzeń dokonane zaraz po tamtym trzęsieniu ziemi w Christchurch. Jednak w miarę jak czas postępował miały miejsce dalsze wydarzenia, część z których też zasługuje tu na wzmiankowanie. Przykładowo, fakt że praktycznie niemal wszystkie posunięcia osób kierujących odbudową Christchurch w praktyce okazały się krzywdzące, a stąd wzbudziły znaczącą falę niezadowolenia i skarg zwykłych mieszkańców tego miasta. Aby nie być tu gołosłownym, wskazę kilka takich posunięć najbardziej krytykowanych i uważanych za wysoce niesprawiedliwe. I tak przykładowo, natychmiast po trzęsieniu ziemi całą centralną część miasta ogrodzono i odcięto dostęp do niej właścicieli zawartych tam domów i zakładów przemysłowych. W rezultacie, uniemożliwiono tym właścicielom odzyskanie swoich najdrogocenniejszych pamiątek i co cenniejszych własności. Potem zaś zaczęto wyburzać tam domy, wraz z zawartymi w nich dobrami. W rezultacie duża liczba ludzi poczuła się ograbiona i skrzywdzona. Z kolei wobec wszystkich pouszkadzanych domów wydano zakaz podjęcia jakiejkolwiek naprawy, aż do czasu kiedy biurokratyczne formalności związane z wyceną zniszczeń i sporządzaniem oraz zatwierdzaniem projektów napraw zostaną pozałatwiane. Formalności te jednak wloką się w nieskończoność i nawet pod koniec maja (kiedy to pisałem niniejszy partagraf) ciągle były dalekie od zakończenia. W rezultacie zima przyszła a tysiące ludzi NIE miało tam gdzie mieszkać. Wszakże ich własnych domów NIE wolno im było naprawiać, zaś inne zamieszkiwalne budynki NIE są tam dostępne. Dużo problemów zaindukowało tam też prawo nowozelandzkie, które zakazuje ludziom dokonywania czegokolwiek samemu (każdy rodzaj pracy wolno tam dokonywać tylko "specjaliście" posiadającym "papiórek" że nabył odpowiednie "uprawnienia" - tak jak wyjaśniłem to już w ostatnim paragrafie punktu #P5 tej strony). W rezultacie, ludziom NIE wolno tam samemu niczego naprawiać, a do naprawy każdej "duperelki" muszą oni tam wołać drogiego, niesolidnego, oraz niepunktualnego "specjalistę". W sumie już po kilku miesiącach od dnia trzęsienia ziemi zaczęło tam być klarownie widoczne, że decyzje i posunięcia powymyślane i wdrożone przez ludzi kierujących odbudową Christchurch okazały się być najbardziej niemoralne i najbardziej krzywdzące ze wszystkich możliwych tam do wprowadzenia w życie. Najwyraźniej też nawet sam Bóg zaczął się z ich powodu niecierpliwić i nawet wielokrotnie dał temu wyraz. Przykładowo, owe niewielkie "wtórne trzęsienia ziemi" wcale tam NIE ustały i powtarzały się okresowo co jakiś czas - szarpiąc nerwy każdego. Ponadto, w pierwszych godzinach porannych w środę dnia 18 maja 2011 roku Bóg prawdopodobnie specjalnie zesłał pożar jaki wymownie ilustruje jego niezadowolenie, a jaki opisywany jest w artykule "Three firefighters hurt in early mornig blaze" (tj. "Trzech strażaków poszkodowanych we wcześnie-porannym pożarze"), ze strony A3 lokalnej gazety The Press, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), May 19, 2011. Pożar tren spalił bowiem budynek i cały sprzęt komputerowy należące do tzw. "Trimble Navigation Co." - tj. amerykańskiej firmy jaka była bezpośrednio uwikłana w odbudowę Christchurch. Ta zatrudniająca 240 ludzi firma wykonywała bowiem w Christchurch cyfrową mapę która potem użyta miała być do sporządzenia 3-wymiarowego modelu trzęsienia ziemi oraz do wypracowania zasad przyszłej odbudowy owego miasta. Pożar zniszczył jednak jej siedzibę i całe jej wyposażenie elektroniczne używane dla owego cyfrowego mapowania Christchurch.
       W czerwcu 2011 roku mieszkańcy Christchurch zaczęli się coraz intensywniej skarżyć na biurokrację, bezduszność, niesolidność, rabunki, niewłaściwe potraktowanie, opóźnienia, niezdecydowanie i brak działania władz, sekretywność, itp., jakie coraz otwarciej panoszyły się w owym mieście. Najlepszym wyrazem tych skarg były wypowiedzi zwykłych mieszkańców owego miasta ujawnione na kanale 3 nowozelandzkiej telewizji w powtarzalnie nadawanym tam programie "Campbel Live" ze środy, 15 czerwca 2011 roku, godzina 19:00 do 19:30 (dobrze że Nowa Zelandia ciągle ma chociaż jeden taki obiektywny i walczący o prawdę bieżący program telewizyjny). Oczywiście, można łatwo zgadnąć jak Bóg reaguje na takie rosnące niezadowolenie i skargi ludzkie. Zapewne dlatego w poniedziałek dnia 13 czerwca 2011 roku, miasto Christchurch zostało ponownie uderzone aż całym rojem trzęsień ziemi. Najsilniejsze z nich, mające moc 6.3 w skali Richtera uderzyło o godzinie 14:20 - po jego opisy patrz np. artykuł "Trapped in hell" (tj. "Złapani w piekielną pułapkę") ze strony A1 (a także stron A4 do A7 i B1) gazety The New Zealand Herald (wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), June 15, 2011). Owo trzęsienie ziemi spowodowało jedną ofiarę ludzką - jakiegoś staruszka zabitego upadającą cegłą. Dodało też miastu następną porcję zniszczeń. Jednak to jego symbolizm miał zapewne najsilniejszą wymowę. Wszystko bowiem o nim okazało się wysoce symboliczne - co dawało się odnotować nawet z dalekiej Polski (tak jak ujawniła to polskojęzyczna strona Przykładowo, jego data 13 była raczej symboliczna - co wyjaśniam w (4) z punktu #F3 tej strony. Symboliczne znaczenie miały też budynki które ono zniszczyło - szczególnie zaś już nienaprawialne doniszczenie przez nie obu katedr miasta Christchurch (tj. zarówno doniszczenie jego katedry anglikańskiej jak i katedry katolickiej). Jeśli Bóg niszczy katedrę jakiegoś miasta, wówczas można to brać za wyraźny znak boskiego niezadowolenia z tego co czyni kościół tegoż miasta - jako przykład patrz zniszczenie katedry na Haiti zbaczającej w kierunku voodu i kultu szatana (tak jak to opisane w punkcie #C3 ze strony internetowej o nazwie seismograph.htm). Pytanie więc jakie ktoś mógłby zadać, to czy zniszczenie obu katedr w Christchurch nie jest przypadkiem wyrazem dezaprobaty Boga dla stanowiska owych kościołów w sprawie wizyty w Christchurch Drugiego Jezusa w 1999 roku - opisanej w punkcie #G2 odrębnej strony o nazwie przepowiednie.htm. Wszakże oba te kościoły pozwoliły wówczas aby miasto Christchurch (traktowane jako jeden duży "intelekt grupowy") nie tylko odrzuciło ideę owej wizyty, ale nawet podjęło niemal otwartą wojnę przeciwko pamięci tamtej wizyty i przeciwko misji którą miała ona zrealizować. Ciekawe też czy na zniszczenie katedry anglikańskiej miała jakiś wpływ decyzja opisana w artykule "Presbyterians ratify gays" (tj. "Prezbyterianie zatwierdzają homoseksualistów") ze strony B3 nowezelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post (wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), May 12, 2011) - w którym ujawniono że w owych kościołach homoseksualiści mogą już zostawać kapłanami. Czy więc jest możliwe, że owe powtarzalne trzęsienia ziemi nieustannie niepokojące to miasto służą np. nakłonieniu jego co bardziej moralnych mieszkańców do opuszczenia miasta - zanim zostanie ono całkowicie zmiecione z powierzchni ziemi (tak jak zmiecione były miasta Wineta i Salamis opisane w punktach #H2 i #H3 strony o nazwie tapanui.htm).

#P7. The earthquake on Friday, 23rd December 2011, and next earthquakes which arrived soon afterwards:
(The translation of this item still awaits to be completed - please return here again some time later.)
       Kiedy mieszkańcy Christchurch zaczęli już wierzyć że najgorsze jest poza nimi, nagle w piątek, dnia 23 grudnia 2011 roku, nastąpiła u nich kolejna seria silnych trzęsień ziemi. Owo trzęsienie ziemi opisałem już relatywnie dobrze w punkcie #B2 tej strony. Najdokuczliwszym ich składnikiem była tzw. "liquefaction" która zalała sporą część miasta warstwą płynnego błota jakie potem przyszło mieszkańcom z mozołem sprzątać i wywozić z miasta.
       Już wkrótce potem także się okazało, że wcale NIE było to ostatnie trzęsienie ziemi jakie dotknęło owo miasto. Kolejna seria silnych trzęsień ziemi - na szczęście dla jego mieszkańców, tym razem już bez nieprzyjemnej "liquefaction", dotknęła Christchurch w poniedziałek, dnia 2 stycznia 2012 roku. Jej krótki opis zawarty jest w artykule [1#P7] o tytule "Quake flurry last straw for some, Parker says" (tj. "nawrót trzęsień ostatnim źdźbłem dla niektórych, stwierdził starosta"), ze strony A5 nowozelandzkiej gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), January 3, 2012. Najsilniejsze uderzenie w tamtej serii nowych wstrząsów dotknęło miasto tuż przed godziną 6 rano i miało siłę 6 na skali Richtera. Natomiast sam fakt zaistnienia tej serii rozciągnął wstrząsy jakim poddawane jest miasto Christchurch na trzeci już z kolei rok kalendarzowy - wszakże miasto to było uprzednio powtarzalnie wstrząsane już począwszy od roku 2010 (patrz punkt #P5 powyżej) i potem poprzez cały rok 2011 (patrz punkt #P6 i niniejszy).
       Gdyby jakiś nauczyciel (nawet najmniej zdolnych uczni) przez trzy kolejne lata kalendarzowe powtarzał im tą samą lekcję, owi uczniowie z pewnością by zrozumieli jej wymowę. Tymczasem dla lokalnych naukowców z Christchurch, którzy są opłacani za wyciąganie wniosków z tego co się tam dzieje, wymowa powtarzania trzęsień ziemi przez trzy kolejne lata kalendarzowe zdaje się nic NIE mówić. Czy nie warto więc byłoby zacząć wreszcie zadawać pytania, czy problem polega tu na kompetencji owych naukowców, czy też na błędności całej dotychczasowej "ateistycznej nauki ortodoksyjnej". Wszakże tylko zadawanie właściwych pytań oraz udzielanie na nie odważnych odpowiedzi wnosi potencjał ulepszenia naszego jutra.
       Faktyczna wymowa tych kolejnych trzęsień ziemi jest taka, jakby Bóg chciał z ich pomocą przekazać mieszkańcom owego miasta wiadomość: "nie widzę wymaganej zmiany w waszych poglądach, postępowaniu, ani nastawieniach - NIE skończyłem więc jeszcze swoich rozliczeń z waszym miastem".

Part #R: Significant earthquakes which affected New Zealand cities other than Christchurch:
#R1. The earthquake of power 6.5 which affected the capitol city of Wellington on 21 July 2013:
       At 5:09 pm on Sunday 21 July 2013, the capital city of Wellington, on the suburb of which I live, was affected by a relatively strong earthquake of the power 6.5 in the Richter scale. (I.e. it was affected by the earthquake that was stronger from the one that on 22 February 2011 devastated the city of Christchurch). But because a description of this earthquake from Wellington is provided in item #I3.1 (see 21 in there) from the web page named petone.htm, I am NOT going to repeat these descriptions in here.
       If we would like to classify that Wellington earthquake to one amongst categories of cataclysms listed in item #G1 above, than this was (7a) a warning earthquake.

Part #S: What to do, so that the present official human science is no longer interested in maintaining the situation, when they are NOT officially known methods for the detecting that deadly earthquakes are just brewing and soon are to hit us:
#S1. How the ability to generate "profits without responsibility" blocks research of the official science on the development of effective methods for detecting impending earthquakes:
Motto: "Behind large words of important people typically hide low motives."
       It is NOT a secret, that many of today's "luminaries of science", working in disciplines that research natural cataclysms, are leeching financially "on the side" by taking part in various "expert panels", associations, advisory bodies, etc. Just for the promise, that they will warn people against the impending earthquakes or other disasters, these "luminaries of science" harvest big profits without putting any effort into it and without taking any responsibilities on themselves. The reason is that any their incompetence, error, and lack of responsibility, they are always able to justify with the excuse, that the humanity supposedly still does not know officially the precise manner of detecting "when" and "where" the next deadly disaster strikes. While counting on the effectiveness of that excuse, when actually an earthquake or any other disaster approaches, they either find a way to remain completely silent - in spite, that by taking money for their "expertise" in fact they committed themselves to warn, or they just provide some "comforting lies" - to calm down fears of the population, and thus to satisfy the political decision-makers from whom depends their employment in that role, and who, in the case of issuing an actual warning would have to get busy with taking a difficult action or preventive evacuation. Of course, regardless of whether these "luminaries of science" choose to keep silent or to tell "comforting lies", in case when a disaster actually comes, their behaviour only worsens the situation of people counting on them. After all, ordinary people who do NOT know "what is going on" in scientific circles, typically consider their "comforting lies" as a scientific certainty, in turn their silence - for a reliable prognosis that nothing will happen. According to the popular saying that "no news is good news", for the ordinary people the silence of scientists typically is taken as the official forecast of science that "nothing is threatening anyone here".
       But what is even worse, human nature has this attribute, that if someone finds something very profitable, then he or she is vitally interested that the situation which allows this is to never end. (The work of this attribute of human nature is explained in item #C1 from this web page on an example of pharmaceutical companies that in order to increase their profits develop drugs which do NOT heal, but only relieve the symptoms of illnesses, and at the same time make patients so dependent that this dependency forces them buy these drugs for the rest of physical life. Of course, this pharmaceutical example is just a single one amongst a whole array of similar behaviours which we can see around us. Others involve tobacco producers, beer and spirits breweries, drug gangs, gambling casinos, brothels, dictators for life, etc. In each of these "industries" various groups of people are breaking moral principles to draw benefits from human suffering, illnesses, and even death - as on the example of the tobacco industry tries to realize this to us the article [1#S1] entitled "Why smokers are good for NZ society", from page A9 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.) Because of this attribute of human nature, in order to extend indefinitely situations from which given kind of people makes money, some amongst these "luminaries of science", who profit, for example, from the fact that there are deadly earthquakes and that the humanity still officially does not know effective methods for detecting when and where these earthquakes are to strike, tend to secretly sabotage every research which bring a potential to develop an effective method for the detection of impending earthquakes. In the result of such sabotages, these scientists created for humanity a "vicious circle" in which (1) "the inability to detect impending earthquakes allows some decision makers of science to reap profits without taking responsibility", while simultaneously (2) "the reaping profits without taking any responsibility inspires these decision makers to block the search for effective methods of detecting impending earthquakes". This "vicious circle", causes that the low motives and private interests of just a few individuals are blocking the progress of the entire human civilization. Therefore, the humanity as a whole must find and implement a way to break this vicious circle. To the finding and implementing such a way is devoted this entire "part #S" of this web page (as well as devoted are significant parts of several other web pages and monographs by the author).

#S2. What evidence confirms that today's official science as a whole is NOT interested in the development of effective methods which can detect deadly earthquakes that are just brewing to hit:
       Of course, if the arguments presented in the previous item are to be confronted with scientists from earthquakes, who themselves are involved in drawing benefits from the official non-existence of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes, then these scientists will attempt to beat the validity of such arguments in an usual for orthodox scientists way. Firstly, they probably will try to call these arguments yet "another conspiracy theory" - and then scorn the entire matter. If this does not work, they are to use a "heavier artillery" of the kind of claims that supposedly there is absolutely no scientific evidence that some scientific decision-makers blocks the development of effective methods for detecting impending earthquakes. Therefore, in order to forestall such attempts, below I listed several categories of evidence which actually do prove that the present official science, considered as a single "group intellect", blocks the research on the development of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes. Here are these categories:
       (1) The deliberate avoidance by the official science of undertaking research on the Zhang Heng Seismograph. Since March 2003 are available on the internet numerous descriptions which I personally prepared and which disclose the design and operation of an ancient telepathic device which already around 2000 years ago has proven itself in action, that it is capable to detect incoming earthquakes remotely and to effectively alert people about the approaching disasters. (Prior to March 2003, descriptions of this seismograph were also available on the internet, but they did NOT contain yet explanations as to how this device actually worked, because this explanation was only provided by my "hobby" research.) On this web page a model of the device is shown as "Fig. #M1". When in years 2005 to 2011 I was on another my unemployment, and the impossibility to obtain even an "unemployment benefit" intensified my panic search for a job, I sent my job applications supplemented by proposals of a research programme to build and to test this particular device, to all universities in the world which advertised any scientific positions that were suitable for carrying such type of research, including universities from the countries most at risk from earthquakes (e.g. including Japan) - as described in item #I1 from the web page seismograph.htm. I sent in that period hundreds of such job applications, complemented by proposals of research programs on this seismograph. In spite of this, none of those universities agreed to give me a chance to construct the device - although, for example, in cases of Japan, the USA and New Zealand, this device could actually turn life-saving for the nation which financed these universities. What also may shock equally much, since the time when as a first scientist in the world I published descriptions of the true principles of operation of this device, I have NOT received even a single shred of inquiry regarding this seismograph. Such a massive disregard to opportunities of developing a device which already has been proven in action around 2000 years ago, cannot be explained just by a chance, and behind it has to hide someone else’s benefits and private interests.
       (2) The hiding of the telepathic [b]Zhang Heng Seismograph by researchers from the national museum "Te Papa" in New Zealand[/b]. (This seismograph is capable of remote and early detection of impending deadly earthquakes - i.e. of their detection at the stage when the earthquakes still are just preparing to occur.) Many years ago New Zealand has received, as a gift from people of China, the same model of this ancient seismograph, the picture of which is shown in "Fig. #M1" on this web page. When the country was not shaken yet, this seismograph was exhibited at the National Museum of New Zealand, called Te Papa. But when the earthquake described above in item #P5 devastated the New Zealand city of Christchurch, this model has been hidden from visitors. After all, it was inspiring embarrassing questions of the kind "why it is NOT build and researched today - since it has already proven its effectiveness in ancient times?" Of course, hiding an exhibit is in fact the easiest way to avoid such embarrassing questions - already proven on many other exhibits, for example on the so-called. "Colenso's Bell" described in the caption under "Fig. #M1" from this web page and in item #D1 from the web page named seismograph.htm, or on the "skeleton of a human giant" described in item #I2 from the web page named newzealand.htm - about which a whispered gossip or tradition from Timaru says (unfortunately, in a manner impossible to verify or confirm it officially) that supposedly this skeleton disappeared forever in the cavernous basement of the museum in Christchurch.
       (3) Ignoring the opportunities to verify or to implement any of the methods of preventing the arrival of earthquakes based on morality and described on this web page. About the life-saving potential of these methods informs NOT only the Bible (e.g. see in the Bible the description of the fate of the biblical city of Nineveh), but also countless legends - such as the legend about the Baltic city of Vineta from the vicinity of today's Polish Świnoujście, described in item #H2 from the web page named tapanui.htm. I myself also, acting only on the basis of deprived of funding "scientific hobby", was able to document already a significant body of evidence that in fact these methods based on morality are proving effective - see e.g. the evidence listed in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm. (One can imagine what the evidence in this matter could be identified and revealed by well financed professional scientists - if they had reliably taken this research on board.) In addition, these methods based on morality are rather inexpensive. In spite of all this, no-one bothers to check or take their trial implementation. This fact is particularly disappointing, as for the example, the method described in items #J1 and #P5.1 from this web page would be very easy to check in the New Zealand's city of Christchurch shaken repeatedly by earthquakes virtually even in times of writing this paragraph. In spite of such easiness in checking, at the same time it brings a high chance to eliminate dangers and consequences indicated in the introduction to the web page named petone.htm. To summarise the above, the long existence of methods for early detection of impending earthquakes and for the defence against the deadly effects of these earthquakes, which methods are clearly and deliberately ignored and on purpose omitted from researching by the present official science, reveals that the official science and professional scientists are NOT trying hard enough to actually find an effective method for detecting and stopping of incoming earthquakes. They do not check every opportunity which in this matter has already been identified. In turn it is known, that if someone deliberately avoids something that could save lives of many people, then he or she must have in this some personal interest.
       (4) Twisting facts and noisy harassment of these Italians, who make their scientists accountable for causing deaths due to an incorrect estimates of the risk of an earthquake. If decision makers in science had NO personal interests in maintaining the current "status quo" in the matter of impossibility to detect impending earthquakes, then they would NOT carry out such morally questionable campaign of vociferous attacks and twisting of facts, as they do it in relation to the judgment of the trial described in items #S4 and #S5 below.

#S3. How can we break this "vicious circle" in which (1) "the inability to detect impending earthquakes allows some decision makers of science to reap profits without taking responsibility", and (2) "the reaping of profits without taking responsibility, encourages some amongst these decision-makers to block research on methods of effective detection of impending earthquakes"?
       In order to stop the rooted presently in science "vicious circle" of blocking the development of effective methods for the detection of impending earthquakes (or for the detection of any other natural disasters - out of some of which various "luminaries of science" also derive additional benefits), it is necessary to take several kinds of well-designed official actions. The most important amongst these, is the official formation of the "competition" for the old science, through the establishment of yet another, new "totaliztic science". "How" and "why" this is to be done officially - it is explained already on a number of totaliztic web pages and publications, including items #A3, #B1 and #C2 from this web page. Another such an official action is to make the "luminaries of science" accountable for their silence and for the avoidance of responsibility of warning the public about upcoming earthquakes. This making them accountable is to deprive them of the opportunity to continue the present avoidance of responsibility for what they do and what they claim, and will force them to break the deadlock in the research on more promising methods for the detection of impending earthquakes.

#S4. The Italian case of the first in the world bringing to justice those scientists who botched the interpretation of manifestations of an incoming earthquake and caused deaths of 309 people with their erroneous prognosis that the earthquake will NOT come (which case created the first legal precedent that could help to interrupt the "vicious circle" discussed here):
Motto: "If an engineer builds something that collapses, or if a medical doctor poisons someone instead of healing - they usually land for this in a prison. This is why engineers and medical doctors are used to practicing the culture of responsibility and searching for truth. But if the ignorance and laziness of a scientist causes numerous deaths - typically this scientists gets away with this. This is why present scientists are used to practicing the complacent avoidance of responsibilities and preferential dissemination of nicely sounding untruths instead of unpopular truths."
       With reference to methods of interrupting a "vicious circle" described above, it is worth noting that YES, finally, there is the first case in the world and the first "legal precedent" when the "luminaries of science" were make accountable by the society for the reckless treatment of the "expert opinion", the preparation of which they undertaken voluntarily for a good payment, for their lack of knowledge and ignorant discharge of their professional duties, for the irresponsible and incorrect assessment of risks, and for avoidance of issuing a clear warning to people, when the danger was obvious. About the occurrence of this case I learned for the first time from the article [1#S4] with quite a misleading title, "On trial for not predicting quake", from page A12 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. (The title of this article seems to be intentionally misleading and manipulated, as in fact these scientists were NOT judged for "not predict an earthquake", but for avoiding the responsible disclosure of uncomfortable truth, for putting the pleasantly sounding untruth before the truth, and for succumbing to the culture of complacency and passivity - which became the reason for deaths of many people.) From the above article it stemmed, that this first in the world legal precedent of making scientists accountable for disastrous consequences of whatever they volunteered to undertake for a hefty fee, was accomplished by relatives of 309 people killed in the Italian city of L'Aquila during the earthquake with the strength of 6.3 on the Richter scale, which earthquake took place in there at night on 6 April 2009. These relatives organized themselves in an association called "309 martyrs" and reported to the court all six participants of the panel of 6 scientists "experts from earthquakes" and one high-ranking civil servant, all of which were appointed to assess the risks that may threaten their city after it was hit by a series of more than 400 small quakes. At the meeting which evaluated the level of risks, which meeting preceded by six days the killer earthquake in L'Aquila, this panel of "experts" made quite irresponsible verdict, that in spite of that series of more than 400 tremors, and in spite that similar series of small earthquakes preceded the deadly for city large earthquakes that have taken place there in the 18th and 16th century, the city probably is NOT threaten by any earthquake of a greater magnitude. As it was only exposed by the article [3#S4] indicated below, one person from this panel of experts gained a grim fame among the locals, as he advised the people from that city to be relaxed and pour themselves glasses of wine, because nothing threatened them. Relatives of the victims of that earthquake, which in spite of this verdict, still struck the city and killed 309 residents, say that they are well aware that no-one today is able to predict the day and the hour when a deadly earthquake is to hit. However, these "experts" coming from the group of highest paid scientists specializing in researching earthquakes, still should have a sufficient knowledge and a sufficient sense of responsibility to at least warn residents that there is a possibility of an earthquake of a greater magnitude, and that hence the city residents are "sitting on a bomb". Such a warning would allow residents of L'Aquila be on guard and probably would save a lot of lives. So in fact the accusation concerns the ignorance which is contrary to the requirements of a well-paid profession in which these scientists are working, and covers too-irresponsible treatment of the assessment of a highly significant level of risk that these scientists officially (and, of course, for the high fee) have volunteered to prepare for the residents of that city.
       Immoral and loud efforts of twisting and distorting the content and merit of this quite reasonable charges, carried out by other professional scientists, make me so interested in this whole trial, that I began to closely monitor its progress. The next article [2#S4] which I was able to read about that judicial process of Italian earthquake scientists, appeared in February 2012. He was entitled "Scientists stand on shaky ground", from page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. It informed that the trial of these Italian scientists is still ongoing, and that probably will continue to go on until next several months, if not years. The article also added some further information which provided the awareness how irresponsibly and how immorally modern scientists can behave, avoiding the communicating with the public on matters for which they have been employed, and ignoring the procedures of behaviours that have been developed for them.
       What was the verdict of this trial I learned only from the article [3#S4] with again the deliberately misleading and probably manipulated title "Dismay at jail term for scientists who failed to predict quake", from pages A24 and A25 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. As it stemmed from this article, these scientists were sentenced to 6 years in prison each, and to pay several million Euros in compensation to families of the victims of this earthquake (two million euros they had to pay immediately, and the rest a bit later). Of course, their lawyers immediately cautioned that they will appeal against that verdict - so the case still has not closed. The article also quoted the exact wording of the charges for which they were convicted. The wording very clearly revealed that they were NOT accused nor convicted for "not predicting the earthquake", as deliberately confusingly slandered this lawsuit numerous scholars from the rest of the world - whom clearly did not like that in Italy the society began finally make accountable well-paid scientists from the responsibility for disastrous consequences of their well-paid expert opinions. The prosecution was stating, quote: 'for providing "an incomplete, inept, unsuitable and criminally mistaken" assessment of risks posed'.

#S5. The reaction to the Italian court verdict which make scientists accountable for bungling the assessment of the level of danger:
       Almost immediately after the announcement of the judgment from that Italian court case, various other scientists began noisy attacks on the verdict. Of course, one can guess, that scientists who made these attacks, are also members of various "expert panels", advisory bodies, committees, etc., which allow them to reap financial benefits from earthquakes, without taking on themselves the responsibility linked to such disasters. There was so many of these attacks that, for example, only one edition of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, October 25, 2012, published two articles on this subject, namely, on page A13 published the article [1#S5] "The mystery of when any earthquake will strike remains", while on page B2 it published the article [2#S5] "Disaster chiefs walk out over jailing quake".
       What shocked me the most in immoral reactions of these scientists for this morally justified judgment, is that they completely distort the meaning of that judgment, and that most probably they use it as an excuse to justify their own lack of responsibility in statements of expert opinions that probably they voluntarily prepare for hefty fees. It is because these scientists say that their Italian professional colleagues should be exempt from liability for the consequences of their wrong and negligent "opinion of the expert panel", because "NO earthquakes can be predicted" at the present state of the official science. In this assertion those "defenders of irresponsible scientists" overlook, or deliberately distort, a number of facts. For example, they overlook, or distort, the facts that:
       (a) Italian scientists sentenced to prison actually made predictions about what supposedly is impossible to predict. After all, they stated in their "opinion of the expert panel" that a deadly earthquake will NOT hit L'Aquila. Meanwhile, just the same as today's scientists are unable to predict the coming of an earthquake, they are also NOT able to predict that there will NOT be an earthquake. Thus, it is NOT a professional behaviour to calm down the population by claiming something like "relax and have a drink of wine, because you are completely safe from an earthquake". After all, where just was an earthquake, at any time may hit also the next one that will turn to be deadly. The purpose of these scientists should therefore be rather to determine how big are chances that a deadly earthquake will hit within the specific number of days from the nearest future and to recommend evacuation of the population - if these chances turn to be unacceptably high. They should also try to determine how powerful this next earthquake can be, when it is likely to appear, how to be alarmed that it is just coming, how to defend ourselves against the consequences of it, who and how is threatened by it, and what the various categories of people should do to NOT be killed by it.
       (b) In practice, almost all other professions, are also in the situation of earthquakes' researchers. After all, for example the surgeon that begins an operation, or the doctor applying treatment to a patient, also are unable to predict what surprises await them after opening the patient's body, or after the making of a diagnosis. Despite of this, doctors can be held liable if they botch what they are doing. So why do professional scientists do NOT have to be accountable for what they do. Similarly, engineers who build a machine, bridge, or skyscraper, also are unable to predict all the surprises that life prepares to whatever they created. But if, in spite of this inability to predict the surprises of life, engineers are still held accountable to the responsibility for whatever they do, why scientists should not also be held accountable for their actions.
       © Scientists continue to expect that in spite they take hefty money for the preparation of their expert opinions, still no-one will make them accountable for the consequences of whatever they caused. On the other hand, in the civilized world, the rule is that if you took money for the preparation of an expert opinion, you also assume the responsibility for all the consequences of that opinion. In other words, if, for example, scientists do NOT want to be responsible, they should make their expertises completely free of charge. Meanwhile, the history of our civilization is full of famous cases, when scientists handsomely paid for something, botched their duties and were NOT held accountable for it. For example, in this article [3#S4] is provided the information, that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency botched saving lives of around 1100 people when it failed to warn that the deadly Hurricane Katrina (described on the web page named katrina.htm) approached New Orleans. In turn, on this web page is described how in spite that the city of Christchurch has two universities and several polytechnics, no professional scientist clearly warned its inhabitants that after the earthquake described in item #P5 above comes also a next earthquake and that it will be much more deadly - in spite of the fact that the close arrival of this next earthquake was so obvious, that on the web page named seismograph.htm warned against it even the author of this web page (although he only researches these matters on an "amateur" principles, and he is NOT paid for such research, nor is rewarded in any other way).
       (d) The to-date institution of the official science has NOT, as yet, developed methods that would compel the professional scientists to the effort of improving their performance and to take responsibility for their statements. Still almost the only criterion for the quality of a scientist is the number of publications. But this criterion is easily walked around by too many scientists - for example, by using the proverbial "scissors" (rather than research) to generate new publications by cutting out and putting together pieces of older publications. As a result, for example, someone who grew up on the customs of industry or on traditions of best universities of the world (such as the university which I described in items #E1 to #E4 from the web page named rok.htm), will always be shocked by the number of scientists all day long doing nothing while sipping coffee and discussing politics in "staffrooms" of many Western universities, while all the research is done for them by students or by technicians. Thus, just by making professional scientists accountable from the responsibility for what they do and what they claim, is likely to cause that such quality criteria for scientists will eventually be worked out. Only then people can begin to rely on the old "atheistic orthodox science", that it responsibly and reliably performs its professional duties.
       (e) The reason, that professional scientists still are unable to detect that a deadly earthquake is just coming, is that in fact they DO NOT carry out research on the most promising methods of such detection. For example, since around 2000 years is known to humanity the ancient telepathic device called the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - which can detect impending earthquakes much ahead of time when they strike, and which can warn people that this earthquake is coming. For more extensive descriptions of the device see abovementioned web page named seismograph.htm. Unfortunately, due to a "culture of ignoring the topics considered by scientists to be taboo", this telepathic device is NOT being built nor tested by any present official scientific body. So it is possible that a few more cases of making scientists accountable, similar to the one described here, finally persuades them to get busy with the construction and testing of this wonder device. After all, the device has the potential to prevent many deaths of people and damages to property. In a similar way as decision makers in science block the research on this "Zhang Heng Seismograph", they also block the research on methods of prediction and prevention of disasters based on morality, which methods are described, amongst others, on this web page, as well as on the web page named petone.htm.
       Unfortunately, it so happens, that still the behaviour of the majority of people is NOT motivated at all by the so-called "morality" defined e.g. in item #B5 from the page named morals.htm. Rather, in their behaviours most people are guided by their awareness of how others evaluate them and by the knowledge how and for what other people are going to reward or punish them! Meanwhile, the tradition already practiced for a long time, that scientists are rewarded for avoiding the taking of responsibility for their claims, and for the silence - when they should keep warning, or for telling nicely-sounding untruth instead of uncomfortable truth, has led to the present situation of the corrupted science. In this situation, the high-earning scientists avoid researching and revealing uncomfortable truths, but insist on convenient lies and fictions for which the society rewards them - but which block the progress of knowledge and the progress of humanity. For example, they conveniently insist on such fiction as the "theory of relativity" and the ridiculous, devoid of logic "big-bang theory" - in spite that the erroneousness and the blocking of progress by both these theories is already known to us for certain since 1985, i.e. since the time when was formally proven the correctness of the so-called Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In the meantime, also these "atheistic orthodox scientists" persistently have ridiculed or ignored several opportunities to straighten lies and fiction of these theories, e.g. when it was experimentally detected that there are elementary particles which travel faster than light (which fact undermines the correctness of the "theory of relativity") - for more information on this topic see the article [4#S5] entitled "Did Einstein get it wrong?", from page A21 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, September 24, 2011. Atheistic orthodox scientists stubbornly promote also e.g. such false claim as that God does not exist - in spite that already was identified a wealth of scientific evidence for the existence of God, and in spite of that it becomes increasingly more visible that such a claim about the non-existence of God, is only to strengthen the "monopoly for knowledge" held by the old science, due to discouraging people from professing views that differ from whatever the old science says. No wonder that such an escalation of lies and obviously false or fictitious views by the official science, causes the escalation amongst people of an increasingly greater distrust towards scientists - expressing itself, among others, by more frequent publishing of books such as [5#S5] by David H. Freedman, "Wrong - why experts keep failing us and how to know when not to trust them", © 2010, HC ISBN 978-0-316-02378-8, 285 pages. It is worth noting here the citation quoted on the cover of this book [5#S5], which states "no lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the experience of life as that you never should trust experts" - Lord Salisbury.
       As a result of this corruption of scientists with that for what they are rewarded or punished, in today's scientific community widely spreads the culture of avoiding responsibility, avoiding research and disclosure of inconvenient truths, official orders of keeping silence, and the rule of speaking only nice-sounding lies instead of the typically bitter and unpleasant-sounding truths. Changing and eliminating this culture becomes possible only when scientists will be held accountable for avoiding the disclosure of truths, and only when the current "monopoly for knowledge" of the old orthodox science is officially broken through the establishment of the competing with it, the new "totaliztic science" - as this is explained, amongst others, in items #C1 to #C6 from the totaliztic web page telekinetics.htm or item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm.

#S6. Other affected communities and cities also could have gained, if they followed the example of Italians and also make accountable their scientists for the devastation and deaths caused by incorrect diagnoses and a lack of clear warning about the dangers ahead:
       The today's world is full of cases, where people are dying not only because of the wrong diagnosis, but also because scientists from a wide variety of tax-paid "expert panels" were silent instead of warning the public against the impending dangers. The silence of scientists, as well as their wrong diagnosis, each year cause also huge losses of property. The reason for this silence is the fact that the society developed in scientists the habit that most beneficial official response to any threat is the silence. Because of the silence no scientist is accused of making a wrong diagnosis - thus the authority of science is therefore intact, no matter of what happens. Scientists always can also get out of the hook much easier from the silence than from a not very accurate diagnosis. Therefore, any "panel of experts" use various tricks and manoeuvres to be silent instead of warning. Examples of these can be: speaking of only verbally, and only at meetings with authorities, trips and other activities undertaken when a cataclysm is approaching, harsh bans on speaking for the use of mass media - which apply to participants of such "expert panels", and many more similar "tricks".
       The above situation can, however, be fixed with benefit to the society, if the participants in such "panels of experts" called to warn the public, while paid from taxes, are to eventually be also make accountable for the silence - just as they should be mandatory accountable for issuing wrong diagnoses. After all, according to the popular saying that "no news is good news" for the ordinary people the silence of scientists is typically taken as the official forecast of science that "nothing here is threatening to anyone".
       In light of this state of things, one may want to ask the important question of whether it would be in the interest of justice and the public good, if the victims (or relatives of victims) of cataclysms from countries other than Italy, also organized themselves into "associations of victims of the avoidance of issuing a clear warning to the population by a given panel of experts", and then these associations also followed the example of Italy and also attempted to make responsible local "experts" officially employed in positions that should issue warnings about a given type of disasters. The making accountable of well-paid members of various "scientific panels" from the responsibility for not only what they have done and what they said, but also for what lies in their duties and what they should do, but they neglected to do so, would finally break this "vicious circle" described in items #S1 to #S3 from this web page. In turn the result of the discontinuation of the "vicious circle" would be that our civilization would finally begin a real progress in addressing these pressing problems, which for now are still leading people towards a destruction.

#S7. How the above relates to Christchurch in New Zealand:
       Everything that is written in this "part #S" also applies to Christchurch. It weights heavily on my heart and awakens my biggest concern, that in my most favourite city of Christchurch from the country that I love and respect, around 185 people have died unnecessarily in the earthquake of 22 February 2011 - as described in item #P6 above. Many amongst these deaths probably could have been avoided if researchers from several research institutions and universities that operate in the city, showed more responsibility in performing duties for which their wages were paid, communicated more clearly warnings to the public about dangers of the situation, and joined more actively various preventive projects. For example, after the "warning" earthquake from Christchurch described in item #P5, I myself have spent a lot more time to seek any warnings from scientists about whatever may happen next, than the time that for this goal can be allocated by ordinary residents of the city. However, I could not find any clear warnings. Although these scientists perhaps reported the situation to authorities, or even published about it in some inaccessible to ordinary people publications, to the rest of society treated as a whole, they in public were "silent as if cursed". Similarly silent and almost invisible in public those scientists from Christchurch remain until today. And all this in spite that the picture of the situation in that city revealed on TVs and in newspapers, does NOT inspire optimism that the philosophy and morality of the "group intellect" that occupies that city actually went through the required improvement in the result of to-date consequences of that disaster. In turn it stems from the hobby research of the new "totaliztic science" presented on this page, that such a state of things typically means that from the point of view of God, serving of this cataclysm is not coming to a conclusion yet. So it would not harm the city, if its scientists had ceased the further continuation of their stand to ignore the warning capabilities of the Zhang Heng Seismograph and finally started to research this ancient telepathic instrument. Similarly beneficial for Christchurch could prove if scientists examined the effectiveness of earthquakes' prevention methods based on morality, especially the inexpensive method described in items #J1 and #P5.1 from this web page. It also would not hurt the city if any of numerous "experts" from earthquakes employed in it bothered to check how compares the geological situation of the city to e.g. cases described in the Bible and in some legends, then he honestly published results that were obtained. Although in drastic circumstances this could cause the desertion of the city, in case yet another deadly disaster is to occur in there, this could multiply the number of people openly grateful to science for own survival.

Part #T: Findings that stem from descriptions of this web page:
#T1. So that the packing does not devaluate the content:
       My research yielded an interesting finding, that around 70% of people who are interested in the subject area of this web page, and who went through the trouble of opening this web page, still abandons the reading of the most vital details of the ideas described here. So there is something that discourages them from learning the details for explaining of which this web page was created. We can deduce logically that this discouraging component is NOT the idea explained here, but the expressions, presentation, and the language with the use of which this idea is "packed". I would be interested to learn what this discouraging aspect is.

[Bild: 071502Seismograph.jpg]

Fig. #T1: The impressively looking replica of the "houfeng didongy yi". In 2003 this replica was shown in the interesting web page (I recommend to have a look at this web page). It illustrates meaningfully how beautiful was the appearance of the original model of the instrument described here in times when the constructor of it continually polished and fine tuned it. As this can be seen from the above photograph, the apparatus was perfected in every possible detail. The principle of operation that it utilised shocks even today with the technical perfection. In turn the beauty of external appearance of the original prototype induces an awe even in present times.
       The beauty of the original "houfeng didongy yi" revealed by the above replica points our attention at an extremely important rule. Namely that "appearance and packing frequently is even more important than content". Such a rule applies also to this web page. The way this web page is formulated and "packed", is equally important to the success of the idea that it tries to forward, as the message that it contains and the knowledge that it tries to present for our attention. So even if for various reasons you are unable to assist in the completion of the idea presented here, perhaps still you would be able to contribute to the perfecting of the "packing" in which this idea is disseminated via this web page. In turn the satisfaction from doing something in order to improve the present difficult situation of all of us, should be very similar independently of the type of contribution that you are able to provide.

Part #U: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#U1. Summary of this web page:
       In relationship top devices which are really important, people display a curious attitude. Namely, the more useful and needed a given device is, the more reluctance and resistance people show towards building it.

#U2. The blog of totalizm:
       It is also worth to periodically check the "blog of totalizm", which in spite of intense attempts to delete it, is still active since April 2005. Last two addresses, at which it remains undeleted until now, are: and

#U3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#U4. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#U5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#U6. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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