X. Summary
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Motto of this chapter: "Out of all ruins, the most tragic are ruins of our beliefs".

We are living in the most crucial times that human beings ever lived before. Planet Earth is gradually turning into a rubbish dump, the climate looses stability, natural resources are close to exhaustion, our food becomes poisonous and tastes like wood, our bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, new killing viruses are flooding human race, our social environment is increasingly difficult to distinguish from a concentration camp, people are increasingly scared to leave their homes, gradually our civilisation is morally disintegrating, humans are slowly turning into thinking animals, power and money are valued more than morality and respect, almost no-one remembers what happiness and secure feeling is, etc., etc. In spite of all this, our leaders and scientists are telling that we are marching towards a better future. But if we ask anyone to name a single thing which significantly improved the quality of his/her live in the last 10 years, no one is able to indicate such a factor without a long hesitation. Perhaps it is a time we woke up from this our hypnotic trance. This monograph is sounding for an alarm. As a civilisation we are being lost a long time ago, while now we are staying at a edge of catastrophe. We cant wait passively any longer until the inevitable comes and we begin to fall, as then it will be too late for saving. The action we must start right now and from ourselves. We firstly need to get rid from ourselves all signs of philosophy of parasitism, and only then we are able to fight these signs in our environment. It is still a time to return the life on Earth to conditions of care, security, and prevailing happiness. The key for all this is in totalizm - this monograph gave it to our hands.
The subsequent volumes of this monograph went with us into trip of eye opening. They revealed that for example, what politicians and scientists are telling about our apparent advancement, is one string of nonsense. After all, in the most important area of our lives, i.e. in the area of moral laws, we are today even more primitive, than contemporary of Archimedes were in the area of physical laws. After all they already knew about the existence of physical laws, and they utilised them in their lives, had defined physical foundations, and were able to build simple machines and boats. In turn today in our majority we still have no idea that moral laws do exist, we still are not sure whether we should believe religions that God does exist - or believe official science which claims that there is no God, still in our majority we not only are unable to measure the basic moral quantities, such as intelligence, moral energy, motivation, feeling, responsibility, but we even do not know how exactly define these quantities and what they mean.
This monograph is trying to introduce the first principles and order into our chaotic moral and spiritual life. It introduces to our life scientific understanding of morality and spirituality, and explains the idea of the universal intellect which stays behind them. It also defines in the strict manner the basic moral quantities and indicates how they can be measured and calculated. In this manner it starts to build the scientific foundations in the area of morality and spirituality. With the elapse of time the foundations should enable us to take control over these most vital aspects of our lives. Due to this knowledge we are already able to lead our everyday life in a highly moral manner, which is building and uplifting. We are already able to develop scientifically in ourselves all required quantities, such as intelligence, moral energy, moral power, responsibility, etc. Finally we can start to bring up next generations in the understanding which quantities are the most important in life, and how these should be accomplished. After all, without knowledge what for example is intelligence, motivation, responsibility, or moral energy, which were defined only by totalizm, previously we were not able to work effectively on the development of ourselves or our children. Now each of these ideas is described by totaliztic mechanics. This mechanics also indicates what each one of them depends on, and how to build it up in ourselves and in our children.
This monograph is clearly showing, that in our life we have only two paths to choose from, namely totaliztic or parasitic. The parasitic path is very cunning, because it tempts us with promises of lazy life full of pleasures, but actually it never delivers. The life which parasitism brings is full of horror, suffering, oppression, putting down, etc., while at the end of it a self-destruction awaits. In turn totaliztic life is clear and full of truth: it warns that it is necessary to work constantly on it, and constantly improve ourselves, but it simultaneously grants various benefits and rewards to all who follow it. Thus, if we choose the life according to cunning parasitism, then even if we are to believe that our life is going to be easier and full of comfort, actually it is going to be a stream of horror, problems, deviations, and falls down. The taste of this horror we already have, when the lie becomes an official truth, while immorality - an official stand. Interesting whether the reader noticed that as parasitism spreads on Earth, life of even these ones who practice this philosophy becomes increasingly miserable, while their experience increasingly full of horror. As parasitism spreads, also fate of all other people on Earth become increasingly uncertain, their tomorrow less sure and more filled up with worries, while their prospects for the future increasingly doomed. But if we decide to choose a totaliztic life, then awaits us a life full of work and effort, but also filled up with happiness and satisfaction, self-fulfilled, sense of own accomplishment and value, importance of what we are doing, respect of others, and all other rewards that the universal intellect (God) grants for the acting accordingly to moral laws.
This monograph also clearly revealed, that around us a constant battle is fought for truth, morality, humanity, freedom, independence, happiness, and for a better future for all people. The increasingly larger number of people is starting to realize about the existence of this battle and is staying on the right side, on which all citizens of the planet Earth have the duty to stand up - i.e. on the side of humanity, morality, truth, and the universal intellect (God). Still, however, there are huge numbers of these, who refuse to wake up from the hypnotic trance that blinds them, and who support the wrong side either passively - by not doing anything, or even actively - by serving the enemy. I would like to shake these people and yell to their ears: man, try to see through your eyes! How you can be so blind and so dumb, that you are not able to notice what happens around you! Do these 40 000 of years of crawling in mad and slavery, still is not enough for you! Do you want that also your children share the increasingly doomed fate that is our part! It is not permitted to wait passively when your house is rotting and is full of cosmic bugs. Get yourself together and start to clean our house! After all, in order to feel more happy, you firstly need to live in a clean home which is free of moral decay and cosmic bugs!
The birth of every book can be compared to a scream of someone who sit on a thorn. Firstly such a person needed to undergo a powerful shock of pain, and only then this shock mobilises him/her to write. Of course, for different writings this "thorn" which mobilised for work was different. On one case it could be the pain of relationship with a despotic boss or oppressive institution, other time - the social injustice or a life in parasitic country, while another time - unpleasant personal experience, unfulfilled love, pain of parting, lack of money, etc. In my case this "thorn" which almost continually was prickling my back side, whenever I wanted to sit quietly for a moment, were these "evil parasites" described in subsections KB2. What more interesting, they mobilised me to act, because they actually wanted me to stop from writing scientific publications that disclosed their activities. Thus, in order to block this writing, they continually gathered clouds above my head, turned against me various people in power, spoiled everything in my vicinity, make impossible the completion of any plans, forced me to change my jobs, my homes, my countries, etc. But because of strange "coincidents", all these their actions were completed so mechanically, so thoughtlessly, and so without consideration to current situation, that instead of discouraging and paralysing, they only give me strength and knowledge. In the result, due to their efforts of blocking and preventing, these evil parasites actually accelerated the appearance of this monograph, and provided me with interesting life experience which become part of it. As it can be seen, moral laws are so designed, that the efforts of evil parasites to avoid their karma, only accelerates the release of this karma.
Independently from the "thorn" which inspires to action, every publication requires also facts that are combined into its content. In my case, these most vital facts were supplied by countless anonymous people, which live humble lives in our society - usually not appreciated by their environment, although their lives are symbol and illustration of moral behaviour. Even that no many such people are left, their influence on the environment is so enormous, that they are like sources of light which disperses darkness. This is because the possibility of observing such rightful and moral people, I could gradually develop totalizm. Thanks God that they still do exist and that they are able to effectively resists the pressure of evil and decay that surrounds them. The timeless truths that they realised and illustrated to me by their principles and behaviour, were for me like moral diamonds which they shared with me, so that now with the use of this monograph I can offer these precious diamonds to others.
Our fate is like that one of young eagles. Eagles also must become independent of their predatory parents one day, and took onto themselves the responsibility for outcomes of their flights. Gradually it becomes obvious, that also our civilisation, if it wants to survive, must quickly get separated from these parasitic relatives of ours. Must also start to lead independent life. If we manage to escape the doomed fate that these evil relatives are preparing for us, the time for this getting separated may come quite soon.
Especially painful and disappointing for me is the reserve and passiveness of Poland and New Zealand, as well as a significant proportion of the population of my both countries. After all, they represent the country in which devices and ideas described in this monograph were born. So these are known to them for the longest time. But did not help these devices nor ideas my countless appeals to the countrymen. Did not helped either the visible to everyone my enormous efforts, prices to pay, and dangers which I took on my shoulders in my fight with obstacles. During all these years of striving no even one amongst my monographs could be published officially as a book. Neither official building of even one of my invention could be initiated. Furthermore, in spite of all these my efforts putted into the research and overcoming obstacles, as so far relatively sparse individuals joined ranks of these who are convinced by whatever is written here. If one looks through official publications of both my countries, almost impossible to find in them is any mentioning of my research and ideas. In turn from the lecture of these writings one may have an impression, that neither myself, nor results of my research ever existed. In the other hand, to move this matter from the deadlock is little is needed. Simply a bit of conviction, promotion, and good organisation.
Fortunately, the passiveness and the lack of belief into results of research presented in this monograph is NOT the attribute of all my countrymen. After all, from Poland come the most devoted believers in my theories. Unfortunately, these individuals can act only unofficially. Also unfortunately, they still represent only a small proportion of the society. To these humble and working silently people, herewith I would like to thank sincerely for their contribution to our common effort, and to encourage them to continue their noble deeds.
Probably it is not just a coincident, that everything that this monograph reveals, actually was started from Poland, although it was not developed in Poland. After all, Poland accumulates in itself a very special moral potential. It is one of these rare industrially developed countries of Europe, which never had a colony. So it is not guilty of exploiting anyone. It also has not accumulated a colonial karma, which would need to be paid back. Furthermore, if one checks more thoroughly, Poland was also one of the most "totaliztic" countries of the world. After all, it was in Poland where a democracy prevailed when in other countries regimes were raging. Also in Poland most of renewals, reformations, and liberation movements were started. Also it were Poles who always fought altruistically with oppression. Also in Poland moral values were always finding a support. Poland is almost the only country, where everyone is equal to everyone. In Poland these ones who have fortunes, or high titles, knee with the remaining people in the same churches. There are also old prophecies which directly indicate that Poland is this country, where the freeing of humanity from claws of evil become initiated. One example of such futuristic prediction was send to me by Mrs Zofia Przepiorka (Male Stawiska 10, 83-431 Stary Bukowiec, woj. gdanskie, Poland) - I quote from her letter dated 23/9/98 in my own translation: "'From Poland will come a SPARK that is to prepare the world for my arrival' stated Jesus through blessed Faustyna Kowalska and passed also the same message through the image of the portrait that was painted according to the vision of this nun" (in her Polish original wording: "'To z Polski wyjdzie ISKRA ktora przygotuje swiat na moje przyjscie' zapowiedzial Jezus przez bl. Faustyne Kowalska i ta sama informacje przekazal rowniez za pomoca obrazu namalowanego wedlug wizji tej zakonnicy"). The same prophecy is also repeated on page 29 of the Polish book [1X] by Jan Kwasniewski, Marek Chylinski, "Dieta Optymalna", wydanie drugie, Prasa Slaska, Katowice 1997, Poland. Here is the quotation of this old prophecy in my own translation from Polish: "to the amazement of all nations of the world, from Poland is to come the hope for tormented humanity" (in the Polish original wording: "ku zdumieniu wszystkich narodow swiata z Polski wyjdzie nadzieja udreczonej ludzkosci").
Between the time when over a quarter of century ago I initiated in Poland my research, and the time when I finished writing this monograph, I went through a very long journey. In this my journey I did a lot of wandering. I also experienced changes of my views. In some cases for entire 180 degrees. In the result, in my research appeared several different period in which this research followed completely different directions. Let us list here and name these period:
#1. The period of the discoveries inventions, and the development of the Cyclic Table (see table B1 from chapter B), Magnocraft (see its descriptions in chapter G), and the Oscillatory Chamber (see its descriptions in chapter F). It lasted from 1972 till 1992. During this period, my views were similar to views of the majority of other people. IN my research I almost did NOT take notice of UFOs. After all, I was so preoccupied with the development of the Cyclic Table, Magnocraft, and the Oscillatory Chamber, that I had almost no time to contemplate anything else.
#2. The period of research on UFOs. This lasted since around 1992, until 2007. After I invented the Magnocraft, it come to my attention, that someone already uses my vehicle. So after completing appropriate research I concluded, and then formally proved for myself and for other people, that UFOnauts do exist. But at that time I still believed, similarly like the majority of other people, that UFOnauts arrive to Earth extremely rarely. Thus many years may pass, before a single vehicle of UFOnauts appears on our planet. I also believed, that since UFOnauts arriving to Earth are so highly advanced technically, they must be also equally advanced morally. Means, as it is commonly believed, I also thought that "UFOnauts are good". But then I discovered the scar described in subsection U3.1, which is caused in people by UFOnauts. I discovered, that many people have this scar. Almost simultaneously I also discovered, that aims of UFOnauts are not so moral and pure at all, as I initially believed. In turn the treatment of people by UFOnauts is very far from gallantry and goodness. Actually, after the closer analysis, their methods of acting and goals turned out to be completely "evil". So after many checking, and repetitions of checking of previous checking, I was forced to change my views. I had no other option but to admit, that arrivals of UFOnauts to Earth are relatively frequent. Also these arrivals have nothing to do with doing good or helping us. They are aimed exclusively at our exploitation and at drawing from us quite low material benefits. It was also then that I discovered, that people in which this clear mark on legs is clearly visible, are abducted to UFOs with very high frequency of at least once per each 3 months. But I still believed that arrivals of UFOnauts to Earth are very rare, just at the level of a few vehicles per year. Thus I believed that UFOnauts abduct on decks of their vehicles just one person per every several thousands of citizens of Earth. Furthermore I shared then a popular view amongst UFO researchers, that someone's abduction to a UFO happens by a pure coincident. Just someone was found in a wrong, wild area at a wrong time, when in the same area a UFO was also hunting. Or that a UFO came to abduct a mother, and on this occasion it also took a child. This view most probably was reinforced on purpose amongst people by propaganda of UFOnauts. But after all this I completed in conspiracy my estimates of the statistical density of people who have a clearly visible UFO scar on their leg. It was then that I experienced a shock.
According to my first results which I then obtained, such a clear scar prepared by UFOnauts has on his or her leg each third inhabitant of Earth. Not believing in my own estimates I appealed to others to check them. The results that returned to me were the same. Still it appeared, that each third inhabitant of Earth has such a clear, visible from a distance, and possible to be detected practically by everyone, UFO scar on a leg. In turn every person who had such a scar, was repetitively abducted to UFOs at least every 3 month. In UFOs this person was subjected to a systematic, industrial-scale exploitation. Just in case, I still continued this checking of statistical density of people with this unique scar. Some time later I discovered, that actually this particular scar appears in every person on Earth. Only that it is clearly visible in around one-third of the population. The remaining two-third have it not so clear. So it needs to be seek with the use of special methods. For example, one may need to sense the cavity in muscle under this scar, by pressing the leg with a finger. So after many years of analyses, tests, and checking, I arrived to the present shocking discovery. Namely that every citizen of our planet is systematically abducted to a UFO not less frequently than each 3 months. So with people is similarly like with breeding animals raised by farmers, amongst which no animal is exempted from systematic exploitation. In turn when someone is once in a UFO, he or she is subjected in there to various forms of exploitation and humiliating treatment. Frequently this includes being raped by UFOnauts. The treatment we experience on UFOs is very similar to the treatment that most crude farmers give to their cattle when they catch it and take for examination. From every citizen of Earth his sperm or her ovule is robbed on UFOs. UFOnauts rob also around 1/3 of entire life energy of this person. This in turn means, that UFOnauts take from each of us every third year of our lives. So instead of living 120 years, we live only around 80 years. As the above reveals, I went through a huge evolution of my views. Under the pressure of facts I finally arrived to the findings which I described in my monograph [1/4] – means in the predecessor of this monograph.
#3. The period of understanding that UFOs are simply convenient “simulations”, temporary created by God. This last period started in 2007 during my professorship in Korea, and it lasts until today. I discovered then, that UFO vehicles, UFOnauts, and all their “evil behaviours” are simply perfectly realistic but temporary “simulations” carried out by God in order to accomplish various superior godly goals. After realising this fact all my previous views about UFOs and about life in general needed to be re-evaluated. In the result of this re-evaluation this monograph [1/5] was written.
Independently from the presented above quite pessimistic and inducing reflection findings, this monograph presents also findings that carry a more optimistic meaning. Let us now have also a quick look through the most important out of these.
One of such positive consequences of this monograph is, amongst others, that it uplifts of the role of an individual researcher. It also emphasizes the role of our mind and logic in present reality. Furthermore, it returns the romanticism to scientific research. Colossal research teams engaged by such superpowers as the USA and Russia, and also a huge financial resources poured into research equipment and laboratories by these superpowers, created amongst present orthodox scientists and society an erroneous opinion, that a lone researcher does not count any more. According to this opinion, if someone is not a member of a team that contains hundreds of researchers, and does not have in his disposal at least several satellites and space shuttles, then unfortunately such someone is not going to contribute anything meaningful to the intellectual development of our civilisation. As many other present myths, also this opinion turns out to be wrong. An evidence for such a state of things is this monograph. After all, when I was developing everything that described in this monograph, I worked completely alone. In addition I was forced by UFOnauts to hide the topic and the advancement of my research from the prone to manipulation superiors and colleagues of mine. I was also deprived the possibility of consulting my results with anyone. UFOnauts on purpose cut me from the access to even the most basic privilege of a scientist. Frequently I was lacking even so elementary things, as for example the access to an ordinary typewriter, ability to use a computer printer, having a sufficient amount of paper, or using a non-blocked by anyone communication link with rest of the world. As it turned out, such material obstacles can make someone's life rather difficult and full of unnecessary struggles. But in the sense of intellectual quality of the final product, such material obstacles play no major significance. The most vital force of progress was, is, and is going to be, a single researcher. Huge teams are useful. Especially when comes to the technical implementation of various new directions. But the opening of these new directions, and also developing all most vital ideas for them, always must be accomplished by an individual researcher. Of course, in order to have meaningful results, such a researcher must act morally and be limitlessly devoted to his subject of research. The most powerful research instrument was, is, and always will be, the mind and the logic of an individual researcher. This mind and logic cannot be replaced by even the most modern equipment nor the most expensive laboratories. A best evidence for this is the photograph from Figure P29. Advanced technical devices are highly useful. Especially when we verify theoretical conclusions, or implement new directions that were set by the mind. But the opening these new directions, noticing regularities, development of ideas and theories, etc., always must be done by a "naked" mind supported only with principles of logical thinking, philosophical maturity, and moral acting. Everything that in this matter is realised by this monograph, is extremely positive. It restores the romanticism of scientific searches, that was lost by orthodox academic institutions during the second half of 20th century. It elevates to the deserved role the significance of a single researcher. It also reveals, that practically every person, if only wishes so, has a chance of putting an important contribution to the progress of our civilisation. And can accomplish this contribution no matter in what conditions or situation he or she currently is. After all, everyone has to his or her disposal the most important tool, means the own mind. Of course, whether this civilisation wishes later to make a use of this contribution, this is completely a different matter.

Independently from discussing the above aspects connected with UFOs, a further and
much larger part of this monograph is also devoted to the presentation of my vision for our future. This vision include vehicles, technical devices, scientific theories, and philosophical directions, that are to prevail soon on Earth. All of them were invented or worked out by myself, completely without any inspiration from UFOs or connection with works of other scientists. It was my research on these futuristic vehicles, devices, theories, philosophies, etc., that forced me later to start researching UFOs. They also pointed my attention at the urgency and seriousness of UFO subject area. In relation to these purely Earthly but futuristic theories, phenomena, devices, and vehicles of our future, the content of this monograph was so designed that it:
#I. Explains their principles of operation, details of design, phenomena induced, areas of applications, benefits from building, etc.
#II. Proves the correctness of their principles. Thus also guarantees the success in case of undertaking by humanity the task of their technical completion.
#III. Reveals their vital technical and technological details which future developers of these devices must know in order to avoid the problems and defeats connected with their construction. Furthermore, it explains where to look for solutions for the existing problems.
#IV. Indicates the significance that the devices and vehicles described in this monograph have for advancing our civilisation from a planetary era, to the era of interstellar travel. This advancement occurs automatically after these devices and vehicles are build.
#V. Explains various consequences of constructing these deices and vehicles. Their example can be the chance to uplift the longevity of human lives even by the level of tens of times, as this is explained in subsection JE9.1 /?/. Or the possibility of hearing thoughts of other creatures, as this is explained in subsection N2 /?/. Or the possibility of seeing creatures that live on planets from other stellar systems, as this is explained by subsections N5.1 and N5.2 /?/. Etc., etc.
#VI. Forms the positive philosophy of totalizm, the dissemination of which in our society is going to open a correct intellectual climate that encourages the undertaking of construction of these devices and vehicles.
#VII. Indicates a manner and procedures, with the use of which such devices and vehicles can be build.


Unfortunately, in spite that the entire my hard working life I was fighting for giving me a chance to complete and implement into the real life at least one amongst my numerous inventions and discoveries, never such a chance was given to me either by my superiors in numerous places of my work, nor communities of as many as two countries which citizen I was. Thus with the greatest regret I am forced to leave the implementation of my ideas to next generations of inhabitants of our planet.
Well, in this manner we arrived at the end of this monograph. Since it explained our situation, defined our goals, and outlined methods of accomplishing these goals, let us now roll our sleeves up, and begin the moral work of transforming my vision into the reality of all of us. I wish everyone accomplishing many successes in this moral work!

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