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Secrets of the Bible authorised by God Himself

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An extraordinary book exists on the Earth. It is called the Bible. It is like a mirror which reflects to everyone the content of his or her own soul, but simultaneously it does NOT take away his or her "free will" nor changes his or her views. For these ones who do NOT believe in God, the Bible looks just like ordinary "stories of ancient shepherds and wonderers". For ones who have an analytical mind, bud did NOT make yet their decision about their relationship to God, the Bible looks like a mythology or descriptions from history. In turn for these ones who sincerely believe in God, the Bible opens its inexhaustible source of knowledge about God, about ancient past, about the future, about themselves, about life in general, about decisions they need to take, etc., etc. Simultaneously it stimulates their searches for truth with the supernatural intelligence with which God skilfully coded into the Bible an ocean of information on practically every subject, including the future. The Bible is the only scripture on the Earth the authorship of which God admits - for examples of such God's admissions see item #A1 below on this web page. The godly authorship of the Bible is also confirmed by numerous facts. This web page presents and explains evidence which confirms the fact that the Bible is really authorized indirectly by God Himself.
Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak
Suwon, Korea, 1 November 2007

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. The Bible - the autobiography of God:
       The Bible is the only widely published book, the authorisation of which God openly admits. Most unambiguously this admitting of God that He authorises the Bible is contained in the Bible itself - in several different places of it. For example, In Deuteronomy 18:18, God states the following: "A prophet I shall rise up for them from the midst of their brothers, like you, and I shall indeed put my words in his mouth, and he will certainly speak to them all that I shall command him." In respect to the content of the Bible these words mean, that although the Bible was written down by prophets whom God raised up amongst people just for this purpose, the words that these prophets turned into verses of the Bible, in fact were put in their mouths by God and are words of God Himself. Other sentence in the Bible, which also confirms that all holly scriptures are of the God's authorship, is "2 Timothy" verse 3:16 - quote: "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults, and giving instruction for right living, so that the person who serves God may be fully qualified and equipped to do every kind of good deed." Still another verses in the Bible, which again confirm, that everything on the Earth, in this number also the Bible, is of the God’s authorship, are amongst others, words "For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God." (Hebrews 3:4) The authorisation of the Bible by God Himself is also confirmed in wording of some amongst the so-called "Bible Codes" (described in item #C6 below).
       In order to NOT destroy our "free will", in every His action God obeys the so-called "canon of ambiguity" the content of which is explained, amongst others, in introduction to "part #F" of this web page. In order to obey this canon, God almost always acts in invisible and silent manner. He is like a light summer wind, which is also invisible and silent. Thus, the only way we can notice God, is through effects of His work - i.e. the same as noticing a light summer wind is through effects it has on things (e.g. on smoke). For example, we can see God's effects by the creation of the many physical laws keeping the Earth and the Universe from going into pure chaos. Also the atoms and subatomic particles which make up our bodies, they go by strict laws that keep us as "us" all our lives. Yes, such laws do speak a Lawgiver.
       One amongst evidences of God's work is His bringing into existence a book inspired and indirectly authorised by Him - means the Bible. Many adversaries in the past have tried to destroy this book or the ideas it promotes, but have failed. Interestingly, today that book is the MOST published book in the world. As the World Book Encyclopaedia says: "The Bible is the most widely distributed book in history. It has also been translated more times, and into more languages, than any other book." Thus, if the deity wanted the human race to learn about Him, would He not see fit to make such information available to the human race? And He did by authorising a book which actually is a kind of the God's autobiography.

#A2. What are goals of this web page:
       The main goal of this web page and the body of evidence which I present here, is to document and to sincerely disclose to the reader, that there is a large amount of evidence which confirms the indirect authorization of the Bible by God. A significant proportion of this evidence is scientifically undeniable.
       The additional goal is to point out to the attention of the reader these extraordinary information and attributes, which the omnipotent God encrypted into the Bible, and about the existence of which many people typically do not know.

Part #B: Formal scientific proofs and empirical reminders which confirm that the Bible was authorized by God himself:
#B1. The formal scientific proof, that "the Bible is authorized by God himself", completed with methods of mathematical logic:
Motto: "There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God — children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God. The Word became flesh ..." (Quotation from the Biblical Evangel of St. John 1:6-14.)
       In the descriptions that follow a full version of the formal proof, that the Bible was authorized by God himself, is presented. But before I formulate this proof, a few more words of this introduction.
       The formal scientific proof for the authorization of the Bible by God himself, was developed in initial days of November 2007, when I was on my professorship at a university in Southern Korea. This proof was carried out with methods of mathematical logic. It is based on findings of my own and also other people and researchers, accumulated about the Bible and disseminated on a whole range of sources and publications. Of course, the most vital impulse for developing this proof, was that I myself was absolutely sure about the existence of God and about the authorization of the Bible by God himself, which resulted from indications of a relatively new scientific "theory of everything" that I had the privilege of proposing, and that I call the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It was this theory that revealed to me that God does exist. It also gave me to the hand a key with which I was able to gradually open an access to subsequent levels of scientific knowledge about God, Bible, morality, situation of people, truth, requirements that God imposed onto people, etc., etc. So here it is, the entire formal proof for the authorization of the Bible by God, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:

           "The Bible is authorized by God."
       Basis propositions:
           (1) The content of entire Bible is embedded with a huge number of special attributes and information, such as the consistency of names and messages, splitting and hiding truths from the view of hostile censorships, cohesion and consequence in teachings, and many others, which are hidden and coded into it and which contain the signature of the true author of the Bible. The entire content of a large written scripture, into which such numerous attributes and items of information are coded and hidden, must be carefully designed before it was written. Every large written scripture with a carefully designed content must be written accordingly to a single general plan which was later strictly implemented by its author or authors.
           (2) For the content of the entire Bible to display the strict implementation of a single general plan, the Bible needed to either be creatively designed and written by a single superior being of the supernatural intelligence, power, and capabilities of God, or by a large team of human authors that strictly cooperated with each other and that precisely negotiated amongst themselves every tiny detail of the general plan for the Bible that they wrote and who later displayed enormous discipline in implementing outcomes of these negotiations by perfectly carrying out this general plan for the Bible's content. The fact that during writing subsequent parts of the Bible the human authors of the Bible lived in separate epochs and in geographically distant areas, eliminates completely the possibility that the Bible was designed and written by a team of human authors that just strictly and precisely cooperated amongst themselves.
           (3) The Bible is either authorized by many human creators-authors, or is authorized by God. The fact that from the content across the entire Bible these attributes emerge which document the authorship of a superior being with supernatural intelligence, power, and capabilities of God, eliminates completely the possibility that the Bible was authorized by a team of human creators-authors.
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "hypothetical syllogism". This form can be written as [(p =>q) && (q => r)] => [p => r], in which the assertion "p" says "The content of entire Bible is embedded with a huge number of special attributes and information, such as the consistency of names and messages, splitting and hiding truths from the view of hostile censorships, cohesion and consequence in teachings, and many others, which are hidden and coded into it and which contain the signature of the true author of the Bible", while the assertion "q" says "The entire content of a large written scripture, into which such numerous attributes and items of information are coded and hidden, must be carefully designed before it was written". In turn the assertion "r" states "Every large written scripture with a carefully designed content must be written accordingly to a single general plan which was later strictly implemented by its author or authors." The transformation of these propositions leads to the conclusion that "The content of entire Bible was written accordingly to a single general plan which was later strictly implemented by its author or authors."
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "The Bible was creatively designed and written by a single superior being of the supernatural intelligence, power, and capabilities of God."
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion also with the method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "The Bible is authorized by many human creators-authors", while assertion "q" states "The Bible is authorized by God." In turn the assertion "!p" states "The fact that from the content across the entire Bible these attributes emerge which document the authorship of a superior being with supernatural intelligence, power, and capabilities of God, eliminates completely the possibility that the Bible was authorized by a team of human creators-authors." Thus the final conclusion states "The Bible is authorized by God."
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "the Bible is authorized by God".

* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "!", "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "not", "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").
       It is also worth to emphasize again the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the authorization of the Bible by God we finally were able to develop, it introduces for us huge implications. Because of the existence of this proof, and also several other proofs mentioned at the beginning of this item, it becomes really important that everyone of us verifies his or hers attitude towards God, other world, moral life, etc., etc. After all, without the verification of this attitude, we may inflict ourselves the biggest harm that one is able to inflict on himself or on herself.
       Independently from this web page, the formal scientific proof asserting that God himself authorized the Bible, is also published in subsection N6.1 from volume 11 of the newest monograph [1/5].

#B2. The formal scientific proof, that "the Bible is authorized by God himself", completed with the physical method of "matching attributes":
Motto: "The differentiation of mischievous spitting and sarcastic scoffing at an idea under the excuse that it is just a criticism of that idea, from a true constructive criticism of that idea, is simple: mischievous spitting raises points which can be raised about any possible idea and against any possible person; in turn a constructive criticism concentrates exclusively on matters which relate directly to the subject that this criticism concerns and therefore which do not apply for any other idea, person, or matter. So just by simple checking whether someone's objections can be applied to all other ideas as well, or just to this one, you immediately know whether the criticizer is just trying to be mischievous and smart, or really have valid points to make."

       Independently from the above formal scientific proof, that God authorized the Bible, completed with methods of mathematical logic, equally valid proof can also be accomplished with methods of physics. In such a proof with methods of physics, the authorship of the Bible is proven is a similar manner as physicists prove laws of nature, or as criminologists and detectives prove outcomes of their investigations. Amongst many physical methods which can be used to prove the God's authorship of the Bible, the most useful is so-called "method of matching attributes" described extensively in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] "Advanced Magnetic Devices".
       The formal proving of the fact of "God's authorship of the Bible" with the use of this scientific method of matching attributes, can be accomplished in a relatively easy manner. Such a formal proof includes only as follows:
       (1) Theoretically define several attributes, which are unique for the authorization of the Bible by God. (As this is explained in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4], from the point of view of the theory of probability the defining of 12 of such attributes suffices to have an absolute certainty to the outcome of matching attributes.) These attributes must precisely describe how God who is the supernaturally intelligent, knowledgeable, and has insight to the future, would define the Bible if he authorized it, and also these attributes must be manifested only in the case when God (i.e. not people) was in fact the true author of the Bible. These attributes can be defined theoretically in a relatively easy manner. On this web page these are represented by titles of subsequent items from the next Part #C of this web page. After all, these attributes are unambiguously suggested by the superior knowledge and by high foreseeing of the principles of operation of the supernaturally intelligent God.
       (2) Accumulate the empirical evidence which documents that each one amongst these theoretically deduced attributes that are unique for the authorization of the Bible by God, actually is manifested in the Bible. It is worth to notice, that the next Part #C of this web page already accumulated in itself and presents to the reader, the sufficient body of evidence which conclusively documents the manifestation in the Bible of a whole array of such attributes. Each one amongst these attributes is discussed in a separate item from Part #C of this web page.
       (3) Systematically compare each theoretical attribute that is unique to the authorship of the Bible by God, with evidence for actual manifestation of this attribute in the content of the Bible. When this comparison proves the complete and the actual correspondence of these two groups of attributes (i.e. these attributes deduced theoretically and these attributes manifested empirically in the content of the Bible), than such a correspondence represents a formal proof for the authorization of the Bible by God. Actually this full correspondence is already documented in subsequent items from Part #C of this web page. Therefore this description of the procedure of physical proving with the method of "matching attributes", in connection with next Part #C of this we page, together constitute a formal scientific proof for the authorization of the Bible by God, completed with the physical method of matching attributes.
       The formal scientific proof for the authorization of the Bible by God can be carried out either in a (1) subdivided manner - in which it is done on this web page, i.e. when the empirical evidence is separated from description of the proving procedure, or in a (2) combined manner, i.e. when the proving procedure systematically combines together this empirical evidence into a required logical structure, and systematically assigns it to subsequent theoretical attributes of the authorization of the Bible by God - as this was done in subsection P2 from monograph [1/4] for the formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs. In present situation I do not see a need to extend the volume of this web page through formulating here also a full form of such a combined physical proof (2) for the authorization of the Bible by God. After all, the subdivided presentation of the evidence in next Part #C of this web page also constitutes such a proof, and it simultaneously avoids the repetition of descriptions for informative purposes. Furthermore, the forma scientific proof completed with methods of mathematical logic and presented in previous item #B1 of this web page, at the present stage should suffice even for the most hardened skeptics. But because this web page contains and describes thoroughly both the evidence which is required for such a combined proof for the authorization of the Bible by God, as well as it contains and describes the proving procedure, I suggest that for the exercising of their own logic, readers combine together this material and procedure by themselves. In this way readers obtain by themselves their very own formal proof for the authorization of the Bible by God, this time accomplished with the physical method of matching attributes. In case the reader would like to study, how a formal proof based on the method of matching attributes should be formulated, the detailed descriptions of this method, together with an example of using it for proving that "UFOs do exist and they are already operational Magnocraft", are contained in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] "Advanced Magnetic Devices".
       I should add here, that I actually plan to additionally reorganize the structure of this web page sometimes in the future, during one amongst next updates of it, so that in future this item is going to present a consolidated physical proof for the authorization of the Bible by God, accomplished with the method of matching attributes, while next Part #C is going to present just various interesting aspects of supernatural attributes of the Bible. However, because this proof will be just an addition to the proof from item #B1 of this web page, such a reorganization is to be carried out only in the future, when all other burning and urgently needed topics are already addressed.

#B3. Subtle reminders by God Himself that the Bible is in fact authorised by Him:
       I am personally impressed the most by the manner in which God in a typical for Himself, means very discreet, unimposing, and highly intelligent manner, reminds people on various occasions that the Bible is authorised by Him. These reminders may take many different forms, selected of which the reader probably already encountered in his or her life. For me the most meaningful amongst such reminders is the manner in which God uses the tropical fruit named "salak" that He created in the shape of a snake's head, to illustrate vividly the Biblical story about tempting Eve by snake in Eden. God accomplishes this illustration of the Biblical story by making pregnant women from tropics to "crave" irresistibly for that particular "snake shaped" fruit. More comprehensive descriptions of this meaningful "cravings" of pregnant women from tropics, and also a photograph of the "snake head" shaped fruit named "salak", is provided in item #D6.1 from the web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the area of Pacific and about the philosophy of their eating. I highly recommend having a look at these descriptions. I must admit that the way God designed this reminder, resembles me also the manner He designed the reminder about His existence in the shape of the "sculptured tree" shown in "Fig. #B1" from the web page god_proof.htm - with the compendium of scientific proofs for the existence of God.

Part #C: Extraordinary attributes of the Bible which directly result from the authorization of this scripture by God himself, and thus which are NOT present in other books authorized by people or secretly authorized by other creatures created by God (e.g. by Biblical "serpents"):
#C1. The content composed of multi-levels which open conditionally for selected people:
       Normal human books typically have a single level. This is their descriptive content. But the Bible is different. God shaped it into several levels. Only the lowest level of the (1) "descriptive content" is open in it for everyone. In turn higher levels open only for these people who fulfill specific requirements regarding the depth and the sincerity of their encompassing God. And so, the next level after the descriptive content is the level (2) "continuous actuality". It opens itself to people who choose God for their master - as this is explained in item #D1 of this web page. A next level seems to be (3) "help and moral support". It opens for people who fully rely on God and trust in God. It is on this level (3) that to the selected people reveals the action this "Living Word" described in item #C3 of this web page. The level (4) "announcement of incoming events" opens itself to even smaller number of selected people. There are even higher levels in the Bible, which have still higher requirements imposed onto these ones for whom they open themselves.

#C2. Teaching, convincing, and guiding provided by the Bible, without simultaneous taking away someone's "free will":
       The Bible is formulated in such a manner, that the content of the Bible does NOT take away free will from anyone. For example, if someone does NOT want to believe in God, then he or she is going to find in the Bible whatever is looking for - for example an excuse to not believe. If someone wants to believe, then the Bible gives to him evidence which he or she needs. In fact there is no any other scripture on Earth, which would be able to convince like the Bible does, but simultaneously would NOT take away someone's free will. Therefore books authorized by people, or by "serpents" described in item #E1 below, is convince anyone to something, usually also do it through taking away the free will of selecting different kind of views.

#C3. Ability of the Bible to implement a two-directional communication with God, means the so-called "Living Word":
       The majority of people considers the Bible to be a kind of old-folks stories or fables from antiquity - which do not have any links with our present life or with today people. But it turns out that they could not be more at wrong. One must remember, that the true author of the Bible is God himself. In turn God is the master of time. Actually God invented and implemented "our" kind of time, means "software time" - which prevails only in the physical world and the elapse of which can be reversed backward. (Such a "reversible" software time is described more comprehensively on separate web pages about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and about time vehicles.) So the Bible that God has written has been formulated in such a manner, that it rises to the timeless actuality, and that it relates to the life of every person. In fact, in many countries of the world an utilization of the so-called Living Word of the Bible has spread amongst believes. This Living Word is considered by them to represent a returning reply of God for the most vital question which bothers them and which they asked God in their thoughts. This Living Word is received by opening the Bible at purely random (accidental) pages, and reading the text "as it goes". At some stage words that we read begin to "stand up" rapidly from the pages of the Bible, and they hit us that they are a reply for the question that bothers us. The feeling which then accompanies these words is very similar to the feeling which one gets from the conscience, and which informs us that what is moral and correct, and what is immoral and forbidden. What is the most shocking, these words are going to relate directly to our present times and to our current situation. Just such words of God hitting us and passed back to us via the Bible, in some countries are called "Living Word". An example of such a Living Word, which was passed to me in the middle of April 2007, is the biblical quotation from the motto to item #B1 of this web page.

#C4. The knowledge of the future - e.g. predicting that the content of the Bible is going to be subjected to censorships:
       Only God could know that the content of the Bible will be subjected to censorship by "serpents" described in item #E1 of this web page. Also only God could already at the stage of writing the Bible preventively encrypt into it all more vital messages in such a manner that these "serpents" could NOT find them and thus "cut them out" from the text of the Bible. It is just due to such encrypting that the information managed to last until our times, that "every human who is NOT going to accept and encompass God is going to be categorized as an animal, no as a person". This information and the manner of encrypting it into the content of the Bible is explained in item #F3 of the web page about totalizm.
       At this point it is worth to remind ourselves, that at one of the first Christian "councils", namely in the ecumenical council arranged by Cesar Justinian in 533, the messages describing reincarnation that originally existed in the Bible were excommunicated and declared a heresy. It was decided that all references to reincarnation should be cut out from the Bible. Therefore Cesar Justinian (483-565) and his wife Theodora removed from the Bible numerous references to reincarnation. However, they overlooked several amongst them. Examples of these overlooked ones, are present e.g. in Matthew 17,10-13 (where described is the reincarnation of Elias into the body of John the Baptist who lived around 500 years after Elias), Matthew 16:13 (where Jesus asks his disciples for whose reincarnation people consider him to be), John 3:1-6 (where Jesus clearly explains that we must be born again to get to heaven). The biblical references to reincarnation supposed to discourage discipline amongst believers. But the true motivations for "serpents" of that times ("serpents" are referred to in item #E1 of this web page), which caused the removal from the Bible all references to reincarnation, was the fact that reincarnation directly and unambiguously confirms the existence of God, life after death, soul, etc. Means, the Bible provides another one amongst numerous items of evidence, the existence of which is persistently concealed from people even today. In turn "serpents" try to make sure that people do not have an access to any confirmations in these vital matters.
       What messages from God contained these references top reincarnation removed from the Bible? Of course, now it is difficult to deduce - we have not enough data. However, in my research I already encountered premises which seem to suggest the content of at least one amongst these messages that were cut out from the Bible by "serpents". What even more interesting, a part of these premises originates from these "serpents". These premises which I know of suggest what are consequences of being qualified by God to the category of animals - similarly as God qualifies in the Bible these atheistic relatives of humans (in the Bible called, amongst others, "serpents" - see their description in item #E1 below). Namely, one of these suggested consequences of someone's stubborn insisting by atheism, is to be reincarnated in the next life to come as an animal the typical fate of which is the most suitable for the life history of a given stubborn atheist.

[Bild: 14_n05_3.jpg]
[Bild: cesar_justinian.jpg]

Fig. #1ab: Was Cesar Justinian a "serpent", and thus the initiator of censoring of the Bible, or rather he was a "scapegoat" on whose account these cunning "serpents" shifted the entire responsibility for the Bible's censoring? I suggest the reader to try to get his own opinion on the basis of anatomic features of the Cesar.
       Fig. #1a (left): Anatomy of a typical "serpent" (devil). Already almost 40 000 years of separation from our cosmic relatives (who by the Bible are called "serpents" or "devils", while by present people - "UFOnauts") has its consequences. For example, in UFOnauts it developed a whole range of anatomic attributes, which typically do NOT appear in people from the Earth. One amongst these attributes is the elongated chin with two buttock-like protrusions. This chin, and also other anatomic characteristics which are common amongst UFOnauts, should become the first, but not the only, indicator that allows to identify UFOnauts. Therefore, seeing in someone e.g. hair that grows upwards on the scull, prolonged chin with buttock-like bulging, carrot-shaped nose with a vertical groove at the sharp tip, "cat's eyes", surgically cut "dog's ears", palm-hands and fingers in hands which are unproportionally long, e.g. palm-hands themselves, as well as fingers, are over 1.5 longer than the width of hands, etc., it should mobilize us to watch a given individual closely, and also watch outcomes of his or hers activities. Especially if these anatomical features are complemented with typical for UFOnauts personality characteristics, for example with hardcore atheism and with more animal than human attitude towards sexual matters. But conclusions from our checking should depend on finding in a given individual behaviors or phenomena which are unique for the advanced technology of UFOnauts and cannot appear accidentally in people.
       Examples of such behaviors and phenomena unique for UFOnauts and impossible to appear in people, are e.g. knowledge of the future that results from the use of time vehicles by UFOnauts, disappearances of their bodies from graves (caused by their avoidance of real death through shifting back in time), attributes resulting from uses of personal propulsion systems which work on principles of telekinetic flickering (e.g. indestructiveness - e.g. the lack of wounds where people would experience cuts and bruises, ability to disappear, weightless, the lack of tiredness after tiring activities - e.g. walking upstairs, etc.), knowledge of our thoughts resulting from their mastery of telepathic devices, irresistible persuasiveness - means making us do things that we normally would NOT do, etc., etc. More information on the topic of serpents' anatomy and methods of distingushing between serpents and people, including photographs that illustrate typical anatomic featurtes of serpents, is provided in item #D3 of the totaliztic web page about the origins of evil on the Earth.
       Fig. #1b (right): Anatomy of Cesar Justinian (483-565). It is shown on the mosaic from Bazylikio San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy. With the left photo it is worth to compare the buttock-like protrusions on the Cesar's chin, his curly and "rebellious" hair, the shape of nose, characteristics of eyes, and his relatively triangular face which can suggest a pear-shaped head.
       When views of Cesar Justinian are concerned, he for sure was a hardcore atheist (although for political reasons he pretended to be deeply religious). This is because only an absolute atheist would have the courage to introduce changes into the Bible, in spite of the warning that is written into the content of the Bile, quote: "I warn everyone who hears the prophetic words in this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words in this prophetic book, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city described in this book." - see the Book of Revelation 22, 18-19. Presently we know already that all "serpents" are hardcore atheists. It is because of their atheism that in the Bible "serpents" are classified to the category of intelligent animals with human appearance, not to the category of people - as this is explained thoroughly in item #F3 of the web page totalizm.

[Bild: sophia.jpg]

Fig. #1c: Famous Christian Basilica called "Aya Sophia" which means "Holy Wisdom". It stands in present Istanbul. But when it was build, Istanbul was called "Novo Roma", while in times of Byzantium it was renamed into Constantinople. (More strictly it is my photograph which I took with this Basilica in the background during my professorship in nearby Cyprus in 1993.) It was this Basilica that was constructed on the order of, and with active participation of, Cesar Justinian. It was open in 537 AD. So in it we should seek possible evidence in support of Cesar Justinian access to, and use of, advanced technical devices of UFOnauts.
       Are there any hints embedded into this Basilica that would certify for possible connections between Cesar Justinian and UFOnauts? Let us analyze this puzzle. Folklore of old times claimed that this Basilica was constructed with the use of "supernatural powers". As we know, the technology of UFOnauts in past was called the "supernatural power". Until today many people still describe it as the church of supernatural powers. As the reader can easily verify it, the Basilica itself has the shape of a UFO vehicle. Because it was the first building of this type in present Istanbul, on the shape of it is based several further mosques of this ancient metropolis that were constructed at later dates. All of them received almost the same shape of UFO vehicles. Therefore, if today someone visits Istanbul, he or she feels in there almost like on a planet of UFOnauts. In the Basilica itself is many curiosities. For example, the interior of it copies exactly interiors of UFO vehicles. This copying goes so far that even on higher levels people are climbing along slanted "corridors" (ramps), not along staircases. (And this in spite that stairs were widely used in all Roman buildings of the same age as Aya Sophia.) Exactly the same slanted "corridors" (ramps) as these from Aya Sophia, are described by people who were abducted to UFO decks. In UFO vehicles there are no stairs, but between subsequent levels lead these slanted "corridors" (ramps). Inside of the Basilica there is another meaningful curiosity. It is a solid column entirely cast from bronze, but with a concave on the surface of the size of a human half-head. The legend states that when the Cesar Justinian rested his head on this column, under the pressure of his head the column deformed and created this concave. When his court noticed the formation of this concave, the Cesar told them that at the moment of touching this column with his head he was miraculously healed from a powerful migraine. So what kind of field this his migraine was healed with, that this field caused a hard bronze of the column to transform almost into a liquid which deformed under the pressure of the Cesar's head? Was it telekinesis, or manipulation on time? As such a concave in this column, which miraculously heals migraines, the memory of this supernatural event is kept until today.
       So why Cesar Justinian constructed so wonderful Basilica for religion, in spite that in his life he acted as a hardcore atheist? It turns out that the reason was simple. It was a kind of rivalry. Justinian had high ambitions to overshadow all other rulers of the ancient world. For his main rival he considered Solomon. So he decided to construct a building which would overshadow the temple of Solomon famous at that time. The Justinian choice was a church, because as an atheistic ruler he considered the religion to be helpful in maintaining the discipline amongst his people - and thus being useful in ruling. In fact his Aya Sophia overshadowed accomplishments of Solomon. He did not hide his feelings, when on 27 December 537 AD, on the day of inauguration opening the Basilica, Justinian drove into it on a chariot, throw his hands upward in triumph, and yelled: "... Solomon, I have surpassed you.” At this point it is worth to add, that Solomon (the ruler of ancient Israel which ruled for 40 years around 967 BC) was the one who constructed the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Justinian rivaled with him, because that temple was considered to be an architectural wonder of the ancient world. Solomon was able to build it because he definitely was a "serpent-UFOnaut". It is clearly confirmed by the fact that Solomon had in his service a "devil" called Asmodeus. In turn for someone to be able to subdue a devil-UFOnaut to his commends, he himself must also be an UFOnaut of the high caste. Having a "devil-UFOnaut" of a lower caste for a servant, was at that time "fashionable" amongst high castes. For example, from the folklore of Far East it is known that also Buddha had on his service a devil called "Ogre". From the Biblical "1 Kings" 11:6 it is known to us that Solomon behaved like a hardcore atheist and did a lot of evil. In turn from the same "1 Kings" 11:3 we know that he gathered animal-like harem which was composed of 700 wives and 300 concubines (as it is described in item #D3 from the totaliztic web page evil.htm - on the origins of evil on the Earth, serpents-UFOnauts have animal-like attitude towards sex - e.g. accumulate and exploit extensive harems of own sexual slaves). Of course, as a "serpent-UFOnaut" Solomon had an access to a superior architectural knowledge and to a superior technology (e.g. to the "Arc of the Covenant"), which allowed him to build that "architectural wonder of the ancient world" (i.e. the Holy Temple in Jerusalem). So everything seems to indicate that Aya Sophia eventuated only because of the ambition and rivalry between two highly positioned serpents-UFOnauts.
       Further information about the above photograph were presented in item #11 of the web page tapanui.htm - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand, and in item #21 of the web page day26.htm - about the technical inducing by UFOnauts the murderous tsunami of 2004.

#C5. Coding of messages not only into the written text, but also into the configuration, emotional perception, sublime receipt, various codes, etc.:
Motto: "When judging anything always take under account the opinions of at least two opposite sides."
       The Bible contains various messages encrypted into it on a whole range of manners - not only into the content. For example, it is known already that even the configuration of the Bible contains encrypted into it important messages. One of these depends on separating from each other two periods in the history of humanity, in which God considers people to be animals (The Old Testament), and to already be people (The New Testament). The information on this matter is provided in item #F3 of the web page about totalizm.
       Another manner of decoding the hidden information contained in the Bible discovered []George Elliott[/email]. In 2008 he explained this manner on his web page It depends on special significance of two or three repetitions of the information in the Bible. A hint on this matter is provided by the Bible itself. It is disclosed in three repetitions from the Bible. The first repetition is written into Deuteronomy 19:15, which reads: "One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established." The second repetition is provided in Matthew 18:16, which states: "But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established." In turn the third repetition is contained in 2 Corinthians 13:1, which states: "This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." So the commonality, which is the way to read this riddle, reads: "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established." Of course, the manner in which the above procedure was explained in the Bible, clearly indicates that it represents not only one amongst numerous keys for decoding hidden secrets of the Bible, but also a hugely important truth that extends its validity to practically every aspect of our everyday lives.
       Shockingly, the present judgement of outcomes of scientific research, is a hitting in the eyes example of common and official breaking of the above clear recommendation from God provided in the Bible and commanding to us, amongst others: when judging anything always take under account the opinions of at least two opposite sides. As this is explained in a number of my publications which I am indicating at the end of this paragraph, since 1985 on the Earth exist two opposite and mutually competitive sciences, i.e. (1) the official human science to-date - sometimes also called the "atheistic orthodox science", and (2) the so-called "totaliztic science" born in 1985. Both these sciences carry out research of the same phenomena and the same objects, but from opposite philosophical approaches, called (1) "a posteriori" - for the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, and (2) "a priori" - for the new "totaliztic science". Thus, in the philosophical understanding both these sciences represent opposite approaches to researching the same phenomena and objects, means - using the language of the Bible, both are different "witnesses" that report to us about the surrounding reality. In spite of this, already since over a quarter of the century, findings of this new "totaliztic science" are brutally silenced and suppressed by the "atheistic orthodox science" - which still is holding an absolute "monopole for knowledge" and which clearly is afraid of the "competition" of the new "totaliztic science". In the result, people still officially recognise only whatever states this "atheistic orthodox science" which holds the monopole for knowledge, while they almost completely ignore findings of the new "totaliztic science". On the other hand, if on anything we look from just a single point of view or a single approach, then at the most we see "a half of truth" only. For example, if we look on someone only from one side, e.g. "from the back", then we learn at the most a half of the appearance of this person. Similarly, if in our judgements we listen to only one person, e.g. the "accused", while we ignore statements of witnesses and victims, then also we learn at the most "a half of truth", while every offender starts to look like an "innocent person". No wonder that in this situation present knowledge and education looks like looks, while the humanity led by statements of this monopolistic science wandered at the edge of cliff. After all, every monopole, even that of the science, if is deprived of a "competition" and an "opposition" which would "look at its hands" and verify everything that it states, with the elapse of time overgrows with deviations and degenerations which lead to the fall-down of these who are dependent on it. Therefore, herewith I am appealing to the reader, that in the name of real progress and truth, he or she join efforts to officially accept by people findings of both these sciences which "compete" with each other already since 1985. Note that for this acceptance of findings is already arguing, amongst others: item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm, items #B1, #B3, and #K1 of the web page named tornado.htm, items #C1 and #M1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, item #F1 of the web page named god_istnieje.htm, or subsection H10 from volume 4 of newest monograph [1/5].

#C6. The existence of the so-called "Bible Code" which imprinting into the content of the Bible 2000 years ago can be only explained with direct action of God:
       "Living Words" are not the only extraordinary aspect of the Bible. As the reader is probably aware, the Bible has coded inside a whole array of secrets. One of these is the so-called Bible Code which not long ago was a subject of very vivid discussions. The Bible contains also various information coded into its text, of the type similar to messages which one can hear if one carefully listens a tape running backward.

#C7. Multidimensional and timeless actuality of the Bible:
       The indirect authorization of the Bible by God himself causes, that the text of it maintains its actuality for all times, for every man, and for each topic. The Bible equally well relates to any past, to the presence, to tomorrow, to a distant future, etc. So it is worth to look into it. After all, these are words addressed to us and originating from the one who designed us, our life, our time, and our future.

#C8. The awareness of the use of specialized terminology in the future, and the solving the terminological need in the Bible by "shifting the meaning":
       In times when the Bible was written, the progress of knowledge was very slow. In the result, human authors of the Bible used exactly the same language and terminology as their ancestors and descendants did. In such situations, it cannot be considered, that these human authors of the Bible knew about the need to introduce to the Bible a substitute for the professional terminology of the far future. But because the real author of the Bible was God himself, He predicted the need for the introduction of such a specialized terminology. He accomplished this introduction through wide use of "shifting of meanings". For this God explains precisely the meaning of a highly specialist idea, then assigns this meaning to a nearest descriptive term which was known already in biblical times. So when this term is used again in the Bible, the actual meaning of it is already this specialized one, not the one from Biblical times.
       Let us use an example for this. In item #E1 of the web page about origins of evil on Earth the present specialized term "UFOnauts" is explained. This term is described in Revelation, 16:13-14, approximately in the following manner: "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty." This description explains to us clearly, that it concerns beings that have the appearance of frogs. (These readers who are interested in UFOs know jolly well, that masks used by present UFOnauts, and also their cosmic costumes, give to UFOnauts the appearance which just resembles frogs.) It also explains, that these creatures act against God through instigating people that rule the Earth. Finally this description shifts the meaning that it explained so thoroughly at another term "spirits of devils". So when in other places of the Bible this new version of the terminology "spirits of devils" and "devils" is used, in fact this version means "UFOnauts".
       Other similar examples include the specialist word "epoch" or "era" which was not in use in Biblical times. The meaning of it was shifted at the word "day" which is used in the Bible in that meaning - as this is explained comprehensively in item #D7 (S2) of the web page about evolution.htm - about the process of evolution. Thus for example later use in the Bible the statement that God created the physical world and humans in 6 days, in fact means the creation of it in 6 subsequent epochs or stages. In turn item #B3 of the same web page about evolution explains another specialist term "program" or "information" which in the Bible is shifted at a similar term "word".

#C9. True helping people:
       Of course, many so-called "skeptics" may at this point start to deny: how God could authorize the Bible since it is written with hands and words of ancient people, and contains inside only thoughts and reports of these people. The reply is simple. God controlled thoughts and hands of these people, so that they pour onto the paper whatever God inspired in them. For me personally the manner in which words of the Bible originated, resembles the manner on which occurred these single trails on the sand in the poem of an anonymous author entitled the "Footsteps in the Sand". Let us recall here the content of this poem. (For a Polish version of this poem - see the Polish version of this web page.) Here it is:
One night a man had a dream.
He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand:
one belonging to him, and the other to the LORD.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him
he looked back, at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times along the path of his life
there was only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times of his life.
This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it:
"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life
there is only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me."
The LORD replied:
"My son, My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you,
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

#C10. Perfect coincidence with empirical findings, namely with totalizm and with the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which result directly from empirical scientific research (and vice versa):
       There is no even a single statement in the Bible that would be contradictive to the findings of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - although many enemies of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity try to imply this to other people. After all, the only thing corrected by totalizm and by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, are errors in manners on which individual people, or entire institutions, interpreted Words of God or the meaning of reality that surrounds us. But we should not be surprised by the necessity of such corrections on erroneous interpretations. After all, these interpretations were formulated by people (who, as we know, can be wrong) in conditions when these people had no access to such a perfect "key to truth" as is the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm. Furthermore, one needs to remember also, that on Earth an entire band of serpents is operational, who puts a huge amount of their devilish energy into the deviating human understanding of truth.
       Totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity directly result from the newest empirical research. Thus if the Bible would be authorized by ancient shepherds, not by God himself, then it would NOT have slightest chances to coincide so closely with outcomes of the most recent scientific research.

#C11. Incorporating into the Bible the knowledge from several disciplines, which never gets outdated in a way as outdated becomes all knowledge gathered by humans:
       Only by the indirect authorization of the Bible by God Himself the mysterious fact can be explained that the Bible contains knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, and that this knowledge never gets outdated. As we all can see it on the example of present human science, normal knowledge gathered by people, gets outdated quite quickly - usually within the lifespan of just one generation of people. But the knowledge contained in the Bible never seems to become outdated. So we should realise that only God is sufficiently wise to provide knowledge which never gets outdated.

#C12. Incorporating into the Bible the knowledge which evens, and in many areas even exceeds, the present level of the official knowledge on the Earth:
       Some knowledge locked in the Bible displays even more mysterious attributes. For example, in many areas the knowledge locked in the Bible is highly futuristic and it exceeds the level of knowledge that prevailed on the Earth at times when the Bible was written. Actually, in many areas this knowledge not only evens with the present level of official knowledge on the Earth (means with the level of knowledge that prevails almost 2000 years after the Bible was written), but sometimes also exceeds this present level. Of course, shepherds and wonderers from the ancient world to whom the authorship of the Bible is attributed, were unable to accumulate such huge futuristic knowledge. But God surely was able. So this futuristic knowledge is another proof for the indirect authorisation of the Bible by God Himself. Let us now provide some examples of the knowledge which is already contained in the Bible, but could NOT be known by people at times when the Bible was written.
       (1) Microorganisms and most modern findings of microbiology. When specific examples of advanced knowledge contained in the Bible are concerned, I was mostly impressed by an article which compared the most recent discoveries in microbiology - especially this concerning microbes, with the content of the Bible. After all, microbes were discovered by the official human science relatively recent. But in the Bible people are warned about them already for around 2000 years. In this article it was proven that practically everything that present microbiologists know about bacteria and viruses, is already described in the Bible. Interestingly, the Bible had even more information which we still seem to not know about. For appropriate examples see the Biblical Leviticus, 12:1 to 17:16.
       (2) Extending the life, bringing dead to life, and immortality, accomplished through shifting someone's time back. In the Biblical "2 Kings" 20:1-11 is described how exactly God extended the life of someone named Hezekiah by 15 years through shifting his time back. As it is explained in that description, the principle of shifting back someone's "software time" is exactly the same as that described on my web page named immortality.htm - i.e. it boils down to shifting back the so-called "execution control" in natural "programs of life" contained in double spirals of DNA of a given person. But this Biblical explanation how to accomplish the immortality can be comprehended only after one learns, understands, and accepts explanations and mechanism of such accomplishing the immortality - which mechanism I developed and described, amongst others, on the web page immortality.htm. Before one learns and accepts this my principle of extending the life through repetitive shifting back in time, and also before learning and accepting what about the Bible states this web page, those Biblical descriptions are NOT getting to the reader. This is why so-far NO scientist accepted my mechanism and principle of accomplishing the immortality, nor took notice that this principle is confirmed in the Bible. Also this is why present scientists in matters of extending lives and defeating death still tell people fables of the kind summarised in item #B5 from the web page immortality.htm.
       (3) Consequences of constructing time vehicles and travelling in time. Another examples of advanced knowledge contained in the Bible, are presentations of effects of the use of time vehicles. Such Biblical ideas as the "final judgment", "everlasting happiness", "everlasting hell", "resurrection of dead" are actually explainable as futuristic outcomes of the use of time vehicles - for details see items #H1 to #H5 from the web page god.htm - with scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God, or items #C7 to #C10 from the web page timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles and the principle of technical control over time, or see subsections N6.2 to N6.6 from volume 11 of the monograph [1/5].
       (4) The appearance of the Earth when viewed from the space. Another example of the futuristic knowledge is a view of the Earth from out in space. As I frequently bring to people's attention, around 2000 years before the time of satellites and space travel, and when there were all kinds of mythological descriptions concerning the Earth, a Hebrew prophet wrote in Isaiah 40:22, "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth,...". The Hebrew word used here for "circle" is "hhug" which according to some Hebrew scholars also has the meaning of "sphere". (For example see: "A Concordance of the Hebrew and Chaldee Scriptures by B. Davidson".) Thus, some other Bible translations say, "the globe of the earth" (Douay Version) and, "the round earth" (Moffatt). But there is more. Also out of the Book of Job comes the gem at Job 26:7, "He stretches out the north over the void, and hangs the earth upon nothing." Even many of hundreds of years later from the writing of the book of Job, the wise man Aristotle still believed things in the heavens were attached to supports, not just floating there. Yet the Bible said the Earth "hangs...upon nothing." Pretty good 'guess' about such things, if the Bible is only a fabrication of men, is it not? So the Bible in its ancient wording, describes the Earth as a circular sphere 'hanging' upon "nothing" (floating) in a "void" (space). Since orbital flights were not around back then, while common people believed that the Earth is flat, how could they insert into the Bible such information? Fantastic guesses, or really the information provided (inspired) by the Superior Being which is much greater than humans?
       (5) The creation of visible matter and visible part of the physical world, from an invisible counter-matter contained in the invisible counter-world. The Bible states in Hebrews 11:3 "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen." In other words, already since around 2000 years the Bible tells us what people could learn only very recently from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (and what the official human science still refuses to acknowledge even today). Namely, that with the aid of appropriate "program", the invisible for humans "liquid computer" called "counter-matter" was so preprogrammed, that it forms from itself the visible matter and all visible objects of the physical world. (Notice that because of the lack of more precise terminology in ancient times, the present term "program" or "algorithm" or "information", the Bible needed to call with the nearest similar term "word".) The manner in which these programs of the universe transform the invisible counter-matter into visible matter and physical world, is described in item #B5 of the web page evolution.htm - about the process of evolution, as well as in item #I4 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. How more logical and correct is the above Biblical description of the creation of physical world and man, in comparison to the absurdly claims of present official human science which insists that "the universe originates from nothing". After all, the official human science claims that the universe supposed to come to the existence in the result of a "big bang" before which NOTHING existed. Means, before the "big bang" did NOT exist neither mater, nor time, nor space. But after this "big bang", from this "nothing" rapidly a whole universe was formed. To make this absurdly claim of science even more absurd, the same official science overlooks that in many other areas it tells people that from "nothing" never can "something" be formed.
       (6) Laws of the counter-world. It took around 2000 years after the Bible was written, before the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has revealed and proven to people in 1985 that another world, scientifically called the "counter-world", in fact do exist and that this world is ruled by its own set of laws. However, from the very beginning the Bible asks "Do you know the laws of the heavens?..." (Job 38:33) It means that the Bible reveals to us the knowledge that humans would not have known at the time when the Bible was written. For example, the verse above points our attention to the fact that the heavens are ran by "laws", something not generally known by people nor scientists even at the present time.
       (7) The formation of matter and humans from continually "dancing" whirls of counter-matter. The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains that every kind of matter from our physical world, including the matter that constitutes bodies of people, is formed from pre-programmed whirls of thinking substance called "counter-matter" - which (the substance) displays attributes of "liquid computer". (The manner of forming matter from these whirls of counter-matter is described, amongst others, in subsection H4.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4], while briefly is explained in item #C3 of the web page god_proof.htm.) In turn from other research discussed, amongst others, in items #B5 and #B8 of the web page god.htm is already known to us, that in the Bible this "counter-matter" most frequently is called "God Father", only sometimes is called the "Ancient of Days". Interestingly, the Bible contains in its content the clear confirmation that the author of it knew perfectly well that in order to create the matter and the man, the "God Father" must form from the counter-matter these continually "dancing" whirls. After all, in the original (Jewish) formulation of verse 3:17 from the Biblical "Book of Zephaniah" an information is provided, that looking at man whom He created, the God Father is spinning in the continuous dance of joy. (Unfortunately, authors of the majority of translations of the Bible somehow are unable to swallow the vision of "God Father dancing from the joy", hence the original meaning of this Biblical verse 3:17 is frequently "censored" and "beautified" through being translated on a whole range of sometimes completely misleading ways!) "The Jerusalem Bible", Norton, Longman & Todd Ltd., London 1966, states in the "Book of Zephaniach" 3:17, quote: "Yahweh your God is in your midst, a victorious warrior. He will exult with joy over you, he will renew you by his love; he will dance with shouts of joy for you as on a day of festival."

#C13. Inner cohesion and consistency of the Bible:
       Also even a single word or sentence from the Bible is contradictive to another word or sentence from this Bible - if considered from the God's point of view (in spite that various UFOnauts-changelings insist that they supposedly have found various errors in the text). What various "seekers of errors" overlook in the Bible is that it is their knowledge that is still limited and underdeveloped. Whatever from their point of view can appear as a contradiction, actually is an absolute truth from the God's point of view. They also overlook, that in order to NOT take away the free will from people, the Bible must look as if it is imperfect. After all, absolutely perfect look only these supposedly "holy books" which were written by UFOnauts, when these UFOnauts started on Earth subsequent ones amongst their evil religions. In turn such supposedly "perfect holy books" strip completely their adherers from the free will. In turn the Bible does NOT strip anything from anyone. It actually gives a lot to people - if these people find a will in themselves to extend their hands and ask for whatever they need.

Part #D: Most vital information and messages that are passed to us by God through the Bible:
#D1. You live currently in order to choose by yourself your future and your further fate; in turn about your future fate you decide by either embracing or rejecting God and the requirements that God imposed on people:
Motto: "Totalizm states that the "ability, will, and the effort of embracing God" represents essence of the difference between animals and people."
       In a rather intelligent manner content of the Bible carries the encrypted message for people. This message states, that all these ones who do NOT show the ability, will, nor the effort of embracing God, in Gods eyes are only animals equipped in human intelligence and in human appearance. In turn as animals, they receive from God the treatment which is the same as are getting animals, not people. Thus according to this message, for example atheists are only animals with human intelligence and human appearance. Similarly for God such animals of the human appearance and human intelligence are al these who practice the philosophy of parasitism - after all they also refuse to make effort of embracing God.
       The hidden manner in which with a supernatural intelligence God encrypted into the Bible that He authorizes this main requirement to embrace God, is explained more comprehensively in item #F3 of the web page about totalizm. That web page also explains what this requirement means practically for us.

Part #E: Proofs for the existence of God:
#E1. The existence of God was already proven formally:
Motto: "You shall hear but not understand you shall look but never see." (Bible, Matthew, 13:14)
       Scientific evidence for the existence of God (including the formal scientific proof for the existence of God completed with the method of mathematical logic) is presented on the separate web page named god_proof.htm. Therefore here this evidence is NOT repeated. Dlatego dowody te NIE będą już tutaj powtarzane.

Part #F: Consequences of the adoption of atheism by the official human science also called the "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the science with the monopole for knowledge of which competes the new "totaliztic science"):
       In order to not deprive people the so-called "free will", everything that God does must be carried out according to the canon of ambiguity which is described in item #C2 of the web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity, or in item #B9 od the web page god.htm - about scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God, and also in subsection JB7.4 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4]. This "canon of ambiguity" states that in the universe nothing can be fully unambiguous and deprived sources of all doubts, because then the intelligences that confront it would be deprived the right to their own free will and the right to choose their own path. This is why every true miracle must allow to be explained on many different ways. This is also because of the action of this canon that every proof for the existence of God can be attempted to be explained also in an atheistic manner.
       The existence and action of the "canon of ambiguity" causes that in order to maintain the objectivity and unbiased approach, the official human science should explain every fact on two different ways - namely atheistically, as well as with the acknowledgement of the existence of God. But the present official science does NOT do this at all. It explains everything just atheistically, while if is NOT able to explain something atheistically it either just denies the existence of it, or hides it from people. Thus, in order to restore the balance and unbiased approach to the scientific facts, and also in order to allow people to make an "informed choice" in matters of God, it is necessary to reveal also facts that certify for the existence of God, and to explain these facts scientifically from the point of view of the "existence of God". This part of the web page assumes such a task.

#F1. Why physicists conceal from us the evidence for the existence of God, another world, eternal soul, etc.:
Motto: "If you do not believe in God, or do NOT wish to learn truth about God, it is just your private matter. But if you make impossible for others to learn the truth about God, then you act immorally and commit extreme meanness."
       The discipline of physics literally overflows from evidence for the existence of God, another world, eternal soul, etc. With similar evidence overflow other sciences related to physics, for example mechanics, astronomy, astrophysics, etc. In order to give here some idea about the massive nature and meaningfulness of this evidence, below I am going to remind at least most vital examples of it. There is really a lot of it. But instead of informing the society about this evidence and about its significance, physicists conceal all cases of such evidence which are already well known to them, and simultaneously refuse to research these directions about which they know that further cases of such evidence are awaiting discovery in there. So if any of us will in the future experience these (very serious) consequences of rejecting God described in the Bible, probably he or she should thank physicists for the "pleasures" that he or she is going to endure.
       There is several problems with this anti-God stand of physicists and other scientists from areas related to physics. One of these problems is of an ethical nature. It is known that NOT informing about the truth in fact means lies. In order to be even more unethical, this "non-informing" is carried out for the money of taxpayers - means us who are lied to by physicists. After all, these are us, taxpayers, who pay salaries to physicists. Another serious ethical problem results from the fact that there are already formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, other world, eternal soul, etc. These formal scientific proofs can be reviewed by the reader in posts numbers #134, #135, #136, #137 and #139 from blogs of totalizm indicated in item #H5 of this web page, as well as in volumes 5, 4 and 11 of monographs [1/5] (see in there subsections H1.1.4, I1.4.2, I3.3.4, I5.2.1, and N6.1), and also on appropriate web pages of totalizm, e.g. on the web pages: god.htm (see item #B3 in there), dipolar_gravity.htm (see item #D3 in there), nirvana.htm (see item #C1.1 in there), evolution.htm (see item #B6.2 in there), and also on this web page (bible.htm - see here item #B1 above). In turn since formal scientific proofs for the existence of God and for the authorization of the Bible by God remain in power, this in fact means that all these "pleasures" which the Bible promises to these people who are to reject God and stand by atheism, are not at all just a way of "scaring ancient savages", but these "pleasures" actually await for all these who are to be deceived by the reassurances of physicists that there is no such thing as God, soul, or another world. Expressing this in other words, this stubborn refusal of physicists to inform the society that in fact there is a massive body of evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., causes that these physicists have on their conscience countless people whom they deprived the chance of e.g. getting to heaven.
       Let us review now examples of evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., about which physicists know jolly well, but do NOT inform the society about these, nor teach these to their students. Most vital examples of this evidence are as follows:
       1. Transverse character of electromagnetic waves. As we know, transverse waves propagate exclusively on the border between two media. This in turn means, that electromagnetic waves have such a transverse character only because (and also exist only because) apart from our visible world there is another invisible world in which God lives and our souls reside. In turn these transverse electromagnetic waves propagate just along the border of our visible physical world, and this another invisible "counter-world". It is why electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, not any other type. For more information on this subject - see the formal scientific proof for the existence of counter-world published in item #D3 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm.
       2. Corpuscular and wave nature of light and matter. This one is jolly well known to physicists. In turn the existence of it means, that light and matter exist simultaneously in two separate worlds. Namely these exist in our visible world of matter (in which light and matter are corpuscles). Also duplicates of these simultaneously exist in the "counter-world", which is closed to our senses, but in which God lives while our souls land after we die. (In the counter-world light and matter behave like waves.) For more information on this subject - see item #D1 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm.
       3. The quantum nature of energy. If one analyses the transfer of energy at the elementary level, e.g. in the micro-scale, then it turns out that in mutual interaction of objects the energy is transferred in a "portioned" or "stepped" manner. This means that the amount of energy that is transferred in a single portion is NOT a random, but it is passed in strictly predefined portions of energy named "quant". This in turn confirms, that energy in fact is a kind of like "natural program", while transferring of it obeys laws of information processing - means that it is exactly as it is described in item #G1 of the totaliztic web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, the quantum nature of energy confirms also the "quantum nature of time" (i.e. confirms also the existence of micro-jumps of time, which are so small that we do NOT notice them) - as the elapse of time is described in item #B1 of the web page about time vehicles, and also in item #G4 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Since this quantum nature of energy and time confirms the existence of natural programs of the type of energy and time, it also confirms that in the universe must exist and function all other similar programs that are postulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, such as God, timespace, physical world, gravity, whirls of counter-matter, etc., etc.
       4. Ether (i.e. "counter-matter from the [b]Concept of Dipolar Gravity). [/b]Towards the "ether" physicists show double standards. On one hand, they deny the existence of it, although for the counter-world in which this "ether" (i.e. "counter-matter") prevails, the experiment of Michelson-Morley of 1887 (which supposedly proved the non-existence of "ether") in fact looses its validity. On the other hand physicists keep introducing the existence of this substance under different names, e.g. vacuum, energy, etc. This is pity, as the intelligent ether is a kind of "liquid computer" which actually forms what the Christian religion calls "God Father", and from what God formed the entire physical world. For more information about "counter-matter" (ether) see item #B1 on the web page evolution.htm, and also subsection I1.1 from monograph [1/5] - text_1_5.htm.
       5. The symmetric structure of the universe, combined with the actual lack of "antimatter" or "antiworld". In 1924 the great French physicist, Louis De Broglie, published his important discovery which sometimes is called the "Principle of the symmetry of nature". According to this principle in the universe everything is highly symmetric. For example, every elementary particle has its own antiparticle, while every phenomenon has its own antiphenomenon. This principle postulates, and matter and physical world also must have their symmetric opposites. These symmetric opposites to matter and to physical world scientists named "antimatter" and "antiworld". In turn to find these in the universe, the humans science poured a huge amount of research, efforts, and financial resources. In spite of all these, scientifically it never was confirmed that "antimatter" nor "antiworld" in fact do exist. This in turn means that these symmetric opposites to matter and to physical world are intentionally hidden from people. The relatively new scientific theory described earlier and named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains why these are hidden and where one should seek them. The reason of their hiding is, that the opposite to matter, means the intelligent liquid substance by this concept called the "counter-matter", is in fact the carrier of God. In turn the opposite of the physical world, means the so-called "counter-world", is the place in which God lives. Counter-matter turns out to be this continually moving liquid the existence of which was postulated in past by pioneers of human science under the name of "ether". Only that otherwise than this is with ether, counter-matter occupies a separate counter-world. In turn this counter-world is shown, e.g. by "Kirlian photography".
       6. Kirlian Photography. This one directly shows "ghosts" ("spirits") of every physical object. For example, if one photographs with the Kirlian camera a place where a lost finger is missing, the whole finger is still visible in this place. This phenomenon is known as the "ghost-leaf effect". The description of it is provided in chapter C of treatise [7/2] - see the web page text_7_2.htm.
       7. Reversal of friction. The De Broglie's symmetry of the universe states, amongst others, that "every phenomenon has its own counter-phenomenon". But physicists stubbornly refuse to research the counter-phenomenon for friction, means the so-called "telekinesis". Reversely to friction causing a spontaneous absorption of motion and generation of heat, telekinesis causes a spontaneous absorption of heat and generation of motion. Why physicists refuse to research the phenomenon that is a reversal of friction? Well, because it directly confirms the existence of "spirits" (ghosts). Telekinesis depends on causing the motion of physical objects by catching spirits (ghosts) of these objects and moving these spirits (ghosts) - while only later these spirits through the gravitational forces pull behind them the physical objects to which they belong. More about the mechanism of telekinesis is provided in item #7 of the web page telekinesis.htm.
       8. The existence of magnetic field and electric field. If one considers the energy flows, NO field is able to exists in the absolute "nothing". If fields could exist in the absolute "nothing", then with the elapse of time all the energy from our part of the universe would flow out into the infinitive emptiness that must exist beyond the visible part of the universe. So after some time, the universe would loose all its energy and cease to exist. In turn if fields can only exist in "something", then this something must also be present wherever magnetic and electric fields interact with each other, means also in the physical vacuum. But since this physical vacuum in the physical world does NOT contain anything, than this means that the "something" which is the carrier of magnetic and electric fields (this "something" scientifically is called "counter-matter"), must exist in a world that is separate from our physical world. Thus the existence of magnetic field and electric field is a proof, that there is also another world apart from our physical world. This another world is called the "counter-world". It is it where God lives in, and where our spirits reside. More about the mechanism of operation of magnetic field and electrical field is explained in subsections H5.1 and H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. Serpents who supervise the development of Earth's physics know jolly well that our learning of mechanism of operation of magnetic field and electric field leads to the confirmation of the existence of the counter-world in which God lives. Therefore these serpents do not allow that human physics describes these two fields in the sense of mechanism of their formation and interaction, but only allow that physicists describe these two fields in the sense of consequences which these fields cause. Therefore the present physical definitions of these two fields in fact tell us nothing about the mechanism of the formation of these fields.
       9. The existence and dipolar character of gravity field. Gravity field displays all attributes of a dipolar field. This dipolar character of gravity field was already proven formally by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So why present physics controlled by serpents still insists to describe the gravity field as a monopolar field? It turns out that the reason is this another world in which God lives. When gravity field is dipolar, then one pole of gravity must disappear from our physical world and reappear in a separate world, in which God lives. More about the dipolar character of gravity field is explained in subsections H1 and H1.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also on a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       10. Telepathy. Telepathy is a kind of "speech" which propagate through another world (i.e. through the "counter-world"). Thus the research on telepathy directly confirms the existence of another world in which God lives and our souls reside. Therefore physicists refuse to research telepathy. More about telepathy and mechanism of it, is provided on the web page telepathy.htm.
       11. Intelligence of elementary particles. Physicists with a great reluctance admit that the behavior of elementary particles displays intelligence. After all, intelligence supposedly is an attribute of living creatures only, not "inanimate" nature. In turn physicists panic completely when someone asks them about the meaning of intelligence of elementary particles. After all, intelligent elementary particles means that these particles are actually formed from the intelligent substance called "counter-matter" (in past called "ether"). In turn this another world filled up entirely with such intelligent substance in fact constitutes God. More about intelligence of counter-matter is explained in subsection H2 of monograph [1/5]. In turn the formation of intelligent elementary particles from this intelligent counter-matter, is explained in subsection I1.3 of monograph [1/5].
       12. The ability of matter to transform (e.g. the equivalence of energy and matter). In order anything could transform into something else, there must exist an algorithm which describes and executes the course and outcomes of this transformation. For example, in our computers the transformation of a disk file into a photograph on the screen is described by appropriate computer programs. In turn in our car the transformation of motion of pistons in the engine into the motion of the entire car is carried out by algorithm which is described geometrically in the design of subsequent parts of this car. (Means, as this would be expressed by computer scientists, it is carried out by the algorithm which is "hardwired" into the components of the car.) Thus the fact that in our physical world many substances, forms, and energies, can transform in another ones (e.g. matter can transform into energy, water can transform into ice, etc.) means, that somewhere "living" algorithms which define the course and outcomes of these transformations must be written. In turn, if such algorithms are written somewhere, this means that there can also be written another kinds of algorithms, e.g. these ones which form the superior intelligent being called God. More information about the storing of algorithms which control the operation of the universe is explained in subsection I1.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       13. The existence of physical laws and the superior logic of these laws. Similarly as algorithms of transformations described in previous item, also "alive" algorithms which define the action of physical laws, must be written on some medium. Thus, this medium is also able to be the medium that carries programs of the superior intelligence of God. That in fact this medium contains the intelligence of the superior being, such as God, is proven by an exceptional logic and consistency of physical laws which operate in our physical world. The logic of these laws indicates that laws of physics were invented and programmed by some intelligent being of the exceptionally superior ability to think logically. If laws of physics are shaped spontaneously at random, their content would be completely accidental, and thus in many cases they would mutually contradict each other. More information about the God's logic in the formation of physical world is explained in subsection I1.5 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       14. The existence of phenomena which are contradictive to laws of the physical world. From time to time our science encounters phenomena which are contradictive to laws of the physical world, although they remain in agreement with laws of the "counter-world" in which God resides and which is described on the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In order to provide here several examples of such phenomena, they include, amongst others: (a) the so-called "jet stream" (means a powerful wind in upper parts of the atmosphere which always blows from west to east - although according to laws of the physical world it should blow from east to west), (b) closed circulation of ocean currents (which currents circulate around the entire globe along a closed loop, in some parts of the globe flowing next to itself in two opposite directions - while according to laws of our physical world the stream of water in a gravity field has no right to circulate continually along a closed circuit), © the "ozone hole" (which supposed to appear above the Northern Hemisphere which "eats ozone", while it appears above the Southern Hemisphere), (d) cold air in the upper atmosphere while warm by the surface of the Earth (while cold air, as heavier, should drop down to the surface of the Earth, when the warm air - escape to the upper atmosphere), (e) the rotational motion of the Earth (if this motion is propelled just by inertia of the Earth's mass, without an assistance from invisible whirls of counter-matter, then it should cease already a long ago because of the friction caused by various phenomena, such as sea tides generated by the gravity of the Moon, solar winds, action of the magnetic field of the Earth as a magnetic gear, etc. - in order to understand how this friction should suppress the rotations of the Earth, one just needs to consider where the energy comes from which propels the perpetual motion that works on principles of the "Coriolis effect" and that is described in item #F1 of the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetycznych generators of free energy, and also in item #F4.1 of the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm - about dreams for better future of the village Wszewilki), (f) sea tides that occur also on the opposite side of the Earth which is NOT turned towards the Moon - while according to laws of Physics the sea tides should happen only on the side of the Earth that faces the Moon, (g) lightning bolts that happen in the area where is lack of clouds, thus which can be described with the known saying "bolt from the blue sky" (formation of such bolts cannot be explained by present science); such bolts e.g. in Australia cause bush fires - for details see items #B14 and #B15.1 on the web page military_magnocraft.htm - about destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles), (h) the so-called "perpetual motion" (which according to claims of the human science to-date supposedly cannot be build, but the working design of which is described in item #F1 of the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetycznych generators of free energy, and also in item #F4.1. of the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm - about dreams for better future of the village Wszewilki), (i) whirls of water let out of bath tub (which according to physical laws should whirl in opposite directions than they do), (j) the flow of blood (flow resistances in mini-arteries are too large for blood to flow as it flows - if we base just on laws of physics), (k) so-called "capillaries" (which according to known laws should not act as they act), (l) bumble-bee (which according to aerodynamics should not be able to fly), (m) tornadoes (which according to the outward directed action of centrifugal forces have no right to be formed in nature), etc., etc. All above phenomena contradictive to laws of the physical world prove that independently from the physical world and its laws, there is also another counter-world with completely different laws (i.e. laws which are reversals of laws from the physical world).
       15. The so-called "unexplained phenomena", i.e. ghosts, UFOs, shifting of people to different times, miracles, etc. The true reason for which physicists decisively refuse to research these phenomena, is that after solid investigations of these, it always turns out that each one of them in fact does exist. Also each one of them leads to the confirmation of either the existence of UFOs, or the existence of God. Serpents-UFOnauts do know about this, thus they make it impossible for people to research such phenomena. Instead of researching these, UFOnauts order people to believe that such phenomena are imaginations of drunks, balloons, mesmerizing, etc. In other words, they order to tell to all people experiencing these phenomena, that such people are liars. In turn physicists thoroughly obey this order.
       16. Our ability to explain everything logically as different manifestations of the same intelligent "counter-matter". A relatively new scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has a vital reason to be called the theory of everything. Namely it explains practically everything whatever requires an explanation - using for this explaining just different states, behaviours, and manifestations of a single liquid called "counter-matter". This "counter-matter" is a kind of "liquid computer" which obediently implements programs introduced to it, in this way forming everything that requires to be formed, starting from elementary particles and energy, and finishing on the entire our physical world and the so-called "spacetime". It is the entire body of this intelligent substance that forms what we call God. On other hand, entire present human science is unable to provide even a small fraction of the explanations that results from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, only because that this science forcefully avoids in its explanations the use of the idea of such intelligent, programmable substance which would become simultaneously an explanation for the nature of God. If one analyses the reasons for both above facts, it turns out that without considering God actually nothing can be explained completely. In turn after considering God, everything becomes easily explainable. Just only this in itself is a sufficient proof, that God does exist after all, and He is the beginning and end of practically everything.
       Very interesting are fates of research and discoveries of each of the above items of evidence. These fates are full of persecution, sabotages, discrimination, prejudices, scoffing, intentional silencing, etc. As this is clearly visible, the dark force which enslaves the Earth, makes everything in its power to prevent the dissemination of knowledge about the above evidence amongst people.
       So why physicists conceal from people the existence of this wealth of evidence about God, soul, another world, etc. After all, they themselves also loose a lot because of it. It turns out that the reason is very simple. Fear. They are afraid to write and to talk about it. As it turns out, our planet is secretly occupied by evil creatures, which the Bible calls "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while present people call them "UFOnauts". These creatures looks almost identical to people - after all they are close relatives of humans. So these creatures take all key positions in the human society - including positions of decision making in science. Extensive descriptions of these diabolic creatures, and also photographs showing these their sparse anatomic features which are slightly different from human features, are provided on the totaliztic web page called evil.htm. Well, these evil creatures have a bad habit to persistently persecute, torment, scoff, slander, defame, etc., every scientists who tries to point the attention of society at evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. How such a slander, etc., looks like, readers can check in the Internet. For example in relation to myself examples of it are contained at addresses of the google group sci.physics or another google group Thus when any scientist tries to present something that is a truth, he is immediately pounced at by these "serpents-UFOnauts" and viciously destroyed. Very rarely anyone has a courage to stand up again in public with the same topic. And if he stands up again, he is again attacked, slandered, defamed, scoffed at, accused of lies, tormented, persecuted, sabotaged, etc.
       The concealing from the society the information about evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., causes enormous social mischief and harm. One kind of this harm results from the depriving people of the chance for taking an "informed decision" in matters of God, means from practically pushing people into atheism. How dangerous and harmful is such pushing people into atheism I know from my own fate. As a young boy I used to believe in claims of physicists, that there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. Thus, until 39-th year of my own age, I was an atheist myself. Only in 1985 I discovered myself, that everything that my teachers and lecturers told me on this subject is an absolute lie. If I would not discover this lie myself, probably I would die as an atheist. I am horrified to even think what would happen then. After all, God emphasizes at almost every page of the Bible which He authorizes, that every person is solely responsible for finding and embracing God, and that every person is severely judged for fulfilling this responsibility. Thus, this first kind of social harm resulting from the collaboration of physicists in suppression of knowledge about God, depends on the fact, that similarly to myself, millions of other people on Earth are misled and lied to by their teachers and lecturers of physics. It is scary to think what happens to these people if they persevere in these lies and do not find their own path to God. Another kind of social harm, results from the social immorality which always goes together with atheism. People who do not believe in God typically have no motivations nor inclinations to act morally in their lives. In this way present society goes increasingly deeper into the spiral of immorality from which there may not be exit. Thus, the fact that e.g. in present times almost each one of us is scared to go to streets at night, is one amongst numerous consequences of concealing by physicists the information about availability of vast evidence on God.
       Is there any defence against these malicious behaviours of the official science to-date which forces people to adopt atheism? Yes, it is. It simply suffices to officially acknowledge findings of the new "totaliztic science" described in item #C5 of this web page, which is "competitive" towards the old official science and thus which is to "straighten things up".

#F2. How biologists collaborate in concealing evidence for the existence of God, another world, eternal soul, etc.:
Motto: "Tolerance means not only agreeing of believers, that others have rights to not believe at all, or believe in something else, but also refrying of non-believers from attempts to make believing impossible for those ones who wish to believe."
       In previous item #F1 I explained how and why representatives of physical sciences, i.e. physics, mechanics, astronomy, astrophysics, etc., collaborate with serpents-UFOnauts in concealing from the society the information about proofs for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. But in a similar manner for the detriment of humanity intensely collaborate with serpents-UFOnauts also representatives of other scientific disciplines, e.g. biological sciences (i.e. biology, medicine, botanic, zoology, etc.). They also conceal from people an entire ocean of evidence for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. Simultaneously they feed the society with a various fables of the type of "theory of evolution", or the "holographic model of memory" - for the correctness of which there is no even a single item of undeniable evidence. In this manner representatives of biological sciences actively contribute towards depriving people of the chance for taking "informed decisions" in matters of God, soul, another world, etc. After all, in order to take such informed decision people need to know about these items of evidence. But through concealing the evidence, representatives of biological sciences make impression on people that such evidence is non-existing. In this manner biologists almost forcefully push ordinary people into the atheism. In turn according to the Bible (which is authorized by God himself) the atheism has serious consequences for its adherers (see item #C4 of this web page). In this manner biologists have on their conscience "eternal suffering" of a multitude of people who were tricked by them into lies that there is no evidence for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc.
       Let us now review evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., about which representatives of biological sciences know jolly well, but also do NOT inform neither the society nor do not teach their students about it. Most vital examples of this evidence are as follows:
       1. Genetic code. As we already know jolly well, genetic code is a kind of language. In turn every language can be formed only if it is formulated by some intelligence. However, genetic code could not be formed and steadily used by anyone but God himself. Thus the existence of genetic code is a direct proof for the existence of God. Incidentally, this code was already used by the philosophy of totalizm as a basis for formulation of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with methods of mathematical logic. Both, descriptions of this proof, as well as more information about genetic code, are contained in item #B3 of the web page about God, and also in subsection I3.3.4 of the monograph [1/5].
       2. Operation of the brain and memory. Orthodox medicine persists in telling people that memory is contained in their physical bodies (brain). However, all empirical facts prove, that memory is contained outside of physical bodies, i.e. in human soul. Of course, the reason for this persistent telling is clear - the medicine does NOT want to admit that human soul does exist. The wealth of evidence which unambiguously indicates that memory is NOT contained in physical bodies (i.e. brain), but in our souls, includes so-called OBE ("out of body experiences"), NDE ("near-death experience"), multiple personalities, memories of previous reincarnations, etc. But biologists sabotage research on these phenomena and lie to the society regarding interpretations of outcomes. More on this subject is explained in item #C1.1 of the web page about nirvana, and also in subsection I5.4 of monograph [1/5].
       3. The need for a couple of creatures (i.e. a female and a male) to multiply. A natural (i.e. purely random) evolution which is promoted by biologists, is at most able to explain origins of a single new creature. The probability that completely at random in exactly the same time as many as two new creatures mutate and that they will be a male and a female, is impossible to occur in a random manner. So couples of all creatures could only be created by God. However, this fact biologists conceal from people. More about the creating pairs of all creatures by God is explained in item #B6.2 of the web page about evolution, and also in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       4. Nirvana (and probably also the female orgasm and "cluteris"). There is an extraordinary phenomenon experienced exclusively by people. It is called "nirvana". It is felt like a kind of heavenly orgasm which lasts forever. The nirvana is NOT needed for survival. So it could not emerge as the outcome of natural evolution. In addition, in order to experience nirvana a given person must act exclusively moral, and also complete large amounts of heavy physical work aimed at good of other people. Thus the only situation when nirvana turns out not only useful, but also necessary, is when finally people decide to form social-political systems in which work is rewarded with nirvana instead of present money. (This turns out to be absolutely necessary only in a far future, when people build their time vehicles and thus gain the access to the so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in item #E1 of the web page about the philosophy of parasitism.) This in turn means, that in order to give to nirvana such a moral polarisation and attributes that are useful only in a far future, the embedding this phenomenon into the human body needed to be designed by God Himself and could NOT occur exclusively through a natural evolution. This is because only the intelligence of God Himself which knows the future and which is enough wise, could predict the need for programming nirvana into the human body. So nirvana is another phenomenon which directly proves the existence of God.
       The mechanism and accomplishing a nirvana was described more comprehensively on the separate web page entirely devoted to nirvana. In turn the utilisation of the phenomenon of nirvana for the formation of a social-political system which eliminates completely money in rewarding work, is described in items #C5, #E1 and #E2 of the totaliztic web page about the political party of totalizm, and also in items #B2, #E3 and #A3 of the separate web page about the totaliztic nirvana.
       It is worth to add here, that such a godly origin and social-political purpose of nirvana seems to also be confirmed by female orgasm and by female cluteris. After all, orgasm is an brief version of nirvana. A significant proportion of experts claims, that in the entire variety of females of various species of creatures that populate the Earth, only the female half of the human specie experiences orgasm. Supposedly a number of experts claims also, that only in human females appears a special organ called the "cluteris" (from "vulva"), which allows to induce an orgasm on every wish. (Of course, there are also scientists, who argue that females of various other species also experience orgasm and also have cluteris. However, as for now these scientists were unable to present conclusive evidence in support of their claims.) So if a further research conclusively confirms that in fact females of humans specie are the only females on the Earth which experience orgasm and which have the cluteris, then this would mean, that God intentionally supplied female half of humans in cluteris and in capability to experience orgasm mainly to continually remind people about the existence, need, capabilities of accomplishing, and benefits of nirvana.
       5. Communication between people and animals and vegetation. Empirically we know jolly well that people can communicate with animals and with vegetation, and that they do this without the use of speech. In turn the existence of this communication is an evidence that there is an universal language (ULT), and also a kind of speech (telepathy) which allows non-physical communication in that language. But in order such a language was heard with the use of telepathy, there must exist the counter-world (i.e. this another world in which God lives and to which our souls should go after the death). So no wonder that biologists collaborating with serpents-UFOnauts do not want to inform people about these possibilities of direct communication between people and animals and vegetation, nor want research this communication. For more information about the ULT language - see item #B4 of the web page about telepathy, and also subsection I5.4.2 of monograph [1/5].
       6. Supernatural capabilities of bodies (healing, synthesis of missing chemical elements, fire-walking, blade-walking, levitation, etc.). Souls contained in bodies of living creatures are able to give extraordinary abilities to bodies of these creatures. For example cats when see an illness in their masters, tend to lie on an ill area and with their "purring" try to return the health - similar like human healers do it. Some animals and vegetation are able to carry out the synthesis of lacking chemical elements - e.g. hens can synthesize missing calcium from mica. Flounders grow normal fish eyes at both sides of their sculls, if at young age are deprived an access to the bottom of sea. All probably heard that some people can walk on fire or razor blades without hurting their feet. There are people who can levitate. None of these supernatural capabilities of the body would be possible exclusively in a physical world that is deprived God, soul, another world, etc. For more information on these subjects see subsections I7 and KB3 from volumes 5 and 10 of monograph [1/5].
       7. Hypnosis. Hypnosis on several manners confirms the existence of another world, soul, God, etc. The first of these manners is the mechanism of hypnosis. Namely, hypnosis depends on switching our awareness from the physical world to the counter-world. (Our awareness is similar to a "cursor" on a computer screen. It also can switch from one "window" to another one.) The counter-world is almost an exact copy of our physical world. Therefore hypnotized people after switching their awareness to the counter-world still see over there the same objects which exist in the physical world. But in the counter-world instant shifting in time and space is possible. Thus hypnotized people can shift in there to any place and to any time.
       Another manner on which hypnosis confirms the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., is the function of hypnosis. God gave to its creations only these capabilities which are needed for something. Hypnosis is NOT needed by people, although people learned how to used and abuse it. But it is needed by God for controlling the behaviour of people in critical moments. As such it also confirms the existence and operation of God. No wonder that serpents-UFOnauts forbid to people carrying out research on hypnosis. More about hypnosis is explained in subsections I5, I5.1, I5.4, and I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       8. Near-death experience, including NDE, OBE, coming of dead close ones, review of the entire life, "death flash", the loss of weight by body immediately after death, etc. Whatever happens shortly before death and at the moment of death cannot be described differently as a manifestation of evidence for the existence of soul, another world, God, etc. No wonder that serpents-UFOnauts who supervise human scientific research forbid research on these phenomena. But personally I am disappointed because representatives of biological sciences rush submissively to obey this forbidding and refuse to research these phenomena and to inform the society about their existence. If anyone carries research on these phenomena, he or she must do it almost in hiding, like it was his or her personal hobby, and always later has difficulties with publishing the findings. Instead of this research that are so important for everyone, representatives of biological sciences spend millions on fruitless searches for "missing links" or for evidence of the existence of "natural evolution". On the other hand many believers in God report that shortly before the death their dead close ones are arriving to assist a given person to go through this difficult transformation into another world. Many dying people experience OBE (out of body experience) and NDE (near death experience) - for which the only rational explanations are when one acknowledges the existence of soul, God, another world, life after death, etc. The moment of death itself is supposedly linked with a powerful impulse of pleasure experienced by a dying person. In turn for death generating such an impulse of pleasure, behind the design of it must hide the God's intelligence. (For example it is known that people being hanged experience an orgasm at the moment of death - in hanged males it manifests itself by the ejection of semen. In turn French folklore calls orgasm the "little death".) Almost every dying person goes through a "review of the entire life" which (the review) in the full extent can take place in a short period of time when someone is e.g. still falling from a roof, but in which the falling person relives again every moment from the just finishing life. God frequently takes part in this review, and with a humour He even comments some moments from the life of a dying person. In the very moment of death the body beams a powerful flash of electromagnetic radiation which usually is called the death flash. This flash can be registered with the use of present measuring equipment. (More about the "death flash" is explained in subsection H7.3 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], while a summary of information on this flash is provided in the OMNI magazine, Vol. 8, No. 3, December 1985, page 115.) According to research carried out by Dr. Duncan McDougall from the Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) in 1906, at the moment of death human body looses 7 to 28 grams of weight. (More about this loss of body weight is explained in subsection I5.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].) Both these phenomena, i.e. the "death flash" and the loss of weight, are attributed to the soul leaving the dying body.
       9. ESP, instinct, multiple personalities, and other phenomena of this kind. These also are not possible to appear if there is no soul, another world, God, etc. Simultaneously, it is known for sure that these phenomena do exist. For example, without accepting the fact of existence of the intelligent counter-world, which through the so-called instinct (i.e. animal version of ESP) controls the behaviour of fauna, the behaviours of the American butterfly called "monarch" cannot be explained rationally. This behaviour is described, amongst others, in the article "Monarch has clock for navigation", from page A12 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 10, 2008. The article speculates how it is possible that "monarch" butterflies carry out a flight in spring of each year, which extends for around 3000 kilometres. The flight starts in pine forests of Mexico, and lasts until the border of the USA with Canada. Then, in autumn the butterflies return back to Mexico usually to the same tree from which the flight has started. The true puzzle however depends on this, that in their way the butterflies keep multiplying and dying. Thus the flight are continuing their subsequent generations. For winter in Mexico returns back third or fourth generation of successors of female butterflies which started the spring flight. This means that to the family pine-tree in Mexico returns only grand-grand-grand-daughters of the female butterflies which in spring started this prolonged flight. More on the subject of this phenomena is explained in subsection I8.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       10. Mysteries of dreams. There is an extraordinary phenomenon which is experienced by practically each one of us. It is called a dream. Although to describe this phenomenon a lot of orthodox theories was formulated, as so-far none of these explains extraordinary attributes of this phenomenon. For example, it does NOT explain why in dreams many people many people finds symbolic announcement of events that are to happen in the future - as an example see the extremely symbolic although meaningful dream which I described in item #B6 of the web page malbork_uk.htm. It does NOT explain why various people in dreams communicate with dead, with God, or with alive although physically distant people. It does NOT explain why there are two versions of dreams, i.e. (1) dreams in which everything has the same "sepia" colour (i.e. the colour of old, yellowish photographs from the era of black-and-white technology), and (2) dreams in colours. (It is worth to emphasize, that these two versions of dreams correspond to trips of our conscience to (1) the decoloured counter-world, or (2) to multicolour physical world.) Also NONE amongst these orthodox theories explains why in decoloured dreams (these in the "sepia" colour) our bodies obtain attributes of spirits from the counter-world, namely why these bodies become indestructible - is spite that in dream can be e.g. bitten or destroyed, why never in these dreams we see blood or wounds, why there is no friction when we move in dreams and thus our normal ways of moving, e.g. through walking, are not achievable in dreams, why in dreams we can move in manners that are unknown in everyday life from the physical world e.g. through gliding in space with an ordinary command from our mind. The reason why present scientific theories are unable to explain what actually are these dreams, is that these theories avoid acknowledging the existence of the counter-world, human souls, God, telekinetic methods of moving, etc. But if one considers the existence of these scientifically denied qualities, then immediately it turns out that dreams obtain an extremely simple explanation that fully coincides with all their attributes. Namely, dreams then become remembered next days adventures of our indestructible sprits in the visits of these spirits to the decoloured counter-world which knows no friction. More about the mechanism of dreams is explained in subsection I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       11. The existence of "animal geniuses". There is no many of these. But from time to time we learn about animals who know and are able much more than people do. Their descriptions are provided, amongst others, in subsection I8.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. I personally believe that these animals are "serpents" who secretly occupy our planet, who died in some accidents, and were reincarnated by God into these animals. (God treats "serpents" as animals, thus He reincarnates them into animals - as described in item #C4 above.) In order to explain this extraordinary knowledge and intelligence of such animals, one must consider the existence of soul, another world, God, etc.
       12. The perfection of oldest animals on the Earth is equal to the perfection of newest animals. If one analyses a level of perfection of living organisms of the oldest animals of our planet, then it turns out that these animals have equally perfect organisms as the newest animals. Many of these oldest animals persisted until today and are equally well off as the newest animals. As an example consider the "kings crab" which is a "trilobite" but lives in great numbers in sea waters of Malaysia. Consider also crocodiles, lizards, or sharks, which have NOT changed their organisms for millions of years. An excellent example is also the Australian platypus. As this is explained in the article "Puzzle of the platypus unravelled", from page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, May 9, 2008, the platypus was created as a separate from mammals specie around 166 millions years ago. But in spite of such significant age, it manages in present times equally perfectly like all these newest animals. This perfection of oldest organisms documents in turn that they were created by God. This is because only God could have a plan from the very beginning how a perfect organism looks like, and then implemented this plan as He equipped the ecosystem from the physical world into subsequent animals that were needed in this ecosystem. More on this subject is explained in item #B6.3 of the web page evolution.htm - about evolution.
       13. The existence of gigantic mutations of people, animals, and vegetation. Present human science does NOT acknowledge the existence of telekinesis. After all, the telekinesis can be rationally explained (and technically formed) only if one recognises the existence of the counter-world and learn laws that rule this counter-world - as this is done only by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn without the existence of telekinesis one cannot explain the mechanism of mutations of gigantic creatures on the Earth. After all, the telekinetic field is the phenomenon which triggers the appearance of such gigantic mutations of living creatures. For these reasons human science overlooked so-far the vital link that exists between the repetitive appearance on the Earth of giant mutations of humans, animals, and vegetation, and the existence of the counter-world, God, eternal soul, etc. In turn this link turns out to be very simple. In addition it is supported by immense body of evidence. It stems from the fact, that the mutations of giant living organisms is triggered by the so-called "telekinetic field". In turn this "telekinetic field" is the field the formation of which occurs exclusively through the action of mechanisms and laws of the counter-world. The direct link between the existence of the Earth of giant mutations of living organisms, and the existence of the counter-world, God, eternal soul, etc., that is indicated here, is also discussed in item #8.1 of a separate web page about New Zealand. In turn items #7 and #8 of that web page about New Zealand describe and illustrate with photographs a whole array of such giant mutants of living organisms. These gigantic mutations of people, animals, and vegetation are also described in item #10 of the web page about UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand, and in item #13 of the web page about the technically induced telekinesis.
       14. The display of special attributes by everything that in past was named with the world "holy". A rather extraordinary class of scientific evidence for the existence of God, is the difference between attributes of substances or objects which in past were called "holy", and attributes of other similar substances or objects which were NOT considered to be holy. As it turns out everything that is recognised as "holy" displays extraordinary attributes the presence of which cannot be explained just on the basis of present atheistic science. For example, let us consider attributes of such "holy" substances and objects, as: (1) "daily bread" (by the Christian religion considered to be a representation of the body of Christ), (2) "coconuts", (3) "drinking water" (by first Christians used for christening, while by pagans utilised in water dowsing), (4) "red wine" (considered to represent the blood of Jesus). If one compares their attributes with attributes of other very similar substances or objects, e.g. with attributes of: (1n) white bread or buns, (2n) fruits of tropical durian, (3n) undrinkable water, (4n) white wine, then outcomes of this comparison become very meaningful. Namely, it then turns out that everything that in past was described as "holy" actually displays attributes which are beneficial to people at many levels, and which do NOT introduce any side effects. In turn everything that was NOT considered to be holy, shows also various attributes that are undesirable for humans - in spite that in almost every aspect it is similar to a related holy substance or object. For example, in spite that the "daily bread" and the "white bread" are baked in a similar manner and from almost the same flour, differences between their consequences for health of people are huge. Similarly, in spite that "red wine" and "white wine" are produced through the same process from almost the same grapes which grew on exactly the same soil, their influences onto drinking people are very different. Thus only about the "red wine" every now and again we can read scientific findings of the kind reported in the article "Red wine compound toasts cancer cells", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, April 16, 2008. The "white wine" strangely can only make us drunk. In fact these differences in attributes of whatever in past (and sometimes also today) was called "holy", from attributes of whatever is NOT considered to be holy, cannot be justify exclusively with the use of findings and knowledge of present "atheistic" science. So let us now provide here several most meaningful examples of extraordinary attributes of something that in past was considered to be "holy". In order to shorten the discussion, below is analysed only a single attribute which does NOT appear in similar substances and objects that are NOT considered to be holy. But independently from the attribute discussed below, each substance and object mentioned below displays also a whole range of further extraordinary attributes which are very difficult to justify by present atheistic science. So here are these examples: (a) Irreplaceable attributes of the holy "daily bread". As we know the humanity invented a large variety of dishes which are made of flour. To such dishes belong: buns, cakes, pancakes, macaroons, dumplings, etc., etc. But only the so-called daily bread was considered in past to be holy. This "daily bread" used to be a wholemeal bread, baked from the unsifted wholemeal rye flour. The dough for this bread was fermented before baking in a similar manner like until present time are fermented the Japanese "miso" and Korean "kimchi" (for descriptions of Korean "kim-chi" - see item #B1 from the web page korea.htm - about the mysterious, fascinating, moral, and progressive Korea). In the result of this fermentation, the daily bread become black like the soil from which it grew, and thus considered to be "too common" for wealthy people. Only this bread in old times was treated with the highest respect and worshiped as holy. White bread, buns, cakes, and other products made of flour, were NOT considered to be "holy". In fact I still remember until today from Poland of the times of my childhood, means Poland of 1950s, such manifestations of the respect to "daily bread" which were still practiced then. For example, at that time people used to say sorry to a slice of bread when they accidentally allowed it to fall to the floor. Old-timers never threw away to rubbish even smallest crumbs of bread. Furthermore, to express their respect to this bread, men used to take hats off from heads for the duration of eating. As present people discovered this, the formerly "holy" daily bread in fact displays attributes that deserve the holiness. For example, eating this bread in any quantities does NOT bring any undesirable consequences to the human health. (On the other hand eating large amounts of any other products made from flour turns out to be unhealthy.) Furthermore, people can survive by eating exclusively this holy "daily bread", while they cannot survive by eating exclusively any other dish made of flour. (b) The fact that coconuts never fall on heads of people, in spite that in light of statistics there should be cases of falling coconuts hitting some people in heads. As I explained this on a separate web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the area of Pacific, in many tropical countries coconut palms are considered to be "holy trees" which were designed especially by God to satisfy all basic needs of people. (Notice that the holiness of coconuts is recognised in there in a similar manner as in old Europe the holiness of "daily bread" was practiced.) The holiness of coconut palms proves itself because e.g. on small oceanic islands, on which is NOT growing anything else apart from this palm, in fact coconut palms are providers of everything. In some religions, e.g. Hinduism, gods receive gifts from coconuts. The Bible says that palm branches were placed in front of walking Jesus. This holiness of coconut palms is there also a source of the deep belief which prevails in countries in which coconuts grow, namely that coconuts never fall onto heads of humans. Actually in many tropical countries, e.g. in Malaysia, locals are saying that "coconut palms have eyes" - thus they never drop a coconut on heads of humans. I personally was very intrigued by this belief. So whenever I had an opportunity to visit an area where coconut palms grow, I always asked locals whether they know a case that a coconut fell on someone's head. I must confirm here, that in spite of my wide and many years long asking I never encountered a case that someone knew someone else on the head of whom a coconut fell. Such a case would be quite well-known, because the large weight of coconuts combined with the significant height of coconut palms, would cause that the fell of a coconut on someone's head would kill such unfortunate person. Of course, this lack of cases when coconuts fall on human heads is something extraordinary and it should be explained by the "holiness" of the palm. After all, other trees drop their fruits completely at random, in this on human heads. I myself remember a case when a falling apple hit me in the head - fortunately was ripe and soft. In Malaysia grows a tasty fruit which just has a size of coconuts - it is called "durian". It is commonly known there, that at the time of durians' ripening, people should either keep far from these trees, or wear protective "hard hats". This is because heavy durian fruits fall "at random" , including onto human heads. So it is nothing unusual to hear over there about cases of people getting hit by durian fruits. Regrettably, someone clearly could NOT stand this extraordinary attribute of "holy palms" and decided to include also the holy coconuts into the "scientific atheism". Namely, that someone started to spread on the behalf of science the untrue claims that supposedly in the world every year dies from falling coconuts as much as 150 people. These claims make falling coconuts hypothetically even more dangerous than attacks of sharks. Such false claims were disseminated in so organised manner, that on their base various insurance companies started to develop their "coconut policies". Fortunately for the truth, some scientists decided to get to the bottom of the "research" on which the coconut deaths claims were based. Outcomes of their research were summarised later, amongst others, in the article "Lies, damn lies, and 150 coconut deaths" from page B9 of the New Zealand newspaper named Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, April 12, 2008. Searches of these scientists revealed, that the claims were made up in Australia in 2002. Only then were disseminated all over the world by an article in Daily Telegraph. At the beginning these claims referred to the publication of a Canadian professor, in which there was NO quantitative data on this subject, while the professor himself denied that he ever accumulated such quantitative data. Thus, in spite of the lies spread on this subject under a smoke screen of the official science, in fact coconuts never fall down on heads of people. © The holy river Ganges in India belongs to the most biologically polluted rivers of the world. But Hindu devotes drink water directly from the river. In spite of this Hindu who believe in holiness of this river never report an illness acquired by drinking biologically polluted water of this river. (d) All 12 Apostles drank wine from the same cup. But the Bible does NOT report that any Apostle acquired an illness passed around due to this drinking of all of them from the same cup.
       15. The existence of phenomena and trends that are contradictive to theories and findings of biological sciences. Biological sciences every now and again encounter various phenomena and trends which are completely contradictive to logical predictions of theories and scientific findings, although are not contradictive to intelligent goals and principles of operation of God. (Notice that the existence and nature of God is described scientifically by the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) Let us show here several examples of such phenomena or trends that are contradictive to statements of biological sciences: (a) Tendency of animals (and also people) who live on islands isolated from the rest of the world, to achieve gigantic sizes. The theory of evolution states, that because of the limited amounts of resources which are available on islands which are cut off from the rest of the world, in comparison to e.g. amount of resources available on continents, the requirement of survival on islands gives preferences to smaller creatures which eat and need much less resources. Thus, according to the theory of evolution, on islands separated from the rest of the world everything that is alive should be of miniature sizes. However, the empirical knowledge indicates that on these islands separated from the rest of the world everything that lives is much larger than on continents. For example, on the isolated from the world islands of New Zealand gigantic "moa" birds used to live, still live huge "kakapo" parrots and "kiwi" birds, while native people (Maoris) are almost twice as muscular and well build as typical Europeans. The largest bird of the world (the so-called elephant bird) used to live on the island of Madagascar. The dodo bird (means the largest pigeon of the world) used to live on islands (most known of which is Mauritius). Unfortunately, together with a number of other gigantic animals of these islands (amongst others with the giant tortoise that had tasty oil under the skin) dodo was killed to the extinction after these islands were discovered by Europeans in 1598 - for details see the article "Dodo's dead playmates recreated from bone fragments" from page B6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. The largest lizard of the world, means the so-called komodo dragon also lives the island of Komodo from Indonesia. With its 60 razor sharp teerth it is capable to kill even a buffalo. More about the Komodo dragon writes the article "Experts reveal secrets of killing machine" from page B2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, April 18, 2008. It is an island on which live huge turtles from Galapagos. (b) Growing back fingers that were cut off. God so designed the universe, that "everything that is possible to invent, is also possible to accomplish" - for more details see item #F3 below. In turn the atheistic science claims that only some things are possible, while others completely impossible. One amongst things qualified as "impossible" by the official science to-date, but being possible to think of, and thus also possible for accomplishing in the universe created by God, is the "growth back of fingers that were cut off". Dr Stephen Badylak from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) discovered powder which is officially named the extracellular matrix, while which popularly is called the "pixie dust". This powder is received by scraping cells from the lining of a pig's bladder. After this powder is put onto the wound formed after cutting a finger off, the finger grows back. More information about this powder is provided in the article "Severed finger grows back with help from 'pixie'", from page A13 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue date on Friday, May 2, 2008. © The lack of fear of death. If animals and people were formed by the natural evolution, then the fear of death should be one amongst the most domineering factors in their lives. After all, it would decide directly about the "survival of species". However, empirical facts indicate that both, animals and people, do not display a clear fear of death. (For example, they are afraid of the pain that typically accompanies dying, but are not afraid of death.) Therefore, e.g. some animals and people commit suicides without any fear and frequently undertake actions that risk their lives. (d) Synchronisation of dying by people who are close to each other. It depends on dying almost simultaneously by people who are very close for a long period of time (the difference in times of death typically does not exceed then 1 hour). In my life I encountered information about dozens of such cases. Unfortunately, I did not write down their details. But recently I encountered further examples. The first of these was described in the article "Together for a lifetime .. and in death", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 8, 2008. It described the death of a couple of New Zealanders named Wright, who were married for 61 years, while died in the distance of around a half of hour in the age of 81 and 83. Each one of them did not know about the death of the other one, because the husband was just in a hospital, while the wife was in the old folks home. Another similar example was described in the article "Inseparable right to the end" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, May 19, 2008. This article describes a couple of New Zealanders named Thoumine, which were married for 20 years, and which dies at the age of 74 (she) and 68 (he) in mutual distance of around 30 minuts. Such a synchronisation of dying cannot be explained without considering the soul and God. Even more difficult to explain it rationally when in such a synchronous manner dies a master and a pet animal (such cases also are reported quite frequently). (e) Homosexual people (and also people who copulate with animals) are lately on increase - in spite that the theory of evolution is unable to justify that these sexual deviations are needed for the "survival of species". On the other hand, the moral overtone embedded into these deviations, causes that for people who (unlike animals) have moral conscience, these deviations could be utilised by God as an illustrative reminder of what immorality is all about. The functioning of homosexuals (and also individuals who copulate with other species) as an illustration of immorality, is emphasized by the fact that these deviations do NOT appear amongst animals. (Notice that one should not confuse e.g. homosexual behaviours amongst people, which lasts the life-long, with temporary consequences of opportunism amongst animals combined with blindness, lack of experience, or just mistakes.) (f) Over 90% of all sources of drinkable water and mineral deposits were located on the Earth due to the use of radiesthesia. But the official human science claims that the level of accuracy of radiesthesia is the same as the level of purely accidental findings. Apart from people, the radiesthesia-like capabilities show also elephants, which are able to find shallow-located drinking water every time they need it.
       16. Contribution of services of every living creature for the good of the rest of physical world. As it turns out, none creature or vegetation lives just for itself, but it provides a whole range of services to other creatures and vegetation. Thus all of them fulfil a "general plan" which could only be created by God.
       17. Everything that exists in living creatures being just a different manifestation of the same "counter-matter". For example, "bodies" of living creatures are actually structures formed from counter-matter by appropriate natural programs (see subsection I1.4.1 in [1/5]), memory is actually a computer-like memory of counter-matter (see subsection I5.4 in [1/5]), feelings are the flow of natural programs through this counter-matter (see subsection I5.5 in [1/5]), etc., etc. This in turn again confirms the existence of counter-matter and counter-world, and also the creation of living creatures by God.
       18. The work and efficiency of magic, telekinetic healing, bloodless operations, etc. Their existence also would NOT be possible if there is no another world, soul, God, etc. But for sure these phenomena do exist and are practiced in various parts of our planet (usually in secrecy). More about this subject is explained in subsections I5.7, I6.1, I3.5 and several others, from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       19. The objectively verifiable evidence that humans are so created that the belief in God is for them a natural state, while atheism is an unnatural state. Whenever a researcher has a courage to compare objectively an important life indicator in people who believe in God and in atheists, then it always turns out that people who believe lead higher quality lives than atheists. And so, people who believe are more happy, lead more fulfilled lives, look younger, are less ill, live longer, have less problems, are troubled by less addictions and disasters, etc., etc. All this clearly confirms, that God takes a discreet care over people who believe, and that God so designed humans that the belief in God is a natural state, while atheism is an unnatural state that leads to various problems. The existence of this discreet care of God over believers can be confirmed by every reader - even if the reader is not a scientist. It is enough to go to a church in a country in which a trend prevails currently for unrestricted eating and for obesity (e.g. in the USA, England, New Zealand, etc.), and to look around. While on streets of cities in such a country one can see a large number of unhealthy obese people, in churches over there one has a difficulty to see someone with the weight that exceeds a healthy norm for a given country. If one considers rationally the reasons for this better life of people who believe, then the conclusion to which one must arrive is that God discreetly takes care of believers. This taking care, the manifestation of which is, amongst others, the lack of unhealthy obese people in churches, includes also a discreet control by God of the appetite, weight, and the lifestyle of people who believe, and not allowing that the weight of these people exceeds a healthy norm. In turn the existence of such a discreet care from God over people who believe, is an evidence that God must exist.
       The above represent just several most important examples of evidence from the area of biological sciences. This evidence well documents the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. More evidence of this type, together with much better explanations, can be found mainly in volume 5 (and a bit also in volume 4) of my newest scientific monograph [1/5]. It is really pity that teachers and lecturers of biological sciences are too engaged in telling their students that God, soul, nor another world do NOT exist, to also be able to inform the students about the above facts - and thus to accomplish a right balance of views. After all, if these facts are known to every person on the Earth, then our civilization would look completely different, while the life of each one of us (including lives of these atheistic lecturers) would be incomparably more moral, happy, and peaceful.
* * *
       I personally feel a great disappointment towards my own lecturers from physical and biological sciences that for sure knowing about a majority of cases of evidence listed in this item #F2 and in previous item #F1, they never had the courage to inform us, their students, about this wealth of evidence. I believe that due to failing their duty to inform, they committed an array of immoral acts. The same immoral acts commit also present lecturers and teachers, who knowing about this body of evidence still have no courage to inform about it their students in a formal or informal manner. Let us list here the most important out of these immoral acts: (1) Forcing their students to commit "spiritual suicides". It is known that although everyone has the right to do himself or herself something immoral and bad, e.g. commit a suicide, it is highly immoral and criminal if this someone forces others to do the same. In turn depriving the access to truth about God is in fact forcing to commit a spiritual suicide. (2) Collaboration with enemies of humanity. Serpents-UFOnauts always were and always will be sworn enemies of humanity. Thus collaboration with their activities, is equal to the betrayal of humanity. (3) Emptying themselves in the place where they live. The depriving people of access to knowledge about God in the social sense is an equivalent to the increase in level of immorality, crime, addictions, etc. Thus symbolically it is similar to emptying themselves in the place where they live. (4) Playing a "dog in the manger". It is a kind of nasty behaviour to "not eat ourselves and not allow others to eat". But in this way behave these present lecturers and teachers of physical and biological sciences, who do not believe in God themselves, and therefore they make impossible for others to find their own path to God by concealing from these others vital information regarding God. (5) Neglecting duties for which they take salaries. Lecturers are paid to provide well balanced knowledge. But the knowledge purely atheistic is tendentious, means NOT balanced at all. Thus through tendentious pushing towards atheism they malpractice their professional duties. If you, the reader, are one amongst such lecturers or teachers in the disciplines described here, reconsider what you are doing. After all, as a lecturer or a teacher you have thousands formal and informal opportunities to inform your students about this wealth of evidence which is so extremely vital for their spiritual life.

#F3. Meaning of the fact that scientists are unable to indicate even a smallest shred of evidence which would suggest the non-existence of God:
Motto: "There are numerous items of scientific evidence for the existence of God, but no-one is able to indicate even a most poor item of evidence which would suggest the non-existence of God."
       Foundations of the present official (orthodox) human science are entirely based on proofs for the non-existence of various phenomena, objects, and physical quantities. In fact, scientists compete with each other in indicating items of evidence which suggest that something supposedly does NOT exist in the universe. Let us provide here several illustrative examples. In the official human science theories of Albert Einstein are indicated as the proof for the non-existence of speeds in excess of the speed of light. Findings of Lord Kelvin are considered to be a proof that the temperature below "absolute zero" does NOT exist. The experiment of Michelson-Morley of 1887 is acknowledged as the proof that the substance in past called the "ether" (now it is called the "counter-matter") does NOT exist. Laws of thermodynamics supposedly prove that principles and phenomena on the basis of which we could build so-called "perpetual motion" devices, are also non-existent. The so-called "red shift" in light from stars is supposedly a proof that at some stage the entire universe was non-existent. The definition and descriptions of the idea of "time" used by present official science are supposedly a proof that the possibility to shift time back does NOT exist as well. Etc., etc. These scientific claims about the non-existence of various fundamental ideas and physical quantities are so domineering, while their influence so omnipresent, that the statement becomes true that present official human science is practically the science based on proofs of non-existence.
       In spite of this abundance of scientific evidence for the non-existence of whatsoever, present human science is still UNABLE to indicate even a smallest shred of evidence in support of the claim it makes about matter of the highest importance for the humanity. Namely, the official human science is NOT able to indicate even a smallest example of evidence which would confirm the claimed non-existence of God. In other words, in spite that the science is saturated with atheists who compete with each other in inventing theories that would deny the truth about the existence of God, these atheistic scientists are still NOT able to invent or to detect even a smallest shred of evidence that would confirm that they base their claims on some sort of factual findings or factual scientific data. Simultaneously - as the reader probably noticed this already from items #F1 and #F2 of this web page, there is an abundance of scientific evidence (unfortunately unspoken and kept hidden by most of scientists) which certifies for the existence of God. Thus, the confrontation of these two facts, namely the non-existence of even a shred of evidence for the non-existence of God, and the existence of abundance of scientific evidence for the existence of God, leads to the obvious and very meaningful conclusion - namely that in spite of the noisy propaganda of promoters of "atheism", God in fact definitely does exist.
       The above final conclusion is additionally reinforced by findings of the philosophy of totalizm which results from the so-called "ULT language" - means from the "Universal Language of Thoughts". (This language is described in item #B4 of a separate web page telepathy.htm - about the phenomenon of telepathy and telepathic devices, and also in item I5.4 of monograph [1/5].) According to these findings, the fact of the existence of a language in the universe, which God uses for thought communication with all creatures that populate the entire universe, causes that everything that does NOT exist, has no, as yet, its own word in the ULT language. Thus, "whatever does NOT exist, cannot appear in our thoughts". If we express this in other words, then according to totalizm the universe was intentionally constructed in such a manner that already exists in it and (or) can be created every object and every idea which can appear in our thoughts and which through the way it is formulated does NOT impose the requirement that the universe must work in an unique and a different manner. This in turn means, that because the idea stating that "God does exist" can appear in our thoughts, while this idea of the "existence of God" does NOT impose onto the universe a requirement to work in a way that is different from the way in which the universe already does work, in the light of totalizm it suffices just by itself as the proof that God in fact does exist.
       If for someone the above is still not satisfying his or her thirst for learning further proofs that confirm the existence of God, then he or she should additionally review the beginning of item #G1 from this web page. In item #G1 are listed four formal scientific proofs developed with the use of methods of mathematical logic. These proofs also prove that: (1) God does exist, (2) counter-world does exist (the name "counter-world" is a scientific name for a separate world in which live: God, souls, time programs, etc.), (3) people have immortal souls, and (4) it was God, not the "natural evolution", who created the first pair of people, namely the first man and the first woman. The formal scientific proofs indicated above are additionally complemented with the formal proof from item #B1 of this web page, which proves that the Bible was authorised by God himself.
       It is very unfortunately for the humanity that without any reservations people adopted in their thinking this erroneous principle of the official science which states that "everything that was not proven still does not exist". This principle leads people to assuming "a priori" that almost everything that others claim is untrue, that everything needs to be continually verified, and that the truth cannot be spoken out until we are able to present evidence for it. This in turn leads the humanity to all these errors, deviations, and suffering which we can see now around us. Fortunately for us, the relatively new "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the philosophy called the moral totalizm which stems from this theory, started to disseminate on the Earth an alternative principle of "recognising the existence of everything that can appear in our thoughts - if only the formulation of these thoughts does NOT impose the requirement that principles on which the universe work must be changed". Let us hope, that increasingly wider acceptance of this alternative principle will lead to a gradual healing of the errors, deviations, and suffering that are imposed on the humanity by doctrines of the science to-date.
       Adoption of the totaliztic principle in our thinking, that everything which can appear in our thoughts, and which does NOT require the change in principles on which the universe work, exists already now, or existed in past, or will exist in the future introduces quite a meaningful side effect. Namely, this side effect is that: the majority of quantities and phenomena which by the official science to-date were considered to be non-existent, in fact do exist, existed, or will exist. It is just because of this, that the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity created the philosophical foundations for the introduction to science a completely different period, namely when "science and ordinary people are going to rely on evidence of the existence, on the assumption that every statement of others is true, and on the premise that everything that is claimed in fact does exist". From the philosophical point of view this new period will be an exact opposite of the previous period described at the beginning of this item, when "the official human science, and also common people in their mutual interactions, relied mainly on the evidence for non-existence, on the assumption that every claim of others is untrue, and on the premise that the majority of what is claimed and what is thought in fact does NOT exist and thus everything requires continuous confirmation of the existence". For ordinary people this new period of "relying on the existence and on the assumption of truth" is going to manifest itself, amongst others, by accepting that "every claim of others is going to be taken as the truth without forcing others to prove it." As an example of differences which this new period introduces to science, let us illustrate now how the "theory of everything" proves the existence of quantities and phenomena described at the beginning of this item, which so-far the official human science considered to be non-existent. And so:
             - The theoretical "proof" of Albert Einstein, that the speed of light is an unsurpassable barrier, was abolished by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This abolishing was accomplished through the introduction of the instant telekinetic motion described, amongst others, on web pages telekinesis.htm - about the phenomenon of telekinesis and propulsion.htm - about telekinetic vehicles.
             - In subsection H2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5] it is proven that the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity invalidates the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 for the non-existence of "ether", because the "counter-matter" (in past called with the name "ether") is contained in a separate world than the world in which this experiment was carried out. Thus the counter-matter cannot be detected remotely from our physical world.
             - According to the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telekinetic generators of free energy, which are a modern implementation of the old idea of "perpetual motion", do exist and can be build, while the working prototypes of these generators are described on the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy.
             - The significance of the "red shift" as an evidence for the initial non-existence of the universe, was abolished in item #D2.1 of the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, where it was documented that the "red shift" is a consequence of the beaming of light against the current of "flows of gravity programs" - similarly as a "blue sky" is a consequence of the beaming of light along the current of such programs.
             - The existence of ability to shift time back and to build time vehicles is described on the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm - about the work of time, time travel, and time vehicles.
       At this point it is worth to mention, that in addition to numerous ideas for the non-existence of which scientists managed to present some sort of "stretched" evidence, by inertia and by habit scientists claim also the non-existence of a large number of further quantities and phenomena in support of the non-existence of which these scientists have no even a shred of evidence. The key position on the list of these ideas, objects, quantities, and phenomena that are announced by scientists as non-existing without presenting even a slightest evidence, takes (of course) God. Examples most known amongst further such ideas that are officially denounced and authoritatively condemned by the official science without presenting any evidence, include: telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, radiesthesia, UFOs, life after death, souls, spirits, other world, walking on fire, healing, capability of humans to decrease the entropy of the universe, and many other. Numerous scientists deny even that there is still left anything in the universe that would NOT be discovered and researched so-far. As this illustrates, many professional scientists instead of doing what they originally were employed for, means "explaining ALL mysteries of the universe and learning how to control the nature so that it works for the benefit of mankind", they specialise in denying that such mysteries of the universe and nature still exist at all.

Part #G: Why and how this web page come to the existence:
#G1. What motivated me to prepare this web page:
       In the second semester of 2007, during my professorship at a Korean University, by some strange act of God I was granted the privilege of giving a series of lectures from the mathematical logic. It coincided in time with the update of the fifth edition of my most important scientific monograph [1/5]. A "by product" of these lectures from mathematical logic was that I refreshed my already forgotten knowledge from times of my studies about principles of formulation of formal scientific proofs. In this way the lectures "trained me" in a practical formatting a given knowledge and body of evidence that I accumulated earlier, into a form of a whole array of very important formal scientific proofs. So because of this I gained a possibility to develop and to publish (and promote) several formal proofs, the entire list and brief descriptions of which are provided in item #G3 from the separate web page named god_proof.htm. All these proofs are extremely important both individually to each one of us and also to the entire our civilization. Another one amongst these proofs is (6) the formal scientific proof that God Himself authorized the Bible. This proof is presented in item #B1 of this web page, and also published in subsection M7.1 from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5] (disseminated free of charge amongs others via this web page). This particular proof is just one amongst several similar formal proofs, all of which were completed personally by myself, and all of which are using the similar scientific methodology based on methods of mathematical logic - although each one of them uses a different body of evidence from which it originates. These related formal proofs include:
       (1) The formal scientific proof that "the counter-world does exist". (Notice that the name "counter-world" is the scientific name for another world popularly called the "afterworld", i.e. the world which is inhabited by God and by our souls.) This formal proof is presented in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also in item #D3 from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       (2) The formal scientific proof that "God does exist". It is presented in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. It is also repeated in item #B3 of the web page god.htm - about scientific and secular understanding of God, and comprehensively explained and illustrated on the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs which confirm that God really does exast.
       (3) The formal scientific proof that "the first couple of humans, means the the first woman and the first man, were created by God". (Means it proves that humans were NOT products of a random evolution.) It is presented in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5], and also in item #B6.2 of the web page about evolution.
       (4) The formal proof that "the humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God" - presented in item #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm.
       (5) The formal proof that "people have eternal souls". This proof is presented in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5], and also in item #C1.1 of the web page about nirvana.
       (6) The formal proof that "God authorised the Bible" (although God wrote it with hands of other people) - see in item #B1 from this the web page (named bible.htm), or see subsection M7.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5].
       (7) The formal proof that "DNA are most simple forms of natural computers which control the passage through time of cells in which these DNA reside, while this control of the passage of cells through time they accomplish by a sequential running of software 'programs of life and fate' contained in memories of these DNA" - see item #D7 of this web page "immortality.htm" or see subsection M1.6 from volume 11 of monograph marked "[1/5]".
       (8) The formal proof that "UFO vehicles do exist objectively and they are already operational Magnocrafts" - which the formal proof is historically the first proof that I developed and published for the area of knowledge intentionally ignored by the old official "atheistic orthodox science" - for details see item #G3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". This proof for the objective existence of UFOs is presented on the web page named "ufo_proof.htm" and also in subsections P2 to P2.17 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       All the above proofs were not only published in my scientific monograph [1/5] and on web pages of totalizm, but also were turbulently discussed on various forums. During these discussions, enemies of God (serpents) who for thousands of years rule over the Earth, started to attack my statement that in the face of the existence of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, it is obvious that it was also God who authorized the Bible. Here it is how I typically argued then the authorship of the Bible by God himself, quoting from item #F2 of the web page about totalizm (please notice that the warning which I discuss in the quotation below concerns "serpents" which here are introduced in item #E1 below):
       As long as the fact of the existence of God was NOT proven scientifically, everything that the Bible says could be treated as anyone wishes - starting from considering it to be an absolute truth authorized by God himself, through considering it to be a kind of mythology, and finishing at treating it as a "stories of shepherds and vagabonds of ancient world". However, in the moment when the existence of God become proven scientifically, everything that the Bible states gains the rank of a "direct message authorized by God himself, only that appropriately coded to be able to get through censorship of the creatures hostile towards God, in the power of which the Earth is currently". As such a "direct message authorized by God himself", the Bible contains numerous shocking information. One out of it, is the information, or more strictly a clear warning, which is explained and discussed in more details in item #E2 of the web page about origins of evil on the Earth. It states that the planet Earth was intentionally given out by God to be governed by "similations" of evil creatures which the Bible calls "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while currently we call them [b]UFOnauts [/b]. This Biblical warning-information confirms authoritatively, although indirectly, similar independent findings of the philosophy of totalizm, which also state that for the long term good of the humanity the earth is cohabited by god's "similations of evil creatures currently called UFOnauts, which pretend that since the beginning of times they secretly occupy and exploit people.

       During these vicious discussions, enemies of God who ware fighting out my formal proofs, as their key argument used the claim, that supposedly there is no evidence in support of the fact that the Bible is authorized by God himself. So in order to prove to both, these enemies of God, as well as to people who are inclined to believe in their empty and propostrous arguments, that after all there are numerous items of evidence for the authorization of the Bible by God himself, I developed this web page and presented on it two formal scientific proofs that it was God after all who authorized the Bible. Into this web page I also included descriptions of the empirical evidence which I identified earlier, for the authorization of the Bible by God himself.

#G2. "Why" I am confirming here the authorisation of the Bible indirectly by God Himself, and "what" qualifies me to provide such a confirmation:
       We have on the Earth so-called "tradition". In turn this tradition typically commands what someone should do or not do. According to it, the authority to express opinions about the Bible have priests and monks - means people who are qualified by religions to do so. And they do this for centuries. Priests and monks are confirming for last almost 2000 years the authorisation of the Bible indirectly by God. Therefore, the reader my ask here the question why I (means the author of this web page) also added my voice to these confirmations of God's authorisation of the Bible. It turns out that there are numerous important reasons. The first of these is the way people with a religious background justify their statements. Namely, typically this justification says "because the Bible (or us - religious people) say so". Of course, such a justification is insufficient in present proofs-demanding times. Therefore, I am providing a different justification - namely I state facts, logical deductions, and formal scientific proofs. The second reason is the level of expertise. Namely, in order to recognise the work of God (such as the Bible) a given investigator must master the skill of almost a detective piecing together traces and evidence of God's actions. However, all religious people only believe that they know God because they learned what on the subject of God states their own religion - unfortunately this again is NOT enough in present demanding times. In turn myself, I get to know God through secular scientific research, through extensive travel and actual seeing God's work, and through living amongst people of many different religions. Such a wide research in turn allowed me to learn NOT only attributes of God, but also how God come to existence, how He can be defined, how He operates, how we can prove formally the existence of God, and many more - for details see items #B1 to #B9 of the web page evolution.htm - about the process of evolution. Thus I acquired the required scientific competence to recognise the God's work.

Part #H: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#H1. Summary of this web page:
Motto: "A single proof could be overlooked, two proofs could be not believed, three proofs could still be ignored by these most stubborn ones, but four different proofs that confirm the same fact of the existence of God must be taken under consideration, while when the fifth formal scientific proof also joined them, which again confirms the same truth, then we really need to revise our attitude towards God."

       The human science has in its disposal a huge body of evidence for the existence of God, counter-world in which God resides, eternal human soul, for the creation of the first pair of people by God, for the authorization of the Bible by God, etc., etc. But somehow no-one disseminates this evidence officially nor includes it formally into the body of human science. Rather opposite, this huge evidence is treated as a taboo by the majority of scientists, or as something that should NOT be talked about nor written about, means something that scientists should be ashamed of if they know about it. Thus, until the time of developing a series of my formal scientific proofs, published on web pages of totalizm and indicated previously in item #G1, normal people did NOT receive any scientific reassurances which they need badly, and which would confirms that yes, in fact "God does exist" in eyes of science as well, that "there is the counter-world" in which God resides and into which our souls go after we die, that yes, "people do have immortal souls", that "it is God, not a random evolution, which created the first pair of people (i.e. the first woman and the first man", that "God authorized the Bible", etc., etc. If not this loud campaign which lies to people by stating an exact opposite of the above, one could suspect that scientists just overlooked this huge body of evidence about God. But the loud campaign of intentional lies in these matters, clearly indicates that in fact the matter of truth about God looks much different. Namely, that it is exactly as the Bible authorized by God himself explains this to us. Means that the Earth is given unto rules of animal-like creatures which the Bible calls "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while which in present times we call "UFOnauts". As the Bible explains it, these creatures are enemies of God. Thus, because these creatures look identical to people, while the Earth is under their rules, they have the power and capabilities to make impossible to people to learn truths about God. Therefore, these creatures which rule the Earth make impossible to people to learn that the existence of God, counter world, soul, etc., acre actually scientific facts, and that there is a huge ocean of scientific evidence in confirmation of these facts.
       Of course, such a conspiracy of silence and lying about God cannot last forever. Someone from the scientific fraternity must finally find a courage to break the silence and state openly: "Hey, whatever is officially stated about scientific evidence for the existence of God is just a huge lie. In fact there are scientific explanations and evidence that confirm the real existence of God, and there is a lot of these." Somehow it happens that it was me onto whom this unpleasant duty has fallen. It is unpleasant because it is linked to exposing myself to a fury of countless persecution and attacks from these evil creatures in the power of which the Earth still is. However, no persecution and attacks could be worse than the awareness that one have chosen to live in lie. Therefore, in spite of persecution and attacks, herewith I present what I have to say in this matter. On this web page - the formal scientific proof for the authorization of the Bible by God himself.
       The Bible for sure is authorized by God himself - as this is proven scientifically and formally on this web page. The Bible is also an extremely fascinating book. The supernatural intelligence that emanates from the content of it, the everlasting actuality, the ability to give advices and provide solutions for our problems, acting as a kind of a "table of ready-made messages" for a direct communication with God via the so-called "Living Words", prophesizing knowledge of the future, continuous revealing increasingly further secrets that the Bible hides in itself, and many others, qualify it as the most mysterious and supernatural book on the Earth. In fact, apart from the Bible there is no other book on the Earth the authorship of which would admit God himself, and the God's authorship of which would be confirmed independently by facts. So it is worth to have it close to our hands. It is also worth to consult it when we have a serious problem.

#H2. Other web ages which also discuss the Bible:
       The topic of authorization of the Bible by God himself is also discussed on several other web pages of totalizm. For example, this topic is discussed in items #F2 and #F3 of separate web page devoted to the discussion of the philosophy of totalizm, in item #E2 of the web page about the origins of evil on Earth, and also in item #B4 of the web page about Antichrist.

#H3. Fast access to the Bible:
       In case the reader would like to check or study the Scripture, but have no a copy of the Bible at hand, below I listed addresses of web pages, which provide online English texts from various versions of the Bible (click on the site which you selected):

#H4. Purchase or getting a free Bible:
       In present times Bibles are rather inexpensive. So it is worth to purchase one of these and have it handy. This is because they enormously simplify and improve our lives. After all, always when we have a problem, we can consult God through this Bible - using these "Living Words" described in item #C3 above. If, however, we for some reasons cannot afford the purchase of a Bible, then we still can make a use of one amongst these numerous organizations which give away free copies of the Bible, for example Every Bible is a Bible authorized by God himself. Thus, no matter how it gets to our hands, still it is God that authorized whatever we are to find in it - written especially for us.

#H5. Blogs of totalizm:
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under address and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#H6. How with the use of web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#H7. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#H8. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#H9. Copyright © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyright © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *

Date of starting this page: 1 November 2007
Date of the most recent update of this page: 17 April 2013
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