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Stawczyk village (2013)
Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak

Stawczyk village (Neu Steffitz) which is and isn't
Date of the most recent update of this web page: 3 December 2013

"Stawczyk" is an extraordinary village. It supposedly exists, but cannot be found on maps nor on lists of Polish settlements. So practically it does NOT exist. But I was born in it. Means that in spite of non-existence, this village exerts its influence onto the world. It affects us on the same principle as the Polish snake "gniewosz" described in item #F2 of this web page - which alters the speed of elapse of time to be able to move unnoticed, or as these famous creatures described in item #E1 below, means as e.g. "Yeti" from Himalaya, "intestine worms" from the Gobi desert in Mongolia, "Nessie" monster from the Scottish lake Loch Ness, "dragon" from the lake Cini in Malaysia, "serpent" from the lake Tver near Moscow in Russia, "Mkole-Mbembe" or "elephant killer" from the "Lake Tele" in northern part of Congo, American "thunder birds", the New Zealand giant lizard "taniwha", huge "centipedes" from Brazil, and other life forms which according to science do NOT exist, but yet exert their influence on the humanity. Such an "existing non-existence" of Stawczyk causes in turn that it is NOT only a village which is impossible to find on maps. It is also a symbol. Means a symbol of what is invisible or ignored, but still exerting its influence. This web page is about the village Stawczyk. Thus it is also about everything that is invisible or ignored, although it exerts an influence. All explanations of this web page are carried out on the example of this highly symbolic village called "Stawczyk".

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
#A1. What is this "Stawczyk":
       "Stawczyk" is the name assigned to a small village from the northern part of Lower-Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. Stawczyk is located around 2 kilometres to north-east from a small Lower-Silesian township in Poland called Milicz. However, between Stawczyk and Milicz flows a small river called "Barycz" - which is visible both on maps and on the satellite photo indicated in item #H2 of this web page. Thus, if someone tries to reach Stawczyk from Milicz, then is forced to take an indirect route through the only road bridge in the area, then move through the suburb of Milicz called "Krotoszyńska", finally to pass through the village "Wszewilki". The distance of Stawczyk from Milicz along this circular route equals to around 3 kilometres. In the historic sense Stawczyk is an extremely old village. Probably it is one amongst oldest villages of Poland that still exist. Only that previously it was a part of another equally old village which presently is known under the name Wszewilki.
       Regarding the country to which it belongs, then since times when countries crystallised in the Europe, the area of present Stawczyk belonged to Poland. But in 1741 it was annexed by then kingdom of Prussia (later Germany) - together with the most of Silesia. It belonged to Germany until 1945. When the Second World War finished, in the consequence of that war, in 1945 Stawczyk returned to the original motherland - i.e. to Poland. Thus currently it is again a Polish village.
       I, means the author of this web page (see the photograph from "Fig. #H1" below), was born in Stawczyk and I lived the first 18 years of my life in there. In my later life I was visiting Stawczyk as frequently as I could - after all this is my native village. Furthermore, several generations of my ancestors on the distaff side originate from the vicinity of Stawczyk - for more details see item #B2 on the separate web page about me (Dr Jan Pajak - autobiographical note). Thus I consider myself to be a person sufficiently competent to be able to describe this village. This web page presents my descriptions.

#A2. What are goals of this web page:
       The main goal of this web page is to explain in simple words several strange and mysterious phenomena and paradoxes which we encounter in our everyday lives. These explanations are to be carried out with use of the example of Stawczyk village, which probably is one amongst most strange villages of Poland.
       This web page describes also the village of Stawczyk, means the miniature although historically the oldest part of the village to which it is adjusted and which is called "Wszewilki". Presently the village Stawczyk usually is officially named with the double word "Wszewilki-Stawczyk". However, notice that in past this oldest part of Wszewilki was called differently, namely "Stawczyk", earlier "Wszewilki", still earlier "Cegielnia", while at the very beginning (i.e. before 1945) "Neu-Steffitz", etc.

Part #B: Each traveler has his starting point from which he set out into the world - for me it was Stawczyk:
#B1. Why Stawczyk village is so important to me that to its description I dedicate this web page:
       My fascination with the village Stawczyk stems from the simple fact, that I was born in that village - as this is explained in more detail on the web page Wszewilki, and thus that I spent in Stawczyk the most important part of my life on getting to know its mysteries. It was in the vicinity of the village Stawczyk that I personally watched occurrences of a significant proportion of the miracles which then I described in item #F3 from the web page named Wszewilki. It was also in Stawczyk that I noted the first principles which govern over lives of humans, as well as noted the most important manifestations of human behaviors that with the elapse of time allowed me to form the foundations for a completely new philosophy of life, which many years later I named totalizm.

Part #C: Moral symbolism of the village Stawczyk - means the village which originates from persecutions, exists as a symbol of persecutions, and provides illustration for consequences of persecutions:
#C1. How "moral laws" cause that "persecutors also persecute themselves":
       The philosophy called totalizm discovered that independently from known laws of physics, the lives of people are also governed by a different kind of laws called moral laws. Actually the existence of moral laws could be deduced from religions. After all, if these is "justice-loving" God, then even a child is able to deduce that this God must reward and punish all people according to exactly the same set of principles. Thus, such strict and always the same set of principles, according to which God repetitively rewards or punishes the actions of people, is constituting "moral laws". Of course, if moral laws are defined solely as principles of rewarding and punishing used by God, then the existence and the operation of these laws would be noticed and acknowledged only by these people who already learned and recognise the extensive body of scientific evidence which confirms the existence of God. In turn, for example so-called "atheists", would reject all attempts to define and to obey moral laws. For this reason, the philosophy of totalizm, and also the reversal of it, means the so-called philosophy of parasitism, define "moral laws" in a fully secular manner. After all, moral laws can be easily defined in a secular manner, because it turns out that in the physical world exists and acts a kind of invisible field, similar to the gravity field. By totalizm this invisible field is called the "moral field". This field causes, that similarly like climbing uphill in the "gravity field" requires putting an effort into this climbing, also doing anything that is moral, this field makes difficult and effort-requiring. (E.g. consider how much effort requires e.g. telling a truth.) So, due to the existence of this invisible "moral field" doing anything that is moral requires the contribution of effort, while doing anything that is immoral is easy, pleasant, and effortless. In other words, climbing uphill in the "moral field" changes our labour into a special kind of potential energy called the "moral energy" or "zwow", while sliding down in this "moral field" dissipates this moral energy from us. In turn from physics we know, that wherever there is some kind of a field, and some sort of energy, there must also exist appropriate laws which rule over the action of this field and the transfer of this energy. From this particular knowledge of physics stems the "secular definition of moral laws". This definition states that "moral laws are laws which control the transfer of moral energy and the action of moral field". Due to the formulation of such secular definition of moral laws, atheists are also able to accept the existence and work of these laws. After all, this definition concentrates exclusively on outcomes of the action of moral laws. In turn these outcomes can be noticed even by atheists.
       Moral laws work in a rather extraordinary manner. If we would like to summarise their action in one sentence, then we could state that moral laws restore justice and reward morality while punishing immorality. This means, that if for example someone does something immoral, e.g. persecutes innocent, then these "moral laws" are swinging into action and restore the justice. But these laws do NOT restore the justice in the same manner as people would do it (e.g. through breaking hands which do the immoral things). These laws have their own, highly discreet and subtle, methods of action. For example, instead of breaking hands which harmed someone, they may cause the bankruptcy of the owner of these hands, and thus bring through this bankruptcy the hunger and sufferings which are equal to suffering inflicted through spreading a given injustice. Or they cause that the owner of these hands is abandoned by wife and children, and thus he must suffer living alone. Or they cause that someone whom this person loves a lot is going to die. Etc., etc.
       One amongst methods of action of moral laws causes that persecutions always turn a full circle and hit back the persecutors. In English there is even a proverb expressing this law, which states that "Curses, like chickens, always come back home to roost". This method of action of moral laws is clearly visible if someone traces the fate of the village Stawczyk described here. Namely, as this becomes clear from descriptions that follow, Stawczyk was always persecuted and oppressed by authorities which are located in the nearby Milicz. Therefore "moral laws" worked in such a manner that outcomes of these persecutions and oppression of Stawczyk make a full circle and hit back into Milicz. How this happens, I am going to explain this in descriptions that follow.

#C2. The history of village "Stawczyk": origins from persecutions, continuous experiencing persecutions, illustration of long-term consequences of persecution:
       Stawczyk is the village which constitutes a symbol of unjustified, although continuous persecutions. After all, this village originates from persecutions. Furthermore, this village was persecuted for the entire period of its existence to-date - even until today. What the most shocking, in the meantime changed the country to which Stawczyk belongs, and also changed the ideology and system of that country. But persecutions of Stawczyk still persist. Everyone can notice this persecution - if is to look around in Stawczyk, and if then compares the state and situation of Stawczyk with the state and situation of the nearby village Wszewilki - which is separated from Stawczyk just by the width of two rails. After all, the comparison of Wszewilki and Stawczyk look like a comparison of proverbial "prince and beggar" - in spite that in past these two settlements were just parts of the same village. For example, through Wszewilki leads a well paved road. In turn all main roads of Stawczyk are still dust roads in which wheels (and legs) submerge into sand until axels (and ankles). Wszewilki have a footpath. Stawczyk has only sides of dirt roads overgrown with weeds. Wszewilki have running water from waterworks, and some houses even have city gas. Stawczyk still depends on wells and still has no gas. Wszewilki have a bus stop and a bus connection with Milicz. Inhabitants of Stawczyk must push pedals when push-biking to Milicz. Etc., etc. There are numerous further such cases of neglects and subtle forms of persecutions, but this web page is NOT the right forum to pinpoint these.
       Knowing about the action of "moral laws" described in previous item #C1, and being aware that all persecutions of Stawczyk to-date always originate from the administrative authorities located in the nearby town of Milicz, it is worth to learn the mechanism with the use of which the persecutions of Stawczyk are making a full circle and hit back into the town Milicz. In order to learn this, we need to learn firstly the strange history of Stawczyk.
       The evidence of persecution of the village Stawczyk, proofs of which are still visible until today, started around 1875. Until that year of 1875 the village "Stawczyk" was a part of the neighbourly village named Wszewilki. Means, until 1875 the village Stawczyk was an eastern half of Wszewilki. In these old times all farmhouses of Stawczyk were located closer to the old central square of historic Wszewilki than at present is located in relation to this central square the majority of present farmhouses of the village Wszewilki. In other words, Stawczyk is the better carrier of the historic traditions of Wszewilki, than the carrier of these traditions is present village of Wszewilki. Because of the closeness of Stawczyk to central square of historic Wszewilki, until the year 1875 the history of the village "Stawczyk" was simultaneously the history of the village Wszewilki. In turn the history of the village Wszewilki the reader can learn from a separate web page named Wszewilki.
       Unfortunately, in 1875 the histories of both these villages separated from each other. Namely, in 1875 was constructed the railway line which led from Milicz to Krotoszyn and then further to Gniezno - along the old so-called Amber Route (a section of this "Amber Route" in past used to run through the present village Stawczyk). In turn someone who designed this railway line, utilised it as a handy tool of destruction aimed at the former village Wszewilki. Namely, this someone intentionally so deviated the course of that railway line, that it turned towards west from the straight line which it supposed to follow, and it trotted through the miniature central square of the previous village Wszewilki. Thus, under the excuse of building this railway line, an old Catholic Church of Wszewilki (illustrated on the photograph from the web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow) was dismantled, and also dismantled were numerous public buildings of Wszewilki which hosted the local industry - and thus which decided about the significance and the wealth of this village (such as an old hotel, grain storage, bakery, and a slaughter house). Of course, until today this intentional deviation of the railways line towards west, soon after it departed from the railways station in Milicz, is clearly visible on maps of Wszewilki, and on the satellite photograph of that village indicated in item #H2 of this web page. On these maps and the satellite photograph is also clearly visible, that immediately after trotting through the historic central square of the old village Wszewilki, and after destroying the industry of that village, the railway line is turning again towards the east, thus returning at the course which originally it supposed to follow. If it follow this course all the time, then it would NOT trot through the central square of the old village Wszewilki. (The fact, that this trotting was actually an intentional one and it was viciously pre-planned, is confirmed by the visible evidence that if this turning of the railway line was carried out slightly earlier towards the south, then the railway would go just by the edge of the town Milicz. However, in reality the railway station of Milicz is distant from the town of Milicz by around 2 kilometres. In turn such a large distance of railway from the town makes the arrival to the railway station very complicated and discourages the use of railway.)
       Whomever maliciously trotted the central square of old Wszewilki with the railway line, was NOT stopping on this act. In addition to the cutting old Wszewilki into two parts, this someone also administratively renamed this part of old Wszewilki which was cut off from the rest of the village by the new railway line. Thus, starting from then, this "cut off" part of Wszewilki was renamed with a different than Wszewilki name of Neu-Steffitz. Until today it has a different than Wszewilki name - at present carrying the name "Stawczyk". In this way the trotting of the central square of old village Wszewilki with the railway line, become a point in time in which clearly visible persecutions of Stawczyk have started, and after which the history of the village-martyr named "Stawczyk" was separated from the history of former village Wszewilki.
       The mysterious, although well hidden, persecutions of Stawczyk did NOT finish with the administrative separation of it from the former village Wszewilki, but were stubbornly continued even until now. For example, in the area of present village Stawczyk (or more precisely on the area of present sport field of the village Stawczyk) before 1875 organised were yearly "horse markets" which were famous throughout the entire Europe. To these horse markets used to come horse traders from many even very distant countries. About these markets I am writing, amongst others, in item #B2 of the separate web page about myself (Dr Jan Pajak - autobiographical note). But around 1890 someone in Milicz decided administratively to shift this famous horse trading market from its previous location on the area of present Stawczyk, into a new location just by the Milicz town - near the slaughter house of Milicz. Of course, after shifting the trading market into a different place, a message spread throughout the world that Wszewilki do NOT organise horse trading markets any more. So horse traders ceased to come to these trading markets - and in this way diminished the long tradition of these famous horse markets that lasted for many previous centuries. Unfortunately, the taking away from Stawczyk this famous horse trading scheme was only one amongst numerous manifestations of this secretive and continuous persecution. Other manifestations included, amongst others, the suffocation and forcing the bankruptcy of the old watermill of Stawczyk, assigning a name "Neu-Steffitz" to Stawczyk - instead of the name "Neu-Ziegelscheune" (the name "Ziegelscheune" is the German name for then "Wszewilki" - for the correct translation into German of names of present Polish settlements see the web page
       Within this many centuries long persecution of Stawczyk, this village did NOT receive even a permanent name. Administratively it is considered to be a village that is separate from Wszewilki. But in practice it has NO a name on its own that would be accepted by locals. For example, soon after cutting it off from the former "Ziegelscheune" (i.e. "Wszewilki"), Germans called it "Neu-Steffitz". But soon after the liberation it was called "Cegielnia" - which means a "brick factory" in Polish (while Wszewilki were then named "Wszewilki"). Thus initially in my birth certificate was written that I was born in a "Cegielnia" (means in a "brick factory"). But when (because of this misleading name "Cegielnia" - i.e. a "brick factory"), by a mistake to Stawczyk started to arrive lorries which intended to take bricks from the "brick factory" located in the nearby village Stawiec, the name of the village Stawczyk was changed again into Wszewilki. Thus, my birth certificates from times of my applications for university studies started to state that I was born in Wszewilki. Under the name of "Wszewilki" the village Stawczyk existed until the end of time when I lived in it. But around 1964, when I shifted to the city Wrocław, the name of this mini-village was changed again into "Stawczyk". This caused another lot of confusions, as instead to it, people landed in a nearby village named "Stawiec" - and vice versa. Finally, around 1985 someone dropped into an idea to name this village with a double names of "Wszewilki-Stawczyk". Under this inconvenient double name the village Stawczyk officially exists until today. However, no-one wishes to use this double name, as it is rather inconvenient. Therefore the majority of local people still refer to it under the name of "Stawczyk" or "Wszewilki". I would suggest that one day it is named either "Pająkowo" (in order to honour, amongst others, my Polish origins from this small village), or named "Pajakville" (in order to create a bridge between the place of my birth and the English-speaking New Zealand - which represents my later citizenship, traditions, and culture.) After all, the name "Pająkowo" would finish all problems to-date. It not only would cut off any further confusion and would perfectly harmonise with the name "Wszewilki" for the village from which Stawczyk originates, but it would also give to Stawczyk an unique allegoric symbolism. Furthermore, everything indicates that the fate clearly extends the present confusion with the name of this village, until the time when the present Stawczyk could be named "Pająkowo".

#C3. The role of Stawczyk in the controlling of "chi" energy circulation - and thus in opening or closing the access to significance, prosperity, and happiness for Milicz and for surrounding settlements:
       In item #C1 of this web page I described a kind of intelligent energy which by the philosophy of totalizm is called the "moral energy" or the "zwow" energy. ("zwow" is an abbreviation from the Polish expression "zasób wolnej woli" which means the "energy of free will"). Chinese call this energy with the name of "chi", while Japanese call it "reiki". This energy has the attribute that for people, institutions, settlements, or countries, which have a lot of it, it brings happiness, good feelings, prosperity, influence, etc. This is why individual people who accumulate a lot of this energy are experiencing the so-called nirvana. In turn these ones who have a chronic lack of the moral energy are experiencing depression, troubles, disasters, and at the end are self-destructing themselves (e.g. by committing suicides). Ancient Chinese developed a kind of folk wisdom or art, which teaches people how to increase their happiness and prosperity through the accumulation, increase, and management of their "chi" energy. This knowledge of ancient Chinese about principles of controlling the flow of "chi" energy is known in the present world under the name of "Feng Shui". After years of ignoring this knowledge, not long ago in China occurred a return to a common utilisation of it in practically almost every area of life. In cases of e.g. settlements or geographical areas, the best method for increasing the amount of "chi" energy accumulated and contained in it, is to cause this energy to circulate locally. In turn, through the accumulating large amounts of "chi" energy, given settlements or geographical areas increase their prosperity, significance, happiness of their inhabitants, etc.
       If someone analyses the history of old Milicz and Wszewilki that is described on web sites about the town of Milicz and about the village of Wszewilki, then he or she is to notice that until 1875 (i.e. until the time when an open persecution of present Stawczyk was initiated), Milicz had so perfectly designed system of roads, that they intercepted the "chi" energy which was flowing through this town, and then directed this energy into a local circulation. The outcome of this was, that until 1875, Milicz and Wszewilki remained highly happy and prosperous human settlements. In those times Milicz was connected with present Stawczyk by two roads of the ancient so called "Amber Route". One of these roads went from Milicz towards east along the river Barycz, until it reached the old bridge over Barycz that in past was located by the ancient watermill from present Stawczyk. Then the road passed to the present Stawczyk and further through Pomorsko to Gniezno and Gdańsk. But near the hotel from old central square in Wszewilki, this road was linked briefly with another road from Sulmierzyce which passed through the present Stawczyk and Wszewilki and went back to Milicz. In this way the "chi" energy which arrived to Milicz, was intercepted by the loop of these circularly running roads and remained trapped in the circulation around the town of Milicz.
       Unfortunately, that highly beneficial for Milicz, Stawczyk, and Wszewilki ancient course of roads was destroyed in 1875 through the construction of the railroad and consequently the demolition of the watermill of Stawczyk with its old road bridge through the river Barycz. In the result, after 1875, all roads started to exclusively "lead out" of Milicz, without causing the return of "chi" energy nor making this energy to circulate locally. The result was that Milicz and settlements which surrounded it soon lost their previous significance, prosperity, and happiness of their inhabitants. This state lasts even today.
       In items #B1 to #B3 of a separate web page named Wszewilki of our tomorrow I suggest to build an asphalted road, which similarly like that destroyed section of the ancient "Amber Route" would connect the present Stawczyk with Sławoszewice, and then to run a circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight") along that road. This road and bus would restore the closed circulation of "chi" energy that existed in these areas in times of the "Amber Route". In turn such a restoration of the closed circulation of "chi" energy, according to the knowledge of "Feng Shui", would restore the significance, prosperity, and happiness to these old settlements.
       From what at present we all can witness in Stawczyk, the authorities from Milicz completely ignore my suggestions regarding this circular road and bus "8" (i.e. "eight"). Probably they consider these to just be "superstitions" - not the "knowledge" which works in the real life (in spite that the return in communistic China to implementation in everyday life principles of old knowledge of "Feng Shui", just during a few years transformed China from a country about which in past people just used to joke, into a real world's superpower). But from what is explained in next item #C4, it appears that this ignoring of my suggestions is NOT going to last forever. At some point of time in the future, this circular road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice will be build, while the circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight") - which I am postulating so intensely, in fact will be run along that road. This in turn is to cause, that in the future a new period is going to start, in which significance, prosperity, and happiness are going to return not only to Stawczyk, but also to Milicz and to all other surrounding settlements. What interests me now, is whether the authorities from Milicz are going to put away for the later date the construction of this road, and thus also put away the restoration of prosperity and happiness to their town, or rather they soon roll up their sleeves and begin the practical implementation of this breakthrough endeavour.

#C4. Stawczyk of the future - means my visit in Stawczyk probably in the year 2222:
       These readers which know the subject of my scientific research know jolly well that I maintain a kind of "friendship" with these who already have in their disposal so-called time vehicles (i.e. vehicles to the building of which I try to convince humans already since 1985 - for details see the web page time vehicle). It seems that for my birthday of 2009 I was granted quite an extraordinary gift - i.e. the trip to Stawczyk of the future. Unfortunately, fascinated by what I saw in there, I forgotten to ask about the date to which I was shifted. But I believe that it was quite a lot of years to the future. After all, I watch the evolution of the appearance of Stawczyk for over 60 years - and so-far I did NOT notice a drastic change in the appearance of architecture and buildings of that village. On the other hand, during my trip to Stawczyk of the future all houses of that village were different than at present (e.g. their material of walls appeared like a kind of "smoky glass" or plastics - which at present we can see only in some more expensive cars). Thus, I later analysed my trip from the point of view when I would take Jan Pajak to Stawczyk of the future - if I knew exactly his likes, habits, knowledge, and intentions - as well as these attributes were known to my "guide" from that futuristic trip to Stawczyk. Such an analysis led me to the conclusion that probably I was in Stawczyk of the future in summer of 2222 - because this particular year would have for me a special significance and also it would fit well to changes which I noticed then during my visit in Stawczyk. As I managed to notice this during my visit, Stawczyk become in the future an important, prosperous, and happy place on the Earth. It will also be quite an important cultural centre and recreational area. It appears to me that the cultural and recreational significance of Stawczyk will exceed then even the significance of Milicz (i.e. Milicz will maintain then its significance as a centre of administration, living quarters, and merchant area, but Stawczyk takes over from Milicz several other vital functions). Stawczyk already will be by then connected with Sławoszewice, Milicz, and Karłów, via this circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight") - to the introduction of which bus I am lobbying so intensely. Also, from what I noticed then in Stawczyk, in the future it becomes an immensely fashionable and luxurious place of living. Probably a section of the real-estate, and a villa in Stawczyk, will be then worth a fortune (presently such a real-estate section, or a house, one can buy in Stawczyk quite inexpensively). My trip to Stawczyk of the future is described in items #J1 to #J3 from the separate web page named Wszewilki of our tomorrow.

#C5. The moral message which the above history of the village Stawczyk tries to realise to us:
       Unfortunately for the entire our civilisation, increasingly more people believe in the erroneous claims of some scientists, repeating after Darwin like parrots, that people are slightly higher evolved animals. In the result, increasingly more people behave themselves like animals. For example, instead of seeing a good neighbour in every other human being, they see only a competitor to sparse resources, and see a threat to their own domination. Instead of working together with other people towards a common prosperity and happiness, they prefer to rather rob others from whatever they may need. Instead of helping each other in reaching "where our eyes cannot reach", they prefer to push down their neighbours and dig holes under them. Etc., etc. Such principles of animal behaviour perhaps would yield a desired outcomes in some other universe in which there is NO God. But in our universe exists God who loves justice and who through the creation and appropriate upbringing of humans is determined to accomplish His superior goals. In turn such justice-loving God does NOT leave unpunished the animal-like behaviours of people. Therefore God established the so-called "moral field", "moral energy" and "moral laws" described by the philosophy of totalizm. In turn these ones, through appropriate mechanisms of action, punish animal-like behaviours, reward moral acting, and give to people the required moral lessons. The history of village Stawczyk described before, illustrates the content of one amongst these moral laws, illustrates the mechanism due to which these laws work, and also hints a simple manner in which people can utilise the knowledge of this law and mechanism to lift the level of their own prosperity and happiness.
       The moral laws the work of which is well illustrated by the history of the village Stawczyk described here, is the so-called "Boomerang Principle". In general it states that "whatever you sent out from you, the same is going to return to you like a boomerang". In relation to the fate of village Stawczyk, the work of this moral law is best expressed by various proverbs, for example by the Polish proverb "he who digs holes under other people, is also going to fall into these holes" (in Polish: "kto pod kimś dołki kopie ten sam w nie wpada"), the English "curses, like chickens, always come back home to roost", the Chinese "he who gives out bows should expect an arrow", or the Japanese "God which deserted given people is God which knows". The action of this moral law is also illustrated quite well by the long-term outcomes of the persecution of Stawczyk by authorities located in the nearby town Milicz. After all, the history of Stawczyk illustrated that every single case of this persecution makes a large circle and hits back into Milicz - thus making worse, amongst others, also the situation of these authorities which instigated this prosecution. For example, the trotting by the railway line a Catholic church that once stood on the border of present Stawczyk and Wszewilki, has NOT caused the change of religion of inhabitants of Stawczyk, making them to become protestants, but rather the opposite, the protestant church in Milicz with the elapse of time was turned into the present Catholic church of St. Andrea Bobola. The bankruptcy of old watermill of Stawczyk has NOT brought the wealth to the new electric mill which also later bankrupted. The shifting to Milicz the yearly horse market caused that this market diminished completely. The destruction of circular section of the "Amber Route" and the old hotel of Wszewilki-Stawczyk, caused that presently passers-by skip through Milicz without stopping in these places. The use of railway line for trotting the central square of Wszewilki-Stawczyk caused that because of the significant distance to the station of this railway, it is unsuitable for the use as a means of public transport - thus currently this line is already bankrupting for the lack of passengers. Etc., etc.
       The history of village Stawczyk illustrates also the mechanism of work of the "Boomerang Principle" in relationship to the humans settlements. This mechanism utilises the ancient Chinese knowledge about the action of so-called "Feng Shui" and about the role of intelligent "chi" energy. In turn the knowledge of this mechanism allows to reverse the destruction to-date that resulted from the persecution of the village Stawczyk, and to restore the prosperity, growth, good fortune, and happiness to Stawczyk, Milicz, and to several other nearby settlements. This reversal requires only to rebuild the destroyed section of the "Amber Route", and to run a circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight") along this rebuild section of the ancient route. The rest is to be carried out by moral laws and by the good will of people aware of the work of these laws.
       Of course, independently from the history of the village Stawczyk, the action of the same moral "Boomerang Principle" is also perfectly illustrated by a whole array of historic events. For example, it can be seen in history of the Second World War, or in the fragment of this war taking the form of the battle for Milicz. Thus, if instead of trying to rob surrounding nations by force, Hitler's Germany rather formed with these nations a "circle of mutual cooperation and development" - similar to the present Common Market, then all nations would benefit from this, while the prosperity and influence of Germans would NOT need to be destroyed. The action of the "Boomerang Principle" can also be seen from e.g. the history of the world's economic depression from years 2008-2009. After all, if instead of robbing their banks from funds that these banks had (by paying to themselves astronomical premiums), managers of these banks rather helped their countrymen, this economic crisis would never eventuate. The action of this moral laws is also visible from the history of persecution to which mindless people subjected ideas for the development of which I devoted my own life. For example, if instead of spitting at, scoffing, pushing down, and ignoring the progressive ideas which I am promoting, people started to support these ideas and assist me in implementing them, then we all would benefit from this support. After all, only just by implementing e.g. my so-called time vehicles, this would give to everyone a chance for the immortality and for living forever. After all, the "moral laws" NOT only hit these ones who persecute others, but also reward these ones who form circles (and digits "eight") of mutual supporting each other and cooperation for the good of all interested people.
       At the end of this section I would like to encourage once again to learn the history of the village Stawczyk and to learn moral messages which this extraordinary village tries to pass to us. After all, Stawczyk is a very special village which does NOT have an equivalent in the entire world. God clearly prepared carefully the village Stawczyk, to prepare for the world and to support with its own example, the highly moral and progressive philosophy of totalizm and the eye-opening theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Practically everything in the village Stawczyk has something to reveal to us, passes to us a moral message, inspires in us a correct action, etc., etc. This is why the highly meaningful fate of this extraordinary village Stawczyk, independently from this web page, is also described on several further web pages, for example on web pages named Wszewilki, Wszewilki of our tomorrow, Milicz, Wszewilki-Milicz (this web page is available only in Polish), or on bitwa o Milicz.

Part #D: The village Stawczyk is a symbol of indefiniteness and administrative confusion:
#D1. Paradoxes and confusion that results from numerous changes of name for the village Stawczyk:
       In Hinduism one amongst deities of the "Holy Trinity" is god Brahma (creator) who, amongst others, is portrayed as a being with four faces. This his existence as a single being - which however is able to think, see and do many things at the same time, supposed to symbolise the so-called "multiprocessing" capability of God, which capability is described in more details in item #C6 (3) of the separate web page named Thorny Way of Truth.
       If scientists whom do NOT know about the history of Stawczyk analyse legal documents concerning my person, or any other person born in this village, then such scientists would come to the conclusion that we are four-faced - just like this god Brahma from Hinduism. After all, from these documents would emerge that we were born in several different villages at the same time. For example, on the basis of various documents which I have, I can prove formally that I was born simultaneously in following villages: (1) Cegielnia, (2) Stawczyk, (3) Wszewilki, (4) Wszewilki-Stawczyk. Probably it could also be possible to prove, that I was born in the former village (5) Neu-Steffitz. This means that in the legal sense I am a person which actually was born in as many as in 4 different villages simultaneously. So we could argue that I represent 4 different people contained in one person. Thus really, if we consider the matter logically, I could be a similar symbol like this god with four faces from Hinduism.
       Of course, I am NOT at all the only person in the world, with the place of birth of which are connected such legal paradoxes and confusions. Practically all people born in Stawczyk are in the same situation. And I know that in this village were born numerous people whom I used to know quite well. Also all people born in any other place which kept changing the name are in exactly the same situation.
       Paradoxes and confusions which affect all people born in Stawczyk extend their validity at a whole array of different areas. Let us indicate here at least the most vital out of these areas:
       1. The law and legal matters. Each time when someone amongst us fills up some form of an official document, e.g. application for the identity card or passport, then at the end of this document is provided a clause stating something along lines that "I confirm that all details provided above are correct". In turn one amongst these "details provided above" almost always is the "place of birth". But when someone was born in Stawczyk, or in any other place which frequently changed the name, then no matter what this someone would write in this field "place of birth", it is going to be both a "legal truth" as well as a "legal untruth". Thus well paid lawyers, depending on the need, could prove in the court, that a given person acted legally or illegally. This in turn in critical situations can lead to abuses and legal problems which were unintentionally created by these people who changed the name of Stawczyk (or any other name).
       2. Science and the postulate of ambiguity. In present science is known the "postulate of ambiguity" which best representation is so-called cat of Schrödinger. This postulate supposed to apply to only elementary particles. But if we consider the problem of place of birth of people born in Stawczyk (or other frequently renamed places), the "postulate of ambiguity" relates also to everyday life. In other words, these ones who changed the name of Stawczyk so many times, caused also that the ambiguity of science is extending currently to the entire rest of everyday life.
       2. History and philosophy. A problem with whatever is ignored or not documented - as it is the case with the village Stawczyk described here, depend on the fact that in a historical sense it does NOT exist. After all, with such non-documented qualities is like with a tree from the philosophical paradox. (This tree, although existed in the centre of bush, was fell down when there was NO witnesses nor TV camera. Thus present philosophy, science, nor history, are able to determine for sure whether this tree ever existed at all. The philosophical paradox of such a fallen tree is discussed in item #B5 on the separate web page The battle for Milicz.)

#D2. Paradoxes of the village Stawczyk are just symbols of reality around us in which everything remains indefinite and ambiguous in spite that present scientists insist otherwise:
Motto: "From the point of view of philosophy and history every change of name is a non-sexual form of rape in which these ones who make the change are gaining a temporary pleasure and satisfaction through forcing other people to use the new name that they are just imposing." 

       If we consider various consequences of several changes of name of the village Stawczyk, then it turns out that these are very serious. This is because they introduce an array of complications, costs, and legal ambiguities to lives of all people who are affected by them. So practically these representatives of the authorities from Milicz, who are responsible for causing all these paradoxes and confusions, should wear penitent's garb and go for a long pilgrimage to receive a forgiveness for their sins.
       Of course, authorities from Milicz are NOT the only ones who should carry out such a pilgrimage. It turns out that in a similar pilgrimage should go a lot of important people from our civilisation. After all, the continual change of names seems to be the most favourite occupation of all these ones who hold a power. Actually, it may appear that the major activity of the "profession of politicians" is to change names. After all, these names can be changed easily, do not require too much thinking, and are appearing in practically every area. In turn the ones who suffer after names are changed, are these other people, NOT the ones who changed them. For example, we all remember the mass change of names that carried in themselves words "Stalin" or "Lenin" in former countries of the Warsaw Pact. But nothing is able to bit the number of changes of names in New Zealand. The point is that after New Zealand was discovered and colonised by European settlers, almost all names were of the English origins. But lately the power over there gradually is taken by local Maoris. Thus they change rapidly a lot of names into the Maori ones. What even more confusing, because various tribes of Maoris use their own version of the language, even names which already are of the Maori origins, form time to time someone changes into a slightly different. For example, at the time of writing this web page in New Zealand was almost a civil unrest regarding the Maori name for the city of Wanganui - about which a heated debate was carried out whether it supposed to be written as "Wanganui" or as "Whanganui" - e.g. see the article "Wanganui debate boils into h-rage" from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, September 19, 2009. (It is worth to notice, that before the arrival of Europeans to New Zealand, Maoris did NOT know writing, and did NOT have a written alphabet. Thus, the spelling of Maori words was then non-existent. Also, before the arrival of European settlers, the city of Wanganui did NOT exist. )

#D3. Such configurations of the "moral field" can also be found, in which confusion caused by changes of name can fulfil a constructive role:
       The philosophy of totalizm teaches us, that depending on the course of local so-called "moral field", every human action can either be a "moral action" - because it lifts us uphill in this moral field, or be an "immoral action" - as it pushes us down of the moral field. This vital finding of the philosophy of totalizm is applicable also to confusion which amongst people induces a change of a name.
       For this reason, such a course of the "moral field" can also be found, in which confusion caused by changes of name can fulfil a constructive role. An example is the situation, when changes realise to people that we really live in the "software organised" universe which is full of unknown quantities and ambiguities. This is because in fact every matter which we take under a microscope turns out to be ambiguous, full of doubts, confusions, and question marks. Thus, the situation with the place of birth of people originating from Stawczyk described here, is just a small droplet in a huge ocean of such ambiguous situations. Let us review now various frequently encountered matters which also are similarly ambiguous, unclear, and full of doubts:
       1. Origins and components of present food products. If we visit a supermarket in any amongst rich Western countries, e.g. USA, England, etc., then on shelves we can see thousands of food products. But when we take these products under a microscope, then it turns out that all of them in fact originate just from "corn", and all of them contain in themselves exclusively components of "corn". Corn is not only the major component of so-called "cornflakes" eaten for breakfast, and the component of flour from which later various breads and cakes are baked, but it also is added to various other food products. Corn is also the almost only component of fodder fed to beasts, pigs, and chicken in these countries. Thus, e.g. meats such as beef, pork, poultry, etc., sold in these countries, are also versions of processed corn. Similarly, processed corn are e.g. fishes, butter, or milk products. Also are mushrooms, spirits, and content of tins. Etc., etc. No wonder that inhabitants of these countries that eat exclusively corn processed in various ways are increasingly more ill, allergic, while their bodies are increasingly fatter although weaker and more degenerated. After all, their organisms receive in food only these components which are present in corn. In turn other required components these people are lacking chronically. It is good that there are some countries in which beasts and pigs are still fed in a traditional manner - instead of receiving an industrial fodder which is produced almost exclusively out of corn.
       2. The reality of the "principle of cause and effect". The present human science is based on an "unwritten assumption" that in our universe everything is ruled by laws of nature and everything obeys the "principle of cause and effect". However, if one analyses the matter thoroughly, it would be so only in the case if God does NOT exist. This is because when God does exist (as this is documented in items #B1 to #B3 from the web page Changelings), this God is able to create whatever He wishes, without looking whether it obeys the "principle of cause and effect". For example, when creating the Earth, this God could create also bones of dinosaurs embedded into it, although dinosaurs could NOT exist on the Earth at all - for details see items #C1 to #C3 from a separate web page Thorny Way of Truth, or see the entire web page named evolution.
       3. Discrete (jumping) nature of time. Most of us (people) still believes that time is continuous (like flowing water) and that time "flows" smoothly. On the other hand analyses of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity prove that time is discrete and elapses in short jumps. Such a jumping character of time is confirmed, amongst others, by the experiment which everyone can carry out in his or her own time, and which is described in items #D1 and #D2 of a separate web page named immortality. In turn the discrete (jumping) elapse of time allows the construction of so-called time vehicles.
       4. Manifestations of God. We used to believe that God is a version of man - only that He has more powerful capabilities and knowledge than people do have. However, as this is described in item #C2 of a separate web page God proof, God actually is a kind of huge, natural, computer program. Only that by knowing how to create living creatures and people, this God-program sometimes creates temporally beings similar to people, to the minds of which He later links His own mind. In this way in past God could show Himself to people in the form of a man. (Because God can carry out millions of actions at the same time, sometimes in past He appeared in front of people in the form of not just a single, but many human-like beings at the same time - thus forming the "deities" of Hinduism or "gods" from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.)
       5. The identity of statements of all religions of the world. As this is scientifically documented in item #C6 from the web page Thorny Way of Truth, all religions of the world state exactly the same - only that with different words. This means, that the knowledge contained in all religions of the world is consistent with each other, i.e. it either repeats what is stated by the knowledge of other religions, or strengthens it, or extends it, etc. Also each religion of the world complements and extends with various further details, the knowledge spread by other religions of the world - e.g. regarding the origins of the universe, God, the creation of physical world and people, etc. This in turn means, that all religions of the world must be given to people by always the same and the only existing God. Only that depending on the culture and traditions of a given nation, while giving a religion to this nation, God formulated this religion in the manner that is most appropriate for this nation - so that it corresponds to attributes, circumstances, and needs of people whom this religion is to serve.

* * *

       Of course, there is a vital mechanism which causes, that on many different ways, amongst others with the use of examples in style of the village Stawczyk, God tries to bring the attention of people, that in the physical world everything remains ambiguous and indefinite. This mechanism is explained more comprehensively in the next part #E of this web page.

Part #E: Indefinites of our physical world, that manifest themselves, amongst others, through the existence of whatever can be seen one time, and remains invisible another times, represent evidence which confirms the software nature of the reality which surround us:
#E1. How the software nature of reality is confirmed by the murderous monsters which sometimes do exist physically, although the majority of time they remain invisible:
       The blood-sucking "griffin" from the vicinity of Stawczyk and Wszewilki, giant "intestine worms" from the Gobi desert which digest humans through spitting burning organic acid at them, the "Nessie" monster from the Scottish lake Loch Ness, "dragon" from the lake Cini in Malaysia, a similar "serpent" from the lake Tver near Moscow in Russia, "Mkole-Mbembe" (means "god beast") described also under the name "elephant killer" from the "Lake Tele" in northern part of Congo, American "thunder birds", the New Zealand giant lizard "taniwha", huge "centipedes" from Brazil of the size of a large tank, and a whole array of other monsters that eat people, these are just some amongst known on the Earth monsters which sometimes are seen on our planet, but most of time carefully hide their existence from people. The official human science in a typical for it manner avoids researching these monsters and "hides the head into sand" in their matter. So if NOT a devotion of numerous hobbyists who seek the truth, our civilisation would never had knowledge that such "disappearing monsters" do exist at all. Fortunately, apart from paid scientists, there are also people who altruistically seek truth. These are them that provide us with the existing documentation regarding the activities of such extraordinary monsters. A long list (together with brief descriptions) of such "disappearing monsters" is provided in subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of older monograph [1/5].
       If we thoroughly analyse what are differences between the above "disappearing monsters" and monsters which are already well recognised by human science (of the type: crocodiles, lions, tigers, or giant squids - described in item #C3 and on "Fig. #I4" from the web page New Zealand), then conclusions are shocking. It turns out that such "disappearing monsters" display a "software nature", while the monsters already known to the human science display a "hardware nature".
       The difference between "monsters of a hardware nature" and "monsters of a software nature" is such as e.g. the difference between a real machine which works and can be reproduced physically, and a film or a working machine displayed on the screen of a television set or a computer. Namely, in order a real machine existed and worked, it must fulfil hundreds of requirements. For example, the principle of operation of it must be possible to implement, it must be constructed in the manner which obeys all "laws of physics", it must be supplied into energy or motion, etc., etc. In turn in order just a film of some machine shown on the screen of a television set or computer could make an impression that this machine does exist and works, the number of requirements to be fulfilled drops down to almost zero. Thus practically almost every idea of a machine can be shown in a software manner on a computer screen, even if this machine does NOT have slightest chances to work in a real world. This is why pictures "generated in a software manner" for present movies are able to show even the most strange looking machines and even the most improbably acting monsters. The "disappearing monsters" described in this item are just like such "computer generated" pictures of working machines. In order these monsters could show themselves to people, their bodies do NOT need to obey any "laws of physics", these monsters do NOT need to be able to multiply, nor feed, etc., etc. Bodies of these "disappearing monsters" are formed in a software manner just temporally (i.e. are temporally "simulated") from the "liquid computer" described under the name of "counter-matter" in the manner explained, amongst others, in items #I2 and #I4 of the totaliztic web page Concept of Dipolar Gravity or in item #K1 of the totaliztic web page named day 26. Thus, bodies of these monsters are like a more advanced equivalent of pictures generated in a software manner on screens of present computers.
       If one analyses the matter thoroughly, then immediately it becomes obvious why God "simulates" the abovementioned monsters and then confronts with them people. After all, in order to continually increase their knowledge, people need inspiration and motivation. So by showing to people such temporary "simulated" illusive monsters, God inspires people to searches, seeking, and creative thinking. In fact - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm, God "simulates" evidence for the existence of practically everything that someone believes strongly enough to undertake active actions based on this believe. And so, for these people who strongly believe in UFOs God "simulates" sightings of UFO vehicles and UFOnauts, for these people who strongly believe in ghosts, demons, or poltergeists, God "simulates" encounters with ghosts, demons, or poltergeists, for these ones who strongly believe in fairies God "simulates" encounters with fairies, for those who strongly believe in Yeti or in monsters, God "simulates" encounters with Yeti or monsters (for descriptions of Yeti sightings - see item #E6 on the web page named New Zealand), etc., etc. In the result, people who encounter such "simulated" evidence of the temporary existence of something into what they strongly believe, begin to research a given matter, start discussions about it with others, take effort to report it to the authorities, etc., etc. In this manner human knowledge continually receives motivation and inspiration to always raise. After all, as this is explained in item #B2 of the totaliztic web page named free will the reason and goal for which God created people was the increase of knowledge.
       Not far from the village Stawczyk, in the area of so-called "second dam" (in Polish - "drugiej tamy") frequently is seen one amongst these "disappearing monsters". By these who saw it, the appearance of it is described as a "griffin" - means it was a "composite animal" similar to a small lion supplied with wings - for details see items #H1 and #F2 from the web page Wszewilki. As a teenager I had a doubtful honour of meeting a similar "griffin" - only that in a slightly different place than this "second dam". The "griffin" which I encountered in fact attacked me and even wounded. My encounter with this blood-sucking "griffin" is described in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5]. It took me around 45 years of life before I realise that my "griffin" in reality was a "software monster", not the real "hardware animal". For example, only a short time before preparation of this web page I realised that a "griffin" (means a kind of a lion supplied into wings, able to slow down the elapse of time, and feeding on blood of its victims) almost for sure would NOT prove itself in a real life and would need to either extinct voluntarily, or become destroyed by God. This is because such a monster would have a disproportionably large advantage over its victims. So the nature would be unable to regulate its numbers, nor would give other animals an equal chance in confrontations with its attacks.

#E2. How the software nature of reality is confirmed by these humanoid creatures of the "Yeti" type which various people see, but typically they remain invisible:
       Independently from the "monsters displaying a software nature" described above, on the Earth relatively frequently are also seen "software humanoid creatures". To their kind belong for example these fury "Yeti" witnessed in practically almost every continent by numerous witnesses whose evidence is the same reliable as it would be in courts in which it would decide about the life or death of accused. (Examples of the appearance of these "Yeti" can be called with mouse clicks from their images available in item #E6 of the web page New Zealand.) Furthermore, to such software humanoid creatures belong, amongst others, these "dwarfs" seen frequently, amongst others, also in Stawczyk and Wszewilki - for details see item #H2 from the web page Wszewilki, while for image see the photograph from "Fig. #F2" of the web page aliens. Also to the category of these software creatures belong so-called "nightmares", "deuces", "printers' imps" and present UFOnauts shown, amongst others, in "Fig. #5" of the web page Malbork. On the Earth is seen a vast number of such software humanoid creatures. They sometimes are seen by highly reliable witnesses, and occasionally even photographed or filmed. But because of their "software nature" and because of the ability to show themselves or to disappear at any wish - which results from their software nature, present official science is unable to confirm the existence of these creatures. This impossibility to unambiguously document their existence is still another proof that confirms their "software nature" and that reveals the "software simulation" nature of their appearance on the Earth - as this is explained in item #F7 from the web page evil, or item #D2 from the web page UFO.

#E3. What is difference between the "software nature" of the reality around us and the "hardware nature" of this reality:
       The development of computer games illustrated to everyone that whatever cannot be implemented physically in the form of working hardware, still can easily be implemented in a software manner in the form of a picture on a computer screen. For example, with the use of software on computer screens can easily be formed pictures of working machines which in the real life would NOT work because they break some laws of physics, can be formed pictures of rotating mechanisms which in a real life would break laws of geometry, or can be designed pictures of animals or vegetation which in real world could NOT keep themselves alive.
       The above description of differences between impossible to implementation "hardware creations", and possible to be illustrated "software pictures", applies also to the reality which surrounds us. (Note that these "software pictures" portrait physical structures or principles of operation which are completely absurd.) Namely, in order something could exist physically in the hardware form, it must fulfil a whole range of strict requirements. For example, it must work according to "laws of nature", it must be real, it must be useful and needed for something, it must be able to sustain its existence (e.g. must multiply or could be reproduced, manufactured, or repaired), it must display attributes which are competitive to attributes of other similar creations, etc., etc. On the other hand, for something to be able to exist in the temporary "software form", it does NOT need to fulfil practically any requirements. It is enough that it is able to be illustrated in the form of some picture, and already then it can exist as a software creation.
       The reason why I am explaining all the above, is that on the basis of the evidence which I am indicating here, it can be proven that all creations and creatures described in previous items #E1 and #E2 of this part, in fact are software creations and creatures, NOT hardware ones. Means, they exist only temporally like software pictures, but they do NOT exist as a real, tangible, hardware existences of the same type as e.g. people, lions, or crocodiles. Evidence for this their exclusively software existence are attributes and behaviours of these monsters and beings, which I described in appropriate items of this part of the web page.

#E4. What it means that the reality which surrounds us displays the "software nature" that is revealed by th Concept of Dipolar Gravity, NOT the "hardware nature" which is promoted by the official human science to-date:
       The official human science tells us all that the reality around us has exclusively the "hardware nature". Means that everything what surrounds us exists in a permanent manner and can be touched, split, tasted, etc. In turn principles and laws which govern over this everything are permanently "hardwired" into this hardware. But the young theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity proves something completely different. Namely, it proves that everything that surrounds us has a software character. This is because the basic component of everything are natural programs which form everything from a kind of "liquid computer" called the "counter-matter". Description how such natural programs formed the entire our physical world, is provided in item #C3 from the totaliztic web page named God proof. In turn the descriptions how such natural programs formed the entire human being is provided in item #C1 of the totaliztic web page named soul proof. The reason why us people do NOT notice this software nature of the reality around us, is that this reality was intentionally pre-programmed in such a manner as if it has a hardware (i.e. permanent) nature. But the true nature of this supposedly "hardware (i.e. permanent) reality" is simulated in a software manner. In turn the body of evidence described on this web page, which reveals the existence of monsters and beings of decisively software nature, provides a scientific confirmation that our reality in fact does have the "software character" - as this is explained to us by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, means NOT the "hardware character" - as the official human science tries to persuade this into us.
       The reason for which the official human science so-far has NOT realise that the reality around us has the true "software character", is that in the present time the majority of creatures and objects around us is simulated in a software manner so that it looks as if it has a "hardware nature". But from time to time selected people have opportunity to see creatures or objects which have just such a "software nature". To the category of such temporally creatures or objects with the purely software nature belong, amongst others, all monsters and beings described in items #E1 and #E2 above.
       In old times were formed on the Earth numerous other beings and monsters which had such a software character. For example, to their kind belonged human giants such as "Hercules", or "Maui" of New Zealand Maoris, various monsters of the kind of "Hydra" or "Harpies", all ancient gods, and many more.
       The confirmation on evidence, that the reality around us is actually of the "software character", is indescribably important for the view of the world, philosophy, and morality of people. After all, this confirmation proves simultaneously, that everything that scientifically states the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is true. And so, the truth is that God does exist, the truth is that God created men, and the truth is that there is such a thing as the "counter-world" and immortal human soul, etc., etc. It is worth to notice, that in spite these statements of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity coincide with whatever for a long time religions are telling us, the statements have a completely different from religions character. This is because they are supported with verifiable scientific evidence, they result logically from laws of the nature and from principles of operation of the universe, and they appeal to our knowledge and logical thinking, NOT to our feelings and believes. In this way they allow us to begin "knowing" about the existence of God, counter-world, creation, souls, etc., instead of just "believing" in their existence. (After all, we are aware that it is always possible to cease "believing", but we never cease to "know".)

#E5. The inspirational role of all software creations, puzzles, confusions, situation of Stawczyk, etc.:
       If we consider the matter thoroughly, then everything which is extraordinary, and with which people are confronted, including into this number also software creations, is shown to us for an important reason. It supposed to inspire us to creative searches and open for us new horizons.
       The inspirational task of these software creations is qualifying them to the same category as the village Stawczyk. This is because when we consider this thoroughly, then it becomes clear that the extraordinary fate of the village Stawczyk is as it is just for the inspirational reason. Namely, it supposed to inspire people to new directions in thinking and in acting. As everyone can realise this, both the village of Stawczyk as well as these software creations described in items #E1 and #E2, prove themselves perfectly well in this inspirational role.

Part #F: Polish snakes with supernatural abilities:

       Yes, true!. Similarly like some people can levitate, while others have the gift of prophesising, also some animals have supernatural capabilities. Only that their supernatural abilities are just known to folklore, while present scientists typically deny the existence of these features. This is because the present official science pretends and misleadingly claims that nothing supernatural exist at all, and that everything that the universe demonstrates to us can be explained by already known laws of physics. As an example of supernatural capabilities of animals let us consider the Polish bird called "bocian" (i.e. stork). The Polish folklore claims that storks have the gift of seeing the future - means clairvoyance. Therefore they never make their nests on buildings which are to be hit by lightning bolts or are to be burned down. This is why in old times every owner of a new home encouraged storks to make nests on the roof - in spite that later these storks kept bringing to home various vermin - including alive adders. After all, the stork nest on the roof was an equivalent of present insurance - means a guarantee that a given house is safe (i.e. that it is never going to be hit by a lighting nor is to burn down). The knowledge of future, clairvoyance, and the capability to predict the approaching death, have ordinary cats. Especially well this capability was demonstrated by the cat named "Oscar" - described in subsection I8.1 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Cats also see the invisible - e.g. UFOnauts acting in our flat in the invisible for our eyes so-called state of telekinetic flickering. In July 2010, in the entire world become very popular the octopus called "Paul" from the aquarium "Sea Life" in the German town "Oberhausen". This octopus accomplished 100% correctness in predicting outcomes of football matches for the "Fifa" World Cup trophy, which were played in the South Africa in the first half of July 2010. Descriptions how it carried out its predictions of matches' outcomes are contained in the article "Spanish transfer offer for Paul the tentacled tipster", from page A22 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, July 17, 2010. In turn a photograph of this clairvoyant octopus are shown in the article "Tentacled tipster gets his trophy" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. For its correct predictions, the octopus was rewarded with delicacies, to its aquarium a replica of the world's Fifa trophy (the original of which is made of solid gold) was inserted, while the National Aquarium in Spain, for the team of footballers of which country the octopus correctly predicted the win of the trophy, formally approached Germany to let have it for a while for a VIP treatment. The octopus was not the only German animal with supernatural capabilities. Around 1906 was widely known in Germany a horse named "Hans", which was able to count, solve complex logical problems, and which also knew the future. A brief description of this horse and other animal geniuses - including also the photograph of abovementioned octopus "Paul", was presented in the article "Prescient Paul and his psychic pals" from page A7 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, July 13, 2010. Wild elephants are known to the African folklore from their water-divining capabilities. Similarly like water-diviners, in times of the drought elephants can find shallow water-veins and dig out water to extinguish their thirst. The majority of domesticated animals, including pigs and cows, knows exactly when their owners take them to the slaughter house and cry of sorrow - for pigs this is described on the web page pigs. Many animals, and even insects, have telepathic capabilities. For example ordinary mosquitoes are able to read our thoughts when we decide to hunt them down. Thus, if they are not preoccupied with sucking our blood, then they run and hide in panic. Skulls of some carnivorous animals are formed in the shape of telepathic resonance chambers that make for them easier to listen to feelings of pain and discomfort in animals which they hunt. This is why skulls of many carnivores (e.g. "cheetah") have the shape and size of animals which they hunt - for more information see subsection H7.1 in volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Many creatures, including some fish, frogs, dogs, and horses, are able to sense an approaching earthquake many days in advance - as this is described on the totaliztic web page day 26. Almost every animal instinctively knows which herbs are helpful for their health problems. Thus, in case of illnesses, animals always choose and eat the correct herbs which are the most helpful for their indispositions. I saw in person when my cat named "Teecee" (described and shown, amongst others, on the web page bandits), troubled with stomach problems jumped from the flat and then from a wide range of grasses that grow under the window started to choose and eat a herb which I know of from my family home in Stawczyk under the Polish folklore name "koci ogon" (i.e. officially named "krwawnik" in Polish, means "Achillea filipendula YALLOW") - which, of course, I never gave to my cat. I know stomach healing properties of this herb, because it was used by my mother in every case when her chicken, or other animals, had some stomach problems. My own knowledge, that this particular herb heals stomach indispositions, I brought from my family home in Stawczyk - but from where exactly the same knowledge drew my New Zealand cat Teecee? Especially that this herb is NOT native to New Zealand and it appeared in there only because first European settlers brought it with themselves to that country. Further examples of supernatural capabilities of animals could be multiplied infinitively.
       Below in this part of the web page I am describing two most easily verifiable examples of supernatural capabilities of Polish snakes.

#F1. Why scientists deny that Polish snakes are capable of supernatural actions:
Motto: "In order all have equal chances, God needed to give the most to serpents."
       The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (KDG) defines the term "supernatural" as "everything that in its actions utilises laws, principles, and capabilities offered only by so-called 'counter-world' and not available for the 'physical world' in which we live". Therefore examples of "supernatural actions" include not only miracles (described e.g. in item #H2 from the web page god proof), but also the utilisation of "telepathy" and the "capability to change the speed of elapse of time". Because present official science still have difficulties with accepting the findings of "KDG", our scientists still do NOT know that such supernatural actions as use of "telepathy" or "alterations of time", are physically possible at all. In turn, it is commonly known that if someone has no idea that something does exist, then this someone does NOT see it - even if it parades in front of the nose. No wonder, that in spite Polish folklore discovered a long ago that some Polish snakes have supernatural capabilities, and in spite that this folklore describes these supernatural capabilities to everyone who is listening to folk stories, still our scientists ignore these capabilities and officially deny their existence. Supernatural capabilities are also ignored in spite that the "KDG" explained to us scientifically the mechanism of supernatural phenomena and indicated a whole array of experimental evidence which can prove to everyone that supernatural phenomena can be released. (To examples of such experimental evidence which confirms the possibility of technical release of supernatural phenomena, belong, amongst others: (1) the so-called "Zhang Heng seismograph" working on principles of telepathic waves and described e.g. in item #E4 of the web page telepathy, (2) the so called "party levitation" experiment described in item #E7.2 of the web page soul proof - which confirms that telekinesis can be released in a software manner by human souls, and (3) the experiment described in item #D1 of the web page immortality - which proves empirically the software (pulsating) nature of time and the possibility of shifting time back.) I will not elaborate here that the supernatural capabilities of snakes are also indirectly confirmed by the Bible. So in order to realise to the readers, that the omnipotent God supplied snakes into various supernatural capabilities which still remain unknown to present scientists, I am going to present here two empirical sightings, which illustrate these capabilities in Polish snakes. These sightings really took place, thus are an objective evidence that whatever they reveal is actually true.

#F2. The Polish snake named "zaskroniec" (i.e. the "grass snake") from Stawczyk near Milicz, which was able to telepathically order a frog to jump into its jaws:
       As a teenager I had an unique chance to see with my own eyes a "telepathic attack" of an ordinary Polish "grass snake" at a large grass frog. I carried out this sighting on the field of my parents, which was located in the village Stawczyk described here. All that the grass snake did during this attack, was to open its jaws and intensely look the frog into eyes. In turn the frog was fighting against resistance of its own body and on its own was gradually proceeding into the jaws in several short jumps. Here is how this my sighting of the "telepathic attack of the grass snake" is described in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of my my newest monograph [1/5].
       When I started my observation, the frog was distant by around a half of meter from the mouth of the grass snake. The concentration of the snake was so intense, that it did not notice my approach and continued its "telepathic attack". Because of this I was able to see exactly the entire event. In turn the frog behaved in the manner that is unexplainable on the basis of an old "concept of monopolar gravity". (As it is known, this old concept denies the existence of telepathy and makes impossible explanation of it.) Giving the loud croaking of terror, which by the way brought my attention to the entire event, the frog was strongly holding back the forward movement with the front legs. But the back legs of this frog were making rhythmic jumps. These jumps gradually led the unfortunate frog straight into the mouth of the snake. Even when the front of the frog already went into the mouth of the snake, back legs still kept jumping rhythmically thus helping the snake to swallow it easier. So the grass snake only needed to make the effort of swallowing it. After I saw this extraordinary event, of course I asked Wincenty (Vincent) about the entire event (Wincenty is also mentioned in subsections V2.3.2 and V2.4 of my newest monograph [1/5]). He was a walking encyclopaedia of folklore knowledge. Wincenty confirmed, that grass snakes remotely hypnotise their victims, so that they do not need to catch them physically, but these victims get to snakes' mouths on their own.
       Because such telepathic capabilities of ordinary Polish grass snakes still remain unknown to present official science, at this point I have an appeal to readers. Namely, if the reader saw in person a similar "telepathic attack" of a snake at a frog, or if they know someone who witnessed such an attack, then I would ask to describe for me the entire sighting, while I am going to consider publishing it here.
       On Sunday 16 October 2011, at 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, I watched an Australian television programme entitled "Getaway" broadcasted in New Zealand television on the channel called "Prime". In this programme was shown, amongst others, hunting of a tropical snake-constrictor named "anaconda" living in central part of both Americas. I was especially moved in this programme when a commenting lady from Australia stood just in front of the caught several meters long alive anaconda and started to describe the appearance of its head while looking into eyes of this snake. At that moment a local guide quickly interrupted her talk and explained to her that one should NOT look into eyes of this snake, because is going to be hypnotised by it. So it appears that not only in Poland unofficially are known hypnotising capabilities of non-venomous snakes, but these capabilities are also well known amongst local people of Central Americas. As a creator of the new science which in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm is called the "totaliztic science", for me personally it is very interesting how much time must still elapse, before official human science also is to admit, that some snakes are capable of remote (telepathic) hypnotizing of their victims.

#F3. The Polish snake named "gniewosz" from Cielcza near Jarocin, which is able to alter the speed of elapse of time in such a way that people are unable to notice its existence:
       The old Polish folklore is telling stories about supernatural capabilities of another snake found only in Poland, which by the Polish folklore is called "gniewosz" (this name means "the angry one"). The English name for similar snakes living outside of Poland is the "Smooth snake", while their Latin name is "Coronella austriaca". In Poland this "gniewosz" sometimes is also called "miedzianka". However "miedzianka" is an incorrect name, because it is officially attributed to a snake which lives in America and which in English is called "Copper head". In spite that relatives of "gniewosz" live in almost the entire Europe, the rare specie which I am describing here almost does NOT live anywhere else apart from forests of Poland. Therefore, to not spread confusion, in this item I am going to rather call this snake with the folklore Polish name "gniewosz" (i.e. "the angry one").
       My analysis of the supernatural capabilities of the Polish specie of this extraordinary snake "gniewosz" led me to a conclusion that it is capable of "altering the speed of elapse of time". It means that the Polish "gniewosz" is able with its body to do what on the web page immortality is explained that it will be possible to accomplish by people only after the so-called "time vehicles" are build. This is because "gniewosz" is capable to slow down for himself the elapse of time, so that for people who watch it (for whom the time still elapses with the normal speed) its movements become just almost instant, while the snake becomes invisible to our eyes. This is why, in spite that the snake "gniewosz" still lives in Polish forests, in fact people almost are unable to see it. The existing descriptions of this snake emphasize its supposed huge rarity - in reality caused by its ability to become so fast that is almost invisible. The rarity of this snake stems from almost all publications on its subject - that the reader can verify through e.g. writing the key word gniewosz into Areas in which lucky people can meet this extraordinary snake include forests not far from the village named "Cielcza" - located around 4 km to north from the city Jarocin of the Polish province "Wielkopolska". In the school-year 1957/1958 I lived in Cielcza at 17 Leśna Street - it was over there that I was accidentally almost shot dead, as it is described in item #B1 of my autobiographical web page about me (Dr Jan Pajak), and also in item #H2 of my web page God proof. It somehow happened that the person in whose reliable reports I trust a lot saw the snake "gniewosz" in forests not far from the village Cielcza. Although he does NOT believe in the "supernatural" capabilities of this snake (able to "alter the speed of elapse of time"), such capabilities are hitting our eyes in his report from the encounter with the snake. Here is how he described his encounter with this extraordinary snake:
       The snake which I saw near Cielcza was "gniewosz" - very rare specie and almost unseen now. Never before, nor never after, I met such a snake. It was during the occupation around 1944 (the exact date I do NOT remember). I was around 6, perhaps 8 years old. I went mushrooming with my grandmother, mother, or one of my brothers. Interestingly, that I do NOT remember details, but perfectly remember how this snake looked like (perhaps that I was scared a lot and this caused that the scene so much etched into my memory, that today, after some 66 years, I see it all in my mind - as if it happened just a while ago). I do NOT remember also whether we collected a lot of mushrooms, but I presume that - yes, in this young forest composed of small pines and birches always were mushrooms: we called these mushrooms with their folklore names of Cossacks (i.e. "Clavaria corollaides"), black-smiths, hens, butter-mushrooms (i.e. "Boletus luteus"), and others. This young forest was perhaps around 1 square kilometre, while around it was larger forest composed of pines, birches, and mixtures of other trees. And then walking in this young forest, in which were small clearings - I unexpectedly saw a snake, which jumped out of somewhere, perhaps scared equally like myself. The snake was a dark-brown colour, perhaps with the tinge of bronze turning into red - and speeding with fast zigzags disappeared in some grasses and bushes. I stood petrified for a moment and even do not remember whether the person that accompanied me saw it too. What I was shocked by was the speed with which this snake moved, and its colour. Myself, being a boy who lived near forests of Cielcza, was perfectly familiar with the appearance of snakes that used to live in there: grass snakes, adders, and similar to snakes slowworms. Grass snakes could be met in our garden - not far from our home. There was a lot of adders in the forest. But this one was none of such snakes. For the entire further life I was thinking, what kind of snake was this one, and after starting to study literature - I come to the conclusion that it must be "gniewosz" (rare, almost not encountered kind of snake). It was slightly similar to a slowworm, but longer and slimmer. Its length I estimate at some 40 to 60 cm. In turn slowworms are only around 30, perhaps 40 cm. From the slowworm also differed by the speed by which it moved. It moved extremely fast. In turn slowworms make an impression of very lazy and move rather slow. This encounter inspired me later to study literature and thanks to this I know quite well these snakes. I also saw the "snake of Aesculapius", however not in our country, but in Yugoslav in 1966 near the city of Dubrovnik. That snake is also large and thick and look very scary. Fortunately, it is harmless and has no venom.
       The forest in which I saw this snake was located near the village Cielcza in the distance of around 1 – 1.5 km to south from Cząszczew and around 1 km to the west from the Poznań railway. Today, after 66 years, this place may look completely different. Where was a young forest - a large forest can grow now, while where was a large forest - a young one can be now. The fact is, however, that around 66 years ago in there lived an extraordinary snake, which can be a natural curiosity and an interesting indicator for scientists.

       The snake "gniewosz" is not the only creature whose attributes indicate that it is able to alter the speed of elapse of time. Another such a creature is the mysterious "chupacabra" (about which I believe that it is a different, because present, name for the creature which we known under the ancient name of "griffin"). As a teenager I was attacked and even wounded by such a griffin. During its attack I just felt this capability of griffins ("chupacabras") to slow-down the speed of elapse of time. Descriptions of this attack of griffin on myself are provided in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn sightings of griffins, some of these not far from the village Stawczyk, are described in item #H1 of the web page Wszewilki and in item #E8 of the web page New Zealand.
       The manner on which "gniewosz" manipulate on time, in 1980s was illustrated by the magician named David Copperfield. He recorded then a documentary film in which he shows his walk through the Great Wall of China. In turn as we know from research on abductions of people to UFOs, the walk through walls in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering is linked to a serious problem. Namely, inside of the wall the person passing through it has no air to breathe. So in order to not suffocate, the wall must be passed quite fast. But if the magician David Copperfield went fast through the Great Wall of China, his documentary film would loose its spectacular impact. Therefore, in order to still be able to walk through the wall quite fast, but simultaneously show this on the film in a slow motion, David Copperfield changed the speed of the elapse of his time. Namely, when for him inside of the wall just seconds were passing, for those filming him outside of the wall entire minutes went by. (Notice here, however, that the Polish snake "gniewosz" does exactly opposite to what David Copperfield did - namely, when for the snake minutes are passing, for other creatures, and for people nearby, just only seconds are passing). In turn, to demonstrate also this slowing down the speed of the elapse of time, David Copperfield attached electrodes to his chest - so that his pulse was monitored and illustrated on the film. Thus, it can be seen on the film how after his entering the wall his pulse slows down parallel to the slowing down the speed of the elapse of his time, in the centre of the wall amounting to just one heartbeat every tens of seconds. Thus, the readers who wish to see the filmed illustration how a Polish snake "gniewosz" changes the speed of the elapse of its time, should look at this film from the walk of David Copperfield through the Great Wall of China.
       In the snake "gniewosz" practically everything confirms its "supernatural" capabilities. As an example, let us consider here its Polish folklore name - "gniewosz" (i.e. "the angry one"). It results from a simple fact that in spite of NOT having venom, this snake still does not escape when threatened, but has the courage to confront all other creatures - including humans. Thus, during encounters with people it sometimes pounces at them, bites, hisses angrily, and spits at them with a smelly secretion. No other creature of nature would behave that way if it is NOT sure that it has a "secret weapon" - with the assistance of which it is able to always take control over the situation. (This "secret weapon" of the snake "gniewosz" - which gives to him such a confidence, is just the ability to "alter the speed of time", and resulting from this, the capability to escape, when needed, from practically every enemy.) Another fact which confirms its "supernatural" capabilities is the appearance and the colour of its males. Polish species of this snake have bright, almost red, visible at large distances colour, similar to a colour of well-polished rod made of pure copper. In nature such a bright warning colour have only creatures that are either venomous, or poisonous, and thus which other creatures must be afraid of. On the other hand the "gniewosz" has no venom nor poison. So if it does NOT have its "secret weapon" in the form of "controlling the time" in its disposal, then by being practically defenceless towards its enemies, it would be seen by them at large distances and unable to avoid being eaten. Simultaneously, it would also be unable to unnoticeably surprise its own victims. Thus, without the ability to "alter the elapse of time" it would NOT be able to survive in the nature, in which being well seen typically means the death either from enemies, or from hunger. In other words, its bright colours and visibility at large distances also emphasise its "supernatural" capabilities. Finally lets us consider its diet. Apart from extremely fast lizards and rodents, the snake "gniewosz" sometimes attacks and eats snakes - including venomous adders. In turn adders are rather fast and deadly. Thus, without the ability to "alter the speed of time", the defenceless "gniewosz" would have no chance with them and would rather be eaten by them.
       The snake "gniewosz" with the supernatural capabilities described in this item, lives only on the area of Poland. Outside of Poland only its relatives live who either lost their capabilities to change the speed of the elapse of time, or never had such capabilities, and thus who survive only because they keep their colours rather grey and well camouflaging - instead of bright and visible at large distances. So in spite that scientists qualify the Polish "gniewosz" to the same specie as related to it snakes of "Coronella austriaca" from the rest of Europe, the Polish "gniewosz" is decisively different specie and should rather be named "Coronella polonica". In the typical for Poland colours, decisively Polish temperament, and also unknown in its relatives supernatural capabilities, it appears only on the area of Poland. Thus, scientific qualifying the Polish "gniewosz" to species of "Coronella austriaca", in my opinion is slightly similar to qualifying "horses" to the same species as "donkeys".
       I know that about the "supernatural" capabilities of the snake "gniewosz" the Polish folklore knows a lot of stories and examples. I do NOT want to repeat these here, because when these originate from me, then enemies of my findings and publications usually impertinently attack these and deny. Therefore herewith I just have an appeal to readers. Namely, should they hear such folklore claims or stories about extraordinary capabilities of the snake "gniewosz", or any other snake, then I would be grateful if they could share these with me, while I would consider publishing these here. Similarly, if any reader also saw somewhere the snake "gniewosz", or saw any other extraordinary creature, then I would appreciate describing it for me. My internet addresses under which I can be reached are provided near the end of the web page about me (Dr Jan Pajak).

#F4. Apart from snakes, also many other creatures display various supernatural capabilities:
       As I draw this to the attention of the reader in the introduction to this part of the web page, Polish snakes are NOT the only creatures which have supernatural capabilities. Let us list here and briefly describe other God's creatures which already are known to me that also have various supernatural capabilities.

#F4.1. Supernatural capabilities of various wild animals:
       There are numerous wild animals, about which I already know that they display various supernatural capabilities. In this item I am describing these such animals, the supernatural capabilities of which I am able to document with some verifiable evidence already at this stage of my research. So here they are.

#F4.1.1. Sharks and their supernatural capabilities:
       Sharks (or at least for sure some species of sharks) have the supernatural ability to hypnotise their victims and to suppress the pain, so that bites of sharks are NOT felt by the victims. Sharks display also various other supernatural attributes, for example they never fall ill. I live in New Zealand, the shores of which, as well as shores of nearby Australia, are regularly patrolled by sharks that attack people. So I had numerous opportunities to encounter reports of people who survived attacks of sharks. A shocking detail which emerges from all these reports, which motivated me to do the research although it is completely overlooked and ignored by other scientists, is that in spite of nasty wounds, the bitten people never feel any pain both at the moment of attack, as well as some time afterwards. Most clearly sharks remotely "hypnotise" their victims, and make these victims to NOT feel the pain. (As we know it from the findings of the ]Concept of Dipolar Gravity, hypnosis is the skill that requires mastery of the phenomena of counter-world, and thus it belongs to the supernatural phenomena.) For many years I was encountering numerous reports from just such painless attacks of sharks. Unfortunately, initially I did NOT record details of these reports. Only starting from February 2010 I initiated to document on this web page these amongst such cases, which clearly reported in newspapers or television, that victims of shark attacks did NOT feel any pain during the bite. (After all, I am forced to rely exclusively on reports from newspapers and television, because for the trips and for personal interviews of researched victims I do not have funds for reasons explained on my autobiographical web page Pajak Jan.) So here are descriptions of such clearly documented in mass media cases when the sharks attacks were noticed to be painless, which I encountered after I started to document here these in February 2010:
       (1) An example of shark attack at 14 years old girl in which was clearly noticed this lack of pain at the moment of bite, is described in two newspaper articles, namely in the article [1#F4.1.1] "Bitten teenager got off lightly - shark expert" from page A2 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, February 3, 2010, and in the article [2#F4.1.1] "Shark 'just defending itself' after being trodden on" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Wednesday, February 3, 2010. Both these articles describe the attack of a 1.5 metre long shark from the species of "broad-nosed sevenfill shark" on 14 years old girl named Lydia at the "Oreti" beach near Invercargill in New Zealand. The girl felt nothing during the attack. That she was bitten she realised only from blood that appeared in the water.
       (2) In the article [3#F4.1.1] "Shark-bite victim flown to Auckland for surgery", from page A7 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, September 7, 2010, another report from a victim of the shark's attack is provided, i.e. published is the report of the Danish tourist named Jensen. This victim also noted clearly, and later passed it to the journalist who wrote the article, that he did NOT feel any pain when the shark almost bite his foot off. The powerful bite of the shark this Danish tourist felt only as a strong pulling. He suspected that he just hit a coral and kept swimming. Only when he tried to enter the boat he noticed with a shock that his foot is almost missing.
       (3) On Monday, 11 October 2010, at 8:00 to 8:30 pm, on channel 3 of New Zealand television was broadcasted another part from the Australian documentary series entitled "Your Worst Animal Nightmares". On that day documented was the attack of the "Great White" shark on the Australian spear fishing diver named Rodney Fox, that took place near Adelaide in 1960s. During the attack, razor-sharp teeth of shark took from the victim parts of the chest and belly, so that lungs and intestines become fully exposed. Yet the victim noticed it clearly, that during the bite, as well as during next around 10 minutes, he did NOT feel any pain. The bite of the shark he felt just as a strong pull. Only around 10 minutes later, when he was already on a boat being carried to shore, the pain started to break through the hypnotic blockade. The victim described that this arrival of the pain had a wavy character. Namely, initially the pain was not continuous, but started to break through in waves and then diminished. Only significant time later this remote hypnosis of the shark diminished completely, while the pain assumed the continuous character. What even more interesting, that remote hypnosis of the shark ceased to work when the victim was placed on the operation table and was anaesthetically made sleep. This sleep removed the state of hypnosis and the victim rapidly awaken in the middle of operation, so that surgeons actually operated on him while he felt everything - but he was too weak and too bloodless to protest. (It is a fact well known from experiments with hypnosis, that hypnotising is able to dominate over the action of drugs. Thus, that case of awaking of the victim during the operation is an additional evidence which confirms that the lack of pain during bites of sharks is caused due to the remote hypnotising of victims, not due to any other factors.)
       (4) In the article [4#F4.1.1] "Mr Unlucky adds shark attack to roster of mishaps", from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, August 9, 2013, is described one amongst mishaps of an unlucky person, who swimming in a shallow water unexpectedly sensed some teeth penetrating his leg, then he saw a shark swimming away with a piece of his leg in jaws. Although this article does NOT emphasize specifically that the unlucky person did NOT feel pain during that shark's bite, the manner in which he describes his sensations suggests that in fact he did NOT feel a pain, but only noticed painless effects of action of shark's teeth on his own leg.

* * *

       It is worth to notice that present scientists sitting in their armchairs on tops of their "ivory towers" invent various "rational explanations" for this supernatural capability of sharks to so hypnotise remotely the victims that they do not feel a pain. For example, that "adrenaline" suppresses the pain, or that the victim is "too excited" to listen to the senses, etc. But if these scientists even a bit listed to their so-called "common sense", then they would notice how unreal and ridiculous these explanations sound. Thus the necessary turned out to be my personal courage, my devotion to search for truth, and my advanced knowledge which results from the creation of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, to clearly and openly disclose for the first time in the history of the Earth's science, that sharks really do display these supernatural capabilities - in this number the ability to remotely hypnotise their victims so that these victims do NOT feel sharks' bites.

#F4.1.2. Bears and their supernatural capabilities:
       On Tuesday, 4 May 2010, at 9:35 to 10:45, on the channel "Prime" of New Zealand television, was broadcasted a British documentary film of 2008, entitled "Bearman". This films documented discoveries of a Canadian researcher of black bears from New Hampshire, which accomplished an extraordinary capability to communicate with wild bears. His name is Ben Kilham. He lives in a log-cabin in the middle of forests surrounded by these bears. One amongst his discoveries documented on the film which intrigued me the most, was revealing that black bears always test just before eating which vegetation and berries are edible and which poisonous (i.e. they do NOT keep a "database" of edible and inedible products in their memory - like people do). As it turns out, every black bear (and perhaps also every other bear), even if it is brought up by people and never had an opportunity to learn from own parents what is edible and what is poisonous, is able to fast establish whether something can be eaten, or is poisonous. For this, a bear simply takes it to the snout, and for a short while presses with the tongue to its upper palate while moving its head. After a while the bear already knows whether it is edible. On the basis of this discovery, Ben Kilham deduced that bears must have some kind of taste organ in their upper palate, which allows them for a fast establishing whether something is edible, through pressing it to this organ. He even named this organ with his own name. Unfortunately, veterinary research of bears disclosed, that their upper palate does NOT hide any taste organ. Thus the only explanation how it is possible that bears can establish the edibility of whatever they take to their mouth, while simultaneously they do NOT have a taste organ which would allow them this establishing, is that they use some kind of "counter-organ" similar to the human so called "conscience" (i.e. of the kind of counter-organs described in subsection I5.3 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]). It is that counter-organ, which on principle almost identical to the one used by present radiesthesia aided with divining pendulums, prompts bears whether is edible or not whatever they just have in their snouts. In this prompting the counter-organ of bears behaves very similar like the human "conscience" behaves. Only that instead of prompting whether is moral or immoral whatever they are just doing, it prompts them whether it is edible or not. In this way the counter-organ gives to bears the supernatural capability to recognise fast the edibility of everything for which bears have appetites.

#F4.1.3. Supernatural "bird Jesus" which walks on the surface of churning seas:
Motto: "To wake-up complacent scientists every now and again God does something that contradicts scientific knowledge."
       In seas near New Zealand recently a bird was "resurrected" from 150 years long extinction. This extraordinary bird displays a supernatural ability to walk on the surface of sea. It officially is called "storm petrel". But because of its capability to walk on water, it also carries a nickname of the "bird Jesus". It is a size of a typical sea gull. A brief description of it could be found in 2011 in the article from the New Zealand newspaper "Sunday Star Times" - published also in internet at the address In turn a later article which revealed, that in spite of intense searches by scientists from several institutions, the location of nesting of "Jesus birds" could NOT be discovered, appeared under the title "In search of the elusive petrel" from page A20 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, January 14, 2012. When I prepared this description at the beginning of October 2011, photographs of this bird could also be viewed in the internet to learn how it looks-like. For example, a relatively good photograph of it was then shown as photo 16 from the web page with the address In turn a video which illustrated how this bird was caught into a net (which video represented a news item from the evening news on channel 3 of television New Zealand on 25 September 2011), was available at Unfortunately, at the time when I prepared this description, in internet still could NOT be found even a single video which would show how this bird actually walks over the surface of sea - although I know that such videos already do exist, as I saw one of these.
       Of course, the walking over surfaces of seas in the vicinity of New Zealand is extremely difficult. This is because surfaces of seas are in there almost continually churning and covered with sizable waves. Thus, for such a small bird, walking over such waving and churning surfaces of seas is almost the same difficult, as for people would be walking over a rubble of huge moving boulders, or over a pile of rolling huge logs. No wonder, that in order to maintain a balance on such uneven and constantly moving surfaces, the "bird Jesus" must repetitively balance itself with wings - similarly like "line walkers" continually balance themselves with fans or umbrellas when walking high in midair along a rope. However, this need to balance the equilibrium with wings provides present "atheistic orthodox scientists" with an excellent excuse to deny any supernatural attributes of this bird. Of course, this denial of scientists is NOT based on any solid empirical research, but just on speculations and on theoretical assumption that "no bird can walk on water". Thus, scientists disseminate explanations amongst naive people, which after being translated into a common language, state something along the line that this bird in fact only hovers above water due to the power of its wings (this practically means that according to opinion of scientists the acrobatic and extremely difficult "walking on water" the bird practices only to be able to have fun seeing the surprise which this induces in people who watch it). After all, according to the knowledge of present official science, "walking on water" contradicts in the same way the known-today laws of physics, as this is also done by e.g. "flights of bumblebees" - described in item #E2 of the web page named God proof. (According to claims of some experts from aerodynamics, supposedly bumblebees have no right to fly - good that bumblebees do not attend lectures of aerodynamics and do not know about this claim of official science.) But in spite of these reassurances of scientists, that the "bird Jesus" only hovers above the water with power of its wings, while its legs only skilfully "imitate" walking over a sea surface, even a brief looking at "walks" of this bird reveals to us something completely opposite. Namely, if someone carefully watches a film that show how this bird really behaves, then becomes obvious, that in fact it truly walks along a surface of sea, while relatively rare movements of its wings are used just to balance its position on continually waving sea surface.
       "Bird Jesus" has also several further attributes which should puzzle and induce reflections. For example, it was "resurrected" like Jesus. After all, officially it was "extinct" for the last around 150 years. Also it lives (and walks on water) in the vicinity of New Zealand - means the country to which in a supernatural manner was revealed the arrival of Second Jesus - as it is described more comprehensively in items #G2 and #G3 of the web page named prophecies. From the state of the "extinction" it was "resurrected" only in times when the New Zealand's city named Christchurch definitively "refused to accept" revealed earlier visit from Second Jesus, and even started a kind of "war with God" - outcomes of which are described in items #C5 to #C6 of the web page named seismograph. Various premises seem to indicate, that since inhabitants of Christchurch refused to accept the divinely revealed arrival of Second Jesus, God sent to them "bird Jesus" - the arrival of which they have no means to reject or stop. For more comprehensive justification and for description of premises which suggest that just this was the reason for the "resurrection" of this "bird Jesus", see item #G3 on the web page named prophecies.

#F4.1.4. Animals already mentioned in "part #F" of this web page:
       Because in the introduction to this "part #F" of the web page I already described several animals with supernatural capabilities, I will NOT repeat here these descriptions.

#F4.2. Creatures supernaturally "simulated":
Motto: "In the physical world works an iron principle, that all deep beliefs of every person are always confirmed by strange coincidental events, traces, or sightings shown privately only to this person." (Summary of item #A2.2 from the web page totalizm.)
       The majority of creatures which we know e.g. from zoology textbooks exists in a permanent manner - similarly like people do. But independently from these, selected people currently encounter on the Earth completely different category of creatures, which do NOT exist permanently, but are temporary simulated each time when someone amongst people is to be confronted with them. What are such "temporary simulations" is explained more comprehensively in item #K1 from the web page day 26. In turn important reasons why such "temporary simulations" appear on the Earth are explained e.g. in items #L2 and #L4 from the web page named Magnocraft, or in item #G4 from the web page named God proof. Let us describe now examples of just such creatures that are "simulated" in a supernatural way, means creatures which supposedly do exist (because people occasionally see them and also because they leave physical traces of their existence), but simultaneously do NOT exist permanently (in the way e.g. people exist permanently).
       1. Griffins (chupacabra). In subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5], is described a case when I myself was attacked and wounded by a "griffin" (chupacabra). Shockingly, in spite of significant wounds, I did NOT feel any pain. Most clearly also these creatures have an ability to hypnotically eliminate pain - as this is done by sharks.
       2. Creatures already described in part #F of this web page (of the kind of "Nessie" or "Yeti"). Because in items #E1 and #E2 of this web page, and also in item #E6 of the web page New Zealand already several creatures "simulated" in a supernatural manner are described, I am NOT going to repeat here these descriptions.
       3. UFOnauts. Intelligent UFOnauts (and also their UFO vehicles) also belong to this category of creatures (and technical devices) temporary simulated in a supernatural manner for a creative inspiration of humans. More information on this subject can be found in items #M1 and #M2 of the web page day 26.
       4. Dinosaurs. Contrary to whatever present scientists claim so stubbornly, the so-called "dinosaurs" are another example of extremely wise and far-sighted God's "simulations". But because the topic of reasons and consequences of the "simulations" by God of bones of supposedly extinct "dinosaurs" is very extensive and requires a thorough presentation, for reviewing it I invite the reader to item #H2 of a separate web page named god exists. (A partial discussion of this topic is also contained in (2) from item #D3 above on this web page.)
       5. Bodily representations of God. To the creatures "simulated" in a supernatural manner belong also so-called "bodily representations of God" - which best description is provided in items #D1 to #D3 of the web page New Zealand visit. (Examples described in there carry names "Tane" and "Uenuku" - although the humanity knows a huge number of further examples of such "bodily representations of God".)

* * *

       Creatures simulated in a supernatural manner described above are encountered on the Earth still even at present. But much more of this kind of creatures were simulated in old times. For example, they included all monsters that are described in Greek and Roman mythology, and also all so-called "composite animals" (so named because present scientists believe that they were created in imaginations of ancient people through piecing together body parts of several animals - e.g. body of lion with wings of an eagle), such as "sphinxes", "pegasus", "unicorns", or seen also in present times "griffins".

#F4.3. Supernatural capabilities of various domesticated animals:
       Opposite to wild animals, amongst which all individuals from given species show almost the same level of their supernatural capabilities, domesticated animals are like people. Means, some amongst them have various capabilities, while other do NOT have at all - although they belong to the same species. In this way e.g. the cat named "Oscar" become famous in the entire world because it can sense when someone is about to die. But other cats do NOT have the same capability. Examples of descriptions of supernatural capabilities in domesticated animals are provided in subsection I8.1 from volume 5 of three monographs, namely [1/4], [1/5], and [8/2].

#F4.4. Supernatural capabilities of various vegetation:
       What is even more strange, various vegetation also displays supernatural capabilities. Let us indicate here these cases amongst vegetation, about supernatural capabilities of which I managed to learn so-far. Here these are:
       1. Coconuts. Coconut palms are considered to be "holy trees". They grow even on small sandy islands where there is no fresh (drinking) water. They satisfy all needs of humans. Every part of coconut palms is useful. Coconuts have this supernatural capability that they never fall on heads of people that walk under palms which bear these nuts. This supernatural capability of coconuts is widely known in countries which plant coconut palms. There is even a saying over there, that "coconuts have eyes". More on this extraordinary capability of coconuts is explained in item #D1 from the totaliztic web page fruit, and also in 14 from item #F2 of the totaliztic web page God proof.
       2. Palms. Palms display a number of supernatural attributes - e.g. coconut palms are able to satisfy all human needs (for more details see item #D1 on the web page named fruit). Probably this is the reason why in past palms were considered to be "holy vegetation". Until today in the Catholic Church the "Palm Sunday" is celebrated. For example, some species of palms synchronise precisely their blooming and dying. To this group belong, amongst others, the palm called "Talipot Palm", and also an ordinary "oil palm" from which margarine is produced on an industrial scale (photographs and descriptions of both these palms, including a photograph of a synchronically died out forest of oil palms, are provided in item #F3 from the totaliztic web page named God proof - click on this green link to see a section of just such a synchronically died out palm plantation).
       3. Baobabs of Madagascar and their mysteries. On the island of Madagascar trees of "baobabs" were created by God. With the elapse of time these trees spread also to nearby Africa and Australia. Local people of Madagascar call these baobabs "Trees of Life" and consider them to be holy trees. Baobabs belong to these sparse trees in the world, which are able to satisfy all human needs (other such holy trees are "coconut palms" described previously). Practically every part of baobabs is useful for people. Their seeds are tasty and nutritious, eaten both raw and roasted. Seeds are the source of proteins, oil and C vitamin. They are also excellent kinds of food for long journeys, as the pulp of the seeds does not rot contained within the tough outer case. From seeds is also produced a tasty drink, ready for drinking both instantly, or after fermentation into alcohol. The seed pods have tough woody casings with velvety coverings. These coverings can be scraped off to create pod artworks. Leaves and roots are used as medicines on gastric and chest pains. Bark can be weaved into ropes, baskets, and clothing, and also is used for making waterproof hats and even musical instruments. Sap is used for glue. Trunks store water, while one large baobab can accumulate even up to 120,000 litres of water. The wood of baobab is soft, fibrous and wet. So it suffices to scratch or drill a bit of this wood and squeeze water from fibres to satisfy the thirst in a dry season. Dry pulp from this wood is used for an easy making of paper. What most strange, if for getting some baobab fibres the tree trunk is deprived of the bark, the tree heels fast itself and the bark grows back on the wounded area. In this way e.g. a large hollow can be gradually drilled in a baobab trunk, while the interior of this hollow will soon be covered with a new bark while the tree will continue to live. This allows to form human homes and shelters inside large and still living baobabs. Moreover, artistically inclined sculptors can shape on external surfaces of baobabs various figures of animals and humans, while these figures soon are covered with bark and look as if they appeared naturally. Probably just in this manner an artist from the USA saw in Madagascar such a sculptured baobab, then after the return to his country he make a fortune on the idea of creating a similar "tree of life" in the "Animal Kingdom" from Disney-Land located in Epcot Centre from Orlando, Florida. (Such a plastic reproduction from the USA, which illustrates carving capabilities of baobabs, is shown as "Fig. #J1" from the totaliztic web page named God proof - click on this green link to see that American plastic "tree of life".) Baobabs live thousands of years, thus probably some of them exist still until now since the time of creation. In turn their trunks grow to huge sizes. No wonder that local people treat them with uppermost respect as absolute holiness.
       Another supernatural attribute of baobabs is documented by a large, single (female) baobab, over 140 years old, which grows on the Malaysian island of Penang - see a photograph of it shown below in "Fig. #F1ab". One can find this baobab in the middle of a rondo especially build over there to protect it on the junction of three streets named "Jalan Macalister", "Jalan Residensi" and "Jalan Pangkor". About this baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang a lot of legends and funny stories is told, e.g. that it was brought to Penang and planted in there by a strange traveller with capabilities of the famous "magician" named David Copperfield, or that when it rapidly releases the excess of water accumulated in its tissues then local people believe a miracle happens and pray to it (supposedly then their prayers are even answered). But the most mysterious attribute of that lonely baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang is, that in spite of blooming generously, it never produces fruits from which its descendants could grow. In the result, until today it has NOT produced a descendant in Malaysia. This its inability to multiply is also documenting the ignorance of present scientists. Namely, present "atheistic orthodox scientists" complacent in their armchairs (as they are described in items #F1 to #F3 from a separate web page named god exists, and also reminded in item #D3 of this web page), nonchalantly express unverified opinion, that in order to pollinate baobabs it suffices that fruit bats feed at night on their flowers. However, on the island of Penang live tropical fruit bats and for sure many of them feed on flowers of the discussed baobab. But still this baobab remains not pollinated and still it does NOT produce fruits capable of generating new trees. In other words, similarly as this is the case with humans, in order to produce descendants, probably are necessary at least two unrelated baobab trees - which mutually for each other perform functions of a husband and wife (i.e. perform male and female functions). So in this matter, baobabs clearly are similar to trees of Malaysian "durian" fruit (i.e. the fruit described in item #G1 of the web page named fruit) - which also can multiply and produce fruits only if close to each other grow at least two mutually unrelated durian trees. So when a next time we read ignorant claims of present "atheistic orthodox scientists" on the subject of pollination of baobabs by tropical fruit bats, it is worth to have in memory this lonely female baobab tree from Penang, which produces flowers and which is visited by fruit bats, but because there is no male tree around to fertilise these flowers, thus, unfortunately, even after over 140 years of flowering it still failed to produce fruits - thus until today it remains in Malaysia without having its own descendants.
       Photographs and descriptions of this lonely baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang, which baobab illustratively documents the ignorance of present official science in even so elementary matters as pollination and procreation of trees so well known to all of us, are also presented in item #C2 of the web page named cooking.
       4. Bamboo. Some species of bamboo also precisely synchronise their blooming and dying. An example of just such specie of bamboo is described in item #F3 from the totaliztic web page God proof.
       5. Gum trees. Trees from which people draw latex to produce rubber, are topical leaf-bearing trees. Opposite to leaf-bearing trees of e.g. Europe, tropical trees typically almost never loose their leafs and are green almost the entire year through. But the gum trees loose leafs exactly for the period of two weeks surrounding the Chinese Lunar New Year - means exactly for the duration of time when Chinese workers employed on plantations of rubber-trees wish to have a free time to be able to celebrate the incoming New Year. In turn when these trees have no leafs, they do not produce "latex" and thus they must NOT be cut to retrieve their soap. (Apart from the around two weeks when these trees remain leafless, firstly for additional around a week they loose their leafs, and later for around another week they grow new leafs. Thus in total the latex cannot be drawn from them for around a month of time.) In this way the Chinese workers who typically are employed on rubber-plantations receive free time and can celebrate their New Lunar Year without any obstacles. For this reason in Chinese folklore a belief is deeply etched, that God intentionally so designed gum trees that these trees enable plantation workers to celebrate New Years. But what intrigues me most, is that Chinese New Lunar Years are moveable holidays and in every year they occur at a different date - for dates of these New Years in subsequent years see item #B5 on the totaliztic web page pigs. For example, in the year 1972 it was on 16th January, while in the year 1985 - on 20th February (means in mutual distances from each other in excess of time when the gum trees remain leafless). In spite of this, the gum trees still in some supernatural way knew exactly when this Chinese New Year is to occur, and they always loose their leafs exactly at the time when the Chinese wish to have a free time to carry out their celebrations.
       The Chinese New Year hides also several further mysteries. For example, it is also in the duration of this New Year that the air on the entire Earth has a higher ability to absorb moisture than in the remaining part of the year. Hence, the folklore of Chinese claims that the reason for these different properties of the air during the Chinese New Year, is that God designated this period especially for the preparation by Chinese their favourite dry sausages. Therefore God gives then the air this special capability to dry out - so that the dry sausages produced during that period are especially dry and uniquely tasty.
       This supernatural knowledge of gum trees when exactly the Chinese New Year is coming, and thus when they supposed to shade their leafs, is also discussed in item #C2 from the totaliztic web page pigs.

[Bild: baobab_in_penang.jpg]
[Bild: baobab_flower.jpg]


Fig. #F1ab: Unexplained scientific puzzle and a symbol of supernatural mysteries - means a lonely "baobab" from the Malaysian island of Penang. It is a "living proof" that the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date disseminates a lot of rubbish on a significant number of topics that it researches. The point is, that the above baobab meets all requirements which according to the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date must be fulfilled for a baobab to produce fruits and to multiply. But in spite of it, this particular baobab neither produces fruits nor multiplies (although it blooms almost continually). This in turn means, that baobabs still hide a lot of mysteries and supernatural attributes, which real explaining must await until the time when the humanity firstly establishes officially a new "totaliztic science" (i.e. the science which is NOT afraid to explain mysteries) - as this is described in item #C1 on the web page named telekinetics. (Click on the selected photograph to see it enlarged.)
Fig. #F1a: A photograph of the entire baobab tree. Notice the information plate visible as it extends on the left side of the photograph, above the fence which surrounds the tree. In July 2011 this plate stated, quote: "This tree, a native of Abyssinia, was planted in 1871 by Captain Speedy, a soldier of fortune. Baobabs are low spreading trees, flowers pendulous and white. Fruits hairy, oblong of about 30 cm. It can live up to 2,000 years. The fat bottle-shaped trunks become hollow as the trees age, some can hold as much as 5,000 litres of water. The natives of Africa used them as storage chambers. Many African chiefs were buried in the hollowed trunks of such trees. Baobab trees are rich in pulp suitable for use in paper industry.") As usually it is the case with official information, in July 2011 this plate stated whatever is obvious and known to almost everyone, but avoided mentioning of whatever in this baobab is the most important.
Fig. #F1b: A flower (around 20 cm in length) photographed on 27 July 2011 on the baobab described here from the Malaysian island of Penang. The presence of this flower proves, that if baobabs really are pollinated at nights by "fruit bats" - as naively claims it the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, then this lonely baobab from the island of Penang would have fruits and it would NOT exist in Malaysia for so many years without producing any descendants. Unfortunately, as usually, orthodox scientists "tell rubbish" on this subject and, as usually, probably it turns necessary that the new "totaliztic science" carries out factual research to explain how baobabs really multiply.

Part #G: We live in a very strange world:
#G1. Not only the nature has its mysteries:
       Today's professional scientists tell us that everything has its explanation based on physical laws. Meanwhile, many of the rules and principles of work that shape our lives, in reality have NO physical explanations. For example, none of the rules described in item #C6 from the separate web page named god exists. can be explained on the basis of current official so-called "atheistic orthodox science" with its erroneous "a posteriori" approach to rresearch (i.e. on the basis of the science which we still in schools and at universities, and which is more fully described in items #C1 to #C6 from the separate web page named telekinetics), while the only explanation for these principles is able to provide just the new "totaliztic science" due to its "a priori" approach to research. But this does not stop these officially unexplained rules from having a huge impact on the lives of each one of us. In turn the fact, that in spite of the claims of the old "atheistic orthodox science", there still exist these types of officially unexplained rules and manifestations, which this professional scientists are unable to explain, practically means that our official science contains a very serious error that for our own good we should try to eliminated as soon as possible.

Part #H: The geography of village Stawczyk - where it is located and how to find it:
#H1. The appearance and descriptions of the village Stawczyk:
       The village Stawczyk is very small. It has only around 20 houses and around 75 inhabitants. But in spite of such miniature size there are 3 historically important roads which pass through it. The oldest part of buildings of this village is located along the old and sandy until today road, which in past used to lead from the town Milicz to the village Godnowo and further to township Sulmierzyce. Furthermore, long ago a significant number of buildings of this village was located along still different old and sandy until today road, which for centuries represented a section of the famous "Amber Route". But until today along remains of this "Amber Route" just a single farmhouse still stays - in past occupied by my parents and myself. Through Stawczyk passes also still another, today already asphalted road - although yet NOT supplied with a pedestrian footpath. It is the newest road of this village, because designed and constructed around 1875. Along it stands just around 5 farmhouses.
       I have published several web pages in Internet which describe the village Stawczyk. Only that previously I described this village under different names which it also used, namely under the name "Wszewilki-Stawczyk", or "Wszewilki" - after all these names are also different names for Stawczyk. The most vital part of descriptions of this village readers can find on the web page named Wszewilki.
       In addition to this web page, there are several further web pages topics of which have a direct link to Stawczyk, and thus which also provide various details about this village. The most vital amongst these related web pages include the page named Wszewilki-Milicz (unfortunately available only in the Polish language). In item #8 it describes "walking trails" along and around the village Stawczyk (called also Wszewilki-Stawczyk, or Wszewilki). These "walking trails" make possible the viewing of various areas and objects of this village, described here. Other, also related web page about Stawczyk, have the name Wszewilki of our tomorrow. (This one is in two languages, i.e. Polish and English.) It describes my vision of the future development and character of Stawczyk (and Wszewilki). One curiosity of the web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow is that it describes my trip in a "time vehicle" to this village in the distant future. This trip to Stawczyk in the distant future is presented in items #J1 to #J3 of the web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow, and summarised berifly in item #C4 below.

[Bild: fiat_stawczyk.jpg]

Fot. #H1 (L1 in [10]): Myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak - the author of this web page) photographed in Stawczyk together with my brother Czesław (Chester). I am this skinny young person without glasses standing by the car "Fiat 126p". A paradox of this photograph is that this skinny person shown with the village Stawczyk in the background (means myself), according to various official documents, was born is several different villages at the same time. Means he was born in villages named: (1) Cegielnia, (2) Wszewilki, (3) Stawczyk, and (4) Wszewilki-Stawczyk. With some approximation it can be claimed, that he was also born in former village named (5) Neu-Steffitz. However, does it mean that this person in fact, similarly to the Hindu god "Brahma", exists in four personalities at the same time? We can imagine the confusion and shock which a scientist used to unambiguousness would experience when he would need to define where this person in fact was born. Actually our physical world is full of similar paradoxes and confusions. This web page explains some amongst them, together with their reasons. (Click on this photograph if you wish to see it enlarged.)
       In the time of taking this photograph I was permanently living in Wrocław. Only sometimes I visited my parents which then still lived in Stawczyk. Thus, the above photograph captures also the appearance of Stawczyk viewed from the home of my parents. Just several meters behind the back of the car Fiat shown on this photograph, a section of one amongst the oldest merchant trails of the Europe (and the world) was passing, namely the famous Amber Route. Unfortunately, until today no many remains survived from this ancient route.
       Of course, this photograph was taken very long ago (the exact year I do NOT remember). In the meantime my appearance has changed. How I look at present it is shown better either on the photograph from end of the web page Tapanui, or photographs from the web page The battle for Milicz.
       Readers who remember old photography technologies notice probably that the above photograph was made in the old technology of so-called "ORWO" colour. Probably it was one amongst first colour photographs taken in Stawczyk. The old ORWO colour differed quite noticeably from the presently used "Kodak Colour". Another photograph also taken in the ORWO colour is shown on "Fig. #C2" from the web page aliens.

* * *

       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.
       If one wishes to shift a given Figure (i.e. a photograph or a drawing) - means if one wishes to move this Figure into another part of the screen where e.g. a description of it is located, and when simultaneously one wishes to reduce or reconfigure the separate window in which this illustration is to appear, then one needs to do as follows: (1) click on this illustration to make it appear in another new window, (2) make sure that this new window is set for capability to be reconfigured and shifting along the screen (for this one needs to have a look at the middle square out of the three squares present in the top-right corner of the screen - this middle square should contain inside just a single screen-icon, so if there are two such screen-icons inside of it, then one needs to click on them to turn them into a single screen-icon), (3) the "downsize" or "reconfigure" this another new window (with a given illustration) through "grabbing" its right-bottom corner with the mouse and then dragging this corner upwards-left to receive the required size and configuration of this different new window (notice that since this new window is downsized or reconfigured, then it is to stay this way for all next Figures being clicked - unless one enlarges or reconfigures the window again), and then (4) drag this another new window with the Figure that one wishes to relocate, to the area of the web page where one wishes to look at it e.g. because there is a description related to it (to move the new window with a Figure, one needs to just grab it with the mouse by the blue stripe on the top of it and then drag it to the required place). Notice also that if one scrolls (with scroll-bars) the text of a page when one reads it, this another window (with the illustration) is going to disappear. In order to return it into the new position on the screen, one needs to click on its "icon" (i.e. on the "program's button" from the taskbar) in the lowest part of the screen.

#H2. How to find the village Stawczyk:
       The village Stawczyk lies around 2 kilometres as "crow flies" to the north-east from a small town Milicz in the south-west part of present Poland. The map of Stawczyk in 2009 was promised to appear at the address But when I was checking this address in September 2009, it only shown a photograph of the most representative and civilised part of the village Stawczyk - i.e. the one which is located along this newest asphalted road from Milicz to Sulmierzyce, and thus by which stands the road sign announcing the village Stawczyk. Therefore, the exact location of Stawczyk is better to determine from the map of the present village Wszewilki - which map in 2009 was available under the address,Wszewilki.html. On this map of Wszewilki, it is enough to find where Wszewilki is and where the railway line passes at the eastern side of Wszewilki - as this railway line separates Stawczyk from Wszewilki. Stawczyk is located next to Wszewilki, by the same as Wszewilki main road from Milicz to Sulmierzyce, only that the buildings of Stawczyk are located behind the railway line which separates Stawczyk from Wszewilki. Because on this map also the village Sławoszewice is shown, as well as the river Barycz and this railway which in past trotted through the oldest central-square of Wszewilki, the location of Stawczyk can also be determined from the location of Sławoszewice in relation to the river Barycz and to the railway. Namely, Stawczyk lies above (i.e. to the north) from Sławoszewice, on the other side of the river Barycz, but at the same side of the railway as Sławoszewice. The map shows also clearly, that it asks to link Stawczyk and Sławoszewice with a road, and run a circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight") along this road. Such a bus would link Stawczyk with: Sławoszewice, Milicz, Karłów, again Milicz, Krotoszyńska street, Wszewilki; and then it would again return to Stawczyk. The introduction of this bus-connection suggests the knowledge of Chinese art called "Feng Shui" - therefore on the futuristic web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow I am postulating the construction of this road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice already since a long time. After all, the construction of the road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice would again close the circulation of "chi" energy which was open by Germans in 1875. This in turn would cause the economic revival of the entire this region and the return of prosperity and good fortune to these areas.
       Internet maps of the vicinity of Stawczyk available in the time of writing this web page (i.e. in 2009) were rather imprecise. Neither they indicated the location of Stawczyk, nor indicated farmhouses of Stawczyk existing along three historically vital roads (amongst others, the former "Amber Route" which was passing through Stawczyk). Therefore much better the configuration and buildings of Stawczyk is shown on the satellite photograph of Stawczyk and the vicinity of this village, available at the address,17.286901&spn=0.026010,0.058545&t=k&hl=en. I pointed this satellite photograph in such a manner that it shows the entire upper loop of the circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight") - the establishing of which I postulate in items #B1 to #B3 of a separate web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow in order to induce a local circulation of "chi" energy and thus cause the economical revitalisation of settlements linked to Stawczyk. Therefore, apart from buildings of Stawczyk which are visible in the upper-right corner of this satellite photograph (i.e. in the north-east part of it), it shows also: Sławoszewice located on the opposite side of the Barycz river from Stawczyk, the entire length of the road which links Sławoszewice and Milicz, the buildings of old town of Milicz visible on the low-left corner of the photograph (i.e. in south-west part of it), the Krotoszyńska street which connects Milicz with Wszewilki, Wszewilki, and of course the return road to Stawczyk which runs from Milicz, through Wszewilki, to Stawczyk. On this photograph also the river Barycz is visible, and this intentional deviation of the railway line so aimed that it destroyed the former (historic) town-hall of Wszewilki. This railway become a border that separates Wszewilki from Stawczyk.
       Still another map of Wszewilki, and thus also a map of vicinity of the village Stawczyk, one can see on the web page with the address: (after clicking on the link calling this web page, one needs to type the name Wszewilki into the window "Miejscowość" - i.e. "Village", and then click onto the button "Pokaż" - i.e. "Show"). The black line indicates on this map the course of railway which in 1875 bulldogged through the miniature central square of Wszewilki. As one can see from this course, the railway runs onto Wszewilki riding from east towards west, then - after tramping through the central place (square) of this village it turns again from west towards east. The same railway, as well as the empty area currently left after the former central place of this village, can also be viewed on the much more accurate satellite photograph of Stawczyk, available from the address indicated before in this item of the web page. Over there (i.e. on the satellite photograph) is also clearly visible the course of the railway line which was purposely bend towards the former central square of Wszewilki. Who was so hostile towards Wszewilki, that designed the route of this railway line so viciously? Notice also, that all fish ponds which are visible near Wszewilki, were formed only around 1990 (there were no such ponds over there when the railway line was constructed). The location of these ponds was also selected in such a sinister manner, that the ponds flooded, amongst others, the remains of 1000 years old watermill which for all these centuries operated near the present Stawczyk by the previous riverbed of the Barycz river.
       As I noticed this during my visit in Stawczyk of the future described in item #C4 of this web page, one day another fish pond is to be build in there, the banks of which are to reach almost doorsteps of the present buildings of Stawczyk. However, this next fish pond is to have a very good impact on the significance of Stawczyk - probably because it is going to be constructed already after the circulation of "chi" energy is closed due to the road that connects Stawczyk with Sławoszewice and due to running the circular city bus "8" (i.e. "eight"). This is because the next pond is to be utilised as a kind of artificial lake for recreation purposes, turning this way Stawczyk into a fashionable centre of culture and recreation. [/b]

[Bild: neu_steffitz.bmp]

Fig. #H2: An old German map of Milicz and vicinity - courtesy "The battle for Milicz". (Click on this map to see it enlarged or to shift it in a different area of the screen.) Because it is so old, the above scan shows black crossing lines along the edges where the map was folded. Thus during viewing the map these two straight black crossing lines should be treated as if there are non-existing. On this map is clearly visible the village presently named "Wszewilki", which in times of drawing this map carried the German name "Ziegelscheune". If one enlarges this map, then on the extension of the main road through "Wszewilki" (i.e. the main road through "Ziegelscheune") toward the east, one can see slightly fuzzy writing "Neu-Steffitz" - which name represents the German name for the present "Stawczyk". Interestingly, on the above map almost every house of the former Stawczyk is marked, including houses which do NOT exist today because were burned shortly after the war.
       In order to be able to see individual houses on the above map of Milicz and surrounding villages, firstly one needs to magnify this map to the scale required by our eyes. This magnifying one needs to initiate by clicking on the map. This clicking is to open a separate window which contains just the map ready to be magnified. Then one needs to click in this new window onto a small "magnifying glass" (with a sign + inside) which is to appear at the bottom of this new window with the map. Then one needs to place this "magnifying glass" to the area on the map which one wishes to magnify and keep clicking there so many times until the area appears in the required scale of magnification. Notice that the entire new window with the magnified map can be enlarged, reduced, or reconfigured, and also moved to a different area of the screen (instructions how to do all these are provided under the first illustration, amongst others, from the following totaliztic web pages: soul proof, God proof, UFO proof.)
       If the reader examines carefully this map, then probably notices on it several shocking irregularities. For example, probably notices this strange arched deviation towards the west of the railway line from Milicz to Krotoszyn. This deviation was intentionally so selected, that the railway line bulldogged the historic central-square of the village "Ziegelscheune" (i.e. present village "Wszewilki") together with the old church that in past used to stand by this central-square (this church is illustrated in "Fig. #C5" from the web page St. Andrzej Bobola, and in "Fig. #2" from the totaliztic web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow.) Furthermore, this deviated railway line splits the historic village "Ziegelscheune" (i.e. present "Wszewilki") into two separate villages, namely into "Ziegelscheune" (i.e. present "Wszewilki") and "Neu-Steffitz" (i.e. present "Stawczyk"). What even more shocking, if such arched bending of the railway line took place slightly earlier (i.e. slightly more to the south), then the railway station of Milicz could be constructed almost just by the town-hall of Milicz (instead being constructed around 2 kilometres to the east from the centre of Milicz). This in turn would increase the usefulness of such railway and would probably save this railway line from closing down because of the lack of passengers who prefer to use bus station of Milicz because it is much closer to the town centre. Another "irregularity" visible on this map is the name "Neu-Steffitz" for the present village "Stawczyk". As we can see it from the map, this name means a "new village Steffitz" (i.e. like a new version of the present village "Stawiec"). But this "Neu-Steffitz" is even more distant from the village "Steffitz" (i.e. from the present village "Stawiec") than it is distant from Milicz. Why, therefore, Stawczyk was NOT called e.g. "Neu-Militsch" (i.e. "new Milicz"), or "Neu-Ziegelscheune", instead of being called "Neu-Steffitz"? After all, it is located closer to Milicz and to Wszewilki then to Stawiec, and also it has a permanent historical link with Milicz and with Wszewilki, but not with Stawiec. Another "irregularity" clearly visible on the map is that it intentionally ignores to show the entire course of still then existing and used old "Amber Route" - which used to lead through the present village Stawczyk. (This intentionally ignored section of the "Amber Route" still was used in years of my youth, i.e. immediately after the Second World War - then in Stawczyk it was called "the road to the dam".) The exact course of this "Amber Route" is described (in Polish only) in item #8.1 of the web page Wszewilki-Milicz. Still another "irregularity" documented on this map is that during making it there were NO fish ponds yet which flooded the old historic water mill of Milicz and a significant proportion of the old "Amber Route". (These fish ponds are already shown on present maps indicated in item #H2 of this web page, while discussed in items #B2 and #E1 of the web page Wszewilki and in item #H2 of this web page.)
       All the above "irregularities" taken together clearly document that the present village Stawczyk is continually subjected to some strange persecution, described, amongst others, in items #E1 and #E2 of the totaliztic web page Wszewilki, and in items #C4 and #K3 of the totaliztic web page Wszewilki of our tomorrow. In the face of existence of the documentation (such as e.g. the above map) which clearly confirms the existence of this continual persecution of the village Stawczyk, it is worth to ask question: "why and by whom this village is continually troubled for so long period of time?". Means, whether this persecution is an expression of the action of so-called "moral field" - similar to the action of the "curse of inventors" described in item #G3 of the totaliztic web page eco cars. (If so - then what so "morally desirable" this villages does that it deserves such vicious persecution?) Or else this persecution is the expression of the existence and activities of some "evil power" which knows something about Stawczyk that presently we still do not know?

#H3. Other villages also carrying the name "Stawczyk" or names related to it:
       At this point in time the name "Stawczyk" is unique. Means, apart from the village named Stawczyk that is described on this web page, NO other place (human settlement) exists in the entire world which would also have the same name "Stawczyk".
       However, I should mention, that in past (i.e. quite a long time ago) another village named "Stawczyk" existed, which was located in a different region of Poland. This other village Stawczyk was owned by the knighthood family also named "Stawczyk". From this family trace their origins a large number of people who presently have surnames "Stawczyk" - for details see item #I1 near the end of this web page. Unfortunately for all these people, this other knighthood village was renamed into a different name quite a long ago. Until today diminished even the memory where this other village was located. I also do NOT know when exactly the name of this other Stawczyk was changed, nor how sounds the present name of this other village Stawczyk (if any reader has some information regarding these unknown details, I would be grateful for letting me know them - so that I could publish these here).
       But versions of village names related to the name "Stawczyk" are NOT unique at all. For example, only in Poland are 3 villages named "Stawiec". One amongst these three is "Stawiec" distant from "Stawczyk" by only around 3 kilometres. I suspect that it is from this "Stawiec" that "Stawczyk" received its name. After all, the name "Stawczyk" means in Polish a "Small Stawiec" (similarly like in English the name "duckling" means a "small duck"). On the other hand, when Germans invented in 1875 the name for present Stawczyk, they gave to it the name "Neu-Steffitz" - means a "New Stawiec" (while the present "Stawiec" was called "Steffitz" by them).
       Independently from Stawiec located around 3 kilometres to north-west from Stawczyk, in Poland there are also further two villages called "Stawiec". Another one of these is a settlement located not far from the former capital of Teutonic Knights, means from Malbork. Administratively it belongs to the County "Nowy Staw", near Malbork, Pomeranian Voivodeship. Still another (third) Stawiec is a village in the County "Nowy Dwór Gdański", Pomeranian Voivodeship (województwo pomorskie).

Part #I: Origins of the surname "Stawczyk":
#I1. Where people named "Stawczyk" come from:
Motto: "Everything has its history. Learning this history allows us to understand present situation much better."

       In spite that the name of village "Stawczyk" is unique - as this is explained in item #H3 above on this web page, everyone who in a search engine writes the word "Stawczyk" immediately is to discover that there is a lot of people in the world who have the surname "Stawczyk". For me this fact was a bit intriguing. Thus, I decided to find out where exactly the surname "Stawczyk" comes from. As it turned out, the establishing this fact is NOT so simple. The only thing that I managed to determine for sure, is that the surname "Stawczyk" originates from the knight's village called "Stawczyk" - which village existed in past in former Poland. On the subject of link between that village "Stawczyk" and the surname "Stawczyk" there exists quite an interesting legend or belief. But before I describe here this legend (or belief), firstly I would like to verify and to confirm it. Therefore, herewith I have an appeal to people who have the surname "Stawczyk" and who know where their surname comes from, to share with me their knowledge.

#I2. Everyone needs a knowledge of own "roots" from which he or she originates:
Motto: "In order to learn the direction in which we are going in our lives, we need to learn firstly where exactly we come from."

       The awareness of the history of surname "Stawczyk" can be a source for a whole array of spiritual and moral benefits for people who carry this surname. After all, the logic indicates that "in order to learn the direction in which we are going in our lives, we need to learn firstly where exactly we come from." In turn it is known that people who have a good awareness of own spiritual roots, and moral skeleton, typically accomplish much higher successes in their lives than "orphan" people whose awareness, mentality, and morality carries attributes of someone completely "lost". In turn the first step towards finding ones identity and roots is to determine from where exactly one originates.

#I3. I personally recommend that people with the surname "Stawczyk" take patronage over the special village "Stawczyk":
       Since it is already known for sure, that people with the surname "Stawczyk" have their spiritual roots in the village called "Stawczyk", for sentimental reasons people with such surnames should take a patronage over the village Stawczyk. After all, this village, as well as the sense of belonging and the spirit of these people, both desperately need such a patronage. Of course, such a patronage is able to bring a lot of spiritual and moral benefits also to these people with the surname "Stawczyk". For example, they begin to have the village with which they can spiritually identify themselves. The will also have the place which is to provide them with goal for their summer expeditions and activities. They are going to have the village for which their moral support and activities will turn very helpful. They will also be able to implement in life the famous statement of the President John Kennedy, stating that "Do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country".

Part #J: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#J1. The summary of this web page:
       Our universe does NOT contain only what we can see and touch. In fact, the majority of the universe is composed of an invisible, although existing and equally real as what we can see. One amongst obvious examples of whatever is NOT described in official publications, but still exists and exerts its influence, is the extraordinary village named "Stawczyk" - described on this web page. This village represents a symbol and a proof, that something can exist, but for the majority of people it remains invisible.

#J2. How with the web page named "content index" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green Wszewilki of our tomorrowwhich after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named content index. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J3. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named Pajak Jan (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#J4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated in the safe format "PDF":

I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J5. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).

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Date of starting this page: 17 September 2009
Date of the most recent update of this web page: 3 December 2013
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