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Totalizm: the philosophy of happy and fulfilled life
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This web page explains the essence of currently the most moral and most progressive philosophy on Earth created by man, called "totalizm". (Notice that the human origin of totalizm is intentionally emphasized here, because totalizm recognises, reinforces and documents the superiority of the Bible.) Therefore this web page indicates what are benefits from practicing totalizm, describes how to practice totalizm, makes available free textbooks of totalizm, defines basic ideas of totalizm (such as "moral field", "moral energy", "moral laws", etc.), explains the origins of totalizm, reveals relationships of totalizm with the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and explains everything that initially is worth to know about totalizm. This web page indicates also verifiable for everyone body of evidence which confirms that totalizm is correct, that it works in real life, and that it really delivers what is described here.

Part #A: Examples how totalizm helps to solve everyday problems - means examples of a first category of benefits from practicing totalizm:
#A1. Recipes of atheistic science would be correct only in the world deprived of God, but in the world ruled by God everything depends on morality - as this is explained by the philosophy of totalizm:
Motto: "Quality of everything depends on the correctness of foundations on which it was build - so even the most majestic palace build on bog, ice or quick sand must collapse."
       The non-admitted openly scientific "foundation" of the old "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. this official human science which we learn in schools and at universities and which still carries out exclusively "a posteriori" research - as this is defined in item #A2.6 below) is the non-written and highly erroneous assumption that in there is NO God in the universe, and thus that everything is ruled by "deprived of intelligence" and "blind" laws of nature. This assumption initially resulted from the completely thoughtless use of so-called "Occam's Razor", but later it was adopted for the ideological foundation of present official science. What even worse, this old official science seems to stubbornly ignore the fact, that such "a world without God" would drastically differ from "the world created and governed by intelligent God". Thus these drastic differences between both these world could reveal only the new "totaliztic science". (For examples of differences between the old, official "atheistic orthodox science", and the new "totaliztic science" - see items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named telekinetics.htm. In turn for examples of these differences - see items #B1 and #B2 on the web page named changelings.htm.) This old science stubbornly ignores also the fact documented and even formally proven by the new "totaliztic science", that the world in which we live displays all attributes of the world created and intelligently ruled by omnipotent God - that formal proof is presented in item #B3 of the abovementioned web page named "changelings.htm". Hence this old atheistic science still disseminates amongst people the picture of life and the surrounding reality, that would be correct only if the universe really is NOT ruled intelligently by God. After all, for example in such a world without God, in fact everything would be like it is told to us by this old atheistic science. Thus, for example "women would be exact copies of men" - and therefore "women would be able to do everything that men can do" (and vice versa), the life of intelligent beings (i.e. so-called "intellects") would rule a leaden Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest", every war would be wan by militarily most powerful side, the immoral acting would be the most beneficial, happiness would be proportional to richness, and thus only rich people could be happy while all poor people would need to be unhappy. Greatest successes in life would accomplish children of rich parents - since they would have the best conditions for growth and the most careful upbringing. In turn secure and peaceful lives would lead mainly people with power - after all only they would have the greatest choice where to live and how to protect themselves. In turn e.g. health and longevity would only be proportional to the correctness of eating, amount of exercises, and quality of rest, thus most healthy and most log-living would become people from the most rich countries.
       On the other hand, in the world ruled intelligently by God, everything must work on completely different principles. After all, is such a world, for example "women are created by God as an extension and complement of men" (i.e. NOT as exact copies of men) - so that the union of men and women creates completely new quality which is much more rich and more perfect than both these genders composing it (as more comprehensively this is explained in item #B2 on the web page named antichrist.htm). The life of intelligent creatures in such a world is ruled by the highly justly principle of the "survival of most moral" (for details see item #G1 on the web page named will.htm) - which replaces the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" that for the intelligent creatures would work only in the world deprived of wise God, while in the world ruled by God that can be manifested only towards wild animals deprived of conscience. In the final count every war is lost by the country (or countries) of aggressors - see #E3 on the web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm. One amongst numerous "punishments" served by God to everyone who acted immorally, is the invalidation in the long-term work of moral mechanisms of all benefits that this person accomplished for the short-term due to his or her immoral acting, combined with the additional escalation of problems for solving of which this immoral acting originally was taken - for details see item #C4.2 from my web page named morals.htm, item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, or item #B6 from my web page named p_instruction.htm. In the world governed by wise God the greatest successes in life and highest level of happiness experience people raised in circumstances opposite to the rich "glasshouses" - means raised accordingly to God's "principle of reversals" described, amongst others, in item #B1.1 from the web page antichrist.htm, in item #F3 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm, and also in item #A2.10 below on this web page. Furthermore, in such God's world, for example happiness, security, health, or longevity, represents "rewards" which this intelligent God gives only to those ones who live accordingly to His commandments. Thus, in the world with God, practically everything is depend on "morality" that someone practices, NOT on richness that he or she accumulated, power gained, or just on food and exercises. It is so because in the world ruled by God by "morality" we should understand the strictness with which someone fulfils God's commandments in the everyday life - for more information on this definition see item #B5 on the web page named morals.htm.
       If we look carefully around the world in which we live, then it turns out that principles and guidelines issued to people by the old "atheistic orthodox science" lead us to nowhere, and completely fail to prove themselves in the real life. After all, it is this atheistic orthodox science that caused such big mass which we now see around us in the world. This is because the old science ignored completely the fact, that "in the world governed by God, morality of people remains the key to everything". (Notice, that in this world governed by God "morality" must be understood the same as it is defined by the philosophy of totalizm, e.g. as the abovementioned "harmony with which requirements issued by God are obeyed in human behaviours" - for the totaliztic definition of "morality" see abovementioned item #B5 on the web page named "morals.htm".) Hence, from someone's "morality" depends whether this someone is happy, gains the respect of others, has kind of partner and neighbours, has enough food, etc. As this is proven on examples in item #C1 from the web page named quake.htm, item #I3 from the web page named petone.htm, item #G1 from the web page named will.htm, or item #E3 and #I2 from the web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm, it is the level of someone's morality, that decides whether a given person, community, or nation lives in peace and security, or rather is troubled by cataclysms, terrorism, wars, crimes, suicides, premature deaths, etc. Also on the morality depends e.g. the inventiveness, and thus also the level of technology and wealth, as well as breakthrough scientific discoveries (as I explained this in more details e.g. in item #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. and also in item #G1 from the web page named eco_cars.htm - both of which items described the action of the so-called "curse of inventors" which destroys creative people in countries with a low level of morality). It is because of the too-low so-called "group morality" - i.e. the morality described in item #E2 below, or more strictly because of too high "group immorality", that in the majority of present countries of the world an official implementation of the "real progress" is NOT possible anymore. (Such a "real progress" depends on the accomplishing e.g. truly breakthrough inventions and really new scientific discoveries - as these are defined in item #G4 from the web page named eco_cars.htm.) Only achievements that these countries are accomplishing at present represent a "false progress" - which depends on the multiple "chumming again" whatever is already known to the humanity for a long time. (E.g. all signs seems to indicate, that for some time now such a making of "real progress", i.e. truly breakthrough inventions and new discoveries, apparently ceased to be possible even in the USA - means in the country which until recently was leading the world in inventiveness and in scientific discoveries. In turn already for a long time it is difficult to hear about the existence of any world-famous inventor or a genius scientists, who would officially carry out his creativity e.g. in Australia, New Zealand, or present Poland. The reason always seem to be the same - i.e. shifting in there to practicing a wrong kind of "group morality" which is based e.g. on a momentary belief of "atheistic luminaries of science", or on behaviours of politicians, rich people, or celebrities, instead of on timeless commands of God.) The attribute of inhabitants of countries which are characterised by incorrect "group morality" is, that unanimously they destroy and persecute these their countrymen, who do NOT follow the "sheep trend", policies of authorities, or fashion from a given country, but they have own opinion about a given matter - as e.g. in New Zealand was persecuted and destroyed Richard Pearse. This is where originates the "curse of inventors" which rages in there, as well as the "inventive impotency" which stems from this curse.
       God issued to people a whole array of guidelines, according to which He wishes that people voluntarily live, and the level of fulfilment of which God uses for His judgement whether a given person or community is to be "rewarded" or "punished" (e.g. with cataclysms). These God’s guidelines, or commandments, can be found in all religions, and also in all holy books, e.g. in the Bible. But the religious manner of writing of these moral guidelines has several drawbacks. For example, they are written with quite an ancient language - which present people avoid to respect. Furthermore, in order to inspire people to seek knowledge creatively, God revealed with the use of religion only "what" rules of morality people should voluntarily obey, but He did NOT explain "why" people should stick to these rules. For this reason, there was a need to develop the "philosophy of totalizm" and a new science based on this philosophy - which the author calls the "totaliztic science". The philosophy of totalizm and the totaliztic science objectively research goals, methods, and ways of God, using for this research most sound and modern scientific methods. Then they formulate moral guidelines for the human behaviour, based on results of this research. As the outcome, totalizm arrives to the same moral recommendations as these commanded by the Bible. But in addition, these recommendations of totalizm are already expressed in present (modern) language, for each one of them totalizm indicates the justification "why" it needs to be obeyed, and together with each one of them totalizm explains what goal, intention, or method of God's action causes that this moral principle should be voluntarily obeyed by people. Sub-items from the item #A2 of this web page, summarise several examples of just such principles of moral behaviour worked out by totalizm. These examples are to illustrate the essence of outcomes of my research, as well as attributes of this currently the most moral, most modern, most correct, and the most progressive philosophy on the Earth created by a man.

#A1.1. The most vital advice of totalizm: do NOT be fooled by the short-term consequences of "moral field" work, which seem to "reward immorality" and "persecute morality":
Motto: "Are you NOT puzzled why lives of people are formed into one long chain of moral lessons, tests and exams? After all, continuous lessons, tests and exams may have only one goal - namely selecting a few best of the best, from a large crowd of already good ones."
       I cannot stop marvelling over the genius of pre-programmed by God the so-called "principle of contradiction between the short-term and long-term effects of the work of moral field" - discovered only by totalizm and briefly summarized in item #H2 of this web page, while accurately described, among others, in items #C4.2.1 and #C4.2 of the web page named morals.htm and illustrated in "Fig. #I1" from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. This contradiction (reversal) of effects allows that in the short-term work of moral field for all impatient and blind people may appear that "immorality pays off", but simultaneously that in the long-term work of moral field the justice is restored, because immoral acting people are severely punished, while morally acting people are handsomely rewarded. As a result, this reversal of short-term and long-term work of "moral field" allows God to quickly classify subsequent people and group intellects to the moral or immoral classes (after which classifying they can be treated as it is explained in item #C4.7 from the web page morals.htm), to check people's readiness for accepting the moral lessons and for implementing these lessons in everyday lives, to test the intelligence and dedication of subsequent people, to check who is suited for the future coexistence with God, while who systematically breaks moral criteria and thus must be removed prematurely from this world according to the described below in #A2.7 "principle of the extinction of most immoral intellects", etc., etc. That is precisely because of this reversal, when you do something morally correct, then rather be happy and treat it as a "good omen" if immediately (i.e. during the completion of given activities) you come across various obstacles and problems. However, begin to act very carefully and wisely (even to the point of abandoning a given activity) if everything goes for you "like a Swiss clockwork" and if all circumstances seem to help you in whatever you are doing as well as instantly reward you for what you are doing - means when the behaviour of moral field seem to indicate that you just carry out an immoral activity. The reasons for which I give you here this advice you may learn after the careful reading, among others, abovementioned items #C4.2.1 and #C4.2 from the web page named morals.htm, and also after reading the other totaliztic publications which illustrate examples and explain the operation of "moral field", for example items #N1 as well as #B5 and #F3 from the web page named solar.htm, items #B4 and #C2 from the web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, item #I2 from the web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm, etc., etc. Here I explain only, that in a world ruled by all-powerful and all-seeing God, the "immoral acting" NEVER pays off, because all the apparent benefits that in the short-term work of moral field seems to bring the violation of moral criteria, are carefully invalidated in the long-term work of moral field, at the same time all the problems which a given immoral acting supposed to solve are escalated further - as excellent examples of just such invalidation of the apparent benefits of immoral acting and the escalation of problems that it supposed to solve, consider the consequences of immoral implementation of pesticides, antibiotics, and the theory of relativity described in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. Thus, the only human acting which actually brings permanent benefits, is the acting that fulfils the criteria of morality (i.e. which is the pedantically moral acting) - for explanations see item #B4 of my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm.
       Until now only a small handful of people bothered to learn about powerful tools that God has created to be able to precisely control literally every second of life of each person. These tools have only recently been discovered due to the use of different research methods of the new "totaliztic science" - while under the names "omniplan" and "reversible software time" are summarized, among others, in the introduction and in item #G4 of my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, and are described in detail in items #C4 and #C4.1 from another my web page named immortality.htm. But even without the knowledge of these powerful tools of God, still those more perceptive individuals eventually notice, that the life of every human has too many regularities and similarities to be governed just by "pure coincidences" - as erroneously makes us to believe the present official science. After all, "pure coincidences" are NOT e.g. able to cause, that practically every person sustains roughly similar amount of happiness and successes as well as misfortunes and problems - and this irrespective of his/her wealth or power, that all events which affect us display attributes of moral lessons, or that the fate of each person is controlled by the level of passing moral exams. All this together further confirms the truth about which I am warning in the motto to this item - namely, that to morality is worth to devote our utmost attention, because the way it impacts our lives proves that it serves for the immensely important choosing of the very few best of the best from a sizeable group of already quite perfect. In turn where such a choice takes place, there is also a certainty, that later it is to serve for an equally important further consequences.
       After learning the above categorical finding of "totalizm", that "immorality never pays off", and after learning the finding of the new "totaliztic science" that "immorality is one amongst the tools used to educate people and to examine their suitability for divine purposes", in the reader probably arises the question "why in present times so many people deliberately close their eyes to the truth and choose the irrational belief that in life it is beneficial to behave immorally?" The answer to this question is equally complex as that proverbial "Gordian knot". After all, in order to properly respond to it, we have to agree, among others, with what in details is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm - namely that God purposely so designs our life, that with the help of the consequences of work of the "principle of reversals" our life is upbringing us into "soldiers of God" hardened in overcoming every kind of difficulties, and that all events which affect us in life are designed in advance to serve as "moral lessons" honed in us lasting habits of morally correct behaviour, and to test (examine) the level at which we are already implementing the principles of morally correct conduct. However, I still will try to "cut" here through that "Gordian knot" to show the reader what it is composed of. Here are the most common upbringing activities and subsequent moral tests or exams, to which we are constantly subjected (although most of us do not have the slightest idea about their existence), supplemented by my brief explanation of "why" every one of them makes an impression as if it rewards immorality while punishes morally correct behaviour:
       1. Test on respect for moral traditions. In my opinion the primary reason for increasingly common today erroneous belief that "immorality pays off", is the testing of our respect for the morally-correct traditions. The reason for this test is that people who cannot bring themselves to respect the past and traditions which created them, cannot also bring themselves to respect anything else, including their own parents and God. In this test, for example the "toys" that our ancestors had to invent, because until recently they have NOT existed (e.g. computers, cell-phones, colour television, jet planes, cars, etc.) are used to amaze and to tell today's generations of people, that due to the use of such "trinkets" these generations supposedly become "more superior" than generations of these ancestors who invented these "toys" - see descriptions of the generation of "Midases in reverse" from items #K5 and #K6 of the web page tapanui.htm. In turn, by being such supposedly "better" generations, they have the right to "trample with their boots" over the traditions of our ancestors, which traditions already have proven themselves working for thousands of years. So some people fooled by those "trinkets", actually trample, among others, over the already established for a long time e.g. the Bible verses and folk wisdom stating that "immorality never pays off" - e.g. consider what percentage of people today takes notice of the true importance of the proverb "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small", or the Polish-language counterpart of it, stating that "God does not act rapidly, but acts justy" (in Polish: "Bóg nierychliwy ale sprawiedliwy").
       2. Test on believing today's mass media, that advocate "quick successes" achieved at any cost, but remain silent about the long-term consequences of immoral actions. All our current mass media (including television) are so controlled, that they produce long programs on "how effortlessly get a quick success in life", but that typically they are silent about disclosing to audiences "what happened in the long-term work of moral field with all those people who almost effortlessly achieved rapid success in life" (i.e. "what after the elapse of so-called. 'time of karma return' happened to these people, about whom moral field and moral mechanisms knew in advance that they belong to those 'bad trees that are to yield only bad fruit' " - described in item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm, and hence whom the "moral field" in its short-term work "helped" to get a success in life).
       3. The test on believing in claims of official science, which does NOT hide its atheism and openly avoids researching of the actual work of moral field and moral mechanisms - and thus which fulfils the Biblical definition of a "bad tree that is NOT going to yield good fruit" (for more details see item #C4.7 from the web page morals.htm and item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm). This test checks the people's belief in false and constantly changed claims of present, official, monopolistic science, i.e. the belief persisting in spite that these people know that the present official science has been built on atheistic (i.e. false) foundations, that it refuses to undertake research on requirements of "true morality" (about requirements of "true morality" almost everyone knows, that these can originate only from God), and that as such, according to the Bible, the present official science is NOT able to give birth to any "good fruit", but yields only "bad fruit" that will only harm those people who are greedy enough to eat it. In general terms, this test boils down to checking whom a given person is to believe, when he or she is forced to choose between whatever in a given matter indicate our senses, logic, empirical experience, evidence, etc., but what is officially denied by scientists who look at the world from armchairs and through thick windows of their "ivory towers" - as an excellent example of the necessity of making just such a choice, see descriptions from item #E2 of the web page named cloud_ufo.htm. For example, this test checks whether a given person is already deterred by the situation, that the present official and monopolistic science - which leads a highly prosperous and trouble-free life due to research-grants received from the power-hungry politicians and from the greedy industries (e.g. armaments), has NO courage to promote any morally-correct truth, e.g. the truth that "in the long-term work of moral mechanisms every war is always lost by an aggressor" - broadly explained, among others, in item #I2 from the web page bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm, that this science constantly changes its official statements and the contents of its textbooks, that is growing the number of its findings and statements that appear to be mutually contradictory, that instead of promoting the progress, this science persecutes and holds down every new ideas that are incompatible with its atheistic doctrines - such as, for example, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or the starship called the Magnocraft, etc., etc. From what I noticed, this exam on belief in the claims of present official science, especially commonly fail women - obviously the opinions of titled experts mean for them more than logic, evidence, and common sense. For example, it is sufficient that somewhere they read an interview with someone with numerous titles, that, for example, allegedly smoking reduces overweight, and immediately they throw themselves onto cigarettes, knowing that these are to kill not only them, but also their family members. Just it suffices that some prize-winning researcher of e.g. cranks recommends in TV to NOT discipline children, but rather keep convincing them like adults, and immediately they report to police if anyone tries to implement what the Bible commands about the disciplining of small brats. It is just enough that in an illustrated magazine they read that a celebrity wife of some rich doctor eats certain weeds, instead of meals, and immediately this weed becomes the only dish in dinners NOT only for themselves, but also for their husbands and families. It just suffices that on the Internet they read what some dictatorial government state regarding salt, and immediately they ignore thousands of years of natural regulation of the demand for salt by our senses of taste and thirst, and force the whole family to eat everything without salt (see #D2 on the web page named healing.htm). Etc., etc.
       4. The tests on noticing distortions of virtually all religious institutions. About testing of our level of noticing the deviations of practically all religious institutions in today's world one could write whole volumes (e.g. see item #A2.7 from this web page). But if we try to summarize these tests in a few sentences, they boil down, among others, to examining: (1) our noticing and remedying of the increasingly deeper departure of religions from doing what God commands them to do in holy books, but instead implementation of whatever imperfect human leaders of these religions tell others that they ought to do, (2) noticing and correcting the disappearance of teaching morality by religions, (3) noticing the avoidance of religions to research scientifically God's methods of work which are commonly used in the present everyday life, (4) remedying the negligence of religions in the empirical checking and confirming of every religious truth (in turn truths, which were NOT subjected to rigorous checking and confirming that later can be verified and approved by practically every interested person, cannot change their status from "belief" into "certainty"), (5) stopping the politicization of religions - that is, stopping the caring of religions mainly about the power over people and about the political influence and income, instead about the service for God. Etc., etc.
       5. The tests on knowledge of the work of moral field and moral mechanisms. For example, each one of us is repetitively taught and then examined whether he/she is already aware of the fact, that in the short-term work of moral field and moral mechanisms these tools of God only give an impression that "immorality pays off", while the actual punishment for immorality comes only in the long-term work of moral field and moral mechanisms - it is summarised in item #H2 from this web page, while in detail it is explained in item #C4.2 of the web page morals.htm.
       6. The test on the enthusiasm for persecuting and on hostility directed at everything that is moral - e.g. on every truth, on the "philosophy of totalizm", on the new "totaliztic science", etc. In this moral exam, people with immoral tendencies are "provoked" to attack and to suppress everything that is morally correct - e.g. every truth. It is from this test that originate, for example, such phenomena as the "curse of inventors", or as the vicious suppression with which the "philosophy of totalizm" and the new "totaliztic science" are troubled by various immoral forces - for examples of some forms of such suppression, see item #B5 from my web page named tapanui.htm, or items #J1 and #P5.1 from my web page named quake.htm. As another example of such suppression I should also disclose here that, for example, whenever in my professional life of an university professor I met up with the announcement of a university position in philosophical sciences focused on research and development of new philosophy, I always applied for this position - justifying my application by the need to further develop the already widely known in the world my philosophy of totalizm devoted to the "true morality". But in spite that I made hundreds of applications for such positions, and in spite that already then the achievements of totalizm exceeded everything that other philosophers have developed so far in the area of our learning the principles of moral mechanisms, NOT even a single of my applications was ever successful. Today's official science clearly does NOT want to have anything to do with academics who study and popularize the truth about the work of "true morality". (Note here, how extremely difficult it is to research and to popularize the knowledge about the true work of mechanisms of morality, if one is constantly expelled from the job, and if the bulk of one's energy must be spend on earning the bread and on keeping alive by lecturing e.g. the Software Engineering that is avoided by other professors and has little to do with what one is actually researching, and also if one is surrounded by a collection of hostile people who shout insults and continually put down of what one has already managed to accomplish.)
       7. The test on such programming of the current systems of governance (including virtually all of today's democracies), which causes almost exclusively immoral actions of governments. It is this test that causes, that if someone matches today's decisions of governments to moral criteria - which matching, among others, sometimes I do and which also should periodically be done by every other citizen familiar with work of "actual morality", then it turns out that practically almost everything that today's governments make or decide, breaks various criteria of morality, and thus in the long-term work of moral field all the benefits that initially stemmed from it must be cancelled as the punishment, while the problems that these measures or laws were to solve must be escalated as the punishment. As excellent examples of today's breaking of moral criteria consider the presently existing "privacy laws" - that help to hide from people the committed immoralities and hamper learning about the actual work of moral field and moral mechanisms, or consider the introduced almost everywhere GST (also known as VAT), which works like sand thrown in the gears of working machine, and which is ruining economically the country that recklessly has introduced it - for details see items #T1 to #T5 from my web page named humanity.htm. More information on the subject of contradictive to moral criteria activities of governments can be found, among others, in items #J1 and #I1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, and items #B1 to #B8 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm.
       Of course, there is incomparably more moral lessons, tests and examinations similar to those listed above. Here I indicated just a few most common examples.
       I was always intrigued by the thoughtlessness of people who play the "armchair philosophers", and with a loud voice full of admiration for the shrewdness of their own mind deliver in public opinions such as "we cannot believe in the existence of God, when we see the enormity of suffering, trouble and struggles of men, when we see little kids dying from some painful illness, as well as when we see microbes, mosquitoes, tapeworms, venomous snakes, crocodiles ..." Hearing this kinds of opinions I want to ask: "if you were god, would you create the world without pain, struggles, challenges, lessons, exams, work, deadly organisms, etc., which would be filled only with pleasures, self-supplying refrigerators and cups to which the supply of tasty wines and drinks would never have ended?" And if YES, then what you would do with those billions of immortal people that are used exclusively to pleasure and that cannot themselves do anything other than emptying their self-supplying refrigerators and cups? Yet you could not kill them, because death is also unpleasant. You could not order them to do anything, because the work is, after all, the effort, challenge, exam and the requirement to acquire skills - that is also a whole series of unpleasantness. (I am NOT going here to philosophize that even pleasure, in which one is forced to live for eternity, with time has become an unpleasant chore.) For many years in different places of my publications I am explaining to this type of "armchair philosophers", that a world devoid of pain, unpleasantness, threats, fears, struggle, demands, laws, homework, exams, challenges, responsibilities, work, etc., would be an useless form of nightmare and hell - just only an extremely inexperienced creator would agree to create and maintain it for longer than a short initial period of the childhood and learning of first humans. In addition, all-righteous God, like ours, even in the world having all of these unpleasant "attractions", can so choose who has to meet which kind of unpleasantness, that nothing unpleasant affects people who previously did NOT deserve it. Examples of publications explaining and documenting these facts, may be: item #A3 from my web page named god_proof.htm, item #G1 from my web page named will.htm, item #D3 from my web page named god_exists.htm, and items #D1 to #D6 from my web page named newzealand_visit.htm that summarize the role of "paradise". However, seeing the universality of such a misunderstanding of the constructive, motivating and balancing role that for people fulfils the pain, death, fear, responsibilities, lessons, exams, work, challenges, etc., I suspect that one day I should write and allow to read, a full article similar to this one, which would explain to this type of "armchair philosophers" what a useless nightmare and hell would be the creation and maintaining of a world filled up only with pleasures - after which writing, in this place I should place a link to such an article.
       Although what I have described in this item is only an advice from totalizm, NOT e.g. the law or an explanation, still it reveals that in view of the increasingly widespread "failing" of moral tests and examinations by people, on one hand we should sympathize with those people, what systematically fail these trials. (After all, NOT without the reason a wise proverb states that "everyone receives in life what he or she previously has earned".) On the other hand, we should treat as a kind of miracle and the reason to wonder, that in today's world there is still existing this handful of exceptionally special people, who in spite of everything, know, openly insist and keep proving to everyone, that for certain "immorality does not pay off". (In item #I1 from my web page named quake.htm these exceptional individuals are described under the Biblical name of "righteous".) As it can be seen, "the philosophy of totalizm" and born from it the new "totaliztic science" are now having the increasingly difficult task ahead - i.e. to re-disclose to typical people today, what is NOT revealed to them neither by present religions, by present official science and education, by present governments, nor by famous people providing role-models, i.e. to re-disclose what a huge mistake people make due to their short-sighted belief that "immorality pays off", as well as people make due to the behaviour resulting from the belief that supposedly "morally correct behaviour totally does not count in life."

#A2. Let us learn several examples of general guidelines on how to act in our lives (i.e. guidelines identified, worked out and recommended by the philosophy of totalizm):
Motto: "Since the ancient times people seek a 'medicine for everything'. Such a medicine really exists - it is called 'morality'. Only that in order to use it effectively, it is necessary to know the philosophy of totalizm."
       If someone already learned the entire philosophy of totalizm, then also learned mechanisms and principles which God uses in His control over fate of people and in His guiding us to behaviours that God expects from us. In turn, after learning these mechanisms and principles, our knowledge as to how act in specific life situations becomes automatic. But this web page is mainly addressed for people, who do NOT know totalizm yet. Thus, in order to illustrate also for them how look-like general guidelines for our acting in everyday life - as recommended by the philosophy of totalizm, below I am indicating several examples of these guidelines. All examples provided here stem from the consequently implemented by God "principles of guiding" people into the most desirable behaviours which God expects from us - i.e. principles described also in item #C6 from my another web page named god_exists.htm. The examples presented below reveal recommendations of totaliztic behaviours in the face of most common problems of everyday lives. Of course, a wider and more complete set of recommendations is explained in textbooks of totalizm - listed in item #A4 below.

#A2.1. In making decisions "always do exact opposite of whatever is indicated by the 'line of the least moral resistance' ":
       In our everyday life we continually must make decisions on how we should act or what we should do in a given situation. The complacency and inborn human laziness push us to choose the action which lies on the so-called "line of the least intellectual resistance". Unfortunately, decisions and actions that follow the "line of the least intellectural resistance" always after some elapse of time turn out to be wrong and immoral. Thus, always then they prove themselves to be detrimental, always must be corrected, always the decision maker is charged with the moral responsibility for damages that they cause, and always one needs to live through the shame and dishonour of their erroneousness and immorality. After all, decisions and actions "along the line of the least intellectual resistance" run exactly down in the so-called "moral field", and thus it is known in advance that they are "immoral". (This "moral field" is described in item #H2 below this web page, while principles of its interaction with our minds during making our mental decisions are explained, amongst others, in items #C4.2 and #C4.2.1 from my web page named morals.htm, and in "Fig. #I1" and item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.) It is just because people most frequently act along such a "line of the least intellectual resistance", that our civilisation found itself in the present "black hole". After all, the physical world is ruled by the law that everything following the "line of the least resistance" always lands in the deepest hole (e.g. consider water or cosmic "black holes"). In turn, from such a hole it is extremely difficult to come out later. Therefore, the philosophy of totalizm recommends that every decision and every action in the life we should carry out along the direction which is opposite to the "line of the least moral (intellectual) resistance" (i.e. along the direction which lies on the "line of the greatest moral (intellectual) effort"). This is because such decisions lie on the "line of the greatest moral effort" (i.e. lie uphill in the "moral field") - and thus they always are "moral". In turn, by being "moral" they never turn to be erroneous. But the problem depends on the fact, that in typical life situation it is quite difficult to establish what action would lie on the "line of the greatest moral (intellectual) effort". But it always is easy to establish what in a given situation would be the most "immoral action" - i.e. what in a given situation would lie on the so-called "line of the least moral (intellectual) effort". Therefore, instead of a long thinking what we should do to make it the most moral, it is enough to instantly determine what would be the most immoral action in a given situation (and such determining takes only a split of second), and then we should do an exact opposite to this most immoral action. For example, if someone offers a bribe to us, the most immoral action would be to accept this bribe. Therefore we should act opposite to accepting it in a given situation. Similarly, when someone hurts us or offends us, the most immoral would be a revenge. Therefore we should act opposite to a revenge. Etc., etc.
       It is worth to notice, that characteristics of the "moral field" and consequences of our actions "uphill" and "downhill" in that field, are also discussed in a number of other totaliztic web pages, for example in items #B1 to #B8 and #C2 from the web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, in items #J1 and #I1 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, or in item #F1 of a different web page named rok_uk.htm.

#A2.2. Mischievous inanimate nature, illnesses and problems control most effectively through corrections in own believes:
       For a very vital reason (described e.g. in subsection A16 of monograph [1/5]), God adopted and consequently applies, the principle of interactions with people, which is really worth to learn. This principle is the source of many events which affect practically every person. Namely, it states that every intellect (e.g. every individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, etc.) always receives from God confirmations for beliefs that this intellect is using as a basis for its behaviour or actions. Such confirmations are issued by God to even these intellects which believe in something that actually do NOT exists in the real physical world - only that in such a case God realistically "simulates" what would happen if it existed. According to this principle, people who believe that e.g. some "talisman" brings them good luck, actually gain a good luck from that talisman. For people who believe in some superstition, this superstition actually works. People who believe in indications of radiesthesia, the radiesthesia really helps. People who deeply believe that something is to heal them, God actually heals after taking this something (thus e.g. comes the medical term of "placebo effects"). People who believe in UFOs actually do see UFOs. People who believe in Yeti or in monsters (of the "Nessie" kind) receive confirmations that Yeti or these monsters actually do exist. To people who believe strongly in demons, devils, or ghosts, God shows such demons, devils, or ghosts. People who believe in heaven and hell, actually receive manifestations of the existence of heaven and hell. People who believe in reincarnation, receive confirmations of consequences of reincarnation - consider the example of simulated reincarnation that I experienced and described in item #J1 from the web page malbork_uk.htm. Etc., etc.
       The problem with such strong beliefs depends on the fact, that if someone believes in something that is unpleasant, evil, or detrimental to people, God also manifests it for him or her. Thus, people who strongly believe that they e.g. are to fall ill on something, or that they are to have an accident, in fact experience this illness or that accident - e.g. see item #G1 from the web page healing.htm. In turn to people who strongly believe e.g. in UFOs or in demons, these evil creatures begin to play "unpleasant tricks" - as if they really acted on the Earth and started to pick just on these people. Therefore in all life situations when we are plagued by some sequences of unexplained "mischievous of nature", illnesses, problems, etc., totalizm recommends to most easily and most effectively get rid of these through correcting our believes. If we are able to determine which our belief is the source of given problems, and then we change this belief into a deep belief that our problem results from the principle of God's acting described here, then the problem is to vanish.
       Totalizm recommends, that in order to so correct one's belief, firstly one needs to review of own deep beliefs (which sometimes can be well hidden and almost subconscious). The point is that we need to determine which one amongst our beliefs, if it is supported by God with given evidence, would become the source of our problems. This phase of elimination of our problems is the most difficult, because sometimes the "cause-effect chain" between our belief and our problems can be quite long and complicated. Then one needs to change this particular belief, into the deep belief that such our problems are just consequences of the "simulation" by God of the body of evidence which is to illustrate for us consequences of whatever we believe. For example, instead of deeply believing in the permanent existence of physical UFOnauts - when our almost new car, computer, washing machine, toilet, etc., rapidly are spoiled, we should start to believe that our problems stem from the fact that we believe in UFOs, so in order to illustrate for us what would happen when such evil UFOnauts actually operate on the Earth, good God "simulates" for us "tricks" that such evil UFOnauts would play on us and that would manifest themselves in spoiling our devices that are susceptible to detrimental action of the magnetic field of UFO vehicles.
       As with everything that God does, also the principle described here is to develop in people moral knowledge and wisdom, as well as the fast ability to distinguish truth from false, good from evil, authentic from a fabrication, etc. Therefore, in His "simulations" of manifestations of someone's belief, God additionally imprints the information about a "moral value" of the belief itself. This information is always aligned with the reliable God's principle, which in the ancient language of the Bible is expressed with the words: "a healthy tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit" (see the Bible, Matthew, verse 7:17 - while for the interpretation of this verse see item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm). Therefore, beliefs into the correcting of which God persuades us through the "simulation" of detrimental, unpleasant, destructive, etc., manifestations of their consequences, in fact are false, non-authentic, anti-God, anti-human, etc. - while people believing in them should immediately change them into the correct ones, or completely cease believing in them. In other words, from what manifestations of "fruits" of someone's belief return to a given believer, one should recognise whether this belief is true or false, whether it serves for the good of people or is detrimental for the humanity, etc. (As an example consider suffering and disasters that are connected with the "simulations" of "skeletons of dinosaurs" described in item #A1 of the totaliztic web page evolution.htm.)
       This recommendation of totalizm is also disseminated by atheists under the name of "positive thinking". However, in the totaliztic recipe described here it is more effective from the "positive thinking" and it is applicable in the elimination of practically all human problems. After all, it is following the God's intentions, is boils down to enforcing our knowledge about God and our morality, and it also serves to the uplifting of human wisdom, inquisitiveness, life experience, etc.
* * *
       In item #C5.1 from the web page seismograph.htm, I am explaining how I would apply the above method to stop cataclysms that already plague the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. But notice that the method outlined in there applies to all cities and all communities in the world (i.e. it applies to all so-called "group intellects" defined briefly in item #E2 below, while controlled by moral mechanisms explained in items #B2 to #B4.4 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm).

#A2.3. From catastrophes and from extremes of nature defend yourself and your loved ones by surrounding yourself with a group of at least "10 righteous":
       Starting from around 1992, due to "contributions" of our well-paid science, the humanity is openly in the "state of war with its God" - for more details see descriptions from item #K1 and "Tab. #K1" of my web page named tapanui.htm. The continuation of the present blind belief of people in erroneous claims of "atheistic orthodox science" additionally escalates this our open "war with God", instead of easing it down. In the result, everyone amongst us should be prepared, that the present cataclysms, catastrophes, extremes of weather and nature, etc., will be intensified as time elapses. So it is worth to begin to listen to the guidelines of totalizm as how to defend oneself from all these.
       Totalizm recommends, that the best defence against cataclysms, catastrophes, extremes of weather and nature, etc., resorted in "crisis situations" when these disasters already trouble us and hang above our heads, depends on surrounding ourselves with a group of at least 10 people who fulfil the definition of so-called "righteous" - means people defined more precisely in item #I1 from my web page quake.htm, which live precisely according to either what in the ancient language recommends to us the Bible, or what with the modern language (and present examples) recommends the philosophy of totalizm. (Notice that the philosophy of totalizm actually is a "generator of righteous people". This is because people who practice the so-called "formal totalizm" described below in item #C1, in reality also fulfil the highly demanding definition of "righteous" from the Bible.) This method of defence results from the fact that God granted a guarantee in the Bible, that these communities in the midst of which lives at least 10 highly moral persons that fulfil the demanding definition of "righteous", are protected from consequences of any cataclysms. This God's guarantee is recorded in the Biblical "Book of Genesis, verses 18:23-32. In turn the actual keeping this guarantee in real life and in present times, I checked in person on the township of Petone in New Zealand (in which I live), while I documented it in item #I3 of two web pages named petone.htm and day26.htm. In fact, this Petone, in the vicinity of which live such "10 righteous" with highly totaliztic morality, is omitted by all cataclysms which lately almost continually trouble New Zealand. (Some amongst these cataclysms are described, amongst others, in item #C5 of the web page named seismograph.htm, in item #D5 of the web page named fruit.htm, and also in item #N1 of the web page named solar.htm.)
       Unfortunately, NOT in every place of living one can surround himself or herself with these at least "10 righteous" - for a simple reason, that there is increasingly less of them on Earth. So if such people are lacking in the place of our living, nor we are able to convince 9 amongst our friends to join us - so that together we would form such a group of "10 righteous" that would pedantically practice the philosophy of "formal totalizm", while the place of our living is already endangered by deadly cataclysms, then perhaps we should consider either shifting to a different area, or "importing" the lacking "righteous" from elsewhere. In turn, if such a shifting or "importing" is out of question, then still we can defend ourselves by practicing totalizm just on our own. After all, even if our lone practice of totalizm does NOT defend from a cataclysm the community amongst which we live, it still for sure is to defend just us. This is because even when our possessions will need to be destroyed by the cataclysm send by God, still - because of our pedantic practicing of totalizm we ourselves for sure become somehow spared, or saved.
* * *
       In item #I3.1 from the web page day26.htm is explained, that the "gift" of such "10 righteous" to protect against cataclysms the area in which they live, can probably be "projected" onto a single selected "righteous" person. Unfortunately, I do not have the required research funds to verify experimentally such a possibility.

#A2.4. If you are "pushed against a wall" or "cornered", then seek the hidden "doors of exit from the situation" that God prepared in there especially for you:
       All inhabitants of the physical world, even those ones who behave most morally, occasionally God subjects to periodic exams, tests, checks, etc. - for details see item #A1.1 above on this web page. These are aimed at teaching us the awareness and perseverance, and simultaneously at testing what each one of us is capable of, how his or her skills compare to skills of other people, etc. These God's exams, tests, checks, etc., sometimes may even depends on the proverbial "pushing us against a wall" or on "cornering" us. But they are to test us, not to destroy us. Therefore, always before creating the situation which is to "push us against a wall" or to "corner us", God firstly prepares especially for us in this wall or in this corner a well-hidden "door" which allows that these moral ones amongst us can escape from the situation without any harm. Thus, the main our task is to find this "door" in even the most difficult situations, and then to use it for our advantage. Therefore, totalizm recommends that if you know that in life you mainly act morally, then after finding yourself in the situation which appears to have no exist, you shouldn't ever give up, but always find this "exit door" which God prepared long in advance especially for you.
       The existence of such "exit doors" in every situation, even that most hopelessly looking, is confirmed by folk wisdom, e.g. through proverbs of the kind like the Polish "when God shuts the door, he always leaves open a small window". The fact that such an "exist door" God always prepares for us in every difficult situation is also emphasized in the Bible, e.g. with the example of the famous escape of Jews from Egyptians through the Red Sea. Just because of this biblical escape, the totaliztic principle described here stating that "we never should give up and always seek this hidden 'exit door' from a given situation", in my descriptions from #6A in subsection I4.1.1 of volume 5 in monograph [1/5], I call this principle the "law of a highway through a sea".

#A2.5. In your adult life be careful to NOT sabotage the plans and intentions of God, because your adult behaviour decides about what was happening to you in the young age:
       Totalizm teaches, that what affects people in young age is actually shaped by what these people are doing in their adult age. Of course, NOT every person has the intellect capable of understanding that whatever they do as adults, in fact decides about what happened to them as children or teenagers. After all, people think in chronological categories. Thus everything that is earlier in time they consider to be a cause, while everything that happens later they consider to be an effect. However, God sees all times at once. After all, God intentionally created the "reversible software time" described in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm and in the introduction and item #G4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm - so that He is able to always see not only the presence and past, but also the future. So everything that people do at any time and that introduces vital consequences for other people, for God becomes a cause, while the effect (that represents the reaction of God on this cause) God implements in the moment of time which from the God's prospective is the most adequate - frequently a long time before the elapse of the software human time arrives to the cause of that particular reaction of God. Therefore people whose intellects are unable to understand this capability of God, that effects of someone's actions are served sometimes much earlier than causes do occur, can only feel in their lives a kind of "supervision" or "care". Means, they only notice, that their lives in young age were like intentionally by someone controlled, so that in the adult age they could accomplish or do whatever they did. But in reality the situation is completely reversed. Namely, in reality God first checks what a given person is going to do in the entire its life, and only then God so directs the life of that person, that this doing agrees with plans and intentions of God. This is the reason for which we all should watch whether we do as adults only things that are agreeable with recommendations, plans, and methods of God (revealed to us by the Bible and philosophy of totalizm), because whatever we do as adults is to decide what happened to us in the young age.
       The full understanding of the above recommendation of totalizm requires the explanation "why" God acts like this. Unfortunately, it so happens that the explanation "why" is quite complex and exceeds the size of this web page. But it is described in other my publications. Therefore, for this explanation I recommend to look in additional sources which I am indicating here. To these sources belong, amongst others, the second part of the descriptions from the web page god_exists.htm, and also item #F1 from the web page rok_uk.htm. Furthermore, more extensive explanations on the topic of dependence of what happens to us in a young age from what we do in the adult age, are provided in subsections NG5.7, NG5.6 and A16 from my newest monograph [1/5].

#A2.6. For true knowledge - research God and extrapolate your findings to the world around, for the impression of knowledge - research world around you and extrapolate it to God:
Motto: "The one-sided monopole of the 'atheistic orthodox science' to-date, makes the humanity poorer, divided, senseless and gloomy to the level which we see today around us. So it is about the time to restore the richness, harmony, sense and excitement of living on the Earth, by abolishing this monopole with the competitive development of new 'totaliztic science'."
       The empirical life continually confirms to us, that "passing the same path, but in both opposite directions, always is the source of two different sets of knowledge which mutually complement each other". For example, if we stand on the top of a mountain, while our eyes catch images (light) arriving from the bottom of it, then our view is different than when we stand on the bottom of this mountain while our eyes catch the view (light) arriving from the top of it. But only the thorough watch in both these directions provides us with a full understanding of the entire situation with that mountain. Similarly, if we look at the landscape through one end of a telescope or binoculars, then whatever we see is to differ drastically from what we are to find out when looking at the same landscape through the opposite end of the same telescope or binoculars. But only combining together our findings from both these directions of looking, provides us with a full and balanced knowledge of work of these instruments. The same happens even if we e.g. just walk or drive "to", and then "from" a place - our road in both directions also provides us with a different knowledge, in spite that it is passing through exactly the same trajectory (e.g. the road "from" always subjectively "feels" as "shorter" and as if we pass it "faster" than the road "to", also during the road "from" we capture additional details of the "other side" which we missed during the road "to"). At outlets of some rivers tourists and locals are entertained by extraordinarily condensed "super-waves" that run "against the current", means "from the sea" - as this is described in item #D2 of the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. But only seeing also the unusual "extended" waves that run "with the flow" on fast rivers, reveal to us that these "super-waves" are outcomes of collision between the motion of wave and motion of water - and that this collision causes their "condensing". Similarly, seeing the so-called "red shift" in the light of stars that is "condensed" due to run "against the gravity current" of heavy stars, only induces wild speculations of some under-educated scientists regarding "where this red colour of light comes from". Only seeing also the "blue shift" in the light coming from the blue sky and "extended" by motion "with the gravity current" of the Earth, reveals to some rational thinking people that "the gravity is a dynamic dipolar field" similar to a field formed by the air at the entry to a fan. To summarise the above, if one wants to gain a full and balanced knowledge about consequences of a given "pathway", then it is necessary to experience this pathway in both directions.
       In spite of these empirical findings that "only travelling in both directions provides us with the full and balanced knowledge", in every matter people insist on going in only one direction. As an example of that insisting, let us consider the "road to God". In medieval times, the religion looked at everything by "starting from God and extrapolating this onto the surrounding reality", while it "burned on stake" every person which tried to accumulate an atheistic knowledge. In turn present-day "atheistic science" does opposite, namely "looks at everything starting from the surrounding reality and extrapolating this onto God", while it "burns on the stake" everyone who (like my "totaliztic science") tries to show the world from the prospective of God. Unfortunately, due to limiting its investigations to just this one approach, the science to-date arrives to the erroneous conclusion that "God does NOT exist". However, the empiric experience reveals to us, that in order to gain the "complete and balanced knowledge" it is necessary to learn about the surrounding reality (and about God), by passing the "road to knowledge" in both these directions, i.e. by "placing ourselves in the situation of God and extrapolating our analyses at the surrounding reality" as well as by "atheistic researching the reality which surrounds us and extrapolation our findings onto God". In this way, these two approaches mutually are to check and to complement each other. In order to realise here the benefits open for us due to such "two-directional" approach, let us briefly compare accomplishments of the monopole of the atheistic orthodox science to-date - means present official human science which "researches only the surrounding reality while the results tries to extrapolate onto God", with the rich competitiveness of the newly born totaliztic science - means the new science which is based on the philosophy of totalizm, and which "analyses everything after placing itself in the position of God and extrapolating God's prospective onto the surrounding reality". (For definitions and more detailed descriptions of both these sciences with opposite philosophical foundations, see items #C1 to #C6 from the abovementioned web page telekinetics.htm.)
       As I am documenting this with countless evidence in a whole range of totaliztic publications, for example in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm, or in subsection H10 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5], such "world ruled by God" that results from research of the "totaliztic science" must drastically differ from the "world without God" that stems from the research of the "atheistic orthodox science". For example, in the "world without God" finding "bones of dinosaurs" must mean that dinosaurs in fact lived on the Earth. In turn in the "world governed by God" finding "bones of dinosaurs" means only that God has some superior goal in showing these bones to people - as this is described in items #A1 and #E1 of the web page named evolution.htm. Thus God could "create" these "bones of dinosaurs" in the same way as He created people and created animals - in spite that dinosaurs did NOT need to live on the Earth. In a similar way in the "world without God" there is no place for "morality" nor "dreams", nor even for the "higher feelings" like love, pity, sorrow, etc. In other words, in order the humanity accomplished the balanced picture of the universe, reality must be simultaneously researched and interpreted by two competitive sciences, namely by the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" and by the "totaliztic science" which is just being established by the philosophy of totalizm. In turn results of both these sciences should be taught simultaneously in schools and officially disseminated amongst people - as this is emphasized, amongst others, in items #B1 and #G1 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm. This is because without such a parallel learning from both these "roads to knowledge", the picture of the universe is highly "biased", deviated, and poor.
       As I already explained it at the beginning of this item, the competitive approach of the new "totaliztic science" is NOT entirely new in every its aspect. After all, it represents the approach to research of the reality, which by past philosophers was called a priori - means "from cause to effect". In a highly limited edition it was practiced in past by religions, while in the ancient times it was even used by Jewish scholars - who preserve the essence of it until today in the form of "kabala". But the "totaliztic science" introduces several new (highly creative) components to this old approach. For example, it states that the use in scientific research exclusively one approach, i.e. the use exclusively either "a priori" approach, or exclusively "a posteriori" approach (i.e. the one which climbs "from effect to cause" - means the one which is exclusively used by present "atheistic orthodox science") is a serious epistemological error which leads to deviations in the human knowledge. This is because, in order the knowledge is complete and balanced, it is necessary to use both these approaches simultaneously. In other words, in vital interest of the humanity lies the establishing and running on the Earth as many as two competitive sciences simultaneously, i.e. the continuation of to-date "atheistic orthodox science" with its exclusively "a posteriori" approach to research, and the simultaneous establishing and running a new "totaliztic science" which would be based on the [b]Concept of Dipolar Gravity and on the formal scientific proof for the existence of God - thus which would scientifically develop the "a priori" approach to the same research[/b] - as this "a priori" approach is represented and illustrated already now in my publications, e.g. in my newest monograph [1/5]. Of course, many more such new and highly creative elements were introduced to the "totaliztic science" - only that their full description (and illustration on examples) requires rather voluminous publication, such as my newest monograph [1/5].
       Sadly, the monopole of "atheistic orthodox science" is surely going to disallow for a long time to come, both - the official establishing and financing of the "totaliztic science", as well as the official dissemination of findings of that "totaliztic science". After all, the "atheistic orthodox science", similarly like every other monopolistic institution, gains significant financial benefits and complacent life due to its "monopole on knowledge" - which benefits it does NOT want to share voluntarily with anyone, while which complacent life it does NOT want to loose by creating a competition. Thus, for a long time to come the totaliztic researchers, similarly like Dr Jan Pająk - the author of this web page, will be forced to research the universe as "unemployed scientists", and perhaps some of them will be even skilfully deprived the right for an "unemployment benefit" - thus experiencing another manifestation of the "curse of inventors" described in item #B4.4 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. Because of this obstructing the free and official disclosure of the findings of the "totaliztic science", to balance own knowledge every person should try to learn these findings in his or her private capacity. After all, when starting from the point of view that God exists, and being aware of the method of God described in item #A2.2 above, rapidly the world around us begins to look differently. For example, everything that surrounds us begins to be just a kind of "hologram" formed by God to accomplish His superior goals - e.g. to inspire people for creative searches and to improve "morality". Thus, for example looking at "skeletons of dinosaurs" we start to know that these skeletons do NOT mean at all that dinosaurs actually lived on the Earth - but only mean that God wishes to inspire human creative searchers by "fabricating" them. Similarly, e.g. the so-called "red shift of lights from stars" and "expansion of the universe", do NOT certify at all for the "big bang", but certify for the high complexity and refinement of the laws of nature which God encoded into the software of the universe - as this is explained in item #D2 of the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. In turn, when we realise all these, our lives again become enriched with the deep sense of purpose and with the understanding of direction - both of which the humanity lost recently because of the "biased" deformation of the knowledge due to the complacent "monopole" of the present "atheistic orthodox science".
       The topic of urgent need for establishing the "totaliztic science" is extended in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page telekinetics.htm and in item #B1 from the web page tornado.htm.

#A2.7. Beware of "principle of the survival of most moral" (which can also be called "principle of the extinction of most immoral intellects"), which God consistently, although discreetly, implements on people:
Motto: "If we would determine the most primary cause for each premature death, then it turns out that it is the deafness to voice of own conscience (i.e. practicing of a form of immorality)."
       No matter whether you are an individual person, or just a whole institution (i.e. so-called "group intellect"), the philosophy of totalizm has for you a vital advice. Namely, if you wish to protect yourself (and also your close ones) from a premature death, then you listen to the voice of your conscience, and also teach your children and all people close to you how to listen to the voice of their conscience. Do so, because for the majority of so-called "intellects" (i.e. for the majority of everything that leads independent "life" and has conscience), God consistently implements the principle of the "survival of most moral" described in more details, amongst others, in item #B1 of the web page named changelings.htm and in items #G1, #G3 and #G4 of the web page named will.htm. The work of this principle is such, that almost all "intellects" which become deaf to the voice of their conscience die prematurely. But it shocks how many present people is unable to listen to the voice of their conscience. Almost all of them are designated "for the scythe" - it is just a matter of time how soon this happen to them. In turn, if you wish to test an adult whether he or she listens to the voice of conscience, then you should utilise for this purpose consequences of the "unanimity rule" described in more details in subsections JA2.1, JA9 and JA13 from volume 6 of my newest monograph [1/5] (or use the child test, also based on this rule, and described in caption under "Fig. #G1b (right)" from the web page named cielcza_uk.htm). This rule states, that "independently with which moral criterion one would judge or measure a given human behaviour, the outcome always will be the same". Therefore, if the reader finds e.g. in the Bible any definite judgement of some human behaviour, then the exact equivalent of this judgement will be whispered by the voice of conscience to all people who still listen to their consciences. Thus, if to a person that still is used to listen to the voice of own conscience, someone suggests e.g. to think or to imagine a sexual intercourse between homosexuals, then the conscience of such a person is to generate a feeling that corresponds to the God's command expressed e.g. in the Biblical "Leviticus", verse 18:22 - quote: "And you must not lie down with a male the same as you lie down with a woman. It is a detestable thing." It is just for this reason, that the majority of people used to listen to voice of their conscience are unable to eat meals e.g. in restaurants in which homosexuals e.g. are openly kissing each other - as this is described in item #B4 from the web page antichrist.htm. But in people who become deaf to voices of their conscience, a sight of active homosexuals either does NOT induce any feelings, or induces the same feelings as a sight of kissing boys and girls. In turn, if to a person used to listen to the voice of own conscience, someone suggests e.g. the "murder", then the conscience of that person is going to induce in him or her a feeling that is an equivalent to the definitive command from God documented e.g. in the Biblical "Exodus", verse 20:13 - quote: "You must not murder". (Notice that both above verses are quoted from the "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures", Watch Tower Bible, New York 1984. The reason is, that in some other translations of the Bible, these verses may NOT be translated so exactly. For example, in Biblical times the same word "kill" was used both, for describing a killing of animals and for a human murder. But in abovementioned verse 20:13 this word is used to describe murdering of people. After all, God allows killing animals if the goal of this killing is a justified use of their flesh for satisfying a true human hunger.)
       The principle of the "survival of most moral" (which can also be named the principle of "premature extinction of most immoral intellects") stems directly from the goal for which God created people and for which at present God wisely governs over the humanity. This is because the God's goal is the "pursue of knowledge" - as this is explained in items #B1 and #B2 of the web page named antichrist.htm. It is also for the same goal that God was forced to create people as imperfect as only possible without causing a self-destruction of the humanity. But, unfortunately, in order to be able to "pursue knowledge" people must behave in a specific manner which in present times is named with the term "moral" behaviour. After all, without a moral behaviour there is NO progress of knowledge nor technology - as this is emphasized in item #A1 of this web page. Therefore God issued to people in authorised (inspired) by Him holy books (e.g. in the Bible) the list of moral requirements and commandments which all humans must obey in their lives. In addition, to every person God gave also a special sense organ called conscience which links directly the mind of that person with the mind of God and which discreetly tells every person which behaviours are morally correct, and which are morally incorrect. In turn, for the use of e.g. atheists, wise God developed also a whole array of objective so-called "indicators of moral correctness" - such as "moral field", "moral energy", "moral laws", "karma", etc. (for their brief descriptions see items #C4.2 to #C4.7 from the web page morals.htm). Unfortunately, because of the in-born imperfection, many people ignore these commandments from holy books, whispers of conscience, indicators of moral correctness, etc. Due to this, instead of behaving morally, they behave immorally. In turn, such their immoral behaviour holds back God in accomplishing His goals and plans. Therefore, God discreetly eliminates these immoral intellects from the life (i.e. quietly kills them) - as this is explained in items #G1, #G3 and #G4 from the web page named will.htm and item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm. This string of premature deaths of such immoral intellects (and thus survivals of only most moral ones) forms the principle of the "survival of most moral" summarised in this item. (For a complete description of this principle I would recommend to look at items #G1 to #G7 from the web page named will.htm.)
       However, God's actions during the implementation of this principle of the "survival of most moral" (and "extinction of the most immoral"), are obstructed by a serious limitation. This limitation stems from the fact, that if every person is sure of the consistent work of this principle in real life, then rapidly all people would start to blindly believe in God and there would be NO atheists on the Earth. On the other hand, people who blindly believe in God and are highly religious, have a serious drawback, which can be called the "paradox of believers". Namely, typically they think, that they already know everything that is worth knowing - thus they ignore their duty to learn increasingly more about their God and about the world which God created. This in turn changes them into conservatives and stagnation-makers. So not only that they do NOT "pursue of knowledge", but even they actively disrupt the pursue of knowledge - as this is explained in more details in items #C3 and #A2 from the web page named will.htm. In fact, if the Earth is inhabited exclusively by people blindly believing in God, then until today the humanity probably would still live in caves and know no fire. In addition, almost all religions (and thus almost all religious people who blindly believe in God) with the elapse of time gradually deviated the understanding of God's commandments, interpreting these commandments increasingly wrong and selectively. For example, the greatest parts of holy books with God's commandments (e.g. the greatest part of the Bible) express God's requirements how people should coexist morally with other people. In turn only a marginal part of these holy books is devoted to maintenance of tradition of repetitive reminding to people about the existence of God - through e.g. communal prayers and masses, explanation of God's powers, pay homage to God, worshiping God, etc. However, almost all religions reversed these proportions and the majority of their attention they devote to worshiping God and prising God, while only a marginal part of attention they devote to the moral coexistence between people. As the result, the majority of religious people who blindly believe in God, thinks that they fulfil all God's requirements imposed onto them if they only regularly go to church or temple and participate in there in sessions of worshiping God and prising God. In turn fulfilment of these most vital for God requirements of everyday moral coexistence with other people, these blindly believing people neglect or ignore completely. So instead of living morally, the majority of religious people only regularly praise God, while their everyday lives typically are full of immoralities. Summarising the above, because of the progressing with time departure by religions from the understanding of God's intentions passed to people in His requirements and commandments, highly religious people who blindly believe in God actually make impossible for God the implementation of the goal for which He created people, i.e. make impossible the "pursue of knowledge". So for the "pursue of knowledge", God needs atheists on the Earth (or needs the presence of people who practice the new "totaliztic science" - and thus who know that the God’s goal is the "pursue of knowledge", and thus they still "pursue of knowledge" in spite that they are sure of the God's existence). Therefore, God cannot openly and in a visible to everyone manner "kill those most immoral intellects". This is because such an open killing would deprive people of their "free will" and would cause that everyone would be scared to ask inquisitive questions which lie at foundations of the "pursue of knowledge". After all, people who ask courageous questions frequently are accused of "blasphemy" by various "Pharisees" - it is in order to disclose the immorality of this type of accusations that are against God's will and goals, that Jesus was send to cross by priests who almost everything were ready to call "blasphemy".
       In order to balance the situation and cause that both, immoral intellects get extinct, but atheists still are propelling the "pursue of knowledge", wise God implements on the Earth the principle of the "survival of most moral" in a highly discreet, unspectacular, and unnoticeable for people manner - as this is explained in items #G3 to #G5 from the abovementioned web page will.htm. Namely, God creates appearances, that also for people supposedly acts the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" and that supposedly "pays to be immoral", and furthermore, when God consistently "kills these most immoral", He always does it in a manner which provides people with at least 3 different explanations - described more exactly in item #C2 from the web page tornado.htm. In turn, for the use of these persons, which work (and deserve) to learn the truth on this subject, God allows this truth to be discovered, and revealed to interested people, by someone named Jan Pająk - means by a truth-chaser with the professional life quite symbolic for the turn of 20th to 21st century, i.e. restlessly persecuted by his countrymen, unwanted in his own country, chased to the "end of world", continually criticised by professional scientists, characterised by almost everything that induces prejudices of other people (including name), troubled by frequent losses of work, by uncertainty of tomorrow, by unemployment (but without qualifying for an unemployment benefit), lack of funds for research, scarce resources, coldness, health problems, etc. This is because the wise God knows very well, that anyway, almost no-one in the world will believe in truths which were discovered privately and for free by the hobbyist named Jan Pająk that originates from the small Polish village Wszewilki (instead of being discovered at huge costs and with the use of expensive satellites or research facilities by a scientific celebrity employed officially in Cambridge or in MIT just for specialising in such research).

#A2.8. If you notice a "group immorality" of the institution or community to which you belong, do wisely everything in your power (but without compromising your security), to disclose the harmfulness of it, as the passivity towards someone's immorality, God punishes the same severely as a participation in this immorality:
Motto: "If you remain 'passive' in the face of someone's immorality, then in the future you will be punished in the same way as if you were a co-culprit in that immorality."
       Empirical data that increasingly reveal themselves in events that we see, show that a "passivity" towards someone's immorality God punishes as severely as the participation in that immorality. That principle of punishing a passivity is described already in a number of totaliztic web pages - e.g. see items #B4 and #B1 from the web page named parasitism.htm. Therefore, if we see any form of immorality in the group intellect to which we belong, then in our interest lies that we wisely do everything in our power, but in such a way that it will not expose us to a danger or to a persecution, to disclose the harmfulness of this immorality and in this way to make our own contribution to the elimination of it.
       In our, however, observance of that requirement of God (to not remain passive in face of someone's immorality), we have an obligation to take only such actions which, according to our conscience and to our knowledge, do NOT represent an "aggression", and hence do NOT expose us to the danger or to persecution from other people with whom we previously lived in peace. The point is, that God does NOT wish we combat one evil with the help of another evil. However, if we are first who took (initiate) an action against people with which previously we lived in peace, while a consequence of this action would be that it would expose us to a revenge, persecution, danger, etc., from these people, then even if our action would be used to curb someone's immorality, still it would represent itself an "aggression", and as such it would be an immoral action. Hence such a prevention of someone's "malicious" activities through the initiation of harming ourselves, is not at all what the wise and righteous God demands from us. For this reason, by "doing everything in our power" to prevent someone's immorality, one should understand the making of prudent and well thought-over actions, which do NOT represent an "aggression", and hence they do NOT expose us to any form of receiving returned suffering, persecution, dangers, etc. (Please notice, however, that if this "group immorality" that we have the duty to combat, is already itself an aggression directed against us, then the situation changes and we have then an "obligation to defend ourselves" with the aid of all ways and means that are available to us.) In other words, from experiencing the full weight of the punishment from God for our passivity towards someone's immorality, we will be exempted already after taking any our prudent and well thought-over deliberate actions, that at least in a minimal way contribute to the reduction of the "immorality" of someone's conduct (e.g. through making other people aware of the harmfulness of such a conduct). Of course, when God will serve penalty for immortality of a given "group intellect" to which we belong, then the level of our release from suffering because of that penalty, will be proportional to how much we contributed to eradication of given "group immorality". The most clearly this "proportionality" of the level of punishment can be seen in cataclysms - e.g. see items #C7 and #I1 on the web page named seismograph.htm. This is because cataclysms always bring death only to those most guilty, they bring rough treatment to those slightly less guilty or those who did not display a full passiveness, and they completely bypass the innocent ones and those who significantly contributed to the elimination of the "group immorality".
       To the matter of our personal responsibility for immoral actions of the group intellect to which we belong, and also of the moral requirement imposed on us, that in such cases we must NOT remain passive, but should start an active effort to correct this immorality, the philosophy of totalizm devotes a lot of attention. For example, this topic is addressed also in item #E2 from this web page, as well as in item #N2 from the web page named pajak_re_2017.htm. In turn an example of the punishment which was served to Germans for passivity in the matter of immoralities committed by their group intellect, which punishment after the end of second world's war, amongst others, took the form of killings of former (passive) Germans by the secret organisation of Germans, is discussed in item #E2 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm.

#A2.9. To those whom you love and respect tell the objective truth and well-balanced constructive criticism, while praises and unconstructive compliments keep for the enemies:
Motto: "Those who receive only compliments are deprived of chances to repair their mistakes."
       Speaking the truth and constructive criticism is difficult. After all, it climbs steeply uphill in the "moral field" - as explained in item #A2 from the web page named prawda_uk.htm. Thus the "truth" almost always turns out to be unpleasant. Therefore, in recent times the humanity adopted an immensely damaging principle, that to the people close to us only said is whatever they want to hear, means sweet lies, praises, compliments, etc. This rampant lately "fashion" or a rule to never tell the truth, on the West already has the name of "positive reinforcement" - means supposedly the "building of a character through telling only things believed to be 'positive' ". However, as it turns out, the consequences of it actually "undermine", not "enhance" or "reinforce". As a result of this ocean of "sweet lies", the majority of people today have lost their self-criticism, as well as their ability to understand and to repair of errors that they committed. Therefore, no longer they are able to improve their behaviour. After all, by not receiving the information from other people as to what they are doing wrong, they lost the realism in the assessment of own conduct, and therefore act increasingly more wrong.
       For the above reasons totalizm points out that the more you love and respect someone, the greater is the obligation to speak truth to him or her and to positively identify errors that this someone commits. After all - as it is explained in item #F1 from this web page, "without learning the truth there is no progress". But if the loving person does not explain exactly to the loved and respected ones, what they do wrong and what mistakes they made, then in today's times they do not receive such an information from anyone else.
       In imposing on the totalizts the obligation to criticise constructively and to objectively indicate someone's errors, totalizm, however, requires to do it the right way. Namely, it requires that (a) the criticized people are always informed that our criticism results from the love and respect to them, and that we want that through such a criticism they learned to avoid making mistakes and mastered the skill of repairing these errors which they already committed. In addition, (b) the criticism must be constructive. This means, that it should be accompanied by so much additional information as much we are able to communicate. Especially it should reply to questions "why" something was wrong, "how it can be repaired", "how in the future one can avoid the repetition of the same error", etc. Our criticism should also be ©, well-balanced. That is, the serving of it, if possible, should be balanced by the equal amount of confirming what those of our loved and respected ones do well and properly.
       Totalizts typically "do not get into anyone's way", and thus they do not have a lot of enemies. After all, in their lives they always act pedantically moral. However, if they do have an enemy, then they should keep for him or her all the compliments and unconstructive praising. After all, in this way they "hunt up several birds with just a single stone."

#A2.10. Rise your children accordingly to the "principle of reversals" commanded us by God, remember also that the entire your life God continues upbringing you with the use of this principle:
Motto: "Experiencing opposite of good, illustratively teaches us what is good."
       On a number of totaliztic web pages is described the principle used by God for upbringing people, called the "principle of reversals". Descriptions of it the reader finds in item #B1.1 from the web page antichrist.htm, in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm, or in item #F3 from the totaliztic web page wszewilki_uk.htm. In the Bible this principle is commanded by God to be used by people for upbringing their children - although in there it does NOT have so meaningful name. The work of this principle boils down to the mobilizing people to intensely work towards a change of their situation, through placing them in the situation, that what "is", always seems to be "opposite" to what "should be", what "we would like to be", and what "God requires us to establish". In other words, in order to teach people a resourcefulness, place them in situation of unavailability, to teach people softness, act on them hard, etc.
       The fact, that for the entire our lives God continually is upbringing us with the use of this "principle of reversals", introduces various consequences to the perception of whatever affects us. For example, if we are affected with something unpleasant, then instead of being miserable, we should treat our experience as a lesson of life from which we can draw useful conclusions, and as an opportunity to improve our character and our prospects for the future. We also should NOT be ashamed of our "black periods" from our lives, as they document the richness of experiences that we already gathered.
* * *
       In order to consistently implement this "principle of reversals" on the Earth, God is forced to use an array of tools, methods, and ways of acting especially created or developed for this purpose. I personally would recommend to the reader to get familiar with them. Their more comprehensive description is provided in item #C6 from the web page named god_exists.htm. Some of these are also indicated in item #A1.1 above on this web page. After all, knowing them allows us to understand better the behaviour of our God, and also to react better in unpleasant life situations in which frequently we find ourselves just because of this God's "principle of reversals".

#A3. Further guidelines on the totaliztic acting in lives are indicated by the rest of totalizm:
       This web page of limited size is aimed at revealing only the essence of the philosophy of totalizm, not on teaching entire this moral philosophy. Therefore, in order to not extend this web page, I am NOT going to list here any more guidelines of the totaliztic acting in our everyday life. After all, such guidelines emerge by themselves - of someone learns the work of moral mechanisms and principles described by the philosophy of totalizm. Furthermore, a whole array of such guidelines for totaliztic acting in specific life situations is indicated by various other my web pages and publications. For example, another set of guidelines, similar to the above, is briefly summarised e.g. in items #C4.2 to #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm, item #F1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm, or e.g. item #J1 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. In turn, to a full extend these guidelines are explained in textbooks of totalizm indicated in item #A4 below - for examples see subsection A16 and NG6.4 in my newest monograph [1/5].

#A4. Manuals of totalizm:
       Here are free of charge manuals of totalizm available at present for downloading from the Internet - listed in the order from a newest one to the oldest (click on the green description of the selected manual to download it to your computer):
Newest: volumes 1, 6 to 8, 12 to 13 and 4 to 5 of monograph [1/5] in PDF,
Older: the entire illustrated monograph [8e/2] in PDF,
Still older: volumes 4 to 9 and 4 to 5 of monograph [1/4] in PDF,
Oldest: the entire illustrated monograph [8e] in PDF and non-illustrated monograph [8e] w DOC and WP5.
       While using textbooks and publications of totalizm, it is worth to know that since their illustrated versions in PDF format were developed, their older non-illustrated versions disseminated in WORD.DOC and WORD_PERFECT.WP5 formats ceased to be updated. But these older and already non-updated versions were NOT removed from Internet, so that interested readers still are able to upload and review them. But if someone is NOT interested in the history and the evolution of given ideas, then while downloading a given manual he or she should rather seek the most recent one, means illustrated and updated version of it in the PDF format.

#A5. Notice how to spell the name "totalizm":
       Totalizm should not be confused with "totalitarianism". Totalitarianism is a fascism-like immoral philosophy which in almost every aspect is completely opposite to totalizm. Unfortunately, for some very strange reasons, a few years after the name "totalizm" described here started to gradually disseminate throughout the world, various anonymous individuals rapidly rushed to rename "totalitarianism" onto a shorter name totalism. Fortunately, the shorter name for the reactive philosophy "totalism", these individuals usually wrote with the letter s, i.e. NOT with the letter z - which is used by the moral "totalizm" described here. The interesting part of this strange phenomenon is, that individuals who use the name "totalism" in the meaning "totalitarianism" seem to overlook that both these words have completely different meanings. The word "totalitarianism" originates from the word "totalitarian", which means an "aggressive stand of controlling and imposing". In turn the word "totalism" originates from the word "total", which means a "complete wholeness". Observing this illogical fashion of naming "totalitarianism" with a completely wrong word "totalism" some time after the name "totalizm" was already introduced, one should ask the question, whether this is just a fashion, or it hides something much more sinister, which we should take notice of. After all, according to totalizm, in the intelligent universe nothing happens without an important reason.

#A6. Logo of totalizm:
       Totalizm has its own logo. This logo is used for sealing (marking) everything that fulfils principles of totalizm - e.g. see "Fig. #I1". Because totalizm is the modern philosophy of morality and fulfilment of moral requirements, the logo of totalizm turns out to be the symbol (seal) of morality and obedience to moral requirements. Here is how this logo looks like:

[Bild: 14_ja01_e.gif]

Fig. #A1. The logo of totalizm - means the symbol (seal) of morality and obedience to moral requirements. Totalizm is currently the most moral out of all modern, human-formulated philosophies in existence on Earth. (But notice that totalizm recognises the moral superiority of the content of the Bible - towards scientific explanation of which should strive the findings of every human-formulated philosophy based on empirical evidence and on logical deductions - see the caption under "Fig. #L1ab" from the web page named [b]pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.) Everyone who willingly places this logo on his/her writing, or who carries the logo of totalizm, has the moral duty to maintain the pedantical obedience of own words, attitudes and actions with the content of the Bible and with scientific findings of the philosophy of totalizm. (Of course, this moral duty is unable to scare fraudsters of various kinds from abusing the logo of totalizm - similarly like institutions which print money, as well as human laws, are unable to prevent these money from being counterfeited e.g. by criminals.) [/b]
       Totalizm is a philosophy, which uses this distinct logo shown above. This logo is of the shape of ellipsis, with white and red symbols in it. It has an extremely unusual history and quite a special interpretation, both of which are comprehensively explained in the English monograph [8] entitled "Totalizm" (an English-language copy of this monograph you can download free of charge from almost all internet sites of totalizm, the addresses of which you find either on the left margin of this page, or if you ask any search engine to look for the key word totalizm). Logo of totalizm displays many interesting attributes. For example, it emits quite special, positive, and unique "configurational vibrations", which can be perceived with tools of radiesthesia (e.g. by a divining pendulum or by a divining rod). Some people even claim, that it works for them as an amulet that brings good luck in personal life. At the address someone published anonymously an entire web page (in Polish), in which he describes outcomes of his personal analyses and research of this unusual logo - I recommend having a look at it. You can find this logo on many internet web pages, which are devoted to the moral, peaceful, positive and constructive philosophy of totalizm.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, including also the popular "Internet Explorer", allow to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.

Part #B: Origins of totalizm:
#B1. What is totalizm:
Motto: "Totalizm is a kind of symbolic 'white horse' which carries these people who ride on it into a better future that guarantees more aware, more fulfilled, and more happy life."
       Totalizm is a new, moral, peaceful, progressive, and constructive philosophy that was developed as recently as in 1985. Although several comprehensive definitions of this philosophy are provided in subsection JC1 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5], for the consistency of presentation we start our descriptions from attempting to define totalizm also here. However, providing a single brief definition of this philosophy is rather a difficult task. This is because, depending on a point of view, the definition must differ. So let us assume, that we wish to define it from the point of view "what and how totalizm does". Then the essence of this philosophy could be expressed in the following definition: 'moral totalizm (spelled with "z") is a philosophy of everyday living which allows us to accomplish a number of desirable qualities of living such as happiness, health, feeling of fulfilment, peace of mind, satisfaction with what we have, etc., through indicating to us several very simple principles which it recommends to obey in our lives, such as "everything that you do you should do in a pedantically moral way", "utilise every opportunity to increase moral energy in yourself and in others", "always choose the path which lifts you upward in the moral field along the line of the highest intellectual resistance", etc.'
       Although totalizm calls itself a "philosophy", actually it is more related to strict sciences such as physics, mechanics, or computing. This is because it utilises new phenomena of nature that it discovered and described, such as moral field, moral energy, moral laws, etc., to define with their assistance the most productive principle of our conduct and most beneficial principles of our living. These newly discovered phenomena which totalizm utilises, are explained in more details in subsection JA13 from volume 6 of monograph [1/5]. But in order to make the above definition understandable already here, we explain them now in other words.
       Totalizm is founded on the finding of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity stating that all our accomplishments are governed by appropriate energies and by configurations of appropriate fields. Thus, all qualities highly sought and mostly appreciated in our lives, such as our creative capabilities, accomplishments, happiness, health, peace of mind, self-fulfilment, respect of others, and many more, we must "buy" through paying for them with a special form of energy called "moral energy". This energy allows us to "buy" practically everything that we wish to have or accomplish in our lives. Means, whenever we feel happy, experience pleasure, accomplish or do anything in our life, etc., it always boils down to the consumption of a portion of our moral energy - similarly like in physics all types of work consume physical energy. Of course, in order to be able to "buy" ourselves anything with this moral energy, we firstly must accumulate it. Because the "moral energy" is simply a form of energy which we accumulate while we climb upward in the "moral field", practically we acquire it by completing in our lives actions that lift us upward in this moral field. The "moral field" is very similar to gravity field, except that instead of acting upon masses it acts upon intellects - for more details see items #H2 and #A1.1 of this web page. It causes that every our action has a definite moral polarity, means it is either "immoral" because it slides us downward in this field, or is "moral" because it lifts us upward in this field. So an increase of our "moral energy" totalizm compares to an increase of potential energy in physics. Namely, it states that we need to put knowledge and effort into practically every our action in order to make this action to lift us upward in this moral field. (If we do not put knowledge and effort into our actions, they may accidentally slide us down in the moral field, instead of lifting us up.) In turn this climbing upward in the moral field is accomplished if we obey so-called "moral laws". Thus, the only recommendation of totalizm for everyday living states that "whatever you do always pedantically obey moral laws". In this recommendation totalizm closely copies physical sciences. After all, physical sciences also state, that in order to accomplish anything in your life, you need to obey laws of nature in everything that you are doing. So the only skill that one needs to master in order to apply totalizm in his or her everyday life, is to learn what these moral laws are, and how to obey them. In turn by learning this, one learns the way of a continuous increase of all one’s capabilities, potentials, and desired qualities of life, which stem from the amount of moral energy that one managed to gather and is able to spend for accomplishing goals that he or she desires. Several simple rules, which totalizm teaches us, unlock our access to countless benefits that the conversion of moral energy into our accomplishments can bring to us, and that are listed in subsection JA2.4 from volume 6 of monograph [1/5].

#B2. The real creator of totalizm is the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
       Totalizm is the only philosophy on Earth, which was not invented, but derived. It was derived in a similar manner as mathematicians derive new equations, and physicists derive new laws of physics. Actually everything started from a new scientific theory, which describes the way how gravity field operates. This theory was developed in 1985 and is called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. (You may seek more details about this theory via search engines, using its name as key words. It is also described on various web sites, e.g. about telekinesis (telekinesis.htm), or about telepathy (telepathy.htm), while the significance and influence of it on our understanding of the universe around us, are explained e.g. in item #J5 of the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm or in item #B2 of the web page malbork_uk.htm.) After I finished developing this theory, it turned out, that from just an ordinary scientific theory, which only supposed to explain how gravity field works, it turned out to be the theory of everything that was searched for so long. It seems to provide answers to practically all questions that humans may have. In order to give you some idea, as to how wide range of questions this theory answers, look at the list of key words and key phrases contained in the philosophy of totalizm. Amongst other questions, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity also answered these very old ones (by the orthodox science to-date considered to be unanswerable), e.g. whether we have souls and spirits, whether nirvana does exist, whether God does exist, whether this "other world" does exist, how our brain operates and why we sometimes remember things that happened before we were born, how telekinesis, telepathy, and acupuncture works, what is radiesthesia, what is energy, what is time, how to build time vehicles, how to accomplish immortality and live forever, and many more.
       One of many new ideas that this theory initiated, was the philosophy of totalizm. Actually this "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the real creator of "totalizm". I am only a writer who wrote down the descriptions (a textbook) of totalizm, and then published these descriptions!

#B3. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains the work of moral laws:
       Let us consider what happens when you hit a key in your computer. Well, briefly speaking the hardware of your computer sends a control signal to the appropriate program in your computer. The program begins the service for this particular key. It converts the control signal into a command for a specific action of the computer. The command is send back to hardware, which executes it. So practically whatever happens in your computer after you hit any selected key, it always depend on a program contained in the computer's memory. According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity exactly the same happens when you are doing any physical action in your life. This is because our universe is actually build like a typical computer. Namely it has the hardware part contained in our world. It also has the software part (or programs) contained at the other end of dipolar gravitational field in a separate intelligent world called the counter-world. Every single your physical action carried out in our physical world sends appropriate control signal to this another software world, or counter-world. In the counter-world this signal (which describes your action) is processed by special natural programs, which totalizm calls moral laws. Moral laws work out what should be the response of the counter-world to a given action. Then it prepares this response and sends it back to our world in the form of special natural commands (small programs) which totalizm calls karma. After arriving to our physical world, these commands are executed, giving appropriate response from the environment to our initial actions.
       The important attribute which the above mechanism of morality reveals, is that whatever we do in our life, it brings responses which are not random at all. Actually all responses of the environment to our actions are following a set of very strict rules or algorithms, by totalizm called "moral laws". Moral laws are like laws of physics - only that they define what moral consequences of our actions are to be. The existence of moral laws practically means that in our behaviour we must start to learn and respect the action of these laws. If we do not know about them, we are not able to obey them, therefore we are severely punished for breaking them. Furthermore, we are unable to earn rewards given to people who obey these laws. More about moral laws, our world, and counter-world is described in volume 5 of English monograph [1/5] - have a look at it (it is for free and you can download it via this web site).

#B4. The intelligent counter-world:
       Before I proceed with further explanations regarding totalizm, I firstly need to provide more details regarding this mysterious "counter-world", which contains the software part of our universe, thus in which the moral field is formed and the operation of moral laws is executed. We actually hear about this counter-world from religions, except that being formed thousands of years ago, religions are unable to explain it with present terminology. Religions call the counter-world with different names, e.g. as this "other world" or "world of souls and spirits". It is this counter-world where our souls are kept and where we go after our death. Fortunately for us, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can already explain much more about this other world. This concept proves that the gravity field is actually a dipolar dynamic field, quite similar to magnetic field, meaning a field that has two poles: an inlet "I" and outlet "O". But because gravity field is concentric, in our world we can only see the inlet "I" pole. The second pole "O" of gravity disappears from our world and appears in a different world that is parallel to ours one. This other "counter-world" is also filled out with a substance. It is named "counter-matter". The substance "counter-matter" forms in the counter-world exact duplicates of objects existing in our world. In fact, every object that exists in our world, in this counter-world has an exact replica of itself. For totalizm this exact replica of our physical bodies contained in the counter-world carries a very special significance. Totalizm calls this replica a counter-body. (Religions call it a "phantom" or a "soul", while the so-called "alternative sciences" usually refer to it as to "astral body", "energy body", "aura", etc.)
       The substance "counter-matter", which prevails in this parallel counter-world, as well as all objects formed from it, have exactly opposite properties to our "matter". For example, our matter displays mass, inertia, and friction, so counter-matter is weightless, has no inertia, and produces no friction. But the most important are intellectual attributes of our matter and this counter-matter. Namely our matter is "stupid" in the natural state, while counter-matter is opposite to stupid, means "intelligent". This practically means that the entire counter-matter which prevails in the counter-world displays all properties which we know as carriers of intelligence. For example counter-matter can gather information, store or memorise information, retrieve information, and think. Practically this means that the counter-world is like one huge computer. It can create computer-like programs, and it also can run these programs. One type of programs that are created and stored in the counter-world are these algorithms of various laws of nature, including algorithms of moral laws. Of course, there is a wealth of evidence that the counter-world does exist and that it is intelligent. Several examples of this evidence are discussed on the totaliztic web site telekinesis.htm.
       Further descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, including evidence and formal proof for the existence of intelligent counter world, are provided in volumes 4 and 5 of newest monograph [1/5] (available in English and Polish) "Advanced Magnetic Devices", and in volumes 4 and 5 of an older monograph [8/2] "Totalizm" - both these publications are available free of charge via this web site. Because it does not take a lot of time to review these two volumes, while they open our eyes to many phenomena which previously remained unexplained for the orthodox science, I am inviting you to have a look at them.

#B5. The thinking counter-matter, means God:
Motto: "According to totalizm we live in God, according to religions God lives in us."
       As it is explained in the previous item of this web page, in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the name "counter-matter" is assigned to the intelligent substance that prevails in this other parallel world, called the counter-world. The most extraordinary attribute of this substance from the counter-world is that it is intelligent in its natural state. This means that it is able to think like a huge computer. For example, the so-called ESP, or cases of receiving replies to inquiries via divining pendulums, are actually manifestations of communication between humans and this thinking substance. The shocking consequence of the entire other world being filled up with such thinking substance is, that actually this intelligent other world is what religions call God. Thus the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the first fully scientific theory which is able to prove formally that God does exist. This formal scientific proof for the existence of God is published in subsection I3.3 from volume 5 of English monograph [1/5], and also in subsection K3.3 from volume 6 of English monograph [8]. It is also explained on two totaliztic web pages, namely god.htm, and god_proof.htm. The philosophy of totalizm accepts this formal proof for the existence of God and considers it in all the deductions that it undertakes.
       Although the philosophy of totalizm of a fully secular way of living, the formal proof for the existence of God has an important meaning for it. The point is that because God conclusively does exist, the totalizm can rely in all statements on the purposeful and intelligent construction of the universe and course of events around us. After all, the intelligent God must construct and run the universe in an intelligent manner. In turn the intelligent structure and operation of the universe, causes that everything must have a clear purpose, meaning, structure, predefined operation, allows to carry out effective deductions with the use of scientific methodologies, etc. This in turn allows to find recipes for happy and fulfilled lives, purpose of our living, principles behind every phenomena, etc.

Part #C: How to practice totalizm:

#C1. The single principle of totalizm:
       Totalizm is a very simple philosophy. It has only a single rule, or principle, which it asks to follow in everything that we are doing. This single rule of totalizm states: whatever you do, always do it pedantically morally (i.e. by obeying all moral laws). Of course, in order to follow this simple rule, people firstly need to know that moral laws do exist, and then they must also know what moral laws actually state. So in order to apply totalizm in our lives, some way of learning ther conent of moral laws is needed, for example by study the description of these moral laws, which is presented in subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of English monograph [1/5]. Then also is needed the will to implement these laws in everything that we are doing.
       As it turns out, God designed men in such a manner, that people have also the chance to obey moral laws even when they do not know what specifically these laws state. Totalizm teaches, that there are two manners of accomplishing the obedience of moral laws, namely intuitive and cognitive. The first "intuitive" manner of obeying moral laws without actual learning them, simply depends on listening to our counter-organ of conscience. As it turns out, our conscience exactly knows which our actions are agreeable with moral laws, and which run against these laws. There is even a simple version of totalizm called the intuitive totalizm, which allows to obey moral laws by simply listening to our counter-organ of conscience. Actually there is a lot of intuitive totalizts around us, and we can see them in action if we look carefully around (they usually do not know though, that they belong to the group of followers of totalizm).
       The second "cognitive" principle of obeying moral laws depends on being fully aware that these laws do exist, and on trying to obey them in an intentional manner. The version of totalizm which obeys moral laws in such an intentional manner is called the formal totalizm. Depending on the totaliztic experience and knowledge of a given practitioner, this cognitive manner of obeying moral laws has two levels of implementation. The first of these is used by initial totalizts, who still have no experience in learning and obeying all moral laws. It depends on the knowledge of "moral field" - or more strictly on the skill of fast recognizing in every life situation the direction in which this moral field climbs upward, and then going in this direction. ("Moral field" is described in items #H2, #A1.1 and #D1 of this web poage.) In turn the second level of implementation is used by more experienced totalizts. It is based upon the knowledge of work of "moral laws". Let us discuss each of these levels separately.
       The cognitive manner of obeying moral laws is implemented in the first stage of learning totalizm, i.e. still without actually knowing specifically what each one of these laws states. It is based upon learning the direction in which moral field climbs upward. If we know in which direction moral field climbs upward, then according to totalizm all that we need to do in life, is to simply always move upward in this field. This moving upward depends on doing everything in our lives in such a manner, that it always lifts us higher in this moral field. In turn the direction in which the moral field runs upwards is indicated by the so-called line of the highest intellectual effort. (You probably heard of the "line of the least resistance" - for example water that flows downhill always follows such a line. Well the "line of the highest effort" runs in the direction that is exactly opposite from the line of the least resistance.) According to totalizm, whatever we do, it always moves us within the three-dimensional moral space. This space is composed of three dimensions (or coordinates/axes) like our physical space. Only that instead of height, depth, and width, it has different three coordinates, namely: intellectual (or moral), emotional, and physical - see "Fig. #I1" from my webs page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. For example, if someone offended us, we could choose amongst 3 responses, namely: (1) hit this person, (2) collapse on the floor, or (3) recall and tell everyone a nasty secret that we know about this person. If we hit this person, we would act along the line of the least emotional resistance. If we collapse on the floor, we would act along the line of the least physical resistance. But if we recall and tell everyone a nasty secret about this person, we would act along the line of the least intellectual (and moral) resistance. Well, the line of the highest intellectual effort runs exactly opposite to the line of the least intellectual resistance. So the action that totalizm would recommend for such a situation, is to do something that is exactly opposite to this line of the least intellectual resistance. Practically this would boil down to inventing intellectually something that we would need to say to calm down the offender and ourselves (of course, what this something would be, this depends on the situation). And such an action would be what totalizm requires in order to climb upwards in the moral field during solving the situation described above. Well, to explain clearly all the above in such a brief paragraph is quite difficult task. So perhaps it would be better to look at volume 6 of English monograph [1/5], where all the above is explained gradually, step-by-step, with the use of numerous examples. Have a beneficial reading, and hopefully welcome to the fast growing family of people who practice formal (cognitive) totalizm!
       The highest level of implementation of totalizm depends on learning the operation of all known moral laws, and on practical learning how to obey these moral laws in our everyday life. This level can be accomplished only by those more devoted to the idea of totalizm.

#C2. Totalizm is like a science of everyday living:
       With human philosophies is a bit like with our lungs: we all have them and all use them continually, although only some of us realize that they exist and are essential to our lives. Similarly every person must have his or her own philosophy, only that most of people do not realise what principles their own philosophy has. So they live on impulses, habits, and intuition. Well, totalizm puts a structure onto all this. It indicates moral laws and explains how to obey them. If one obeys these moral laws, then his or her life is happy and satisfying. If one breaks these moral laws, then his or her life is miserable and full of suffering. After all, moral laws are very heavy-handed and no-one is allowed to fool with them. Of course, when one accepts the existence of moral laws, then in order to obey them one must act like physicists - i.e. must apply the science of totalizm to everyday activities.

#C3. How to practice totalizm:
       Totalizm can be practiced on two ways, namely (1) intuitively, and (2) cognitively. The intuitive practicing is the most simple. It just depends on careful listening to the voice of our conscience, and then on doing in our lives only these things that are approved by our conscience. This is because the conscience knows perfectly well what is moral and what is not moral.
       Also practicing cognitive totalizm is rather simple. It includes: (1) learning principles, (2) understanding moral laws and mechanisms of their action, and (3) implementing them in life. Because the only rule of totalizm requires us to "pedantically obey moral laws in everything that we are doing", the starting point of practicing totalizm is to learn what moral laws are all about. This learning takes only around one weekend, because it requires reading a textbook on totalizm (i.e. reading volumes 6 to 8 from [1/5], or volumes 1 to 3 from [8/2]). Slightly more hard is to understand mechanisms of moral laws. This is because it requires time to think about these laws and think how they work. (The knowledge of laws of physics is very helpful, although not all of us are good in physics.) Finally, the implementation of totalizm simply depends on learning or developing various techniques of solving everyday situations so as to obey (instead of breaking) moral laws with every our action.
       Notice that totalizm is a fully secular philosophy. In spite that it naturally contributed to the development of scientific proof for the actual existence of God, it states that "life is about living and about fulfilling the purpose for which we are send to Earth". So it does not require spectacular and public manifestations of the obedience to God, religious poses and gestures, etc. (although it also does not disapproves them). The only form of public manifestations of the obedience to God that totalizm promotes, depends on the pedantic fulfilment of moral laws. The reason is that the requirement to obey moral laws can be proven scientifically. In turn the requirement to do any other public displays of faith or obedience cannot be proven scientifically.

#C4. Benefits of practicing totalizm:
       With practicing totalizm is like with every other moral activities: the more you put into it, the more benefits you get back. (For example consider body building: the more exercises you put into them, the more effects you are going to reap.) Therefore benefits that one reaps after starting to practice totalizm are to differ depending on the level of this practice. For example just knowing principles of totalizm, without actually practicing them, is to only make more understandable everything that happens around us. If one practices intuitive totalizm, basing the obedience of moral laws on the whispers of the conscience, sometimes gets things right, sometimes not. So benefits usually include only a basic improvement in the level of happiness and in general health. In turn, if someone practices totalizm to a full extend, benefits may include even reaching such extraordinary experience as nirvana described on my web pages named nirvana.htm.
       In general practicing totalizm always increases our personal happiness, peace of mind, self-fulfilment, sense of security, sense of purpose, feeling of being in control of our matters, understanding of the world around us, and general health (both mental and physical). Actually the difference in how one feels before and after accepting totalizm is enormous. I personally perceived it like a difference between finding myself in the middle of a huge ocean in two extreme situations. Before I practiced totalizm I felt like a straw tossed around in a huge ocean at darkness. Waves of life tossed me around, I constantly struggled to survive, I could not see anything on the horizon, and I could not work out any sense in what happened around me. In turn after I began practicing totalizm I felt like on the same ocean, but this time in a boat and during daylight. Although I was still tossed around by waves of life and I still needed struggle to survive, the boat gave me the protection required. I could see what happens around. I could see the purpose in what happens, and I started to see an island on the horizon towards which I was moving. I am quite sure that totalizm may turn your own life in a similar manner. Actually other totalizts always report that you start feeling the huge difference immediately after you finish reading carefully the first volume of totalizm textbook (i.e. the volume 6 in English monograph [1/5], or volume 1 in English monograph [8/2]).

#C5. Ideology of totalizm and a political party of totalizm:
Motto: Totalizm teaches that we should support only these ideas and people who require that we live for them morally, happily, long, and peacefully, while we should oppose all ideas and people who require that we fight and die for them."
       Totalizm has in itself a potential to make happy all people. After all, in order to be happy, we need to actively earn happiness for ourselves. The happiness is NOT accomplished by accident, but we need to skilfully and systematically work for it (through intentional lifting the level of our moral energy). In turn totalizm indicates proven in action methods of such intentional earning of our own happiness. Unfortunately, as so far totalizm is a discipline of knowledge, not an institution. As such a discipline of knowledge, it can be practiced only voluntarily, means only by some individual people. So now only selected people are able to build with it their own sense of happiness. On the other hand, the access to happiness should be open for all people. Therefore totalizm, and its proven in action methods of building happiness for ourselves, should be implemented in the public life. But it cannot implement itself. After all, everything on the Earth is currently saturated with an exact opposite of totalizm, means with the philosophy of parasitism. Therefore, if we wish to implement ideas of totalizm also in the public life - thus causing that the entire society gains an access to a happy life, it is necessary to establish for this a special institution, means a political party of totalizm which would take on itself the political implementation of totalizm. The most vital goal of such a political party of totalizm would be the maximisation of happiness of the inhabitants of the country in which this party acts. This party of totalizm, and also its ideology, goals, and methods of acting, which would make possible for such a party to open happiness for every citizen, are described more comprehensively on the separate web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm.
       Of course, the formation of a political party of totalizm is NOT going to be easy. After all, totalizm still has more enemies than followers. Therefore before this formation is possible it is worth to start various initiatives aimed at implementation of totalizm in the public life - of the kind described on the web page named pajak_re_2017.htm.

Part #D: Significance of "moral energy" in totalizm:
#D1. Moral field, moral laws, and moral energy - means three fundamental quantities which convert philosophy of totalizm into a strict scientific discipline similar to physics:
       All philosophies that so-far were developed on the Earth are "talkative" creations. Means, their authors claimed something verbally, that could be taken on word or rejected, but that could NOT be measured nor scientifically proven. But with totalizm is completely different. Although it specialises in the subject area which previously was reserved for philosophies and for religions, in fact it is more similar to physics than to philosophy. For example, totalizm introduces to the use three fundamental quantities, such as "moral field", "moral laws", and "moral energy", the existence of which can be objectively proven, while the values of which can be scientifically measured. Thus totalizm ceases to be just a "talkative" philosophy, and begins to be a precise scientific tool which gives to us unambiguous answers as to how we should lead our lives to accomplish all qualities of life that are precious for us.
       Out of these three fundamental quantities of totalizm, the most important is the "moral field". Next to gravity, the moral field is in fact the second primary field of the entire physical world, which affects every human action. It is just this "moral field" which causes that every morally correct behaviour must climb uphill in it. This climbing in turn requires from us the contribution of a significant intellectual, emotional, and physical effort to every our moral acting. On the other hand, every immoral acting depends just on sliding downhill in the moral field. Hence every immoral acting always is easy and pleasurable. Due to a high significance and complexity of the moral field, more accurate descriptions of it are provided in other totaliztic publications - e.g. see items #C4.2 and #C4.2.1 from my web page named morals.htm, or see item #J1 and Figure #I1 from my webs page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. On this web page, a brief discussion of the moral field is also included in item #H2.
       Moral energy, and moral laws, as well as other so-called "indicators of the moral correctness" (broadly described in items #C4 to #C4.6 from the page named morals.htm), in reality are all derived from the moral field - which fact does NOT decrease their enormous significance to our lives. For example, moral energy relates to the moral field the same way as is the potential energy relates to the gravitational field. In turn moral laws are simply principles on which work moral mechanisms that form moral field.
       This part of the web page tries to explain in possibly most simple and most understandable for everyone manner, one amongst these three fundamental quantities of totalizm, namely the "moral energy". It informs how moral energy can be defined unambiguously, proven that it does exist, measured, and utilised for lifting the level of our personal happiness and quality of our lives. But we must remember, that in a similar manner practically everything that totalizm uses, is definable, measurable, can be scientifically proven, and can be directly utilised for lifting the quality of our life.

#D2. Moral energy in totalizm:
       In item #B1 from the initial part of this web page was mentioned the so-called moral energy. Together with moral field, moral laws, and karma, this moral energy represents one of the most fundamental ideas and quantities of totalizm. Because "moral energy" performs in totalizm equally fundamental function, as in physics and in biological sciences performs "physical energy", in the following part of the web page this energy is going to be discussed in more details.
       The simplest explanation what actually is this "moral energy" results from the similarity between moral field and gravity field that is illustrated at the beginning of this web page. As we all probably remember from classes of physics, each time when we physically climb uphill in the gravity field, then our "potential energy" converts according to the equation "E = mgh". In turn the existence of moral field in the universe causes, that every our action either lifts us uphill, or slides us downhill in this invisible for human eyes "moral field", which is very similar to the gravity field. This in turn means practically that literally every our action causes in us a change of the potential energy of this moral field. This energy which then changes in us is called the "moral energy". Expressing this in other words, similarly as climbing stairs in the gravity field increases our potential energy, also lifting ourselves uphill in the moral field due to taking a moral course of action increases our moral energy. Thus every action that we undertake in our lives, even if this is so insignificant thing as washing our teeth or sharpening our pencil, increases or decreases in us the amount of moral energy. Only that in order to determine whether it is increasing or decreasing this energy, we firstly must know how for this action runs in relationship to the moral field. In turn the topography of the moral field in relationship to a given action is defined by the circumstances in which this action takes place and by the goal for which it is to serve. For example, if we wash teeth in order to seduce someone in a cunning manner, or if we sharpen a pencil in order to harm someone with it, then these activities are going to disperse a part of our moral energy. But if we wash teeth in order to stay healthier, while we sharpen a pencil in order to draw a picture which is going to make someone very happy, this is going to increase our moral energy. The general rule which governs this increasing or decreasing our moral energy is defined by the so-called "line of the highest intellectual effort" (this line runs in the direction which is exactly opposite to the so-called "line of the least intellectual resistance" - about which we probably have heard already). If a given action runs according to this line of the highest intellectual effort, then it increases our moral energy. But if it runs according to the line of the smallest intellectual resistance, then it decreases our moral energy.
       Moral energy represents a form of bio-energy that is absolutely necessary for living. It is consumed whenever we try to accomplish anything or try to gain access to any important quality of life, e.g. to pleasure, happiness, health, peace of mind, self-fulfilment, respect of others, etc. Without this energy we are unable to accomplish any of these qualities. Totalizm teaches us how to effectively generate this energy, and how later channel the energy that we have so that we transform it into all these desirable qualities that expect to reach in life. The idea of "moral energy" that totalizm uses, represents a scientific equivalent for quantities which ancient Chinese used to call "chi", while in Japan it is called "reiki". Totalizm informs, that this special energy can be generated not only in ways that ancient scholars advocated, means through martial-arts (e.g. "kung-fu"), self-discipline, physical training, etc., but also through a consistent climbing upward in the moral field. (Actually the only manner of accumulating moral energy that totalizm advocates, is through continuous climbing upward in the moral field, means through obeying so-called "moral laws" in everything that we do.) In turn when this energy is accumulated, it can be converted into anything that we wish, means into a success in whatever we are doing, pleasure, happiness, health, peace, etc. So this moral energy is a kind of invisible "currency" that allows us to immediately "buy" anything that we wish, thus which opens for us access to a multitude of benefits.
       In cases when the summary of attributes and behaviours of moral energy described here, someone would wish to complement with additional readings, this energy is described comprehensively in subsections I4.3, JA5.1, JB3.3, and JG3 from volumes (respectively) 5 to 8 of monograph [1/5]. (Notice that free copies of monograph [1/5], can be downloaded to your own computer without limitations, amongst others also from this web site. Volumes 4 to 8 of this monograph [1/5] presently constitute the most current "textbook of totalizm". Especially worth reading is volume 6.)

#D3. Totaliztic definitions of sins and good deeds:
       Because practically every our action either increases or decreases the amount of moral energy accumulated in someone, similarly to religions also totalizm subdivided all human activities into two basic categories, namely these of totaliztic sins and these of totaliztic good deeds. However, the totaliztic definitions of sins and good deeds are much more strict and scientific than their religious equivalents. For example as a sin totalizm understands every activity which decreases moral energy in at least one of the parties affected by it. In turn a totaliztic good deed is every activity which in all parties affected by it increases their moral energy. Because of such strict, precise, and measurable definitions of totaliztic sins and good deeds, and also because of the extremely loose interpretations of these two ideas in religions, some activities which in religions are considered to be sins, by totalizm are classified as good deeds, and vice versa. Their example can be a sexual intercourse of an unmarried couple which loves each other and which intends to get married, or admiring for artistic reasons a photograph of someone's naked and beautiful body. Furthermore, according to totalizm every human action in one set of circumstances can be a sin, while in another set of circumstances exactly the same action can be a good deed. The reason is that qualifying a given action to one of these two basic categories depends on how the moral field runs in relationship to it. In turn religions qualify solely actions, i.e. without considering how the moral fields runs in relationship to these actions. Thus in religions given actions always belong to the same categories independently of circumstances in which they are carried out.
       More information about totaliztic "sins" and "good deeds" is presented in subsection JA5 from volume 6 of monograph [1/5].

#D4. Attributes of moral energy:
       Moral energy is extremely unusual kind of energy. The attributes of it clearly differ from attributes of physical energy that we learned from physical sciences and from medicine. For example, moral energy displays the presence of following attributes:
       (i) It is intelligent. This means that actions of this energy always display a high intelligence, and also that it can be ordered to work in a clearly intelligent manner (e.g. ordered to affect only the specifically indicated objects within a large pool of similar objects).
       (ii) It has own sphere of influences. Generally speaking, the area in which this energy was accumulated, is also an area in which it can be utilised. For example, if the accumulation of this energy is accomplished due to healing of people, then the energy that one accumulated can also be utilised for healing. If someone accumulated it in the result of practicing so-called "martial arts" (e.g. "Kung Fu"), then it could be utilised mainly for accomplishing extraordinary effects in these "martial arts".
       (iii) It allows to be transformed into any kind of physical energy. Intelligent moral energy in specific circumstances can be transformed into any other non-intelligent physical energy, for example into heat, energy of explosion or breaking, ability to lift or to overcome, etc.
       (iv) It obeys our mental commands. Thus it is capable of completing at our mental command any work that we order it to be carried out and that lies in the sphere of application of it. For example, I saw with my own eyes how masters of the Chinese so-called "kung fu" disintegrated into powder steel bars with the use of this energy. (Chinese call this energy with the name of "chi".)
       (v) It is absolutely necessary for our life and health. In fact, the moral energy is described by totalizm as a kind of oxygen for our souls. If we loose it completely, then we are forced to die. If we have not enough of it, then we suffer illnesses, fall victims of addictions, and continually experience chronic mental depression (also called the "black dog"). In turn when we have a lot of it, then our life is one string of happiness and good health.
       (vi) It obeys the majority of laws that are also obeyed by physical energy which we already know so well. For example, it can be generated and accumulated, it disperses, it transforms according to appropriate principles and rules, etc.

#D5. Definition of moral energy:
       Moral energy can be defined on many different ways, depending on the criterion that is adopted for providing a given definition. The simplest definition of this energy can be accomplished if for this criterion is adopted a manner on which this energy is accumulated and utilised. In such a case it could be defined in the following manner: moral energy is a form of intelligent energy which we accumulate in our counter-body each time when with the contribution of our effort we carry out some activity that displays a "moral character", means an activity that lifts us uphill in the moral field, while which we can then utilise for accomplishing any quality searched for by us, means utilise for accomplishing e.g. personal happiness, pleasure, health, success, etc.
       The amount of moral energy can already be measured. The unit of it is "one hour of physical struggle", marked as 1 [hps]. This unit can be defined as follows: "one hour of physical struggle, or 1 [hps], is such an amount of moral energy, which a single person is capable to generate through a morally positive heavy physical work carried out without the visual contact with the recipients of this work, if he or she physically is going to work very hard by a whole hour, and he or she is going to put in this struggle the entire contribution of the multilevel feelings (i.e. pain, tiredness, sweat, sleepiness, boredom, etc.) that normally it is possible to withstand, and also the entire load of positive moral motivations that a typical person is capable to induce in himself or herself.".
       In comparison to present units of physical energy, such as for example "kilo-Watt-hour", the above unit may appear to be quite primitive. However, at the present level of development of totalizm we are just in a situation very similar to the one, which in physical sciences existed in times of constructing first steam locomotives. In turn, as probably the reader is aware of this, the power of first steam locomotives was expressed with the use of an unit of measure called a "mechanical horse". The measurement of this power initially was organised in that way, that to a steam locomotive was tied up an increasingly larger number of ordinary horses which were wresting with this locomotive trying to pull it in their direction. The largest number of horses that a given locomotive was still able to overcome and pull in its own direction, was expressing the mechanical power of this locomotive. Similarly today is with totalizm. The unit [hps] may appear to be the same primitive as an old "mechanical horse" - but still it allows for a first rough measurement and determination of the amount of moral energy.

#D6. Relative level "µ" (mi) of moral energy:
       The absolute amount of moral energy that someone managed to accumulate is not very useful expressing our moral state. After all, for example the amount E = 100 [hps] is a lot for a child, while it is rather a little for an adult. Therefore the best way of expressing someone's moral energy is to describe it with the use of dimensionless coefficient "µ" (mi) which is defined by the following equation: µ = E/Emax. (This equation states that our "level of saturation with the moral energy" (mi) is equal to the amount of energy "E" which we managed to accumulate in ourselves, divided by the total capacitance of our counter-body for energy "Emax", means by the maximal amount of moral energy which this counter-body would be able to accumulate in itself.)
       In 1998 I carried out measurements of amounts of moral energy which at that time I accumulated in my counter-body. As I determined then, the highest amount of moral energy that I ever managed to accumulate in my counter-body was around E = 1400 [hps]. In turn the total capacitance of my counter-body, means the greatest amount of moral energy that my counter-body was able to accumulate in itself at that time, was around Emax = 2000 [hps]. Means that in this peak time of my life my coefficient "µ" (i.e. the "relative level of saturation of my counter-body with moral energy", marked as "µ" or "mi") amounted to: µ = E/Emax = 0.7. At such high level of "mi" one experiences a phenomenon, which I was privately called the "Niagara nirvana". This is because after accomplishing the level around µ = 0.7 one starts to have an impression that from the inside of his or her body a roaring waterfall of "Niagara" of bubbly, dynamic energy of happiness is gushing, which inducing an indescribable pleasure tries to pull of and take away every individual cell of our body. For a comparison I also add, that during a single day of this peak time of my life, I was able to generate and accumulate in my counter-body around 14 [hps] of moral energy. Means, in order to generate the amount of moral energy that is needed to exceed the "barrier of nirvana" at µ = 0.6 and to experience such a "Niagara" of happiness, it was necessary to put into this generation not less than around 100 subsequent days of intense physical struggle that was devoted to some highly moral goal and thus that lifted me uphill in the moral field.

#D7. Nirvana:
       Totalizm defines feelings as kinds of sensations which we experience when the moral energy is flowing through special "valves" which connect our physical body with our counter-body. (In so-called "alternative sciences" these valves which enable the flow of moral energy between two our bodies are called "chakras". In turn our counter-body is named in these sciences with the use of such terms as e.g. "energy body", "astral body", "aura", "spirit", etc.) If the moral energy flows from the physical body to the counter-body, then the sensations that we experience are always unpleasant type, e.g. tiredness, pain, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, etc. This is the reason why every activity which lifts us uphill in the moral field, and thus which belongs to the category of "moral activities" (means "good deeds") always costs us experiencing significant effort, pain, hunger, thirst, etc. In turn, if the moral energy flows from the counter-body to the physical body, then a sensation that we experience is always a kind of pleasure. So if with continuous moral activities someone managed to lift the level of saturation of his or her counter-body with the moral energy above the threshold value of nirvana amounting to µ = E/Emax = 0.6, then the moral energy starts in such someone to overflow spontaneously through these "valves" called "chakras". Such a spontaneous overflowing of moral energy in someone is known as a phenomenon called the nirvana. Thus, according to totalizm, nirvana is a sensation of enormous happiness that overwhelms us spontaneously immediately after the level of our moral energy exceeds the relative threshold level of nirvana amounting to µ = 0.6. Otherwise than this is a case with normal feelings of pleasure, which appear during a short-term opening of these valves, e.g. as a result of reaching a goal that one dreamed about, in case of experiencing an orgasm, or after taking alcohol or drugs, the nirvana is a permanent phenomenon and it does NOT disappear after a short while. When I earned a nirvana in 1998, it lasted continually for around 9 months. The level of pleasurable sensations that one experiences during a nirvana can only be compared to sexual orgasm. Only that orgasm belongs to feelings of the type "pleasure", while the nirvana is clearly a feeling of "happiness". Totalizm teaches that a nirvana can be intentionally earned in a highly methodical and planned manner. How this could be accomplished is briefly explained in item #D11 here, while in a systematic manner is elaborated in subsection JE9 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5]. After one earns nirvana, one is constantly experiencing such an overwhelming happiness that cannot be compared to anything else. In addition to this, happiness from the nirvana does not have any undesirable side effects. Therefore I would highly recommend to all drug addicts, that instead of immoral ruining with drugs the health and life of your own and others, I would rather advice you to earn for yourself a highly moral "totaliztic nirvana". After all, the contribution of effort to earn a totaliztic nirvana is almost the same as that required for earning funds for drugs, while the level of happiness is incomparably higher for nirvana and it does NOT have any undesirable consequences or side effects. Furthermore, the moral nirvana introduces only pleasurable returns of our karma, while the immoral drugs charge our karma with returns, the suffering through which unfortunately is not going to be pleasant.
       More information about totaliztic nirvana is presented in chapter JE from volume 8 of monograph [1/5]. There is also a separate web page "totaliztic nirvana" entirely devoted to the topic of nirvana.

#D8. Impact of "moral energy" and "morality" at our mental and physical health:
       In order to practice totalizm with deep conviction in our everyday life, we need to know every area of life which is impacted by this philosophy. As it turns out, totalizm does not change only the level of our happiness, satisfaction, self-fulfilment, etc., but it also impacts our mental and physical health. This impact on health is explained thoroughly in a number of totaliztic publications. For example, it is briefly referred to in item #D10 below. In turn its more comprehensive explanation provides item #P1 on the web page named changelings.htm, and subsections JD1 from volume 7 and JE8 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#D9. Relationship between the level of moral energy "µ" and states of intellects:
       In 1998 I carried out quite intense research on relationship between the amount of moral energy that someone managed to accumulate in his or her counter-body, and the personality of this intellect. As my research revealed, all people who had a given and similar level "µ" of saturation of their counter-body with moral energy, displayed similar personalities. Putting this in other words, a "personality" of someone, and the way someone feels, actually is defined by the amount of moral energy that he or she accumulated in his or her counter-body. For example, all people in whom their "µ" fell significantly below the value "µ=0.4" were troubled by increasingly frequent attacks of mental depression. In turn all people whose "µ" slipped down decisively below the value "µ=0.3" begin to display increasingly frequent attacks of destructive tendencies, i.e. they then tend to destroy everything in their surroundings and also periodically had attacks of suicidal tendencies. What is even more interesting, these similar states were displayed not only by individual people, but also by entire institutions and even countries (this is why in descriptions of totalizm I rather refer to them as to "intellects" instead of "people"). For example, in 2005 several countries existed already on Earth which most probably reaches the average level of the saturation with moral energy close to as low as "µ=0.2".
       Out of these my research of dependencies between someone's personality or state, and the value of "µ" that a given intellect managed to accumulate, a rather interesting finding emerged. Namely, it turned out that in the full range of values of "µ" which given intellects may experience, i.e. in the range from µ = 1 to µ = 0, several different moral states and conditions appear, which a given intellect obtains when the value of its "µ" reaches a specific level. The most noticeable out of these states or conditions, that are experienced by intellects in which the coefficient "µ" changes in the full range of possible values, can be named in the following manner:
       (µ > 0.6) Nirvana. People in which "µ" exceeded the threshold value of "µ=0.6" start to experience an extraordinary phenomenon described here under the name of "totaliztic nirvana".
       (µ = 0.5) Adoration.
       (µ = 0.4) Friendliness.
       (µ = 0.35) Remaining unnoticeable. The value "µ = 0.35" represents a border value between intellects which already accumulated in themselves a reserve of moral energy, and intellects which show a deficiency of this energy. People with the value of "µ = 0.35" are usually very quiet and non-imposing. Their existence normally passes unnoticed by other people.
       (µ = 0.3) Becoming provocative. (Also states of chronic mental depression seem to attack all these people whose relative level of saturation with moral energy falls below the value of µ = 0.35.)
       (µ = 0.2) Lethargy.
       (µ = 0.1) Destructiveness (including suicidal tendencies).
       (µ = 0) Moral death.
       The knowledge of the above relationship between the personalities and the level of saturation with moral energy is very useful in diagnosing our own moral state or the state of people close to us. This is because if we notice that either we ourselves, or someone from our close ones, displays signs of the fall of his or her "µ" below the critical level of "µ = 0.35", then this should become for us a sound of alarm. We should then make sure, that such someone initiates some sort of activities that would build up his or her level of moral energy. If such someone fails to rebuild this level, and allows that his or her moral energy still slips even lower, this most probably is going to finish rather tragically.
       At this point it is worth to notice, that there is several manners of determining the level "µ" of someone's saturation with moral energy. The most accurate one out of these, depends on actual measurements of the generation and dispersion of moral energy. But it is rather difficult and only people with scientific inclinations are capable of accomplishing it. Other method depends on measurement of this level with the use of divining pendulum. People especially sensitive are also able to feel this level after they approach a given person. (In 1998, when I carried out the research described here, I was myself able to sense this level in every person which I approached when no-one was nearby who would disturb my perception with his or her own energy. In people for which their "µ" amounted above "µ = 0.35" I felt the emission of a kind of "warmth", the intensity of which increased proportionally to the increase in their "µ". In turn people in which "µ" fell down below "µ = 0.35", emitted a kind of clearly perceived "coldness" which deepen together with the fall of their "µ". After 1998 I ceased researching this topic. For some time now I noticed, that I am not able any more to perceive with my senses what is the current level of moral energy in a specific person.) In turn the most easy manner of determining the level of moral energy depends on comparing the current personality of someone with the above scale which was developed in the result of my research of this subject matter.
       More information about how the personality, state, and wellbeing of intellects, depends on the level of saturation with moral energy, is explained in subsection OA8.6.3 from volume 13 of monograph [1/5]. In turn manners of determining the level of this energy in ourselves or in someone from our surrounding, are described in chapter JE from volume 8 of monograph [1/5].

#D10. Mental depression ("black dog") as a warning alarm of an excessive drop in the level of moral energy:
       The accumulation of moral energy (energy "zwow") is absolutely necessary for our life and health. In fact, the moral energy is described by totalizm as a kind of oxygen for our souls. If we loose it completely, then we are forced to die. If we have not enough of it, then we suffer illnesses, fall victims of addictions, and continually experience chronic mental depression. In turn when we have a lot of it, then we accomplish the extraordinary state of nirvana, while our life becomes a single string of happiness and good health.
       As it turns out, the depression caused by the deficit of moral energy ("zwow") CANNOT be healed by anything else than the rebuilding of the level of our moral energy. In past people used to believe that the depression can be healed with various "anti-depressants" tablets of the kind of "Prozac". However, research which near the end of February 2008 shook the entire world has proven, that these tablets do not work at all. As this is described by the article "Depression symptom of a sick society" which appeared on page A19 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, March 6, 2008, mental depression belongs to illnesses which cannot be healed just by swallowing tablets.
       Of course, after discovering that pills do NOT heal depression, people started to resort to alternative methods of healing this illness. What more interesting, although there is NO mention in all these alternative methods of healing depression about the link of this illness to the deficit of moral energy in sick people, in fact descriptions of methods of healing this illness boil down to rebuilding in ill people the level of their moral energy - but with avoiding to name the "moral energy" this something that is rebuild in ill people. This principle of healing depression through the rebuilding in ill people the level of their moral energy very clearly emerges e.g. from descriptions of healing depression provided in such articles as "Depression experts take steps toward alternatives to anti-depressant drugs" from page A13 of New Zealand newspaper The Press, issue dated on Saturday, March 8, 2008, or "Depression tied to unhealthy habits" from page A11 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 10, 2008.
       About mental depression ("black dog") as an illness that results from the lack of moral energy, is treating also the web page parasitism.htm - about parasitism, i.e. the immoral philosophy of decadent lifestyle (e.g. see item #E1 in there).

#D11. How to increase in ourselves the amount of moral energy:
       The philosophy of totalizm states that practically every work which lifts us uphill in the moral field is increasing our moral energy. Means that everything that we do in our lives, and that has a moral character, lifts the amount of moral energy accumulated in our counter-body. However, some kinds of work lift our level of this energy much faster and more effective than others. For example, according to my research the physical labour generates around 5 times more moral energy than a mental work of a comparable effort. So in order to generate, let say 1 [hps] of moral energy, we must work mentally as much as 5 hours. Thus with the use of solely mental work it is practically impossible to earn a totaliztic nirvana for a simple reason that there is not enough hours in each day to accumulate the required level of moral energy. But a skilfully designed physical work allows to earn intentionally the totaliztic nirvana. So here is a list of attributes of a work, which according to findings of totalizm cause, that a physical work which fulfils these attributes is going to generate in our counter-body especially large amounts of moral energy.
       (i) This work must pedantically obey moral laws. Every work which breaks moral laws not only that never generates moral energy, but actually causes a rapid dispersion of this energy.
       (ii) It must be a heavy physical work (i.e. one needs to carry out voluntarily a physical "struggle"). Thus the completion of this work must require from us to overcome a physical pain, tiredness, thirst, hunger, discouragement, impatience, sleepiness, boredom, etc., that the work induces in us.
       (iii) Our motives for undertaking this work must be voluntary, highly moral, and altruistic. This means that we must undertake this work voluntarily, from our own choice and will. We also must be deeply convinced, that it serves for the good of other people (but whom we do not know in person), for the good of our civilisation, peace, progress, etc. (Notice, however, that if it serves for the good of specific people whom we know very well, e.g. someone amongst our family members, it is going to generate much less moral energy. Furthermore, if someone forces us to carry out this struggle, then instead of generating moral energy, it may even disperse this energy.)
       (iv) It should not provide us with any financial or personal gains. For example, if we are to be paid for this work, the knowledge of the fact that it is for our own benefit is going to spoil our motivations and thus also the yield of moral energy that it generates. In fact, the more financial gains we expect from a given work, or the better paid it is, the less moral energy it generates.
       (v) People for the good of which we address the outcomes of it, should NOT know from whom these outcomes originate. Means, if this is possible, we should carry out this work completely anonymously, so that final recipients that are to benefit from outcomes of it do not know from whom these outcomes originate.
       (vi) We should carry out this work when no-one is watching us. The most destructive impact on the yield of moral energy generated by a given work has the watching of process of completing it by people with a rotten morality, means people who envy, who are vindictive, contradictive, evil, etc. Also every immoral suspicion posted to us telepathically by witnesses of this work, is going to decrease the moral energy that this work generates.
       Examples of kinds of work that would generate for us huge amounts of mortal energy, include e.g. getting up early morning and removing anonymously snow from a footpath about which we know that later it is going to be used by many people - although local authorities always seem to forget the de-snowing of it, cultivating a side of some rarely used road and planting flowers by it, or volunteering to a farmer or an orchard owner in the centre of harvesting season to help him or her to harvest products about which we believe sincerely that these products are going to be consumed by many people, bringing health and pleasure to these people (though, we need to help either completely for free, or just for a symbolic return - e.g. for meals and lodging). In cases when we do not have an access to such works, then even digging and planting our own garden in order to make it pretty and beneficial to passers by, or even washing and thorough cleaning house of our parents when they are not at home, also will generate in us a lot of this energy. When even this exceeds beyond our possibilities, then even disciplined carrying out some difficult and tiring physical exercises with the moral motivation that they are to assist our body to serve better to community and to humanity, will also generate moral energy in us. More about types of work which most intensely generate moral energy in us, is provided in subsection JE9 from volume 8 of monograph [1/5]. I highly recommend reading this subsection JF9, and - if situation allows, also subsections that proceed it.

Part #E: The philosophy of parasitism - means the opposite, enemy and adversary of the philosophy of totalizm:
#E1. Totalizm versus parasitism:
       The existence of moral field and moral laws causes that people have only two choices in their lives. Namely they either can choose to obey these moral laws, or to disobey them. These people who predominantly obey moral laws in their lives, are called totalizts. To the category of totalizts belong also the so-called intuitive totalizts, means people who do not know about the existence of moral laws and totalizm, but who still obey them intuitively because they listen to their counter-organ of conscience. (Intuitive totalizts usually are unaware that they actually practice the philosophy of totalizm.) In turn those people who predominantly disobey moral laws are called parasites. The impulsive philosophy which parasites follow in their lives is called parasitism. As this is explained below, there is an important reason for such a name. This reason originates from the final effects of the punishing mechanism which is triggered by someone's disobedience of moral laws. (This mechanism is explained in volume 13 of English monograph [1/5].) This punishing mechanism causes, that people who disobey moral laws land leading lives if intelligent parasites, who live from work of others. Thus the name "parasites" for them and "parasitism" for their philosophy is fully deserved. (For more details about this destructive philosophy see either a separate web page about parasitism, or volume 13 in new monograph [1/5], or volume 3 in older monograph [8].)

#E2. Group intellects:
       Instead of using words "man", "person", "people", etc., to describe intelligent creatures which lead own independent lives, totalizm describes all of them with the word "intellect". An intellect for totalizm is everything that is intelligent, that is able to live independently, and that in any way is aware of the work of "morality" (i.e. that has its own organ of "conscience"). Thus, for totalizm every person is an "intellect" (or an "individual intellect"). God is the "universal intellect". So-called "UFOnauts" are "intellects" too. Even domesticated animals - which contrary to wild animals also are supplied in organs of conscience which inform them whether a given activity is allowed or is forbidden for them, are "animal intellects" as well.
       The philosophy of totalizm explains also, that not only individual people "lead their own lives", and therefore they are subjected to the action of "moral laws". It turns out that also larger bodies, like entire families, ships, factories, offices, banks, institutions, villages, cities, political parties, religions, nations, countries, etc. - they all also create large living organisms, which "live their separate lives", and therefore also are subjected to the action of "moral laws". For such large bodies individual people are just components, similarly like in individual people are body cells. In the philosophy of totalizm such large bodies, or large living organisms, which are composed of many individual people, are called group intellects. An excellent example of a "group intellect" is the entire "human science" which as a whole deeply believes (and acts on this belief) that e.g. "God does NOT exist" or that the "petrified skeletons of dinosaurs are the evidence that dinosaurs lived once on the Earth" - but see item #A2.2 of this web page, item #B1 on the web page named changelings.htm, or item #H2 on the web page named god_exists.htm.
       All "group intellects" are subjected to the action of the same "moral laws" as individual humans do. For example, "group intellects" which refuse to listen to the voice of their "group conscience" are also terminated by God - as this is explained in items #G1 and #G4 of the web page named will.htm. Only that instead of being "send to another world", as God typically does it with individual people who ceased to listen to the voice of their conscience, such "group intellects are bankrupted, dissolved, or absorbed by other group intellects. Onto the group intellects acts also a group version of the "Boomerang Principle" - as for the return of karma of Christians (for their action during Medieval Inquisition), the work of this principle is described in item #A2 of the web page named petone.htm. Therefore the fate of these "group intellects" takes an identical course like does the life of individual humans. Only that their fate typically changes much slower than the fate of individual people. Also methods and mechanisms that God uses for controlling the development of their group morality are slightly different (more complex) than these for individual people - see item #B4 on the web page mozajski_uk.htm.
       But the most fascinating for the new "totaliztic science" is the phenomenon of the "group morality" which is manifested by all "group intellects". In this "group morality" such "group intellects" interact with other intellects as if all individual people composed onto them practiced exactly the same "morality". Means, in spite that every "group intellect" is composed from many individual people whose levels of morality are different, and also in spite that each one amongst these people is tied differently to this group intellect at an emotional and physical level, still the interaction of each one amongst these people onto all outside intellects does NOT represent a random character, but always is consistent - as if at the time when they represent their group intellect all these people are one and the same person, or as if they all make an agreement as to how they supposed to treat someone from the outside. For example, when the "group intellect" - such as the entire present official science, started an open persecution of Christians - as this is described in items #A2 and #C3 on the abovementioned web page named petone.htm, then each Christian, whom was forced to interact in the matter of religion with any representative of that official science, receives from that representative almost the same persecuting treatment. Or for example during a war, almost each citizen of an occupied country receives from representatives of the occupant very similar treatment, which results from the group morality practiced by that occupant. Such consistent treatments from group intellects (usually rather bad) the reader probably also experienced many times, when was forced to do anything e.g. in governmental offices. Such a "group morality" of every group intellect is just the subject and the cause of specific treatment by moral laws and by moral mechanisms that this group intellect receives as a whole. It is that "group morality" that causes, that e.g. aggressors always loose every war that they started - as this is described in item #C5.2 on the web page named morals.htm, while e.g. every bank which cheats and lies with the elapse of time is going to be bankrupted - as this is explained in item #G4 on the web page named will.htm.

#E3. Institutional parasitism:
       If such a group intellect predominantly obeys moral laws in all actions, than it practices a form of philosophy of totalizm. In such a case the fate of this group intellect is very similar to the fate of individual totalizts, namely it grows, expands, is healthy, keeps good image and people happy, etc. But if such a group intellect predominantly disobeys moral laws in all actions, than it practices a form of parasitism. The parasitism practiced by a group intellect is called institutional [b]parasitism [/b]. Institutions which practice this parasitism are very easy to recognise from a stuffy atmosphere that prevails in them, from countless cases of injustice that are committed inside of them, from rampaging bureaucracy, from unhappy employees, from the large turnover of employees, from constant internal problems, from the fact that they shrink constantly and shut down increasingly large number of functions that they supposed to perform, etc. Similarly like individual parasites, also parasitic institutions always live on the cost of others. If they are unable to exploit, rob, and live from work of others openly, they do it in a hidden manner. It is interesting that the theory of parasitic institutions explains also exactly what a religious fanaticism is, and why it appears in only some religions and cults. As it turns out religious fanaticism is manifestation of the philosophy of parasitism practiced by a given religious institution.

#E4. When institutions turn into parasitism:
       Very interesting are outcomes of my research on parasitic groups of students. The goal of this research was to determine what turns a given group intellect (such as a group of students) typically composed of totalizts and parasites, into a fully parasitic institution. With students such research is easy, because if a given group of students practices an institutional parasitism, the process of teaching cannot be carried out for them. As my research indicate, such group intellects turn into parasitic intellects if either (1) their leader practices parasitism, or (2) over 30% of normal members of the group practices parasitism. This means that all group intellects (e.g. families, factories, institutions, countries, etc.) which are already practicing institutional parasitism, have in them over 30% of population, or (and) their leadership, already practicing parasitism. The alarming problem that recently emerged, is that the number of such parasitic institutions and countries constantly raises.

#E5. Parasitic countries:
       When the philosophy of parasitism becomes a dominating philosophy in a country, then this country transforms into a parasitic country. Such parasitic countries can be recognised due to a whole range of attributes, the most important of which include, amongst others: the growing demoralisation of the citizens, rampaging psychological depression, continually increasing level of crime, addictions, and mental illnesses, huge number of mutually contradictive laws and spreading "legalized" lawlessness, large emigration caused by the escape of citizens to other less parasitic countries, the gradual collapse of education and scientific research, the lack of investments and a mysterious "disappearance" of governmental funds, continually enlarging central institutions and the number of governmental officials, the growing number of "taboo" topics the talking about which is persecuted in various (hidden) manners, growing double-standard means promising and public talk about one thing and actual during complete reversal, etc., etc.

#E6. Parasitic civilisations:
       If an entire civilisation begins to practice a philosophy of parasitism, then it becomes a parasitic civilisation. Parasitic civilisations live exclusively from robbery and exploitation of other civilisations. If such a civilisation is a primitive one, like ancient Romans, then it robs and exploits the neighbours, or second class citizens, or illegal immigrants, turning them into slaves. But if such a parasitic civilisation has a means of interstellar travel, then it becomes a civilisation of cosmic bandits and robbers. It lives at the expense of other cosmic civilisations that are less technologically developed than it. The extremely bad luck of humanity is that from the beginning of times it is in power just such a parasitic civilisation of cosmic bandits and robbers. The present popular name for citizens of this parasitic civilisation is "UFOnauts". In past they used to be called devils or fallen angels. (Also other names were used, e.g.: bad witches, bad wizards, magicians, Satan, etc.) Actually, if one analyses methods of action used currently by UFOnauts on Earth, and compares these methods to these described by religions as used by devils and Satan, it turns out that the methods are the same only terminology used by religions for describing these methods is ancient. Devils and Satan did exactly what current research and literature on UFOs show that UFOnauts do to us. (For more details see subsection OC1 from volume 13, and chapter U from volume 17 of English monograph [1/5].)

#E7. Why the simulation by God of the existence and secretive operation on the Earth of parasitic civilisations is beneficial for the humanity and for the entire universe:
       God designed and completed the universe in so intelligent manner, that even so-called evil serves towards the progress and learning. It means, in the absolute dimension evil also brings benefits. Therefore the parasitic civilisations which rob, exploit, and push others down, in the absolute dimensions are also needed. After all, they pay many "favours" to God. For example, they put to trials and examinations from morality the humanity as a whole and every individual human separately, they create for God the possibility to motivate easily the entire human civilisation, they allow God to easy destroy under NOT His own name everything that is old or that ceased to fulfil its functions, they slow down the colonisation and filling up the universe with people, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the use by God of really existing morally decadent civilisations would be very difficult because such civilisations require a huge effort and work to control them as required. Therefore, it is much easier for God to simulate the existence of such civilisations. This simulation is described in more details on separate web pages - e.g. see the web page god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God, or evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. After all, such parasitic civilisations, the existence and secretive activities of which on the Earth are just "simulated" by God, do NOT have "free will", the awareness and mind of God can be "inserted" directly to their temporally created physical bodies, and thus in every smallest detail they do exactly whatever serves the intentions of God. Simultaneously, from our, means from the human, point of view, it does NOT matter whether these parasitic civilisations which secretly occupy the Earth do exist physically and really, or their existence is just skilfully "simulated" by God. In both these cases the final effects of the action of these parasitic civilisations on the Earth will be exactly as God in His infinitive wisdom planned this. Means, these civilisations will be continually subjecting to moral tests and exams every human being and the entire human civilisation, they will allow God to differentiate between valuable humans and the human trash, they will destroy whatever God designates to be destroyed, they will help to punish those ones who deserves to be punished, etc., etc. So although totalizm established beyond any doubt, that civilisations of parasitic UFOnauts do NOT exist physically at all, but are skilfully and realistically "simulated" by God, in all totaliztic publications these civilisations are treated as they do exist equally real, as real exists the entire human civilisation.

Part #F: Why peaceful totalizm has enemies and adversaries:
#F1. Persecuted although needed truths revealed by totalizm:
Motto: "Telling the truth, even this most unpleasant one, is the manifestation of true love - after all, only by revealing the truth to these whom we love, we create a chance for them to improve and to make life much better."
       If someone listens only to the loud propaganda that is spread over the Earth by newspapers and by television, then he or she has an impression that the human science disperses darkness of religious superstitions only with a great difficulty, trying to document to people: that humans originate from monkeys through the natural evolution, that God does NOT exist, that our world created itself in the result of a "big bang", etc., etc. But if someone has a required knowledge to actually examine the merit of this loud propaganda, then he or she experiences a shock. It turns out that in reality there is no even a single item of evidence which would confirm scientifically the origins of humans from monkeys through the natural evolution - however there is a huge body of scientific evidence that it was God who created the first man and the first woman. (Some amongst these items of evidence for the creation of man are presented in item #B8 of the web page named evolution.htm, and in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].) It also turns out that physics and other strict sciences constantly trip over evidence that God does exist, only that if someone tries to present this evidence publicly, then he or she is immediately subjected to various brutal forms of persecution and discrimination. (This is why in the vital interest of the entire humanity lies a fast removal of the "monopole on knowledge" from the present science by establishing the second, competitive "totaliztic science" described above in item #A2.6 of this web page.) It also turns out, that there are numerous items of evidence supporting the fact that God created the physical world, while the loudly announced, supposed "theories" of the "big bang" and "escaping galaxies" in fact have no even a single evidence in their support. (Some amongst these items of evidence for the creation of the physical world by God, are presented in items #D3 and #I4 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].)
       From the real life we all know that if in a specific matter there is so drastic divergence between what is officially told, and what is the actual truth, then such state of things is forced by some mechanisms unknown yet to people, similar to the "curse of inventors" described, amongst others, in item #B4.4 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. It is the work of just such unknown mechanisms that totalizm must identify, disclose, and neutralise, when it tries to promote truths which currently are not understood, unwanted and persecuted - such as the truth about the existence of numerous benefits from leading a highly moral life, or the truth that "these ones whom we really love we should reveal the truth, while not telling the truth, or telling lies - even these most sweet ones, in fact is a manifestation of hostility and the lack of respect". After all, only by revealing the truth we can give a chance to ones that we love to improve their lives. It is at least a lack of knowledge, if NOT the stupidity, to think that telling the truth to someone is a manifestation of hostility - such views can have only completely thoughtless and morally immature people.
       There is a number of basic truths, the revealing of which on the Earth is the highly "moral" activity, because these truths improve the knowledge and the situation of people. Thus, the spreading of these truths must run uphill in the "moral field" and must require the contribution of significant "effort". As such, their spreading must be hold back by the abovementioned "curse of inventors". Truths about the work of morality and God are just some examples of these. Unfortunately, too many people still believes that "the revealing of truth is a manifestation of someone's hostility towards them". The reality is that "the revealing of truth - even this one which is the most unpleasant for us, is a favour, an expression of love, and the only manner of real helping - after all, in order to improve or repair something, we firstly need to learn the entire truth about it". In other words, without learning the truth there is NO progress. However, e.g. the present "atheistic, orthodox science", which is the institution paid for revealing truths, is actually too terrorized, too scared, and too dependent on these people who believe that "telling the truth is a manifestation of hostility", to still find a courage for explaining these unwanted although needed truths, or at least to try to research some of these truths. Therefore, these most vital truths usually remain well hidden from the public view. Before totalizm appeared on the Earth, explanations for these persecuted but needed truths were difficult to find. Only totalizm found a courage and a way to bring them to the public view, to explain them, and to prove them correct. Therefore this web page, amongst others, offers scientific publications (e.g. my newest monograph [1/5]) that either take a research-based stand in matters of these unwanted although needed truths, or clarify them. A list of most important amongst these truths, together with the summary of what totalizm determined about each one of them, are provided in items #C6 and #F2 from the web page named prawda_uk.htm.

#F2. The formal scientific proof of totalizm that God does exist, and its consequences:
Motto: "The bigger number of independent paths leads us to the learning of a given truth, the more sure and more vital this truth is. Because the existence of God, and also the existence of so-called "supernatural", is confirmed independently by both, the Bible authored (inspired) by God Himself, as well as by secular findings of totalizm, this truth is twice as much sure and as much vital."
       As this is described in more details in volume 5, and partially also in volumes 4 and 11, of my newest scientific monograph [1/5], the philosophy of totalizm allowed to develop and to publish a series of several formal scientific proofs carried out with methods of mathematical logic. None of these proofs was abolished, so all of them remain in power. All these proofs are similar from the methodology point of view, although each one of them is based on a different kind of scientific evidence.
       The first and the most important (1) out of these proofs confirms formally and scientifically that "God does exist" - see item #G2 from the web page named god_proof.htm, or see subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5]. The abovementioned web page "god_proof.htm" presents also a vast body of empirical scientific evidence which additionally confirms the validity of this proof. This immensely important proof changes the speculations to-date as to "whether God exists", into the scientific certainty that this superior being of the universe in fact does exist.
       This certainty of the God's existence is additionally increased by the remaining ones out of my series of the proofs discussed here. After all, none of these proofs could be formulated in the world without God. And so, the certainty of the God's existence is increased additionally by the formal scientific proof (2) which confirms that "the counter-world does exist". The name "counter-world is assigned to a world which is separate from our physical world and in which God lives.) This proof is published, amongst others, in item #D3 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5]. After all, this formal proof confirms the existence of a separate world in which God lives and to which our souls move after the physical death. This certainty is also additionally increased by the formal scientific proof (3) stating that "people have immortal souls", published in item #C1.1 of the web page about the totaliztic nirvana, and also in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5]. This certainty is also confirmed by the formal scientific proof (4) that it is "God (not a random evolution) who created the first pair of people", published in item #B8 of the web page about evolution, and also in subsection NF9 from volume 12 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5]. The certainty is also confirmed by the formal scientific proof (5) that "the Bible is authorized by God himself", published in item #B1 of the web page about the Bible. and also in subsection M7.1 from volume 11 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5]. Finally, the certainty is also confirmed by the formal scientific proof (6) that "the DNA are the simplest forms of natural computers which control the passage through time of cells in which these DNA reside, while this controlling of passage through the time these DNA accomplish by running software 'programs of life and fate' that are contained in their memories", published in item #D7 of the web page named immortality.htm. and also in subsection M1.6 from volume 11 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5].

#F3. Totalizm as an interpreter of messages which God coded into the Bible which He authorizes (e.g. coded through a consistent qualifying "serpents" to the category of animals having high intelligence and human appearance):
Motto: "Even if you force a serpent into a bamboo tube, still you cannot straighten its twisted nature."
       A monkey looks very similar to a human. It also have grabbing hands like people do and also is able to use tools. Furthermore, it has a high intelligence. In fact a monkey is even able to carry out implication and logical deduction - like people do. Can thus a monkey be classified to a category of people. Of course NOT. Everyone knows jolly well that a monkey is an animal - only that it has a high intelligence and an appearance similar to humans. So what causes that given creatures can be classified as people? After all, it is NOT intelligence - because intelligence is also present in monkeys and in various other animals. For example my cat called "Teecee", described in more details on the web page about bandits amongst us, also displayed the intelligence which I compared to the intelligence of a 2-year old human, and even displayed the morality which I estimate as higher than morality of an average "serpent". (E.g. Teecee always show the sense of guilt with his behaviour each time he returned from stealing food designated for cats of a neighbour, while e.g. UFOnauts do not feel guilty even if they murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people.) But Teecee still belonged to the animal kingdom. To the category of humans do NOT qualify the appearance either. After all, monkeys have, while Neanderthal Men had, the appearance very similar to that of people. But no-one classifies them as people. The having grabbing hands also do not make one to be a human, neither the use of tools. So what causes that a given creature is qualified to the category of people, not to the category of "animals gifted with high intelligence and with human appearance"?
       The clarification of this puzzle is encrypted into the Bible authorized by God. Namely, creatures which by the Bible are called "serpents", "dragons", "devils", etc., while by present people - "UFOnauts", in the entire Bible authorized by God himself are consistently qualified to the category of animals, NOT to the category of people. For example, in this way categorizes them the verse quoted in previous item #F2 from the "Book of Genesis", 3:1, quote: "Now the serpent is the most cunning of all the animals that the LORD God had create." The same refusal of qualifying UFOnauts to the category of people forwards to us also the reply of Jesus to the temptations of Satan, given in the "Evangel of St. Matthew", 4:4, quote: "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (It means, that this verse tries to tell us, amongst others, that "a human is only this one, who does NOT live just by bread, but who studies words of God". In turn Satan, serpents, devils, etc., who mainly are concerned about material goods, about power, pleasures of the body, etc., in eyes of God are NOT humans at all.) Simultaneously from research on UFOs it is already known to us, that these serpents-UFOnauts are close relatives of people. After all, both humanity and these serpents-UFOnauts originate from the same ancestors of humanity from the Terra planet - as this is explained more comprehensively on the web page about evolution. In spite of this blood relationship of people and UFOnauts, God qualify people to the category of humans, but for serpents-UFOnauts the same God consistently refuses to qualify them as people and qualifies them as animals equipped with intelligence and human appearance. As this is clearly indicating, in eyes of God someone's qualifying to the category of people or the category of animals does NOT result from the fact that parents or ancestors of this someone were people, nor from intelligence and human appearance shown by this someone, but from attributes and behaviours that this someone displays. In other words, God so designed living creatures, that they must earn becoming humans and it is NOT enough for them that they were born from human parents. What even more interesting, the above concerns all creatures which live on the Earth. In other words, NOT all present members of humanity in eyes of God will be qualified as people, and a significant proportion of humanity God is going to qualify to the world of intelligent animals and then treat the same as animals. On the other hand, to some present creatures with animal (currently) structure of the body, God intends to give in the future a chance to be born as humans and to become humans.
       So what are these attributes which in eyes of God qualify someone to the category of people? This question is so important, that if someone does NOT gain for himself or herself such attributes, then in eyes of God is going to be treated as an animal. Of course, the reply God again coded into the content of the Bible that he authorized. Well, from the information encrypted in this Bible stems, that the most important out of these attributes is the ability, will, and effort of embracing God. Means, the ability, will, and effort to see the existence of God in the world that surrounds us, to distinguish the "hand" of God when God gives something to us, to study intentions and requirements of this God, to give to God the correct evidence of our obedience to his commands, etc., etc. In other words, those ones who are unable, or do not have intentions, or do not wish to undertake the effort, of embracing God, for example all atheists - according to the information contained in the Bible which is authorized by this God, in fact belong to the category of animals with human appearance and human intelligence, not to the category of people. Of course, there is a number of manners this ability, will and effort of embracing God should manifest itself. Let us list here at least several most vital out of them. Here is several most vital ones:
       1. Recognize the authority of God and obey requirements that God imposed over people. In other words, e.g. every atheist in eyes of God is just an intelligent animal with human appearance. After all, animals are unable to recognize and acknowledge the authority of God. They are also not able to obey God's requirements. For example, animals everywhere see only the existence of other animals - only that sometimes more dangerous or more provided than they themselves, because gifted with a bigger power, cunningness, or ability to generate something delicious. For example, my cat Teecee with the same respect related both to me, and to the home fridge. In me he saw a bigger and stronger animal than himself. Therefore, in order to make me friendly he used to bring me, in his opinion tasty mice and frogs. In turn fridge for him was a kind of a cow which instead of milk generates infinitive supplies of tasty cat's food. So in order to also make the fridge friendly towards him, according to the cat's etiquette he used to sit opposite to it and show to it his respect in exactly the same way as outside of the flat he show his respect to other cats by sitting for hours in front of them. Once I noted that he also brought a living frog to the fridge and wanted to give this frog to the fridge. Information about this "requirement-manifestation of the belonging to the humanity" is contained, amongst others, in the verse quoted previously from the "Evangel of St. Matthew", 4:4, quote: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." But in fact this "requirement of qualifying to the category of humans" is so important that it is repeated across the entire Bible.
       2. Gain skills of recognizing hand, work, and acts of God, from hands, work, and activities of other powers. In other words, in order to become a human, one needs to learn see the hand of God where this hand in fact do acts. Therefore, these people, who are unable to notice in the Bible the authorship of God, but see in it just a book with stories of ancient shepherds, in fact are in eyes of God just intelligent animals. (For example, for me is extremely impressive this well hidden supernatural intelligence encoded into the Bible and manifesting itself e.g. in the manner with which the Bible expresses extremely correctly even these most refined ideas, the effectiveness with which it gives to us the working recipes for living that prove themselves in action, the effectiveness with which these ever actual messages were getting through thousands of years of censorships of serpents-UFOnauts, etc., etc. Also I do not understand how it is possible, that some people remain blind to this supernatural intelligence of the Bible - most clearly in order to appreciate intelligence contained in something else, one needs also have at least a threshold level of it.) These biologists and their sympathizers, who e.g. in the creation of the first couple of people see just only the act of random evolution, also have NOT acquire the ability of recognizing the hand and act of God. Or these physicists, who remain blind to the conclusions that result from the fact that electromagnetic waves belong to the category of "transverse waves", which propagate exclusively along the border of two mediums. Or these medics who search with scalpels through corners of the brain in order to find soul in there, but they simultaneously remain blind and deaf for NDE (Near Death Experience), multiple personalities, and other phenomena of this kind. Etc., etc. The information about the gaining ability to recognize hand, work, or act of God, is contained, amongst others in "2 Corinthians", 4:3-4, quote: "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not."
       3. Place emphasis on the development of positive non-physical attributes such as morality, consistency, helpfulness, goodness, peacefulness, etc., etc. In other word, obedience to the popular saying "eat to live, not live to eat", or more strictly "use our body as an instrument which helps us to acquire positive intellectual and spiritual values, instead of treating our intelligence and spirit as tools which allow us bring pleasures to our body." The information about the need of using our body as a tool for accomplishing positive spiritual and intellectual qualities, not in reverse, is spread all over the Bible. For example, this information is illustrated by every word and every action of Jesus - including into this also words quoted in item 1 above.
       4. Learn totalizm and implement totalizm in our own life. It is enough to notice in the Internet how "serpents-UFOnauts" react on every message of totalizm, to become clear that totalizm is NOT just another one amongst these dozens of philosophies invented by "armchair academics". The Bible let us know about this quite clearly. It is not by coincident that there are strange parallels between the name "John" plus characteristics of efforts of the human author of the totalizm, and the content of following verse from the Biblical Evangel of St. John, 1:6-14, quote: "There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God - children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God. The Word became flesh ..." Totalizm states that nothing is a "coincidence". So it is NOT a coincidence also that the shockingly symbolic fate of totalizm described in item #A7 of this web page is so strangely coinciding with statements of the Biblical "Evangel of St. Matthew", 24:27, which amongst others informs, quote: "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west ...".
       5. Differentiate between our secular duties and obligations towards God, give to God the correct kind of contribution, and maintain a constructive balance between giving to God and fulfilling our secular duties. In other words, we should not allow that in our lives any out of these two main components (i.e. God or secular life) overpowers the other one of them. Both these components must in us complement and enrich each other - not compete with each other. So we should NOT allow that the spiritual matters overshadow or dominate our secular life, not allow that our secular engagements completely alienate us from connecting to God. After all, the life is to live, and to implement what God send us to the Earth to do with his assistance and guidance. Furthermore, God requires that we give to it a right kind of contribution. For example, He does NOT want we give to Him our money, possessions, or any other material goods. For God material gifts are like these mice and frogs that my cat Teecee used to bring to me, in order to make friendly towards him this large and powerful animal which he saw in me. It is God that gives to us material goods so that we make out of them a right use in our fulfilling our secular duties, not that we should give them back to Him. God demands from us immaterial contribution, such as voluntarily recognizing His existence, recognizing His hand and work, searching and studying His intentions, obeying His commands, remembering about His requirements in every secular matter in which we act, etc., etc. In fact, through a clear showing the difference between the manner of fulfilling the contribution towards God in the Biblical "New Testament" (which describes humanity which already is composed of "people"), and a kind of gifts which inhabitants of the Earth used to give to God in times of the "Old Testament" (i.e. when humanity was still belonging to the world of "intelligent animals"), God very intelligently and illustratively let us know what kind of contribution towards him He is asking for. The information about the necessity to maintain a constructive balance between giving contribution to God and fulfilling our secular duties, is contained, amongst others, in "Evangel of St. Luke", 20:25, quote: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s." In turn the context in which the above verse was repeated and stressed in three Evangels of St. Luke", 20:25, Mark 10:25, and Matthew 19:24, reveals to us very clearly, that God does NOT wants material belongings from us, e.g. financial donations, but wishes we give to him all these non-material efforts and actions, which He defined for us with the content of the Bible, commandments of moral laws, configuration of the moral field, etc., etc., and from understanding of which He made one of our duties towards Him (or more strictly "Her" - as explained in item #B7 from the web page God).
       Of course, the above are just a few first and most vital "requirements of qualifying to the category of people" contained in the Bible. Similar requirements is more. But the goal of this web page is NOT to discuss these. For example God requires from people to devote to building and lifting up, not to destruction and pushing down. God orders to defend ourselves when we are attacked, but it forbids aggressive attacking. God orders to share with others, and not just take everything for ourselves. Etc., etc. If we would like to express all these requirements and commandments of God with a single allegoric statement, then we could state that God asks from us everything that an ideal woman who loves us very much would demand from us. As this is explained in item #B7 of the web page about a secular understanding of God, this thinking components of God, which by the Christianity is called "Holy Ghost", in fact is a female.
       The Bible warns us many times, that for all those who do not obey commandments of God, awaits not pleasurable consequences. So we should NOT expect that if God gave to someone a chance to become a human, because he allowed to be born from human parents, but that someone spurn and rejected this chance, then God will still be generous towards such someone. After all God has the power and thousands of different possibilities to execute from disobeying ones the warning which he authorized in the Bible. For example, only the simplest out of these possibilities is, that for those who insist so much to remain animals, God allows to be born again as animals. Therefore, I personally feel obliged to realize with the aid of these descriptions, that - as Englishman say "God means business". After all, God does NOT need to worry that there will be NO creatures interested to qualify into the category of people. Just only on the Earth every second millions of existences are coming to life, the level of intelligence of which allows them to stand up in a queue to the chance of becoming a human. For example, my cat Teecee is one of them. But God created the physical world of a finite volume. So He cannot non-selectively advance to the honour of a person every out of these millions and millions of creatures, and then give an everlasting life to each person. The God's justice is to be fulfilled if every creature gets a chance from God of becoming a human, and then the further fate of this creature is to depend how this creature performs when getting this chance. So God has reasons to make very difficult the advancement from the status of an "animal" to the status of a "human". No wonder that in the Biblical Evangel of St. Mark, 10:25, is written - quote: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (A rich person typically practices the philosophy of parasitism which just gives to people the animal attributes.) So it is not know neither "when" nor "if at all", these ones from our fraternity who in the present life lost already the chance to prove themselves as "people", will obtain a next such a chance. In fact such another chance they may get after waiting in the queue for hundreds or even thousands of years, or even do not get this chance ever again. So it is better already now do everything that the Bible encourages us to do, and in fact put the effort which we can afford in order to prove God already now that we deserve the name a "human".
       At the end of this item I would like to propose to the reader a small verifying test. Namely, I propose to check, whether according to requirements given to us by God and clearly explained above from 1 to 5 of this item, in eyes of God the reader deserves to be qualified to the category of humans, and to receive privileges granted by God to humans, or else he or she deserves only to be qualified to the same category as "UFOnauts-serpents" - means to "animals gifted with intelligence and human appearance", and then receive the same treatment as animals. Means, whether the reader: (1) recognizes the authority of God, (2) gained the skill of recognizing the hand and acts of God, (3) uses his body as an instrument to accomplishing positive intellectual and spiritual goals, but not opposite, etc., etc. Then I propose to match similarly to the same criteria all these close ones whom the reader loves the most. Finally I propose to consider what in the reader's opinion the reader should do with conclusions to which he or she arrived in this test. Means, whether in such a vital matter as the eternal future for himself or herself and for his or her close ones, the reader should leave the matter just on checking, and then continue the sitting on his own hands in matters for which God requires actions, or rather should take actions which are suggested by this test. After all, we need to remember, that after publishing formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, the power, authority, and the actions of God ceased to be just a matter of believes, and become a scientific certainty. These God's capabilities do not cease to be such a certainty only because some intelligent animals in the Bible called "serpents" spit on these proofs the entire saliva that their venomous tangs are able to generate.
       Serpents-UFOnauts consider themselves to be a kind "super-humans" which are positioned so much higher above people from the planet Earth, as much higher people from the Earth are positioned above animals. Also at every occasion these UFOnauts let us know about this their supposed superiority. It seems to come easy to them. After all, they stole time vehicles and telekinetic vehicles from some other civilization. They also have a capability to travel around entire Universe. Because of the telekinetic flickering they also can become invisible to human sight. So they are very unhappy that the truth revealed in the Bible states about them something completely opposite. Namely that in eyes of God just they, serpents-UFOnauts, are creatures inferior like animals, while us, humans from the Earth, are superior over them by the "humanitarianism" of our attributes. Because totalizm disseminates the knowledge about this truth that is so bitter for UFOnauts, this dissemination provides one more reason for which UFOnauts so viciously try to destroy totalizm. After all, they do not like when something reminds them the truth that in eyes of God they are just animals provided with human intelligence and with human shapes.

#F4. Totalizm in the role of a straighter of errors and deviations of all other sciences (for example totalizm reveals a moral manner for gaining the immortality, means a moral way of defeating death and living forever):
Motto: "Immortality is NOT going to come from the advancement of medicine - as everyone seems to believe, but from the creative technical thinking which allows people to build time vehicles."
       People who accepted the philosophy of totalizm are gaining an extraordinary tool which allows them to verify the truth, and to repair errors or deviations, in practically all other present sciences. This is because findings of totalizm remove from eyes of people the "blinkers" which previously disallowed them to see the universe as it really is.
       An excellent illustration of the role of totalizm as a straighter of errors, deviations, and shortcomings of other sciences, is the simplest and easiest path to our immortality. All people seem to believe, that the path to immortality is through the advancement of medicine. However, totalizm reveals to us that the only morally acceptable way of defeating death and gaining the access to an immortal life, cannot use medical methods. The reason is that medical manners of extending life must be based on either copying or robbing of components of life. However, both copying and robbing are highly immoral activities (this is why people established "copyrights" and laws protecting us from robbers.) Therefore, in order to live forever it is necessary to build the technical device called the time vehicle. After all, time vehicles allow everyone to shift back in time to years of his or her youth each time after he or she reaches an old age or after his or her body which refuses to work. As totalizm explains this, the building of time vehicles is relatively simple. In fact if other people started to help me in accomplishing my goals soon after in 1985 I discovered how time works and how time vehicles can be build, then until today, means after around a quarter of century, I would already build these time vehicles. After all, already then I knew how to build the "heart" and the most vital component of time vehicles, means the technical device called the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation. (This device is also described on the web page eco_cars.htm - about zero emission cars of our future.) Furthermore, since 1985 I know exactly how time works and how technically we can shift time back - for descriptions of this operation of time and method of shifting time back see chapter M from volume 11 of my monograph [1/5], or see the web page named timevehicle.htm, or the web page named immortality.htm. I am also able to indicate to everyone the easy for verifying proof that time is really a software quantity, and thus that it elapses in short jumps - means the proof that time is exactly how my theories explain it to people. (This easily verifiable proof is described in item #A1 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about the work of time, about travelling in time, and about time vehicles, and in item #D2 of the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God.) The only thing that so-far I was unable to accomplish, is the help of other people in my efforts to build time vehicles. Most clearly my countrymen do NOT want to live forever. With attitudes of other people towards my discoveries and inventions seems to be like with this donkey from the English proverb we can bring a donkey to water, but we cannot make it drink. On the other hand, without the help from other people, means without a research job at an university, without proper conditions to carry out scientific research openly, without an access to research laboratories, and without products of good prototyping facilities, just by myself I am unable to build time vehicles e.g. in the corner of my kitchen. More about our chance for living forever is explained on the web page immortality.htm - about immortality, means how we could defeat death right now and begin to live forever.
       Another good example, which illustrates the role of totalizm as a straighter of errors and deviations of other sciences, can be the matter of so-called "perpetual motion". Namely, from the philosophical point of view, the only difference between e.g. a "windmill" and a "perpetual motion device", is the length of time in which the propelling medium provides a steady energy supply to a given device. So if there exists a "wind" which blows continually, steadily, and strongly for, let's say, one million years, then the "windmill" which such a "wind" would propel, would become a "perpetual motion device". Thus, from the point of view of any philosophy, "perpetual motion devices" can be build - if we find a propelling medium (e.g. a "wind") which provides a steady energy supply continually for thousands of years. But the discipline of thermodynamics claims the exact opposite. It states that "perpetual motion devices cannot work" at all, as their operation supposedly would run against the statistic predictions which carry the name of "laws of thermodynamics". So it would be an interesting situation if philosophy proves to thermodynamics that so-called "laws of thermodynamics" are still incomplete because were NOT consulted with philosophy. After all, various sciences know "winds" that "blow" continually and steadily for millions of years. To indicate here some examples of such "winds", these include: the rotation of our planet Earth, the motion of Moon around the Earth, the magnetic field of the Earth, waves of a "cosmic noise", various behaviours of elementary particles, and many more. So if, for example, we construct a "flywheel", which meets following easy-to-fulfil conditions: (1) it has the so-called "momentum of inertia" larger than its "friction torque", (2) it is perfectly balanced - so that the gravitational field of the Earth does NOT influence its angular orientation, and (3) it is so assembled in a given location that the axis of rotation of this flywheel is exactly parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation; then such a flywheel should create an everlasting motion in relationship to the Earth, with the speed of one rotation per day (or more strictly, this flywheel would remain motionless in relationship to our solar system, while the Earth would rotate around it once per each day). So such a flywheel - if constructed and provided with an appropriate gearbox linked to a pointer, could prove empirically that philosophical principles are more advanced than so-called "laws of thermodynamics". More on the subject of the above "perpetual motion" device is explained on the web page free_energy.htm - about generators of free energy.
       Of course, this item provides only two examples from a huge ocean of new knowledge that opens to our eyes after we begin to practice totalizm. Other examples of this knowledge are described on the totaliztic web page about myself (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak).

Part #G: Totalizm versus faith and religions:
#G1. Explanation why totalizm is not colliding nor competing with anyone's religion:
       One of reasons for which some people could have reservations about implementing findings of totalizm into their lives, is their thought of a possibility that totalizm may collide or compete with their personal religion (faith) which they are just preaching. Such reservations are completely unjustified. This item explains why.
       There is a whole range of reasons for which totalizm does NOT collide nor compete with any religion (faith) that exists on Earth. Here are most vital out of these reasons:
       (i) Totalizm is a philosophy, not a religion. In turn with religions can compete only another religion. But totalizm from the definition cannot constitute a religion. After all, it is based on a unbiased and secular knowledge, while religions are based on human believes. As a philosophy totalizm cannot compete with religions - as it belongs to a completely different category. Only in some matters it tries to objectively define and extend statements of religions on the basis of modern scientific knowledge that was earned by humanity since times when these religions were established.
       (ii) Totalizm set for itself the goal to bring closer believers of various religions. The ambition of totalizm is making peace and bringing closer various people and believers of different religions, not dividing them or turning against themselves. However, if totalizm in any way collide or compete with any religion, it would NOT be able to bring together believers of this religion neither to totalizm, nor to other religions. The method with the use of which totalizm tries to bring together believers of various religions depends on the scientific proving that all religions in fact pray to the same God, means to the only God that exists in the entire universe. (After all, totalizm proves scientifically that in the entire Universe exists only one God.) Since in case of every religion God remains the same, in fact each religion is only a different manner of implementing of the same intention of serving to this only God. Thus, all differences between subsequent religions boil down to either different interpretations of how people can serve this only God in the best possible manner, and to incomplete understanding what this only God really expects from people. With the aid of the secular and unbiased research, totalizm brings together these different interpretations as to how serve God in the best possible manner. Research of totalizm disperses also existing misunderstandings about the requirements that this single God imposes onto people. In this way totalizm unifies the understanding of commonness of goals of all religions on Earth. The same it brings together believers of these different religions.
       (iii) The important recommendation of totalizm in religious matters is the "faith plus totalizm". This means that totalizm recommends as it is described in item #G2 below - namely that every single inhabitant of Earth satisfies from totalizm his or her needs for the knowledge about God, while satisfies his or her religion-based emotional and cultural needs through practicing the religion (faith) of his or her ancestors. This is because the religion satisfies one's needs which the scientific discipline (such as totalizm) is unable to satisfy, such as cultural needs resulting from the tradition, and a whole range of emotional needs of a given person, e.g. a need to participate in religious celebration, the need to belong to specific culture and nation, the need to cultivate specific traditions, etc. Unfortunately, while present religions satisfy emotional and cultural needs that exist in almost every person, their outdated knowledge is unable to satisfy the intellectual needs regarding God that each modern person also have. But totalizm is able to satisfy these intellectual needs with the most modern knowledge about God which it managed to accumulate. After all, totalizm developed secular, unbiased, and very modern knowledge which allows us to learn cognitively about God, to work out scientific recipes for the moral and happy life, etc. In addition every religion for sure is going to be more pleased if these intellectual needs of people are satisfied by totalizm - which promotes the existence of God and morality, than they are satisfied by the present atheistic orthodox science - which promotes turning out from God and which does not recognise moral laws. More about the important recommendation of totalizm "faith plus totalizm" is explained in item #G2 below, and also on a separate web page regarding secular and scientific understanding of God.
       The above reasons, and also several further of them which are explained in the textbook of totalizm, means in volumes 6 to 8 of monograph [1/5], reveal that practicing totalizm not only that does NOT collide nor compete with someone's religious practices, but actually enhances and extends in this person the faith in God and the devotion to the religion of his or her ancestors. After all, totalizm complements religions with the reliable scientific knowledge about God which modern people need to learn, but which the atheistic science does NOT want, nor is able to provide to them.

#G2. "Faith plus totalizm" - what benefits it brings:
       People have hardwired in themselves a tendency to impose onto other people their own manner of acting. Therefore, we can find families and homes in which someone strictly defined how the toothpaste should be squeezed, or toilet paper should be torn. There are already countries, the legal system of which suppresses the old truth "spare the rod and spoil the child" and puts parents to prisons if these parents try to use a belt or a rod to discipline their children - for details see item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm. We know for a long time religions which use the force and oppression to impose to believers of other religions the manner on which these others supposed to pray to God. Not mentioning the rivalry between ideologies, which to inhabitants of other countries tries to impose a specific political system.
       The principle "faith plus totalizm" realises for the area of religions this important goal of totalizm to eliminate the imposing. (This principle is described more comprehensively in item #J4 of the web page named god.htm.) This is because totalizm realises that every religion satisfies a whole range of needs of their believers, for example it: (1) provides reliable knowledge about God, (2) it teaches how to live morally and according to God's requirements, (3) it satisfies their emotional needs of belonging to a specific group of people, (4) satisfies their cultural needs that are unique to these believers, and also satisfies several further needs. On the other hand totalizm is just a scientific discipline (philosophy) which is able (1) provide more reliable and more modern knowledge about God than the knowledge offered by already outdated religions, and is able (2) better than religions teach us how we should live morally according to God's requirements. But as a scientific discipline totalizm is unable to satisfy these additional needs of people, such as emotional or cultural need. This is why totalizm suggests this principle called "faith plus totalizm". This principle states, that much more current and modern knowledge about God from the knowledge offered by already outdated religions should be learned via totalizm and via the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But emotional and cultural needs everyone should satisfy through participating in rituals and celebrations of the religion in which he or she was born, means the religion which is practiced by his or her own parents, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbours, tribesman, etc. After all, the continuation of the religion of our ancestors satisfies a number of emotional and cultural needs of every person. Furthermore, forcing someone to change the religion usually leads to a disappointment with God. This is because it replaces the treasured from our childhood system of rituals and symbols into a completely strange system of rituals and symbols. This in turn leads to rebellions, aggression, and fights.

Part #H: Strange "coincidents" concerning totalizm:
#H1. Totalizm as a new phenomenon:
       There is an interesting phenomenon taking place in our midst. This is a birth and spreading of a new, extremely moral, peaceful, constructive, and progressive philosophy. It is called totalizm. (Notice that the name of this new moral philosophy is purposely spelled with the letter "z", to make it distinct from another, old, immoral, aggressive, destructive, and reactionary philosophy called "totalitarianism". This old philosophy totalitarianism sometimes is abbreviated wrongly to the shorter word "totalism", but spelled with "s".) To be more interesting, totalizm is not just another academic creation, which is to pass without being noticed by mere mortals. It is a philosophy of everyday living for normal human beings who keep their feet firmly on the ground. It already turned around lives of many people, and the number of its adherers is growing rapidly every day. In fact, it can already be noticed, that presently totalizm is the most dynamic and the widest spreading philosophy from all new philosophies developed since the beginning of 20th century. In July 2003 I completed a detailed (and laborious) analyses of counters of visits to all web pages of totalizm. It turned out, that already then around 200 people were downloading monographs on totalizm from all totaliztic web sites each day. This gives an idea about the dynamics of this philosophy. By now this number probably increased even more. Only that this philosophy is practiced by everyone in privacy, without public manifestation of own views and behaviours. Thus, the increase in numbers of adherers of it, so-far do not hit public eyes.

#H2. On what principle totalizm works:
Motto: Moral doing good deeds is difficult and effort consuming, because requires climbing uphill in the moral field. Immoral doing evil deeds is easy and effortless, because depends on sliding downhill in the moral field.
       Our physics explained to us quite well, why e.g. climbing stairs is so difficult and so effort consuming. According to laws described by physics, each time we climb stairs, we need to move uphill in the invisible field called "gravity". Thus the work of overcoming the action of this field, is the source of our effort and difficulties. But our science so-far did not explain exactly why doing moral things is so difficult, and why it also consumes so much human effort. (For example, consider how difficult is to tell truth. After all, telling truth is the essence of every moral behaviour.) This answer provides only the new philosophy called totalizm. According to totalizm, the reason why doing moral things always consumes a lot of our effort, is exactly the same as the reason why climbing stairs is consuming a lot of energy - namely the presence of an invisible field. Totalizm states that apart from the invisible for humans gravity field, the entire physical world is also permeated by another kind of invisible primary field very similar to gravity. Totalizm calls it the "moral field". This invisible moral field causes, that every action that we take in our lives, depends either on climbing uphill in this field (and thus such action is moral), or on sliding downhill in this moral field (and then such action is immoral). Therefore the fact that there is such thing as this "moral field", causes that everything that we do has a definite moral polarity - means is either moral or immoral as it climbs either uphill or downhill in this moral field. Thus, because doing moral things (e.g. saying the truth), always shifts us uphill in this invisible moral field, it must also come to us equally laboriously, as every other climbing uphill in any other invisible field, e.g. in gravity.
       At this point it is worth noting that the "getting to know the rules and laws governing over morality" is also a highly moral activity. As such, it must climb uphill in the moral field, while persons learning principles of highly moral life need to put a lot of effort into this learning. This is why only a few people are trying to learn totalizm, while so many people prefer to practice the punishable by God "philosophy of parasitism".
       In spite that the gravity field and the moral field, both are invisible to the eye primary fields, there are significant differences between both of them. Although these differences are discussed thoroughly in other publications of totalizm - e.g. see item #J1 and "Fig. #I1" from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, for the scientific reliability let us mention here at least some most important their examples. So here are more significant amongst such differences:
       (1) What they interact with. The gravitational field only affects the physical objects, while climbing uphill in it requires putting into it a physical effort. But moral field also affects non-physical objects, e.g. mind, intentions, feelings, etc., while climbing uphill in it requires putting at least mental (intellectual) effort, while often all kinds of efforts, i.e. mental, emotional, and physical.
       (2) Intelligence. Behind the operation of moral field hides exactly the same superior intelligence that created the entire physical world, and now with an iron hand manages the operation of the physical world (i.e. hides God Himself) - for examples see item #N3 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. Therefore, if one carefully examines the consequences of moral field action, then clearly hits our eyes the supremely intelligent goals of this action. For example: (2a) every action of the moral field is so selected, that it is maximally educational to all those people who are affected by the consequences of this field action. (2b) The strength of each of the field's action is carefully so chosen that it is proportional to the number of people "m" who in the future will be affected by consequences of given human work. (2c) In every action of moral field there are contained also numerous discreet hints from God addressed to the person carrying out a particular human work - e.g. a hint as to whether the goals of this human work is compatible with long-term plans of God. (For example, in the initial part, in "1", and in the last paragraph from item #N2 on the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, as well as in (5) from item #L3 of that web page, described is my discovery that if a morally correct our work is contrary to the long-term plans of God, and thus in spite of the moral intentions of this work still the completion of it needs to fail, then the resistance of moral field that is encountered in implementation of this work essentially is of the divine origin - e.g. this resistance is composed of rains, tornadoes, lack of resources, the non-existence of something necessary, breakups, illness, etc. If, however, the success of a given work lies in God's long-term plans, only that the moral character of this work must be hardened with a short-term resistance of the moral field, then the resistance that is encountered is mainly of a human origin - e.g. it is a refusal from superiors, prohibitions, removal from a job, taunting, someone's setting us up, etc.).
       (3) Differences between a short-term and a long-term action. In contrast to gravity - which all the time works in almost the same way, in the short-term moral field runs completely opposite to its long-term action. For example, in the short-term action (i.e. that one which manifests itself mainly during a period of time in which we make a given specific acting) the moral field forms a resistance which obstructs achieving everything that is moral (i.e. it makes an impression as if it "punishes" the moral behaviour), but it helps in achieving everything that is immoral (i.e. it makes an impression as if it "rewards" immoral acting). But in the long-term effects the moral field is exactly opposite to its own short-term action - i.e. in long-term moral field "rewards" the moral behaviours of people and "punishes" immoral behaviours - as this is graphically illustrated in "Fig. #I1" from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. Notice here that one amongst numerous long-term punishments for immoral behaviour, is the complete invalidation of every benefit that in a short-term work of moral mechanisms someone previously achieved as a result of an immoral acting, combined with the simultaneous escalation of problems for solving of which a given immoral behaviour was oryginally carried out - for details see e.g. items #C4.2.1 and #C4.2 from the web page named morals.htm. Excellent examples of invalidation of short-term benefits of immoral acting and the escalation of problems that a given immoral acting supposed to solve, are consequences of immoral implementaion of pesticides, antibiotics, and the theory of relativity to the common use - described in item #J1 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.
       (4) The superiority in relation to all other moral values and mechanisms. Moral field governs practically over everything. For example, in abovementioned item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, I explained that in the long-term work the moral field invalidates everything that one accomplishes in the short-term as a result of immoral acting. Furthermore, the moral field makes sure that the true long-term benefits bring only activities which are agreeable with moral criteria (i.e. activities which are pedantically moral). Numerous examples of consequences of the long-term action of moral field are provided e.g. in the sixth paragraph (#B6) from "part B" of my web page named p_instruction.htm.
       (5) The course of both fields. Both of these fields run differently. Thus, in some situations, e.g. the road uphill in the gravity field can be simultaneously the way downhill in the moral field.
       Of course, from physics we already know that whenever there is a field, there are also laws which govern the motion in this field. Therefore totalizm discovered, that the existence of the invisible moral field is also the reason for a new type of laws to prevail in the universe. These new laws remained unknown to us until now. Because their action depends on the defining of principles which govern the motion of our actions in relationship to the moral field, totalizm calls this new type of laws with the name moral laws. Moral laws are so designed, that everything that is moral represents obeying these laws, whereas everything that is immoral represents disobedience of these laws. This makes practicing totalizm very easy. All what is required to practice totalizm, and to harvest plentiful "rewards" that practicing this philosophy opens for people, is to pedantically obey moral laws. To make this practicing of totalizm even easier, every person has a "build in" organ, which is an encyclopaedia of moral laws. This organ is popularly called conscience. Therefore many so-called "intuitive totalizts" practice totalizm without actually realising it, simply because they obey whispers of their own organ of conscience. Perhaps even you, the reader, belong to the group of "intuitive totalizts", simply because you do in your life whatever your conscience tells you to do, means you practice morality and peace, always try to tell truth whenever you can, be honest, helpful, trustworthy, etc. (i.e. do NOT lie, steal, fight, harm, kill, etc.).
       In spite that the gravity field and moral field are both invisible to human sight, there are significant differences between these two. For example, the gravity field acts solely on physical objects, thus the climbing uphill in it requires giving out a physical effort. On the other hand, moral field acts also on non-physical objects, e.g. on thoughts, intentions, feelings, etc. Thus the climbing uphill in moral field requires putting also the mental (intellectual) effort. Furthermore, both these fields run differently. Thus in some life situations e.g. the path uphill in the gravity field may simultaneously be a path downhill in the moral field.
       The most vital attribute of moral laws is that they have rewards and punishments written into their operation. Therefore each time we are obeying moral laws in our actions - we are lavishly rewarded for this obeying. In turn each time we break moral laws - we are severely punished for this breaking. Unfortunately for people, these rewards (and also punishments) that result from the action of moral laws NEVER take the form of material goods (e.g. the influx of money). They always are non-material, i.e. take the form for example of the feeling of happiness, the satisfaction of self-fulfilment, peace of mind, lack of stress, finding a loved partner, loving and polite children, nice neighbours, lack of problems at work and in life, etc. - for more information about attributes of these "rewards" and "punishments" see item #B2.1 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm or see subsection NG5.1.1 from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5]. If we e.g. try to define what is a "reward" in God's eyes, then it would turn out that "as an 'reward' God considers allowing the rewarded person to lead uninterrupted life deprived of 'punishments' which God always sends to immoral people". Therefore the majority of people do NOT notice the existence of such rewards. After all, in the present times by "rewards" people understand almost exclusively materialistic gains, such as an influx of money, an access to sensual pleasures, a power over other people, etc. But these ones were intentionally excluded from the pool of rewards that are granted automatically just because of the fulfilment of moral laws. (Of course, we can still gain these materialistic rewards through a goal-oriented moral work aimed at accomplishing them.) It is because people started to disobey moral laws lately on an ever increasing scale, that the life on Earth is starting to be so difficult and so full of suffering. Of course, in order to intentionally obey moral laws, one needs to actually know that there is such thing as these laws. Therefore totalizm informs people about the existence of moral laws and teaches ways how we can obey these laws in a methodical manner. People who cognitively learn about moral laws and obey them methodically, are called "formal totalizts". Otherwise then "intuitive totalizts" who obey moral laws just by listening to whispers of their conscience, such "formal totalizts" learned cognitively why and what they are doing, so they are not moral just by intuition and conscience, but also by a methodical acting. This in turn allows them to intensify countless benefits which they harvest from living a moral, peaceful, and productive life.
       Totalizm is already quite a successful philosophy. This can be noticed from the number of references which indicate totalizm in the Internet - e.g. check the keyword "totalizm" in This happens in spite that it also has a lot of enemies. Actually from my experience to-date it appears, that everyone who encountered totalizm and took a time to find out what exactly it is, either starts to love it, or starts to hate it. However, even that there are numerous individuals who do not appreciate this philosophy, still it managed to establish itself, and there is a lot of people in the world who already practice it voluntarily on everyday basis. Actually, at this moment of time totalizm seems to be the most successful out of all new philosophies created and disseminated in 20th century, and the only new philosophy that appeals to "an average person from a street".

#H3. Shockingly symbolic fate of totalizm:
Motto: "Totalizm spans our planet like the lightning which flashes across the whole sky from the east to the west."
       By a strange turn of fate, everything about this new, peaceful, moral, and progressive philosophy of totalizm becomes highly symbolic. For example, because of various forms of subtle persecution that both, totalizm and the creator of this philosophy seem to experience almost continually, descriptions of totalizm needed to be prepared mainly in the most Eastern Islamic country of the World (i.e. in Malaysia). Then they were published in the most Eastern Christian country of the World (i.e. in New Zealand). Then they were forwarded with the speed of light through Internet connections from the far East to the far West, means to internet servers located in the most Western large country in the World (i.e. in the USA). From internet servers in the USA these monographs are distributed via Internet to interested people in the entire world. (For further details on the extraordinary history of totalizm, see subsection W4 from volume 18 of the newest monograph [1/5] or from subsection A4 in volume 1 of an older monograph [1/4] - both in English, or see subsection F1 from volume 5 of even the older monograph [8] - also in English.) So what is so special about this new, moral, peaceful, and progressive philosophy, which spans the entire planet Earth like a lightning. Well, have a look at this web site to find it out!

Part #I: The art and totalizm:
#I1. Totalizm is the subject of creative art:
       There is already a significant amount of artistic creativity, the subject of which is totalizm. In this part of the web page I am going to show at least some most noticeable examples of it.

#I2. The poem about totalizm:
       Here is a poem concerning totalizm, dated on December 2010. The author of it, and the purpose, are coded into the poem, so that they do NOT need explanation.

On this most beautiful Holiday
Marius hopes, that Professor Pajak is okay,
So he has an intention
To bring to Professor's attention,
That he wishes him a gorgeous Christmas Eve
And all the meals as good, as you can conceive.
And, in general, the most of joy
Let soon all the Professor's inventions truly start to deploy,
Beginning from the upcoming year.
Let him successfully put together first parts of the gear,
And when the Bethlehem Star will start to shine,
We shall believe, that the Magnocraft will fly just fine,
For on whatever human mind can theorize
It also is surely possible to realize.
And when the Magnocraft will go for first flight,
It will forever broaden all the humanity sight.
The people will discover true happiness, those great and small,
When Totalizm will triumph, all in all.

The above poem was written spontaneously by its author, and supposed to be a "single-use poem" (as a form of Christmas wishes). But if one analyses the quality and actuality it displays, and the point it makes, in fact it levels with poems of professional poets.

#I3. Paintings, banners, posters, and photographs that concern totalizm:
       On several totaliztic web pages I already published various "visual art" on the subject of totalizm and my person. This creative art until today is expressed on many different ways. Below I am illustrating at least most noticeable out of these. But please bear in mind that NOT all examples, links to which I am providing below, will be accessible on every web site (server) of totalizm. So in order to see them all, probably surfing through several addresses from the "Menu 3" will be needed.
       Paintings were first forms of art that addressed topics included into the area of interests of totalizm. Examples of these paintings the reader can see e.g. on "Fig. #B3" from the web page evil.htm - (click on this (green) link to see it here), or on "Painting 1" from the web page named antichrist.htm - (click on this (green) link to see it here).
       Another art form devoted to totalizm and to my person, are posters and modifications of photographs. Several examples of these I already presented on various web pages, for example see:
(1) The modification of the monument to four presidents, shown amongst others in "Fig. #J3" from the web page named god_proof.htm (click on this (green) link to see it here).
(2) Modification of the poster for the film "I, Robot" shown in "Fig. #1" from web page wszewilki_2006.htm - (click on this (green) link to see it here). The film "I, Robot" itself, is discussed in item #E1.1 from the totaliztic web page will.htm;
(3) The modification of the photograph "levitating Jan Pajak", shown in "Fig. #M1" from the web page named telekinesis.htm - (click on this (green) link to see it here).
(4) The modification of the photograph "Jan Pajak musician", shown in "Fig. A4" from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Here is another example of the banner which someone anonymous prepared laboriously on the subject of "thorny path of totalizm" to hearts and minds of people:

[Bild: vivat_totalizm.jpg]

Fig. #I1. The banner "Long life and win for totalizm!" - anonymous author.

#I4. Songs about totalizm:
       Already a long time ago I was informed, that various ambitious artists test their skills, talents, and sharpnesses of pens, through composing songs about totalizm and about the author of this moral philosophy. But for a long time I had no opportunity to come across such a song. Only on 7th March 2014 looking through the Internet I accidentally encountered the Polish song entitled

"Dr Jan Pajak is our friend"
(in Polish: "Dr Jan Pajak to nasz przyjaciel")
which at that time could be listened to (for free) at the address:
if only the listener had the sufficient patience to persevere through a long advertisement that was shown before that song. I must admit here, that according to my taste the song is quite cute. Pity that very talented in an obvious manner authors of this song have NOT recorded it on a video and place it in the YouTube. I am ready to bet that in such a case it would become an international hit.
       After this first discovery of the above song, I started to intentionally search through the Internet to check the quality of other similar musical creations, the existence of which was rumoured to me previously. In fact I managed to find several further such songs devoted to myself (in this number one hymn about the village of Wszewilki in which I was born), and I also found the post on a forum, in which some anonymous author brags about uploading to Internet as many as 21 similar musical creations. Unfortunately, the artistic quality of these other songs do NOT qualify them to be recommended here for listening. But a curiosity and a puzzle which hit me in them, is that each song is sung by a different person - including women. So if their mysterious creator (or creators) do NOT have some magical powers, then in an obvious manner he (or they) needed to employ a large team of people for preparing these songs. So who to hell, and why, was prepared to contribute so much effort, costs, work and organization, to anonymously publish in Internet several funny or sarcastic songs about my research and myself, in spite that numerous individuals for long time try to convince readers of Internet, that supposedly all my discoveries, theories, philosophies and inventions are wrong and unworthy of reading? Another mystery is why the significant sums of money which this anonymous someone for sure needed to spend on so professionally prepared funny songs about myself (which songs probably only sparse people are to hear), instead of designating such money to finance my chronically underfinanced scientific research and to implement my inventions?

#I5. Playlists with totaliztic songs and music:
       One can say also that there are such things as playlists of "totaliztic songs and music". These can be defined as follows: "playlists of totaliztic songs and music are those ones, which are characterized by compliance with the criteria of morality, which transmit to a listener a particular kind of moral energy popularly known as the "umf", "wow", or "X factor", which positively inspire the listener and do NOT generate in him/her negative side effects, and which are tuned into the musical taste of the listener". Examples of first "playlists" with totaliztic video-songs suited to my musical taste, while designed to be played with a single click on "smart" TVs by Korean company "LG", and also on PC computers, the reader can view from the web page named p_e.htm. In turn, while viewing that first web page, the reader can click on links to further totaliztic "playlists", which that first one points out. Only that to make these "playlists" to work OK on PC computerss, they should be run under the browser named "Google Chrome" (version 2011, or later). Also the smooth playing of these videos is helped by a relatively fast Internet. Each my totaliztic playlist has in its header a green link to the instruction explaining how to use it. Furthermore, descriptions of history of first my totaliztic "playlist" the reader can find in item #L2 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm and in the caption under "Fig. #D1" from the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm.

Part #J: To conclude:
#J1. There is much more going on for totalizm:
       As the previous descriptions illustrated this, totalizm is a name assigned to a new, dynamic, and highly progressive philosophy of everyday living, the principles of which are based on such scientific and measurable ideas as: the motion of uphill or downhill in the moral field, the obedience or disobedience of moral laws, and the accumulation or dispersion of moral energy. This web page is not the only web site which explains principles of totalizm and which allows to download textbooks about this philosophy. Other web pages on totalizm can be found, if one checks with any search engine (e.g. with for key words totalizm, Dr Jan Pajak. Examples of these which are worth reviewing include, amongst others, totaliztic web pages god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God, god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God, or parasitism.htm - about the morally decadent philosophy of parasitism. It is worth to mention, that there is already a lot of people who actually practice this highly progressive and rewarding philosophy in their everyday lives.

#J2. About the author:
       In the legal sense the author of totalizm is me, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak. But please notice that I personally do NOT consider myself to be the person who "invented" or "developed" totalizm - similarly as none of physicists has the right to claim that he or she invented or developed physics. I am only the first scientist on Earth, who started to research and who described systematically the true laws and true rules which govern the morality and intelligent life in the universe. If we use again the analogy to physicists, although none physicist has the right to claim that invented or developed physics, many of them can state that they developed a textbook of physics. I just consider myself to be the first researcher on Earth, who developed the scientific textbook of totalizm. This web page is a brief summary of such a first textbook of totalizm. (The textbook itself, or more strictly all three generations of it, is described and linked in item #A4 above.)
       In case someone has possible comments or questions connected with the content of this web page, he or she can direct these at my email addresses. An access to current email addresses and contact details which I use at present, is provided in item #J5 below.

[Bild: 14_prof_pajak.jpg]

Fig. #J1. Myself, means Dr Eng. Jan Pajak - while for the duration of 2007: Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak (shown on the above photograph). By education I am a Mechanical Engineer with the publicly defended degree of a Doctor of Technical Sciences. However, in my latest profession which I practiced until 2005, and then repeated for 10 months in 2007, I lectured computer sciences and information technology. I specialised mainly in Software Engineering, Web Technology and in Information Processing (using the Web Technology). But my hobby research, carried out until today in my private time and on my private cost, amongst others, includes development of the new, moral, peaceful, constructive, and uplifting philosophy of totalizm which is based on the operation of moral field, moral laws, moral energy, and karma.
       For more details about my life, research, and work, it is worth to have a look at web pages about me (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak), or secular and scientific view of God, listed in "Menu 1" or "Menu 2". One can also read subsection A4 from volume 1 of monograph [1/5], free copies of which are available, amongst others, also via this web page.

#J3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J4. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in research and development of totalizm:
       The thorough knowledge of totalizm presented on this web page, is immensely vital for our lives. After all, depending how well we learn this philosophy, this is going to reflect on how moral, and thus also how happy and fulfilled our lives will be. This is the reason why I created the web page that summarises totalizm. However, accomplishing a progress in our knowledge of totalizm places a requirement that I continually advance research on it. Therefore, even at present I carry out various experiments aimed at determining further information about moral laws, karma, etc. Results of this research are to be published as soon as they are available in the final form. Therefore the development of this web page cannot be considered to be completely finished, but must be carried out continually. In future this web page will be periodically updated, improved and extended, as soon as any new information becomes available and I finish verifying it. So I am inviting to visit this web page again at some stage in future, in order to check what new becomes known to us regarding totalizm, moral laws, moral field, karma, etc.

#J5. Blogs of totalizm:
       It is also worth to check periodically blogs of totalizm some of which operate already since April 2005, means since the time when Internet discussion lists of totalizm experienced a massive sabotage and needed to be replaced with blogs. Blogs of totalizm are available under several address, e.g.:, and (Notice, however, that all these addresses hold mirror copies of the same posts with the same content of messages, and that public discussions on topics presented on these blogs are NOT carried out on them, but on Google discussion groups from item #J6 below.) After all, on blogs of totalizm many matters discussed on this web page are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes. Furthermore, these blogs contain links to most recently updated web pages of totalizm.

#J6. Internet discussions on topics presented in this web page:
       Readers who wish to discuss any topic addressed on this web page, or on any other web pages of totalizm, should be interested to know that these topics are discussed at a whole array of threads from Google discussion groups. Topics and addresses of these threads are listed in item #E2 from the totaliztic web page named faq.htm.
       I should also add, that from the beginning of my work on totalizm and on other topics linked to totalizm, every new topic which I am researching I try to expose to a public discussion. I count on receiving feedback. But because the official science and the majority of scientists turned their backs to whatever I am researching, for the lack of scientific channels of receiving this feedback I was forced to discuss these topics in Internet. Unfortunately it introduces serious drawbacks. E.g., for strange reasons - which I also try to investigate, these Internet discussions in the majority of cases occur between some individuals which are well masked and clearly feel safe behind the screen of their anonymity. These individuals transformed recently Internet discussions into kinds of verbal matches the participants of which are competing in throwing mud and spitting at every constructive idea. This shocking phenomenon of abusing and spitting instead of communicating and discussing, is lately so widely spread, that it is even discussed in newspapers - e.g. see the article "Excuse me, could we please be a bit more polite", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, January 3, 2009. In spite of this escalation of the internet culture of verbal abuse, for the lack of other channels of gaining feedback regarding topics which I investigate, I still try to expose each topic researched to such Internet discussion. After all, between abuses and personal attacks, sometimes appear also single constructive voices in the discussion which contribute a new quality to a given topic. Therefore, still is worth to scan these discussions, seeking in them these rational and constructive comments.

#J7. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#J8. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J9. Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *
Date of starting this page: 15 May 1999
Date of the latest updating of this page: 7 August 2015
(Check in "Menu 3" whether there is even a more recent update!)
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