UFO explosion in Tapanui (2015)
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UFO explosion in Tapanui, New Zealand, 1178 AD
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Could you imagine a cataclysmic explosion that occurred only around 840 years ago near a township of Tapanui in New Zealand, and that destroyed a significant proportion of the human population on our planet and brough medieval darkness to the Earth, but about which almost no-one seem to know. Could you imagine that countless evidence of this UFO explosion still remains visible until today, but no-one seems to research it. Could you imagine that this mysterious UFO explosion initiated a sequence of small shifts of the Earth's crust (and poles) in total by around 7 degrees, but you do not find any information about it in university textbooks. Could you imagine that inertia forces from the Earth's crust movements triggered by this explosion caused, amongst others, the leaning of the famous "Leaning Tower" in Pisa, northern Italy, as well as the deformation of the dome in Aya Sophia in Istanbul, but no tourist brochures even mention about it. (Aya Sophia was build in 537 AD by Cesar Justinian - i.e. the one who censored the Bible. Originally it was designed and used as a Byzantine Basilica. Then it was converted into a mosque, while lately converted again into a museum. A brief description of an extraordinary history and supernatural mysteries surrounding this ancient building is presented in the caption under illustration "Fig. #1c" from the web page bible.htm - about the authorization of the Bible by God Himself.) Could you imagine that the powerful motions of Earth caused by this explosion induced tsunami sea waves, which only in the area of Schleswig-Holstein of present Germany totally wiped out around half of million of people, which flooded and buried the city of "Salamis" from Northern Cyprus, and which permanently submerged the legendary town-island of "Vineta" from Polish side of the Baltic Sea, but no one learns about this in history books. Could you imagine that the relocation of Earth's crust and poles caused by the same Tapanui explosion changed the climate so much that it melted the icy bridge that before 1178 used to span the Bering Straits allowing Eskimo people to travel between East Asia and Alaska on dry ice. Simultaneously the same climate changes frozen to solid ice the previously green paddocks of Greenland, together with the Viking colony in there. It is very difficult to imagine all this. But it is all true. This web page indicates evidence for all this. But what I found to be even more strange, the scientist who discovered, researched, and brought this UFO explosion near Tapanui to the world's attention (means myself - i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk) and from whose research and publications originate practically almost all the information about the Tapanui explosion which currently can be found in the Internet, instead of being rewarded for his discovery and reseach, actually was thrown out of job, and received a kind of "wolf ticket" - as described in item #B5 from this web page.

Would you board a boat, and sleep peacefully in it, if someone would tell you, that in order to make some money the officers of that boat make short-cuts through extremely dangerous rocks? Well, how then it happens that you sit complacently on your own hands, when so many sources are telling you, that our entire world, including your and mine country, pushes strongly towards a disaster. After all, many scientists keep us warning about the incoming disaster - as this is explained in articles indicated in item #H4 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Disaster is also foretold in the Bible, as well as in numerous prophecies (e.g. consider an old Polish prophecy reported in items #H1 to #H3 from the web page named prophecies.htm, which states that the "humanity will bring upon itself such a disaster and depopulation, that men will kiss the ground when they see footsteps of another person"). Actually, already fast approaching disaster you can also detect easily by yourself due a simple calculation of what is the "common ratio" of the geometric progression by which each year increases the number of new countries which fall victims of social uprising, brutality, violent government changes, political turmoil and anarchy, impossible to tolerate corruption, etc. For example, if in 2013 were just 2 new such countries, while in 2014 was already 4 such new countries, then this the common ratio "a" of the geometric progression must be around 2. This in turn means, that if the trend is NOT repaired soon due to deep reforms, then by the year 2020 all countries in the world can be wrecked by similar uprisings, violence, immorality, turmoil, anarchy, corruption, etc. In turn "all countries", means also "all producers of food", all safe places where rich people could escape, every place where you could run to hide with your family and friends to survive in the situation of a total anarchy and rules of violence, etc. So instead of further "sitting on your own hands", perhaps you should consider of taking the matter also in your own hands and contribute your wisdom, experience and energy into the difficult task of rectifying this situation. After all, since you are reading this web page, this means that you are a person open to new ideas and sensitive to what happens around you. If also, by any chance, you know the philosophy of totalizm, and (similarly like the author of this web page) you believe that totalizm has the solutions for a democratic, peaceful and moral solving the current problems of humanity, then you should start acting. In turn, from what you could start your acting, some idea may give to you the viewing of items #N1 or #C2 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, viewing of item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, or viewing of items #C4.2 and #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm. On that web pages I am indicating with what kind of actions practically everyone can start contributing to the improvement of life on Earth.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. Maori legend from Mataura - means what motivated me to prepare this web page:
       I wonder whether the reader believes in a so-called "fate". In my case everything seems to indicate that because of this "fate" I was pushed to complete scientific research that later eventuate, amongst others, with writing this web page (and also monograph [5] on which this web page is based). The first push of this "fate" I experienced in 1982, when, as a Solidarity activist, I was forced to escape from Poland where a "witch-hunt" then started, means then started persecutions of Solidarity activists. I landed at a proverbial "end of the world" means in the most south located city in the world. This city is called Invercargill and it is located at the southern tip of New Zealand. By action of the "fate", not far from this city of Invercargill are positioned also most important places described on this web page, namely Mataura, Tapanui, Rakiura, etc. Therefore already in 1983 I heard for the first time a relatively well-known in that area, highly puzzling Maori legend about the origins of the name "Raki-ura" (in Maori meaning the "Glowing sky"). This name "Raki-ura" Maoris assigned to the oceanic island closest to Invercargill and currently known under the name of the "Stewart Island". Soon later I learned even more meaningful legend about the "Fires of Tamaatea" that originates from a nearby small town named "Mataura". These legends record the course of a mysterious catastrophe to which the Maori mythology refers under the general name of the "Fires of Tamaatea". (My later research established that this catastrophe was actually the explosion of an extraterrestrial spaceship that took place near the small New Zealand town of Tapanui, on 19 June 1178.) Here is the content of this old Maori legend from the South Island of New Zealand:
       "In the fortified Maori village (now a small township), later named Mataura, all began as a typical winter morning. This village was located in the far south of the South Island of New Zealand. Placed on the top of a local hill it overlooked a dense totara bush which extended from horizon to horizon. The Maori warriors on guard heard the loud calls of feeding Moa birds coming from this bush. People had just finished their morning meal and looked for shadowy spots to escape from the scorching rays of the sun. The damp, sub-tropical air was still cool, but its temperature was rising quickly. Unexpectedly, warriors on duty from the observation tower spotted an almost vertical cigar-shaped object. It was gliding silently on the western side of the sky, glowing intensively. Warriors began to yell "Mataura", "Mataura". In the ancient Maori language this was equivalent to the present scream "UFO", "UFO". Everyone rushed to watch. When observed from below the gliding cigar had the shape of a huge column or a horn, with a disk-shaped base that glowed like a full moon - see Figure #3 below. It suspended motionless just above the village. Its enormous shadow cast far beyond the edges of the fortifications. After hovering for some time, the object moved eastward towards the next Maori village later named Tapanui. Its flight was watched with pious attention by a large crowd of Maori. When it reached the western slope of the hill called Pukeruau (in Maori language "puke-ruau" means "the hill that moved/shook the Earth"), from the cigar's upper end a single vehicle tried to separate. But something went wrong with this manoeuvre, because suddenly a blinding flash erupted from the spaceship. For a large number of people watching, this flash was the last thing they were to see, because its power turned their bodies into ashes in a fraction of second. The lucky ones, who stood shaded from this killing light, rapidly began to experience what seemed to be the end of the world. The Earth had rocked under the blows of a series of seven powerful blasts. The air got dense from the scorching heat. Everything around burst into flames. The Maori people still alive rushed panicking into a nearby river, but the water reached only a few of them. Sparse survivors of the escalating destruction later kept telling their descendants hair-raising stories about the ocean of fires which extended from horizon to horizon and digested everything around, about the hurricane that cut down trees by their roots and pealed off the surface of the ground, about a glowing mushroom-shaped cloud that scorched their skin, about the burning dust that choked their lungs, about red-hot stones as large as huts which, with a terrifying whistle, kept dropping everywhere from the sky, about huge waves from the ocean that climbed deeply into the land, and about the many years of coldness, rain, floods, hunger and death which came afterwards."
       There is a unique monument of these terrifying events left in New Zealand until now. This is the name of the small township "Mataura", which is an ancient equivalent to the present term "UFO". Thus, Mataura is probably the only township in the world whose name has such unconventional meaning and origin.
       Stories similar to that presented above are still told by descendants of Maori warriors from the Mataura village. This legend is only a small example of the oral Maori tradition concerning "Nga Ahi o Tamaatea", i.e. legendary fires which in New Zealand written folklore are better known under their English name of the "Fires of Tamaatea". The main hero in all these legends is a mythical commander "Tamaatea" (the meaning of the Maori name "Ta-ma-atea" could be interpreted as "the powerful from space"), sometimes also called "Tamau". He originated from stars, but frequently visited Earth in his discoidal spaceship called "Mata-ura" or "Mata-aho" (the name "Mata-ura" can be interpreted as "the glowing/radiant face or disk"). The information which constitutes the main motive for all these legends states that a huge vehicle of "sons-of-sky" commanded by Tamaatea exploded in ancient times in New Zealand, spreading fires, destruction and death that affected everything in New Zealand.

#A2. What are goals of this web page:
       The main goal of this web page and the body of evidence which I present here, is to document that there is a huge body of evidence for the actual explosion on the Earth of an extraterrestrial spaceship (UFO), that this evidence can be verified by everyone and cannot be scientifically denied, and that this evidence is subjected to intentional although secretive campaign of hiding, denying and obstructing carried out in NZ and on the Earth by professional scientists of NZ who represent the highly conservative, detrimental for the humanity, and from the very foundations erroneous old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" defined more precisely in items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named telekinetics.htm.
       The additional goal is to point the attention of the reader, that since there is a tangible and verifiable evidence for the existence of a powerful UFO explosion on the Earth, in fact this evidence is also a confirmation that our planet is subjected to secretive activities of UFOnauts - as this is described e.g. on the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth.

#A3. This web page offers also free copies of monographs [5e/3] and [5p/4] which detail the evidence on UFO explosion near Tapanui:
       In May 2009 some totaliztic servers started to disseminate free copies of illustrated version of monographs [5e/3] and [5p/4] about the UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand. These monographs are already available in the resistant to virus attacks format "Adobe PDF" ("PDF" - from the "Portable Document Format"). Unfortunately, because of the large sizes of files with these monographs (around 5 MB each), NOT all totaliztic servers managed to accommodate them. Therefore, if it turns out that these illustrated monographs are NOT available in the PDF format on the server here, then I would suggest to search for them on other servers listed in "Menu 3" or "Menu 4". Here are links to web pages which allow to download both these monographs text_5e.htm - with [5e/3] in English, and tekst_5_4.htm - with [5p/4] in Polish.

Part #B: My search for the site of explosion that is described in Maori legends:
#B1. The first four years of my search for the explosion site:
       A first such Maori legend on Fires of Tamaatea I heard in 1983, means very shortly after I arrived to New Zealand from Poland and took up the position of a Polytechnic tutor in this most southern city of the world called "Invercargill". Immediately after hearing this legend, I initiated my searches for the UFO explosion site that these legends refer to. It took me 4 years to find the explosion site. But after four years I succeeded with these searches and in 1987 I actually found the huge crater formed by a powerful explosion near Tapanui. This web site is describing outcomes of subsequent research that I carried out on the Tapanui explosion from the first moment after I discovered it.

#B2. Discovery of the Tapanui Crater:
       In 1987 I discovered the centre of this legendary explosion. It turned out to be located in a huge Tapanui crater. This huge crater remains until today near a small New Zealand township called Tapanui. The later research shown that the crater was caused by the aerial explosion of a stack of UFOs composed of 7 vehicles of K6 type. The crater is around 1 km in diameter. Here is how it looks-like, when it is seen from the eastern edge:
[Bild: 14_o04.jpg]

Fig. #1: A close-up appearance of the Tapanui Crater, where a cigar-shaped stack of 7 UFO vehicles type K6 exploded in 1178 AD.
       This photograph was taken from the northern end of the Tapanui Crater, means from a spot exactly opposite to that one from which a similar photo shown on the web page named newzealand.htm was taken. Note two huge, fully-grown pine trees growing, one inside and one outside, of this colossal crater. Note also blue sheds where the private owner of this crater keeps his farming tools.
* * *
(Note that you can see the enlargement of each illustration or photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration or photograph. When you finish with looking at such enlargement, click BACK to return to this page. You can also download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.)
* * *
       The size, and crater-like features of the Tapanui Crater can be appreciated even better when this crater is viewed from a distance. On the main road from Gore to Tapanui there is a small hill near the so-called "McPhil road junction". From top of this hill there is a superb view of the entire Tapanui Crater. Here is the photograph which illustrates how the Tapanui Crater looks-like from that junction:

[Bild: 54_a01.jpg]

Fig. #2: A distant view of the Tapanui Crater. (Click on this photograph to view it enlarged.)
       Note the huge pine tree standing near the centre of the crater. This tree is also visible on other photographs of this crater. Various information about mysteries and strange phenomena surrounding the Tapanui crater are also discussed on the web page newzealand.htm - about New Zealand.

#B3. What research revealed:
       After I managed to discover the Tapnui Crater in 1987, I started to research this intriguing site in my free time. I did all research on my own expense and in my spare time designated for rest. The research revealed, that the Tapanui explosion was actually accomplished through an intentional exploding of a stack of seven UFO vehicles type K6. Here is how this stack of UFOs approximately looked like:

[Bild: 14_f07a.gif]

[Bild: 14_f07b.gif]

Fig. #3ab: Appearance, design, main components, and the principle of operation of a cigar-shaped stack of 7 UFO vehicles of K6 type. (Click on a given drawing in order to see it enlarged.)
       It was just such a stack of UFOs that in 1178 AD exploded around 100 meters above the ground level near a small township of Tapanui in New Zealand. Because filled with magnetic energy Oscillatory Chambers of each of these vehicles are arranged into the shape of a concave mirror, the explosion of a pile of such vehicles formed a directional shockwave of gigantic power, similar to shockwaves which are formed by antitank cumulative charges. The final effect of this enormous UFO explosion was the shift of crust and poles of Earth by around 7 degrees, occurring in a series of several small jumps. This in turn caused catastrophic changes on our planet, about which almost no-one seems to know today.
       Fig. #3a (left): External appearance of the "cigar" composed of 7 UFO vehicles of K6 type. This configuration is formed by stacking a number of subsequent UFO vehicles of the same type (illustrated is a stack consisting of seven vehicles type K6) one on top of the other, like a pile of saucers stored in a kitchen cupboard. (For more details see descriptions in monograph [5/3] - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui and also Figures O4 and O5 from the monograph [1/4] - about advanced magnetic propulsion systems.) The manner of coupling UFOs into such a configuration is also described on two separate web page, namely on pages propulsion.htm and magnocraft.htm.
       The body of evidence available in NZ suggests that just such a cigar magnetically coupled from 7 UFOs type K6 exploded near Tapanui in New Zealand in 1178 AD. The existing data suggest also, that in Tunguska, Central Siberia, in 1908 exploded a similar stack of UFOs, only that it was composed of only three UFO vehicles type K6. The outer dimensions of a UFO type K6 are: D=35.11 meters, H=5.85 meters - see equations F13 and F7 in [1/4]. After landing, n = 20 side propulsors present in this type of vehicle scorches a ring on the ground having the nominal diameter d = D/(sqrt(2)) = 24.82 meters – see equation F9 in [1/4].
       Contemporary military technology uses an advanced type of missile containing so-called "cumulative charges". Such cumulative explosive charges are designed to produce directed shockwaves, so that crushing of otherwise indestructible objects (such as tanks, bunkers, shields, etc.) can be achieved. These charges are formed in the shape of a searchlight mirror, thus directing the shockwaves like a mirror directs light. When the placement of Oscillatory Chambers within the UFOs is analyzed, it becomes evident that this placement is equivalent to the distribution of explosives within missiles with such cumulative charges. Therefore, the explosion of UFOs also displays a cumulative character in which shockwaves are channelled into the direction perpendicular to the vehicle's base. The devastation area near Tapanui displays a wealth of evidence for just such a cumulative explosion. Because cumulative explosions are unknown in nature and must be caused by a technological device, the wealth of evidence for the cumulative explosion which still exists near Tapanui, is simultaneously the evidence that just such a pile of UFOs exploded in there.
       Fig. #3b (right): A vertical cross section of the cigar-shaped stack of 7 UFO vehicles of K6 type showing the magnetic interaction of propulsors and the relative positioning of the compartments in the coupled UFO vehicles. Symbols: GS - the thickness of the complementary flange which is equal to the gap between the flanges of two subsequent UFO vehicles (because this thickness and the gap are equal to each other, a number of such cigar shaped flying complexes can be further coupled rim to rim into flying systems - see Figure F17 in [1/4]); N, S - polarity of the subsequent magnetic propulsors. The principle of operation with the use of which such magnetic vehicles fly in space is illustrated and explained on separate web pages magnocraft.htm - about the design and operation of Magnocrafts and propulsion.htm - about magnetic propelling devices of space vehicles.

#B4. The exclusively sensational, instead of scientific, reception of the outcomes of my research:
       The interest in the Tapanui explosion turned out to be mainly sensation oriented. People were interested in this site only because an extraterrestrial spaceship exploded there, and because there was evidence for it - e.g. debris from a UFO spaceship, or a local strange illness based on weakening of the immune system and very similar to the "radiation sickness", although very misleadingly named the Tapanui Flu (Myalgic Encephalopathy). But the scientific value of this explosion site was completely ignored. Actually apart for myself (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) practically no other scientist ever joined the research on this fascinating remainder of a powerful catastrophe that affected the entire our planet. (Although many scientists "remotely" rushed to authoritatively deny outcomes of my research and my discovery that this disaster stems from the explosion of a UFO, and rushed to replace my findings with various their own proverbial "armchair theories", e.g. that it is a crater formed by a comet impact - although they NEVER saw the Tapanui crater with their own eyes, have no clue where exactly this crater is located, nor in addition to looking at pictures from this web page they have not bothered to also read about the body of evidence that this web page documents.) All this is rather pity, because the site of the Tapanui explosion is actually more rich in evidence and more spectacular than the Tunguska explosion site of 1908, and also it is much easier accessible for researchers.

#B5. The denials and condemning actions of other local scientists, and the negative consequences of the lack of constructive handling of my discovery regarding the UFO explosion near Tapanui:
       In spite that there is so much of hard evidence, which clearly certifies for the Tapanui explosion, the reception of outcomes of my research was rather hostile. I had a very hard time trying to convince my colleagues from the University of Otago in which I was working at that time, that there is any merit in Maori legends. Various problems that I encountered then, as well as the further fate of my research on this UFO explosion site, are described in subsection A4 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/4] available through this web site. At this stage it is sufficient to just mention, that because of this my involvement in researching the Tapanui explosion site, actually in 1990 I was "pushed out" from my lecturing job at the New Zealand university - i.e. I received a kind of the "proposal which cannot be rejected", which persuaded "either ..., or else ...", and with which I was forced to resign from my job. In turn, this loss of job, combined with a kind of "wolf ticket" that accompanied it and that prevented me from finding any other employment in NZ, caused together more than two years of my continuous unemployment, hence very seriously and negatively impacted my fate - see the web page about myself (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak). After all, they financially ruined me, forced me to wander over the world to seek my bread outside of New Zealand, destroyed the remnants of my respect that then I still had to NZ scientists, etc. This is because in times of my emigration to New Zealand I still believed that the mission of every scientist is to identify, study and disseminate previously unknown truths, no matter what these truths turn out to be. But the management of Otago University demonstrated to me in a way highly painful for me, that instead of rewarding researchers who uncover the unknown truth, at that university such scientists are rather thrown out of the job. And all this in spite that until after the publication of my research on the UFO explosion near Tapanui, virtually no-one in the world knew about its existence and effects, while almost everything that today can be found in the literature about this explosion actually stems from my research and my publications. So I can proudly say now, that in spite of being thrown out of work for researching this UFO explosion site near Tapanui, it is just my dedication and research that drew the attention all the world to the existence and effects of this exploaion and put Tapanui on the world's map. In turn those scientists from Otago, who reproached me that supposedly I am "bringing a shame to their university", actually themselves brought the shame to it by ignoring infinitively the consequences of the explosion with the world-wide consequences, which took place just by the "threshold" of their university, and also by throwning out of the job a scientist who brought this explosion to the world's attention.
       The non-constructive and non-serious handling of the Tapanui explosion by local scientists from New Zealand is a source of undesirable consequences not only for myself. Practically all people, who in case of a constructive approach to this research could benefit from the outcomes in various manners, were disadvantaged by such a handling. For example, my publications about this explosion are NOT disseminated and read, because local luminaries are competing with each other in denying their merit. In turn, because these publications are NOT read, at the lost is not only myself and not only their potential publishers, but also every person whose knowledge and view of the world could be widened in the result of reading them. The area of the Tapanui crater is not visited by almost any tourist - so this area still remains (as it was described by a programme of local TV) a "wind-swept wilderness". This is pity, as the promotion of outcomes of the research on the Tapanui explosion could bring to this area thousands of tourists and researchers from the entire world. In the result, this region could experience an economic revival. No-one tries to repair the unhealthy consequences of the Tapanui explosion, nor preserve evidence of it to future generations. In turn the human science is cut off from a hugely interesting case of consequences of a powerful explosion, which could be researched thus increasing the knowledge of humanity. Finally the silencing and denying of the truth supported by a voluminous body of the evidence present in the vicinity of the Tapanui explosion, supplemented by a long tradition of similar silencing and blocking of truths on other intellectual accomplishments, e.g. about the first airplane build in New Zealand by Richard Pearse, is going to raise embarrassing questions one day. After all, proverbs state that a "truth always comes to the surface" - no matter how much it would be blocked, silenced, and denied.
       More information about this blocking, silencing, and denying the truth, and about consequences of these, is presented in item #G5 of the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand.

#B6. In what manner the "carbon copy" of the Tapanui explosion in New Zealand, means the so-called impact from Kofels in Austria, indicates how we all could benefit from the constructive handling of the New Zealand catastrophic event:
       When I was carrying out the research on the Tapanui explosion, in fact there was NO yet a positive example how this kind of research should be handled by other scientists and by mass media. Such a case appeared only in 2008. It was the so-called impact from Kofels in Austria. This impact in fact represents a "carbon copy" of my own research on the Tapanui explosion.
       Namely, two scientists, i.e. Dr Mark Hempsell and Alan Bond, started from contents of old Greek myths, then they found a huge crater in Austria, officially considered to be a "lanslide", which in the light of their research turned out to be an explosion site of some extraterrestrial object. After deciphering an old Sumerian clay tablet that described this event, they obtained quantitative data about this explosion. Amongst others, they established that the explosion took place at the done on 29 June 3123 BC, and that the result of it was e.g. the destruction of biblical Sodom. Their results they described in the book entitled "A Sumerian Observation of the Kofels' Impact Event", which become a bestseller.
       The positive and constructive manner on which this research on the impact from Kofels was welcomed, caused that all people linked to this case benefited from it in various ways. For example, because of the enthusiastic and "normal" promotion of the Kofels impact, its authors received international recognition, the human science received an important case for research, publishers of the book on the subject have a good business and free publicity, inhabitants of the vicinity of Kofels obtained an influx of tourists who additionally improve the economy of these areas, while believers in God obtained one more case of scientific evidence for the correctness of claims of the Bible about the destruction of Sodom - which evidence is consistent with the principle of God's work described in item #C2 from my page named tornado.htm and summarised in item #I1 of this web page, while depending on a simultaneous creation by God of at least three different categories of material evidence which explains and confirms every divine act. We could only wish that the Tapanui explosion in New Zealand was handled in a similar constructive manner. As a curiosity it is worth to mention here, that for some reason in New Zealand the information about the impact from Kofels was disseminated as if this was a "fools-day joke". For example, this information was published in the tone of a joke in the article "Asteroid recorded on tablet" from the "fools-day" edition of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, April 1, 2008, page B2.
       More information about the impact from Kofels in Austria and consequences of it, is presented in item #G5 of the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand.

Part #C: What kinds of evidence I managed to identify around the Tapanui Crater and what this evidence implies:
#C1. Complexity of the evidence:
       Unfortunately, only in textbooks everything seems to be simple and has just one aspect to consider. After all, only textbooks can be written after the event - when everyone rapidly becomes "wise". But in real life everything is very complicated. How much complicated are events that take place in the real life, textbook authors discover only when some of them tries to predict something that yet is to take place, e.g. the weather for a next day, or the date and place of a next earthquake, voulcano eruption, tsunami, or any other cataclysm.
       The Tapanui explosion was also one of these highly complex phenomena, which combined in itself several different components and occurred simultaneously on several different levels. For this reason it is convenient to prove separately each component of this explosion. Also the evidence which certifies for the existence of this explosion can be subdivided into several different categories, which correspond to these individual components of the explosion. Most important categories of the evidence include:
       #1. The evidence that in fact there was a powerful explosion near Tapanui in 1178 AD. After all, orthodox scientists blame New Zealand Maoris for almost all consequences that the Tapanui explosion brought to New Zealand (e.g. for burning the New Zealand forests, for extinction of Moa birds and many other local species, etc.). In turn the Tapanui Crater these scientists try to explain e.g. as a huge "landslip".
       #2. The evidence that this Tapanui explosion caused Earth's poles to shift by around 7 degrees. For example, orthodox scientists try to explain all climatic changes that were caused on the Earth by the polar shift resulting from this explosion, as just natural "periodic changes of the Earth's climate" - giving to these changes the scientific name "Little Ice Age".
       At this point it is worth to indicate, that the polar shift resulting from the Tapanui explision in the scientific sense is immensely interesting and should be vigorously researched (instead of being ignored). The reason is, that it had a chartacter of a long series of jumpy slips of the outer hard shell of the Earth in relation to the liquid nucleus of the Earth, taking place around years 1202 and 1216. In addition, these slips were propelled by the unique mechanism of like a "magnetic spring" the wounding up of which was caused by the Tapanui explosion (which had a magnetic nature). This mechanism is described in subsection D3 from my monograph [5/3] "UFO explosion in New Zealand 1178 A.D. which tilted the Earth". Furthermore, these jumpy slips were additionally complicated due to mutual dynamic interaction occurring between subsequent tectonic plates of our planet. In the result, sometimes two relatively close cities, for example Salamis and Famagusta described in item #H3 of this web page, or Wineta and Salamis described in items #H2 and #H3 of this web page, were affected by these slips in different times or in completely different ways.
       #3. The evidence that this explosion was caused by a stack of 7 UFO vehicles type K6, which exploded around 100 meters above the ground level. For example, these orthodox scientists who are willing to accept that there was an explosion in Tapanui in 1178, simultaneously try to imply that this explosion was caused by a meteorite or by a comet hitting the Earth over there.
       #4. The evidence that UFO vehicles which exploded in Tapanui were actually the so-called "time vehicles" that can travel in time (for more details on "time vehicles" see the web page named immortality.htm or the web page named timevehicle.htm).
       #5. The evidence that the Tapanui explosion was intentionally "simulated" in such a manner as if it was caused on purpose by parasitic UFOnauts in order to shift the humanity back in the development (for more details on the "similations" of activities of parasitic UFOnauts on the Earth - see the web page named day26.htm).
       Let us now briefly present two most important categories of evidence from the above list. But please note that a detailed presentation of the entire this evidence is contained in scientific monographs [5/4], [5/3] and [1/4] mentioned earlier and available via this web page.

#C2. Where is available this body of evidence that is ignored so-far by the present official science:
       The extraordinary thing regarding the UFO explosion near Tapanui is, that the orthodox science ignores the existence of this explosion, in spite that there is a wealth of evidence which conforms it. Actually I wrote an entire voluminous treatise, which contains nothing else but the review of various items of evidence certifying that this explosion in fact took place. This evidence is presented systematically in my scientific monograph marked [5] - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui - downloadable from the menu on left margin of this web page. You can download these monographs free of charge to your own computer and then read them in your spare time. Furthermore, the summary of this evidence is also presented in subsection O5.2 from volume 12 of another scientific monograph marked [1/4] - about advanced magnetic propulsion systems, which you also can download and read free of charge via this web page.

Part #D: The body of evidence which certifies that near Tapanui some powerful explosion actually took place:
#D1. The wealth of evidence about the Tapanui explosion:
       There is a wealth of evidence which consistently certifies, that actually there was a powerful explosion in 1178 AD near the New Zealand township of Tapanui. Let us list here the most important items of this evidence:
#1. The existence of a huge crater, which you can see on photographs presented here. Craters of that size do not appear from nothing, and something must make them. Orthodox scientists claim that the Tapnui Crater is simply a huge landslip. But their claims do not hold water and are contradicted by the evidence present on the spot. In the confrontattion with the topography of the Tapanui Crater, these claims are simply ridiculous, if not childish. What is even more interesting, they are disseminated by scientists, who actually never see this crater with their own eyes, and even do not know where exactly this crater is located.
#2. The existence of old tree trunks which are lying down around the Tapanui Crater in a very meaningful concentric manner. These tree-trunks originally are so positioned, that their axes were point at the Tapanui Crater. So they all indicated that they were blown out from the surface of Earth by a concentrically expanding blast from a powerful explosion. The carbon dating of all these uprooted trees indicated that they all died simultaneously around 1178 AD.
#3. Eye witnesses. The flashes of the Tapanui explosion were so powerful, that they were seen in monks from England, and by Genghis Khan from Mongolia who even took them for a sign from God. So now we have historic (written) records which confirm that this explosion in fact took place.
#4. The Maori mythology. Maoris which inhabited New Zealand at the moment this explosion took place, preserved in their mythology the description of the Tapanui event. So this explosion is well described by countess Maori myths on the so-called "Fires of Tamaatea".
#5. Material remains. There are numerous material remains left from this explosion, which can be found near Tapanui. These include, amongst others: melted spaceship debris, fallout of gold nuggets on the ground (gold was synthesised during this powerful explosion, thus after the explosion a thin layer of gold dust covered the ground near Tapanui), stones melted by the heat of explosion - locally called "china stones", and many more.
       To complement the above summary of the evidence for the actual appearance of the Tapanui explosion, I discuss below in more details selected examples of this evidence. For the comprehensive presentation of all this evidence there is no enough space in this brief web page. But those readers who become interested in this evidence can find the full presentation of it in the mentioned before free monograph [5] - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui - downloadable, amongst others, via this web page.

#D2. Trees of majestic "totara" concentrically lied down by the blow of the Tapanui explosion and lying in such manner that their axes point at the Tapanui Crater:
       The remains of charred trees spread around the Tapanui Crater display very characteristic radial order. These trees are lying parallel to each other, their trunks are pointing in the direction of the Tapanui Crater, and their roots are oriented towards the centre of the explosion - see Figure 11 in [5e]. The example of identically uprooted trees in Tunguska proved that the only cause for such a high order in tree layout could be a powerful explosion whose shockwaves felled forests within their range.
       At the turn of the last century, the vast area around the Tapanui Crater was literally covered with such uprooted trees, the trunks of which were pointing to the same spot, i.e. the centre of the Crater. The appearance of these fallen trees, recalled by some elderly people, was resembling that of the Tunguska explosion. Early settlers in this area removed these trees, tidying up the land for livestock. The older locals still remember the amount of work this involved, as the surfaces of the trees were impregnated with grains of sand which blunted steel saws. At present only those trees buried underground or hidden in swamps remain.
       Here is one of these tree trunks, sticking out from a sandy bank of the nearby Black Gully Creek:

[Bild: 54_c09c.jpg]

Fig. #4: Myself (Dr Jan Pajak) sitting on a trunk of huge totara tree that was blown down by a powerful blast from the Tapanui explosion. The photograph taken in 1988.
       This tree originally was buried in the ground. But water of the Black Gully Creek washed it out from the sandy bank, exposing the direction in which it points (it points directly towards the centre of explosion, i.e. towards the Tapanui Crater). From the sandy banks of the Black Gully Creek many such partially burried trees were sticking out in times when in 1987 and 1988 I intensively researched the Tapanui explosion. Note from the description that the age of this tree is such that the wood remembered times when Jesus walked on Earth. Several years after taking the above photograph, all trees of hardwood totara were removed from the sandy bank of the "Black Gully Creek" and used for turning various useful objects. Thus at present this trees do NOT exists there any more.

#D3. So-called "china stones" - means lumps of soil thrown into the air by force of explosion, melted by heat of this explosion, and aerodynamically shaped in the effect of flight in the hot air:
       The so-called "china stones" are formed from big lumps of local soil, clay, native rock and other original materials which were blasted from the Crater by the power of the explosion, aerodynamically shaped during flight, baked (fired) by the heat, glazed on the surface, and then deposited as part of the post-explosion fallout. Examples of china stones are shown in Figure 15 of [5e]. China stones display many unusual features, some of which directly point to their origin as being from the Tapanui explosion.
       Some chine stones display the presence of negative imprints of local leaves, trees, grass and other organic matter embedded inside of these stones. These imprints found in china stones resemble the imprints found at Pompeii near Vesuvius in Italy. They reflect an outer structure and shape of organic objects trapped in the stone. In most cases the original organic objects have decayed since the explosion took place, thus only negative copies of the objects' external shapes remain. But there are still some china stones left which contain raw/fresh (i.e. non-fossilized) organic matter trapped inside.
       Here is how such "china stones" look like:

[Bild: 54_c13d_2.jpg]

Fig. #5: The "china stone" from Roxburgh. It is displayed by the Town Hall of that former gold-mining township. It represents a lump of soil melted by heat of the Tapanui explosion. In order to arrive at Roxburgh from the Tapanui Crater it needed to fly over 50 kilometres in the extremely heated air. This explains its aerodynamic shape.
       Note the plate cemented under it. This plate tells the story of a whole pocket of gold nuggets and gold sand that was found lying on the surface of this stone. Because of this gold find, the stone become famous. But almost no-one looking at that china stone wonders where this gold originated from. After all, in order to be deposited on the upper surface of this stone, the gold needed to "fall from the sky". Similarly gold which constituted the New Zealand "golden fleece" must also "fall from the sky". This New Zealand "golden fleece" was simply formed from deposits of gold sand and gold nuggets that in past covered the surface of the ground in the entire area of post-explosive fallouts from the Tapanui explosion. This gold needed to be synthesised in the air by some extreme conditions of the super-powerful explosion similar to a thermonuclear explosion, means such as the Tapanui explosion. After falling to the ground this "golden fleece" later become a reason for the "gold rush" that gripped New Zealand in the last part of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century.
       Such "china stones" were splashed radially from the Tapanui Crater. They are simply big lumps of baked clay and soil lifted into the air by the power of explosion, then melted and aerodynamicaly shaped during the flight in hot air, and hardened after falling to the ground. The largest of these stones tend to be spread along the east edge of the post-explosion fallouts (the west edge tends to have the fine "trinitite" deposits - see item #E2 below), probably because of the clay and soil configurations inside the Crater. Some "china stones" splashed from the Tapanui Crater flew as far as the town of Hokitika, located around 400 kilometres away from the crater. China stones display aerodynamic shapes and their properties correspond to those of lumps of china.

Part #E: The body of evidence which certifies that these were UFOs that exploded in Tapanui:
#E1. Summary of the evidence that these were UFOs that exploded in Tapanui:
       These orthodox scientists who under the weight of evidence are willing to accept that there actually was a powerful explosion in Tapanui in 1178 AD, still are very reluctant to admit that UFO vehicles exploded over there. The most frequent statement they make is that "most probably it was a meteorite or a comet" that exploded in there. Of course while making such a statement they have no evidence in support of their claim. They just simply try to avoid admitting that it could be a UFO which exploded over Tapanui. But if one manages to overcome his or her prejudice towards UFOs (means one recognises that there is already in power a formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs, and also one recognises that there is accumulated a huge body of authentic prohographs of UFOs), then it turns out that there is a wealth of evidence which clearly certifies for the UFO explosion near Tapanui. Here is some amongst this evidence:
       #1. Eye witnesses. A cigar-shaped stack of UFO vehicles that exploded near Tapanui was actually seen by Maoris. Crew of this vehicle was even talking before the explosion to Maoris from "Raki Ura" (the present "Stewart Island"). Thus Maori descriptions of this UFO vehicle survived until present times in Maori mythology.
       #2. The crater that bears all the attributes of an aerial explosion. The Tapanui Crater has an unique shape. It is identical to the area of fallen trees in Tunguska, Siberia, where a similar UFO explosion took place in 1908 (see Figure C6 in monograph [5/4], and Figure O5 in monograph [1/4]). Therefore the geometry and attributes of the Tapanui Crater prove that it was a UFO that exploded in Tapanui.
       #3. The pollution of vicinity of the Tapanui crater with telekinetic field and with disturbances in time continuum. Only UFO vehicles can technically induce a powerful pollution of the Tapanui area with telekinetic field that we observe there at present. Also only UFOs working as so-called "Time Vehicles" can induce disturbances of time continuum that are noticeable near the Tapanui crater until today. (These disturbances of time cause, amongst others, temporary shifting of living Moa birds to our times - for more details see item #D2 on the totaliztic web page newzealand.htm and item #D6.1 on the web page timevehicle.htm, as well as item #F2 below on this web page, and descriptions in monographs [5/3] or [5/4].)
       #4. UFO debris. When first white settlers arrived to present area of Tapanui, various melted remains of UFO vehicles were scattered around. Some of these remains were picked up and now either gather dust in private collections, or lie hidden in cellars of local museums. For example between 1983 and 1988 the local museum in nearby Invergargill exhibited a melted piece of a spaceship which was looking like a half-melted gearbox from a present car. This piece was found near Waikaka, means very close to the Tapanui crater.
       I also researched a piece of melted UFO spaceship found not far from the Tapanui Crater. It amazingly contains grains of magnetised iron and grains of pure aluminium (as we know, aluminium is not appearing in pure form in nature; also Maoris did not know how to manufacture metals). Here is how this piece of a UFO spaceship looks like:
       #5. The existence of a metal that is unknown to present science and that behaves like a "magnetised gold" The most strange evidence that these were UFOs that exploded near Tapanui, are unknown materials with properties that cannot be explained by present science. For example, when I lectured at the University of Otago between 1988 and 1990, the university had a miniature museum of geological curiosities. Amongst many objects that this museum kept, there was also a piece of "magnetised gold" - see the photo below. This piece looked like a large gold nugget, felt like a gold nugget, only that it was strongly magnetised. It was found in Remarkables, means on the main axis of splash of debris from the Tapanui explosion. So almost for sure it was a part from a UFO spaceship that exploded near Tapanui. According to current science gold cannot be magnetised - so what unknown on Earth material it was? Scientists from the University of Otago were unable to establish what it was.
* * *
       In order to complement the above summary of the evidence that these were UFOs that exploded near Tapanui, I discuss below in more details selected examples of this evidence. For the comprehensive presentation of all this evidence there is no enough space in this brief web page. But those readers who become interested in this evidence can find the full presentation of it in the mentioned before free monograph [5e] - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui - downloadable, amongst others, via this web page.

#E2. Debris from UFO vehicles that exploded near Tapanui:
       Around the Tapanui Crater unusual metallic splinters are sometimes found. The research of piece of such a splinter that is in my possesion proved that it consists of magnetized iron (about 30%), pure aluminium (around 10%) and silicone (around 60%). These debris look like pieces of a spacecraft, torn apart by the explosion, melted, mixed with molten local soil, magnetized, compressed, aerodynamically shaped during the flight, and then deposited in the vicinity of the explosion site. A photo of a sample of such a splinter is shown in Figure below. It is also interesting that the soil in the vicinity of the Tapanui Crater displays an excess of aluminium, while simultaneously some other micro-elements seem to be deficient there. It almost looks as if aluminium was spread on this soil from some large disintegrating body.
       At this point it should be stressed that aluminium in pure form does not appear in nature. Actually this modern-age metal was not discovered until 1803 and not produced successfully in pure form until 1854. Practically, however, the technology of mass aluminium production was only mastered shorthly before the World-War 2. Today the process of extracting aluminium from bauxite is very complicated and involves the use of a Reverbier Oven, a refraction chamber and a regenerator, as well as electrolyses and temperatures exceeding 950 C. Thus one may ask the question how it could be possible that a pure aluminium is contained in debris spread around the Tapanui Crater, unless of course they are melted fragments from a spaceship manufactured by a technology even more advanced than ours.
       Debris of UFO vehicles, and melted "china stones", are NOT the only extraordinary substances that remained after the Tapanui explosion. The drifting mushroom of the Tapanui explosion spread also several further unusual substances over the area of New Zealand. The most meaningful out of these is the so-called "trinitite" - means a kind of solidified droplets of glass which are known to humanity only from nuclear explosions. Other substance spread over there is an extraordinary "black sand", means a powdered iron which is covered with a kind of glaze. Still another substance that fell down from the mushroom of that explosion was gold powder which was deposited in the areas of post-explosive fallouts.
       Independently from this web page, large debris of a UFO vehicle found in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater are also described on the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand, as well as in monograph [5/3e] that is entirely devoted to descriptions of the Tapanui explosion. Here are photographs of two examples of debris found in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater:

[Bild: skrzynka.jpg]

Fig. #6: A photograph which shows a small fragment of an object that looks like a melted car gearbox.
       It was found on a paddock of flat plains of Waikaka, i.e. only around 20 km north-west from the Tapanui crater. At the time of photographing it, the object was on a display in museum from the city of Invercargill. The surface of grassland where this object was found is flat, just covered with soil and grass and deprived any stones or large mineral deposits. Thus, the presence of such a single object on the surface of ground in that area is difficult to explain as a natural occurrence. Unfortunately I needed to make this photograph through a glass of display window, thus only the above (rather small) fragment of it come out relatively well visible. The entire object is larger, and the shape of it suggests a technological origin which was later distorted by action of heat from a powerful explosion.

[Bild: 54_c14.jpg]

Fig. #7: A melted piece of UFO vehicle found near the Tapanui Crater. It definitely originates from a technologically manufactured spaceship, as it contains large grains of pure aluminium, while it is known that pure aluminium does NOT appear in nature.
       For idea of the size, a large NZ coin (50 cents) is placed near to it. The coin is 32 mm in diamter The spectrometric analysis revealed that this piece contains around 60% of silicone, 30% of iron, and 10% of aluminium. (It is worth reminding that in its pure form aluminium does not appear in nature.) Iron is strongly magnetised. Also time disturbances are frozen in it. Thus it provides various paranormal experience if put under someone's pillow. Taking into account the melted surface, aerodynamic shape, compressed structure, turbulent magnetization, and technological composition of this piece, it can be concluded that it definitely originates from parts of a spaceship which were mixed with local soil, compressed, smoothed on the surface, and magnetized during this magnetic explosion. It should be stressed that four chunks of such material were located by me so-far. Except for the one presented above from the author's collection, another piece is held by my friend, Mr Ken Goldfinch. Further two such debris are on the display at the museum in Invercargill. But I am aware that numerous such debris were collected from fields surrounding the Tapanui crater, only that all these are now in private collections - thus rather difficult to locate.

#E3. Nuggets of the "magnetised gold", or rather pieces of extraterrestrial metal which still remains unknown to the present human science and which displays all attributes of gold:
       It appears that one amongst by-products of the Tapanui explosion takes the form of pieces of mysterious metal which still remains unknown to the human science. Splinters of this extraordinary metal are indistinguishably similar to "gold nuggets" - see "Fig. #8ab" below. Only that they are magnetised. In turn it is commonly known that noble metals, do which gold belongs, cannot be magnetised. In times when I carried out active research on the Tapanui explosion, while simultaneously I lectured at the Otago University, in the Geology Department of that university existed a small museum with various geological curiosities. Amongst the exhibits of this museum from the Geology Department at the University of Otago were two splinters of this extraordinary metal. Both of them were similar size, looked similarly, and both were similarly magnetised. One of them I personally held in my hands, checked its magnetisation, and photographed. Photographs of it (showing it from both sides) I am presenting below in "Fig. #8ab". For me it was indistinguishably similar to a "gold nugget". But then I had no research capabilities to check from what metal it was formed. Interestingly that in these times no faculty member from the Geology Department even tried to establish from what metal this splinter was made of. The piece which I photographed was found on slopes of the Remarkables mountain near Queenstown, means around 150 kilometres north-north-west from the Tapanui crater. Where the second piece of this metal was found I am unable to recall.
       In 1909 near the New Zealand township called Ross a "gold nugget" was found of the size of a human fist. With the elapse of time it become quite famous in New Zealand. It is called the Roddy's gold nugget from Ross. It weighted 2807 grams (i.e. 99 ounces). Unusually, old-timers claimed that it supposedly was "magnetised". But vital characteristics of this nugget surely remained identical to these of gold. After all, in spite of the supposed "magnetisation", jewellers of that time qualified it as gold. Also as a "gold nugget" it is described in all historic sources. The township Ross is located around 350 km to north-north-east from the Tapanui crater. But it is still positioned within the range of splinters from the Tapanui explosion. After all, sizable "china stones" flown from Tapanui as far as the town Hokitika, which lies behind Ross in even further distance from Tapanui.
       I am intrigued by the question what actually these "magnetised gold nuggets" are made of. Means, whether these are made of some unique isotope of gold of the magnetic nature, which was synthesised by the extreme conditions of the Tapanui explosion. Or rather are made of gold-like extraterrestrial metal used in UFO vehicles which exploded near Tapanui. Perhaps this secret is going to be explained one day. After all, the Tapanui explosion splashed New Zealand with a layer of gold nuggets that fell down in the entire area of the post-explosion fallouts. The majority of this "gold fleece" was already collected during the "gold rush" from the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century. However, "gold nuggets" are being found in various corners of New Zealand still until today. Only that typically no-one checks whether these gold nuggets are magnetised. But perhaps one day someone checks them, determines that one of them is magnetised, subjects it to more thorough scientific research, and discovers something that will shock the entire world.
       Objects that represent key evidence for the explosion of an extraterrestrial spacecraft near Tapanui are disappearing shockingly fast in various mysterious ways. But one would think that so precious exhibits like "gold nuggets" or samples of "gold-like metal" described here, should be protected much better than trunks of old "totara" trees or "china stones". But these gold nuggets are disappearing equally fast and equally mysteriously. I personally believe that this escalating disappearance of the evidence is secretly arranged by someone, e.g. by creatures described on the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. After all, if one would consider these disappearances just as ordinary "coincidence", then there is too many of them to really be just a coincidence.
       Here is the photograph of this piece of mysterious gold-like metal that apparently remains unknown to our science.

[Bild: 54_c14_2.jpg]
[Bild: 54_c14_3.jpg]

Fig. #8ab: Mysterious magnetised "gold-like" metal left from the Tapanui explosion.
       It looks like a "gold nugget", although it is not known whether it actually is made of gold. (In times when I worked at the Otago University, scientists over there have not even tried to establish what kind of metal it actually is.) Both above photographs show the same piece of metal, only photographed from two different sides. To illustrate the size, a coin (of old) New Zealand 50 cents is placed near this "nugget". It is 32 mm in diameter.

#E4. Fast progressing vandalism of the evidence:
       In recent times I live relatively far from the Tapanui crater - namely almost 1000 kilometres and also on a different island of New Zealand. Furthermore, because of the chronic unemployment (brought about on my head, amongst others, through researching the Tapanui crater) I am frequently forced to leave the country. Therefore to the crater I travel lately rather infrequently - approximately once per each around 5 years. What is always shocking me during these visits, is the fast progressing vandalism of the evidence. In almost each next visit I find only around a half of the evidence which I saw during a previous visit. If it goes further like this, soon all evidence becomes extinct, in spite that it was so dominant when I initiated my research.

Part #F: Consequences of the Tapanui explosion for New Zealand:
#F1. How the Tapanui explosion affected New Zealand:
       The Tapanui explosion exerted an enormous impact on New Zealand. New Zealanders endure numerous consequences of this explosion even today, without actually knowing about them. Let us list here the most important side effects of the Tapanui explosion, that still can be noticed in New Zealand even today:
       #1. The deficiency of micro-elements in soil near the Tapanui Crater. The enormous heat and radiation of the Tapanui explosion caused that all radiation-sensitive micro-elements evaporated from the soil near the Tapanui Crater. So now this soil has a deficiency of these micro-elements, e.g. selenium or calcium. In turn the lack of these micro-elements causes, that vicinity of the Tapanui are one of the least healthy regions of New Zealand. Such unhealthy region it was from the very beginning. To a very interesting evidence of this unhealthy character of the Tapanui area my attention pointed one of the local antics collectors. For example, according to his findings, if in any other area of New Zealand people accidentally uncover old rubbish dump, the dominating component of this rubbish are always old bottles from alcohol - currently being desired objects for numerous antics collectors. But if old rubbish is uncovered in the Tapanui area, then it turns out that this old rubbish is dominated by bottles from various medicines. Probably also a strange "immune-deficiency" (i.e. the post-radiation type) illness that appears near the Tapanui Crater, and that locally is called the "Tapanui flu", is also a consequence of this explosion. As it is easy to realise during contacts with inhabitants of the vicinity of the Tapanui Crater, almost in every household someone either was, or just now is, ill with this extraordinary and mysterious illness.
       #2. The telekinetic pollution of New Zealand. UFO vehicles which exploded near Tapanui caused a powerful flash of the telekinetic field. (The "telekinetic field" is an accelerated magnetic field used to trigger a technical version of telekinesis - for details see web page telekinesis.htm.) In turn telekinetic field causes the accelerated growth of all living organisms. This is why people and animals born and grown in New Zealand are so "bulky". Also this is why various trees (e.g. pines or oaks) grow in New Zealand around 5 times faster than in Europe.
       #3. The appearance of gigantic mutations of living organisms. The telekinetic pollution of New Zealand during the Tapanui explosion caused in past, and still causes now, that various organisms which live in New Zealand, or in nearby oceans, sporadically mutate to gigantic sizes. The mechanism of this mutation is explained in subsection JE9.2 from volume 9 of monograph [1/4]. Because of these mutations, in New Zealand itself, and also in waters around it, almost every animal appears in two sizes: normal and gigantic. The gigantic size is from 5 to 12 times larger than normal. Figure #9 shows a photograph of the most famous of such gigantic mutantions from New Zealand, namely the super-bird called Moa:
       A long list of species of animals that have these two sizes is provided in my scientific monographs [5/3] and [5/4]. But to mention here some examples that are already known throughout the world, these include: Moa bird (normal size Moa was like a turkey, gigantic size Moa was like a giraffe), recently famous "giant squid" or "aratupus" a "baby" of which having almost 10 meters in length in 2003 was exposed to public viewing in the Te Papa museum from Wellington, Kiwi bird, and many more. What is even more interesting, until around 18th century the vicinity of Tapanui in New Zealand was populated by a tribe of human giants. They were called "Te Kahui Tipua" and they used to tower around 5 meters tall. Gigantic skeletons of these human giants still are being found from time to time - unfortunately soon after finding they tend to disappear mysteriously. More details on these gigantic mutations of living creatures from New Zealand you can find on a separate page - marked New Zealand in the "Menu 1".
       #4. Fluctuations of time. UFO vehicles that were exploded near Tapanui represented the so-called Time Vehicles. In turn every explosion of a time vehicle induces powerful disturbances in "timespace", thus also disturbances in the continuity of time on a given area. Time starts to fluctuate there like water-waves in a lake. This fluctuating time in turn has the ability to brings to our times various animals (or people) that normally live in other time periods. Because such bringing already extinct animals to our times is the most strange phenomena that takes place in New Zealand, I describe it in more details in a separate item #F2 below.
       #5. Strange phenomena that still take place in New Zealand. The polluting of vicinity of the Tapanui Crater with telekinetic field and with disturbances of time continuum, causes that near Tapanui an entire array of strange phenomena appears. In order to mention some of these phenomena, in the Tapanui Crater itself strange round spheres of light are seen at nights. They usually are size of ping-pong balls, and they are able to penetrate through solid matter. People explain them as spirits of those killed in the Tapanui explosion. Also, in the area of Tapanui almost never typical lightning bolts strike, but in turn there is a strange phenomenon of "curtain lightings" in there. For more of such unexplained phenomena - see the separate web page newzealand.htm - about New Zealand, or see my monographs [5/4] and [5/3].
       #6. The existence of surface gold deposits in New Zealand. The telekinetic flash that accompanied the Tapanui explosion caused also the mass fusion of gold dust. Thus just after the explosion, the surface of New Zealand was literally covered with a thin layer of gold dust and gold nuggets. Pockets of gold were lying even on the surface of stones, as this is explained for the china stone from Roxburgh, the photograph of which is shown on this web page. This surface gold dust caused a famous "gold rush" in New Zealand of late 1800. In turn the "gold rush" lied a historic foundations for present New Zealand economy.
       An interesting attribute of gold dust that used to lie on surface of New Zealand soil, is that it changed properties concentrically with the distance from the centre of explosion. Therefore during the gold rush people were able to say where a given gold comes from just by one look at it.
       #7. The lack of forests in central part of South Island of New Zealand. The Tapanui explosion uprooted trees from almost a half of New Zealand. These trees were also burned out. So there were no seeds to start germination of trees after the Tapanui explosion. This is why the central parts of the South Island of New Zealand had no forests when white settlers arrived in there around 1840s. But it was all covered by trunks of old trees, that were uprooted by the blast of this explosion. By now the majority of these tree trunks are removed. However, some of them still can be found in various remote areas.
       #8. The mass extinction of various animal species in New Zealand, including the famous Moa super-bird, local "harpagornis moorei" giant eagle - with the wingspan exceeding 3 meters, small local species of kiwi bird, and many more. It was the Tapanui explosion that wiped out all large and small animals of New Zealand, that used to live there before 1178.
       #9. Trees that remember times of Jesus. The Tapanui explosion in 1178 uprooted huge jungles overgrown with thousands years old hard-wood trees, locally called totara. Totara is a very slow growing tree. Trees growing before the Tapanui explosion used to take around 1000 years to grow to the diameter of around 1 meter. Partially scorched logs of these magnificent trees remain in various remote parts of New Zealand until today. Some of these logs are 2 to 4 meters in diameter. This means that they already were growing thousands years before Jesus come to Earth. Local entrepreneurs use the red, beautiful wood of these ancient trees, to make various tourist souvenirs out of them. So if you are lucky enough to find such a local entrepreneur for just a few dollars you can buy in New Zealand a beautiful souvenir made of the red totara wood, which remembers times when Jesus was walking on Earth. Of course, this your purchase would be also your personal favour contributed towards our civilisation. This is because when people finally realise the significance of the Tapanui explosion for our planet, scientists will be able to research your well preserved souvenir.
* * *
       In order to complement the above summary of consequences of the Tapanui explosion that affected New Zealand, I discuss below in more details selected examples of these consequences. Unfortunately, there is no enough space in this brief web page for the comprehensive presentation of all these consequences. However, those readers who become interested in these consequences can find the full presentation of these in the free monograph [5] - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui mentioned before.

#F2. Waving of the so-called "timespace" and repetitive appearances in present New Zealand fauna from the past which is already extinct in there for a long time, e.g. moa birds:
       The waving of the "timespace" caused by the exploding of a "time vehicle" near Tapanui has numerous consequences. (A "time vehicle" is actually a UFO vehicle of the third generation. It is described in chapter N from volume 2 of the monograph [1/5] - about advanced magnetic propulsion systems.) For example, the ability of the "timespace" to shift living organisms to different times, in future can even be utilised by people for building advanced time vehicles described in item #D1 of the web page about the Time Vehicles. If the waving of the "timespace" described here by a chance brings some animals to our times, then after a short time in our times these animals are taken back by a next wave of the "timespace" to their own times. So due to these fluctuations of time caused by the explosion of time vehicles near Tapanui, in New Zealand quite regularly various prehistoric animals appear in our times. People see these animals relatively frequent, sometimes these creatures even hunt and eat individual humans. Then these strange prehistoric animals are taken back to their own times. The most frequently appearing such prehistoric animals that appear in New Zealand due to waving of the "timespace" are huge moa birds. Every now and again people see these birds in New Zealand, or find tracks of their footprints - in spite that moa birds are completely extinct since 1178, i.e. since happened this UFO explosion near Tapanui. Thus, one day people meet them and see them, other day they cannot be found there any more. The newest case when two Australian researchers have found fresh track of so-called "scrub moa" in the New Zealand bush near Urewera, was described in the article entitled "Urewera moa 'probably emu' ", that was published on page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, January 9, 2008. The same footprints of moa are also described in another article entitled "Big birds puzzle experts" which appeared on page A8 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 10, 2008.
       At this point it is worth to realise, that time fluctuates near every explosion site of time vehicles. In history of our planet many such time vehicles exploded in various areas of the globe (for details see monographs [5/3] and [5/4]). Therefore such prehistoric animals keep to appear and disappear in various other areas of Earth as well, not just only in New Zealand. The most well-known of them include famous "Nessie" from Loh Ness in Scotland, and the dinosaur-like monster from the lake Cini in Malaysia.

[Bild: moa.jpg]
[Bild: moa_plus.jpg]

Fig. #9ab: Two photographs of the gigantic mutation of Moa birds from New Zealand.
       Although these my amateur photographs leave a lot to wish for (actually the right one was taken through glass), they quite well reflect the huge size of this particular mutation of Moa - when it is compared to an adult human figure. Notice that all gigantic subspecies of Moa originally mutated from a bird of the size of an average turkey, that in New Zealand usually is called "bush moa". Around 100 000 years old and well preserved complete skeleton of such turkey-sized bush moa was uncovered in the Centennial Park in Timaru - a site of this discovery is still marked over there until today (although the skeleton itself is well hidden from the public viewing in cellars of the Canterbury Museum from Christchurch, and possibly is going to mysteriously disappear one day - similarly as this happened with a skeleton of around 8 meters tall human giant also found in Timaru - for details of this giant see item #I2 from the web page newzealand.htm).

Part #G: Consequences of the Tapanui explosion for the entire our planet:
#G1. World-wide impact of the Tapanui explosion:
       The Tapanui explosion exerted a powerful influence on the entire our planet. Let us list here these consequences of the Tapanui explosion, which we can observe even today.
       #1. The shift of Earth's poles by around 7 degrees. After the Tapanui explosion occurred quite a complex mechanism of a "magnetic spring", which caused "jumpy" (i.e. highly destructive) polar shift of the Earth's crust. This mechanism is described in subsection D3 from the English monograph [5/3] together with countless evidence which proves that actually there was a recent polar shift on Earth after 1178 Tapanui explosion.
       #2. Powerful tsunami waves in Europe and sea floods in Asia. Gigantic tsunami waves caused by the Tapanui explosion were that largest waves the description of which was recorded in human mythology. Amongst others these waves destroyed the city of Salamis in Northern Cyprus (the one in which was invented the production of sausages in many countries until today called "salami"). On western coasts of Schleswig-Holstein in present North-West Germany these tsunami waves killed countless people. Furthermore, these waves also totally destroyed the famous island which in German is called "Vineta" (in Polish it is called "Wineta" while in Latin and English - "Veneta") on the Baltic Sea, known from its wealth and from highly decadent life, and described by numerous myths.
       #3. The freezing of Greenland together with the Viking colony that was settled in there by the legendary Viking explorer named Eric the Red.
       #4. The melting of ice bridge over the Bering Straits. This in turn removed the dry connection that existed since ancient times between North-East Asia and the North America.
       #5. The arrival of the so-called Little Ice Age to Europe after 1178 AD, combined with the drastic cooling of climate of Europe after 1178 AD.
       #6. The resonation of the telepathic noise in the Earth's atmosphere. In turn this resonation caused the degeneration of humans subjected to it. The final outcome was that the Tapanui explosion brought the darkness and ugliness of the Medieval epoch to Earth - see also item #K1 from this web page for description of the present "neo-medieval epoch". It should be mentioned that UFOnauts who exploded their UFO vehicles near Tapanui knew about all these undesirable consequences. But still they exploded their UFO vehicles on purpose, to shift humanity back in the development.
       #7. The extinction of entire nations in Europe. The rapid cooling of climate, plus unrecognised yet by the orthodox science consequences of the Tapanui explosion, such as the rosonations of the telepathic noise (described in item #K2 below), pollution of the air, and destructive post-explosive fallouts that followed the Tapanui explosion, caused the subsequent extinction of entire dynasties, families and nations in Europe and in other parts of the world. It was in that time that "flat-headed" Europeans got extinct and were replaced by present "round-headed". For example, in Poland of that time the dynasty (and family) of Polish kinds called "Piasts" got extinct (they belonged to this weaker race of "flat-headed" Europeans). It was also at that time that various profane changes took place in the entire world. For example plains in Nasca got dry just at that times. Also the green paddocks from the empire of Anastazjas from central America turned into desert at that time.
       #8. Various damages to several monuments in Europe (e.g. the Leaning Tower from Pisa, Italy, or the Aya Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey). For example, movements of the Earth's crust that were triggered by the Tapanui explosion caused the leaning of the famous "Leaning Tower from Pisa". In turn in the Basilica Aya Sophia from Istanbul, Turkey (shown in "Fig. #10" below), the same series of movements of the Earth's crust caused by the Tapanui explosion deformed the upper dome.

[Bild: sophia.jpg]

Fig. #10: Aya Sophia and Dr Jan Pajak - means a photo of myself which I took in 1993 in front of the famous "Aya Sophia" from Istambul. (Click on this photograph to enlarge it.) Until today there is a folklore opinion that this Basilica was build with the aid of supernatural forces. More information about the supernatural character of this basilica can be found in the caption under illustration "Fig. #1c" from the web page on the [b]Bible authorized (inspired) by God. [/b]
       Aya Sophia is practically one of the oldest buildings in the world, which still are used until today. It was initially build as a Christian Basilic, finished in 537 AD, while now serves as a mosque. The dome of this building, formed into a shape of a spherical dome of K8 type of UFOs, was deformed just in the effect of earth movements caused by the Tapanui explosion of 1178.

#G2. Wiping out the legendary city of Veneta (also called Vineta and Wineta) from the surface of Earth:
       In southern part of the Baltic sea, near present coasts of Germany and close to the present Polish city of Świnoujście, before 1178 AD existed a legendary island with an independent city-country, in German called Vineta, in Polish - Wineta, while in Latin and in English called Veneta. Inhabitants of that island and city were famous from the immense riches and from the decadent style of living. Their culinary skills, feasts, and inclinations to gorge with food were just legendary. Unfortunately, in the result of the tsunami waves induced in northern seas by the Tapanui explosion, this island-country vanished completely from the surface of Earth. Legends which describe the destruction of it are discussed in item #H2 below on this web page. By today diminished even the knowledge where exactly this legendary island was located.
       An intriguing question which one may ask in connection with reasons for eventuation on the Earth of legends about cities of the kind of Wineta described here or Nineveh described in the Bible, is whether any present cities, e.g. Christchurch or Petone from New Zealand, also are just earning the chance to become legends for the future generations - as regarding this matter may puzzle us e.g. the introduction to the web page named petone.htm or item #G2 from the web page named prophecies.htm.
       As a curiosity I should mention, that the island of Veneta was NOT the only well-known island of the world which rapidly disappeared without leaving a trace. About another such an island writes the article "Search for Mexican island continues" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, September 7, 2009. This article describes the Mexican island called "Bermeja" from the Yucatan coast, which also mysteriously vanished quite recently - as if it never was there. But this particular island was shown on many maps published not long ago. Finding it turns out quite important because on the basis of its existence Mexico extends its territory onto a huge area of sea rich in natural oil, which is over 80 miles wide, but for which - after the disappearance of that island, the appetite (and legal basis) have now also the United States.

Part #H: The use of the Tapanui explosion as a tool for elimination of parasitic communities:
#H1. Why and how parasitic people and parasitic communities must be eliminated:
Motto: There is a valid reason why we never hear about the destruction by cataclysm of a morally acting city or community, while all cataclysms about which we learn always hit into areas widely known from immorality and from spreading harm."
       If in people we see just their physical bodies - as we are used to do this in present times, then all humans appear to be equally healthy. But if we carefully inspect human the so-called "true morality" (i.e. the morality defined in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm), then it turns out that souls of some people are ill on a kind of infectious "moral leprosy" or "moral rot" - which on the totaliztic web pages and publications is called the philosophy of parasitism. These leprous souls are incurable. Thus, the only manner of preventing the rest of society from being infected with their immorality, remains to eliminate them.
       If the universe is deprived of God - as it is claimed by the official old so-called "atheistic orthodox science", then such individuals and communities with souls infected by this "moral leprosy" could live amongst other people without any problems and could infect all others with their immorality. But in the universe created and wisely ruled by the omnipotent God, in which we really live according to the formal proof from items #B1 to #B3 from the web page changelings.htm, these people and communities with leprous moralities must be discreetly eliminated - so that they do NOT infect others. But because their open elimination would deprive the rest of people of so-called free will, the removal of these ill people and ill communities from the rest of humanity must be camouflaged in various ways. For this reason, it is so "simulated" that it becomes presented to people as cataclysms, catastrophes, accidents, epidemics, action of blind forces of nature, terrorism, wars, etc. - i.e. not as a selective elimination of individuals and communities infected with the philosophy of parasitism - as we are warned by fates of Biblical cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, and Nineveh.
       In case of individual people it is very difficult to notice any regularities in their accelerated departure from the world of living. For example, today it is almost impossible to establish whether there is any link between the morality and philosophy which a given individual practices, and a manner as well as age, by which he or she departed from this world. (But this did NOT stop me from completing such research and publishing the results in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm.) After all, even if someone has an accident or dies in a catastrophe, then because of so-called "privacy laws" other people do NOT have a chance to establish what kind of morality and philosophy this someone practiced in his or her private life. But not always was so. In past our ancestors used to know jolly well that there is a tight link between someone's length of life and his or her morality. For example, in the Polish editions of the Bible which in Polish is named the "Biblia Tysiąclecia" (Wydawnictwo Pallottinum, Poznań-Warszawa 1980 i 1990, ISBN 83-7014-218-4), to verse 6:3 from the "Book of Genesis" an old commentary was added, stating - quote: "With the increased moral decadency the vitality of people decreases" (in the original Polish language: "Wraz z postępującym zepsuciem moralnym zmniejsza się witalność ludzi.") A similar belief have also the Chinese folklore. Even until today, when someone gets sick in a Chinese family, others usually comfort this family with words: "You do not need to worry - he is a good person". In the content of this comforting lies that deep belief of Chinese, that people with untarnished morality live very long and die with dignity from "old age" in their own bed, surrounded with their family (i.e. they die only when they themselves are ready to depart into afterlife). Thus, even if in the meantime some amongst them get ill, they always are healed from their illnesses.
       But in case of entire communities, even in present hypocritical times their morality and the philosophy that they practice cannot be hidden so easily with any "privacy laws" (although politicians, and also these communities themselves, do everything in their powers to hide somehow their real morality and philosophy). In the result, almost every rationally thinking person is able to notice the highly shocking regularity, namely that practically all cataclysms and catastrophes affect exclusively immoral communities which slipped down to the lowest level of the [b]philosophy of parasitism, while communities which practice moral lives are by these cataclysms selectively omitted.[/b] This shocking regularity everyone can check for himself both, on the historical cataclysms (for example on the eruption of Vesuvius which destroyed the immoral Pompeii but left unaffected the city of Naples which lies much closer to this volcano), as well as on present examples - of the kind of what is happening in countries that practice terrorism, or even what I described in item #I3.1 from the web page petone.htm. I already documented this regularity in a number of totaliztic web pages, for example in web pages named quake.htm, seismograph.htm, petone.htm, day26.htm, plague.htm, antichrist.htm, landslips.htm, katrina.htm, etc. What even more meaningful, moral analyses of consequences of cataclysms and catastrophes that affect such parasitic communities, reveal that individuals who live amongst them and who practice high morality and totaliztic behaviours, are always saved from these cataclysms and catastrophes. The saving comes to them even if these morally acting people live inside of parasitic communities - and thus during cataclysms they find themselves in the middle of destruction, and even were unpleasantly affected.
       If one carries out moral analyses, then he discovers that times described e.g. in the Bible when immoral communities were openly punished in the style of destruction of "Sodom" and "Gomorrah", are gone long ago. After all, such open interventions of God would deprive people of their "free will" and would paralyse their initiative. So instead of being capable of own thinking and acting, such communities openly punished and destroyed by God would turn into kinds of "slaves of God" which would be too scared to do anything from their own initiative, while the entire time and energy they would devote to flatter and to please God - as this is explained in item #F2 from the totaliztic web page named evil.htm and item #A2 from the totaliztic web page named will.htm. Therefore, in the meantime God improved His methods. If presently He decides to "eliminate" a community which slipped down too much into the philosophy of parasitism, then He does it in a highly "anonymous" and "discreet" manner, sending to it some natural cataclysm, catastrophe, Act of God, war, revolution, act of terrorism, etc. In fact, in present times practically every event in which dies a lot of people, is used by God for, amongst others, such a discreet elimination of communities and individuals infected by the philosophy of parasitism. In this way God is able to correct morally communities which deviate towards immorality and towards the philosophy of parasitism, but simultaneously He does NOT deprive people of their "free will" through revealing His actual existence and actions. In turn, for the use of these sparse individuals, who already are ripe for accepting the truth on this subject, God still supplies a sufficient amount of evidence, to keep them in their faith. For example, He allows them to read my publications like this web page - in the merit of which the majority of atheists and those still unready for truth simply do NOT believe. Furthermore, for opening their eyes to facts, God prepared in the history of our civilisation a number of "historic examples" when just such parasitic communities were openly punished and wiped out with various cataclysms. Several out of such historic examples I am going to describe below - because in the mechanisms used for causing these events were very similar to these which caused the UFO explosion near Tapanui discussed on this web page. All these examples illustrate an open and selective elimination by God of the morally degenerated communities that in past lived in cities, the information about immoralities of which survived until the present day.

#H2. The destruction of the immoral Baltic city known from legendary wealth, in Polish called "Wineta" (in German - "Vineta", in English - "Veneta"):
Motto: "If you seek evidence that immorality is always punished - check the morality of communities destroyed by cataclysms."
       Until around 1202 AD on the Baltic Sea existed an island with the immensely wealthy city which in the Polish language was called "Wineta". (In German it was called "Vineta", while in Latin and English - "Veneta".) This city was an ancient equivalent of present Singapore. Even its weather was then similar as the weather from today Singapore. After all, before the Tapanui explosion, the Baltic Sea and Poland were located around 7 degrees closer to the equator than currently. The inhabitants of Wineta were of various nationalities. This additionally stimulated its economy, level and quality of life, and the growth of wealth - similarly like multi-nationals stimulate the wealth of the USA and Australia at present. Wineta lived from trade which brought immense wealth to its inhabitants. Winetans bathed in wealth and debauch. Just for an entertainment they practiced every deviation and every kind of sin in existence. They lived in luxury homes, wear precious clothing, ate the most expensive meals, their wives and women were famous from their flings, their men behaved like sex maniacs, although Wineta had numerous churches and temples - in fact Winetans were atheists (like a large number of present people), there was no such form of debauchery and relish which they would not practice for fashion, prestige, or just for pleasure. For example, amongst surrounding nations they were famous, amongst others, from eating also human flesh - NOT because of a hunger, lack of food, or necessity, as this was done e.g. by New Zealand Maoris (as I described this more comprehensively in item #K1 from the web page newzealand_visit.htm), but because of a simple depravity and curiosity. No wonder that when around years 1202 and 1216 the outer shell of the Earth experienced these jumpy skips caused by action of the Earth's magnetic field tensed by the Tapanui explosion like a huge spring in a clock, Wineta was washed out from the surface of Earth by powerful tsunami waves induced by these rapid jumpy skips of the planetary crust. Until today only numerous legends survived which describe immoral lives of Wineta inhabitants, as well as descriptions of Wineta's destruction. Relatively frequent are seen also phantoms of that city - means seen ghostly manifestations of a dying city, brought to our times by the periodic fluctuations of the software time. (Such fluctuations of time and their observable consequences are discussed also, amongst others, in item #D2 of the web page newzealand.htm.) By the southern coasts of the Baltic Sea today several areas exist, about which surrounding inhabitants claim that ruins of Wineta supposed to be located in deep waters in there. One amongst such frequently indicated places lies by the northern coasts of the island called Uznam. (From the rubble of stones that exists in there and that looks like remains of a destroyed city, building materials were taken, amongst others, to construct the piers for the Polish port city of Świnoujście.) But so far our knowledge about the true location of Wineta is almost on the same level as our knowledge about the location of Atlantis. Here is the description how the destruction of Wineta looked like:
       "For a number of years, these sparse inhabitants of Wineta, whom still obeyed principles of moral behaviour, warned their countrymen to cease the debauchery and to return to moral life. After all, the Bible already available at those times warned against immorality through examples of Sodom and Gomorrah. But Winetans would NOT listen. So finally arrived the day of God's punishment. To leave an example for the future generations, the destruction was sent an early morning on the first day of Easter. When this tragic Easter approached, several more moral inhabitants of Wineta called for spending it respectfully, visiting families or friends. But only those most moral listened to this recommendation and departed from the city to visit their relatives or friends. The rest stayed in the city, waiting for announced Easter celebrations in the city which provided them with a good excuse for submerging in special orgies and pleasures. So when the morning of that tragic Easter has arrived, a majority of inhabitants of Wineta still was sleeping. They were awaken only when the deafening bang could be heard. At that moment a powerful force thrown them out of beds and smashed against southern walls of their bedrooms. The Earth started to wave, firstly raising upwards, and then falling down. But after it fell down, it did NOT return to the original level. Buildings of the city started to disintegrate and collapse. The majority of people were crushed to death by the falling rubbles. These few who somehow still lived, with the terror noticed how from the nearby sea which surrounded the city, a huge wall of black, roaring water rose up. This wall then pounced on the disintegrating city. A few inhabitants who still were alive tried to swim. But their eyes were blinded with sand mixed with water which looked as if it boiled, while their bodies were chopped apart by sharp debris and beams. There was nothing nearby that they could grab and lift themselves from the water. Even the air become sticky and almost impossible to breath in. So last people still remaining alive were fast overcame by whirlpools of water that behaved as if it was boiling. Fragments of their dismembered bodies were later eaten by fishes, or waves spread these bodies over nearby shores. In order other people are reminded on the example of the tragic fate of that city, what are consequences of immorality and deviations, repetitively from time to time, the phantom of Wineta is showed to selected individuals. Also from time to time selected people can hear screams and sounds of destruction of inhabitants of Wineta who are suspended in time and in their suffering."
       The spectacular destruction of the city of Wineta occurred for several vital reasons. One of these was to provide future generations with warning where leads the practicing of immorality and adhering to the philosophy of parasitism. After all, the danger that people will again slip down into claws of parasitism remains always actual. Especially clearly we can see this in present times - when immorality of a noticeable number of cities in the world gradually approaches the level which was practiced in the city of Wineta. Similarly like in Wineta, in many present countries and cities people practice countless forms of deviations, gluttony, lying, chasing money and sex, homosexuality, addictions, cheating, exploitation, injustice, racism, impiousness, etc., etc. Although, as so far, inhabitants of these cities or countries do not eat human flesh, it may suffice that rapidly food disappears permanently from their supermarkets because of a cataclysm, and we may be shocked to see what then will start to happen. So in order to clearly warn future generations, where leads the immorality and the lack of breaks, the tradition of Wineta must remain alive all the time. In fact, it is kept alive until today with the use of several different mechanisms. Two most vital out of these mechanisms include (1) legends and oral traditions about Wineta, as well as (2) phantom manifestations of destroyed Wineta.
       Legends and oral traditions on the subject of Wineta originate from the opinion that surrounding nations had about this rich city, and also from memories of these Winetans who survived the destruction. After all, NOT all inhabitants of Wineta died in the cataclysm. Those more moral amongst them left the city for the duration of that tragic Easter, to visit friends or families that lived on the solid land. Thus, the ones who survived the destruction initiated later a tradition of Wineta's remembrance in many surrounding settlements - amongst others in the Polish city of Świnoujście. This is because, according to the God's promise expressed, amongst others, in content of the Bible, people who live moral lives are saved from cataclysms and catastrophes. The task of their saving constitutes even a separate stage in the standard procedure of unleashing cataclysms - for details see item #B5 on the web page seismograph.htm. Therefore, the morally behaving inhabitants of Wineta received earlier an inner command to leave Wineta before that fatal Easter and to visit their friends or families - thus saving their lives that way. Later they were able to initiate traditions of Wineta's remembrance in many surrounding human settlements. These traditions were added to the knowledge and memory of Wineta which existed in these places since a long time. Thus, such traditions can now continually remind further generations what happens with immoral communities.
       An excellent example of oral tradition that until today maintains memories of Wineta, are stories of Vikings from the area of present Sweden, about a golden bell entirely made as a huge gold casting. Such a bell supposedly existed in one amongst temples of this extremely rich city. Swedish Vikings for centuries were tempted by this golden bell. After all, it was located just in front of their noses. So to rob it, they would not need to organise long expeditions to distant countries - as typically they used to do. Unfortunately for them, when Wineta still existed, rulers of that city had sufficient funds to hire the best soldiers of their times, which in turn did not allow Vikings, as well as any other robbers, to even come near that city. Only when Wineta was destroyed, Swedes organised several searching expeditions, which tried to find and to recover this bell made of solid gold. In these expeditions they managed to locate and to fish out a number of bells from Wineta. But the one made of solid gold turned out to be impossible to find. Thus, until today it lies somewhere in depths of the Baltic Sea, still awaiting for someone to discover it. The inaccessibility of it so mentally tormented Vikings, that on the subject of this golden bell a number of stories was told in Sweden. On the basis of these stories, the Swedish writer, Frans G. Bengtsson, wrote even a novel, entitled "The Long Ships". Of course, to make it more attractive, and to not repeat literally the legends of Vikings, he located its narration far from Wineta. But the thread of the golden bell from Wineta is still present in it. Later this novel was altered even more, providing a script for an adventure film. The film, entitled "The Long Ships - Golden Bell" was recorded in 1964. Although the scenario of it deviates quite far from real efforts of Vikings in the matter of getting hold of that golden bell from Wineta, still the film is worth being seen. After all, it reflects relatively well the atmosphere and the kind of desires, which surrounded this precious bell. It is also worth watching whether the golden bell of Wineta is ever going to be retrieved from the Baltic Sea. This is because the finding of it would be an equivalent to the rediscovery of the actual ruins of Vineta. Thus, it would also mean the initiation of underwater archaeology on that legendary city.
       The second vital mechanisms of maintaining alive the tradition of Vineta, is the work of so-called "reversible software time" described in more datails, amongst others, in the introduction and in item #G4 from my other web page named dipolar_gravity.htm (in this "software time" we all live). The work of this software time causes that until today Vineta itself appears to selected people in the form of a phantom-city. Of course, Wineta is NOT the only phantom-city which appears to selected people. In fact the software time in which we all live and act, allows that any object and any event from past could be recreated many times and shown to especially selected people. Furthermore, it is because of this ability of software time to recreate objects and events any number of times, that is possible to shift people back in time and make immortality accessible for them by allowing that they live again through the entire their lives - as this is described on the web page immortality.htm. It is also because of that ability of software time to be recreated many times, that selected New Zealanders see in our times birds called "moa" which are extinct a long time ago - as this is described in item #F2 above on this web page, and in item #H2 of the totaliztic web page newzealand.htm. Also for that reason inhabitants of many countries still see various already extinct "monsters" (of the kind of "Nessie" from the Scottish lake "Loch Ness") - described e.g. in items #E1, #E2 and #F4.2 from the web page stawczyk_uk.htm, and also in subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of free monograph [1/4]. It is also such recreating of objects and events from past, that in a significant number of countries, selected people rapidly see cities, settlements, and buildings, which in our times do not exist any more. Some amongst those people even enter such cities, settlements, or buildings, take part in events which occurred in them long ago, and then tell to other people about their incredible sightings and experiences. (I myself also lived through a situation of visiting a church in Warszawa which in present times does not exist in Warszawa any more - for the description of this event see item #D6.1 from the web page timevehicle.htm and items #E3 and #E2 from the web page malbork_uk.htm.)
       One amongst manners on which is utilised this ability of software time to recreate any events and any objects that existed in past, is to renew the people's interest in vital topics through showing to selected individuals e.g. phantom cities such as Wineta, or phantom events such as the destruction of Wineta. In Poland, sightings of phantom Wineta or phantom destruction of Wineta, supposedly can be experienced relatively frequent in the city of Świnoujście. Only that NOT every person is selected to see such phantom objects. As research on such cases seems to indicate, phantom objects are shown only to people who later make a vital use of their sighting, and thus who utilise somehow their sighting for the advancement and good of people. An interesting attribute of such phantom objects and events is, that if someone gains a courage (and has such a possibility) to approach them, then he or she discovers that they do NOT differ at all from real objects and from current events. Thus - if they are e.g. buildings or cities, then people to whom they show themselves are able to touch them, to enter them, and even to take part in events that take place in them. If in turn they are e.g. monsters, then a not careful witness may even be eaten by them.
       The fate of Wineta represents another one amongst most fascinating puzzles of history, morality, and philosophy, the explanation of which intrigues increasingly larger number of people. Already several towns in the world have museums of Wineta (Vineta) - including in this number also the Polish Wolin - see the web page www.jomsborg-vineta.com. A growing number of web pages appears also in the internet on the subject of Wineta (Vineta) - as an example see the Polish web page nautilus.org.pl/?p=artykul&id=2124.

#H3. The legend on the destruction of immoral city of Salamis in Cyprus:
       In the north-east part of Mediterranean island of Cyprus, around 10 kilometres to the north from the present port city of Famagusta, a legendary ancient city of Salamis used to exist a long ago. For over two thousands of years it experienced huge prosperity and wealth. It was one amongst the most important supplies of bronze to the ancient world, thus it constantly grew in wealth and in power. Its inhabitants were widely known from their ostentatious wealth, decadent lifestyle, and immoral behaviours. They gorged in luxuries, and for pleasure they practiced almost all existing sins. In the history they are immortalised because of the invention of sausages based on the garlic which wildly grows in Cyprus (until today in some languages, e.g. English, sausages are pronounced "salamis" - like the name of that city). Its magnificent ruins occupying the area of several square kilometres constitute now one amongst biggest tourist attractions of the northern part of Cyprus. When in years 1992 and 1993 I carried out in Cyprus a one-year professorial contract, I was shocked to hear a local legend, that Salamis was spectacularly punished by God for sins and immorality of its inhabitants. It was washed out completely from surface of the Earth by three huge waves of sea "tsunami" that occurred in times soon after the Tapanui explosion (i.e. around years 1202 to 1216). What even more intriguing, the nearby city of Famagusta, distant by only around 10 km from Salamis and lying on the same sea shore and the same plains as Salamis, remained intact by that tsunami. Thus, the destruction of Salamis emphasizes this selective and intelligent elimination by God of only immoral communities - onto which selectiveness I am trying to direct the attention of the reader in my publications, e.g. above in item #H1, or in item #I3.1 from the web page named petone.htm (after all, the knowledge of this selective destruction indicates to us the effective methods of defence from cataclysms). So here is a loosely written content of that legend from Cyprus about the destruction of the immoral city of Salamis:
       "On that tragic day there was a beautiful evening in the ancient city of Salamis located at the north-eastern coast of Cyprus. No one amongst inhabitants knew that the time of the city is just running out. Sun slowly approaching the west eased its radiation, encouraging citizens for leaving houses. After a hot day the air became cool and inviting for outdoor activities. Most of citizens went outside enjoying the weather, walking along trading merchandise, or taking an evening swim in the sea. Unexpectedly the Earth moved. A powerful force threw people into a southern direction. Simultaneously a roaring noise arose as if the mother Earth herself cried out with pain. Buildings began to crumble to and disintegrated towards the south. From nowhere a powerful northern typhoon appeared which started to peel the surface of the ground. Simultaneously horrified people saw the sea water rising upwards high into the air and falling onto the disintegrating city. Those ones who were still alive tried to swim, but swirls and rushing water carrying wood debris quickly overcame them. Soon afterwards, the place where just hours before there was a city teaming with life, now looked like a huge sea swirl, with giant waves and powerful winds tossing around debris, human bodies, animals. Then darkness fell. Those still alive clinging to pieces of wood had a horrifying time, with water and winds hurling them around in pitch darkness. Finally water withdrew back to the sea. The next morning sparse survivors could not recognize their city. Salamis was completely covered with sand, dirt, debris. No single building remained intact. The only logical thing to do was to move to Famagusta where the damage seemed to be less destructive. During a next few years two further similar floods plagued the already abandoned city. In each of these three subsequent floods, sea water raised so high that waves rolled over the highest peaks of the nearest 'Three-Finger' Mountains. When finally the disasters ceased, Cypriots noted that their island significantly drifted southward from the mainland which at present is Turkey. Before the floods, the mainland Turkey was easily visible from the northern coast of Cyprus, but afterwards the mainland could only be seen after someone climbed to the top of a high mountain 'Three-Fingers' which spread along the northern coast of Cyprus."
       More information about the ancient city of Salamis on Cyprus with morally degenerated inhabitants, and about the dramatic destruction of it, is provided in subsection D3 of my monograph [5e/3] "The New Zealand explosion of 1178 AD which tilted the Earth" (ISBN 0-9597946-7-0). In turn the content of the above legend was published on Cyprus in Turkish in two-part article [1#H3] of my authorship, entitled "Salamis'in yıkımı Yeni Zelanda'dan mı?" (i.e. "Salamis: could the destruction come from New Zealand"), Kibris daily magazine (Dr. Fazıl Küçük Bulvarı, Yeni Sanayi Bölgesi, Veteriner Dairesi Yanı, Lefkoşa, North Cyprus, Mersin 10, Turkey), no 1404 on 29/06/1993, page 18; and no 1405 on 30/06/1993, page 18. (Notice that in the title of the article [1#H3] is used four times the Turkish letter "ı", means like our "i", but without the dot - which is pronounced approximately like between our "y" and "w". The correct spelling on this Turkish title is also used in chapter T (part "t") from monograph [5/3].)

#H4. The legend about the destruction of immoral city of Saeftinghe from the medieval Netherlands:
       To the number of seaside cities, which were destroyed by God after their inhabitants slid to the incurable level of the philosophy of parasitism, also should be included the city called "Saeftinghe" from the medieval Netherlands. It was destroyed in 1584. The location of it is the eastern province Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, near Nieuw-Namen, within the border of present Netherlands. A folk legend about reasons and manner of destruction of that city, in February 2011 was disseminated in Internet at the address http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saeftinghe_legend.
       If one analyses this old Dutch legend about the destruction of the city "Saeftinghe", then it reveals all typical elements described below, which always are present in practically every case of the destruction of a city by God - carried out as a "punishment for immoral ways and behaviours". These elements are described more thoroughly in the "standard procedure of destruction by God" discussed in item #B5 of the web page named seismograph.htm. Let us describe here the most important out of these. Reasons. In case of the city "Saeftinghe", reasons of the destruction included the combination of "excessive wealth" with "greed", "lack of compassion", "stinginess", "disrespectfulness" and "pride" - means with all characteristic signs of practicing the "philosophy of parasitism". For example, the abovementioned legend states that its inhabitants were so rich, that they dressed silk (at that time silk was extremely expensive, as it was imported from as far as China), while thresholds of their homes were made of solid gold and their horses wore silver harnesses. But simultaneously they never supported poor people, while when someone asked them for help, then they chased him with sticks or with dogs. The warning, which always proceeds the destruction of an immoral city by God, for "Saeftinghe" appeared in the form of a "mermaid" which was caught by a fisherman from that city, and which warned the fisherman that the destruction is coming - if the city inhabitants do not change their immoral ways. Ignoring the warning As it is always the case when people leave NO other option to God but to destroy the city as a "punishment", the legend emphasizes the ignoring of that warning - e.g. instead of being grateful, the fisherman "yelled" at the mermaid. The destruction. For passing the message that it is a "punishment", the destruction was send during the religious day of "All Saints" in the form of sea wave which flooded the city and drowned all inhabitants of it. The moral lesson for next generations about the fate of "Saeftinghe" was passed NOT only in the form of legends, but also in the form of visually visible remains of the city. For a long time afterwards, towers of that city were sticking out above the level of salty sea mud that covered the city entirely.

#H5. Historical records of destruction of the immoral city of Port Royal in Jamaica:
       The city named "Port Royal" existed on the eastern coast of the island of Jamaica until 1692. It is historically well known and widely described. On the basis of it were even filmed numerous movies - like "Pirates of the Caribbean". On the Internet, readers can find English descriptions of that city at the address http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Royal. It is also described in different languages - e.g. for descriptions in the Polish language see the address http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Royal_(Jamajka). Unfortunately, that city was the lair of sinners with a very notorious fame, because it become the major port for pirates and the hideout for criminals, smugglers, and thieves. Thus, in a broad daylight, on June 7, 1692, God sent into this city a massive earthquake and a high tsunami wave. The city was flooded with sea water, while the entire part of the coast, where it was located, sank into the Caribbean Sea, killing almost all of its inhabitants. The population of the city on the day of this catastrophe was around 7000 people. A few ones who survived, told later with the fear about a giant tsunami wave which they saw collapsing onto that city destroying everything in its path.

#H6. Human settlements destroyed by Acts of God in most recent times:
Motto: "Submerges and collapses of ancient times taught people to obey physical laws, revolutions and popular uprisings of medieval times taught them to obey also social laws, while cataclysms of present times teach, that in order to lead prosperous, peaceful, and happy lives, people must also learn to obey moral laws ordered to them by God."
       In the preceding items of this "part #H" are described cities that in old times God destroyed with cataclysms because their inhabitants disobeyed the definition of "true morality" provided in item #B5 from the web page morals.htm. So it is a turn for this item to also indicate towns which were destroyed with cataclysms by God already in most recent times, and the author of this web page managed to learn about their fate.
       The first town destroyed by God in relatively recent times, about which the author managed to learn by a pure "coincidence", is "Epecuen" from Argentina (not far from Buenos Aires). On 10th November 1985, it was flooded with waters of a salt lake, to emerge again after 25 years. With photographs and descriptions of this town the author firstly got acquainted by the article [1#H6] entitled "Tourists wander the ruins as lost town surfaces again", from pages A22 and A23 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, May 13, 2013). But the more precise information on the subject of it the author managed to find on the internet.
       Another town about which the author also learned recently, that it was ravaged by the 9-meters high wall of ice that climbed onto the shore of the "Dauplin Lake", crushing everything in its path, was the Canadian resort named "Ochre Beach" from Manitoba. The first brief description of it the author found in the article [2#H6] "Around the world - North America", from page A22 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 14, 2013). However, the more detailed descriptions of it the author also found on the Internet.
       When analysed are descriptions of cities and communities destroyed by cataclysms, (a) in old times, and (b) in most recent times, then drastic differences in terminology used in these descriptions may hit and shock us. These differences reveal, that starting from the Biblical times, until relatively recent times, people naming the truth were NOT forced to close mouths - like their mouths are forced to be shut at present. Even still in times of my childhood, means in 1950s, immorality, fornication, sexual pleasures, sodomy, robbery, greed, and all other immoral behaviours of people, were called by their names, as they deserved - for examples see the web page named cielcza_uk.htm. So if a town or a person behaved in an immoral way, then everyone knew it. Hence, there was no difficulty in establishing the cause-effect link between immoral behaviours and punishments that God served to immoral people.
       In most recent times, however, the situation has changed. After all, the power and money frequently gain rather immoral people. So in order no-one kept reminding them how their behaviour should actually be named, they introduced various limitations on telling the truth, of the kind of so-called "privacy laws", sending to court for defamation, name suppression orders for criminals, etc. As a result, today almost no-one has the courage to say, that a city or a community practices immoral living. Thus, instead of the disclosure of e.g. immoral towns or behaviours, at most, these are described with the use of misleading names of a completely different (innocent) meanings, e.g. as purveyors of some "attractions", or "services", or are described with newly made-up words which do NOT have defined meaning yet, for example "bunga bunga". Thus, e.g. prostitution and brothels, can be cautiously called e.g. massage parlours or baths. Places of sex or sodomizing can be described as holiday camps or entertainment centres. Etc., etc. Results of this is, that people ceased to notice the direct cause-effect link between immoral behaviour of people and cataclysms or other punishments that God send to these people. So in order to also in present times notice this link, it is necessary that during reading about towns or communities hit by various cataclysms, the reader is translating the present diplomatically-confusing terms like "pleasures", "tourist attractions", "massage parlours", "baths", etc., onto formerly used descriptive equivalents of these names, for example onto "sodomy", "prostitution", "brothels", etc. Only after such translation one can understand what actually was happening in these towns, and why they were treated with cataclysms by God.
       Of course, no matter how at present people call and hide immorality, God knows exactly who and where breaks laws that He imposed onto people. In turn, if God discovers, that somewhere this breaking of His laws exceeds the level which still can be tolerated, then God sends a cataclysm in there. As a result, a noticeable regularity seems to emerge from such research, namely that if a city is destroyed by a cataclysm in present times, then in spite of the "collusion of silence" that now surrounds the immorality, thorough analyses of what in this city was going on, still reveal that in fact through the level of immorality the population that inhabits this city as a group deserved what has happened in there. In other words, also in present times, the old saying that everyone gets what he or she deserves seems to express an objective truth. After all, living in the world created and justly governed by all-knowing God (i.e. living in the world described in item #B1 from the web page changelings.htm), people in fact have NO evidential basis to claim that "life is NOT fair". Only that in order to understand how much at wrong are persons who do NOT notice that "everyone gets what he or she deserves", one needs to know principles that God uses in His actions, means learn e.g. the emphases which God places onto the group responsibility (highlighted e.g. in item #I3.1 from the web page petone.htm), methods of God in shaping the future (explained e.g. in item #C3 from the web page immortality.htm), moral principles that apply to so-called "group intellects" (see item #E2 from the web page totalizm.htm), and several yet further principles of God's action discovered only recently by the new so-called "totaliztic science". In turn, when these principles of God's action once are learned scientifically, and learned is also the body of evidence which confirms that these principles control cataclysms, then the defence against cataclysms becomes easy. This is because in order to be defended from cataclysms it suffices to implement in own city or community one amongst these based on morality methods described e.g. on the web pages petone.htm, quake.htm, and on several further web pages which disseminate discoveries and findings of the new "totaliztic science".

Part #I: How to recognise the "simulated cataclysms" formed intentionally for correcting the immoral influence of parasitic communities:
#I1. The "simulated" cataclysms have at least three well-documented explanations:
Motto: "Do undertand your God, and you will understand the reality which surrounds you."
       Everything that God organises by Himself, is done with really Godly knowledge and perfection. For example, if God organises a cataclysm or a catastrophe, He always embeds into it at least three sets of equally valid evidence, which allows that it can be explained with equal convictions in at least three different ways - as this is explained in more details in item #C2 on the web page named tornado.htm. Thus, the existence in a given cataclysm or a catastrophe such three different, although equally valid, sets of evidence, is always a proof that it was intentionally organised and "simulated" by God. People, nor "blind nature", have no means nor the required knowledge, to shape real events with such a high intelligence.
       Because these three equally valid kinds of "simulated" evidence are described relatively well in items #C2, #J1 and #J2, and in caption under "Fig. #D8" from the web page day26.htm, I am NOT going to discuss these again here.

#I2. In present times increasingly larger number of cities and countries become lairs for practitioners of the philosophy of parasitism - similarly as Wineta and Salamis used to be:
       The fate of Wineta and Salamis become increasingly more actual in present times. After all, from times of the destruction of these cities, the morality of people make a large circle and presently it returns again to the situation of Wineta and Salamis. So again emerges the necessity to correct this morality through the removal from the Earth a significant proportion of inhabitants which already fell into claws of the philosophy of parasitism. So unavoidably approaches the time described by an old Polish prophecy stating that our Earth is going to be so depopulated, that these sparse people who survive are going to kiss the ground when they see on it footprints of another human - for descriptions of this prophecy see item #H1 on the web page prophecies.htm.

#I3. While the majority of humans laboriously brings cataclysms on themselves, individual people received a chance for saving themselves:
       In its blind and thoughtless pushing towards the destruction, the humanity as a whole does not listen to so-called "voices of reasoning". Thus it is like a speeding train which already reaches the end of rails, but it does NOT intend to slow down. In this situation, many individual people, seeing where the situation goes and having appropriate resources, already started their private attempts to save themselves. They build shelters. Accumulate food. Shift to areas which provide them with a higher chance of survival. Etc., etc. Unfortunately, for various reasons NOT all of us can afford to prepare themselves in that way. After all, to accumulate food supplies one needs to have storage facilities and money for purchase. To build a shelter, one needs to have his or her own section of land, building materials, labour, and money. To shift to other place, one cannot be dependent on work, flat, or family. So does the lack of possibilities and funds mean, that these ones who have no the required means and money, have also no chances nor way to undertake their own self-defence against the inevitably approaching cataclysm?
       The answer is, that practically every person received a chance to defend himself or herself. After all, the Bible continually emphasizes, that God takes special care of poor people. Also the barbaric conditions of concentration camps revealed for us the regularity, that in dramatic situations rich people who are used to comfortable life, are dying as first ones - in spite that usually their bodies have large reserves of fat which should keep them alive longer without food (it, means in reality happens opposite to the Polish saying "before the rich slims down, the poor dies" - which probably refers to economy not to life). But cataclysms are send to given communities mainly because the majority of people amongst them practices the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism. Thus, in order to defend ourselves effectively as individuals, it is NOT necessary to accumulate food and to build shelters (although it helps - as "God helps those who help themselves"), but one can also just change his or her everyday philosophy onto the most moral at present philosophy of totalizm. In turn this change into practicing the highly moral philosophy is going to eliminate the need for being disposed of. This is because, as it explains item #H1 of this web page, cataclysms and catastrophes hit only these ones who must be disposed of because they slipped down into claws of a parasitic philosophy. In turn people who practice the moral philosophy are saved from such cataclysms and catastrophes. So when the situation does NOT allow us to build shelters, to accumulate food, or to shift to areas that look more safe, our self-defence can limit itself just to trusting the promises of God and thus to undertaking only the practicing of the philosophy of totalizm - as this is explained in item #B5 on the web page seismograph.htm and also in items #G3 and #I3 on the web page day26.htm. We should also realise, that the change of own philosophy into a more moral one, is able to accomplish every person - no matter whether he or she is rich or poor, having university diploma or just a rational way of thinking.

Part #J: How the Tapanui explosion was "simulated" - means the reconstruction of mechanism of the Tapanui explosion from the available evidence:
#J1. Where all this energy comes from:
       In order to cause such a powerful explosion, an enormous amount of energy was necessary. As it turns out UFOs store this energy in a device called the Oscillatory Chamber.
       The name "Oscillatory Chamber" is assigned to a device that is used by UFOs for propulsion and for storing their energy reserves.
       The Oscillatory Chamber is not just only an "engine" for UFOs, but it also stores the entire energy for these vehicles. It stores UFOs' energy in the purest form, namely as magnetic energy. As my calculations reveal, the smallest UFOs type K3, store in their Oscillatory Chambers a magnetic equivalent for at least 1 megaton of pure energy per each UFO vehicle. In turn the middle-sized UFOs of K6 type, that exploded near Tapanui, store at least 10 megaton of this pure energy per each single vehicle. Since near Tapanui a stack of around 7 UFOs type K6 exploded, it means that this explosion had at least the yield of 70 megaton of TNT (most probably it was much more powerful).
       The huge amount of energy that can be accumulated in Oscillatory Chambers, allows these chambers to also be used as enormously capacious batteries or accumulators of energy for cars of the future. After all, this is just for inventing a battery for cars that would display attributes of such "Oscillatory Chambers" that Senator McCain (i.e. 2008 Presidential candidate from the USA) promised to grant a prise amounting to 300 millions of dollars - for details see item #D2 on the web page eco_cars.htm - about zero emission cars of the future.

#J2. How we know about Oscillatory Chambers:
       A version of the Oscillatory Chamber was already invented on Earth. Even there were attempts taken to build it. It was invented to represent an "engine" to a new type of Earth's flying vehicle named the Magnocraft. Such an "engine" is the most important device for this vehicle. After all, it is to constitute a magnetic propulsor, which is to lift the Magnocraft to stars. From the operational point of view, "Oscillatory Chambers" are simply extremely powerful "magnets" (or to be more exact: "electromagnets"). They are so strong, that they produce the output in excess of the so-called "starting flux". The value of this starting flux is around F=3.45 [Wb/kg] - if calculated for the area of Poland. Every controllable source of a powerful magnetic field, the output from which exceeds the value of this "starting flux", is able to lift into the space both itself and also the hulk of a heavy spaceship attached to it. It just simply repels itself from the Earth's magnetic field and ascends to stars. Oscillatory Chambers are the first modern devices on our planet, which actually produce the output in excess of this starting flux. (Note that in antiquity there was also a device on Earth, called the "Ark of the Covenant", which also was producing the powerful magnetic field in excess of the starting flux. Therefore it was able to levitate in the air together with ancient priests called "Levites" who used to take care of it.) Therefore Oscillatory Chambers can be used as major components of magnetic propulsors for the Magnocraft. More details about Oscillatory Chambers, including their principle of operation, design, and the advancement of research on their completion, is provided in chapter C of monograph [1/4], and also in chapters F of English monographs [1e] and [2e] (all these monographs are DOWNLOADABLE free of charge via this web site, and also via several other web sites listed in the Menu).

#J3. How we know that Oscillatory Chambers are used in UFOs:
       As it turns out, Oscillatory Chambers invented in order to propel our Earthly Magnocraft, are already used by UFOs. There are even photographs of these devices taken while their operation was clearly visible on UFOs. Here are two photographs of square outlets from the cubical Oscillatory Chambers assembled in hulks of UFOs of the first generation. These photographs are published on Figure S5 from chapter S of monograph [1/4]. Notice that because of the right one of these two photographs was taken during a night, the black square in the centre of the outlet blends with the black background of the sky. Below these two photographs of UFO chambers, the predicted appearance of outlets from Magnocraft's Oscillatory Chambers is also illustrated.
[Bild: 14_s05l.jpg]
[Bild: 14_s05r.jpg]

[Bild: 14_c06.gif]

Fig. #11abcd: Appearances of oscillatory chambers from UFOs and Magnocraft of the first generation, when witnessed in two different modes of operation.
       Shown are:
(a - top left) A day photograph of the outlet from UFO's Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation, working in the mode of inner flux prevalence. It was taken by a teacher in Hawaii and subsequently published in the book, "Into the Unknown", Reader's Digest, Sydney, Australia, 1982, ISBN 0 909486 92 1, page 315. In higher quality copies of this photograph, the cone like column of a magnetic field yielded by the inner chamber can be clearly distinguished. This cone conceals the outlines of the remaining two edges of the capsule located behind it. The magnetic field bent by the outer chamber into the circulating flux acts as a trap for light, producing a blackened area visible. Please notice that both photos shown here were taken in circumstances of active the so-called "magnetic lens" explained in item #21 of the web page about the Magnocraft, when the photographer only sees the main twin-chamber capsule, whereas the remaining parts of vehicles are invisible. The evidence that these are twon-chamber capsule provides, amongst others, is the thickness of the space between the inner and outer Chambers which for both capsules fulfil the equation: ao=ai(sqrt(3)) explained in item #8 of the web page about Oscillatory Chambers.
(b - top right) A night photograph of the outlet from UFO's Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation, working in the mode of outer flux prevalence. It was taken by a newspaper reporter over Clovis, New Mexico, on January 23, 1976 see the book by Joshua Strickland, "There are aliens on earth! Encounters", Grosset & Dunlop, New York, 1979, ISBN 0 448 15078 6, page 49. Here the resultant flux yield to the environment by the outer chamber strongly ionizes the air, thus in night photographs it appears as thick, glowing edges of an outer diamond. On the other hand the circulating flux produces a black inner diamond, which - when photographed at night, is not distinguishable from the similarly black background. Because of the orientation of the above capsule, two rear glowing edges of the outer diamond are hidden behind the non transparent column of a magnetic field yield from the capsule. Therefore the above picture reveals only two front glowing edges of the outlet from a twin chamber capsule which from a distance appears as a half diamond.
(c - down left) A drawing of the Magnocraft's Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation, working in the mode of inner flux prevalence. In the inner flux prevalence the resultant flux ® is produced here by the inner chamber (I), whereas the entire output of the outer chamber (O) is turned into the circulating flux ©. Because a strong magnetic field produced in both capsules is translucent only when observed along the field force lines, the curved force lines of circulating flux © are non transparent to the outside observer, causing the space between the inner and outer chamber to be impenetrable to light and appear as a totally blackened area.
(d - down right) A drawing of the Magnocraft's Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation, working in the mode of outer flux prevalence. In the outer flux prevalence the resultant flux ® is produced here by the outer chamber (O). The inner chamber (I) supplies only the circulating flux © that entirely curves itself back into the outer chamber. Therefore the cross area of the inner chamber is totally blackened here.
       Please notice that the above illustration is also discussed on "Fig. #10abcd" from the totaliztic web page propulsion.htm, and also on "Fig. #C9abcd" from the web page explain.htm - about scientific analysis of authentic photographs of UFOs, where the reader can learn further details about the appearances of the Oscillatory Chambers illustrated here.

       By realising that Oscillatory Chambers are already build and used by UFOnauts, we accomplish a reassurance that our completion of this device is feasible and that it bears a potential for a certain success - if we decide to construct it. Therefore we should roll our sleeves up, and start to complete this revolutionary device. After all, it not only is able to lift us to the stars, but also to the nation which is to be first which builds it (i.e. to Korea) it is to allow to survive the chaos and anarchy which are to come to the Earth when the supply of food is to be exhausted - as this is described in item #H1.1 from my web page named prophecies.htm.
       Furthermore, due to our knowledge of the operation and properties of Oscillatory Chambers, now we know "what" and "how" caused this enormous explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand.

#J4. UFOs are Magnocrafts that already fly:
       As it turns out, the Magnocraft is not just an invention accomplished on Earth only. Actually it turns out that Magnocraft-like vehicles are already flying above Earth. People describe them under the name of UFOs. That "UFOs are Magnocrafts which were already constructed", it is conclusively proven with the use of a formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs. In order to realise how close is the appearance, and thus also the operation, of a UFO and the Magnocraft, have a look at the following two illustrations. The upper one of them presents a photographs of a smallest UFO type K3. In turn the lower one presents a drawing of the Magnocraft shown from the same angle as this UFO. Here they are:

[Bild: 14_p01.jpg]
[Bild: 14_p01_2.jpg]

Fig. #12ab: Photographs of the smallest UFO vehicle type K3. For reasons explained comprehensively on the web page about the [b]origins of evil on the Earth, owners of UFO vehicles continually hide from people. Therefore a clear photograph of a UFO vehicle, like the one above, is an extreme rarity. [/b]
       Shown are two photographs of the same smallest crew-carrying vehicle type K3, popularly known as a UFO type K3. On left the UFO is shown in the "black and white" photographing technology, while on right the same UFO vehicle is shown in colours - as it originally was taken. This UFO vehicle uses the same type of magnetic propulsion system as the Magnocraft does. Thus the so-called "Theory of the Magnocraft" provides a perfect explanation for the operation and properties of UFOs. (The above photographs originally are shown on Figure P1 from monograph [1/4]; also on Figure J1 from monograph [1e], and on Figure K1 from monograph [2e].)
       The above UFO photograph was selected from a sequence of four colour pictures taken by Augusto Arranda near Yungay, Peru, in March 1967 - see the book by Ronald D. Story (editor): "The Encyclopaedia of UFOs", New English Library, London 1980, ISBN 0 450 04118 2, page 39. It illustrates the total match between external shapes of Magnocraft and UFOs. The whole sequence of Arranda's photos presents two UFOs type K3 captured in various stages of decoupling and separating (initially these UFOs flew coupled together into a spherical flying complex illustrated in item #24 of the web page about the Magnocraft. Both these UFO vehicles fly in the throbbing mode of operation, thus their shape is clearly visible. The geometrical analysis shows the striking similarities of these K3 type UFOs to the Magnocraft type K3 - see the next Figure on this web page. The general outline of this UFO reminds us of an inverted saucer. In its centre the topside convex is clearly distinguishable (in the Magnocraft it houses the crew cabin and the central propulsion compartment with the main propulsor inside). The UFO also possesses a lens shaped flange which fastens around the vehicle's base. These flange contains so-called "side magnetic propulsors".
       Please notice that the above illustration "Fig. #12ab", as well as the next illustration "Fig. 13", are also discussed on "Fig. #9ab" from the totaliztic web page propulsion.htm, and also in "Fig. #C1ab" on the web page ufo_proof.htm - about the formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs, where the reader can learn further details about both vehicles illustrated here.

[Bild: 14_p01_framed.gif]

Fig. #13: A side view of the smallest crew-carrying [b]Magnocraft type K3. [/b]
       Figure O1 (framed) from monograph [1/4], also G4 from monographs [1e], and G4 from monograph [2e] (all three monographs are downloadable free of charge from this web site). This Figure presents the appearance of a smallest Magnocraft type K3 illustrated in the position as the above UFO does. (Magnocraft type K3 is the one for which the ratio "K" of the outer diameter "D" to the total height "H" is equal to "K=D/H=3"). The above Figure was drawn so as to the Magnocraft fulfils exactly the set of mathematical equations which describe the general shape and design of this vehicle (these equations are derived and explained in volume 3 of the monograph [1/4]).

#J5. The formal proof that "UFOs do exist and they are Magnocraft":
       There is a formal scientific proof already developed and published, stating that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts". Originally this proof is published in chapter P from monograph [1/4] and also in chapter J from monograph [1e]. In turn in Internet it can be reviewed on the web page ufo_proof.htm - about the formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs, while its extension by further authentic photographs of UFOs is shown on the web page explain.htm - about scientific analysis of authentic photographs of UFOs. This proof justifies why UFOs and Magnocraft must have identical propulsion system, shape, capabilities, and attributes. It also provides us with the powerful tool for understanding properties and operation of UFOs. This is because whatever we know about the Magnocraft, we now can apply to UFOs. Actually because of this knowledge of the Magnocraft, the details of the Tapanui explosion could be researched and identified so thoroughly.
       This formal proof was accomplished with the use of extremely reliable formal scientific methodology called the "method of matching attributes". This method is also described in subsection P1 of monograph [1/4]. It simply depends on theoretical deducting 12 classes of attributes that must characterise Magnocraft, and then confirming on the existing evidence that all these attributes appear also in UFOs. The types of attributes used in this formal proving methodology includes such things as: geometrical shape, ability to couple together, magnetic propulsion system used, phenomena produced, and many more. Since no-one managed to abolish this formal proof for the existence of UFOs, it remains in power all the time, and it should terminate the previous period of arguing about the existence, or non-existence, of UFOs. Now we should start the period of time when we thoroughly research these extraterrestrial vehicles and their evil crew members. After all, such researching of UFO technology may accelerate on Earth the completion of technical devices which UFOnauts already use, but which still remain unknown for our civilisation. Examples of such devices include: magnetic propulsors, telepathic communication devices, time vehicles, moral energy extractors, and many more - for details see subsection D10 in monograph [8] downloadable from this web site. In turn researching evil crew members of UFO vehicles will accelerate our understanding of reasons why UFOnauts exploit people, and why from time to time they intentionally explode their vehicles on Earth. This in turn may help humanity to free itself from claws of these cosmic parasites.

#J6. If UFOs are Magnocraft, then why UFOnauts do not give us their technology:

       It turns out that UFOnauts are actually our biggest enemies. They exploit us and draw countless benefits from our planet. But at the time when we accomplish their level of technology, UFOnauts loose all these benefits. Therefore they not only do not allow us to have their technology, but actually they hide from us practically everything, including their continuous presence on Earth. Furthermore, as all oppressors do, UFOnauts hold back our development, e.g. by hidden murdering our best brains, and by intentional exploding their vehicles on Earth in order to shift us back in the development. Therefore practically we need to bit UFOnauts militarily, in order to free our civilisation from their hidden occupation. But in order to start fighting with UFOnauts, we firstly need to build our Magnocraft. Only then our technical level become equal to theirs, so we start to have a real chance to win the fight for our planet. If we believe in ancient prophecies, e.g. these ones which are contained in the Bible, the time is coming now, when we start to defend ourselves successfully from UFOnauts. Only when we remove these invisible oppressors from our planet, these promised 1000 years of prosperity and happiness is going come to Earth. For more details on UFOnauts see web sites evi.htm, changelings.htm, or ufo.htm - about UFOnauts.

#J7. The evidence indicates that this UFO explosion of 1178 AD near Tapanui that slanted the Earth was carried out on purpose:
       The powerful explosion which caused all the destruction listed above, and much more, took place in 1178 AD in New Zealand. To make it more strange, it was blasted on purpose. Someone caused it through a purposeful detonation of a cigar-shaped stack of 7 UFO vehicles of the third generation called time vehicles. (UFOs which travel as "time vehicles" are shown on photographs and explained with descriptions in "part #G" of the totaliztic web page named immortality.htm, and in "part #F" of the totaliztic web page named explain.htm.) On the other hand, "time vehicles" have this attribute that in their trips they continually shift their crews to future and to past. So if such vehicles would to explode by a pure accident, their crews would know it in advance and would prevent such a catastrophe from happening. Thus the only manner to explode these vehicles is their detonation on purpose. Because near Tapanui a wealth of evidence is present that these were time vehicles which exploded in there (for details of this evidence see chapter H in the Polish-language monograph [5/4] - a small part of which is also presented in chapter H of much older English-language monograph [5/3]) this is the proof that the explosion of these UFOs must be carried out on purpose. Please notice that the purposeful causing hugely destructive explosions of UFOs have a long tradition on the Earth. For example, still another such purposeful explosion of UFOs, completely independent from two explosions described on this web page which took place near Tapanui in 1178 AD and in Tunguska forests in Siberia in 1908, is documented on the totaliztic web page named day26.htm.

#J8. Where else UFO vehicles have exploded (apart from Tapanui):
       As it turns out, owners of UFOs acquired this bad habit, that they continually torment people by exploding their UFO vehicles every now and again. The most recent UFO explosion took place in China on Monday, 12 May 2008. It is described more comprehensively in item #E3 of the web page katrina.htm - about hurricanes formed technically by UFOnauts. In turn the previous UFO explosion, which killed around 300 000 people, was carried out on 26th December 2004 near the Island of Sumatra. This Sumatra UFO explosion is described in details on a separate web page entitled day26.htm. I strongly recommend to have a look at this web page. Especially that it contains a prognosis about dates when we could expect next UFO explosions on the Earth (except that after publishing the web page "day26.htm", whoever was doing this exploding of UFOs, now seems to purposely avoid exploding further UFO vehicles in these particular dates).
       There is also a vast evidence which informs that numerous UFO explosions took place even in more historic times. Some amongst these historic UFO explosions were described in monograph [5/3]. Their excellent example is the UFO explosion of 1908 which took place in remote corner of the Tunguska taiga forest from Siberia (by the official human science it is described as the "Tunguska meteorite").
       Another highly intriguing explosion in the Earth's history (probably also that of a UFO vehicle) was described in the article "Aborigines may be earliest astronomers", from page A16 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Thursday, December 31, 2009. This article describes legends of Australian Aborigines about the star that fell from the sky into a waterhole, then exploded with a powerful bang and lightning flashes. In this legend the information was contained which strongly suggests that the "star" in fact was a UFO vehicle. Namely, this "star" landed in a kind of flooded underground tunnel which in Australia is called a "waterhole" - the appearance of which is illustrated on photographs "Fig. O6 (b) in [1/4]" shown in the web page magnocraft.htm and in volume 12 of monograph [1/4], while which is described in subsections F10.1.1 and O5.3 from volumes respectively 3 and 12 of monograph [1/4] (as well as practically in almost entire Polish treatise [4b]). From the modern research on UFOs it stems, that these vehicles are typically parked just in such underground tunnels - so that they remain in there hidden from the sight of people. An Australian scientist who encountered this legend examined thoroughly photographs of the surface of Earth available in the "Google Earth" and discovered in the indicated place a large bowl crater. This crater is located in the Palm Valley to the west from Alice Springs, Australia. But what is highly intriguing in it, that the research at the spot revealed that the crater was formed several millions years ago. On the other hand the oldest evidence of the existence of Aborigines in Australia suggest, that they did NOT populated Australia earlier than around 50,000 years ago. This means that judging from a conventional dating of both these classes of evidence, Aborigines who exist only since around 50000 years, normally could NOT see the moment of formation of the crater which according to the same dating was formed several millions years ago. Thus it remains a highly intriguing mystery on what basis Aborigines described origins of that crater from the Palm Valley in their legends. Interestingly, this discrepancy of dates in an intriguing manner confirms the thesis that is documented on the totaliztic web page evolution.htm. According to this thesis, the entire physical world was created by God only around 6000 years ago. But in order to inspire human searches for truth, and also for several other reasons, wise God intentionally created and inserted into the world which He created, a whole array of "evidence" that the universe already exists supposedly since around 14 billions of years.

Part #K: How the Tapanui explosion explained the arrival of present dark "neo-medieval epoch" that prevails on the Earth since 11 September 2001:
#K1. The analogy of collapse of a flourishing "Antiquity" into the darkness of the "Middle Ages", explaining how on 11th September 2001 from a thriving "technocracy" of the 19th and 20th century, the humanity rolled down into the current, dark "neo-medieval epoch":
Motto: "It is easier to lie to people, than to prove to them, that they are being lied to."
       In schools they teach us, that in the course of history the humanity formed for itself several different "existential conditions", which generally are called historical epochs or historical periods - while which conventionally are subdivided into prehistory, antiquity, the Middle Ages, the modern times, and the contemporary times. Unfortunately, neither the names of those epochs, nor alleged dates and events forming the boundaries between them, do NOT tell us anything about the physical causes of mutual differences between these "existential conditions", nor about their characteristics. As such, they are quite deceptive and useless, because they do not allow us to identify the characteristics of the period in which we live today, do NOT provide analogies to develop forecasts and predict what threatens us because the future is to bring it, and do NOT give us to the hand an opportunity to defend us from, and to change, of whatever the most unpleasant is coming. Therefore, in this "part #K" of this web page, I am to ignore that previous "scholarly" classification of historical eras and epochs developed by the old "atheistic orthodox science" - about which the item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm explains, that everything that today's science is officially stating is an immoral kind of lie, which in the future will certainly require changes, while the "fruit" of which in the meantime is to work to the detriment of the people affected by this lie. Thus, instead of this "scholarly" classification, I will introduce here a new classification for the three eras and epochs, which in schools are called the Middle Ages, modern times, and contemporary times. (The "prehistory" and the "antiquity" eras I am to leave here without change - only that the conventional boundary between these two I move to the date of the biblical flood about 4000 years ago, when God changed the time by which people live and age, from the pre-flood so-called "irreversible absolute time", into the current "reversible software time" described, amongst others, in items #C4 and #C4.1 from the web page named immortality.htm, as well as in the introduction and in item #G4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. However, my new explanations for the two eras, about which the old official science misinforms us and lies to us under these misleading names of the "prehistory" and the "antiquity", I already illustrated and described in more detail in the so-called "Periodic Table of Epochs in the History of Mankind" - which table is already shown and described as "Table #A1" in item #A3 from my different web page named humanity.htm, as well as in "Table #K1" below on this web page. I also summarized briefly these two old eras below in the next paragraph.) Namely, the time period covered by these three eras of the "Middle Ages", "modern times" and "contemporary times", I am to subdivide here into five periods, or epochs, which in this "part #K" I am to call "medieval epoch", "renaissance epoch", "technocracy epoch", "fanaticism epoch" and the current "neo-medieval epoch". (In the abovementioned "Periodic Table of Historical Epochs" that I developed, these epochs can be named slightly differently for a better description of historical situations that they represent.) On the other hand, for the alleged boundaries between them, I am to accept physical events that caused the actual revolutions in human "existential conditions". And so, for the beginning of "medieval epoch" I am to accept the date of explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand, that occurred on 19th of June 1178 and is described on this web page. In turn the "medieval epoch" itself, together with a preceding period of "ancient fanaticism epoch", I am to join to the "ancient" era, so that it constitutes the last epoch of the full cycle of antiquity, which was started from the "ancient renaissance" of mankind after the biblical flood, and then experienced the golden age of "ancient technocracy" of Babylonia and the Roman Empire, to finally experience the downfall caused by religious fanaticism initiated by the Popes and finally drown in the blood and murderous chaos of the "medieval epoch" (by the official science called the "Middle Ages"). In turn for the end of the "medieval epoch" and the beginning of the "renaissance epoch", I am to accept the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. (I should also remind here, that according to the latest historical research described in item #I4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, Christopher Columbus was the son of coward Polish King Wladyslaw of Varna.) In turn to the "renaissance epoch" itself, I am assigning the status of initial epoch of the still ongoing cycle of "modernity era", to which apart from the "renaissance epoch" belong also the "technocracy epoch" and the "fanaticism epoch", and which cycle of "modernity era" will end only at the end of the filled with chaos, anarchy, destruction, suffering and bloodshed the currently ongoing "neo-medieval epoch". For the end of "renaissance epoch" and the beginning of "technocracy epoch" I am to accept the invention of the steam engine and the first undertaking of the construction of railways in the late 18th and beginning of 19th century. In turn for the end of the "technocracy epoch" and the beginning of the "fanaticism epoch" I am to accept the alleged year 1992 - when the former Yugoslavia disintegrated into a number of smaller countries. Finally, for the boundary between the "fanaticism epoch" and the current "neo-medieval epoch", I am to accept the apparent date of the collapse of WTC skyscrapers in New York on 11th September 2001. Of course, while accepting these physical events for the boundaries between epochs described herein, at the same time we must remember, that for all phenomena and events that affect people, always at the same time are generated at least three very different kinds of evidence, which explain how these phenomena or events were caused - so that every person or institution, depending on its own outlook, can pick to explain for itself a given phenomenon or event with this kind of evidence, which suites him or it the most. In other words, for everything that affects people, always available is the evidence which documents that it is caused either (1) by God, or (2) by the intelligence other than divine (e.g. by evil UFOnauts), or (3 ) by mindless mechanisms of the action of nature - as I already mentioned this, among others, in item #I1 from this web page, while I described in detail, among others, in item #C2 from a different web page named tornado.htm. The introduction of the above new classification for the discussed here historical epochs allows us to detect and to explain precisely in this "part #K", that in fact what we see around us today is a modern recurrence of the "medieval epoch", means that now is just starting the "neo-medieval epoch", which is to lead our civilization to oppression, suffering and chaos that humanity already knows well from the original "medieval epoch", and which - if we do NOT take the intended fight with it, then just left for itself it may last even as long as the original "medieval epoch", means last a period of up to about 300 years - unless, of course, the humanity manages to motivate itself for stopping playing with the immoral nuclear energy, for the introduction of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm to the official and compulsory education in secondary schools and at universities, and for building my Magnocraft.
       At this point it is worth to add, that the introduction of the above my new classification for historical epochs, creates far more possibilities than just empirical determination and confirmation that the humanity is experiencing currently the initial years of a more degenerate repetition of the "medieval epoch" - which repetition recently begun the epoch that I call here the "neo-medieval epoch". This is because the new classification reveals to us also the fact, that the characteristics of all historical epochs God also controls on the principle of "periodicity", or "cyclicality" - just as God does it, for example, with the inventions of propelling devices. In turn, this "periodicity", or "cyclicality" in the divine control over the inventions of propelling devices, I discovered and described precisely already in 1972, while illustrated it with the help of my "Periodic Table", also known as the "Cyclic Table" - the descriptions of which are provided, amongst others, in items #B1 to #B4 from my web page named propulsion.htm, and also in chapter B from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5]. Therefore, the use by God of the same principle of "periodicity" or "cyclicality" to control over the course of historical epochs allows me now (and allows also all of us) to NOT only accurately describe historical epochs that have passed (and also to describe accurately the "neo-medieval epoch" in which we live right now), but in addition it allows me to create a kind of the "Periodic Table for Historical Epochs" - which precisely illustrates and explains to us which epochs are still come to Earth in the future (this Periodic Table is described and illustrated as "Table #K1" below on this web page, as well as in item #A3 from my different web page named humanity.htm.) According to this my "Periodic Table for Historical Epochs", after the current "neo-medieval epoch" come to Earth the next "neo-renaissance epoch", which is to initiate the last cycle of civilizational advancement of the mankind. In turn the alleged boundary between the current "neo-medieval epoch" - which is to end the cycle of four epochs of the current "modernity era", and the "neo-renaissance epoch" - which is to initiate the cycle of last 4 epochs of the mortal humanity, will be the date of construction of my starship called the Magnocraft. After all, the putting of the Magnocraft to common use is to open to the humanity the true space exploration - similarly like the discovery of America by Columbus has opened up for mankind the true exploration of Earth. A primitive "space exploration" with the use of immoral rocket propulsion systems, which we recently witnessed, is only a "neo-analogy" to the ancient expeditions of the kind of settlement of Greenland by Vikings - which history and "fruits" are described in more detail in my monograph [5/3], or the kind of ancient visits of Chinese to New Zealand - which is described on my web page named newzealand_visit.htm. (Note that according to my analysis that I described in item #H1.1 of my web page named prophecies.htm, the country which as the first in the world is to build my Magnocrafts, will be Korea - which event immediately is to lift Korea to the role of the last country-leader of the world.) After the "neo-renaissance epoch" will come to Earth the "neo-technocracy epoch", and after that one comes the "neo-fanaticism epoch". In turn the border between the "neo-renaissance epoch" and the "neo-technocracy epoch" will be the construction of the first Time Vehicle of my invention. The period of "neo-fanaticism" will be the last epoch on present Earth - unless we subdivide it into even smaller sub-epochs. At the end of this last epoch, in which people are to widely use my Time Vehicles, according to the hints contained in the Bible, onto the Earth will arrive what in the Apocalypse of St. John, verses 14:14-20, is called the "Harvest". In the result of it, people who are to live then, will be "harvested" similarly as wheat is mowed during human harvests to allow the separation of wheat from the chaff and straw, means the people moral enough to be suitable for the life in the next physical world (that God is to create in the future ), are to be separated from the immoral people who are unable to participate without causing problems in a society with a higher level of advancement from their own level, and thus must be annihilated. So this "Harvest", in addition to the current "neo-medieval epoch", the actual "medieval epoch", and the days of Noah, will be the last period of mass death and destruction of the humanity. After that "Harvest" there will be the end of the current physical world. According to my calculations described, amongst others, in item #N1 from the web page named quake.htm and item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm, this end of world will occur either in 2656, or soon after 2656. (In order to learn the rest of the issues related to this topic, I invite you to read my description of the abovementioned "Periodic Table for Historical Epochs" from item #A3 of my web page named humanity.htm.)
       From the historical analysis of "existential conditions" of humanity emerges clearly a shocking picture, how after the bloom and accomplishments of the "antiquity era", starting from 19th June 1178 AD to the Earth began to gradually arrive the dark "medieval epoch". In turn the memory of our parents and grandparents, as well as our own current life experiences, clearly reveal to us, that this cycle of historical downfall of "antiquity" into the "Middle Ages" was repeated exactly in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Namely, once again, after the bloom of our civilization during the "technocracy epoch" which prevailed on the Earth in the 19th and 20th centuries, starting from the time of the collapse of WTC skyscrapers in New York on 11th September 2001, our Earth rolls down increasingly faster into the dark period of the current "neo-medieval epoch", the beginnings of which we already see today around us. In turn the fact that the prevailing today "neo-medieval epoch" is characterized by a non-accidental resemblance to original "medieval epoch", I already documented with the evidence provided in item #K4 from this web page. Of course, what we see around us today, means the immorality, selfishness, murder, exploitation, deception, suffering, shallowing of education, hopelessness, ugliness, revolts, fanaticism and distortion of religion, wars, etc. - represents mainly the "effects" of the incoming dark period of the current "neo-medieval epoch". But the physical "cause" for the arrival of the current "neo-medieval epoch" is hidden from us. However, this physical cause may be deductively determined by comparing the essential feature of the events that resulted in finishing the both, a flourishing period of "ancient era" as well as concluded the flourishing period of "technocracy" that prevailed on Earth throughout the 19th century and until almost the end of the 20th century. I have already completed these deductions and described them in next items #K2 and #K3 from this web page - here I only emphasize their outcome. As it turned out, that physical event which ended the "ancient" glory was just the explosion near Tapanui described on this web page, which took place on 19th June 1178. In turn the events with the physical effects similar to that Tapanui explosion, but which took place about 800 years later, and thus which collapsed the flourishing of humanity during the similar to ancient times the blooming period of "technocracy epoch" from 19th and 20th centuries, were the explosions of nuclear bombs (mostly testing ones), the first of which took place in 1945, but which from time to time are repeated even now. This is because the common and devastating feature of this former Tapanui explosion and the present nuclear bomb blasts, is that they all emit a highly destructive to the human psychology the so-called "telepathic noise", which resonates later for centuries in the matter of Earth - similarly like sounds resonate in the resonance cavity of a violin, wreaking havoc on the psychology of the whole of humanity and causing the mental degeneration similar to the medieval one that people now can see in the world, and that should be openly called the "neo-medieval". (Note that the absolute harmfulness of consequences of nuclear explosions is also indicated by religious analysis based on the words of Jesus quoted in the Bible and described in item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm.)
       Of course, relatively easily could be confirmed scientifically the truth of whatever I am disclosing here about the degenerating for human minds influence of telepathic noise - provided, however, that the present official science would be interested in learning and in public disclosure of this truth. (Unfortunately, with the deviation of the science from truth, emphasized, amongst others, in item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm, it is known in advance that this "atheistic orthodox science" is not going to start such confirmations - or, if it starts it, then it would be done only to be able to lie about the obtained results.) After all, telepathic noise is strongest at the sources, hence the most fastly and most degeneratively it acts on the minds of people for long times staying in the vicinity of these sources - eg. on the minds of personel employed in nuclear reactors. It is also because of such strong degeneracy of minds of people for long time living near sources of telepathic noise, already right now it can be predicted (i.e. already at the time of updating this item in March 2015, means several years before the proving events, such another prediction can also be made), that in not-too-distant time we will be shocked to hear in the world's news about events taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, which are to be quite unusual for always cool and rational Swiss people - i.e. hear about events that are typical for the actions of packs of people whose minds have been permanently degenerated by strong telepathic noise spreading from the built by CERN near Geneva the so-called "Large Hadron Collider".
       I discovered the fact of the devastating impact of the "telepathic noise" on human psychology, while I was completing the research on consequences of the "Tapanui explosion" described on this web page and also referred to in the above-mentioned item #C4.7 from the web page morals.htm. Thus, starting from the time of my first monograph on the Tapanui explosion published in 1989, I tried to direct the attention of people, that to Earth is coming the dark "neo-medieval epoch" with all the "pleasures" that we know from the history of previous "medieval epoch". Thus, since 1989, means entire 12 years before the date when on 11th September 2001 the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York revealed to the humanity that it just entered the new historical epoch, I constantly try to warn people in my publications, that the time is soon coming, when the humanity will undergo the extensive mental degeneration and savagery. Means, I constantly warn people, that onto the Earth is coming the dark epoch, when people start to kill each other and cheat. When countries will disintegrate, because everyone will try to satisfy his/her private ambitions. When chaos, famine, anarchy, destruction and depopulation will continue to build up in ever increasing number of countries. When plagues and diseases will appear in confronting which our doctors will become helpless. When ugliness becomes an art, while artists will be outdoing each other in the creation of increasingly more ugly "works" - as we already now can see it in almost every contemporary artistic creation. When the inventiveness is to disappear, and it becomes a great achievement if someone manages to improve even a little bit whatever is already known for centuries. When almost all politicians are to display symptoms of "ideological bankrupcy" and the all their activities are to be limited to current spending of tax-payer money and to waste of country's resources (usually in manners that break criteria of so-called "true morality" - means the morality required from people by God while defined and described in items #B5 to #B7 from my web page named morals.htm), while completely being unable to develop and to implement long-term ideas and plans for the improvement of situation or for perfecting the political system - of the kind of ideas currently described on my web pages pajak_re_2017.htm or pajak_for_mp_2014.htm while in the future perhaps also described on the web page pajak_for_mp_2017.htm. When people focus all their energy on building and improving instruments of death - such as in the Middle Ages were e.g. "crossbows", while in the current "neo-medieval epoch" are e.g. "rockets". (On the subject of immoral sources, origins and traditions of rockets I am explaining a bit more in item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm - stressing in there that everything that originates from the immorality, yields later only the "bad fruit" which only harm the humanity.) When even religions will undergo the degeneration and distortions, and are to show their worst side, again initiating religious persecution and fanatical behaviours similar to the medieval Crusades, the Inquisition, and the burning at the stake. This another dark period in the history of Earth officially began on September 11, 2001, with the exploding of New York WTC skyscrapers - means began 12 years after I already predicted and described in my publications the not-too-distant arrival of this dark epoch. However, it will still be constantly deepened, and what we see on Earth today is only the beginning. This is because come also times which are foretold by old Polish prophecies, while which I described in items #H1 to #H4 from my web page named prophecies.htm. So in order to more accurately predict and know what awaits us in the further parts of the already started present "neo-medieval epoch", let us first learn precisely what was the original "medieval epoch".
       If we ask a theoretically taught professional scientist, what were these so-called "Middle Ages", then he/she is to provide us with some cleverly sounding, although saying nothing to us definition in which is emphasized a duration of time in the Earth's history, during which this medieval period prevailed. But if we think about it thoroughly, then the essence of the "medieval epoch" was not a time in which it occurred, but the almost proverbial behaviours of people who at that time lived on Earth. This is because people of the "medieval epoch" behaved quite differently than in other epochs on Earth. Words which could correctly describe their behaviour are: immorality associated with religious fanaticism, abnormality, cruelty, psychopathology, deviations, greed, selfishness, lust for power, etc. Therefore, the correct definition of "medieval epoch" should place emphasis just on these deviated behaviours of people. Means, it should state, for example, that the term "medieval epoch" is assigned to the period in human history, during which behaviours of people were characterized by a number of glaring abnormalities demonstrating that people were ruled by feelings, emotions, desires, etc., not by understanding, knowledge, logic, deductions, or other qualities of their intellects - and which abnormalities of behaviours most strongly manifested themselves in the area of morality, relating to others, their value system, religion, taste, sense of beauty, art, inventions, education, etc. In other words, if the definition of "medieval epoch" is developed by present practicing psychiatrists, instead by arm-chair historians, then they would state that this was a period in the history of Earth, when almost all people were "mentally ill" with various forms of "psychopathy".
       If we try to look here at examples of medieval deviations in the behaviour of people of that dark epoch, then the most representative of these would include: the continuous wars, social terror, spreading cruelty, religious hysteria and fanaticism, greed of the powerful, disregard of the common people and the general decay of dignity, persecution, shalowness of education, darkness, decay of culture, deviations of artistic taste, ugliness of works of art, the collapse of health (e.g. the famous epidemics), a decrease in human fertility and the rapid population decline, the total extinction of many known families and dynasties, anarchy and decentralization tendencies (eg. disintegration of empires into small countries), etc., etc. These deviations prevailed then in practically the entire planet - including islands that were isolated from the rest of the world, such as New Zealand (where in the medieval epoch the cannibalism emerged). This means that the reasons for these abnormal behaviours were global in nature - i.e. just like the one that characterize the abovementioned "telepathic noise". Of course, as our civilization sinks deeper and deeper into the darkness of the current "neo-medieval epoch", the deviated nature of medieval behaviours shocks us less. However, when we compare the both, what has happened in the original "Middle Ages epoch" as well as what begins to happen today, with behaviours that were considered normal in the heyday of "technocracy epoch", then it is clear how much the "telepathic noise" can deviate the human psychology. Here are some examples of present human behaviours derived from the "medieval epoch", and in that dark epoch considered as normal, which, however, still in the 1980s (that is only about 30 years ago) would simply be NOT acceptable, though modern varieties of which seem to also gradually cease to surprise us already currently: (a) a husband testifies against his own wife in Inquisition, accusing her of witchcraft, (b) a brother kills a brother for a throne or inheritance, © a sister is given to the enemy to earn a few years of peace, (d) the distortion of the sense of beauty in medieval painters and musicians cause, that artists fill their paintings with deformed monsters instead of beautiful people, while medieval music has the ability to make crazy even the today's admirers of styles of the "heavy metal" kind.
       If also today we look around the world, all those medieval trends are beginning to appear again. For example, I am NOT able to listen to music that is loved by today's youth, without feeling disgust - while that youth has so much distorted its musical taste that is unable to appreciate the value of music from the "technocracy epoch" that is provided e.g. on my "playlists" from the web pages named p_e.htm or p_instruction.htm. Or, for example, how shocks us a simple comparison of today's character, level and content of the education of youth, with the education of still not so distant "technocracy epoch" - as I am comparing the education in these two epochs at the beginning of item #E1 from my web page named rok_uk.htm. After all, until recently schools and universities actually taught what young people should know - while today these young people and their hysterical mothers dictate to teachers and to schools what truths they are allowed to disclose in the classrooms. And we must remember that we are only at the beginning of the "neo-medieval epoch", hence this process of degeneration of education will deepen. Of course, about the increasing immorality, discord, wars, riots, epidemics, religious fanaticism, etc., I do NOT need even dwell here. So one must be completely blind to NOT note that the "neo-medieval epoch" is progressively choking the Earth and humanity with the iron grip of its reign.
       However, in spite of the depressive nature of what was explained here, the determination of these facts gives us also a number of benefits. The most fundamental of these is, that already now it opens for us the ability to accurately and in the mobilizing people way name and define the period in history into which the humanity entered since that alleged date of September 11, 2001. (After all, typically, properly assess and name a given period in history, are only able people living in the subsequent periods.) As it turns out, the definition of the currently reigning "neo-medieval epoch", is almost NO different from the definition of the original "medieval epoch" already provided above. For example, this definition could sound as follows: the name of the "neo-medieval epoch" is assigned to the current period in the history of mankind, officially launched on 11th September 2001, during which the human behaviour is characterized by a number of glaring abnormalities demonstrating that people mainly are governed by their feelings, emotions, desires, etc., not by understanding, knowledge, logic, deductions, or other qualities of their intellects - and which abnormalities are most visible in the area of morality, relating to others, value system, religion, taste, sense of beauty, art, inventions, education, etc. But most importantly, one does NOT need to wait until next epochs when some historians could have tried to convince us about the correctness of the definition and the name of the current "neo-medieval epoch". After all, it is enough that each one of us looks around carefully and checks what is actually happening in the world today - and in this way gets his/her own private evidence that in fact we already live in the "neo-medieval epoch".
       In turn, the right naming and defining of the period in history into which we recently dived, has this advantage that it allows us to identify the causes and characteristics of it. This in turn allows us to develop ways and means of our defence against what most unpleasant for us this period is foretelling. These methods and means I described theoretically in more in details in items #K5 to #K8 from this web page. Also since a longer time I continually take practical attempts to implement them in practice. However, according to the English proverb, everything can be implemented either in an "easy" way, or in a "hard" way - for details see item #G3 from my web page (available in Polish only) named pajak_na_prezydenta_2015.htm. I previously tried to implement our defence in that "hard way", i.e. through education, explaining, discussing, writing, publishing, appealing, etc. Today, unfortunately, I have NOT enough time left which would be required to continue my implementations of the defence against the consequences of "neo-medieval epoch" on this "hard way". Thus, relatively recently I decided to attempt an "easier" and faster ways of these implementations. The first of these attempts, described in item #P5.1 from my web page named quake.htm, I made back in 2011. It boiled down to my proposal addressed to the New Zealand city of Christchurch, that I use the method based on morality to end the series of thousands of earthquakes that tormented and ruined this city and mentally tortured its people. However, that my suggestion was ignored, while the city of Christchurch preferred rather to choose the continuation of its suffering and the possibility that in the future they may meet with even something more terrible. So another my attempt I made in 2014 and in 2015, while I described it in my English web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm and in my Polish web page named pajak_na_prezydenta_2015.htm. It boiled down to me having a go at winning the election for a significant position in the government, from the authority of which position I could then more easily carry out the required reforms, such as the persuasion of secondary schools and universities to include an official and compulsory education on my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the compulsory teaching of foundations of the philosophy of totalizm. After all, when the human eyes are open with truths contained in this theory and philosophy, the required changes of attitudes and human behaviours would appear by themselves. Unfortunately, the results of these my attempts and efforts again proved inadequate, while it is NOT known if God chooses to give the humanity another similar chance in the next election, by allowing the countries to NOT be overcome with chaos, anarchy, hunger and death by that time, plus by allowing me to live to these elections and still maintain relatively good health and effectiveness of the mind.
       So is there any way that the humanity itself manages to avoid drowning in a sea of chaos, anarchy, suffering, blood and death - the already not-too-distant arrival of the flood of which in next stages of the current "neo-medieval epoch" promise NOT only old Polish prophecies and my research on the telepathic noise, but increasingly more openly announce even some professional scientists. It turns out that YES, indeed, there is a way to avoid what is coming - which fact I try to explain in more detail in item #K8 from this web page. In particular, this way of avoiding would require, amongst others, that there are some leaders who would persuade the entire humanity to immediately abandon all nuclear weapons tests, and even better to abandon almost all forms of "fun" with highly immoral nuclear energy (inclusively with the permanent switching off the work of all nuclear reactors and e.g. the so-called "Large Hadron Collider" - which with its telepathic noise currently degenerates minds of inhabitants of the Swiss Geneva), as it is emphasized in item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm. In general, this way of avoiding would require doing what in the Bible is explained, that the residents of the city of Nineveh did (see the Bible, the Book of Jonah, verses 3:4-10), means the abandoning of old ways by most of people, and making an effort to do everything in a "pedantically moral way" - as requires it from us the Bible and the philosophy of totalizm. But because immoral behaviours of people take their beginnings, models, and examples from the rulers and from laws, the best place to initiate our changeover into the "pedantically moral" behaviours is the government and the parliament (not without reasons the old Polish proverb states that "fish always starts to rot from the head - in Polish: "ryba zawsze zaczyna się psuć od głowy"). Therefore in order to fast, effectively and truly avoid the harms that are heading at the humanity from the current "neo-medieval epoch", it would be necessary to select for a key position, e.g. for the President of the country, or at least for an MP, the person who would have the power, authority and knowledge to "watch the government's hands" and to verify all governmental decisions and actions, as well as all laws newly enacted by the parliament, whether they are agreeable with criteria of "true morality", and if it would turn out that they break any criteria of morality, then who would propose the implementation of such improvements to these decisions, actions and laws, which would still allow to accomplish the intended goals, but would NOT break any criteria of "true morality". In other words, this manner of avoiding the consequences of "neo-medieval epoch" would boil down to the improvements of the system in which we live, NOT to the to-date replacement of one group of e.g. corrupted or e.g. incompetent politicians or trendy scientists with other group of similarly e.g. corrupted or e.g. incompetent politicians or scientists. That way of avoiding of whatever bad is coming, through the improvement of entire system, NOT through the replacing of just several amongst the large pool of imperfect people who already have developed the permanent culture of immoral manipulating over the present system, I described in detail on a number of my web pages, among others, in items #C4.7, #C4.2 and #A4 from my web page named morals.htm, items #B3, #B7 i #G1 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, as well as in item #K8 from this web page. Immensely vital step towards reassuring the permanency of such improvements introduced to the system in which we live, would also be the relatively easy introduction of my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also the philosophy of totalizm, to the compulsory education in secondary schools and at universities - so that the knowledge represented by this theory and philosophy could "open the eyes of people" and was able to balance the evil and lies spread by the immoral research and education monopoly of present official human science. Furthermore, for assuring the permanency of such perfecting of the system in which we live, would also be necessary to create at least one "totaliztic university" - which would produce next generations of correctly thinking leaders and which would base entire its research and education on the philosophical "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science". (The "totaliztic science" is a newly initiated science defined and explained in items #C1 and #C6 from my web page telekinetics.htm.) Unfortunately, in order such an avoidance could really became possible, most of people would need to want the avoidance of whatever is coming to them - while people are so preoccupied with their own "navels", that they do NOT notice the black clouds and lighting bolts which already are gathering over their heads, nor they want to listen to the voices calling for repentance and for reasoning. Only a few people actually reads what I am explaining here and then examines with their minds the evidence that I present here. Therefore my advice to the reader of these words sound like that English proverb: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst - as it is explained, amongst others, in item #T1 from my web page named solar.htm.

[Bild: cycles_of_history.jpg]

Table #A1: "The Periodic Table of Epochs in the History of Mankind". It is a kind of the "Mendeleyev Table" (also called the "Periodic Table of the Elements"), but instead of regularities in the construction of chemical elements, it illustrates regularities in the historical epochs arranged in consecutive cycles of the development of humanity. This is the second kind of "Periodic Table" which I had already discovered and described – i.e. another after the previously discovered and developed in 1972 my "Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems" - whose appearance is illustrated, among others, on "Fig. #1" from my web page named [b]propulsion.htm, as well as in the "Table B1" from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The development of the above my Periodic Table for the second kind of human development cycles (i.e. this time for the historical cycles), quite clearly documents to us, that the development of almost everything is highly intelligently pre-programmed by God on principles of repetition and periodicity, and that now God strictly controls these developments with the use of the "reversible software time" described in items #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named immortality_pl.htm. This in turn practically means, that the more perceptive "totaliztic researchers" one day will be able to discover and to develop similar "Periodic Tables" for almost everything else - provided, of course, that the level of their personal morality, according to God's judgement will be high enough to bestow to them the grace of making discoveries of such important truths. (Click on this Table to see it enlarged.) [/b]
       In contrast to normal texts which we should read "descendingly" (i.e. from top to bottom), the above Table is designed so that we should read it "rising from down upwards" - i.e. from bottom to top. After all, the human development "rises" to ever higher levels of civilization, so it would be symbolically inappropriate to write and to read this Table in the direction of "falling" down.
       The reader viewing the above Table may be intrigued by the question "how is it possible that this Table shows that the Earth, the universe and the humanity were created by God about 6000 years ago, when e.g. in April 2015 scientists said that e.g. the universe has been in existence for around 14 billion of years (plus rather than minus "the error of scientific dating"), and that the humanity is only a little younger than the dinosaurs?". (I am purposely providing here the date of "April 2015" by these 14 billion of years - when, according to scientists, 14 billion was the correct value, because this age is constantly being changed. For example, just a couple of years earlier the researchers assessed the age of the universe at around 13 billion of years, while in the near future this age probably will be estimated at 15 billion of years or even more - for further details on this topic see item #A3 from my web page named humanity.htm and item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm.) The answer to this question is that both outcomes of the dating state the same truth only with different kinds of time - although the atheistic worldview of the present official science, and its lucrative monopoly on research and on education, yet for many further years will NOT allow it to officially accept this truth. (The work of the lucrative monopoly of official science as a brake that is impeding the progress of human knowledge, is discussed in greater detail, e.g. in item #E2, from my web page named cloud_ufo.htm.) Truth of the simultaneous validity of both these results of dating, i.e. the dating from the above Table stating that the universe was created around 6000 years ago, and the dating of the official science which in April 2015 stated that the age of the universe was about 14 billion of years ago, is confirmed by my immensely-important discovery, stating that on Earth prevail simultaneously as many as two completely different kinds of time - briefly described, amongst others, in the introduction and in item #G4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, while thoroughly explained in the introduction, item #C4, and in item #C4.1 from another my web page named immortality.htm. The first of these two times is the naturally elapsing in the universe, the so-called "irreversible absolute time of the universe". On Earth, in accordance with this time, however, are ageing only rocks, fossils (e.g. the bones of dinosaurs, coal, etc.), and all inanimate matter. It passes smoothly and much faster than our human time. The speed of its elapse nobody has measured, but according to the Bible it is about 365,000 times faster than the speed of the elapse of that another time, in which people are ageing. The second of these two different times prevailing on Earth, is the artificially introduced by God some 4,000 years ago, (i.e. about a half of the length of the biblical flood), the so-called "reversible software time". It elapses in fast jumps - in a very similar way as in cinemas and on screens of our TVs elapse individual "frames" from movie films. (In our consciousness, these fast jumps of the software time merge together to form in us the impression that the passage of our time is continuous and smooth.) This "reversible software time" controls life and ageing of all living human organisms and also all living organisms of other living creatures with DNA. The Bible states that the elapse of this human time is about 365 thousand times slower than the elapse of the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" that rules the fate of minerals and inanimate nature. Since by the April 2015 (i.e. by the date when I wrote this paragraph) the mankind lived in the "reversible software time" already for about 4000 years, in the meantime, the universe, as well as our rocks, minerals and fossils - all of which are aged by "irreversible absolute time of the universe" in some cases could get older by 365000x4000=1.46 billion years. In other words, actually the dating from the above Table is fully consistent with the experimental dating determined by the official science (plus rather than minus the "dating errors" made by the official science), and the only difference between these two ways of dating results from the stubborn rejection by the official science the results of my "hobby" scientific discoveries, revealing, among others, the existence and work on Earth (and in the universe) as many as two different kinds of time - i.e. it results from the rejection by the official science of my scientific discoveries that I accomplished in my own time, at my own expense, without charging for it any salary or remuneration, which I carried out despite of various pressures, scoffing, accusations and persecutions that I experience because of my research, and the results of which discoveries and research I always disseminate and make available completely for free to every interested person or institution.
       Notice that here I am only showing the above Cyclic Table, because I refered to it in item #K1 of this web page. But the detailed description of it is provided in item #A3, and in caption under "Table #A1", from a different my web page named humanity.htm.
       Moreover notice also that the copying of this Cyclic Table is NOT blocked. Thus, the reader can copy it for free - only that at the same time the author appeals for respecting the "copyrights" described for it in item #L6 of this web page (especially respect the part of my "copyrights" which requires to always provide details of my publication from which given results of my research were taken). To copy this Table, just click on any of the following green links, i.e. on (1) cr/cycles_of_history.pdf - to copy it in the PDF format, or (2) on cr/cycles_of_history.jpg - to copy it in the photo-format named JPG, and then store in your computer the file in the format resistant to computer viruses which is then to appear on your screen. Alternatively, you can pass the mouse over the Table, click on the copy icon which in some browsers then it will be shown, and then carry out the instructions that the browser displays to you.
       Although the above Table looks humble and modest, it has the potential to change the fate of our civilization. After all, it reveals of "what" and "when" approximately is to come. Thus it allows us to be prepared, while in cases of "collapsing epochs of mankind" (i.e. epochs such as these marked above as "c" and "d" - such as the current (4d) "neo-medieval epoch" that arrived to Earth on 11th September 2001) - it allows to develop an effective defence against these collapses. In terms of its scientific meaning, this Table is just as important as my previous "The Periodic Table for Earth's Propulsion Systems" - which many years before anyone else allowed me to predict the arrival, as well as the design and function, of the starships of my invention called the Magnocraft and the Time Vehicle. This crucial importance of the above Table is NOT decreased even by the fact, that it was developed by an imperfect man (means by myself), and thus, by definition, it probably still contains in itself some minor errors and mistakes (e.g. inaccurate dates or imprecise names) - which, however, "totaliztic researchers" motivated by learning the truth will be able to remove in the future. (As I believe, researchers of the old "atheistic orthodox science", which currently exists only in order to be able to use its monopoly on knowledge and on education in order to obtain further funding for its massive lying to humanity, are to NEVER recognize the merit of my Cyclic Tables and will ignore these Tables indefinitely - similarly as they have NOT recognized the merit of my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and have NOT recognize the merit of my philosophy of totalizm nor my formal scientific proofs for the existence of God. Therefore we should NOT count that any of them will ever make any discoveries or improvements relating to these Tables.)

#K2. Why it is vital to emphasize abnormalities in the behaviour of people while defining the medieval epoch (instead of emphasizing the span of time):
Motto: "The most effective destroyer is the one which cannot be heard nor seen."
       If we accept passively the definition of "Middle Ages" developed by modern scientists - in which the emphasis is placed on the period of time in the history of Earth, then overlooked is the fact that this "medieval period" was caused by something. In other words, such scientific definition implies "between the lines" that the "Middle Ages" arrived purely automatically and then also automatically disappeared - as it always happens with time and with epochs. But if the "medieval epoch" is defined as I did it in the previous item of this web page, means with emphasizing the abnormalities in behaviours of people, then immediately it hits our eyes that at that time there needed to be in action on the Earth some health or biological factor which caused all these deviations. After all, behaviours of people NEVER become deviated and abnormal just by themselves, but always there is some factor which causes them to be such. Thus, my definition of the "Middle Ages" inspires the search for this factor which caused such abnormalities in human behaviours lasting for several centuries.
       While searching for the factor which caused such persisting abnormalities in behaviours of people, we surely can eliminate a whole range of "natural" factors, such as the composition of the air, water, the parameters of light from that time, etc. After all, such natural factors acted upon the humanity in the same way for periods longer than the length of the Middle Ages. After eliminating these natural factors, it is worth to take notice of the so-called "telepathic noise" induced technically - which is known from various paranormal researches as the source of strong deviations in human behaviours. (What is "telepathy" and this "telepathic noise" unperceived conscientiously by people, but intercepted by them subconsciously, it is explained briefly on the totaliztic web page telepathy.htm, while elaborated in more details in volume 4 of monographs [8/2] and [1/5]. Here it suffices to mention, that another name for it used in radiesthesia and in water divining is the "negative green" vibration. The "telepathic noise" most frequently is detected in some areas of pyramids, over underground water streams, over the geopathic "Swiss net", and when emitted by various totems and cult objects used in "black magic".) After all, right before the Middle Ages appeared, on the Earth took place a giant explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand in 1178 AD - described on this web page. In turn, the mechanism of that explosion supported the generation of large quantities of just such "telepathic noise". Thus, that particular explosion not only that took place in the year which was a beginning of the arrival of the Middle Ages, but in addition it was sufficiently powerful to jam the entire planet with the telepathic noise. After all, its physical consequences devastated the entire globe, while numerous cases of destruction that it caused are visible in the Europe even today. These and other premises indicate unambiguously that the arrival of medieval epoch to the Earth was caused by the "telepathic noise" that resonated in the Earth's ionosphere for several centuries and that was induced by a giant explosion of 1178 AD which occurred near the town of Tapanui in New Zealand. The comprehensive analyses and deductions which led to the establishing this fact (i.e. that these immensely detrimental for human health "resonations of the telepathic noise" in the ionosphere of Earth caused the arrival of medieval epoch), is discussed in subsection D4 from the Polish monograph [5/4] (but just mentioned in an older English monograph [5/3]).
       When one analyses the influence of the resonations of telepathic noise on the health, wellbeing, and behaviours of people, then it turns out that such noise induces in people exactly the same consequences that historic sources describe as dominating during the medieval epoch. For example, in spite that the telepathic noise remains unperceived in a conscious manner, in fact it is intercepted subconsciously by humans (this is why it is detectable e.g. with methods of radiesthesia). Thus, under influence of it, people become irritated and angry, while being such, they easily show rapid reactions, aggression, have no breaks in their brutal actions, everything irritates them, they loose the sense of humour, become intolerant towards everything, etc., etc. - means they are exactly such as we know that people were in medieval times. In the area of physical health, the excess of telepathic noise decreases the resistance of bodies to illnesses, and in males decreases the sperm counts. In the result it causes all the effects which we know from the medieval period, such as epidemics and plagues, complete extinction of entire families and dynasties, disappearance of human population from entire countries, etc., etc. Of course, the telepathic noise deviates also the understanding of beauty and the ability to think rationally - this explains the "sick" paintings from medieval times, and numerous medieval abnormal ideas of the kind of fanaticism, separatism, martyrs, self-destruction, etc.

#K3. The destructive "resonation of telepathic noise" is also induced by every nuclear explosion - what this means for the humanity:
       During years from 1945 till around 1970, the generation of people who then ruled over the Earth (named in item #K5 below on this web page) carried out numerous tests with exploding nuclear weapons. As it turns out, each such a testing explosion of nuclear weapon generates a significant amount of that "telepathic noise" which is so detrimental to health and wellbeing of people. What even worse, the attribute of this "telepathic noise" is that it can accumulate - means that the noise-generating effects of each subsequent nuclear explosion add themselves to effects of previous such explosions. Thus, the result of such tests with nuclear bombs carried out on the Earth in years from 1945 till around 1970, was that the total amount of this telepathic noise so immensely destructive for human health is at present equal, if not larger, than the amount of resonating telepathic noise that prevailed in medieval times. In turn, the consequence of such a large accumulation of telepathic noise can only be one - namely these nuclear explosions already carried out, initiated in people deviations of behaviours which manifest themselves at present as a sliding of the entire humanity into another "neo-medieval epoch". Of course, similarly like inhabitants from the original "medieval period" were unaware that they live in the "Middle Ages", while their sick and abnormal behaviours become recognised only by inhabitants of other, more healthy epochs, also present inhabitants of the Earth have no idea that they just slide down deeper and deeper into the "neo-medieval epoch". However, if one carries out the comparisons of behaviours of the generation of people that currently dominates the Earth, with behaviours of people from the "medieval epoch", then the similarities are hitting our eyes. Therefore, when today one looks carefully around, then without any difficulties should be able to notice that the "neo-medieval epoch" is already on the Earth and that it started to trouble people increasingly more starting from around the year 1995 (I try to document it in item #K6 below).

#K4. Which facts prove to us, that we really have already on the Earth another "neo-medieval epoch":
       By the term "neo-medieval epoch" one should understand the period on the Earth which is just arriving. This period was induced by the long-term action of the "telepathic noise" which is extremely detrimental to mentality and to health of people. The noise was induced by tests with nuclear bombs carried out in years from 1945 till around 1970. Similarly to the original "medieval epoch", this new period is characteristic by abnormal deviations in behaviours of people. There are numerous attributes which characterise this period. The most vital amongst them include, amongst others: (1) people being directed in everything by feelings, desires, laziness, averse to think, jealousy, fashion, bad examples from celebrities, etc., instead by knowledge, mind, logic, evidence, etc., (2) people are giving out to inclinations, temptations, addictions, deviations, etc. - means people practice on an everyday basis the destructive philosophy called parasitism, (3) the morality is falling down fast, and people increasingly less listen to whispers of their conscience, (4) rampant are religious fanaticism, love of force, the fascination with body, muscles, weapon, etc., (5) dominant are egoism and self-centring of people who take care of exclusively themselves, (6) there is a galloping greed and materialism, (7) we see social insubordination, unrests, splitting of empires and countries, terrorism, pirates, etc., (8) illnesses and plagues are rampaging (e.g. see item #B1 on the totaliztic web page plague.htm), there is already a decrease in sperm count and slow extinction of dynasties, soon we will see the depopulation of the Earth, (9) we can notice deviations in artistic taste and in views of the world - which manifest themselves, amongst others, in "sick" kind of art and music, (10) there is a global diminishing of happiness and sense of humour - causing that people almost everything consider to be an offence, that they stop laughing, that they always appear to be angry and in a state of permanent depression, and that increasingly more difficult is to find something that could make people laugh; that they are prone to commit suicides, etc., etc. (notice that there is even more similarly abnormal attributes and behaviours of people).
       Much more information about the "neo-medieval epoch" that currently is settling over the Earth is presented in subsection D4 from the Polish monograph [5/4] (in English a part of it is available in a slightly older monograph [5/3]).

#K5. Generations which actively contributed towards arriving of the "neo-medieval epoch" to the Earth:
       The generation of people which dominates the life on the Earth, and which controls this life, changes every around 25 years. (Notice that by the term "generation" we understand here a group of people of similar age which grew up in similar times thus experiencing very similar environmental conditions, so that their behaviours and characteristics contain trends that are common to almost all of them.) Thus, each such a "generation" in the duration of its domination shapes the life on the Earth in a slightly different manner - which is unique and characteristic just to this particular generation. The generation of people which as the first was exposed to the destructive action of the resonating telepathic noise from nuclear explosions, is the generation to which I also belong. This generation in past was called "baby boomers". But I prefer to call them jocosely the "emotional" generation - because this destructive telepathic noise caused that instead of being governed by mind, logic, evidence, etc., it started to be governed by emotions, desires, feelings, views, etc. This "emotional" generation dominated the life on the Earth since around 1970 till around 1995. After it, the Earth was taken under control by the generation of their children, the governing of which over the life of the humanity extends since around 1995 till around 2020 - means also at present. Let us now carry out the review of such attributes of each generation that contributed towards the arrival of the "neo-medieval epoch" to the Earth, which attributes had main influence on the appearance and escalation of this "neo-medieval epoch". Please notice, that to each one out of these generations a jocose name is assigned, which in my opinion should make us laugh, and thus should be easier for referring, but which also should characterise better the essence of behaviours of a given generation.
       Of course, in order to characterise briefly subsequent generations, it is necessary to use a high level of generalisation. In turn, as it always is the case with the generalisation, it indicates only the most common and the most representative tendencies. As such, it does NOT consider exceptions from the tendencies described here - which in real life always exist, nor considers any individual people or specific families. Thus, in spite that the essence of what is written here really applies to the entire generations indicated here, it NOT necessarily and NOT always applies to each individual person nor to each individual family from a given generation.
       1. The generation of "aggressive panic-mongers". It is the generation of fathers of my own generation. The Earth was under their control since around 1945 till around 1970. This generation lived through the World War Two and with their own eyes saw the terror of wars. Thus, it was panicking of another world war. In order to prevent a war, according to the saying of ancient Romans that "when you wish to have a peace then prepare to a war" it was manufacturing the multitude of weapons and used to shake its weaponry in front of noses of its enemies. In turn to have the most powerful arsenals of the time, it continually tested nuclear bombs. Tests of nuclear weapons of that generation of "aggressive panic-mongers" were the ones that generated "telepathic noise" which since then continually resonates in the Earth's ionosphere - similarly like sounds resonate in the resonance chambers of musical instruments. Thus, the generation of "aggressive panic-mongers" is really responsible for bringing to the humanity the present "neo-medieval epoch".
       2. The "emotional" generation (i.e. "baby boomers") to which, amongst others, also I belong. It ruled over the Earth in the period from around 1970 till around 1995. It was the sub-conscience of this generation that, for the first time since the end of original "Middle Ages", was deviated again by resonations of the "telepathic noise". Therefore, the most vital attribute of this generation was that instead of following the knowledge, mind, logic, deductions, evidence, traditions proven in action, etc., it for the first time since many centuries started to listen in everything mainly to feelings, impulses, desires, unverified views, fashion, example of its celebrities, etc. In this way the "emotional" generation broke the tradition and trends to-date. Simultaneously it was this generation that abandoned and broke the traditional methods of upbringing children, by introducing ideas of the kind of "ban on disciplining of children" and "anti-smacking laws" described in item #B5.1 from my web page named will.htm. In they result, we caused the next generation (i.e. we caused the children of my generation) to be brought up as "Midases in reverse".
       3. The generation of "Midases in reverse" - i.e. the generation of children of my generation. It assumed the power over the Earth from my generation around 1995 and it is going to rule till around 2020. Thus, at the moment the humanity and the Earth are under its control and domination.
       All of us probably know the myth from ancient Greece about the kind Midas from Phrygia - i.e. the one who turned into gold everything that he touched. Therefore, one amongst most serious deficiencies of my "emotional" generation could be described as the upbringing the generation of our children to become just such "Midases in reverse" - after all, "whatever they touch it immediately turns into sh..." Remembering that the generation of "Midases in reverse" took the control over the Earth from my generation around the year 1995, let us list here several examples of their "touch of Midas in reverse". Well, already around two years after they assumed the power over the Earth, the so-called "Asian crisis" appeared which destroyed many currencies and economies of the world (it also depleted my overseas earnings). In around 6 years after they took the rules, their "touch of Midas in reverse" manifested itself in the form of so-called "9/11". Then these Midases in reverse initiated several wars for which until today they have not worked out a way how to stop these and make a lasting peace. In 2008 they started the world's economic crisis - which they make increasingly deeper now instead of eliminating it (i.e. this crisis was caused by the greed of bankers from that generation, who wasted on themselves funds that they supposed to lend to poor, and this crisis is now "eliminated" by politicians of that generation through giving to these bankers in "care" even more money which are taken from poor people via taxes). On 7th till 19th December 2009 leaders of all countries of the world from the generation of these "Midases in reverse" organised in Copenhagen the world climate conference "COP15" - about which they earlier bragged that they solve on it all problems with the climate and nature. But it solved nothing - as was correctly noticed in the article "Climate deal waits for another day" from page A2 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, December 21, 2009). So the only thing which this conference produced was a lot of bad air. Later they blocked the development of solar energy through giving to electric monopoles the "care" and "exclusiveness" over the sale and installment of battery-deprived "solar panels" - as it is described in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 from my web page solar.htm. Etc., etc. - examples of the "touches" of these "Midases in reverse" could be listed infinitively.
       In my opinion there are two main reasons for which the generation of "Midases in reverse" has just such "opposite to king Midas" effect on everything that it touches. The first one out of these two reasons is the fact that these destructive resonations of telepathic noise continually deviate their morality, attitudes, feelings, desires, greed, mind, habits, etc. The second reason is that they were brought up by the "emotional" generation which was already deviated with such resonations of telepathic noise, and thus which rejected and devalued the methods of upbringing which were proven in action during thousands of years of continuous practice - as this is described in item B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm. Therefore, this generation of "Midases in reverse" already now illustrates to us what in the future is going to be the mechanism of "snowballing effect" in cumulating the destructive consequences of "neo-medieval epoch" - if people ignore again the information and recommendations indicated in item #K8 below. (This avalanche-like cumulating of consequences may cause, that if the outcomes of the "neo-medieval epoch" are not understood and thus escape from human control, then the Earth soon may turn into a real hell.) Because the deviations caused by resonations of the telepathic noise were already discussed in previous items #K2 and #K3 of this web page, below I am going to concentrate on discussing mainly consequences of abnormal upbringing of the generation of "Midases in reverse".
       So this second main reason why the generation of children of my generation grew up into such "Midases in reverse", was that controlled by feelings instead of intelligence (after all, in my generation the intelligence was already suppressed by telepathic noise), my generation rejected and devalued traditional methods of upbringing children. For my "emotional" generation it become insignificant that such traditional methods of upbringing have proven their correctness in action during thousands of years of their use. Simultaneously the unchecked methods of upbringing which due to using feelings instead of logic and intelligence my "emotional" generation introduced to use for the first time in history, led to grooming too high proportion of children into egoists, snobs, mamonies (Italian for old brats), softies, clumsy misfits, bullies, terrorists, etc. The "emotional" generation to which I belong had rather a hard childhood and young age. Thus, is understandable why, when finally with own hands it managed to build the largest period of prosperity and stability in to-date history of the humanity, fruits of this prosperity it started to unconditionally splash on its children. In addition, the common use of feelings instead of logic and wisdom caused that my generation continually tried to purchase the love of its children, instead of training them in traditions, morality, principles, discipline, responsibility, and other attributes that are required for the young generation. It was just during the domination of my "emotional" generation that its children kept receiving cars, computers, and most modern toys, completely without moving even their fingers. It was my generation that introduced to the use soft and comfortable undergarments, single use panties, laws that forbid serving smacks to children when these are naughty, and persuasions for teachers to use psychology instead of duties, homework, and punishments. It was also the "emotional" generation that allowed its children to spend parents salaries on most fashionable clothing, most known hairdressers, and the best cosmetics. In the result, the generation of its children got used to the idea that the entire universe rotates just around them, and that in the life it is OK to just take and never give anything in return. In this way, according to laws of life described in item #A3 from the web page god_proof.htm, the "emotional" generation groomed its successors at misfits and egoists, who know how to take but are unable to give, who are able to promise, but do not know how to deliver, who learned to destroy, but are unable to build with success, who instead of peaceful and effective negotiations use force and destruction. In the approach to upbringing of the next generation, the "emotional" generation ignored thousands of years of experience of the humanity, that in order to acquire the required attributes of character - according to clear recommendations from God expressed in the Bible, the youth must be brought up "like the steel is hardened" (as this is explained in item #B5.1 from the totaliztic web page will.htm). In the result, representatives of this new generation of "Midases in reverse" which currently prevail over the world, in their ignorance and egoism probably will not be able to even secure for their parents the decent retirements. So in old age their parents will be harvesting fruits from the fact that as a generation they "failed" to groom correctly the next generation. Fortunately, in the long-term "there is no such bad that would not turn into good". This ignorance and egoism of the generation of "Midases in reverse" causes, that the generation of their children again is going to have a "hard life" which perhaps manages to "harden them like steel" - as such hardening was taking place in my own generation. Thus, if conditions stated in item #K8 below are to be met, still there is a chance that after the fall down and destruction of the period of prevailing the "Midases in reverse", perhaps again to the Earth is going to return a slightly better period build up by the generation of "decision makers". But this is to happen only if we manage to pass to these "decision makers", before we extinct, how vital is the hard and moral upbringing of their own children and teaching these children to take notice of all aspects of the life which have the significance for suppressing the present escalation of the "neo-medieval epoch".
       4. The generation which I call the "decision makers", but which by other researchers is called meaningfully the "Me Generation" (for reasons which are described below). This is the generation of grandchildren of the generation to which I belong (means, these are children of "Midases in reverse"). It is going to take the humanity and Earth under its control starting from around 2020 until around 2045. The reason for which I jocosely call this generation the "decision makers" is that to them is to belong the undertaking and implementation of the most vital decisions of their millennium - from which will later depend the fate of humanity for further several hundred of years. Namely, these "decision makers" with their decisions and actions are to undertake and implement either the ignorant (but even more greedy, inhuman, and egoistic) decisions of the kind similar to decisions of "Midases in reverse" - which then will extend the duration of the "neo-medieval epoch" for several further centuries (thus turning the Earth into a kind of hell), or they rationally implement the knowledge which, amongst others, this web page is trying to pass to them, and acting wisely and morally they will suppress the duration of "neo-medieval period" by restoring the path of humanity to morality, use of intelligence, implementation of peace, cultivation of traditions, etc.
       What kind of decisions of that "me generation" most probably is going to make, it can be deduced already now from outcomes of research on the philosophy which this generation practices - which is reported, amongst others, in the article "Heed wisdom of Bible before it's too late", from page A11 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Thursday, June 3, 2010. This article reports, amongst others, outcomes of research on behaviours and moral values of that "Me Generation". Here is a quotation of one sentence from that article: "Comprehensive studies of 14,000 odd American university students over the past 30 years, the researchers said, revealed that they were the most self-centred, narcissistic, competitive, confident, and individualistic human being of modern times." So how to come to terms with egoism, self-centring, greed, ruthlessness, demands, etc., of that generation. After all, already now the danger is clear, that when this generation takes power over the Earth, then under the greed and vices of it the societies simply are to crumble.

#K6. Why the generation of "Midases in reverse" escalates the "neo-medieval epoch":
       Oppositely to the "Medieval Ages" - in which people were ruled almost exclusively by emotions, further generations of the humanity worked hard to restore on the Earth the use of knowledge, wisdom, evidence, logic, deduction, and other similar advantages of the human intellect. Fathers of my generation (i.e. "aggressive panic-mongers") almost completely implemented everyday use of these qualities. For example, their marriages almost exclusively were based on the logic - this reduced their divorces to almost zero. Their attitude towards God, religion, ghosts, or unexplained phenomena was exclusively based on the intelligence, not on feelings (after all, it was during the life of fathers of my generation that for the first and last time in to-date history of the humanity were carried out official research on UFOs, ESP, telepathy, etc.) Family life had a logic, structure, and responsibility, because there was a head of family and everyone knew his or her place, because there was a clear division of roles, because they followed the tradition and proven in practice methods of action. Children were punish or rewarded accordingly to their behaviour and accomplishments, because everyone knew that if their characters are deviated because of the lack of moral role models, principles, limitations, duties and discipline, then the portion of pain and struggles which was destined to them is going to be served to them in an older age. In times of my ancestors when someone was in need then all others understood that they must help in person. Dignity, honesty, morality, honour and acting for the good of own country still then were noticeable in politicians and in decision makers. If someone wanted to purchase something, then was earning in a moral manner and saved money for accomplishing the goal. In turn free time was spend then on activities inspiring thinking and intelligence, on socialising, on prayers, or on talking to members of older generations.
       When the mind almost completely triumphed over feelings, the life was overtaken by my "emotional" generation. Dazed by the telepathic noise which irritated our sub-conscience, we exploded with contradiction and anger "to hell with wisdom and tradition - let us take life exclusively on feelings". So we finished with consulting the mind when we choose our life partners, but we listened exclusively to whispers of love. Unfortunately, love passes fast. The outcomes included marriages just for the duration of good weather, deterioration of families with the arrival of first problems, and snowballing increase of divorces. Instead of researching rationally the unexplained phenomena, God, UFOs, ghosts, ESP, etc., and instead of considering the evidence in existence on these matters, we started to act on emotions and feelings following the prevailing fashion, and thus ignoring these subjects and burning on stakes people who still researched them. Instead of grooming our children accordingly to methods proven in thousands of years of use and recommended by the Bible, we started to save children from pain and effort, comfort them that stupidity and recklessness also deserve prizing, reward them for even eating their meals, flood with gifts for doing nothing, gave them diplomas and medals just for taking a part, and etch into their memory the belief that they are a centre of the entire universe. In our everyday life we eliminated roles, positions, and traditions, so that everyone could do whatever wanted, no-one experienced any structure, discipline, limitations, nor responsibilities. Instead of listening to people who have something to say, we started to listen to those who were the most loud. Instead of naming everything correctly, we started to introduce a new terminology so that no-one could feel offended. Instead of praying, we started to be ashamed of our God. Instead of pinpointing and fighting whatever is bad and immoral, we introduced "privacy laws" or "civil unions" which allowed to hide it or to legalize it. Instead of condemning and punishing people deviated, degenerated, and deprived moral breaks, we turned them into our celebrities. It was in my "emotional" generation that instead of helping people in need, we invented various institutions to which we could shift the responsibility for help, while ourselves we could play gapes. It was the "emotional" generation that eliminated the mentally inspiring evening socialising and talks to older generations as well as philosophically orienting prayers, replacing them with thoughtless viewing television or raising brutality through computer games. It was this "emotional" generation that started to employ for "WHOM someone knew" not for "WHAT someone is able to do".
       But the worst is that the next generation of "Midases in reverse", which my "emotional" generation was spoiling instead of grooming, after taking the planet from us actually escalated further this our relying solely on feelings and desires instead of mind and knowledge. In the result, this unruly generation of "Midases in reverse" transformed our relying mainly on feelings, into the presently prevailing epoch of immorality, greed, deviations, abnormalities, bullying, aggression, terrorism, crime, unemployment, fall down and hunger. And so, these misfits escalated the greed to the level of absurd. Thus, their politicians instead of asking "what it does to our nation or country", started their rules from asking "what (or how much) is in this for me". This next generation of "Midases in reverse" their custom of getting everything for free turned into permanent "life on credit". It was this generation that instead of paying proportionally to the contribution, invented millions for CEOs and hunger rations for workers, premiums worth thousands of salaries for management, and redundancies and unemployment for workers. It is this generation that tries to restore 10-hour long working days for workers, shortens holidays and weekends, reduces unemployment benefit, and extends the age when oldies are entitled to the retirement. It is this generation that eliminates God from life, but introduces the cult of money and fast pleasure. It is this generation that in people sees just body and muscles, while in nature it sees just a potential for making fortune. Etc., etc.
       In past of our civilisation already once existed a period of time when people ceased to listen to mind, knowledge, evidence, logic, voices of rationality, or whispers of conscience, thus starting to escalate various deviations when relying exclusively on emotions, feelings, desires, etc. This period was called "Middle Ages". Through the permanent implementation into life a new trend to ignore morality, tradition, knowledge, logic, evidence, and voices of rationality, while listening exclusively to our feelings and desires, my "emotional" generation created on the Earth conditions that allowed our successors to restore that dark Age. Thus, in the times of prevailing of my "emotional" generation a process was started on the Earth, which our ignorant "Midases in reverse" deepened later into the presently escalating "neo-medieval epoch". In turn when such abnormalities of the "neo-medieval epoch", and all immoral consequences of "neo-medieval epoch", once completely take over the Earth, it probably will be needed the effort many future generations of people to restore the use of morality, knowledge and mind on the Earth.

#K7. The beginning of "witch hunting" in the official human science - means the return of medieval behaviours and "scientific neo-inquisition":
       The date of 3rd February 2010 probably is going to be remembered as the date of official birth of neo-medieval "scientific inquisition". This is because on that day the entire world learned from television news about the first case when scientific research were revoked and symbolically "burned on stake" on the principles of action known from the "medieval inquisition". Thus, on that particular day the Earth's science started again the official "witch hunt" which was so characteristic for the real medieval epoch.
       This first symbolic "burning on stake" of results of official scientific research, together with the author of this research, carried out the British medical journal called "The Lancet". After the elapse of 12 years it withdrew and revoked the article which was published in it still in 1998, and which concerned the link between preventive vaccination for so-called "measles", and so-called "autism" in children. Details of that invalidation I learned a day later from two New Zealand newspaper articles, namely from the article "Dishonest vaccination study revoked" from page A6 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, February 4, 2010, and the article "Vaccine link to autism dismissed", from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Thursday, February 4, 2010. I personally was hit in these two articles by the lack of scientific reasons for which this research was revoked. The revoking of it was justified solely by non-scientific reasons (for example by the lack of agreement for this research from an ethics commission, by the lack of agreement of parents for taking blood samples from children, by not referring children for further research, etc.). In other words, like in true inquisition, this neo-medieval "scientific inquisition" again ceased to take notice whether the accused is really guilty or not (i.e. ceased to judge his results exclusively on the grounds of scientific evidence and findings), but ordered a symbolic "burning on stake" of these results and him only because this burning turned out to be beneficial for influential people and for politicians of the present world.
       Of course, I personally know about the existence of this "scientific neo-inquisition" for a long time. After all, my own scientific research are symbolically "burned on stake" by this neo-inquisition since the beginning when I tried to publish it. This is because of the action of this neo-inquisition I never managed to publish my theories and findings in any scientific journal - in spite that I tried countless number of times. It is also because of the activities of this "scientific inquisition" that many present opponents of my theories and findings for the lack of scientific argumentation resort to the use of childish attacks. For example, they refuse to call me a "scientist" and scream that I am just a "pseudo-scientist", resort to swearing and calling me names, etc. All this is done in spite that results of my research from the scientific point of view are much better documented and have much wide evidential confirmation than the majority of commonly adhered present official theories and findings.

#K8. Can somehow the sliding of humanity into the "neo-medieval epoch" be stopped, and negative consequences of the resonations of telepathic noise be neutralised:
       Yes, it can! But it would be necessary that people fulfilled following conditions: (1) were aware that they just are going through this destructive period of time, (2) knew what caused this period, (3) were familiarised with manifestations and manners on which it works, (4) knew findings of the philosophy of totalizm and my "theory of everything" named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which explain how to lead our lives in a moral manner that would eliminate consequences of evil behaviours of people, and (5) collectively started the active effort of practical implementation in their lives different than the to-date ways of acting - as I am emphasizing this in the ending paragraph from item #K1 of this web page.
       Unfortunately, it is highly doubtful whether people ever fulfil above conditions, and thus manage to stop the snowballing escalation of the "neo-medieval epoch". The reason is, that about the arrival of the "neo-medieval epoch" I am warning people for a long time, yet almost everyone seems to ignore my warnings. My publications on this subject I prepared a long time before first symptoms of arrival of the "neo-medieval epoch" become visible. After all, soon after discovering in 1987 the global consequences of the Tapanui explosion, and subsequent discovering the destructive action of the telepathic noise induced by this explosion, I started to warn vigorously people about what is to come, in two-language series [5] of my monographs (e.g. in subsection D4 of monographs [5/4] and [5/3]). Unfortunately, in spite that these monographs about the Tapanui explosion are disseminated for almost a quarter of century, so-far almost no-one seems to pay any attention to what they try to warn us against. Therefore, it is quite a vital that people finally started to take to heart the knowledge and information contained in this part of the web page, and started to disseminate them amongst interested readers (so that these could be learned, amongst others, by the generation of "decision makers" who could in the future utilise them in their decisions and actions).
       In our attitude towards the matter of arrival of "neo-medieval epoch" it is also worth to take under considerations mechanism of actions of the universe. This is because such mechanisms cause that "truth always finally prevails" - as indicated in chapter N from monograph [5/3]. Thus, the more we are going to hide and ignore the fact that our civilisation is just sliding into the "neo-medieval period", and the less we are going to do to stop this sliding, the more clearly future generations of people will see from fruits of our actions, that such a barbaric epoch existed on the Earth staring from present generations. Thus, even if in the future this epoch may NOT be called the "neo-medieval epoch", the fact will remain that they will consider it to be the age when the humanity should already represent a high level of civilising, but in reality it behaved like barbaric psychopaths in almost all areas of human activities.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#L1. Summary of this web page:
       About the Tapanui explosion one can take any possible stand. For example, one can ignore this explosion and consequences of it, one can be shocked that never have heard about it, one can feel a disappointment towards New Zealand scientists that they refuse to research this explosion and inform the world about it, etc., etc. However, in my opinion the only constructive stand towards this explosion depends on getting organised and starting to investigate it personally - and all this as soon as possible, before the evidence concerning it is vandalised to the complete extinction.

#L2. Should you wish to visit the Tapanui Crater:
       The existence of the UFO explosion near Tapanui is vigorously denied by New Zealand scientists. One could even state that these scientists, similarly like the majority of scientists all over the world at present, display a kind of allergic reaction to everything that concerns this particular UFO explosion site, or UFOs in general. (We could sarcastically summarise here the essence of my finding based on the information from the [b]Bible, which finding I presented in item #C4.7 from the web page morals.htm, namely that the entire institution of present official science is "allergic" to everything that represents truth, means NOT only to UFO, but also to God, soul, the existence of two different kinds of time described in the introduction and in item #G4 from my web page dipolar_gravity.htm, to the dipolar nature of gravity field, to the existence and work of "moral field" and "moral laws" - discovered only recently by my philosophy of totalizm, etc., etc. The effects of this total "allergy of science to truth" we already can see around in the present world.) Therefore, should you wish to carry out your own (private) research on the UFO explosion site near Tapanui, New Zealand, you cannot count on any assistance or cooperation from local authorities or local scientists. [/b]
       The researcher wishing to investigate the UFO explosion site near Tapanui must be prepared to do everything on his or her own. For this reasons it is advisable that before one visits this extraordinary explosion site, one reads carefully the following publications (in that order): subsections A3, A4, and O5.2 from monograph [1/4], then the entire monograph [5/3]. All these scientific publications are available free of charge via this web page - see items Text [1/4] and Text [5/3] in Menu from the left margin. In order to download the publication that you choose, just click any item marked e.g. "Text [1/4]" in the Menu listed on the left margin of this web site. Then choose illustrations or content of the volume that you are interested in.
       Notice that the Tapanui Crater is located on a private property that in past belonged to the late Rex Hellier shown in "Fig. #14" below. (His former address: Mr Rex L. Hellier, Pukerau, 1 R.D., Gore, New Zealand.) Therefore, before visiting it, you need to write or ring to the present owner to get a permission to enter his/her land. Possibly you also need to purchase in advance good maps of the area, as the crater is located (as it was stated in the TV programme on this crater) on "a wind-swept wilderness". Here is an internet site of the New Zealand Government, that contains maps and aerial photographs of the area of the Tapanui Crater www.linz.govt.nz - see there square G45 and compare it with Figure 3 from monograph [5/3].

[Bild: hellier_and_pajak_7_2_08.jpg]

Fig. #14: The late Rex Hellier (the person wearing the hat) - means the former owner of the Tapanui Crater. Photographed on 7 February 2008 with [b]Dr Eng. Jan Pająk - the author of this web page. This photograph illustrates, amongst others, a section of the Tapanui Crater taken in the direction from south towards north. (Click on this photo to see it enlarged.) [/b]
       The Tapanui Crater remains in family ownership of Helliers since 1940s, when the father of Rex Hellier purchased it with the intention to search for coal in it. At that time the bottom of the crater was paved with a layer of decaying tree trunks, thus suggesting that in the crater deposits of brown coal could be accumulated. The intriguing thing can be, that in times when first European settlers arrived to this area around 1840s, in the vicinity of the Tapanui Crater there was NO even a single tree. Thus all people were puzzled where this layer of decaying tree trunks at the bottom of the crater comes from. Please notice that independently from this web page, the Tapanui Crater and various consequences of the UFO explosion taking place in it, are also described on the web page newzealand.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand.
       On 27 June 2015 I received a very sad news, namely that Rex Hellier died on Tuesday, 5 May 2015. He will be greatly missed. The late Rex Hellier was a great supporter of my research on the Tapanui Crater and the follower of my finding that it was an ancient explosion site of a UFO vehicle - thus many accomplishments presented on this web page would NOT be possible without his support and assistance.

#L3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L4. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
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       Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).

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