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W4. History of my life and thus also the history of this monograph
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

W4. History of my life and thus also the history of this monograph
Motto of this subsection: "Knowledge is responsibility, while responsibility is a cross that we must silently bear for the good of other people."

This monograph was NOT formulated in a spirit of the moment, e.g. as an outcome of a short burst of creative activity. Its evolution was a lengthy, continuous, and very laborious process. It evolved gradually to the present form from numerous events, experiences, findings, inventions, scientific discoveries, and my previous publications, that shaped my life to date. From the point of view of this monograph, some of these events were more important than others. Thus they constituted "milestones", i.e. they strongly impacted the content of this monograph, as well as the angle from which this content is presented. These milestones are simply my ideas, discoveries, findings, breakthroughs in my thinking, inventions, etc., that were the highest importance as they initiated detailed research in some new area or turned my scientific interests into a completely new direction.
In this subsection I listed the most important of such "milestones". Although their development was spread in time, fragmented, and frequently interlapping with one another, so that it is rather difficult to put them unambiguously into a linear sequence of time, below I am trying to describe them in almost a chronological manner, i.e. gradually as they took place. Interestingly, whether while reviewing these milestones, the reader notices a fact which dominates them, namely that they report about an invisible battle that constantly needed to be fought with our cosmic occupants in practically every matter that is included into descriptions of this monograph.
Here are subsequent milestones of my scientific life, which are put together in such a manner that they should show how one of them led to a next one. It is worth to notice, that all these new inventions, scientific theories, and ideas, that are described below, for the first time eventuated in my own mind. Thus, their list also represents my contribution to the Earth's science (or to the totaliztic component of it), as well as the most important scientific accomplishments of my life.
#1. Being born (on 25 may 1946) and brought up by the right parents. I was born in a little Polish village, for which authorities somehow could not find a name. Before the war it had a German name "Neu-Steffitz", and after the war it needed to be renamed into Polish. At the time of my birth it was named the "Brickworks" (i.e. "Cegielnia" in Polish), although it would not have any bricks' production facility, and although the nearest brickworks were in a completely different village. Because in our village people who tried to find real brickworks and buy bricks constantly kept landing, this misleading name caused a lot of confusion. So soon after my birth, the village was renamed into "Stawczyk" (what in Polish means a "Small pond village", although at that time it also had no even a single pond - fortunately by now it created several large ponds to deserve such a name). This other name still caused the confusion, because the village which had the brickworks was called "Stawiec" (what in Polish means a "Pond village") - thus people kept confusing names of these two, and instead of finding the village with "brickworks" they still kept landing in our village. Therefore from the time when I started my school, during the larger part of my life, all people around us were calling our village "Wszewilki". Unfortunately, this name was officially assigned to a different, large village, from which our small village branched. Only recently I heard that the village of my birth was renamed again into a double name "Wszewilki-Stawczyk". This double name finally reflects reasonable well, both the fact of branching from this large village, and its own independent character. However, the similarity of this name to the village with brickworks still remains unaddressed, in spite of over a half of century of confusion. (Totalizm teaches that everything that happens in our lives has a purpose and a deep meaning, only that not always we are able to establish what this purpose and meaning is. Thus probably this confusion with the name of my village, as well as the meaning of subsequent names this village had, also bear some deeper meaning. For example, the confusion and the matter of clarifying it, can be an allegoric expression of significance of confusion and clarification for my life, or a proof of efforts of evil parasites to degrade somehow the meaning of everything that concerns me, or perhaps just a purposeful delay in naming this village until I will be able to influence this name. In turn meanings of subsequent names of my village may allegorically symbolise my life. After all the "Brickworks" allegorically mean the initialisation of constructing and providing resources for builders. In turn if one analyses the Polish name "Wszewilki", it approximately carries the meaning "All-wolves", or "Plenty-of-wolves". Thus perhaps symbolically it was to point the direction in my life or conditions in which I was about to live. Similarly as my name, this name teaches to loose our prejudices: after all in life everything must be judged by what it actually represents, not by the name it inherited from ancestors or from naming people.)
If it is me, who would choose parents for someone that supposed to create Magnocraft, totalizm, and this monograph, my choice would be my own father and mother. My father (1903 - 1981) was a mechanic by occupation and by nature. The majority of his life he supported by the operation, maintenance, and repair of all types of engines, machines, bikes, clocks, watches, etc. He had a precise and inquisitive mind of the mechanical technician. He managed to inspire on me his manners of thinking and technical habits. He also was a gold- mine of folkloristic knowledge. Until he started a family, he led a life of wandering salesman and a "gold hand". Thus he accumulated an enormous body of folkloristic knowledge on practically every possible subject. Totalizm frequently draws from the folkloristic knowledge which originates, amongst others, from him. He was adhering to a personal philosophy that was very characteristic to many people who lived through tough times of depression of 1930s, the major principle of which stated "do today what you intended to do tomorrow, leave until tomorrow what you intended to eat today". This principle he repeated on every occasion, sometimes even several times a day, thus it etched deeply in my memory. From the religious point of view he was a crude atheist (see subsection JB4 for explanations what "crude atheism" is all about, and how it differs from the "subtle atheism" that is practised even by at least one major religion on Earth), infecting also me with his critical view of the institution of church, and with the awareness of the inadequacies, inconsistencies, and imperfections in the existing religions. This is because of his crude atheistic views and the custom of alternative approach to every aspect of faith, I started my spiritual life without any initial inhibitions or deviations, which would make impossible for me later to notice and to question imperfections in present religious views and manners of living.
My mother (1907 - 1989) was a housewife - unrecognised mathematical genius. Mother could calculate in memory - with the accuracy to one penny (or more strictly to one Polish "grosz"), the exact price of tens of items, which she used to buy in a shop. She did this calculation much faster and much more precisely that it was done by a mechanical cash register. I remember as once she notified the shop assistant that his cash register make a mistake in calculation - and she gave him a correct price, when the list of items purchased was tens of positions long. Out of the shock the assistant lost his voice. My mother was very religious. Without any questioning she accepted every statement of the church. In her life she also fulfilled every religious recommendation, independently how much it cost her. Her high religiousness, and principles without compromises, taught us the enormous respect to the moral values, moral life and to the people of the rightful character.
My parents were very poor. I remember many days, when the only thing that was to eat at home, was bread with the cheapest type of marmalade, while the only thing that was to drink, was a roasted barley which was a substitute for coffee and was served without any sugar or milk. Thus about everything that I received in my young age, I was fully aware, how much effort, sacrifices, and work it costed. This poverty of my family home, discipline, hard work, fight with countless obstructions of fate, constant co-responsiveness for everything that affected the family, gradually build up in me attributes and features of character, which I would never develop, if I would be born to wealthy parents, while their lack would never allow me to create the philosophy of totalizm. I remember, that still as a small boy I had a sense of responsibility, at the level which I do not see presently even in many adults with whom I mix. My friends and colleagues used to call me "serious" (in Polish "powazny"), because I laughed rather rarely and I always took everything very seriously. Currently I know that what they used to call "seriousness", actually was a sense of responsibility that was exceeding my age at that time. 
My parents and members of the closest family called me with the Polish nickname "Jasiu". This my folkloristic nickname was pronounced with a village accent characteristic for the Jarocin district of Poland, where my parents used to live before the World War Two. Therefore it sounded slightly different than in the present Polish language someone would pronounce it. The letter "a" of this nickname was pronounced like Polish "o". The Polish "si" sound was pronounced more like Polish "sz" (or English "sh") sound. While the letter "u" sounded as if behind it there was a half of another letter - a beginning of Polish "a". I remember that I reacted with inner embarrassment or humility for calling me with this nickname in public. In turn now it inspires philosophical deliberations. After all, in spite that it originates from Polish, and is pronounceable in the Polish slang from the area of Jarocin, it is impossible to write it down with Polish alphabet. It also cannot be expressed with any other known alphabet - if someone does not believe he/she should try to write it with any possible alphabet which accommodates strange sounds, e.g. English or Hebrew.
I am fully aware, how many drawbacks and deviations communism managed to accumulate in itself. After all, this was because of the communism that I was forced to run away from the country in which I was born. But, if one becomes unbiased, than it is impossible to overlook, that the influence of communism on my life was a perfect illustration of the Principle of Counterpolarity, which states that "an evil causes as much good as a good causes evil". After all, it was communism which illustrated to me the idea that "all people are equal", and the idea "to everyone according to needs, from everyone according to capabilities". Pity that believing in such totaliztic principles, communism simultaneously practised decisively parasitic philosophy, especially in its ignorance to obedience of laws of the universe and in the enthusiasm in which it limited the amount of free will in its citizens. Although I am very far from approving many of the deviations of communism, objectively I must acknowledge, that the development of totalizm we own, amongst others, to the communistic ideology of Poland, in which I was born. Since I live currently in the society, which was always capitalistic, I see clearly, that capitalism would never allow me to gain the knowledge, experience, or views, which are necessary to formulate totalizm. For example my parents were too poor, to allow me to gain in capitalism a decent education and formal knowledge, which would be sufficient for the mission that I am currently completing. In turn without the thorough formal knowledge and very advanced formal education, I would never be able to accomplish these countless discoveries and inventions, the vigorous suppression of which by the society in which I was bound to live, forced me to accumulate experience that eventuated in the creation of totalizm. By being born in capitalism, I would also never had the motivation to devote my life to the development of totalizm. After all, capitalism directs the entire thinking of its slaves onto one matter only, namely onto gathering money and material possessions. In turn the development of totalizm requires the freeing of our thoughts from this materialistic trap.
#2. Continuous life in the shadow of a black cloud that dripped with venom and lightnings. It took me many years before I realised, that from the times of the earliest childhood, above my head a black cloud overfilled with lightings and venom, is constantly hanging. It awaits only the slightest opportunity, to hit me hard with a lightning. This black cloud are "evil parasites" described more precisely in chapter V. Like a killer who breathes with hatred and is thirsty of revenge, these parasites hide nearby during the period of the entire my life. They spend their time on seeking a chance to get rid of me. After all, by getting rid of me, they could also prevent the formulation of totalizm, and the disclosure of the bitter truths contained in my publications. They know the future. Thus from the earliest days I was their biggest enemy. Until the time of writing these words I counted in my life around 30 very serious brushes with death, which they prepared for me. In addition to these very serious brushes, they constantly committed smaller dirty tricks, which enormously troubled my life. Even at the moment of writing this monograph, they constantly created various problems to make impossible finishing it.
In order to realise here, how much trouble evil parasites constantly are taking, in order to get rid of me in the manner unnoticeable to others, I describe here one of the countless
cases of this type from my life. This case is rather typical for my fate, although I consider it to be enough insignificant, that I do not count it into the number of these 30 assassination attempts. At the age of around 16 (means around the year 1962), with a school colleague from my village, Kazik Lech, we went for a kayak expedition upstream of our river Barycz (this expedition displayed all attributes of an "assassination scenario" described in subsection VB4.5.1 /?/). When we erected a tent in the centre of empty plains, many miles from a nearby house with people, who could give us any help in case of emergency, rapidly a powerful thunder storm stroke. The first blows of wind torn our tent down. We needed to run to a nearby shed with hay to find a protection from the rain. It is extremely interesting that this particular storm collapsed and ruined many brick houses and huge oak trees, but a tiny wooden shed in which we sheltered was left untouched. Lightnings were flashing around us so densely, that the next one was hitting when the flash of the previous one still continued. It was a real miracle, that while representing the highest point at that empty plain, we still stayed alive. It seem that individual lightnings are controlled by the universal intellect, not by evil parasites. After we returned home, we learned that the storm that caught us on an empty plain and near to the river which attracts lightnings, was the most powerful storm in the whole century. It caused enormous destructions, tearing hundreds-years old oaks by the roots, and collapsing many buildings. And all this was to expose to the danger of lightning strikes a couple of sixteen-year olds.
The constant threat to my life from these evil parasites, significantly impacted both my personal fate and the shape that this monograph takes. However, the discussion of the threat to humanity from evil parasites I tried to limit in this volume, e.g. describing it only when absolutely necessary - like in a brief milestone devoted to alien assassinations. The more detailed elaboration of this subsect is provided in chapters U to W from the final part of this monograph.
#3. The invisible protection and guidance. I know that it may sound slightly extraordinary, but I am fully aware, that my life is always protected and guided by some "invisible hand". This invisible hand guided me whenever I tried to do something, that could change the direction in which I am going. In such cases it delicately, although decisively, put me back on the right path. Furthermore, whenever someone tries to hurt me permanently, this invisible hand protects me from the disaster. For example, the first memory from my childhood which I remember, when as a small boy I drove a three-wheel bicycle to an edge of a steep cliff near the home of my parents. The bottom of this cliff was fenced with a dense barb-wire. An unknown to me man in black clothes appeared from nowhere, and pushed me together with this bicycle to roll at the fence. The sharp spikes of the barb-wire penetrated my forehead near brows. But with the assistance of this invisible hand, they would not touch my eyes, from which they were separated only by a few millimetres. I hanged on this fence for a long time, as I could not entangle myself from the barb-wire that penetrated my forehead. Then I had in my life so many different accidents, but always I come out in one piece, although sometimes rather maltreated. One of the manifestations of this invisible protection is, that as I discovered it relatively not long ago, and described more extensively in further part of this subsection, and also in subsection A4 of treatise [7/2], I can remember almost 30 cases, when I literally brushed with death, and when I come out alive only because of some miraculous "coincidence". Scenarios of some of these 30 cases I am discussing wider in subsection VB4.5.1 /?/.
One of the consequences of the guidance from this invisible hand, is that whenever in my life takes place something, that introduces the danger of deviating from the path that I supposed to follow, this invisible hand consistently puts me back onto the right track. In order to explain, what type of deviations I am talking here about, I am going to describe two most representative examples out of the large list of similar cases, that took place in my life. One of them depended on the fact, that I almost become a musician, instead of studying sciences. In turn if I actually become a musician, than instead of creating totalizm, I would carry out several rings pierced into my nose, while in order to earn for living I would play at nights in pubs for drunken crowds. From the youngest age I had musical inclinations, however I never had opportunity to develop them. But in the high school I managed to organise my own musical band, composed of several highly talented friends. From the local cultural centre in Milicz we hired musical instruments, on which we practised enthusiastically. A dignitary form the headquarters of the Village Youth Society (in Polish: Zwiazek Mlodziezy Wiejskiej - ZMW), who listened to our band during one of such practices, claimed that we are the best youth band in the entire province. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend at one of our practices, so I delegated my deputy to carry out the training. But because of my absence, remaining members of the band, instead of practising, started to be foolish. One of them stand on hands on a chair, while after he lost his balance he fell down so unfortunate, that he pierced a huge hole in the largest drum with his legs (on this drum I usually was playing). Musical instruments were expensive and to make it worse they belonged to the cultural centre in Milicz. Thus after such a vivid demonstration of our lack of responsibility, we were not allowed to use them any more. In such a manner, instead of becoming a musician, I become a mechanical engineer. If this invisible hand would not put me at that time onto the path of strictness and laborious working out, totalizm would never be formulated.
As I young person I was fond of everything that involved crowds, means fond of parades, marches, public gatherings, religious festivities, etc. Frequently I took part in "First May Parades", especially during my student's age. These parades always were peaceful, and always were aimed at normal celebrations of this May holiday. One of such "First May Parades", that took place in Wroclaw, started as a typical holiday celebration - innocently and humorously. During the march, just around 100 meters from the tribune with communistic dignitaries that observed the parade, I spotted my girlfriend standing amongst observers that crowded the footpaths. She called me off from the parade, because she had something in her plans, that required my presence. I wend willingly, because it was just one of numerous marches in which I took part, while nothing was indicating that this one is going to be different. But as it turned out later, just in front of the tribune with communistic dignitaries, my marching colleagues started to behave, as if something hypnotised them, or possessed them. Without any earlier planning, they started to yell anti-government and anti-communistic slogans in front of dignitaries, and turned this innocent march initially onto a political demonstration, and then into street fights with police. In the result, all those who took part in this spontaneous demonstration and street fights, were photographed by the secret police, and during a next couple of days send to army to do two-year obligatory military service. None of them ever managed to finish his studies. If I would found myself trapped amongst them, totalizm would never be formulated. Again this invisible protective hand make sure, that I would not deviate from the path to my destiny, although evil parasites this deviation cunningly prepared for me.
#4. Primary school (1953-1960), and learning of religion. From my learning in the primary school, not much influenced the development of totalizm. Presently this influence I can notice only in such matters as: a) the fact that I always had a "good luck" for excellent teachers, b) the clear remembering that these ones out of my teachers, who practised deserved corporal punishment of their pupils, always were blessed with the highest respect of their pupils, while subjects they taught were learned to the highest level, and c) the "mythological" approach, in which religion was presented at the time of my learning.
The phenomenon from the times of my education, which until today I am not able to explain rationally - except for the acknowledging the existence of the "invisible hand", is that whenever there was a good teacher, which would be famous in the area from the best results in teaching, and whose pupils would lead in learning, this teacher always was teaching the class, in which I was learning. Parents of other children were forced to use connections and other means, in order for their offspring land in classes with these excellent teachers, while myself I always landed in them by a "chance" or by a strange coincidence. In turn these excellent and famous teachers, to which by some "coincident" I always had a good luck, left in me an inheritance in the broad and deep knowledge, that I currently have. For example I remember, as in the fifth year of seven-year long primary school I visited my grandmother and took a part in one of these neighbourhood gatherings, which at the time of the lack of TVs were a popular manner of spending evenings in villages of that era. One of the neighbours of my grandmother told us the folk puzzle of that time, namely: "a fox saw o flock of geese at a lake and said - there is a lot of you, probably 23. In the reply, the chief goose replied: you are not good in counting, fox. If there is one time more of us, plus a half time more of us, plus a quarter time more of us, plus one more goose, only then there would be 23 of us. How many geese were there?" There was a silence. A while later I come up with a correct reply. The reason for which I was able to solve this puzzle very fast, was that at that age (i.e. when I was 12 years old), I knew already the concept of unknown quantity X and I was able to solve equations with one unknown X. As this is shown by my present experience, the knowledge of physics and mathematics that I accomplished already in my primary school age, was much higher, than the knowledge of these subsects in a significant number of students of polytechnic, which presently I am teaching.
A next phenomenon, which exerted a significant influence on statements that totalizm makes (see subsection JC2), is the fact, that I belonged probably to the last generation of school pupils, on which corporal punishment was still practised in an unofficial manner. Officially at that time the corporal punishment was already banned in the Polish schools. But many older teachers, educated and practising from "before the war", quietly resorted to it in drastic situations. I excellently remember several out of them. My observation from that time, which I remember well until today, and which significantly impacted what I wrote in subsection JC2, is that neither myself, nor any of my colleagues, was upset with teachers for serving these corporal punishments. We actually used to feel better, when we did something wrong, and the matter was closed fast with such a corporal punishment, than if our guilt was extending forever and had no any noticeable conclusion. These punishments were always served in situations of obvious guilt, always they were well balanced - proportional to the weight of the guilt, and always very fast and oriented towards serving the justice not towards torturing anyone. Actually these teachers, in the outcomes of their teaching, as well as later in memories of their pupils, were blessed by the unproportionately higher amount of respect and much greater expression of remembrance, than teachers who did not use corporal punishment. Also results in teaching that they used to accomplish were unproportionately higher than the results of teachers, who did not use a corporal punishment. As I remember from that time, "punished children do not have anything against receiving the punishment that they deserved, and they only rebel, if the punishment include any form of injustice". Thus, when I wrote in subsection JC2 of this monograph about the need to reintroduce corporal punishments for small offences, I am basing this, amongst others, on my personal experience and on precisely remembered observations.
A powerful influence on the creation of totalizm had my first encounter with religion. After all, in Poland of 1950s, the religious education was a vital component of the initial stage of gaining knowledge. For me personally, it was responsible for initially the "mythological" approach to faith and to morality. This approach was the old equivalent to the "unrealistic" misunderstanding of the surrounding reality, that in present days is imposed onto young people by television, films, computers, electronic games, fables without a moral, and the literature of "science fiction". This misunderstanding depends on overlooking in all argumentations, the enormously vital fact, that in the physical world we are always limited by all sorts of real constraints. In turn this overlooking leads to the destructive believe, that in a natural manner and without a required training, systematic work, learning, knowledge, or equipment, it is possible to accomplish everything that our imagination is only able to invent. For example, it is possible to fall down from a cliff without hurting ourselves, shoot someone without killing this person, and without the necessity to endure the punishment for the shooting, become a director or a millionaire, walk through walls, walk on water, get to heaven, etc. Of course, such unrealistic presentation of reality is very destructive, because it teaches the victims to not consider in their planning all existing limitations and laws, which always are operational in the real life, and thus without considering of which it is never possible to accomplish a goal or to find the effective solution to problems that fret us. This is the spread of such unrealistic believes which causes, that the majority of people are not able to accomplish in their lives even ordinary goals, about which they dream.
My first encounter with religion took place in my life when, as a small boy, I started to attend a Sunday school of catechism. As this is a long tradition in Catholic Poland, I needed to learn religion in order to receive my first communion. So together with my colleagues I attended regularly a Sunday school in our local church in Milicz. A devoted nun, who undoubtedly was a good Catholic, but not a very inquisitive and thinking person, told us a lot about good Jesus, who lived almost 2000 years earlier. She explained to us that this good God - Jesus forgives us all our sins, if we go to church every Sunday. She also told us about good angels and bad devils, about the reminder of Jesus to not sin too much and not do too much immoral things, or we land in the hell after we die, etc. The final effect was, that after this portion of religious philosophy, I understood morality to be something equally mythological like angels and devils, about which she was teaching, which supposedly could do anything, but who existed only in religions, while in the real life one never could meet them. I started to believe at that time, that if sometimes I go to church on Sunday, and I confess from my sins, all my sins will be forgiven by good, old Jesus. Thus, according to the message of these teaching, actually being moral is not important if one does not intend to become a saint. In order to land in heaven it suffices if one does not kill too many people and does not do too awful things, so that the good old Jesus does not get too impatient with the countless tasks of repetitive forgiving so many such heavy sins, and does not send one to the hell.
By the time of writing this monograph I got totally healed from this "mythological" approach to religion. By now I learned that if in the universe is rewarded passiveness, avoidance of action, and the lack of knowledge, then nothing would move forward. Thus such issues as morality, God, or punishment for doing immoral things, are deadly serious components of life, and have nothing to do with mythological or nonchalant view of the universe. Now I am not able to get over the carelessness that people display in all these matters, and their blindness towards what actually happens around them. One moment they pray to God for forgiveness of their sins, and a few minutes later cold-bloodily they repeat the same sins again. Or one minute they reassure God in their memorised prayers, that they await for his grace, while the next minute they scoff at those people who just were communicated by the same God that He is sending His son to Earth (as an example see further parts of this subsection, which contain the description of reactions of New Zealanders to the news about the divine revelation that Second Jesus was to visit Christchurch in 1999).
#5. Excellent university education (1964 do 1970). In Poland we have a saying stating that "Poles tend to prise foreign while under-appreciate their own" (in Polish: "cudze chwalicie a swego nie znacie"). The merit of this saying I noted only after I left Poland and had opportunity to confront what my own education gave me, with the education that was received by known people, who finished sometimes the most famous educational institutions in the world, including Oxford, Sorbona, MIT, etc. Probably due to the intervention of the universal intellect, graduates of the Technical University of Wroclaw from the years 1960s and 1970s went into life with knowledge, which in many areas was higher, more broad, and more useful, than the knowledge of graduates of the most famous educational institutions in the world. On the basis of my numerous comparisons and empirical verifications, I am presently able to state proudly, that I finished one of the best universities of my times, and that I received the formal education, which was on the highest level that was available on our planet at the times when I was completing my education. Perhaps this has a connection with the fact, that in times when I was studying, there was around 12 candidates for each sit at the Technical University of Wroclaw, and each of these candidates was doing everything humanly possible to secure for him/herself that sit. Perhaps it also was the outcome of the fact, that at that time my university had a bad habit of accepting three times larger number of students that it had sits, thus during the first year of study two-third of the less motivated students needed to be failed and removed from the university. Finally it can also be the result of the fact, that during my entire education for some reasons I had a "good luck" for exceptionally enlightened, open minded, and highly motivated pedagogues, and that these ones, who actually shaped my life at that time, always adhered to the philosophy, which presently I would qualify as the "intuitive totalizm" (although I acquainted at that times also many lecturers with the philosophy, that presently I would call the "advanced parasitism" - fortunately they had no noticeable impact on my fate).
#6. The "scientific" outlook. The excellent education and superb teachers, that by some "coincident" I had a good fortune to have all the time, had this consequence, that they formed in me the "scientific" view of the world, with which totalizm currently is forced to fight. The most representative expression of this "scientific" views was probably the Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which the educational system of communistic Poland was teaching people with special thoroughness already at the high school level. This theory was then complemented with various theories and examples, which popularised laws of the jungle, and tried to scientifically brainwash people that only the toughest survive, while all weak must be eaten by others. It was also at that time that our society (as a whole) illustrated to us that "life is a jungle", teachers explained the theory on the "survival of he fittest", while our colleagues demonstrated to us that the more brutal, immoral, and ruthless someone is in life, the more instant benefits he/she reaps. On top of all this, our philosophy lecturers from the university courses, have proven to us that philosophies are all about saying a maximum number of words while conveying a minimum sense (or not sense at all). They also realised to us that formal philosophies are like lessons of flying given by someone who has no wings. Furthermore, that people who invented subsequent formal philosophies must surely take part in some secret competition as to who invents a philosophy which would be the most impractical, unworkable, and the most impossible to implement in a real life, and that someone would need to fall on his/her own head to take any philosophical thoughts too seriously. So after I finished university I adopted practically a "scientific" outlook on life, which was very cynic and materially-oriented. According to this outlook, in spite that I am naturally peaceful and that my upbringing was very morally oriented, in appropriate circumstances I was able to forget about morality and to behave like the theory on the "survival of the fittest" teaches us to behave. But in spite that all these elements of my past Weltanschauung were very "anti- totaliztic", actually later they turned out to be very helpful in the formulation of totalizm. After all they allowed me to learn exactly, how feels the adherer of the views, which currently totalizm fights out. They also allowed me to experience first hand, and to learn the differences between our internal state, when we adhere to such "scientific" outlook, and when we adhere to totalizm.
#7. My first encounters with the unknown. The rational, materialistic, and "scientific" approach to life, which was developed in me during the high school and subsequent studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, gradually crumbled down, when - by a strange coincidence of events, I started to encounter unknown. After all, in this "scientific" outlook there was no room for unknown - everything was known in it, and could be explained scientifically. My first encounter with the unknown took place when I was still a small boy. It took a form of small fish which was "raining" around my home in Wszewilki - see the descriptions in subsection I3.5. I saw this "rain" with my own eyes, and I know that it cannot be explained in the way as present science nonchalantly explains it (i.e. that such a rain represents just a school of fish grabbed from water by strong winds and then deposited with rain). Actually the fish which I saw "raining" was not falling from heaven, but they were materializing from nothingness on the surface of ground. Probably only in order to give the fish a chance to survive, this materializing took place during a heavy rain. The same rain of fish was later repeated again near my home in Wszewilki, although the second time I had not seen the rain itself, but I saw thousands of small fish lying on the ground spread along a huge area. Unfortunately, at times when I experienced all this, I was still too young, to induce in myself the need to question statements of science.
Apart from that rain, in my young age I had also several further meetings with unknown, which were not enough shocking to be worth being described here. The next my significant encounter with the unknown, which exerted an influence on crystallizing of totalizm, was only in 1964, means in the final class of my high school. I was attacked by a strange creature, which looked like a griffin, i.e. like a small lion which has wings, huge eyes, and almost an eagle-like beak, or mouth. This encounter is described in subsection S4 of this monograph. I was actually wounded by this strange creature, and it left three bleeding wounds on my arm, very similar to these wounds which in Puerto Rico are frequently made by famous blood- sucking pets of UFOnauts, popularly called "chupacabras".
The third encounter, which also introduced a significant shake up into my view of the world, took place in 1974, soon after I defended my doctorate. I encountered then a huge pile of "angel's chair" as described in subsection O5.4 /?/. I was mushrooming in a Polish forest near Swiebodzice and I found a huge pile of fast melting jelly substance, which currently I know that is called "angel's chair" in folklore and UFO literature. The pile of this jelly was so huge - about 3 meters high, that it had a volume many times exceeding the volume of an elephant (i.e. the largest present animal which could wonder through our planet and leave behind such pile of jelly in a non-accessible forest).
All these initial encounters with the unknown, plus many more which come later, significantly impacted my personal philosophy, because they realized to me that "there is much more on heaven and earth" than even the most expensive scientific textbooks can explain.
#8. My first important discovery - the cyclic table (1972). My submerging into the present area, which eventually led to the development of all topics contained in this monograph, was initiated with the scientific discovery from early 1972, means over 30 years old. As I already explained this in subsection A1, I discovered then the "cyclic table". I published it later in my article [1A4] "Teoria rozwoju napedow" (i.e. "The theory of propulsion development") from a Polish magazine Astronautyka, number 5/1976, pages 16-21. This table marked a starting point for the entire my present knowledge and activities. It was a kind of the Mendeléev Table, only that instead of chemical elements, it combines together propelling devices. By following the path that this cyclic table was indicating, by 1980 I managed to publish the design and operation of the space vehicle with magnetic propulsion, called the "Magnocraft", and by 3 January 1984 I invented the "oscillatory chamber" - which represent the propelling device for this Magnocraft. In turn all these discoveries and inventions initiated my investigations into the subject area, which in the final effect led not only to the discovery of the parasitic activities of invisible UFOs on Earth, but also to the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and totalizm, to the discovery of parasitism, to understanding of motivations behind the activities of "evil parasites" from UFOs, etc. Because the cyclic table, Magnocraft, and oscillatory chamber, are described in details in chapters B, C and F of this monograph, their discussion will not be repeated here.
As I already indicated this in subsection A1, the discovery and publication of the cyclic table turned out to be the most important milestone in my whole life. The reason is that this table directed my thoughts and attention onto a completely new area, which turned out to be extremely productive, and which gradually eventuated in making all the discoveries and inventions described in this subsection. Practically, without this my discovery of the cyclic table, there would be no Magnocraft, no oscillatory chamber, no Concept of Dipolar Gravity, no totalizm, etc. Thus also there would be no this monograph.
#9. The Magnocraft (1980). One of the consequences of the development of my first "cyclic table", was that it postulated the not-too-distant completion on Earth of a whole new family of space vehicles with magnetic propulsion systems. Thus starting from 1972 I began to develop these vehicles. The construction and operation of the first one of them were published by 1980 - see [2C2]. Soon afterwards I called in the "Magnocraft". The history of this monograph in a large part is a history of the Magnocraft (this in turn is well described in subsection C2 /?/).
My first "cyclic table" indicated, however, that there are three entirely new spaceships awaiting to be invented on Earth. I gave the same name "Magnocraft" to all three of them.
These three spaceships externally look identical, but they have three different principles employed in their operation. (In turn these different propelling principles result in different shapes of their propelling devices called oscillatory chambers - see Figure A1c /?/.) Therefore to distinguish between them, I call them: (1) the Magnocraft of the first generation, or just Magnocraft (this simplest of the three Magnocraft, described in subsection A2, uses purely magnetic propulsion, working on the principle of magnetic repulsion and attraction; its oscillatory chambers are cubical, with square inlets), (2) the Magnocraft of the second generation, or the telekinetic vehicle (this more advanced Magnocraft uses the instant telekinetic propulsion described in subsection L1 /?/, thus it can also be called "telekinetic vehicle"; its oscillatory chambers have the octagonal front walls), and (3) the Magnocraft of the third generation or the time vehicle (this most advanced Magnocraft described in subsection M1 uses principles of time travel, therefore it can also be called "time vehicle"; its oscillatory chambers have the sixteen-gonal front walls, which almost look as if they were circular). The Magnocraft of the first generation is that one which according to the cyclic table should be completed on Earth by the year of 2036. It is described in subsection A2 and in chapter F. It takes the shape of a disk, which in the centre holds a very strong source of repulsive magnetic field, named the "main propulsor", while around the peripherals it holds a ring of "side propulsors" - see Figure A1 (b) /?/. When the Magnocraft flies, the main propulsor repels itself from the Earth's, Solar, or Galactic magnetic field, thus producing the lifting force. Simultaneously, its side propulsors attract themselves to this Earth's, Solar, or Galactic field, thus producing stabilization forces. Side propulsors create also a spinning magnetic field in a manner similar to that employed in electric motors for the formation of magnetic whirl. This spinning magnetic field forms a magnetic equivalent of the Magnus Effect, thus powering the Magnocraft with a horizontal thrust force. It also ionizes the air, thus causing it to glow. Furthermore, the magnetic whirl forms a plasma saw which evaporates rocks and soil. Thus, in case when the Magnocraft flies underground, it produces easily identifiable glossy tunnels described in subsection F10.1.1 /?/ - see Figures F31 /?/ and P6. (Just such a plasma whirl of a UFO was used to cause the evaporation of WTC - as described in subsection O8.1. /?/) Magnocraft can fly solo, or magnetically joined together with other vehicles, thus forming various flying configurations. The first description of the Magnocraft was published in the article [2A4] "Budowa i dzialanie statkow kosmicznych z napedem magnetycznym", which appeared in the Polish Journal Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje, no 16/1980, pages 21-23. The more recent descriptions of this spaceship are also presented in almost all monographs and treatises listed in chapter Y, with especially comprehensive descriptions in this monograph and in English monographs [1E] and [2E].
It should be stressed here, that I become the first scientist on Earth, who invented a space vehicle utilizing the Magnocraft's principles. Before my invention was published, the idea of purely magnetic propulsion was completely rejected because of a popular (although erroneous) belief, that such a propulsion is not going to work. For example, in past it was believed (and some people still believe it until today), that purely magnetic propulsion would cause the so-called "magnetic crane effect" (i.e. that a flying vehicle with such a propulsion supposed to lift into the air all ferromagnetic objects), and also that people are unable to build a technical device capable to overcome the so-called uniform character of the Earth's magnetic field. It was only me, who proved in a theoretical manner, that the effect of magnetic crane will be neutralised by the pulsating component of the vehicle's field (for details see subsection C7.3 and Figure C12). In turn the uniform character of the Earth's magnetic field is to be overcome through the huge effective length of the magnetic field produced by oscillatory chambers (for explanations see subsection F5.3 of this monograph). In the result of these previously prevailing erroneous views, before the Magnocraft was technically worked out, out of two hypothetical propulsion systems that utilise interactions of fields, only the so-called "antigravitational" propulsion was postulated (see its descriptions in chapter G). If anyone postulated then a use of magnetic field for propelling purposes, he/she assumed only an indirect utilisation of this field to form some kind of secondary propelling effect, or for generating antigravity field. In this way for example in 1970s, J. Pierre Petit from France tried to explain the propulsion of UFOs with the magneto-hydro-dynamic phenomena induced by magnetic fields of these vehicles. In turn several other people (amongst others famous George Adamski) postulated previously, that the propulsion of UFO includes some kind of devices, which convert magnetic field into antigravity field. Therefore, according to these people, UFO propulsion actually is an antigravity propulsion, while the use of magnetic field is limited in them just to energy supply. Only my theories and scientific research proved conclusively, that the purely magnetic propulsion system is going to work, and that the completion of this propulsion system on Earth is feasible and technically possible even right now.
#10. A formal proof that "UFOs are already completed Magnocraft" (1981). After the first descriptions of the Magnocraft were published, and after they scientifically documented that the completion of the Magnocraft must be a natural consequence of the evolution of Earth's technology, this vehicle become very famous in Poland. There were numerous commenting articles appearing in various newspapers and magazines, and also several TV programmes were broadcasted with pictures, descriptions, and discussions by experts about this vehicle. One idea which started to repetitively emerge from all these discussions is, that the Magnocraft is very similar in appearance and in properties to mysterious vehicles which people know under the name of UFOs. Although the suggestions that UFOs are similar to my Magnocraft originated not from myself, but from receivers of my publications, I started to follow them up. As a result I worked out and published a formal scientific proof, which stated that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft". This proof for the first time was published in the article [3A4] "Konstrukcja prosto z nieba" from the Polish Journal Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje, no 13/1981, pages 21-23. The more recent presentations of this formal proof are contained in subsection P2 of this monograph, and in subsection J2 of English monograph [1E] listed in chapter Y. (A summary of this proof is also contained in subsection K1 of English monograph [2E].) This formal proof is based on a very old and very reliable scientific methodology, called the "matching attributes method", which is frequently used in identifying unknown objects, in criminal investigations, and in military reconnaissance. When applied to proving that UFOs are Magnocraft, this method distinguishes 12 classes of attributes, which are unique for the Magnocraft (for example: external shape, presence of the main and side propulsors, utilising magnetic forces for propelling purposes, formation of flying complexes, flying in three modes of operation, etc.). Then it documents on the examples of objective photographic evidence, that all these 12 classes of attributes are also present and registered in UFOs.
The formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft, only that constructed by some technically higher from us advanced cosmic civilisation" led in turn to the formulation of the so-called "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the Magnocraft" - for details see subsection P2.15 of this monograph, and see subsection K1 of English monograph [2E]. This postulate states that "every correct equation, principle and fact established for the Magnocraft must also apply to UFOs; as well, every fact observed on UFOs must apply to the Magnocraft". The practical utilization of this postulate allows for the more rapid unveiling of the UFO's secrets by applying to them all the findings concerning the Magnocraft, and also allows for faster progress in the building of our Magnocraft, through utilizing technical solutions that have already been observed on UFOs.
#11. My emigration to New Zealand (1982). In December 1981 martial law was imposed in then communist Poland, and the witch-hunt for former Solidarity members was initiated. As I was a former Solidarity activist (in the original, idealistic and spontaneous implementation of this movement), it started to be dangerous and hot for me in Poland - e.g. one day I was chased and almost shot by Polish police. With the help of my friends, at the beginning of 1982 I managed to emigrate to New Zealand. On 9 April 1982 I landed in the extremely beautiful New Zealand city called Christchurch, where I received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship on the University of Canterbury, thus living in Christchurch for almost entire first year of my emigration. I started to like so much this city, that even today Christchurch remains my most favourite city in the world. If I have a choice where I would like to spend my life, I would choose Christchurch without one blink. Unfortunately my life of a warrior in constant march, causes that I never again had an opportunity to stay in Christchurch for longer, although I kept returning to this city to stay for a few days.
New Zealand is one of the most east located Christian countries of our planet. The inhabitants of this country are very diverse ethnically. New Zealanders belong to many races, many cultures, and also practice many religions other than Christianity (including Islam into this number). In New Zealand, similarly to Poland, a separation of church from country is practised. Therefore, in spite that this is a predominantly a Christian country, NONE of the versions of Christianity is declared as an official country religion (in a manner as for example in Malaysia the Islam is declared as an official religion of the country).
My staying in Christchurch turned out to be very significant to my research. It was Christchurch where was born the idea of publishing my monographs and treatises outside of the official stream of scientific journals and books. During a vacation visit to my friend that was a lecturer at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, I presented to this friend the entire material that until that time I worked out on the topic of Magnocraft and UFOs. I was complaining that I am unsuccessful in finding a publisher for this important material. My accomplishments so impressed him, that he suggested me to publish these information entirely outside of the official stream of scientific books and journals, just by issuing them with my private effort and funds. He suggested that I should combine my findings into a form of a scientific monograph, that I am going to later print and distribute entirely myself. He also explained to me the official procedure of publishing such monographs that are pressed privately, and gave me guidelines and directions how to register them for copyrights.
In the area of my research, the most important accomplishments of my one-year long staying in Christchurch was the calculation of the amount of energy that was accumulated in the magnetic field of Magnocraft. The results of these calculations are provided in subsection F5.5 of this monograph. The enormous amount of this energy (i.e. the equivalent of around 1 megaton of TNT for the smallest Magnocraft of K3 type) was so shocking for me, that starting from that time I began hypothetically consider what a catastrophe would occur on Earth if a Magnocraft was accidentally destroyed here. This in turn, in connection with the formal proof that "UFOs are Magnocraft already build by someone", made me sensitive to all descriptions of huge explosions on Earth. In the result it led me to later discovery of the explosions of UFOs over Tapanui in New Zealand and over Tunguska in Russia.
#12. Shifting to Invercargill (1983). In 1983 my one-year post-doctoral fellowship in Christchurch finished. Thus starting from 7 March 1983 I shifted to Invercargill, which is the most south located city of the world. (Note that in English "city" has a strict definition and it is clearly distinguished from "town"; namely city must have either over 100 000 inhabitants, or have its own cathedral. Invercargill is a city because it has its own cathedral.)
One of the first legends that I heard soon after I shifted to Invercargill, was a Maori legend on "Rakiura", means on the explosion of an extraterrestrial space vehicle in New Zealand. Because at that time I was already sensitive to all information regarding powerful explosions on Earth, this legend inspired me to begin my private searches for the centre of this mythological explosion. In 1987 these my private searches fruited with finding the Tapanui Crater, above which in 1178 a cigar shaped stack of around seven UFO vehicles exploded in 1178 - more on this subject in next items and in my monographs from series [5].
#13. The first English monograph describing the Magnocraft (1984). In New Zealand, of course, no one knew about the cyclic principle, Magnocraft, and my other discoveries. Therefore already in December 1982, means still in times when I lived in Christchurch and worked at the University of Canterbury, I started a huge task of writing down details of the Magnocraft that I worked out by that time. In this manner my first voluminous monograph entitled "Theory of the Magnocraft" began to be born. Its aim was to comprehensively describe and illustrate the Magnocraft. As I already mentioned this before, to the initiation of the task of writing of this huge monograph I was inspired by a friend lecturer from the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. I met him in that December 1982, and I presented to him the entire complex and detailed knowledge about the principles of operation, design, and construction of the Magnocraft, which at that time I already had worked out. The writing of my first English monograph [4A4] took me over a year of time. Therefore I published it formally on 24 February 1984. It carried the following editorial data [4A4]: Pajak Jan, "Theory of the Magnocraft", 1984, ISBN 0-9597698-0-3. Several copies of this monograph are still available even today in public libraries throughout New Zealand. It basically presented to English speaking readers all that I had developed by that time in these newly emerging disciplines of spaceship with magnetic propulsion. But it had no, as yet, the description of the oscillatory chamber, which I invented only when this monograph was already in the process of formal registration for copyright purposes. Thus the descriptions of the oscillatory chamber I included only into the second edition of this monograph, which was formally published on 13 September 1984. This second edition [5A4] carried the following editorial data: Jan Pajak, "Theory of the Magnocraft", 2nd edition, 106 pages plus 44 illustrations (Copyright receipt C 65299, date 13.9.1984) , ISBN 0-9597698-1-1. In June 1985 this second edition of the monograph [5A4] was also published in the USA by Energy Unlimited (PO Box 35637 Sta. D, Albuquerque, NM 78176, USA). Furthermore, I personally translated it into the Polish language, and after publishing it in New Zealand I made it available to readers from Poland as the monograph marked [1] on the list from chapter Y. This Polish monograph [6A4] = [1] carried the following editorial data: Jan Pajak, "Teoria Magnokraftu", (25 March 1986, copyright receipt C 73965, date 2.4.86), ISBN 0-9597698-5-4 - see item [1] on the list of publications from chapter Y. Later modifications of this monograph were also translated into German and published in West Germany by Raum & Zeit Verlag (Dammtor 6, D-3007 Gehrden, West Germany), plus translated into Italian and made available for Italian readers.
The writing of this first monograph about Magnocraft was the event of so crucial, that starting from that moment of time I never ceased my further research and writing. Thus starting from the time when it appeared, whenever I concluded research and writing of a given monograph, I immediately was starting to research, to write, and to prepare for publishing another monograph or treatise. In this way my subsequent publications increasingly better worked out and presented each of the topics that I touched previously, or they created a new, more perfect versions of a given publication.
#14. First discussions with highly "sceptical" colleagues. After I published my first English monograph about the Magnocraft, I started an official promotion of this vehicle. This put me in the very fortunate position of organizing and conducting many public and numerous person-to-person discussions with people, who adhered to the philosophy that presently I call parasitism. Their characteristic behaviour was, that they viciously and offensively attacked not only the idea of the Magnocraft, but also myself, and that their attacks almost always were based on the parasitic doctrine "I already know everything and I pose to be an ultimate authority, but the Magnocraft does not fit into my knowledge and does not serve lifting my authority". As it turned out, in English speaking countries, means in New Zealand, Australia, England, and the USA, well educated people predominantly adhere to this type of philosophy - no wonder that presently these countries are leaders on the path to moral fall down. In turn constant confrontation of such aggressive and critical people opened for me the opportunity to accumulate observations, which presently are combined into the descriptions of totalizm and parasitism. More about these discussions and their products is provided in subsection JB6.
#15. The defending of the Magnocraft through identifying and documenting Magnocraft-originated mysteries. My theories on the Magnocraft indicated that if UFOs are identical to the Magnocraft, then these extraterrestrial vehicles must leave on Earth various material evidence of their activities. So I decided to utilise the marks UFOs must leave on Earth to additionally prove that the idea of the Magnocraft is sound because someone has already built and uses this a spaceship, only that this already operational version is called a UFO not a Magnocraft. At that time the Magnocraft's theory indicated that only in New Zealand the following types of evidence of UFO activity on Earth could be present: (1) rings of magnetically scorched soil which must appear in all places where UFO vehicles landed for a longer period of time - see Figure A2 /?/, (2) underground tunnels which must be evaporated when UFOs fly through rocks or soil - see Figures F31 /?/ and O6 /?/, and (3) a special type of magnetic and telekinetic destruction which must occur in all places where UFOs explode - see Figures O4 and O5 /?/. Magnocraft's theory also indicated where to seek this earlier unknown material/permanent evidence of UFO activities, and what attributes this evidence should display. So I started to look in New Zealand for this material evidence of UFO activity on Earth. And to my surprise I gradually found examples of all types of it. They are described more exactly in chapter O.
The most spectacular example of material leftovers from UFO activity that I found, was the huge crater, one kilometre in diameter, which exists near the township of Tapanui in West Otago - see Figures O4 and O5 /?/. I carefully investigated the evidence around this crater and it proved conclusively that UFO spaceships exploded over there. For example I found magnetized debris which contained grains of aluminium - a metal which in pure form does not exist in nature. After the proof emerged from my research that in fact a stack of around seven UFOs type K6 exploded near Tapanui, I wrote a scientific treatise [5E] which openly presented the conclusions from my research. I write more about the UFO explosion near Tapanui, and about this breakthrough monograph [5E], in further parts of this subsection.
#16. UFO landing sites. The "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the Magnocraft" that I mentioned before, directed also my attention at the areas where UFOs have landed. Such landing sites of UFOs must display several unique attributes, which are outcomes of the exposure of the soil to a powerful magnetic field of these vehicles, which (the attributes) I worked out from the operation of the Magnocraft and described exactly in several my publications, e.g. in subsection G10 and M1 of English monograph [1e], or in subsection F11 of this monograph. Thus in time free from work, and during vacations, I crossed New Zealand and looked for this type of landings. My searches soon brought first fruits and I managed to locate a huge number of UFO landing sites. It turned out that next to a characteristic scar on people's legs (described in subsection U3.1), UFO landing sites are the second most popular permanent trace of hidden activities of UFOs on Earth. They appear everywhere, and in huge numbers, including into this such countries as Poland and Switzerland, where I also saw a number of them. Only that so-far people would not know their appearance and attributes, and thus they would not be able to identify them.
UFO landing sites were also found in times proceeding my definition and formal description of them. But their discoveries were empirical, as the outcome of witnesses noticing the landing of a UFO in a given place, and than finding in this place circles of scorched vegetation. Furthermore, soon after they were found, their evidential value was fast destroyed by all sorts of human traitors (described in subsection U4.4) especially programmed for this purpose by UFOnauts, who claimed that these landings were caused by different causes than by UFO landings.
For example in New Zealand the UFO collaborators argued, that all UFO landing sites are simply natural "mushroom rings". Only my scientific research proved that these claims are groundless. Even the very simple scientific experiments which I carried out, documented that these landings were scorched technologically, by the magnetic field of UFO vehicles. (E.g. if someone marks them with wooden pegs, then they do not change their diameter with the elapse of years. If someone digs out their cross section, then it turns out that the soil infected with mushrooms is only that one that was sterilised out of parasitic microorganisms which feed on mushrooms by the magnetic field of a UFO. If someone measures the electric resistance of the magnetically scorched soil, than it turns out that this resistance is several times higher than the resistance of nearby soil, while it was proven that the growth of mushroom is decreasing the electric resistance of the soil. Etc., etc.) So in spite of empirical discoveries of UFO landing sites, which took place for a long time, only my scientific research identified the main attributes of these landings, defined their appearance, took from collaborators the majority of the to-date arguments and objections, and disclosed the enormous frequency of such landings on Earth. Due to my research, in present time such landings can be found, identified, and recognised without the necessity of actual seeing of landings of UFO vehicles on them.
#17. The deduction of possibility that glossy underground tunnels may be evaporated by propulsors of Magnocraft and UFOs. My awareness that the Magnocraft is capable to evaporate underground tunnels appeared at the moment when I worked out the design and operation of this vehicle. After all, during the spinning of magnetic field that surround this vehicle, the magnetic propulsors must form a cloud of spinning and extremely destructive gas plasma, which in case of underground flight of such a vehicle must evaporate on its path a glossy tunnel. Thus practically since 1980, I am aware of the fact, that every vehicle which uses for flights the principles of Magnocraft's operation, must be able to evaporate glossy tunnels under the ground. Because in 1981 I formally proved that UFOs do exist, and that their propulsion uses the same principle of operation as the Magnocraft does, starting from that year I begin to believe, that on Earth glossy tunnels evaporated by UFOs must exist. With the elapse of time I started to search for these tunnels.
#18. The locating of the first example of a UFO tunnel in New Zealand. In my life there was a lot of extraordinary "coincidents". One of them was the fact, that a brother in law of my landlord from whom I was hiring the first flat after my arrival to Invercargill in New Zealand in 1983, was quite a non-typical New Zealander. He lived out of the gold prospecting. In order to find this gold, he used to wander alone for months in unpopulated and wild areas of New Zealand. He was a master in radiesthesia, and he used this skill to find gold. He was interested in everything that is extraordinary, and his lifestyle could be described with words: traveller, gold prospector, and eccentric. His name was Alan Plank (P.O. Box 7051, Invercargill, New Zealand). I was quite friendly with him and I used to spend hours on discussing with him my theories, Magnocraft, UFOs, radiesthesia, etc. - see other aspects of my acquaintance with Alan described in subsection I8.2, and also see his photograph presented in this monograph as Figure I1. When I explained to Alan that the Magnocraft is able to evaporate in rocks glossy tunnels, Alan unexpectedly admitted, that by a chance he found at some stage an entrance to one of such tunnels. It was located on the slope of a hill, not far from sea shores of one of small fiords located at the south-west end of the New Zealand's South Island. According to his description, the tunnel was elliptic in the cross- section, around 8 meters in diameter (most probably evaporated by a UFO type K4), it had glossy walls with grooves similar as if it is drilled by a huge drill, and it led straight like a bullet submerging under the body of a mountain under a relatively small angle. Alan walked along this tunnel quite deeply underground, but then he returned because the path started to induce some strange fear in him (now I already know that this fear most probably was induced in him telepathically by UFOnauts, in order to discourage him from getting deeper into this tunnel). He wanted even to show me this tunnel. But because of the high costs and various inconveniences of long-term expedition to the unpopulated Fiordland, where this tunnel began, in combination with the fact that I finance this research from my private earnings, make such an expedition rather undesirable.
In later times I also encountered old Maori legends, which located somewhere under the Fiordland an underground base for extraordinary creatures, which Maori people called "mist people". These beings had supernatural powers, could unexpectedly disappear from the view or change into a mist, while their descriptions coincided with present information about UFOnauts.
At a later date I also encountered several further stories about discoveries of UFO tunnels in various areas of New Zealand. Here are some of these stories:
- Clyde. Other report about similar glossy tunnels originated from a miner who was employed in the drilling of underground dehydration system near the Clyde Electric Dam near Fiordland. Supposedly two such tunnels were accidentally opened in there. But they were not inducing any interest from geologists who supervised these mining, thus soon they were blocked with concrete. Because of the industrial character of this mining, in rather dangerous conditions, glossy UFO tunnels from Clyde were not open for inspection by outside researchers.
- Greymouth. Another report about the existence of a UFO tunnel I learned from New Zealand TV. In one of programmes an extraordinary tunnel was described that existed under the river "Grey" near a small town "Greymouth". For many centuries it was used by Maoris for passing on the other side of that dangerous river. Supposedly it looked as if it was artificially drilled in a hard rock, just in order to provide Maoris with a means to get to the other side of that fast river. (Maoris did not know metals, so they had no tools to be used for drilling such tunnels in a hard rock.) But when white settlers build a bridge near that tunnel, in a mysterious manner the tunnel was blocked and now it remains unaccessible for people.
#19. Finding photographs of first two UFO tunnels in Ecuador and Australia. After I received the reassurance of Alan Plank described before, that UFO tunnels actually do exist, I started to intensely and purposely search for them in literature. The description and photograph of the first of such well described in literature UFO tunnels, I found in two books by Erich von Däniken, namely in [5A4] "In Search of Ancient Gods", Souvenir Press, Leeds, England 1973, and [6A4] "The Gold of the Gods" (firstly published in Germany by Econ-Verlag under the title "Aussaat und Kosmos"), Souvenir Press, 1972, ISBN 0-285- 62087-8 (published again by Redwood Press, Ltd., Townbridge, England, 1973). A whole system of such tunnels was discovered by Juan Moricz in June 1965 in the province of Morona-Santiago of Ecuador. It spans for thousands of miles under the surface of Ecuador and Peru. With the personal agreement from Erich von Däniken, a colour photograph of this tunnel I am presenting in various my monographs - e.g. see Figure O6 /?/ (a) in this monograph, or Figure M17 in monograph [1e]. All attributes of these tunnels described in books of von Däniken, exactly correspond to the properties that are expected from tunnels evaporated in rocks during the underground flights of Magnocraft and UFOs. In order to realize here the level of this correspondence, below I quote several sentences from the book [6A4] "The Gold of the Gods" (compare this quotation with the attributes of such tunnels discussed in subsection F10.1.1 /?/ of this monograph, and in subsection B4 of Polish treatise [4B]).
Page 6: "The passages all form right angles. The walls are smooth and often seem to be polished. The ceilings are flat and at times look as if they were covered with a kind of glaze."
Page 8: "When I tried to use my compass to find out where these galleries lead, it went on strike. I shook it, but the needle did not move." For further details I recommend to look in the books listed above.
The second UFO tunnel I noted accidentally in TV soon after the location of the first such a tunnel in Ecuador. I was just watching a TV series "The Wonders of Western Australia", produced by Guy Baskin, channel 9 of TV Perth, Australia, when it was showing an exploration of the underground tunnel called "Cocklebiddy Cave System" located in the Nullarbor Plain from Southern Australia. The producers of this film were quite surprised by the unnatural, straight, and glossy shapes of these infinitive underground passages, but they did not suggest, nor research, the possibility that they can be made technologically. In turn myself I immediately recognised the attributes of a UFO tunnel that led in a South-North direction. Thus I immediately started the correspondence with producers of this series and then with speologists from Australia. But the information that I needed, turned to be extremely difficult to pull out of them. Practically this correspondence would not furnish me with any conclusions, except from learning a few smart remarks of people to whom I wrote, which commented my explanations why these data are needed. The breakthrough moment in the research of Cocklebiddy Cave provided only the next, also "accidental" finding of an article [7A4] from the Australian illustrated magazine People, issue from 5 December 1983, pages 7 to 10. The information, photographs, and diagrams contained in this article reassured me that this tunnel actually had also the technological origin, and that it is also a UFO tunnel that I am searching for. The cross-section of this tunnel is elliptical, i.e. typical for the flights of Magnocraft and UFOs in the direction from south to north - see Figure O6 from this monograph, or parts b) and c) in Figure B4 in Polish treatise [4b]. And actually this tunnel runs exactly from South (the entrance) to North (the direction in which this tunnel leads). The tunnel is unnaturally straight, it has a cylindrical configuration of walls, and approximately a constant diameter. Furthermore, it always takes the form that suggests that it was formed through the movement through rocks of a disk oriented always in the same position (i.e. with its central axis parallel to the force lines of the Earth magnetic field). The lower part of this tunnel is covered with hardened rock vapours and aerodynamic rubble. Furthermore, in walls of this tunnel are cut repetitive, wavy grooves, which indicate the cyclical, drilling action of the magnetic whirl of a UFO vehicle that evaporated this tunnel.
The discovery of the tunnels evaporated by UFOs had for me an enormous reassuring significance. It confirmed and illustrated that my theories are correct and it encouraged for further searches of this type. In the consequence it led to the later visiting by me the "Deer Cave" in Borneo, which is also a tunnel evaporated by a UFO - see Figure O6 c) /?/. Furthermore, it led me to the discovery, that it was a UFO which evaporated WTC buildings in New York - as I described it in subsection O8.1 of this monograph and in subsection E8 of monograph [8].
#20. Encountering numerous reports on human giants from New Zealand. The voluntarily research of New Zealand mysteries, to which, after my emigration to this full of puzzles country, I started to devote my entire time and energy, put me in the privileged position of learning about many different types of strange phenomena and objects, which turn New Zealand into one of the most intriguing countries in the world, but which officially are extinguished and ignored by scientists of this country, although they should be thoroughly researched. One of these shocking mysteries concerns New Zealand giants. During my research expeditions through New Zealand, I was encountering quite frequently reports on giant human skeletons. According to these reports, numerous skeletons of giants were discovered in various parts of New Zealand, but they always disappeared shortly after being found. These skeletons were so huge, that the entire head of a normal size human used to fit into their mouth. Between 1983 and 1992 I probably heard around ten different such reports. But I did not follow them up, because I was busy with other research, and also because there was this persisting rumour, or public opinion, that all stories on giant skeletons, actually originated from someone finding bones of the giant Moa bird, and wrongly believing that they were bones of human giants. It was only as recently as 1999, when I learned that these skeletons usually had huge human skulls, while Moa birds had no human-type skull. Unfortunately, because I did not record these stories, by 1999 I forgotten the details, and also I did not remember which people were telling them. Therefore, when after the discovery of so- called "gravity equations" described in subsection JE9.3 /?/ (these equations justify scientifically the existence of human giants on Earth), in 1999 I started to investigate the evidence on New Zealand giants more thoroughly (see subsection B1.1 in treatise [7/2]), the whole searching procedure needed to be repeated from the very beginning.
After I began more thorough examination of evidence on New Zealand giants in 1999, the puzzling regularity started to emerge. This regularity revealed that New Zealand giants used to live happily until the arrival of European settlers, and then rapidly become extinct (see subsection B1.1 in treatise [7/2]). A similar fate was met by Patagonian giants, which used to live until the arrival of European settlers to Patagonia, and then rapidly become extinct (see chapter C in Polish monograph [5/4]). As it is difficult to imagine the forces of nature to work in such a discriminative manner, it suggests some kind of "invisible invader" being very concerned that if Europeans live together with giants, they may investigate them and arrive at unwelcome conclusions. Therefore, this invisible invader simply "helped" giants to become extinct at the critical time.
#21. Invention of the oscillatory chamber (1984). In order for the Magnocraft to lift itself to free space and fly to stars, the output from its magnetic propulsors needed to exceed the special threshold value, which I called the "starting flux". This starting flux represents a magnetic equivalent for the so-called "first space velocity". The value of it I calculated and already published in [1A4]. Unfortunately, currently we do not have on Earth a technical device for the production of magnetic fields, the output of which would be able to exceed this starting flux. Thus one of the objections, which the adversaries of the Magnocraft were bringing out against this vehicle, was the claim, that it is impossible to develop a technical device, the principle of which would allow to produce a magnetic field in excess of this starting flux. In order to prove that these people are wrong, I decided to invent such a device. After several years of thinking and intensional searches of this principle of operation, this device finally crystallised in my mind near the morning on 3 January 1984. Because of its shape, construction, and the principle of operation, I called it the "oscillatory chamber". Circumstances and the most important consequences of the invention of this oscillatory chamber are described in more details in my monographs - e.g. see subsection C2 in this monograph. The first comprehensive publication of the entire design and the operation of the oscillatory chamber took place in the monograph [8A4] of the following title and bibliographical data: Pajak Jan, "The Oscillatory Chamber - a breakthrough in the principles of magnetic field production", first New Zealand edition, Invercargill, New Zealand, 31 January 1985, ISBN 0-9597698-2-X (copyright receipt C 7433, date 31.1.85). But a small comment on this device (one brief chapter) was also published in monograph [4A4] mentioned before. For my research, the invention of the oscillatory chamber had a breakthrough significance. It proved that there is a principle of operation, and a technical device which implements this principle, which are capable of yielding a magnetic output in excess of the starting flux, thus which are able to carry out the Magnocraft into the space. The oscillatory chamber illustrated, that the idea of the Magnocraft is very realistic, and that this vehicle soon may be implemented by our civilisation - if only someone undertakes the project of its completion.
Monograph [8A4] very fast was developed into a second edition, which in November 1985 was formally published as the following monograph [9A4]: Jan Pajak, "The Oscillatory Chamber - a breakthrough in the principles of magnetic field production", 2nd edition, (14 October 1985, Copyright receipt C 71921, date 7.11.85), volume: 116 pages plus 14 diagrams, ISBN 0-9597698-4-6. Then it was also translated to the German language and published in West Germany by Raum & Zeit Verlag, as the monograph [10A4] with the following editorial data: Jan Pajak, "Die 'Schwingkammer' Energie & Antrieb fur das Weltraumzeitalter", published by: Raum & Zeit Verlag, Dammtor 6, D-3007 Gehrden, West Germany; June 1985, ISBN 3-89005-006-9, 64 pages (including 7 Figures).
#22. Refusal of the Technical University of Wroclaw in Poland to open for me a habilitation procedure. In 1985 I also wrote a Polish monograph [1] "Teoria Magnokraftu", which I formally published in 1986. It presented the Magnocraft in a scientific manner. The content of monograph [1] approximately corresponded to content of volumes "Theory of the Magnocraft" from this monograph, means volumes 2 and 3 (chapters B, C, D, E, F and G), although it also included the first presentation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity that in this monograph is described in volumes 4 and 5 (chapters H and I). Because of the revolutionary character of this space vehicle and its propelling devices, and also because of the prospects of the progress that this vehicle was opening for our civilisation, I personally believed, that due to sole fact of inventing, scientific working out, and disseminating, I meet all the initial conditions for opening for myself a habilitation procedure. (Just for your information, the scientific degree of "habilitated doctor" which can be obtained via such a procedure in Poland and some other countries of former Eastern block, is the highest earned scientific degree in the world, that can be obtained through carrying out scientific research of the top quality and level.) Therefore in 1986 I applied formally to my former Institute of Machine Building Technology (ITBM) at the Wroclaw Technical University, for opening for me such a habilitation procedure, with the Magnocraft as a topic for this procedure. As an initial document that would initiate the opening of this procedure, I enclosed with my application this Polish monograph [1]. Unfortunately, the Scientific Council of this Institute of Machine Building Technology refused to open the habilitation procedure for me. It motivated the refusal with the fact, that in their institute no scientific research on the Magnocraft are carried out. They advised me kindheartedly, that I should open such a habilitation procedure in a scientific institution which researches my Magnocraft. (Notice that in my application I clearly noticed that the Magnocraft was invented only by myself, that its invention I accomplished when I was employed as a scientist (adiunkt) in that Institute, and that apart from me so far no-one in the world is carrying out any research on this space vehicle.) As it started to become increasingly obvious, in times of that refusal, the Technical University of Wroclaw ceased to be that totaliztic scientific institution that I still remembered from times of my employment in it, and started to be a typical orthodox establishment, which practices an institutional parasitism.
#23. Adopting a semi-conspiracy in my research. The cyclic principle, Magnocraft, as well as numerous other discoveries, inventions, and theories that I accomplished because of them later, are the outcome of my professional interests. After all, I discovered the cyclic principle in order to enhance the presentation of the subject that at that time I was teaching, this principle coincided with the areas of my research and lecturing at that time, and also benefits which it forecasted (such as the not-too-distant completion of the Magnocraft and other advanced propelling devices) were concerning the area I was employed to research at that time. Yet, when I officially approached my superiors at that time and requested for the permission to research the benefits which seemed to be promised by my discoveries, I was turned down and I received a very clear answer NO. Simultaneously my professional colleagues, superiors, and a part of society, all started to show a very strange reactions towards the cyclic principle, Magnocraft, etc., and also towards benefits that all my discoveries promised. I was very surprised with the answer NO to my request of a permission to start researching my findings, and with these strange reactions of colleagues and superiors (at that time I did not know about the existence of "evil parasites" described in subsections V1 to VB6 /?/, and about undetectable methods with the use of which these parasites alter the course of events). After all, it was my strong believe, which I still have until today, that "whatever a scientist investigates, he/she does not do it only for himself/herself, but for the benefits of the whole society and the whole civilization that he/she lives in", and that "facts are as people - none of them should be subjected to discrimination". Therefore, in spite of receiving a decisive reply NO to my request, I decided to not obey this particular request, and in spite of everything to carry out my research. But in order to satisfy my superiors, who were ordering me to NOT research this area, I decided to do my research, as I called it "in a semi- conspiracy". (The word "semi-conspiracy" originates from the Polish language, where it means "partially underground, partially in open".) By this semi-conspiracy I understood that my research activities were characterized by the following attributes: (1) all the research that I carried out, I did on my private cost, by using my private resources, and in my private time designated for rest, e.g. during weekends and holidays (attempts to carry out this research in my official time always finished with serious problems with my colleagues and superiors); (2) I was continually undertaking attempts to officially publish the results that I was privately obtaining, in "refereed" scientific literature, and to present them on scientific conferences; but in spite of repeating such attempts countless number of times, I never managed to publish or to present anything, and no official scientific article or official scientific presentation appeared on the subjects discussed in this subsection during the first quarter of century of my research; (3) I was open to everyone, including my superiors and my scientific colleagues, abut subjects that I was investigating in my private time, and about results that I was obtaining, only that I was careful to always inform that I do this research as my "scientific hobby" and outside of the office time and resources; (4) I was happy to share the results of my research with everyone who was interested to learn about them, including my superiors, colleagues from work, and all other interested in the place of my current employment.
Of course, the fact that I needed to resort to semi-conspiracy in my scientific activities reported in this subsection (and later to a "full conspiracy" - means to going completely underground with my research), has many implications. The most important of these implications, is that totalizm, as well as the content of this monograph, never obtained a
chance to be developed in an approved atmosphere and in the proper consultation with people involved. Therefore, similarly as this previously happened to Christianity, totalizm also arrived to our planet like a kind of a martyr who needed to grow up in the atmosphere of hiding and suppression, who needed to develop underground and to be disseminated outside of the existing official channels. If totalizm ever manages to free our tortured civilization from the claws of the parasitic philosophy and from the oppression of the "evil parasites", it surely does it against the will of all these immoral people who attempt to direct humanity into claws of institutional parasitism described in subsection JD4.3 /?/.
#24. The criticism of the Magnocraft, and the development of my interest in gravity. There was a significant difference between the reception of the Magnocraft in Europe (i.e. initially in Poland, then also in Germany and in other countries with fluency in German, such as Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Austria, etc.), and the later reception of this spaceship in countries that use English language (i.e. initially in New Zealand and later also in the USA and England). My Polish scientific colleagues almost unanimously agreed, that the Magnocraft uses sound principles of operation and therefore when it was built it must fly. The only reservations that they had, concerned the level of our technology - namely this technology needs to be advanced much more in order for this vehicle is to be built. A very similar stand was taken later by German and other continental European researchers. However, New Zealand scientists and American scientists turned out to be much more hermetic to this new idea. (Later I discovered that statistically a much higher proportion of English speaking scientists, than European scientists, is already in the advanced stage of parasitism.) They almost unanimously criticised every aspect of the Magnocraft, claiming that both the principles of operation as well as the technology, made this spaceship impossible to fly. A good example of the strong criticism the Magnocraft encountered at that time, is an article [11A4] published in the OMNI (USA) magazine, number 2/1984, Vol. 1 No. 6, page 87. Such an exclusively critical tone was also prevailing in all New Zealand books which addressed the topic of the Magnocraft. For example the book [12A4] by Peter Hassall, "The NZ Files, UFOs in New Zealand" (Published in 1998 by David Bateman Ltd., 30 Tarndale Grove, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, ISBN 1-86953-3704, 176 pages, pb) devotes around 2/3 volume of the page 98 to repeating a small fraction of vigorous criticism that my research, theories, and inventions (including the Magnocraft) encountered at that time. Amongst others, this book [12A4] publishes the very strong statement, which refers to my theories and research, calling them "an embarrassment".
The argument which was repeated most frequently by scientists of New Zealand and the USA in their criticism of the Magnocraft was, that it will be the "antigravity", not a magnetic field, which will be the basis of propulsion systems in our future. I could not disagree more with these claims of New Zealand and American scientists, because my cyclic table quite clearly indicated that the gravity field cannot be used for the propelling purposes. But at that time I had no evidence yet, to conclusively prove the information that the cyclic table was conveying. So I initiated intensive studies of the gravitational field in order to find out what specifically was wrong with antigravity, and why the cyclic table insists that antigravity cannot be used for propelling purposes. The answer come in 1985, when I developed my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But before I formulated this concept, I managed to collect observations about the inadequacy of the monopolar gravity, which in this monograph are presented in chapter G.
#25. The awareness of the inadequacy of the old concept of monopolar gravity adhered previously (and still officially adhered even today). This awareness resulted from the argumentation of opponents of Theory of the Magnocraft, who claimed that it is going to be "antigravity" not magnetism, which is going to be a carrier of the vehicles of our future. My analyses and research on the gravity field that were triggered by these claims, indicated that "antigravity even if it existed, would not be able to lift out a space vehicle into the space". A full version of these analyses is presented in chapter G of this monograph. In turn the awareness, that the concept so erroneous and so contradictive to the natural order of things as "antigravity", was tolerated without any reservations by present orthodox science, undermined my trust about the correctness of the entire our scientific understanding of gravity, and inspired me to seek something much better than this understanding.
#26. The spectacular finding of the key to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity (1985). After I realized the inadequacy of the old concept of monopolar gravity presently adhered by our orthodox scientists, I tried to find an error in the formulation of that concept. This error causes that the old concept is contradictive to the natural order of things. I read for this purpose a lot of publications concerning gravity, and constantly though over its existing formulation. One extremely beautiful afternoon, in spring of 1985 (most probably it was during the New Zealand vacation break in a half of August 1985) I was walking around the park in Invercargill. The park in Invercargill is one of the most beautiful parks in New Zealand, and at that particular time it was especially beautiful - full of spring flowers, with the nature awakening to life and with the air filled up with a kind of happiness. Rapidly a key to the solution of gravity problem appeared in my mind. It was rather a spectacular moment in my life, as in this majestic day and beautiful environment, it hit my awareness as a lightning and in a split of second it turned upside down my entire understanding of the universe. The key to the complete understanding of gravity turned out to be the fact, that the old concept considers gravity "a priori" to be a monopolar type of field, while it is necessary to consider also whether gravity does not have a dipolar character. After I found this key, it was possible to gradually work out the foundations of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the most early version of which was initially published in the Polish monograph [1] (this one, the scientific value of which was disqualified by the Scientific Council of the Institute TBM of the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland), while the latest version is presented in chapters H and I of this monograph.
#27. The development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (1985). My intensive research on the gravity field that I carried out at that time, in 1985 answered why antigravity can never be used for propelling of space vehicles. It turned out that antigravity is a fully speculative phenomenon, which does not exist in reality. It was invented on paper, and disseminated in numerous publications, although it is a myth, which does not exist in a real universe. The reason is that the antigravity would only be possible, when the gravitational field has a monopolar character. But as my Concept of Dipolar Gravity proved it conclusively, what I documented with the formal proof provided in subsection H1.1 of this monograph, the gravitational field has a dipolar character. In turn, in the dipolar type of field antigravity does not exist at all, because antigravity is contradictive to dipolarity. Thus an antigravitational spaceship cannot be build, and all these speculations regarding the future use of antigravity, turned out to be just unhealthy dreaming (or intentional misdirecting of our thinking manipulated into us by evil parasites - see subsection G1), which leads to nowhere and which is contradictive to the laws of our universe. So all this noisy criticism of the Magnocraft, which stemmed from these antigravity speculations, in fact proved itself to be completely unjustified.
However, the most significant contribution of the newly developed Concept of Dipolar Gravity to our scientific outlook, in my opinion concerns not the antigravity vehicles, but the confirmation of statements of religions. The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed that a counter-world exists in parallel to our physical world, and that this counter-world is filled up with an intelligent substance, which is capable of thinking in the natural constitution. (The capability of this substance to think in its natural constitution is not only revealed by theoretical deductions provided in subsection H2 of this monograph, and in subsection B4 of treatise [7/2], but it is also confirmed by various empirical findings, e.g. consider the intelligent way this thinking substance replies to pendulum inquires, solves complicated problems at ESP level, allows animals to show high-level intelligence, provides the "hardware" which maintains our awareness even when we are clinically dead, enables elementary sub-atomic particles to behave intelligently, etc.) Therefore the entire counter-world filled up with such thinking substance is an equivalent to a colossal natural computer, which thinks and memorises, and thus which forms a kind of the "universal intellect" that corresponds to the idea of God from religions. Because the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed scientifically and formally proved the existence of this universal intellect (God), and also because it explained the nature, properties, and behaviours of this intellect, so-far it is the only consistent scientific theory which objectively proves that what religions claim about the existence of God is actually correct.
The development of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity had an enormous impact on all aspects of my research. This is because it also laid theoretical foundations for discovering moral laws described in subsection I4.1.1 of this monograph, as well as discovering the computer-like natural mechanism (i.e. the counter-material "hardware" which hosts the "universal intellect"), which with an iron hand supervises our obedience of these laws. As such, this concept led to the formulation of totalizm, to identifying differences between totalizm and parasitism, etc. Furthermore, it explained what is telekinesis, telepathy, and time, thus it also indicated how telekinetic vehicles and time vehicles are going to operate, how to build telepathic devices, etc. - for details see subsections H4 to H11, which outline some outcomes of this new concept. In addition, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained such previously misunderstood phenomena as "karma", "nirvana", "feelings", and many more.
#28. Counter-material duplicates of material objects. From the very beginning of formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity I was aware, that in case of the existence of gravitational dipole, to every particle from our world a corresponding counter-particle from the counter-world must be assigned. This led me to a logical conclusion, that every material object must posses its own counter-material duplicate (which is called "spirit" by religions). This conclusion was reached already in the first stage of formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, i.e. around September 1985. This in turn lead to the explanation of the phenomenon of telekinesis as the "handling of counter-material duplicates of physical objects".
#29. The concept of "thinking counter-matter", ESP, and the universal intellect (UI). The first analyses of the attributes of counter-matter proved, that all the properties of this extraordinary substance must represent reversals of attributes of matter from our world. This in turn lead to an obvious conclusion, that also the intellectual attribute must obey this principle of reversal. Because our matter is "stupid" in the natural state, the counter-matter must be "intelligent". From this was only a small step to realize the source of information received during analytical ESP, to link the replies of divining pendulums with the replies of moral laws, and to deduce the existence of the universal intellect (God). The entire system of solutions resulting from this finding, in this monograph described in subsections I2 to I5.4 (but excluding subsections I3.3, I4.2, I4.3 and I5.3), was worked out in 1986.
#30. Telekinesis and the extraction glow. In December of 1985 I decided to use a vacation trip through New Zealand in order to check whether my theoretical premises, which described the mechanism of telekinesis as the handling of counter-material duplicates, actually are confirmed in reality. During this trip I asked amongst local people about persons with paranormal capabilities (especially with the capability of psychokinesis) and then I asked these people to demonstrate to me their capabilities. One of the problems, which I tried to solve then, was the manner of distinguishing between an ordinary physical motion, and the telekinetic motion demonstrated by these people. When in early morning I visited a dark toilet in the motel "Akron Motel" from the "Golden Chain" at Bealey Avenue in Christchurch, and deliberated a possibility of paranormal mechanism of light generation, I rapidly realised, that all objects moved telekinetically according to quantum physics must emit "extraction glow" - see Figures L1, L2, and L3 in this monograph. The remaining part of this trip I spend on photographing telekinetically moved objects and on checking whether they emit this glow (which - the experiment, actually proved to work, and such white extraction glow was possible to detect with an ordinary method of photographing).
#31. Monographs from series [1] that linked my discoveries. By the year 1986 I accomplished the basic series of most crucial scientific discoveries and findings of my life, which provided the theoretical foundations for all my later research and publicising activities. And so I already had worked out the design, operation, and construction of the Magnocraft. Also there was completely developed the oscillatory chamber together with both configurations of the twin-chamber capsule and spider configuration type. These allowed to use the oscillatory chamber in propulsors of the Magnocraft. I had worked out the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the phenomena that result from this concept, which exerted an influence on the operation of propelling devices and mechanisms of our world. Thus a need appeared that all these separate discoveries and inventions I should combine together into a single comprehensive scientific monograph, that would link them together. I developed and formally published such a monograph by 1986. It was a scientific monograph [13A4] of the following bibliographic data: Jan Pajak, "The Magnocraft: a saucer-shaped space vehicle propelled by a pulsating magnetic field", 1st edition, (10 October 1986, legal deposit receipt C 77507, date 15.10.86), ISBN 0-9597698-3-8. Monograph [13A4] created the blueprint for the later publications, which in a single comprehensive entity linked together and presented in the harmonious manner all my discoveries and findings. It was disseminated until 1988. In 1988 I finished writing and started the distribution of even the more updated and comprehensive monograph [14A4], with the following bibliographical data: Jan Pajak, "The Magnocraft - Earth's Version of a UFO", (Legal Deposit: receipt no PO # 00-017728, date: 26/11/1990), 0- 9597698-6-2.
This next monograph [14A4] started a new trend in principles of my writing and publishing. This trend depended on distribution of a new publication immediately after it was written, and long before the formal publishing, so that the final fine tuning of details could be spread in time for infinitively long period, and could take into the account the feedback from first readers (this is because of this principle, in spite that monograph [14A4] was written and distributed since 1988, I formally published it only in 1990). Near the end of 1990 I wrote and published the most important of my English monographs. It carried the following editorial data: [15A4]: Jan Pajak, "Advanced magnetic propulsion systems" (1 October 1989; Legal Deposit Receipt No.: PO # 00-017004, date 09/10/1990), ISBN 0-9597698-9-7 - see the item [1a] on the list from chapter Y. Monograph [15A4] = [1a] provided the blueprint for writing the Polish monograph [1/3], which in turn was leading to writing monograph [1/4] and also this monograph..
#32. Moral laws. Already in the times of my primary school I noted that fate of people is governed by some strange regularities. These regularities have no right to appear, if our lives - as this is commonly believed and claimed, are ruled by the so-called "coincident". Out of these regularities the most hitting in eyes were cases of reciprocality of negative feelings. For example when - as this naturally are doing teenagers, spontaneously and without reasons I did not like someone, always it later turned out that this someone spontaneously and without a reason was not liking me as well. These regularities which rule the fate of people, were even stronger visible during my studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw, thus frequently being a subject of my discussions with other students. One observation from that period concerned the simultaneous appearance on both sides the same discouraging circumstances. For example, if I had a date or a meeting, but in the meantime something unexpectedly cropped up, so that I had no chance to arrive to this date or a meeting, then it turned up, that also on the other side similar unexpected obstacles appeared, so that this other side also was unable to arrive at the date or meeting (such situations are especially noticeable, when in spite of all obstacles I did all humanly possible and arrive at the date or meeting to only find out, that the other side was unable to make it). But because not all other students were making similar observations, at that stage I come to the conclusion, that perhaps some people, due to extreme series of "coincidents" are actually affected more from others by events that display regularities and logic. (I was not realizing at that stage yet, that all people may be affected by such regularities in the same way, but not all people have the capability to observe and to notice that this happens to them.) The change of my views on this matter, caused a colleague from work, let us refer to him as to "Chimek". During one of the discussion in the office he claimed that in his son, he sees the altitudes and behaviours towards himself, which are the exact reflection of his own altitudes and behaviour towards his father. This statement of my colleague exactly corresponded with my own personal observations, thus it turned out to be this breakthrough reassurance, that whatever I noted, also happens to all other people, only that the majority of other people have insufficient observational capabilities to notice it. In turn this reassurance of Chimek inspired me to start carrying out a systematic observations in this area. These observations later fruited with the discovery of the existence of thinking counter- matter and the universal intellect - as this is described in previous items of this subsection. Putting all these ideas together caused the gradual clarification in my mind of the idea of moral laws. In 1985 I unambiguously formulated and published the first of these moral laws, which because of the manner in which it work, was called the Boomerang Principle. From the moment it clarified itself in my mind, I also started to seek other moral laws, as well as the easy and simple to remember recipes for the living according to the statement of these laws. Still in 1985 these searches fruited with the development of a new philosophy called "totalizm", while in 1996 - with the formulation of the totaliztic mechanics which is described in one of the further items of this chronological list of milestones.
#33. Totalizm (1985). The new scientific Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed various facts, which previously were not recognised by institutional science. These included the confirmation of the existence of universal intellect (God), which designed the laws that govern our universe, the existence and operation of moral laws, described in subsection I4.1.1 of this monograph and in subsection B4 of treatise [7/2], and the fact that these moral laws are executed on everyone with the iron consequence - i.e. without any forgiveness or mercy which for political reasons were offered by religions to-date. Thus at a moment when the Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed, that fate of people is ruled by moral laws, also a need emerged to form a new philosophy, which would explain to people how to apply these hard-hitting moral laws in their lives. In this way the philosophy of totalizm was born. (The newest formulation of principles of totalizm is explained in chapter JA of this monograph, while the previous complete presentation of this philosophy is contained in chapter A of monograph [8].) The first formulation of totalizm, and the choice of name for it, took place in 1985. But the formal foundation of totalizm, and the first practical recommendations of this positive philosophy, were published in 1986. In turn in my major monographs, this philosophy was published systematically starting from 1987. At the beginning, the most important part of totalizm was a collection of principles, which I observed empirically, and which I presented as a positive reversal of doctrines of following the line of the least resistance (i.e. doctrines of "primitive parasitism"). Thus the most vital part of totalizm was initially quite similar to the present content of subsection JB6 in this monograph and subsection I1 in monograph [8]. In the edition of monograph [1a] of 1990, totalizm included 5 such doctrines and the corresponding principles of totalizm. At that time this positive philosophy probably had not too many followers. But it make me sensitive to manifestations of totaliztic behaviour, and to the behaviour along the line of the least intellectual resistance. This in turn switched on my observational capabilities, and tuned them at finding more details.
Initially totalizm was presented just as an example added to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It just tried to explain how to live our lives according to moral laws and according to other findings resulting from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In 1987 totalizm was separated from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and established as an independent philosophical system of handy recommendations, which taught us how to apply outcomes of this concept in our every day lives. Simultaneously, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was distinguished as a pure science, similar to our to-date physics. (I.e. this means that in 1987 the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was defined as a kind of vehicle, comparable to a car, while the philosophy of totalizm was defined as a kind of tutorial, teaching us how to use this vehicle to safely drive through our lives.) It was at that time, that totalizm crystallised its stand as a secular philosophy, although it is the philosophy, which clearly recognises and acknowledges the existence of universal intellect (God). The reason was, that according to totalizm, all problems which religions created on Earth, are the outcome of forcing upon people the religious lifestyle, and departing from secular living. Such religious lifestyle requires from people to perform various manifestative, spectacular, theatrical, and public oriented displays of the obedience to a given religion (which are claimed to be manifestations of the obedience to God), such as religious gestures, religious rituals, religious ceremonies, religious festivities, etc. In order to execute these manifestations from people, various religious institutions were introduced. In turn these religious institutions can survive only if they seek political power. Unfortunately, their path to this power leads through distortion of moral laws and introduction of religious laws, which sometimes are contradictive to moral ones. Revealing all this, totalizm also discloses that the manifest religious practices were introduced by humans, not by the universal intellect (God), and that our science cannot discover laws of the universe, which actually ask us to perform any of them. As such, these manifestations are not needed to prove our obedience to the universal intellect, and are only justifiable for showing our obedience to a given religious institution. On the other hand, the obedience of moral laws turns out to be necessary, because the existence and operation of moral laws can be proven in a scientific manner. Therefore from the point of view of totalizm, the only required form of manifestation of someone's obedience towards the universal intellect (God) is to obey the moral laws. Thus, in practice totalizm recommends to live a fully secular life, which concentrates on living and on obeying moral laws, not on manifest participation in religious ceremonies (i.e. totalizm places content above form). Of course, totalizm allows all other forms of religious observations, if someone wishes to practice them, although it does not encourage them, it emphasises that they only have the value as a form of entertainment, the expression of tradition, or the expression of personal belief, and it also warns that they promote religious institutions, which could seek political power and thus could be interested in suppressing the true moral laws. In place of manifestative religious activities totalizm recommends the development of an intimate relationship with the universal intellect (UI), in which all communications with this intellect (prayers) are carried out quietly at thought level and are unnoticeable to other people, thus not disturbing their current secular activities.
These people who just are learning about the existence of totalizm, may wonder why such a new philosophy was not founded by someone with a philosophical background, e.g. by some famous university professor, which holds a deanship in a faculty of philosophy, and who was born in a well-known family of long-standing intellectuals. Why a philosophy, which now is turning around lives of numerous people, was formulated by Jasia of Wszewilki, a son of a mechanic and a housewife, who not long ago was grazing his mother's cows at the banks of nearby river called "Barycz". Well, the answer to this question lies in the complexity of totalizm. Totalizm is so complex, and so vast internally, that it would be impossible to be formulated by just an expert in any single discipline. If one analyses totalizm, he/she soon discovers, that this philosophy accumulates a huge range of theoretical knowledge, and empirical experience, which until the time totalizm was founded were not available simultaneously to a single person in a form of a logical structure into which this knowledge is shaped by totalizm. The direction of thinking, which is disclosed by totalizm, is drastically different from, and on many occasion completely opposite to, directions included in the majority of to-date religions, philosophies, scientific theories, and social trends. For these reasons, the principles of totalizm needed to be developed continually throughout many years, while what they say needed to be based on the pedantic piecing together the whole ocean of practical observations and theoretical knowledge, which originate from several different disciplines. In order to have access to all this vast knowledge, the person who could be able to formulate totalizm, needed to have a very analytical and observing approach to living, needed to lead a very dramatic ("interesting") life, full of adventures, obstacles to overcome, pain and suffering, travel, and extraordinary activities, which forced him to master perfectly numerous scientific disciplines, to live everyday life in many different countries, cultures, ideologies, religions, races, etc. If someone analytically revises the recommendations of totalizm, then he/she discovers that a narrow expert in only a single discipline, i.e. a type which overcrowds today universities, and which tries to influence the today philosophies, "armchair" scientific theories, and new religions or cults, practically never would be able to formulate such highly practical and extremely effective philosophy, as totalizm. For example, the narrow expert from, let say, philosophy, never would be able to discover and formulate these components of totalizm, which are related to physical sciences, such as moral field, moral energy, moral laws, gravity equations, totaliztic mechanics, etc. After all, the reluctance and allergy with which the experts of humanistic disciplines are treating all sciences which require the application of mathematics, measurements, units, equations, and all other tools of strict scientific thinking, is widely known. In turn an expert from a discipline other than philosophy, e.g. from any physical science, also would not be able to formulate totalizm for a simple reason that such narrow experts tend to spend whole their lives in the same environment and the same type of job. Therefore they do not have opportunity, like myself, for globetrotting and for accumulating in their minds, and then synthesising into totalizm, all these multitude of life experiences, empirical findings, and theoretical knowledge, which originally stem from a number of different disciplines, but which finally all converged into the recommendations of totalizm. (As an example, please consider the knowledge incorporated into totalizm, which originates from various: religions, ideologies, philosophies, history, folklore, politics, tourism, medicine, astronomy, physics, mechanics, etc.)
There are also other reasons for the high usefulness of totalizm, and for the applicability of this philosophy to many life situations. These are all the difficulties and toughness that I went through in my life, and the lessons from which I incorporated into totalizm. (I should mention here, that in order to make totalizm more educational, I am always trying to document in my publications the most meaningful out of numerous misadventures I went through in my life, although I also need to add that I actually made to the universal intellect the clear plea that I am prepared to experience in my life all the misadventures that are needed to improve the fate of humanity - therefore whatever affects me, is not because of the normal karma I must pay off, but because of the so-called creditory-karma described in subsection I4.5 that I volunteered to take on myself. Because of this my volunteering to misadventures, I also feel no animosity towards people and institutions, which used to oppress me and make my life miserable, although I feel a deep grudge towards evil parasites, who premeditated and manipulated onto people the dirty tricks that affect me from these institutions or these humans. Still I feel obliged to show scientific exactitude, and to report thoroughly facts about these people or institutions, even if these facts are not very nice.) From the content of this subsection it should become obvious, that my life was just one steam of constant exposures to prejudices, to the opposition against my research, to threats, attacks, scoffing, kicking out from subsequent jobs, and to many other forms of oppression and suppression. Of course, according to moral laws, the "bad does as much good, as good does bad". Thus also the tough times that I went through in my life, brought various good consequences, and could not stop me from leading a life, which is at least the same happy and fulfilled as that of other people. One of these good consequences is, that the tough times fruited with the advancement of principles of totalizm. The reason is, that these thousands of difficult life situations, which I constantly needed to solve in order to keep my jobs, earn my bread, and simply to survive, and the necessity to always keep squeaky clean to not be vulnerable to all these attacks, eventuated in gradual identification and working out the totaliztic rules of living. Totalizm is so good, because immoral people made my life so tough, and because the hard moral lessons these people constantly taught me, were all converted into this positive philosophy.
#34. The software interpretation of time. This name is assigned to the principle, alternative from that used by the official science, on which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains the work of time. According to this principle, time is the passage of the execution control through natural programs of our lives. Thus time must have a discrete character (means, it must move forward in short jumps), as the execution control moves in jumps from one command to a next one. In turn by being the execution control, time can be shifted back and forth, as well as slow down or accelerated.
Proof. The software interpretation of time is so precise, so detailed, and so true, that it allows to identify, and to indicate, proofs for its own correctness. One amongst such proofs is the possibility to see with naked eyes that time elapses in small jumps. This jumping elapse of time is visible with naked eye and in daylight, when we look carefully at any spinning object (e.g. at airplane propeller) that accelerates from zero to around 1800 rev/min. At some stage of this acceleration this spinning object makes an impression as if it begins to rotate in a direction that is opposite to the real one. This impression is formed because the execution control of time moves in jumps from one command of our program of life to a next command. Thus we see the spinning object NOT in a continuous manner, but in short jumps - which cause that this spinning object is visible as if it is lighted by rhythmical flashes of a stroboscopic lamp.
History. The essence of the "software interpretation of time" results directly from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus historically I comprehended this essence already at the moment when I developed this concept in 1985. However the technical details of it were worked out and developed in 1986 during the extending of the cyclic table by statements resulting from dipolar gravity. The development of this interpretation allowed in turn prediction of such phenomena as the "state of suspended animation", "one-way trip", "effect of duplication of time", etc. - for more details see subsection N2.3 /?/ of this monograph, or subsection M1 of monograph [1/4]. The first presentations of these phenomena were included into my publications starting from 1987. In turn the working out of basic phenomena connected with travel through time lead to a gradual disclosure and describing the basic attributes, capabilities, and limitations of time travel. From this there was only a small step to description of time vehicles and to gradual accumulation of information, that such time vehicles are already utilised by UFOnauts. The first more detailed descriptions of time vehicles were published in 1990 in [1e]. Because my knowledge about the work of time vehicles increased fast and continually, in 2007 to the description of these vehicles devoted was the special volume 11 of monograph [1/5].
Wasted chance for living forever. Time vehicles are an illustrative example how wasteful are actions of present human civilisation. If from the very beginning when I developed the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, means from 1985, I would receive from other people the help for which I continually kept appealing, then by now I would already build time vehicles. After all, over a quarter of century passed already - means much more time than I need to realise these extraordinary vehicles. In turn time vehicles have this capability, that they allow to defeat the death. This is because they allow that every citizen of the Earth after reaching an old age could repetitively shift back in time to years of his or her youth - as described in subsection N5.1 /?/. In this way every person could live forever. Unfortunately, through arranging public persecutions of my person and through unleashing hysteric scoffing at my Concept of Dipolar Gravity - instead of assisting me in the completion of the extraordinary devices which stem from this concept, the humanity wastes the present chance for building time vehicles. In turn after I must go to the afterlife, at least several hundreds of years will need to pass before someone else develops a similar to mine manner of thinking and courage to initiate the building of these vehicles capable of defeating the death.
#35. The model of the brain as an input-output device. In 1987 I visited several times a medical doctor who practised in Queenstown, New Zealand, and who was fascinated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This doctor, amongst others, practised acupuncture. During these visits long discussions took place about mechanisms of acupuncture in the light of dipolar gravity, about the structure of human body and the counter-material duplicate of this body, about the exchange of signals between our body and its counter-duplicate, etc. One of effects of these long discussions was the awareness and the development of the "model of the brain as a input-output device" described in subsection I5.4.
#36. The relationship of electromagnetic and paranormal phenomena, and the explanation for mechanism of magnetic field. In 1987 I started to prepare a paper [16A4] entitled "Premises for the Electromagnetic Manifestation of Paranormal Phenomena", which I planned to present on "The International Symposium on Interaction of Electromagnetic Fields with Biological Systems", Tiberias, Israel, March 21-24, 1988. In order to prepare the content of this paper, I analysed manifestations of the known paranormal and electrical phenomena, and I tried to detect mechanisms of mutual interaction between these two. In the effect of this analysis I found relationships that in this monograph are presented in subsections H7.3 and H5.2. One of the most significant findings was the explanation what actually magnetic field is - see subsection H5.2. Unfortunately, the symposium in Israel in the last moment was called off, because Arabs as usually started some problems. (It cannot be excluded that these problems were induced on purpose by evil parasites, who know the future, thus who could obstruct the conference which - if goes ahead, could possibly contribute towards much faster detection of evil activities of this cosmic invaders.) Therefore the discussed paper needed to be re-done, and after the translation into German it was published as [17A4] under the title "Gravitation Als Dipolare Felder" in West-German two-bimonthly "Raum & Zeit", Nr. 34, June/July 1988, pages 57 to 69 (published by: EHLERS Verlag GmbH, Hohenzollernstrasse 60, D-8000 München 40, West Germany).
#37. The unsuccessful search of the sponsor for completion of the oscillatory chamber and the Magnocraft. Until 1987 I managed to publish with my private funds several different English versions of my monographs, which described thoroughly the design and operation of the Magnocraft and the oscillatory chamber. These monographs were written in a good English, because in perfecting their language-side were involved my friends - for whom English was their native tongue. Thus, while having a good and comprehensive descriptions of the oscillatory chamber and the Magnocraft, around 1987 I decided to undertake the searches for an institution, which would allowed me to build this propelling device and vehicle, through giving me a technical, productional, and research support for my efforts. I continued these searches during at least three next years, until around 1989, means also to a large extend after my shifting at the University of Otago. But I finally run out the institutions in the world, to which I could turn in this matter, so I was forced to admit my defeat and to cease further searches. Within these searches for a sponsor, firstly in various publications I was seeking institutions from different countries, which are carrying out developmental and research work on new propulsion systems, on new energy devices, or on powerful magnetic fields. Then I posted to these institutions my English monographs, which exactly described the Magnocraft and/or the oscillatory chamber. (In these first my publications I made sure that even a single time I was not mentioning the name UFO, while the natural manner of eventuation of my inventions and discoveries was explained in them thoroughly.) These descriptions were accompanied by my cover letter, which explained benefits from the completion of these devices, which presented a detailed plan of research and development of these devices, and which contained my personal proposal addressed to these institutions, that I am going to build for them these propelling or energy devices, if on some principles they allow me to use their research laboratories, equipment, and production facilities. In total I posted such proposals to over 100 different institutions on our planet, which carried out some research in the areas which concerned my devices. Near the end of my search for a sponsor, the list of addresses and history of correspondence in this matter were taking me a thick notebook. These institutions were of all possible categories, starting with NASA, Department of Energy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and all sorts of tertiary educational institutions and private laboratories in the USA, and Canada. They included relevant institutions in almost all industrially developed counties - including into this the leading developmental companies in almost the entire Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand. They even incorporated various unknown sponsoring institutions and countries, such as King Faisal Found for the development of new methods of generation of energy - offered by one of the Arab countries (probably it was Saudi Arabia), the developmental fund of Sai Baba, Energy Fund in India, and even some secret private laboratory hidden in jungles of South America. The great majority of these over 100 institutions completely ignored my proposal of cooperation, and has not replied to my letters. In turn these which replied, treated me as a small boy who do not know what is writing about. For example NASA replied to me along the line that it has its own researchers, and that they work only on the realistic projects, the Department of Energy from the USA replied something about the opinion of its experts about the inability of the oscillatory chamber to accumulate energy or to be useful for any other energy applications, etc. Sometimes the replies were directly rude, for example such as the reply of one expert who was responsible for some fund in England for the development of devices for powerful magnetic fields, who in his reply thanked me for sending him interesting ... stamps, thus letting me know with typical English sarcasm, that the descriptions of the oscillatory chamber, which I posted to him in my letter, he considers to be complete rubbish, which is not worth stamps that I stick to the envelope (which stamps, by the way, otherwise to him, I needed to pay from my private pocket).
The impossibility of finding a sponsor for the construction of the oscillatory chamber and the Magnocraft, was a huge defeat and a very bitter disappointment. Unfortunately, it was not the first or the last defeat in my life. Intuitively I was sure, that if I had such a chance, I would surely build not only the oscillatory chamber, but also the Magnocraft. (In such a case, the fate of humanity would roll much differently than it rolls today.) After all, when one concerns the depth of understanding of the technical details of these two devices, the intuitive understanding of their operation, and the ability to carry out a scientific synthesis, it is going in future to be very difficult to find anyone, who could even with me. My defeat in the efforts of finding a sponsor for the completion of these devices, revealed that in the development of new devices, the construction of which requires a coordinated effort of more than just a single person, the inventor of these devices is completely powerless in face of a wall from human scepticism, which surrounds him. He is not able to convince others, that his invention is feasible and is going to work, while without convincing others, he is not able to build this device just by himself. Thus practically, out of the revolutionary devices invented on Earth, only these have the chance of being completed, the completion of which lies in capabilities of individual (their own) inventors. In turn everything, that requires large teams and large laboratories to be completed, may never have the chance of being build. How in such circumstances lift our civilisation to stars?
#38. UFO explosion in Tapanui, New Zealand (1987). While working in New Zealand, in my spare time I was pursuing various scientific interests. One of them was the search for a legendary explosion site, where - according to legends of New Zealand Maoris on the so- called "Fires of Tamaatea", an extraterrestrial spaceship exploded in not-too-distant past. I was quite successful in these searches, and in June 1987 I actually found a very spectacular crater, around one kilometre in diameter, which exists near the township of Tapanui in West Otago. I was looking for this crater since 1983, when after the arrival to Invercargill I firstly heard of the Maori legend on Rakiura - as described in monograph [5E]. But it was only around the June 1987, when with the help of my friends I finally managed to locate it. I carefully investigated the evidence around this crater, and it proved conclusively that actually some kind of a technological spaceships in fact did explode over there. For example I found magnetized debris, which contained grains of pure aluminium - a metal which in pure form does not exist in nature.
In New Zealand a so-called "time vehicle" exploded - means a UFO of the third generation that was able to cause alterations in the natural elapse of time. In turn the explosion of this time vehicle caused so-called "time surges", which still take place in New Zealand. These are types of mysteries which require a lengthy theory in order to explain their mechanism and origin. This theory is outlined in monograph [1/4]. To summarise it briefly here, in 1178 time vehicles (i.e. UFOs of the third generation) exploded in New Zealand near Tapanui. This explosion of time vehicles caused a whole array of unusual phenomena, including the destruction of genetic binding which defines sizes of the creatures that populate New Zealand (this destruction in turn resulted in mutating the New Zealand human giants that are described in subsection B1.1 /?/). One phenomenon which also originated from this explosion was a disturbance of the time continuum. If one compares time to the surface of a lake, this disturbance could be likened to waves which would propagate in that lake if someone exploded a bomb in it. Such waves are able to lift up and take down any object that floats on the lake's surface. Therefore the result of such disturbance of the time continuum is that in New Zealand still until today "time surges" exist, i.e. rapid waves of time, which bring to our times various animals and objects from other centuries, and which normally after several hours take these animals and objects back to their original times (although some animals, such as New Zealand tuatara, may be left permanently in our times). The result of these surges is that people sometimes can see in New Zealand things which do not belong to our times (i.e. which now do not exist), for example see Moa birds, see dinosaurs, etc. Then these things disappear and cannot be found any more. Examples of New Zealand mysteries which are caused by such time surges include: changes in appearance of known landscape features, changes in appearance of known architecture features (e.g. the landmark of Oamaru, the tower at the Boys High, was noted to keep changing its height, shape, and location in relation to other building), wandering powerlines which keep changing the path they follow, encounters with legendary Taniwhas - or even cases of being "eaten" by these creatures ("Taniwha" is a Maori name assigned to a mythological creature with magical powers, usually illustrated as a huge lizard with several round eggs under its belly; my interpretation explained in subsection E4 of monograph [8] is, that Maori used to assign this name to such a large "creature" unknown to them, as UFO vehicles, because the surface of UFOs usually is covered with the snake-like "skin" known to Maori from lizards, and also because under the belly of large UFO vehicles several round smaller vehicles can be clinging), numerous observations of landscapes which later disappeared, observations of living Moa birds, physical traces left by non-existing creatures such as Moa birds, and many more. For example, a time surge most probably was the cause for the following news item [18A4] that appeared in the "The Southland Times" newspaper, March 5th 1875 edition, Page 3, quote: "Christchurch, March 4. A statement appears in the Globe from a trustworthy correspondent, whom however the Globe does not vouch for, that moa=s tracks had been discovered at Oxford Bush, forty miles from Christchurch, on the 2nd March. Three people are alleged to have seen footprints, each measuring six inches, the distance between each footprint being from seven to nine feet. The tracks were followed for half-a-mile." I should add that one of my friends in 1987 photographed a fresh trail with very clear footprints, made by a giant Moa bird.
After the proof emerged from my research, that in fact a kind of a spaceship exploded near Tapanui, I wrote a scientific monograph [5E] which openly presented the conclusions from my research. The editorial data of this monograph were as follows (see item [5E] from chapter Y): Pajak Jan, "Tapanui Cataclysm - an explanation for the mysterious explosion in Otago, New Zealand, 1178 A.D." (Dunedin, New Zealand, 1989, ISBN 0-9597698-7-0, a private edition by the author, 39 pages and 27 illustrations).
#39. Shifting to Dunedin (1988). Around a half of year after the discovery of the Tapanui Crater, I changed my workplace from the Polytechnic in Invercargill, onto the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. The only reason for this change was my sweetheart at that time, who as a broken record, or as someone hypnotised, kept repeating to me day and night, that she must leave Invercargill and must shift to a larger city. But after I found a job at Otago University in Dunedin, put my resignation from the work in Invercargill, and in February 1988 started to actually shift to Dunedin, this sweetheart rapidly changed her mind and decided to stay in the place that she knew quite well. If I heard this correctly, even at the time of writing this monograph, she still was living somewhere near Invercargill.
The New Zealand folklore states, that the more south one goes, the more close minds and the more conservative people is to meet. In turn Invercargill is the most southern city of the world. But my personal experience from this most southern city of the world is, that its Polytechnic was one of the most totaliztic educational institutions, out of all institutions in which I worked so far. In turn my long-term direct superior at this Polytechnic was not only a real gentleman, but also the most totaliztic boss out of all bosses which I had so far. Probably this is because of the totaliztic atmosphere that prevailed at that Polytechnic in Invercargill, and also because of moral support of this totaliztic boss, the most vital scientific discoveries of my life took place in Invercargill. Where my staying in Invercargill is concerned, than in spite that climatically this is the most cold city in the whole New Zealand, the memory of my staying in Invercargill is similarly warm and pleasant as that from tropical Borneo or from Mediterranean Cyprus. (Unfortunately, the same does not apply to other southern cities of New Zealand, like Timaru or Dunedin.)
#40. The telekinetic effect and the telekinetic power-stations. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes mechanism of telekinesis as the "handling of material objects through interacting with counter-material duplicates of these objects". Telekinesis, and also mechanism of the phenomenon which later was called the telekinetic effect, was known to me from the first moment I realised the existence of the counter-material duplicates of all material objects (i.e. since 1985 - see the appropriate item before). Also, since the first moment I intuitively felt, that in sense of effects, the phenomenon of telekinesis must represent the reversal of friction. But at the beginning I had no idea how to trigger this phenomenon in a technical manner. (Although I was aware that the key to triggering it must lie in the appropriate use of magnetic field.) Also, I did not use the present name of "telekinetic effect" to describe this phenomenon. Only in the second half of 1989, when I prepared my paper [19A4] entitled "Premises for the feasibility of motors utilizing principles of psychokinesis", which was designated for presentation at the "1990 ANZAAS Congress (session on Energy and the Greenhouse Effect), University of Tasmania, Hobart, 14-16 February 1990", I discovered how to trigger these phenomena. In this paper, of the total volume of 18 pages and 12 illustrations, I carried out the analyses of principles of operation of so-called "free energy devices" that were build until that time. The content of this paper briefly summarised the information currently provided in chapter K of this monograph. In the result of these analyses I discovered, that in all existing telekinetic devices, the flow of electrons that constitutes electric current, is forced by the acceleration or deceleration of magnetic fields. In this way I discovered and defined the "telekinetic effect", I learned the technical manner of triggering this effect (through the acceleration and deceleration of magnetic field force lines), I established that this effect represents the reversal of friction, and I also developed a technical utilisation of this effect for construction of telekinetic power-stations (including into this also "telekinetic batteries" that I invented soon after the discovery of the telekinetic effect). It was at that time, that I assigned to this phenomenon the name "Telekinetic Effect" that is used until today.
As a curiosity it is worth to mention, that the Otago University in Dunedin, at which I was employed at that time, would not give me the permission promised earlier, to take part in this Tasmanian congress. The administrators of that university started to believe - as this was repeated verbally to me, that my paper "is contradictive to the existing knowledge" (for more details on this topic see subsection C8.3 of monograph [5/3] or subsection K4 of this monograph). When I turned to the only person in New Zealand, who was to take a part in this congress, to read my paper on my behalf, he without earlier discussing this with me - withdraw the paper from the congress instead of reading it, as was asked for. (This person, who designated the telekinetic effect to be burned on stake in the first days of its existence, was the director of that time for the development and research in the "Electricorp" corporation, which was responsible for all power-stations in New Zealand, and which should feel responsible for promotion of new ways of generating electrical energy!) So I translated the same paper into Polish and tried to publish it in the Polish scientific Journal "Mechanik". But in spite of receiving a positive opinion of a referee, for some reasons also this Polish Journal never published my paper. Thus, this paper was only published, when I converted it into a small brochure, and published privately in English as a monograph [6e], and in Polish as monograph [6]. The content of chapter K and subsection H6.1 in this monograph represents an updated version of this paper.
#41. Telekinetic batteries. When in the second half of 1989 I managed to discover the method for the technical release of the telekinetic effect, this discovery triggered several technical inventions described in chapter K of this monograph. The most important and the most promising out of these inventions was the telekinetic battery. Therefore soon after inventing this battery I decided to build it. I even purchased the required components. Unfortunately, I was unable to implement this decision. Not long after I finished the design of my telekinetic battery, the Otago University in Dunedin, in which I worked then, sacked me from the job, as I am going to describe this in next part of this subsection. In turn, after I become unemployed, the entire my attention was concentrated on finding a next job and on survival. For the construction of the telekinetic battery I run out of time, energy, and research possibilities.
The telekinetic batteries were actually first devices, which I invented from the scratch after I discovered the telekinetic effect. At the time of working out the telekinetic effect, I did not know any person who would work on this type of devices. Principles of operation and design of telekinetic batteries were invented in the second half of 1989. But the formal publishing of these principles and design needed to wait until 1990, when I published monographs [6e] and [6]. Currently the most updated principles of operation and design of telekinetic batteries are described in chapter D of treatise [7/2], and in subsection K2.4.1 of this monograph.
#42. Magnocraft of the second generation (also called "telekinetic vehicles"). One of the countless consequences of the development of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity was also, that it explained the nature and principles of telekinetic motion (see subsection H6.1). This motion is caused by a phenomena, which at the moment of discovery I called the "telekinetic effect". In turn the learning about telekinetic motion allowed to work out the design and operation of telekinetic vehicles, and to deduce phenomena that are induced by these Magnocraft of the second generation. Their permanent introduction to my publications took place in 1985. In this monograph such telekinetic vehicles are described in chapter M.
History. In the sense of their technical capabilities, and also phenomena induced by these telekinetic vehicles, the awareness of their existence and feasibility crystallised in me from the time when I included statements of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity to my cyclic table, i.e. from 1986. But in the sense of the principle of operation of their propulsion, and the detailed design, the complete working out of the Magnocraft of the second (and also third) generation took place only around 1990. This happened during the preparation of my first publications devoted to the telekinetic effect (especially during the preparation of the first edition of monograph [6]). The current summary of both these advanced Magnocraft is presented in subsection M6.
#43. Magnocraft of the third generation (also called "time vehicles"). A further consequence of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity was, amongst others, that it also introduced the so-called "software interpretation of time" (see subsections H9.1 and chapter N /?/). According to this interpretation time is simply a flow of execution control through natural programs of our lives stored in counter-material duplicates that are contained in the counter- world. Therefore the speed and direction of the elapse of time can be changed with the use of appropriate technical devices (or natural capabilities). In turn learning in 1985 this mechanism of work of time, and principles of its alterations, allowed to gradually develop the design and operation of time vehicles , and to explain phenomena that are induced by these Magnocraft of third generation. In monograph [1/4] these time vehicles are described in volume 10 /? volume 11 ?/ (subsection M1). In turn monograph [1/5] describes them in volume 11 /? volume 12 ?/ (chapter N) /? chapter NA ?/.
The theoretical development of the idea of time vehicles in 1985 exerted a significant impact on many topics that I investigated later, and that I presented in this monograph. Their example are findings described in subsection V5.1, that become possible to gather because of my previous research on time vehicles. In fact various consequences of the use of time vehicles on Earth were continually discovered by me since 1985 until today.
#44. The lost campaign of the oscillatory chamber and Magnocraft promotion. After I shifted to Dunedin in 1988, I continued the search for a sponsor for building the oscillatory chamber and/or the Magnocraft. My confusion was growing together with the number of institutions which I contacted for this reason. These institutions either ignored, took not serious, or ridicule my revolutionary devices. I could not understand the reason for such a lack of the interest in construction of devices, which had the potential to change the fate of our civilisation (at that time I still did not know about the existence of evil parasites, who manipulate people). As a possible reason of this unanimous ignorance, I deduced the lack of publications on this topic (about the intellectual sabotage of evil parasites I learned only later).
In order to make up somehow for this lack of popular publications about Magnocraft and the oscillatory chamber, I decided that I need to do something to publish some articles on these devices in popular periodicals. For the next several years, starting from the moment of my landing in Dunedin and finishing at the moment when I departed to Cyprus, I carried out an intensive campaign to publish some articles about the Magnocraft and the oscillatory chamber. In 1988 and 1989 practically every month I wrote a next popular article about topics that I researched, I thoroughly check English of this article with my friends, I produced drawings and photographs to illustratively support the content, and I posted the article to a next popular periodical. If any of the articles was returning with the refusal of being published, I posted it to a next periodical, etc. In total, during a period of around four years, when I carried out this campaign, I wrote around 20 popular articles about the Magnocraft, oscillatory chamber, Tapanui explosion, UFOs, UFO landing sites, and underground UFO tunnels. Practically at least one of these articles I posted to each periodical which accepted this subject area, the existence of which I discovered in any country of the world. To some periodicals in England, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, about which I knew for sure that they address topics which I research, I posted at that time several different articles. As it turned out, I was defeated in this campaign completely. The outcomes were almost zero. Practically almost no periodical agreed to publish anything about research that I carried out. I was not able to understand why this happens (at that time I still did not know that evil parasites are intensively blocking the dissemination of results of my research). After all, my articles were written in a good English, they presented rather interesting topics in an interesting manner, they had good illustrative material, people at that time were fascinated with the topics that I was elaborating on, while I did not ask any payment to be made for my articles. In the result of these four years of constant carrying out the promotion campaign, and after distribution to various periodicals a huge number of copies of my articles, I managed to cause the publication of only two of them. The first of these two was an article [20A4] about the Tapanui explosion, prepared on the basis of my materials by John Pinkney: "The Bemusing Triangle", People (Weekly illustrated Magazine, 54 Park Street, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia), 29 November 1988, pp. 18-20. The second one was the article [21A4] "New Zealand's Tapanui Explosion", Ancient Skies (1921 St. Johns Ave., Highland Park, Illinois 60035-3105, USA), Vol. 17, No. 4, September-October 1990, pp. 1-4. Currently I estimate that during that period of time I posted to editors of various periodicals around 200 copies of my articles. (Of course, I posted only around 20 different articles, which I then wrote. Only that all the time I kept them in circulation, i.e. after they returned with a refusal from one editor, I was posting them to another editor.) This means that my rate of success in this publishing campaign was only around 1%. For comparison, when I wrote articles at any other topics, which have no connection with the activities of evil parasites on Earth, the rate of my success amounted to 100%. For example all articles, which I wrote in my life about the "neutral" directions in my research, were always published - and usually by the first scientific periodical to which I posted them.
Such poor results of my large scale publication campaign, gave me a lot to think about. It realized to me, that whenever I am doing something in the direction connected with space, it immediately releases the action of some mysterious obstruction forces. Thus, in combination with the previous campaign of seeking a sponsor for building the Magnocraft and the oscillatory chamber, which also turned out to be a complete fiasco, and also in connection with other cases of fiasco that I experienced previously, I started to notice a shocking regularity in what was happening. This regularity depended on the fact, that whenever I tried to do something, what was connected with space, means what concerned the design or propulsion of interstellar spaceship, energy devices, UFO, mysteries, etc., then my level of success from normally equal to almost 100%, rapidly drops down to close to zero. In turn the noticing of this regularity, in connection with other "suppressing" experiences, which evil parasites constantly served me in connection with my private research, slowly led to the discovery of the existence of evil parasites. In turn this led to the realization of facts that I am describing in subsections A3, and U1 to VB6 /?/.
#45. The publishing of monograph [5E] about the explosion of a UFO space vehicle near Tapanui (1989). In spite of shifting to Dunedin, I continued my private research on the Tapanui crater. From my research gradually a proof started to emerge, that in Tapanui in fact a space vehicle did explode. Thus I wrote a scientific monograph [5E], which was openly presenting the shocking conclusions from my research. The editorial data of this monograph were (see item [5E] from chapter Y): Pajak Jan, "Tapanui Cataclysm - an explanation for the mysterious explosion in Otago, New Zealand, 1178 A.D." (Dunedin, New Zealand, 1989, ISBN 0-9597698-7-0, a private edition by the author, 39 pages and 27 illustrations).
#46. My dismissal from the Otago University (1990). At the time when I published monograph [5E], I was a senior lecturer at the Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. This monograph reported about a significant discovery, namely about a site where an extraterrestrial spaceship exploded on Earth. The response of the scientific fraternity to the monograph [5E], which reported on the discovery of such a breakthrough significance, totally shocked me. Instead of being rewarded, as should be the case when someone makes an important discovery - whatever the subject might be, I become the target of administrative pressures and various attacks. My superiors and colleagues rushed to persuade me to deny my discovery, or to withdraw it under the excuse that it was a joke or a mistake. Privately I was told that by involving extraterrestrial spaceship in my research, I brought disgrace to that university. After I refused to rebut results of my own research, I received an "offer not to be rejected". It contained an ultimatum, that I either quietly resign from the position at that university, or I get fired with a loud bang. So I chose the quiet resignation.
At the time of my dismissal, I still did not know that there is such thing as a distinct philosophy of parasitism. For this reasons I was unable to recognize whether my direct boss of that time, or other individuals who occupied important management positions, were in a very advanced stage of parasitism. I started to be aware of parasitic attributes only much later, when I identified and described parasitism. However, even that I was not able to establish whether my superiors of that time represent a philosophy which is a main adversary of totalizm, I still managed to memorise their attributes. Therefore, when four years later I met a person, who was a living role model for parasitism, I had something to compare his attributes with. In such manner my work at that University resulted in accumulation of the practical knowledge, which four years later helped to identify and to describe parasitism as a distinct philosophy most commonly adhered on Earth.
#47. The discovery that views on Earth are manipulated by UFOs. This manipulation gravitates towards abandoning all strategic research that are threatening the technical domination of UFOnauts over people. The final conclusion to which I arrived in previous item, that the majority of people is unanimous in discriminating and persecuting of those who carry out research in such strategic disciplines, was quite shocking for me. Immediately after I reached this conclusion, I had no empirical evidence that would support this conclusion and allowed me to present it publicly. The gathering of this evidence was only possible after I developed a fast method for identification of people who were definitely abducted to UFOs - see further items of this subsection and subsection U3.1 which describes this method. This method allowed me to realise the cosmic dimensions of the problem of UFO abductions, and to discover that our Earth is actually a "milking cow", or a "colony" that is ruthlessly exploited by some technically advanced but morally decadent cosmic civilisations - see subsections A3 and T5, chapters U and V, and next item below. From this was only a short step to realizing, that the awareness of people must be manipulated by these cosmic exploiters in order to prevent our research in the strategic directions that threaten the technical domination of UFOnauts over people. After all, such research would led to halting this beneficial for them exploitation of Earth (see the list of such blocked by UFOs strategic directions of research that is provided in subsection VB5.1.1 /?/). Other findings that I accomplished in that area, was a shocking discovery, that in especially significant cases UFOnauts do not refry from resorting to the use of force, oppression, and murdering inconvenient people, only that the realisation of these they carry out in a specially satanic manner (e.g. they allow to carry them out by hypnotically programmed for this purpose people, which I call "collaborators" - see subsections U4.4 and JD4.2 /?/).
#48. The necessity to carry out my further research underground. Since that particular moment in my career, when such hurtful sacrilege was forced upon me through this unjust dismissal from the Otago University in New Zealand, I was forced to revise my policy regarding being open about the topic of my private research. I ceased to do my research in open, and I "went underground", means I started to do research in a "full conspiracy" (the term "conspiracy" is used here in the positive meaning of a totaliztic good deed, as a manner of refusing to submit to an oppression). The bitter experience that I went through, only because I did the "forbidden discovery", had this consequence that I needed to verify my policy on the "semi-conspiracy" of my research that I adopted earlier. Now I was forced to adopt a new policy in my research, which was that of a "full conspiracy". Since that particular moment of time, my research activities were characterized by the following new set of attributes: (1) all the research was carried out, like previously, in my private time designated for rest (i.e. during weekends and holidays), on my private cost, and by using my private resources; (2) I ceased my attempts to officially publish my results in "refereed" scientific literature (although I still sporadically was undertaking quiet but unsuccessful attempts to officially present my results on scientific conferences), and from then onwards all results of my research were publish outside of the official stream of the knowledge dissemination, and outside of the country in which at a given time I was employed and living; (3) I was not revealing to my co-workers or to any authorities of the country that I was living, the real topic of my research, and I avoided making this topic available to anyone who had a connection with the place of my employment; (4) I was not revealing any out of the wide range of accomplishments that I achieved in the area of my private research, and I never make known to a prospective employer what I do in my private time and what I accomplished so far (I only make available to potential employers the information about my "mock research" - i.e. research which I was carrying out in my official time to have something to present in cases of seeking a new employment).
The result was that after the time of being "kicked out" from the Otago University, my employer never knew the subject of my real research, and in everything that I was doing in my place of employment I was exactly like every other "typical" scientist. Yet, in spite of all these precautions, I still was having constant problems with keeping my employment. All contracts that I had at this time were short-term (i.e. up to 3 years of time). And even in these, my employers usually kept me employed only because of various "divine interventions" which caused that in spite of numerous attempts, my parasitic superiors simply could not find any valid reason to dismiss me.
Of course, the unpleasant event of being "kicked out" from the Otago University in New Zealand, had significant consequences for my work on totalizm. For example it realised to me the truth, that "wherever there is a need to resort to conspiracy, there always must exist some sort of oppressor". This in turn allowed me to discover the existence of "evil parasites" described in subsection A3, and also eventually led to the identification and description of the destructive philosophy called parasitism (which is explained in chapters JD). But for various reasons there is no place to elaborate on these consequences in this volume. Therefore, these readers who wish to learn more about them, are advised to reach for other volumes of this publications, especially for volumes 8 and 15 to 18.
Many people who learn about my research, usually have no idea that starting from 1990 this research is carried out in a "full conspiracy". Even when they learn about this conspiracy - they do not understand how huge limitations and restrictions it imposes on me. But if one considers their meaning, than the "research in a full conspiracy" in the sense of limitations and restrictions is an equivalent to almost the "research carried out in a prison", and allegorically can be compared to "efforts of a deportee to Siberia to get an aesthetic suntan". Practically due to the research in a full conspiracy, I have no access to anything, that normal scientists, or even just normal mere mortals, have in amounts that wish to have. And so, for example I have no access to any measuring instruments or research apparatuses - including into this even the most simple ones like voltameters or amperometers. The most complicated research instrument that I use in my investigations is a scout magnetic compass. I also have no any production facilities or production tools. After all, due to the small help from evil parasites, I am forced to be in a constant globetrotting, thus all my luggage must fit into a single suitcase. At some stage I bought myself very needed binoculars, but I was forced to live them with a friend, because I do not have a room in my luggage to carry it during my continuous voyages throughout the world. In turn, in places of my employment I cannot admit what, and why, I would like to measure. In addition to this, I have no possibilities to write, to check the language side of my writings, to print in my work, or to formally publish at the workplace, anything that I am researching. For example, after I went into the full conspiracy, any attempt to give to a colleague from the work my writings to verify the correctness of English, always finishes with a disaster, so practically since I adopted the policy of the work under the full conspiracy, my publications must be published without any formal checking of my English language. In addition to the above, I have no access to literature from the researched area, I have no possibility to accumulate any handy library, I have no-one with whom I could discuss what I am researching, no-one to ask for opinion or advice, no-one to humanly tell about an ocean of unpleasantness, scoffing, swearing, and venom, which I am constantly flooded from the countless adversaries of views that I am representing. Even with my correspondence I must constantly hide, while evil parasites are constantly obstructing it. Sometimes myself I do not understand how it happens, that in spite of all these obstacles, opposing circumstances, and oppression, I still have some noticeable results in whatever I am doing.
#49. The breakthrough discovery, that Earth is under the invisible occupation of a parasitic confederation of UFOnauts. The moral law of "Double-sided Sword" explained in subsection I4.1.1 causes, that every unfortunate turn of events brings desirable results as well (this consequence of the discussed moral law is expressed by the popular saying "out of something bad there is always something good", or "every cloud has a silver lining"). Therefore getting a heavy punishment for doing research that was my duty as a scientist, and that was extremely needed because the country was overflowing with mysteries, while local scientists refused to investigate them, also brought such positive consequences. It forced me to ask the question "why every constructive research concerning UFOs must be conducted in secrecy". After all, such research does not hurt anyone, and also considering the controversy which surrounds it, it is badly needed by our civilisation. From the time when I was an activist of original Solidarity, I remembered the primary rule that "wherever there is a need for conspiracy, there always must exist some kind of invader which is suppressing those people resorting to work in conspiracy". So my next question was "who is that invisible invader that is oppressing all those doing research on UFOs". As this is well known amongst scientists, the success in scientific investigations mainly depends on asking the right type of questions, and then on getting the correct answers to these questions. In my case the query "who is that invisible invader" turned out to be that right question which provided a snowballing answer. This is because the correct answer to this question was: "this invisible invader who oppresses the research on UFOs, are UFOnauts themselves who do not want people learn about their parasitic activities on Earth and therefore who with the help of their human collaborators are destroying everyone who investigates them too thoroughly". As much as this answer shocks, it fits excellently to all question that we have about UFOs. It explains why there is so much contradiction in our perception of UFO phenomena, why people react so hysterically on every mention of UFOs, why there is an official hostility against research on UFOs, why everyone who investigates UFOs always encounters various problems and punishments, why rational and correct theories and explanations regarding UFOs are always rebuked, while crazy theories are multiplied infinitively and are disseminated without any resistance or criticism, why all evidence which could disclose the existence of UFOs' occupation of Earth always disappears before anyone has the time to investigate it, etc.
The discovery discussed here that "Earth is occupied by UFOnauts who keep invisible to our eyes" introduced a huge number of practical consequences. For example it allowed to develop an "occupational model of our relationships with UFOnauts" that explains all these misapprehended behaviours of UFOnauts, situations of people in relationship to UFOnauts, and phenomena that accompany appearances of UFOnauts. The practical implementation of this model allowed also to prove - this time in a strict, formal manner, that Earth really is under UFO occupation - see subsection P4. In turn the formal proof for the existence of this occupation revealed that rational investigators of UFOs, without knowing it, actually are in the state of "partizan war" with the forces of UFOnauts that currently occupy our planet (no wonder that so-far UFO researchers always were loosing in this war). In turn the publications which disclose this occupation, like this monograph, actually represent "underground literature" which UFOnauts are destroying ruthlessly together with the authors who write it. (No wonder that for all these years strange "coincidents" continually push me into increasingly isolated areas of Earth, where is more and more difficult to carry out my research and from where it is very difficult to communicate with the receivers of results of my research.)
#50. Realising that there is a need for our self-defence from UFOnauts. The discovery of the fact that Earth is occupied in an invisible manner by UFOnauts, in connection with gradual discovering increasingly larger number of various forms of exploitation, to which people are systematically subjected by UFOnauts (see subsections U4.1, VB1 /?/, O1 /?/, R4.1), started to indicate that there is a necessity for immediate starting of our defence from this cosmic aggressor and occupant. Unfortunately, at the very beginning I still had no sufficient evidence to call for a popular uprising against our oppressors from UFOs. Thus starting from around 1992 I initiated the collection of evidence, to prove that this occupation of Earth by UFOs actually takes place. Only then I started to develop strategy and means for our self defence. The content of this monographs, amongst others, combines together everything that in this area I managed to work out until today - see subsections W4 and W1. My first open call for levy in our mass defence was issued in monograph [3] written in Malaysia. It was in this monograph [3] that I included a call to every person on Earth to initiate his/her basic duty of self defence against morally degenerated aggressors of humanity from UFOs.
#51. Realising the need to change our ways of thinking and our research methods regarding UFOnauts. Our thinking habits to-date, and also all our knowledge and scientific methods to-date, are completely useless in noticing the fact of existence, and activities, of our cosmic enemy/occupant. After all, this cosmic invader of ours is characterised by the following attributes: (1) is more intelligent from people (see subsection JE9.2 /?/), (2) has the level of technology and science many times higher from technology and science that people have in their disposal (see subsections V3, VB5.1.1 /?/, and W4), (3) is hostile towards us, because it intends to keep us in slavery for ever and intends to exploit humanity endlessly, and (4) it tries to hide from people the fact of its existence and its interventions in human affairs (see subsections O8.1 /?/, VB4.1 /?/, and V6). After all, the entire our thinking, research methodologies, and the protocols of contacts with extraterrestrial beings that are expected by our "ivory tower" scientists, are so oriented, that we are able to notice on Earth only creatures who either are "hostile towards us and try to hide their presence and activities, but are much more stupid from people and have much more primitive technology in their disposal", or which "have in disposal technology, knowledge, and intelligence higher than people, but are friendly towards us and do not try to hide from us but even undertake efforts to reveal to our scientists their presence in a primitive manner that our scientists are expecting". (These advanced beings need to contact us exclusively via primitive and slow electromagnetic waves, instead via telepathy. After all, our scientists expect and wish to obtain firstly a contact via a radio communication. Only then they are allowed to send us by this radio the Pythagoras Equation - so that our sceptical scientists become convinced that they are intelligent. All these activities must be completed, instead of simply sending to us telepathically their picture and straight away proceeding with communicating the reason why they initiated this contact.) But when we deal with "evil parasites" from UFOs, means with an enemy who is more intelligent from us, has a better technology and capabilities than us, is hostile towards people, and tries to hide from us the fact of its existence and its activities, then our scientific methods to-date fail completely. After all, in such a situation the strange protocols of contact that are expected by our ivory tower scientists become completely naďve, hopeless, and useless. (In spite that about the existence and activities on Earth of just such evil enemies of humanity, we are being warned by almost all religions for thousands of years, and thus that we received sufficiently long notification and warnings to develop methods of noticing their activities.) If someone does not believe in what I am saying here, then he/she should consider an official scientific method (which is also a manner of thinking) that is described under the name "Occam's razor" (see the description of it in subsections VB5.2.1 /?/ and R4). Then he/she should try to discover with the use of this "Occam's razor" activities on Earth of "evil parasites" from UFOs, that behave as this is described in subsection A3. My realising all the above facts, prompted me to acknowledge, that humanity must change its mental habits, research methods, and its expectations regarding the protocols, which must be obeyed in case of contacts with UFOs. Of course, my struggle to change these habits, methods, and protocols in the entire humanity, I started from the drastic changing them firstly in myself.
Until the time of writing this item, I managed to identify and to try in action, as many as several new methods and principles of thinking, with which we should replace for our invaders from UFOs the present methods and mental habits. I already implemented these in my own thinking and my own research methods. Because effects of the use of these new methods are to be visible in this monograph, I would like to present them here briefly. (After all, this monograph presents examples of effects of this new thinking, and also an attempt to formulate foundations for a new methodological approach to research of this "evil parasite" from UFOs.)
a) The method of "avoiding a trap of mental tradition". The principle of it is illustrated at the end of subsection R4 on the example of analysis of Figure R7. "A trap of metal tradition" depends on the assuming, that all other people and UFOnauts are thinking, feeling, and acting, exactly the same as we do. In this trap actually fall the majority of people. Thus in order to avoid it, we need to remember, that everyone, depending on the circumstances that currently is in, and depending on the philosophy that is practising, actually is going to think, feel, and act differently. Therefore, in order to effectively oppose the activities of "evil parasites" from UFOs, one needs to put himself/herself into their situation, to understand their philosophy, and to simulate their manners of thinking, feeling, and acting.
b) The method of "analyses from the point of view that is exactly opposite to the commonly adhered one". This method depends on the ability to adopt such a view on every matter that surround us, that it is an exact opposite to views that were forwarded to us by traditions to-date, by our methods of thinking, etc. For example, in our thinking instead of typically rejecting the existence of UFOnauts and negating their interventions in Earth's matters, we must seek this existence and interventions in everything that happens on Earth. In turn in our scientific methods, we must reject decisively the methods and theories that were manipulated into us by UFOnauts, such as for example the "Occam razor" discussed before, theory of relativity, Darwin's Theory of Natural Evolution, etc. (see list of such theories imposed to us by UFOs that is provided in subsections VB5.2 /?/ and VB5.2.1 /?/). In turn in our research we need to assume, that every theory, research method, and institution, which was disseminated on Earth so-far, contains a confusing element that was imposed by UFOnauts and that supposed to serve interests of our cosmic occupants and exploiters. Thus in order to not fall victims of this confusing elements, it is necessary to initially assume, that all our research methods in every their detail may be erroneous and acting to the benefit of our cosmic invaders. Only then we can analytically determine, which elements of these methods can be utilised without a significant hurting our own interests.
c) The method of "totaliztic thinking", based on the Principle of Counterpolarity. It depends on the practical utilisation in our thinking principles of totalizm that are explained in subsection JA2 (although are also discussed throughout the entire chapter JA - e.g. see subsection JA1). Especially vital in this thinking is the so-called "Principle of Counterpolarity" described in details in subsection I4.1.1 of this monograph, and in subsection K4.1.1 of monograph [8]. According to it, nothing is definite as this is taught in our schools (e.g. nothing is exclusively truth or false, good or bad, etc., but everything is a mixture of appropriate proportions of truth and false, good or bad, etc.). Therefore in the most "stupid" ideas always grains of truth are contained, also every theory, even if is the most respected, contains in itself some percent of error. According to this totaliztic principle, every action does not have exclusively good nor evil consequences, but a sum of its good and evil consequences mutually balances each other. Also in every event the most important are its moral consequences, etc., etc.
d) The method of (totaliztic) thinking in categories of the Principle of Purpose. Also this one is based on principles of totaliztic thinking that are discussed in subsections JA2 and JC7 /?/, and partially addressed in the entire chapter JA. It states, that actually does not exist such a thing as a "coincident" or "favourable set of circumstances", but everything that happens to us in life is having some vital goal and reasons behind it, only that this goal and reasons not always are obvious to us. The terminology "coincident" and "favourable set of circumstances" was invented by ignorants, who hide with it, their inability to explain what is the real goal and real reason behind given events. Thus, if we notice that takes place a phenomenon or an event which is especially important to us, or that something affects a larger number of people, then we should try to determine what is the real goal behind it. After we determine this goal, we should also be able to deduce who hides behind it, what it is for, how we should prevent it, etc.
Of course, if this monograph is going to be judged by someone, who is still trapped in old thinking categories, then such changes of mental and methodological approach may induce various emotions in such a person. After all, such a person is in the situation of medieval people, who know nothing about the existence of air and atmosphere, while someone tries to pass to them the information about the operation of sound waves, about principles of barometer, about the existence of poisonous gasses, and about dangers of someone's gas attack; or in the situation of scientists from the Napoleon era, who had no idea about electromagnetic waves, while someone tries to explain to them principles of television, microwaves, and dangers of the use of electromagnetic weapon. In case one encounters such emotions, before he/she pushes the responsibility for them onto me - the author of this monograph (what is a usual behaviour in case of encountering something that extends beyond accepted horizons), perhaps it is worth to consider for a moment these examples of warnings against gas attacks passed to medieval citizens, or warnings against attacks with electromagnetic weapon given to militaries from the Napoleon era.
#52. Experiencing a bitter taste of unemployment (1990 to 1992). After I lost in 1990 my job at the University of Otago in New Zealand, for the next two years I remained unemployed. I also was not taking any unemployment benefit - this was because initially I believed that I am going to find a next job rather fast, therefore until March 1992 I would not register as an unemployed. But when finally I registered, it turned out that according to the law of that times I must wait another 6 moths before I receive the benefit. When finally a time come that I could take the benefit, I already had a job offer from Cyprus and I was preparing my departure from New Zealand.
These two years of my unemployment were the most ordeal, most black, and the most nightmarish period in my everyday life to-date. For the lack of money and work, I was "imprisoned" in an old, cold, constantly rainy, depressing, and subdivided into social casts, Dunedin. My morale, my feeling of own value, and my dignity, were plunging down rapidly with every next refusal of job. And there was a lot of these refusals. I found the first job after sending to various educational institutions as many as 183 applications (until today I have in my computer addresses of institutions to which I posted my job applications at that time). But personally I believe, that there was an important reason for which I received this harsh lesson - after all, now I know excellently how unemployment and uncertainty of the tomorrow taste. The thing that in this immensely difficult time kept me constantly on the path, maintained my continuous touch with the world, and reinforced my self-discipline, was my "private" research. I also own the victorious overcoming of these two years of nightmare, to a small group of devoted friends, which at that time I had on my side. But in spite of the fact, that my best friends still live in Dunedin until today, for me this city is going to remain forever as the synonymous for soullessness, and as the serving place for the hardest moral lesson that I received in my life to-date. After almost two years without a job I finally realised, that I have no chances to find any employment in New Zealand. Thus I had no other option but to leave New Zealand and to earn my bread elsewhere.
#53. My professorship in Cyprus (1992 to 1993), means the forced departing from New Zealand in search for the bread. After losing my lecturing job at the University of Otago, and after subsequent 2-year long period of unemployment, I left New Zealand to earn overseas for my living. Initially, starting from 1 September 1992, I got a one year appointment as an Associate Professor in Computer Sciences at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus.
My professorship in Cyprus, and later also the further two professorships that followed it, for many reasons turned out to be very important for my professional life and research. For example, they reinforced my self-confidence as a scientist that was so brutally broken by the administration of Otago University. After all, not many scientists are reaching a professorial level in any discipline, while I managed to reach this level in as many as two different disciplines (namely in Computer Sciences and in Mechanical Engineering). They also lifted upward the weighting of my research and findings - the present society looks differently at findings accomplished by an ordinary person, and by findings accomplished by a former university professor. (Note that with becoming an university professor, is like becoming a general in an army - this honour and title is never took back. Means, "once someone becomes an university professor, symbolically and titulary he/she remains a former professor forever". Even if such someone is currently unemployed, still is not "just an ordinary unemployed", but "the unemployed former university professor". Also the sarcastic comments, scoffing, and smart remarks, which various home-made wizards are frequently trying to serve me, are loosing their painful edge when they are directed at a former university professor - especially if people who formulate them were unable to finish their studies at any university.) All these professorships allowed me also to increase my knowledge of the moral laws described in subsection I4.1.1, and to accumulate further experience with people and with their philosophies. They provided numerous opportunities to accumulate, and to verify, various scientific evidence, which turned to be extremely useful in my research. They gave me also the opportunity to publish scientific monographs, which disclosed and made public my numerous findings. Finally, the Northern Cyprus was then a modern Islamic country, with very open minded approach to religion. Thus I had an opportunity to learn and to constructively discuss with my colleagues, historic links, vital similarities and insignificant differences that exist between Christianity and Islam. It was there that I learned that initially Islam was just a "younger brother" of Christianity, while the differences between these religions started to grow only later (most surely because of the manipulations of evil parasites).
#54. Evidence of the destruction of Salamis in the result of Tapanui explosion in New Zealand (1993). While on my professorship in Cyprus, by some strange "coincidence" a window from my flat was facing ruins of the ancient city of Salamis. I was very fascinated by these ruins and used to walk amongst them for hours. I was puzzled by the beauty of ancient sculptures, which used to take my breath away with their magnificence, and by the unusual regular placing of ruins, in which all objects were lying with their tops pointing the south direction. One of the questions, that I frequently asked myself, was "what caused that after the period of magnificence and beauty of the ancient world, rapidly come to Earth this period of medieval decay and ugliness". As it turned out later, the asking of this question and finding an answer to it, was this intellectual bridge that led to the discovery of telepathy and the influence of telepathic noise on the health, taste, and feelings of people - see subsections D4 and C8.3 of monograph [5/4]. (This in turn again confirms, that the key to a scientific success is the ability to ask ourselves the right type of questions.) Near the end of my staying in Cyprus, by another "coincident" I learned a local legend, which described why Salamis was destroyed (there are not known historic descriptions of this destruction). It turned out that Salamis was washed out from the surface of Earth by a powerful series of tsunami waves, which come from the north around the date of the Tapanui explosion. I quoted the content of this legend in subsection D3 of monograph [5/4]. The detailed research of the ruins, and the searches in historic literature on Cyprus, quite well confirmed the content of this legend and suggested that the destruction of Salamis was in fact the direct consequence of the UFO explosion over Tapanui in New Zealand. The most important outcomes of this research I presented in subsection D3 of monograph [5/4]. Although it later turned out to be impossible to determine the exact dates of these tsunami waves, both the legend and the evidence still visible in Salamis, indicated that it arrived from North and it was consistent with the wave induced by the Earth's crust motion caused by the Tapanui explosion. In this way I discovered the first solid evidence, which confirmed that there is a merit in claims of New Zealand Maoris that the Tapanui explosion caused Earth's crust to move in relationship to Earth's axis of rotation.
#55. The second Polish monograph on the Tapanui explosion (1993). While carrying out my professorship in Cyprus, I also encountered a wealth of further evidence, which illustrated that the consequences of the Tapanui explosion strongly affected not only Cyprus, but also the entire Mediterranean and Europe. For example, I discovered that the jerky motion of the Earth's crust (the same which caused the ancient city of Salamis in Northern Cyprus to be flooded and destroyed by three powerful tsunami waves) also caused the deformation of dome in the famous "Hagia Sophia" cathedral located in Istanbul and build in 563 AD. Because there was no interest amongst English speaking readers in this type of findings, I decided to write another monograph on the Tapanui explosion - but this time in the Polish language only, which reported about these newest findings. Thus in Cyprus I published the monograph [5/2] about the Tapanui explosion, which had the following editorial data: Pajak Jan, "Eksplozja UFO w Nowej Zelandii 1178 A.D. ktora pochylila Ziemie" (Monografia, Dunedin, Nowa Zelandia, 1993, ISBN 0-9597946-8-9, 148 pages - in this 37 illustrations).
This second monograph was greeted with enthusiasm by Polish adherers of my theories. In the effect of publishing it, the number of adherers of my theories started to increase rapidly in Poland.
The important aspect of the monograph [5/2] was, that it contributed to totalizm several new findings, which represented outcomes of my research on the Tapanui explosion. Examples of such findings include philosophical lifecycles, and observations regarding difficulties with disseminating knowledge on events that contradict the recognized scientific theories (i.e. events such as the Tapanui explosion). It was this monograph [5/2] that included the famous "twelve truths about truth", formulated the first time just for it.
In 1992 and 1993 the Northern Cyprus was a very young country (similarly as Sarawak at Borneo). Parasitism had no, as yet, enough time to overtake it. Therefore many key positions in Cyprus still were occupied by cheerful, sincere people with totaliztic-like philosophies. Many positive observations which I accumulated about the intuitive totalizm, and later included into descriptions of totalizm, were actually gathered initially in Cyprus and later at Borneo.
#56. The professorship in Malaysia (1993 to 1996). After completing my one-year professorship at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, starting from 2 September 1993 I was appointed for three years as an Associate Professor at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This time my professorship was in Mechanical Engineering. Malaysia is one of the most eastward located large Islamic country on Earth. It has ethnically highly diverse population. Its citizens belong to many races, many cultures, and in spite of the prevailing Islamic religion, they practice many other religions as well (including Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and several other religions).
This my second professorship turned out to be extremely fruitful for many different reasons. For example, the University of Malaya is actually a former Kuala Lumpur campus of the oldest university in the whole this region (i.e. the University of Singapore). By being such an old university, it has an excellent library, full of old manuscripts, and old books, many of which are already not available almost anywhere else that I know of. Thus, this library turned out to be a real gold mine of treasures for my research on mysteries of our planet. Furthermore, my life in a country, which still is literally packed with mysteries, reoccurring miracles, snake and cave temples, bomohs, rain makers and rain stoppers, magic, fire walkers, Thaipusam festivals, adherers of several different religions, etc., exposed me in the real life to experiencing events and mysteries, which typical humans seldom see even in TVs. In Malaysia I was also very productive in my publishing efforts. My most important monographs were written and published while I worked in that country.
During my professorship in Malaysia my mind was always preoccupied with one question "what's next". After all, in my mind still very fresh was the taste of unemployment in New Zealand in 1990 to 1992. Therefore, already during the second year of my three-year contract in Malaysia, I started to write and to post applications for a next job. In total as many as 141 applications I posted from Malaysia. All of them turned out to be fruitless. Fortunately for me, the universal intellect took the matter in Its hands and caused, that it was not me who found a next job, but the "next job found me", just when my professorial contact in Kuala Lumpur was finished.
#57. The shining of totalizm from the far east to the far west. There is a very surprising regularity in my life. I discovered it only in December 2002, when in Malaysia I started to write this monograph [1/4]. However, the regularity seems to control my fate from the very beginning. It became especially clear when in 1992 I left New Zealand because of my unemployment to start my work initially in Northern Cyprus, and then in Malaysia. But beginnings of it showed already in 1982, when I left Poland and emigrated to New Zealand. The regularity depends on my life always taking such a course, that monographs which I write, especially these ones which disseminate totalizm, span the entire world from the east to the west. Because of it, none of my publications which addressed topics presented in this monograph, means none of publications that exerted a noticeable influence on other people, could be declared as that they originate from a single country, from a single culture, or from a single religious circle. Actually all publications that so far I wrote about totalizm, Concept of Dipolar Gravity, Magnocraft, oscillatory chamber, UFO, telekinesis, telepathy, etc., always received an international, intercultural, and interreligious origin and character, independently what my intentions were. Even these first and insignificant monographs on Magnocraft, which I wrote and published in New Zealand before 1992, means before I left New Zealand in search of an employment and bread, still were based on my research carried out in Poland, and originated from my scientific expertise, professional training, and scientific analyses, that I accumulated in Poland. In turn, after 1992 when I was forced by the unemployment and hunger to leave New Zealand, all publications that I wrote after 1992 were written and prepared in at least two countries and two cultures of the Far East, while they were disseminated and were gaining the recognition still in different countries that are located far to the west from the place of origin of these publications. Furthermore, their publishing usually was done in two or three different languages.
I personally believe that the universal intellect intentionally and for a clear purpose directed the fate of my monographs in such an extraordinary manner. Surely he must have important reasons to do this, which only he knows. Of course, he did NOT show himself to me in the aureole of lightnings, and did NOT tell me with a thundering voice "Jan, you must research and write in the most east located large Islamic country of the world (Malaysia), you must publish in the most east located large Christian country in the world (New Zealand), but you must disseminate your ideas from the most west located large country of the world (USA)". Rather opposite, he allowed me to break my nose as much as I wish, allowed me to get bumps, and allowed me to experience all existing forms of intellectual oppression, slandering, and scoffing, when I tried to research, write, publish, and disseminate my ideas in the same country in which I currently lived. Only that - as the universal intellect always does this during the implementation of his intentions, he somehow so synchronised the timing and circumstances of subsequent events from my life, that people who in given times decided about my future, always made me to do exactly whatever were his intentions. For example, he allowed that in decisive moments of my life, amongst all people who could then be my superiors, the power over me had only people, who turned out to be the most hermetic to my ideas. Amongst all people who could decide about the future of whatever I tried to accomplish, he always allowed to handle my cases mainly by people who were especially against whatever I tried to do. Amongst all societies in which I could act, he allowed me to live mainly amongst these ones, in which topics of my research induced kinds of mass hysteria. Also amongst all countries in which I could find a work, he allowed me to work only in these ones, in which bureaucratic barriers and inadequacies of circumstances, always forced me to do exactly what he intended. Etc., etc. In this manner the universal intellect left me no other choice, but to do everything in such and no other manner.
So only because I had no other option, the research and writing of every monograph that I published after 1992 and that contained descriptions of totalizm - including also this monograph [1/4], I was forced to complete in the most east located large Islamic country of the world (i.e. in Malaysia). But because of various formal limitations and material difficulties of that country, the final completion and formal publishing of these monographs I was forced to carry out in the most east located large Christian country of the world (i.e. in New Zealand). However, because in this Christian New Zealand publishing and postage costs were much higher than in the Islamic Malaysia, after I finished my monographs and formally published them, I was forced to take them back to Malaysia to copy them and to post them from over there to my readers located in the western side of the world. Yet still their dissemination could not be carried out amongst hermetic countries of the Far East - in which they were prepared, but they needed to be posted to people from the west, which were much more opened to my ideas. Until the change in my methods of dissemination, which took place on 4 January 1999, the distribution of my monographs was carried out by posting to Poland their paper copies. In Poland they were disseminated by libraries and read almost exclusively by Poles. But after 4 January 1999, the distribution of my monographs drastically changed its strategy. My monographs started to be send with the speed of light by internet connections from Far East to the most western large country in the world (means to the USA), where my web sites were located. In turn from this most western large country in the world, my monographs were disseminated with the speed of light to all other parts of the world, where they were read by interested people. Of course, these countries in the west, which first opened to my new ideas, for some important reasons turned out to be also exactly the same countries, from which I needed either to run to east in order to save myself from persecution of a communistic regime, or which previously squashed my attempts to find an employment in them, to gain a permission to settle in them, or to obtain in them conditions for carrying out my research, writing, and publishing.
I quite frequently wondered, why the universal intellect so consequently causes, that all my monographs must originate from at least two countries of the Far East (i.e. from the predominantly Islamic, although actually multireligious and multicultural Malaysia - in which I was writing them, and from which usually I was disseminating them throughout the world, and from predominantly Christian, although also multireligious and multicultural New Zealand - in which they were finished and formally published). Simultaneously why the universal intellect causes that the dissemination of these monographs must be carried out from the large country of the most far West. Although with my imperfect mind of an ordinary human, I am not able to realise all the intentions of the omniknowledgable God, I believe that I can deduce several most important of them. Their objectives are indicated by the "Principle of the Highest Teaching Effect" that is described in subsection I4.1.1 (the universal intellect always uses this principle in his actions). Here are in my opinion the most important out of these intentions, as I understand them:
A. Addressing my monographs to all religions, cultures, and races on Earth. In my opinion, one of the reasons, why the universal intellect directs the origin of my monographs in such unusual manner, is to turn these monographs into a legacy of practically all major religions, human races, and cultures of our planet. If one analyses the situation in all these countries which become co-parents for totalizm and for other my most important ideas (i.e. Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, and the USA) during the time of my most intensive publishing, then in fact these countries are hosts for all possible races, cultures, and religions from the whole our planet. The consequences of their presence in these countries can be clearly noticed in my monographs. Thus probably, through causing that with the birth of these monographs can identify themselves not only Muslims - amongst whom they were written, and Christians - amongst whom they were published, but also members of practically all other religions, races, and cultures, the legacy of which is included in these monographs, i.e. Africans, American Indians, Arabs, Asians, Chinese, Europeans, Indians, Malays, Maori, Poles, etc., the universal intellect is speaking to everyone. Everyone is to notice the message that these monographs were not written to appeal to only one nation, one religion, or one culture, but are addressed to the ENTIRE HUMANITY.
B. Demonstration of the universal justice in action. Probably there is also other reason, which lies behind such and no other shaping of the process of creation and dissemination of these monographs. In my opinion it is to illustrate to future generations, that nations and countries, which limit for their scientists the freedom of choice of topic for research, and freedom of publishing results of research, or which close themselves and cut their links with the outside world, must then accept consequences of such actions. For example, New Zealand in recent years is intensely searching for its national identity. In order to boost this identity, for some time it "claims ownership" of famous people, who had something to do with it. For example, in this way New Zealand claims that Ernst Rutherford is a New Zealand scientist, and even from around 1995 it devotes to him a currency note of 100 dollars. However, it is a common knowledge, that in the initial stage of his scientific career, Rutherford was almost "kicked out" from New Zealand by contemporary to him closed minded New Zealand scientists. In fact everything that Rutherford accomplished, originates from England and is due to totaliztic philosophy of scientists in England of that times. In a similar manner New Zealand is building monuments and museum exhibitions for the late Richard W. Pearse (1877-1953), who built and flew an aeroplane in New Zealand around one year earlier than Wright Brothers in the USA. New Zealand celebrates him in spite, that the treatment which Richard Pearse received during his lifetime, should be rather a source of embarrassment and reflection for New Zealanders. The slander, persecution, and scoffing that Pearse received as a "reward" for his efforts of building the first aeroplane in New Zealand, send him to a mental hospital, and lost his aeroplane for humanity. (More details about Richard Pearse and his pioneering aeroplane is provided in subsection O1 of this monograph, and also in subsection C8.3 of monograph [5/4].) So in my opinion the universal intellect is trying to give another moral lesson for all these countries and nations, which still ignore history and still persecute, push around, and suppress their own people that actually work for the good of these countries and these nations.
C. Emphasizing the importance of Bible. I personally believe that the holly Bible may also be one of the several reasons, for which he universal intellect caused, that two countries of the Far East, in which jointly my all monographs are born, are practising predominantly Islam and predominantly Christianity (instead of, for example, Taoism, Hinduism, or Buddhism - also widely practised in several countries of the Far East). After all, in Christianity and in Islam, the Bible is one of the most important holly books. (Not mentioning, that it is also the most holly book in Poland, and the most important book in the USA - which over there is used e.g. in courts to swear on the Bible.) So the Bible is a proof of brotherhood of these two religions, evidence of their common roots, and the source of their similar fate. Although Muslims rarely refer to the Bible, and their practices mainly base on the Koran, actually their religion officially has two holly books, namely the Koran and the Bible. Thus the Bible is what actually links, not what separates, Muslims and Christians. Only that because of the machinations of evil parasites from UFOs, that throughout many centuries are setting up adherers of these two religions against each other, this linking function of the Bible is being overlooked lately.
As I was informed by my Muslim friends from Northern Cyprus, with whom I spend many hours on very constructive discussions about Islam and Christianity, it is because of this recognising the Bible as one of two holly books for Muslims, and also because of recognising Jesus (for Muslims known as the Prophet Isa) to also be one of their own Prophets, in the initial stage of existence Islam considered itself to be a younger brother of Christianity. After all, in spite of differences in pronunciation and traditions, actually both religions serve the only existing, true God. The differences between both religions started to appear only later, when evil parasites from UFOs started their stirring, and manipulated into subsequent leaders of both these religions the parasitic propaganda, principles, philosophy, and tendency to fight with each other. It is interesting, that Muslims, the same as Christians, are expecting, and still are awaiting, the arrival of Second Jesus to Earth, and that they cultivate about this arrival very similar prophecies as Christians do. Some Muslims also believe that Second Jesus will create a bridge that is going to join the West with the East, and that He will open the road for returning the original cooperation and peace between Muslims and Christians - after all, at the very beginning of time, Muslim and Christians used to be brothers to each other.
D. Promoting the peace. Totalizm states that each single event is carefully programmed by the universal intellect in every aspect possible - see subsection JC7. This in turn means, that it is NO coincidence that the date of December 2002, was selected to realize to us, that the philosophy of totalizm, which according to prophecies is to change the fate of our civilisation, has two parents, namely Islam and Christianity. After all, this was in December 2002 when USA was preparing itself to attack Iraq. This attack was telepathically presented to people by UFOnauts, as a war between Christianity and Islam. Thus by subtle reminding with totalizm in that crucial moment of time, that both these religions links much more than separates them, and that at their roots lies their mutual brotherhood and common goals, the universal intellect is sending to us a powerful message of peace. This message states: people do not let yourselves to be provoked by machinations of UFOnauts, but decisively insist on peace.
#58. Starting my storm on human awareness. After I started my professorship in Malaysia, in my awareness two major breakthrough took place. Firstly I conclusively confirmed the cosmic scale of operations of evil parasites on Earth (in more details this is described in subsection U3.1.1). Secondly I realised that all my previous defeats in publishing of books, which would disseminate the results of my research, were caused by the invisible intervention of these evil parasites. This in turn led me to the conclusion, that if the knowledge about my discoveries is to be disseminated somehow amongst people, then I must find another way of distributing my publications, without the use of books. In this manner an ambitious project was born, which could be called "storm on human awareness". According to this project, starting from 1994 I initiated the massive effort of supplying my publications to public libraries in Poland, through sending these publications by post from the other end of the world. I planned to supply at least one free copy of my Polish monographs to each key library in Poland. The purpose was to guarantee, that every Pole who decides to learn about the current progress of my research, and about the development of situation in the avantgarde disciplines that I was researching, should not be deprived the access to the publications required. The key libraries in Poland, to which at that time I decided to send copies of my publications (and the majority of which actually received from me several different monographs), included: a) the National Library, b) all main libraries in capitols of 50 Polish Provinces of that time, c) main libraries of all tertiary educational institutions in Poland, the specialisation of which coincided with devices and ideas that I was researching (namely Polytechnics, Technical Universities, Universities, Farming Academies, Medical Academies), d) libraries, or people who maintained them, in all known to me UFO organisations in Poland, e) city libraries in all cities above 100 000 citizens, which were not capitols of Provinces, f) libraries of all research institutes that were known to me that they investigate magnetic propelling devices, g) factory libraries in all factories known to me that produced magnetic propelling devices, energy producing devices, or communication equipment. In addition to this, free copies of selected my monographs I also supplied to all public libraries which asked me for them. Furthermore, to the owners of Internet Web sites, who started to contact me at that time, I also posted the electronic versions of my publications, in order to make them available on their Web sites. Of course, the above plan was enormously ambitious, because it required posting to Poland from another end of the world, literally hundreds of parcels with my publications. Initially the entire production of these publications I commissioned to professionals. This made them very expensive and drained my funds very fast - although probably advanced me to the ranks of one of the leading philanthropist of Poland. But soon I discovered, that I could do myself the bookbinding job in these countless copies of my monographs. After all, the costs of binding represented around the half of the entire cost of a given copy. In this way I also included to this project my own physical effort and sweating, the unexpected byproduct of which was the accomplishment of the totaliztic nirvana that is described in subsection JF2. In the result, this "storm on human awareness" finished with a full success in 1998. In the result of completing it, each single one, out of the planned key libraries in Poland, received at least one copy of a leading monograph from the list in chapter Y.
#59. Accumulation of observations on telepathy. The awareness that a telepathy is some form of exchange of information between counter-material duplicates of living creatures, which takes place entirely in the counter-world, appeared immediately after the discovery of the counter-world, and after learning that this other world is separated from our physical world. Thus, the fact that telepathy occurs in the counter-world (i.e. not in our world), and that it depends on the mutual communication of creatures with the use of ULT language, was known to me since the beginning of formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, means since 1985. But in these initial considerations I did not know exactly with what type of mechanism and phenomena this communication takes place. The fact of existence and effectiveness of some form of the telepathic waves was also confirmed to me in a meaningful manner in 1991, during the experiments with the late Werner Kropp - these experiments are described in subsection D1 of treatise [7/2] devoted to the "remote mind reader". But the correct directing of my searches, for finding and understanding the mechanism and phenomena of telepathy, took only place in 1993. It was when during my professorship in Cyprus, with my own eyes I saw how devastating were intellectual effects of the magnetic explosion in Tapanui. (I.e. after the ancient splendour, this explosion brought to Earth the barbaric period of medieval times.) In the countless walks amongst ruins of ancient city of Salamis, I admired the beauty of Roman sculptures and wandered why after the explosion of Tapanui the blooming culture of ancient world was replaced by darkness of medieval times - see subsection O5.2 /?/ in this monograph. Thus soon it started to be obvious for me, that the waves of chaotic vibrations of magnetic field, caused by the magnetic explosion in Tapanui, must be responsible for the medieval fall of intellectual capabilities of people in the whole world. (The outcomes of these my deductions were published for the first time in monograph [5/2] - they later are repeated in subsection D4 of monograph [5/3].) The only mechanism, with which the vibrations of the magnetic field can affect the mental abilities of people, leads through telepathy. Thus the above led me to the conclusion, that the key for understanding the operation of telepathy, is hidden in magnetic vibrations. But still it was necessary to find the mechanism of telepathy and the manner in which telepathic signals are born from the vibrations of magnetic field. This missing link I discovered only on 11 November 1994, in circumstances that are going to be described below. At that time I discovered that the telepathic waves are waves of counter-matter vibrations, very similar to sound waves from our physical world. Thus they are capable to carry out the information of "speech" type. In turn the discovery of this fact allowed me to also understand, that for example "energy of pyramids" is simply a telepathic noise that is concentrated in the focal point of these pyramids. This in turn allowed me to understand the phenomena of propagation, reflection, concentration, reception, and emission of telepathic waves, and in the final effect also the development of principles of operation of technical devices, which allow the technical formulation and broadcasting of modulated telepathic signals. One of such devices is the telepathic emitter and receiver described in treatise [7/2], while other include the telepathic projectors and telescopes described here in subsections N5.1 /?/ and N5.2 /?/, and in subsections D5.1 and D5.2 of treatise [7/2].
#60. The discovery of telepathic waves (1994). On Friday, 11 November 1994, during a lunch break, I decided to escape from swelling difficulties and stresses of the second semester that soon supposed to begin, and to have a large lunch. Unfortunately the dish that I purchased in a local cafeteria, on that particular day turned out to be more inedible then usual. In order to divert my attention from the taste that tended to stick in my throat, I made my mind busy with the favourite topic of mechanisms that operate our universe. Thus when I stubbornly tried to get through to the end of my meal (according to totalizm, which I already adhered decisively at that time, wasting any kind of food in the present situation of humanity, is a heavy sin) I unexpectedly experienced a flash in my head. Pieces of a puzzling jig-saw, that for so long used to hide the nature, mechanism, and principles of telepathy, rapidly fell into their places and showed me the entire picture of this phenomenon. Fate sometimes displays a great sense of humour, and that particular time the discovery of telepathic waves, together with the knowledge of mechanisms that govern telepathy, most probably our civilisation will gain because of the hopeless product of some anonymous cook. Similarly as this happened previously with the invention of my oscillatory chamber (see subsection C2 in monographs [1e] and [2e]), also in the case of telepathy, I was thinking about it continually for months, considering in my thoughts over and over again all theoretical explanations for this phenomenon, and comparing with these explanations everything that by that time I empirically managed to observe and to learn. Because I already had done extensive empirical research on my remote mind reader described in subsection D1 of treatise [7/2], and also because I investigated telepathy for a long period of time, I had accumulated in my mind all the components of that puzzle. For example, I knew already that the telepathic signals propagate through counter-matter, that their instigation occurs via magnetic vibrations, that they are carriers of modulated signals similar to human speech, that there is a kind of universal language (named ULT - the Universal Language of Thoughts in subsection I5.4 of this monograph, and in subsection D2.1.1 of treatise [7/2]) in which all living organisms from the entire universe can communicate with each other by the means of telepathy, etc. The only thing that I still did not know at that time, was the physical nature of telepathy, and the physical mechanism on which it is based. Thus, during this memorable lunch, a shocking idea flashed through my mind, stating that "telepathic waves are simply sound-like vibrations of counter-matter, which similar to sounds from our world, have their tone, melody, characteristics, frequency, etc.; while the telepathic communication is simply a speech- like conversation occurring in the Universal Language of Thoughts (ULT) via these sound-like vibrations". (Note that according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, all types of motion of counter-matter manifest themselves as magnetic fields, therefore telepathic waves could also be defined as "vibrations of the magnetic field".) After this idea flashed in my mind, everything that I previously knew about telepathy started to have sense and became understandable. The mechanism of telepathy that was discovered at that particular day was soon recorded in writing and published, initially on 9 January 1996 in monograph [3] (see chapter D13 in [3]), in 1997 it was repeated in monograph [3/2], and later (in 1998) also published in monographs [1/2] and [1/3]. In 2000 telepathy was the basis for formulation of treatise [7/2] - see subsection D2.1.1 in [7/2]. In this monograph telepathy is described in subsection H7.1.
#61. Explanation of radiesthesia. The decoding of telepathy also revealed, that radiesthesia is the perception of telepathic waves, which are continually emitted by all objects and all substances. The development of this explanation took place in a Malaysian seaside resort called Port Dickson, in first days of 1996. It occurred in circumstances described in subsection H7.2. According to this explanation, "radiesthesia are various unaware means of perception of telepathic waves".
#62. Telepathic transmitters and receivers. Their development was initiated with my invention and also practical testing in 1991, the so-called "remote mind reader" that is described in subsection N1. The further fate and consequences of this invention are explained in chapter N of this monograph and in treatise [7/2]. But the most vital breakthrough in the development of telepathic transmitters and receivers was the discovery on 11 November 1994 of telepathic waves described in subsections H7.1 and N1 /?/ (see also item 10 from subsection F2).
#63. Sciences of the counter-world. The understanding, that on the physical world we can exert the influence also through controlling the phenomena that occur in the counter- world, combined with the discovery, that after the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity almost all laws and equations that were developed so-far loose their validity (for details see subsection H1.3), initiated my thinking about the starting of new scientific disciplines that are called "sciences of the counter-world" (e.g. physics of the counter-world, mechanics of the counter-world, engineering of the counter-world, medicine of the counter-world, etc.). These disciplines will be concerned with the utilisation (for the good of people) of the knowledge that is accumulated during our learning and technical mastery of the interactions between our world and the counter-world - see subsection H10. The first taste where may lead our development of these sciences of the counter-world, gives the content of subsection JE9, especially the equations of longevity, intelligence, height and weight, that are discussed in there.
#64. The development of a fast method of identifying repetitive UFO abductees. In 1992, i.e. just before I flew out of New Zealand to Cyprus, I carried out intensive research on several New Zealanders, who were subjected to very systematic abductions on a UFO deck (aliens used to abduct them once every three months). One of them, who knew exactly that for UFOnauts he was a sperm donor, complained to me that on a UFO deck his leg was painfully drilled, and that a small scar was left from this drilling. I got very interested in the purpose of this drilling. In the result of this interest I discovered that all systematic UFO abductees whom I investigated, have that particular scar. For all of them the scar was located at approximately the same height of 27.5 cm from the floor (with the accuracy of "3 cm) - see the more detailed descriptions from subsection U3.1. Only that women predominantly have this scar on the left side their left leg, while men have it predominantly on the right side of their right leg (although I also recorded several cases, where the drilling was made the other way round). After my departure to Cyprus, and later to Malaysia, I decided to conduct an opposite experiment. Namely I searched for people who have this mark, and then I was checking whether they are in fact being repetitively abducted on UFO decks. It worked in both ways - people with this mark turned out to be abducted by UFOs systematically every third month. This proved to me that this scar is a kind of unique ID, which allows a speedy identification of all repetitive UFO abductees. Therefore, after I shifted to Malaysia, in secrecy I completed a lengthy research project, which was to establish what percentage of human population carries this mark. The hot climate of Malaysia is very favourable for conducting such secret research. My results shocked me, because they gave the result that around 33% of the population has this meaningful mark. This means that according to my findings every third person on Earth actually is being systematically abducted on UFOs every 3rd month for their sperm or ovule being milked out - I could not get over the "cosmic" scale of our exploitation by aliens. Because I disbelieved my own results obtained in secrecy, I decided to ask my friends in Poland to verify my findings. One my friend was in touch with a number of medical doctors running public clinics. He asked his doctors to check my results by searching for a mark on each single patient arriving to their clinics. In this way a statistical sample of over 1000 people was thoroughly examined. I received very accurate results with division into sexes, age, etc. It turned out that around 30% of males and 36% of females carried this mark (on average around 33% of the human population), and that the majority of these scars appear between the age of 9 and 19. Thus this Polish verification confirmed my findings. I obtained the conclusive proof which can be verified by everyone, and which certifies that on Earth there is a lot of people who on their own bodies carry clearly visible evidence that they are subjected to very systematic abductions on UFO decks. These abductions are carried out not less frequently than every third month. During these abductions they are robbed by UFOnauts from their sperm and ovule. So my deductive discovery from the Otago University that our planet is occupied and exploited by UFOs, was now confirmed with evidence which is verifiable by everyone.
The above needs to be complemented with the information, that the finding about the presence of a clearly visible scar created by UFOnauts on a leg of every third person on Earth, was undermined as being too low already in 2000 - means soon after treatise [7/2] was published. One of readers of my publications, who lived in a large hostel for students, carried out a comprehensive investigation of this scar amongst his colleagues. The statistic results that he obtained and that he passed to me, stated that this scar actually is present on a leg of every person from Earth, only that 66% of people display such good healing, that the scar remains unnoticeable without precise searches and investigations. Therefore 33% of people have it only more clearly visible than the remaining 66% of people. I must admit here, that the above results stand in agreement with my own observations. This is because, firstly my own research completed after 1999 indicated that for every person - i.e. independently whether he/she has a clearly visible scar or does not have it, experimentally can be proven that this person is repetitively and frequently abducted to UFOs (i.e. not less frequently than every 3 months). Secondly, when in Malaysia I was carrying out the statistical estimation of density of this scar in human population, in two families of my friends I had opportunities to carry out very exact examinations of legs (the majority of my statistical data that I then accumulated originated from a casual looking at bare legs of people from a distance of around 2 meters). It turned out that in cases when I have the cooperation of people whom I am checking, and thus when I can seek this scar both in the reflected light and with the use of a magnification lens, and also via a touch and through the detection of cavity in muscles, then I discovered it in every person being checked. This discovery, that actually every person on Earth has this scar, only that in some people it is not clearly visible, carries devastating consequences. It means that: a) every inhabitant of Earth is abducted to a UFO not less frequently than every 3 months, b) every inhabitant of Earth is robbed from his sperm or her ovule (independently that is also brutally exploited from many other biological resources), c) my estimates that I completed before 1999 for the number of UFOnauts which are employed in our exploitation, and thus which constantly reside on Earth (e.g. estimates originally presented in subsection B3 of treatise [7/2], and now discussed in subsection U3.1.1 of this monograph), are too low. In reality one UFOnaut exploits every around 25 people, while one UFO vehicle is used for each around 100 people. Thus I appeal again to readers, to provide their own contribution to our defence and to do research on this most common evidence of occupational activities of UFOs on Earth that is present on legs of all people from our planet (see subsection U3.1 for details).
#65. The identification of primitive parasitism. As this is explained more thoroughly in chapter JD of this monograph, currently a destructive philosophy (or a moral disease) wildly spreads on Earth, which I call the "primitive parasitism". Primitive parasitism adheres to the same principles as all other forms of parasitism, namely "do not obey any laws, unless you are forced to obey them" - see subsection JD2.2 /?/. But opposite to the "refined parasitism" that is adhered by evil parasites, primitive parasitism does not know about the existence of moral laws, thus it thoughtlessly breaks these laws. In turn breaking moral laws causes, that primitive parasites are constantly punished by these laws. Their lives are governed by the punishing consequences of breaking moral laws. Because these consequences are always having a strictly defined, and repetitive character, it turns out that they shape the life of "primitive parasites" who break them, into a very definite pattern. Therefore all people, who adhere to this destructive philosophy, are characterised by a set of the same, easily identifiable attributes, and patterns of behaviour. This in turn causes, that "primitive parasitism" actually represents a separate and easily recognizable philosophy of life (apart from being also a deadly moral illness).
The philosophy of "primitive parasitism" so-far was not identified by anyone, and thus also not described as an easily identifiable way of conduct of many people. Therefore, so far, it is not described by any academic textbooks. I managed to identify it by a pure "coincident".
During my professorship in Malaysia from 1993 to 1996, I got to know a very interesting person. He was my direct boss. He was just promoted to a full university professor. So he believed that he has an official confirmation that he knows everything. He also participated manifestly in all religious practices. So he believed, that with his religiousness he deserved to represent God, and to speak in God's name. In his actions he was a perfect role model as to how behaves a person who adheres to the philosophy of parasitism. Actually it was him who taught me to recognize the behaviour and attributes of a full-blown primitive parasitism described in subsection JD4.2 /?/. By observing his actions everyday, and by learning principles that he used in dealing with other people, I gradually realized that there is such a thing, as the distinct philosophy of parasitism, and I clarified my awareness of the basic attributes of this philosophy. Because of his very decisive attributes and behaviour, I also realized that many other people whom I met previously (e.g. a professor at the University of Otago, who caused my removal from that University), displayed exactly the same attributes and behaviours, only that in these other people the attributes of parasitism were not so obvious. (Most probably these other people were able to hide them better under a smoke-screen of politeness and smiles.)
Of course, my work under his supervision was a kind of hell, although for totalizm it turned out to be extremely educational. Unfortunately, it was not considered very educational by other people. During my three-year contract under his management, I observed a long list of his subordinates, who either resigned from the job - only because they could not cope any longer with his "management" practices, or were dismissed by him from the job.
After his example allowed me to identify and to describe primitive parasitism as a distinct philosophy, I was able to gradually research it, and publish information about it. I published descriptions of primitive parasitism in a number of monographs that I was writing at that time. For the first time parasitism as a distinct philosophy was described in my Polish monograph [3], then in [3/2], later in [1/2] and [1/3]. Here chapter JD contains the first complete English presentation of that destructive philosophy.
Because I carry out formal research on morality, I am always interested in the further fate of people, in which some drastic moral behaviour hit my eyes. Thus, in spite that my professorial contact in Malaysia finished in 1996, whenever I had an opportunity, I tried to learn further fate of this my special former boss. As it was confirmed for me again, his fate was exactly the same as this one that he previously served so willingly to many other people. After my departure from his institution, he fall in increasingly larger number of troubles, and make enemies amongst the increasing number of influential people. Finally it started to be so hot for him in there, that on 31 March of 2001 he was forced to voluntarily resign from the position of a full professor at the leading university of his country, and was forced to take the so-called "optional retirement". Such a retirement is allowed by the Malaysian law, and enables to undertake a parallel work. From 1 April 2001 he was employed as a high-school CEO in a distant state of Terengganu. His fate fulfilled on 27 December 2001 (means in around 5 years after I finished my work in the institution in which he was a boss). At that day he was dismissed with a loud bang from his position of a high-school CEO, while his removal from the job was reported by several articles in newspapers, for example by the article "Institute's CEO regrets his dismissal" from page 7 of the official Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times (31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,, issue from Monday, 31 December 2001, article "Terengganu govt sacks CEO of training institute", from page 12 of the newspaper The Sun (Lot 6, Jalan 51/217, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), issue from Monday, 31 December 2001, or the article "Hadi: Tati CEO sacked to clean up management", from page 2 of the newspaper New Straits Times, issue from Wednesday, 2 January 2002. (By a strange "coincidence", all these articles, and the accompanying explanations of my acquaintances, appeared at the time, when I just was in Malaysia, as if the universal intellect caused on purpose that I could personally learn how his fate was fulfilled.) Because, according to these articles, his removal from the job required political interventions, in circumstances of Malaysia this may mean very serious consequences. Really the universal justice works slowly, but precisely like a Swiss watch.
#66. Telekinetic farming. The concept of telekinetic farming, described here in subsection NB2, was evolving in my mind for a long time. The first experience on this topic, which etched in my memory, was when in 1983 - soon after the arrival to Invercargill, I found in the local park a log from a huge pine tree that was just cut down. Because I knew the thickness of logs in 100 year old pine forests that used to grow near my family home in Wszewilki, I estimated roughly that this pine tree from Invercargill must have around 500 years of age. But I was puzzled by the fact who planted it, as the white settlers arrived to Invercargill only around 1840, while before their arrival pine trees were unknown in New Zealand. Thus for satisfying my curiosity I counted the rings in that huge pine log. I discovered with a shock, that it had only around 80 years of age. Thus I could not understand, how 80 years old pine tree in New Zealand, could grow to the thickness of 500 years old pine tree in Europe. The even more clear realising the idea and capabilities of telekinetic farming took place in 1989, when I was tracing in New Zealand - between the Ohoka and Weka Pass, the trail of a huge fleet of UFOs of the second generation (see [5/4]). These fleet appeared as if it carried out a systematic inventory of the environment (e.g. Figure A3 (down, right) in treatise [7/2] shows example of density of landings of vehicles from this fleet, and the extensive damage that it left after it passed through the New Zealand countryside). On countless landings of this UFO fleet, vegetation shown around 12 times higher growth from the growth of the same vegetation in the surrounding soil. The next step in my crystallising the idea of telekinetic farming was, when Mr Robert Pool, a forestry farmer near Dunedin, who grows pine tree forests in New Zealand, explained to me that for the unknown to science reasons, pine and oak trees grow in New Zealand around 5 times faster than pines and oaks in Europe - see descriptions in item G1 of chapter H in monograph [5/3]. (I knew the reason for this faster growth - it was the telekinetic pollution of the environment in New Zealand, caused by the explosion of UFOs near Tapanui in 1178 AD, for researching of which I was dismissed form the Otago University.) But the breakthrough point in the development of the idea of telekinetic farming occurred in 1995. It was when I was watching an American documentary film about the empire of Tiwanaku, that at some stage used to exist on the high plateau of today's Bolivia in South America. The creators of that film were puzzled by the discovery that all irrigation channels of that empire were starting from pyramids, through which the water that was latter distributed for irrigation flown initially. Although the creators of that film, and also the American scientists that appeared in it, would not know the explanation for this puzzle of American pyramids, on the basis of my previous research of the Tapanui explosion and UFO landings, I immediately understood why: in order to telekinetically stimulate the growth and heath of vegetation that was planted by this empire. The only thing that I was not understanding at the moment of looking at that film, was what is the mechanism of this telekinetic stimulation. For example I was not sure, whether to induce it the pyramids hide inside some sort of oscillatory chambers of the second generation, similar to those used in UFO propulsors that stimulated the 12 times faster growth of vegetation in UFO landings which I investigated. This last missing part of theory for the simplest version of the telekinetic farming I deduced only in first months of 1996, when I developed the principles of focusing telepathic vibrations in pyramids, and when I determined the connection between the telepathic vibrations and telekinetic effect. In this manner the complete idea of the simplest implementation of the telekinetic farming was born. This farming depends on the telekinetising in pyramids the water that is later used for watering vegetation - see subsection NB2. After this idea was formulated and subjected to theoretical analyses, I also deduced the drawbacks and imperfections of this method of farming. The need to eliminate them led to the proposal of more advanced versions of the telekinetic farming. The simplest one of them is not based on telekinetising water used for watering of plants, but on the telekinetic stimulation of the entire environment with the use of constant telekinetic field (e.g. a field currently generated by spinning magnets, while in the future generated by telekinetic oscillatory chambers). Descriptions of telekinetic farming were introduced to my monographs starting from April 1996, when I described them in subsection F2.1.1.2 of monograph [5/3]. Because of the significance of this farming for science and for agriculture, I also decided to present it in subsection NB2 of monograph [1/4], and in subsection NB2 of this monograph.
#67. Mechanism of permanent telekinetising of matter. From the beginning of my encounters with the telekinetic motion, I noted that the telekinetic effect can be passed on the surrounding matter, telekinetising this matter permanently. In turn such telekinetised matter displays many extraordinary attributes, some examples of which include the "super- slipperiness" described in subsection H8.1, whitening, or the loss of a portion of its mass/weight. But I did not know, what mechanism causes this permanent passing of properties of telekinetic motion onto surrounding matter. The key, which would allow me to understand this mechanism, and to work it out, I searched for quite a long time. My searches depended mainly on systematic analyses and on comparisons with observations, the effects of the entire range of possible mechanisms, with the use of which permanent telekinetising could be accomplished. I knew that in reality several completely different phenomena, for example telekinetic effect or telepathic waves, in the final effect all lead to the same outcome - namely to passing onto matter the state of permanent telekinetising. The finding of a right key, again took place because of the association. By a chance I observed as a worker was breaking concrete plates with the use of a vibrating pneumatic hammer. When he supported this hammer on a slanted stone, this hammer by itself started to climb upwards - in the direction opposite to the line of the least resistance (means exactly as this is done by atoms of telekinetised substances). The telekinetised atoms of substances must be like that vibrating hammer - flashed in my mind. After I realised this fact, the crystallisation of the telekinetising mechanism was already simple. According to it, the phenomenon of permanent telekinetising depends on exciting the atom and its counter-material duplicate to sustain mutual telekinetic oscillations in relationship to the border between both worlds. In turn the working out of this mechanism, opened the way for deducing attributes and ways of formulating this phenomenon, and also for manners of utilising it. This mechanism and its implications were introduced to my publications starting from June 1996. It was firstly published in subsection F2.1.1.1 of monograph [5/3], then in subsection J2.2.2.1 of monograph [1/3]. In this monograph, it is presented in subsection H8.1.
#68. Moral energy and totaliztic mechanics. When from 23 July 1996 to 25 August 1996, after three years of absence from New Zealand, I flown back to this country to seek again (and again unsuccessfully) a job, I was hit by the inproportionally higher number of people of that country following the line of the least intellectual resistance (means behaving according to the philosophy of parasitism - see subsection JD2.2 /?/). Simultaneously, empty streets, frustrated people, lack of laughing humans on streets of cities, and all other symptoms of the state, which subsection JD1.2 /?/ calls the "moral suffocation", suggested that in the meantime something highly destructive started to poison this my favourite and deeply loved country (see descriptions from subsection JE6). In my custom of analysing everything that surrounds me, I tried to find out what is this invisible poison that gradually destroys my favourite country. The answer to my searches I found accidentally just before my departure from New Zealand, caused by the exhaustion of all possibilities of finding a work in there. At that time New Zealand mass media were engaged in the topic of cull of a huge herd of wild horses that were enjoying the freedom and the abundance of grass in uninhabited parts of the North Island. I was very moved by this planned waste of beautiful animals, because it was planned to shoot from machine guns to fully healthy and defenceless wild animals, and, after they are killed, to burry them in the soil. It looked to me as a very thoughtless waste of lives.
The whole idea of this cull was introduced from the initiative of the government (many people claimed that from the Prime Minister of that time), while citizens were refused the right to propose any other solution (some citizens suggested for example, that instead of mindlessly waste these beautiful animals, they should be send to Cambodia where they would die for the good of people by exploding mine fields that threatened everybody in there). But when in the proximity of election, the government rapidly realised, that can loose this election because of that cull of wild horses, rapidly the decision was reversed; instead of killing, they decided to catch these animals and to sell them on a special auction. All these decisions, concerning the cull of horses, as well as their auction, and also on several other matters that I observed during that short stay in New Zealand, were undertaken in a manner that make impossible for other people to co-decide about matters that concerned them. Thus, the manner these decisions were taken was such, that it deprived New Zealanders the free will that previously was available for them. Thus when I was watching a fragment of the evening news, which advised about the change of this one-sided decision of the cull, I rapidly went through a shock - the invisible poison that suffocates my most favourite country, is the increasingly advanced deprivation of citizens of that country their rights to execute the free will. This shock led me to defining during a next few days the idea of the "amount of free will" (i.e. "zwow" - see subsection JB3.3) as the moral energy that rules over the effects of human activities. Of course, without knowing this, in the course of carrying out long-term research in the area of morality and totalizm, I already accumulated in my mind all the necessary knowledge to be able to synthesise this idea. I also already understood intuitively, that the life of people must in fact be ruled by some type of energy, that represents their morality.
The discovery of moral energy in 1996, caused the biggest advancement of totalizm so-far. After the discovery of this energy, totalizm included also interpretations of these moral laws, which resulted from the action of moral energy and the moral field (e.g. amongst others, included also recommendations how to achieve the state of nirvana). The Polish monographs [3], and later [3/2], [1/2], [1/3], and [1/4], which as from 1996 started to disseminate totalizm in Poland, brought numerous adherers, and by now this philosophy is already quite established amongst Polish intellectual avantgarde.
The idea of moral energy, in combination with the rich empirical evidence regarding various effects of decreasing the amount of this energy, created the theoretical foundations and empirical experience, that allowed the formulation of totaliztic mechanics. This mechanics is simply a branch of knowledge which deals with the analysis of consequences of changes in someone's moral energy. In addition, the idea of moral energy allowed to develop practical problems that illustrate the application of this totaliztic mechanics. The first formulation of totaliztic mechanics was included into the content of Polish monograph [3] starting from 1 October 1996. In turn the introduction of this mechanics was the turning point, which started the development of the second edition [3/2] of monograph from the series [3]. At the very beginning, until 16 May 1999, totaliztic mechanics was presented as a small section in a chapter devoted to totalizm. But starting from 16 May 1999, it became detached into a separate chapter (and a volume), that was independent from the descriptions of totalizm.
#69. The discovery of activities of invisible "evil guardians". Malaysia was the place, where for the first time I discovered that whatever I would do, wherever I would be or go, always I am accompanied by a "guardian" that is invisible for human eyes. But this my invisible guardian is not at all, the religious "guardian angel", which would completely devote himself to care for me. It is an invisible UFO vehicle saturated with hatred and breathing with bad intentions, the crew of which is composed out of the most morally decadent evil parasites described in subsection A3. From the large number of UFO landing sites that this guarding me constantly UFO vehicle left under windows of the house in which I lived in Malaysia (see Figure A2 /?/), and also from other signs, I deduced that the UFO vehicle that guarded me, was then a small type - probably K4 or even K3. But when in 1999 I returned to New Zealand, this small vehicle was replaced by a huge UFO of K6 type - probably my significance as an enemy of UFOnauts increased significantly in the meantime.
In the initial stage of my awareness, that I am constantly guarded by an invisible UFO vehicle, means as from around 1994, I believed that this my guarding has a non-interventional character - i.e. that UFOnauts limit themselves to exclusively watching me passively and recording in their computers what I am currently doing. I also believed, that only because they are clumsy or not careful, from time to time these UFOnauts burn, spoil, or destroy something in my vicinity. But as my knowledge about UFOnauts and about their methods of doing evil was growing, I gradually started to notice various acts of intentional sabotage, that was done by these UFOnauts that watched me. When in 1996 I shifted to Borneo, I started to notice systematically not less than one such act of sabotage per week. It was done intentionally by these watchdogs UFOnauts from an invisible UFO vehicle. In turn when in December 2002 in Kuala Lumpur I started to write this monograph [1/4], I already noticed not less than one such intentional sabotage every day, as it was done by these UFOnauts that watched me constantly. Simultaneously from the frequency of shaking my metal window that was penetrated by UFOnauts who flown to, or out, my flat, I deduced that my flat is the subject of equally dense traffic for invisible UFOnauts, as a typical beehive is for individual bees. (The utilisation of shaken metal frames of our windows, as indicators of arrival of invisible UFOnauts, is explained in subsection U3.6.) The characteristic rapid shaking of my metal window took place literally every few minutes.
The analyses that I carried out a few days before on 11 January 2003 I recorded this paragraph, realised to me conclusively, that this invisible UFO vehicle that constantly accompanies me, instead of just observing me without interventions - as I believed it initially, actually is constantly completing various unnoticeable sabotages and mental manipulations. As I managed to determine this until the time of writing this paragraph, these sabotages always seem to be oriented towards delaying and holding back my activity. In turn the mental manipulations are always directed at such misleading me, or imposing wrong ideas on me, or directing me at erroneous trail, or making me to take a wrong decision, etc., that all what I try to do is directed towards serving for occupational interests of UFOnauts, instead of serving for people. (Fortunately, so-far the majority of these manipulations I managed to detect before they managed to do any harm to our interests.) As this seems to appear from the analyses of time sequence of these sabotages and mental manipulations, probably the crew of this UFO vehicle is preparing and completing on me not less that one such a sabotage or manipulation per each hour - means not less than 24 sabotages or manipulations per each day. Unfortunately, because of still low knowledge about methods of UFOnauts, in time of writing this paragraph I was able to notice only around 1 out of all these 24 sabotages or manipulations per day. However, my research on this serious problem is not finished yet.
Although these sabotages are very numerous, usually they are rather small calibre, and thus very difficult to detect. They obey the strategy used by UFOnauts on "partial spoiling" and "small delays" (these strategies are described in chapter VB /?/). This is because they are not allowed to generate a heavy karma, that UFOnauts who complete them would not be prepared to accept back. (After all, presently each time I detect a UFO sabotage, I always make sure that I use my feelings for charging karma for this sabotage to the UFOnauts that persecute me - as I explained this in subsection I4.4.) On the basis of the sabotages that so- far I managed to detect, I estimate that the majority of them boil down, for example, to: sabotaging the web sites which I am developing, and sabotaging computers that I am using, shifting in other places and hiding from me something that I urgently need or soon will need, partial damaging or partial blocking of the equipment or devices that I need - so that the use of this equipment or devices will come with greater difficulty and consume more my time, accelerating the elapse of my time when no-one is around, or delaying the time of machines that I use - so that in the unit of time I am able to complete proportionally less work, making me busy with matters of everyday survival - so that I have no time left for research and for creative work, manipulating moods of people who surround me, constant inducing in me mischievous health problems that impede my activities (e.g. slipping my disk each time when it is going to disturb the most whatever I do), waking me up in the middle of night, constant although small changes in texts of everything that I write, and constant introducing small errors to these texts, constant increasing of costs of my living, and causing additional expenses, etc., etc. In spite, however, that each single one of these UFO sabotages, by itself does not exert a significant influence on whatever I am striving to accomplish, their summary action is enormously destructive and I believe that it destroys irrecoverably the significant proportion of my creative potentials and accomplishments.
Probably even more destructive, and even more difficult to detect, are mental manipulations of these invisible UFOnauts, that try to confuse me and direct me astray. The detection of these manipulations consumes a lot of my time and is much more difficult to detect than the detection of sabotages. Thus the only effective weapon against it, that I use, is the iron consequence in using the proven in action scientific methods in the research, that eliminate from the taking under account the significant majority of these wrong ideas which UFOnauts constantly send to me with their undetectable manipulations.
Of course, now when I know already, that for purposes of sabotages and for manipulation of my lines of thoughts, I am constantly accompanied by an invisible UFO vehicle with morally decadent crew that have evil intentions, I realise that signs of the presence of such a vehicle and consequences of its activities, actually accompanied me as long as I reach with my memory. This in turn means, that from the time when I was born (and in fact a long before I was born), UFOnauts knew whom I turn to be for them, and they sabotaged my future activities already then.
The most clear evidence of this perfectly organised sabotage of UFOnauts, were reported to me when in 1995 I visited Poland. In every house that I then stayed for some time, inhabitants of this house reported to me or complained, that since around two months before my arrival, in this house various "supernatural" manifestations were taking place. These manifestations usually took form of shifting of objects, which touched no-one, electrical phenomena, burning and breaking of devices, extraordinary sounds, strangely glowing space, etc. In one of such houses, in which I stayed the most long, its owner reported to me that at night around a month before my arrival, by a chance a group of UFOnauts was observed, which entered through the wall believing that this person is sleeping. Then, with some strange device these UFOnauts x-rayed or photographed every object that stood on a bookshelf that I was frequently using during my stay in this house.
My discovery of these "evil guardians" has quite scary significance. The reason is that we cannot assume that UFOnauts established the profession and institution of such "guardians" exclusively for me. My guardians work too perfectly, their methods are too well clarified, and their behaviours are too "professional", in order these guardians are just beginning amateurs. Thus all facts indicate that the UFOnauts who occupy Earth, since the beginning of time assign this type of "evil guardians" to every person on Earth, whom they consider either dangerous to their occupational interests, or who has a significant influence on other people. Furthermore, they may temporary assign them to everyone, whose activities in a given moment of time is to exert a significant influence on other people. (After all, UFOnauts know the future.) This in turn explains, how enormous influence UFOnauts exert via these "evil guardians" and via people manipulated by them, practically on every aspect of life on Earth. Probably amongst UFOnauts there must exist such a thing as the "profession of a saboteur", while the UFO occupational forces on Earth have special service of these "guardians saboteurs". For such a state of thing even old religious claims are certifying, that we all have a "guardian angel" (and apparently also a "devil guardian"). After all, the idea of such "guardians angels" could originate from these saboteurs UFOnauts that were caught red handed by some religious figures, and with the typical cunningness of UFOnauts explained their evil activities by stating that "God ordered them to do this".
#70. My professorship in Borneo (1996 to 1998). In 1996 I took up the third professorship in my life. I was appointed a Profesor Madya (i.e. Associate Professor) of Mechanical Engineering, in the Sarawak Province on the Island of Borneo. On Borneo I stayed until October 1998. This tropical island remains in my memory as the most welcoming island that I visited so-far, full of peaceful, friendly people, and pleasant nature.
#71. Gravity equations. One of the problems which I theoretically solved in Borneo, was the connection between the strength of the gravitational field to which given living organisms are subjected, and such attributes of these organisms as their mass/weight, height, longevity, or intelligence. In this way I developed the so-called "gravity equations", some of which are presented in subsection JE9 of this monograph, and also discussed at the beginning of chapter B and in subsection B2 of treatise [7/2]. These equations are reflections of more general "gravity laws", which state something along the lines: "all attributes of living organisms are changing with the square of the gravity field strength prevailing on a planet which is populated by these organisms: the attributes which originate from the counter-world (such as intelligence or longevity) are directly proportional to the square of gravity field strength, while the attributes which originate from our physical world (such as height or mass) are reversely proportional to the square of gravity field strength."
One of these gravity equations, named the "equation of height", states that if the genetic bounds in humans are somehow destroyed on Earth, than the height of these humans must explode to around 5 meters tall. Thus the equation of height justifies that giants must mutate on Earth from time to time. By realising the consequences of this equation, I reminded myself of all these stories about the gigantic human skeletons being discovered in New Zealand.
#72. The totaliztic nirvana. The next very significant event for this new philosophy, was the state of totaliztic nirvana, which overwhelmed me with extraordinary feelings shortly before Christmas of 1997, and then lasted almost continually for the next nine moths (i.e. lasted until my departure from the serene Borneo and return to the harsh reality of New Zealand). I reached this marvellous state of nirvana in the result of conducting my life according to the recommendations of totalizm. The arrival of the nirvana confirms both: that the totaliztic life according to the moral laws leads to the appearance of nirvana, and also that the moral energy does exist for sure - therefore the directing of our actions always uphill of the moral field causes that we accumulate the increasingly large amount of this energy (see descriptions from subsection JF8 /?/). Further details of my experiences with the totaliztic nirvana, and observations regarding the manners this nirvana can be reached, are provided in chapter JF of this monograph.
#73. Dayaks' revelation regarding the date of initiation of an open mission on Earth by Second Jesus. At Borneo I lived at the territory, which is mainly occupied by tribes of Land Dayaks. They call themselves "Bidayuh". Dayaks are very special people. Their elders are widely known from wisdom and prophetic capabilities. In turn their women are famous from being very beautiful, and are recognised as one of the most beautiful women in the world. (I must admit, that the fame of these miniature, shapely, full of grace, and beautiful women of the exquisite lineament, is fully deserved.) Dayaks proverbs are considered to be real pearls of folk wisdom. They adopted Christianity only lately, and as this is always the case with someone who just turned into the Christian faith, near their churches a lot of miracles and extraordinary events took place lately.
Initially I was introduced to Dayaks by my students, who were Dayaks by themselves, thus who introduced me to their relatives, friends, and to people of authority in their tribes. These introductions represented the only period in my life, when I was called a "guru", and I did not object when this name was used on me. In the everyday language used by Dayaks, the word "guru" adopted from the Indian language, means "teacher". But Dayaks use it only towards these teachers, whom they like and with whom they are friendly. (The remaining lecturers they call officially "my lecturer" or "my professor".) Dayak students always introduced me to their families, friends, or authorities, as "my guru".
I was very attracted to Dayaks, because of the numerous unexplained phenomena, which were taking place amongst them. So I had a lot of Dayak friends, and kept continuous
contact with them. One Dayak elder, with whom I was spending a lot of time on discussions, show me a lot of trust by disclosing a religious revelation received at that time by some Dayaks' elders. This religious revelation was stating, that Second Jesus was already on Earth, and that He is to officially start His ministry on Earth in the day when the "euro" currency is introduced in Europe. (As we know from the history of "euro", this currency was introduced in several stages. The date of the first of these introductions, although limited one, was on 4th January 1999. On 1 January 2002 the currency "euro" was introduced again, this time as the official currency of twelfth, out of 15 existing, countries of the European Common Marked. Countries which in 1/1/2 officially introduced it into the circulation were: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain. It was not introduced in: Britain, Sweden, Denmark.) The introduction of this euro currency, according to the revelation of Dayaks, was the act of a symbolic revival of the Roman Empire. Prophecies were saying, that it is also going to be the date, when Second Jesus was to begin His official ministry on Earth. The revelation also stated, that just before He starts His ministry on Earth, He is to visit Dayaks and live amongst them for a while.
Of course, I was very interested in this revelation. As a small boy I have heard a lot of prophecies about the time of arrival of Second Jesus to Earth, which is just approaching. For example, old Polish prophecies closely link the mission of Second Jesus on Earth with Poland, by stating that "the spark is going to come out from Poland" - whatever this means. This is why in old days many Poles used to believe that Poland is going to fulfil the key role in the mission of Second Jesus on Earth. (E.g. see the following words expressing the essence of one of these prophecies "for the surprise of all nations of the world, from Poland is to come the hope for the tormented humanity" - in the Polish original "ku zdumieniu wszystkich narodow swiata z Polski wyjdzie nadzieja udreczonej ludzkosci", which are repeated on page 29 of the book: Jan Kwasniewski, Marek Chylinski, "Dieta Optymalna", second edition, Prasa Slaska, Katowice 1997.) Only then, as Bible states, the Second Jesus is to strike the hordes of Satan from East to West ("For the Son of Man will come like the lightning which flashes across the whole sky from the east to the west" - Matthew 24:27). The Bible also several times proclaims and emphasizes, that Second Jesus is going to arrive humbly and without announcement, "like a thief". As an example of these proclamations see Revelation 3:3 "If you do not wake up, I will come upon you like a thief, and you will not even know the time when I will come". The same states Revelation 16:15 "Listen! I am coming like a thief!", and 2 Peter 3:10 "But the day of the Lord will come like a thief". Furthermore, the Bible warns "So then, you also must always be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you are not expecting him." (see Matthew 24:44). Thus, apart from a sparse few, whom God gifted with the ability to find His greatness hidden behind the screen of modesty and usualness, the entire humanity will learn who He really was only after he departs. Polish prophecies stated also that Second Jesus is going to be born as an ordinary man (Son of Man), not as Son of God, and that He will not do any miracles by Himself, although numerous miracles are going to occur in His vicinity. After all, He needs to be recognised by people because of the type of work He is doing on Earth, not because of miracles that can easily be fabricated by all these "false prophets" about which Bible is warning us. (For example, see words of the Bible: "Then, if anyone says to you, 'Look here is the Messiah!' or 'There he is!' - do not believe him. For the false Messiahs and false prophets will appear, they will perform great miracles and wonders in order to deceive even God's chosen people, if possible." - Matthew 24:23-24.) Furthermore, the mission of Second Jesus on Earth is not to take away sins that people committed, or are to commit, but to indicate and to open for people a new path to continuous self-improvement, so that each person could start to march in the correct direction of moral self-saving. This mission of Second Jesus to start self-improvement and self-saving of these people who are willing to do so, is quite clearly expressed in the Bible, where it is contained e.g. in the words (Hebrews 9:27-28): "Everyone must die once, and after that be judged by God. In the same manner Christ also was offered in sacrifice once to take away the sins of many. He will appear a second time, not to deal with sin, but to save those who are waiting for him." Prophecies state also, that Second Jesus splits Earth into two halves. Many people interpret this prophecy literally, believing that at the time of appearing on Earth, the manifestation of His godly powers will be so enormous, that Earth literally will split under His feet. But according to philosophy of totalizm, such an open manifestation of His godly power would run against "canon of ambiguity" described in subsection JB7.4. In such a case people would have no other option but to do exactly what Second Jesus orders them. In turn such a lack of other option would completely deprive people of their free will. Therefore, this prophecy about the splitting of Earth should be interpreted allegorically. Second Jesus is not going to split Earth physically under the feet, but is going to philosophically split people inhabiting Earth into two opposite camps: these ones who choose the path of obeying moral laws and laborious climbing towards perfection, and these ones who choose the path of comforts, walking around moral laws, and moral decadency. According to prophecies, Second Jesus changes completely on Earth also the speed of elapse of time and the understanding of time. In the effect of His activities, the same period of time of one week which so-far encompassed the equivalent of present 7 days, because of Him will be possible to extend later technically, so that it is going to encompass equivalent of present 8 days. So-far people did not know how to interpret this strange prophecy. Thus they explained it allegorically, usually as a change of calendar and the arrival of a new era. But subsection H9.1 and chapter M of this monograph clearly reveals, that this prophecy is simply an information about the use of device that changes the speed of elapse of time, only it is explained with the use of primitive ideas available for people thousands of years ago. According to it, in result of the arrival of Second Jesus humanity learns how to change the speed of elapse of time. Thus time becomes then like a rubber - it can be stretched with the use of appropriate device. Present 7-day long week will be then possible to stretch so that it will be lasting for the equivalent of present 8 days. Probably also such continuous stretching of time by around 15%, so that the present week will then occupy an equivalent of present 8 days, will be possible to accomplish without a damage to human health and without any undesirable consequences to the natural environment on Earth. Therefore one of numerous effects of the activities of Second Jesus will be that a new era will come to Earth in future, when time will be continually stretched by these 15%, so that the future week will be lasting for the duration of present 8 days.
With the prophecy about Second Jesus another prophecy about Antichrist is also connected. Second Jesus is installed by God in order to remove Satan from Earth and to initiate a new era of prosperity and happiness that is to prevail for a next thousand of years. But Satan is not going to give up so easily, and it is going to react on the arrival of Second Jesus by sending his Antichrist. The task of Antichrist is to destroy work of Second Jesus and to extend the rules of Satan on Earth. Antichrist supposed to arrive to Earth soon after the arrival of Second Jesus. With his arrival, or with his person, somehow triple digit "6" supposed to be connected, e.g. it may arrive on 6 June 2006. His words, behaviour, and also external appearance, are going to mimic original Jesus. Therefore an old Polish belief states that "Antichrist is to mimic the face of Jesus" and that "Antichrist is going to impersonate Second Jesus". After a spectacular arrival in fire and thunders, Antichrist is going to complete a lot of tricks, which to naďve people will look like miracles and healings completed by original Jesus. Therefore many people are going to be deceived by these tricks, and begin to follow Antichrist, worshipping him like he is God. But the aim of Antichrist is only to gain political power. Then he starts doing evil and serve Satan. By deception and machinations he is going to build up a huge empire on Earth, which is going to span almost a half of our planet. In this empire he is going to rule cruelly and with an iron hand. For example he is going to force all his people to surgically implant a kind of identification chip (i.e. a "mark of the beast"), without which no activities can be carried out in public, e.g. even buying bread will require this chip. Citizens of his empire will NOT be happier or safer than before his arrival. He also is to instigate many wars. The last battle in these wars is going to have some connection with the place in Israel called Armageddon. According to prophecies, Antichrist is going to be defeated in there by combined forces of the rest of world, which by that time will already recognise teachings of the real Second Jesus.
The problem with similar timings of the arrival of firstly Second Jesus which does good, and then Antichrist which pretends to be Second Jesus but does evil, is distinguishing between these two. Probably for this reason times in which this happens are going to be called times of judgement. People are going to be forced to judge by whom they stand. Many is going to be deceived and they stand by Antichrist. But according to prophecies, differences between these two are huge and should be obvious at a first glance. Each one of them is an opposite of the other one. Antichrist serves Satan, Second Jesus serves God. Antichrist is to hide truth, Second Jesus is to disclose it. Antichrist does his actions spectacularly, to amaze crowds. Second Jesus does everything humbly, quietly, and without publicity, "like a thief". Antichrist takes political power over people and rules physically. Second Jesus appels to logic and conscience of people, leading them only spiritually. Antichrist orders and demands blind obedience. Second Jesus explains and convinces, but leaves to everyone the free will and choice what to do. Antichrist only speaks of doing good, while actually spreads evil. But Second Jesus teaches how to do good, and does good by himself. Antichrist publicly shows off numerous "miracles" and "healings", but does not leave any disciple, nor teaches other people anything useful. Second Jesus does not do miracles by Himself (although these will take place in His vicinity), although leaves many followers behind and gives enough knowledge to initiate a completely new era on Earth.
After hearing about this Dayak's revelation, which indicated the date of official initiation of mission by Second Jesus, just in case I checked whether anyone from Europe is living amongst them at that time. As it turned out, there was no such an European. It was not a good time for this type of endeavours. After all, in that region of Borneo local authorities deepened their adverse to Europeans, because of the accusation from Europe that they allow the destruction of tropical forests. Moreover, area of the South-East Asia was just in the grip of a powerful financial crisis (called then the "Asian Crisis"). Thus apart from a few tourists, in the whole Sarawak there was only a handful of Europeans living semi-permanently. Unfortunately, each one of them was busy with completing some kind of an urgent contract or profession, and had no time to live amongst Dayaks.
#74. Checking in Poland whether the Dayaks' revelation comes true. In spite of the lack of Europeans that lived amongst Dayaks, I took very seriously this Dayaks' revelation. After all, I had numerous other evidence, that all extraordinary religious phenomena that they were experiencing, are authentic, true, and well documented (e.g. some miracles, that took place amongst Dayaks, were even recorded on videos). So I prepared a comprehensive document, which summarised main prophecies and known information regarding the arrival of Second Jesus to Earth. This document outlined what prophecies are saying about His mission and activities, it informed the readers about the Dayaks' revelation, and it asked to look for signs of His ministry. On 4 January 1999, I send this document to all adherers that totalizm already had in Poland (at that time there was already quite a substantial number of them). I warned in this document, that according to prophecies He is to arrive on Earth "as a thief", and that even many of His close followers may not be able to recognize Him. Unfortunately, in spite of a number of people looking for signs of His ministry, nothing significant was reported back to me.
Although the Dayak revelation, and the later check in Europe, were not connected directly with totalizm, they exerted a significant impact on the shape of this philosophy. The reason was that they inspired a lot of thinking about the role of totalizm amongst spinning wheels of history, and they realised that totalizm is just a subsequent stage in the development of our awareness, through which we need to go in order to later reach even higher stages, and also in order for the destiny of human race was able to fulfil itself. In turn, to become such a stage, totalizm needs to read correctly, and incorporate into itself, the true intentions of the universal intellect.
#75. Identification of methods, with which UFOs occupy and exploit Earth without being noticed by humans. After I realized how massive is the occupation and exploitation of Earth, I started to investigate how it is possible that we humans do not notice the overwhelming presence of UFOs on Earth. In the result of this research I identified several different methods with which UFOs keep us under control without us knowing what is going on. The most important of these methods I summarised in subsection VB4, while illustratively I described them in subsection W4. The key ones involve: (1) continuous hiding of UFOs from people (e.g. operating only at night, or in the state of telekinetic flickering, which makes them invisible to human eyes and to cameras), (2) the telepathic manipulation of human minds, which makes all intellectually weak humans to not believe in UFOs, and thus to attack everyone who does research on UFOs, (3) the continuous destruction of all evidence, which could certify that Earth is currently occupied by UFOs (one category of such evidence continually being destroyed, are these skeletons of human giants from New Zealand, that I mentioned before), (4) the continuous shifting to the future to see which human developments run against alien occupation of Earth, and then returning back to present times to block or suppress these developments, etc., etc. Further UFO methods that I identified during this research are described in chapter VB of monograph [1/4].
One of the reasons why I was so successful with working out these concealed methods, which UFOnauts use to keep us in darkness and in a constant slavery, was that previously I accumulated all the necessary knowledge about our cosmic parasite, and then I based my research on this knowledge. Thus I could simulate in my thinking the theoretical principles on which the activities of aliens are based. For example I got to know very well the goals of our invaders (i.e. to continually rob humans from all biological resources that sustain their parasitic civilisations - which exist only due to a slave labour, and to maintain the occupation of Earth forever), I learned technology which is used by our cosmic invader (for example I know that, amongst others, they are utilising time vehicles and they are continually visiting the future to find how the presence influences this future, and that after returning back to the present times they manipulate them according to their parasitic interests), I know the philosophy of our invaders (i.e. "evil parasitism" described in chapter JD), I know the principle of "going around moral laws" that the philosophy of parasitism is based upon (see subsection JD3.1 /?/), and also I know moral laws (described in subsection I4.1.1) which aliens try to not break themselves in their actions, although they happily make people to break these laws for them.
#76. The destruction of natural environment on Earth. It was the first fact that I discovered, which confirmed the active oppression of people by UFOnauts, and intentional torturing of humanity by evil parasites. Until that discovery I believed, that the highest evil that UFOnauts do to people, is just to rob us from our biological resources, e.g. from our sperm, ovule, moral energy, etc. Only then I gradually discovered, that these evil parasites from UFOs intentionally do to us much more evil and harm, than our minds are able to even imagine.
The first trail that led me to the discovery of these intentional atrocities of UFOnauts, was the scary fact that UFOnauts are guilty of numerous cases of mass murder. It turned out that they repetitively cause various catastrophes on Earth, which may look naturally, but which are caused on purpose with the technology of UFOnauts. In the result of these catastrophes, significant proportion of people is killed. The first traces of such intentionally caused catastrophes, I discovered completely by a chance, when I researched consequences of the Tapanui explosion (the Tapanui explosion took lives of literally millions of people).
One of the last of such significant catastrophes that I am aware of, was the attempt by UFOnauts to initiate on Earth an epidemics of "smallpox" on 1 April 2002 (a TV program about this epidemic, entitled "Smallpox 2002 - Silent Weapon", which was broadcasted on Sunday, 23 February 2003, by channel PRIME TVNZ, at 8:30 to 10:25). In the result of this epidemic, many millions of people died, although the epidemic was put under control. It is worth to notice, that subsection V5.4 of this monograph indicates the date of 1 April, as a preferred date of attacks of UFOnauts on humanity. This catastrophe was a follow up from a previous attack of UFOnauts on WTC, which took place on 11 September 2001 - the description of it is provided in subsection O8.1 /?/ of this monograph and in subsection E8 of monograph [8].
At this point it is worth to explain, why I am so sure, that the explosion of UFOs near Tapanui in New Zealand was caused intentionally by UFOnauts, and was not at all an unfortunate accident. The evidence of this explosion that I identified so-far in the vicinity of the Tapanui Crater, indicates that in 1178 a stack of around seven so-called "time vehicles" of K6 type exploded in there. This is the reason why New Zealand even currently is experiencing oscillations of the timespace (or "time surges"). However, time vehicles are called with their name, because they are able to travel in time. Thus its crew knows what is going to happen in the future. Therefore these vehicles do not explode in an accident. Due to the knowledge of the future, their crew knows that such an explosion is coming, and thus has the chance to prevent it. This in turn means, that if time vehicles explode, someone must cause this explosion on purpose. The above deduction led me to the conclusion, that the UFO explosion near Tapanui was not an accident at all, but it was caused on purpose by UFOnauts themselves. This conclusion explains also why such a distant and unpopulated island as New Zealand was selected for carrying it out - after all then the humanity was unable to learn so easily that it did occur. Furthermore, it explains why UFOnauts so intensely try to destroy and to hide from people all traces of this UFO explosion over Tapanui, why they constantly deny its existence and criticise its descriptions, and why so viciously they destroy every scientist who tries to research this explosion or research consequences of it.
The outcomes of the Tapanui explosion turned out to be especially devastating. This explosion destroyed our civilisation and replaced the progress of ancient world with the darkness of medieval times. But this was just what our cosmic parasite from UFOs wished for. After all, the darkness of medieval times created much better conditions for exploiting people mercilessly. This trick with exploding time vehicles was later repeated in 1908, this time in the distant Siberian Taiga. In 1908 only three time vehicles were exploded, thus the outcome was not so devastating.
In 1997 I was already so familiar with methods used by our cosmic invaders from UFOs, that I was able to notice visually the behaviour of people programmed by UFOnauts. Then the next shock was to come, when during the dry season of years 1997 and 1998, countless people started to show signs of being hypnotically preprogrammed to start fires (i.e. to play "fire bugs" or "arsonists" that burn forests). At that time I noticed groups of school children which were wandering aimlessly and kept throwing burning matches onto everything that could ignite. I saw housewives as they put together all rubbish they could gather, and burned it in smoke. I also saw various beggars and loafers, who instead of looking for food, were seeking something to burn. Fires started to burn in every possible area. Soon afterwards the entire our planet around its equator started to be covered with thousands of fires. Native jungles in Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Australia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, and many further countries, were disappearing in a dense smoke. Tropical countries were breathing smoke instead of air. The enormous destruction of our natural environment took place. Of course, our orthodox scientists and mass media immediately rushed to finger-point "El Nino", that was especially invented to take the suspicion out of UFOs and to shift it at the climate. In this way, similarly as so many times before, again without any criticism they accepted the telepathic suggestion from UFOnauts, that it is the climate that ignited all these fires, not UFOs with hands of collaborators that were hypnotically preprogrammed to play arsonists. However, all signs that I saw with my own eyes at that time, indicate that these world-wide fires were telepathically and hypnotically preprogrammed by our cosmic occupant from UFOs. On their example I am fully aware, that the next murderous catastrophe that probably is already on its way, will depend on the destruction of our natural environment (and social unrest, anarchy, and wilding of people, that are going to be triggered by this destruction of the environment). Moreover, I am sure that these fires of tropical jungles from 1997 and 1998 were one of several well designed destructive steps, which UFOnauts gradually introduce on our planet. Pity that we still do not have telepathic listening devices (type of the "telepathic pyramid" described in subsection N2 /?/, and in treatise [7/2]), which would allow us to determine what type of commands these evil parasites from UFOs are beaming telepathically directly to minds of people on Earth, what these commands order us to do, etc.
In July and August 2000, our cosmic parasites from UFOs started to complete a next phase of destruction of our environment, this time through systematic burning forests in the USA. On TV footage of fires that UFOnauts initiated then in the USA, one could even notice the spinning columns of smoke, that were formed by invisible UFO vehicles which supervised the course of the destruction that they initiated. In one case from August 2000, TV cameras managed to capture even the moment of a self-ignition of the fire (i.e. the fire that was started without anyone visible igniting it). This self-ignited fire in the USA was identical to a similar phenomenon of an apparent "self-ignition" (but in reality the ignition by an invisible UFO), that is described in the Polish treatise [3B], which affected the Polish UFO abductee named Andrzej Domala.
There is also one more event, which I remember not very clearly, but which may have a connection with my finding, that New Zealand is an experimental island country, in which cosmic parasites from UFOs firstly try each their new action and strategy. This event is rather a meaningful period of fires, that took place several years before our whole planet was covered with fire and smoke, as described above. A rather unusually "fiery" times was prevailing then in New Zealand. Almost everything was burning then, and every day in news several large new fires were reported. Perhaps, this was the period, when our cosmic parasites from UFOs were trying on New Zealand their new strategy of "burned Earth" and their new equipment that was necessary to implement this strategy.
#77. Assassinations of people by UFOnauts. It is a well known fact, that almost every invader is secretly executing people, who represent the local resistance. This brutal truth was vividly revealed to me as early as in 1988, when I investigated a case of a New Zealand UFO abductee (lets call him R.B.) who was taken to a huge UFO that was suspended in a large underground cave. In this UFO he experienced a demonstration of a unique machine built by UFOnauts especially to ... induce cancer in humans. Later I discovered myself the principles on which the operation of this machine is based (these principles are described in subsection N5.2 /?/). Actually aliens literally demonstrated to this abductee on his own example, that they are able to induce cancer whenever, in whomever, and wherever, they wish. Because after this demonstration they did not erase his memory, it is obvious that the demonstration was intended as a kind of early warning for us - which was to carry the message "behave yourself, because if not - we have the means to fix you so that no-one will ever have an idea what really happened to you". Although this first report about a cancer inducing machine was quite scary, I did not get the message because at that time (in 1988) I still believed that aliens are friendly towards people and have only our good in their minds. However, my opinion started to gradually change when I encountered a fast growing number of cases when people who would qualify as potential victims of our cosmic invaders, were rapidly dying because of cancer, or because of some other cause that could easily be induced by aliens. Below I reviewed cases of several people that I used to know quite well, the fate of which gradually let me believe that the assassinations of selected people by UFOnauts are an undeniable fact, which we should take under consideration in all our activities.
- Karla Turner. Out of all such UFO assassination cases, the one which best served for me as an eye-opener, was that of Karla Turner. Karla Turner was a UFO investigator, who was disclosing and publicising the evil methods that UFOs use on people. Unfortunately, she rapidly died of cancer in very suspicious circumstances, right at the peak of her research career (sometime around 1996).
- Adalbert Béla Brosan. Another case, which also gave me a lot to think about, was that of an Austrian eccentric named Adalbert Béla Brosan. He was the successful builder of a free energy device (influenzmaschine mentioned in subsection K2.3.1 /?/, which was the blueprint for the famous Thesta-Distatica) which, similar to the telepathic pyramid described in subsection N2 /?/ of this monograph, was also received as a gift from our anonymous allies from space. He died soon after he successfully completed the first two working prototypes of this wonder machine. Because of his death, his machine still does not serve our civilisation, in spite of being operational, as the sale of this device is blocked by our cosmic invaders and their collaborators - see subsection B5 in treatise [7/2].
- Bill Startup. Then was the case of Bill Startup, a personal friend of mine, who was a pilot of that aeroplane which on 31 December 1979 filmed a UFO vehicle over the Kaikoura coast in New Zealand, and who published a highly convincing documentary book [22A4] by Startup, Capt. Bill, with Illingworth Neil, "The Kaikoura UFOs", Auckland 1980, Hodder and Stoughton. He intended to finance research aimed at finding a scientific proof that the vehicle filmed over Kaikoura was in fact a true UFO (actually, in spite of numerous attempts by various debunkers and other UFO collaborators manipulated by our cosmic parasites, it was never disproved that the Kaikoura film managed to capture a real UFO). But he got a massive brain stroke before he managed to implement his intention, which by some miracle he survived, but which left him with almost total paralysis.
- Bruce De Palma. Another tremendous blow to our civilisation was the death of Bruce De Palma on Thursday, 2 October 1997, whom I also used to know. Bruce was a pioneer in telekinetic energy generation, and at the time of his death he was close to the completion of a commercially feasible telekinetic generator named "N-Machine", the operation of which directly applied the Telekinetic Effect described in subsection H6.1. Here is how at the Internet address, De Palma's death is described in 1999, quote: "Controversial researcher and inventor, Bruce De Palma, died yesterday in a hospital in New Zealand. He had been in a coma for several hours after massive internal bleeding." (It is a public secret that such internal bleeding can be induced by a powerful beam of ultrasonic waves. For example in one of American films (it is possible that it was "Enemy of the State"), a kind of ultrasonic weapon is shown, which caused such bleeding by inducing the massive break-down of cells. The film also illustrated that this weapon could get a victim which hides behind solid walls.)
- John Britten. A next huge loss for our civilisation was the death of John Britten - a brilliant New Zealand mechanical designer from Christchurch, whom I had the honour to meet in person. John was the extraordinary talented designer and extremely creative mind who, amongst others, built fastest motorbikes in the world. His bikes were winning not only in local competitions, but also on international events. About the topic of his genius bicycles, a small educational story-book for children was published - see [23A4] by Jane Buxton, "Superbike!", published for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media Ltd., Box 3293, Wellington, New Zealand, 8 Jane Buxton 1994, ISBN 0-478-05920-5, 16 pages. But the biggest passion of John Britten was developing wings for humans - i.e. building small flying apparatuses, with movable wings, which were propelled solely by muscles of a person, and enabled this person to fly. He experimented with these wings from the young age, but only around 1994 he invented a workable mechanical solution for the flapping mechanism that would allow people to fly in the air like birds, by the effort of their own muscles. Unfortunately, when he was ready to build the prototype, which would implement his revolutionary invention, unexpectedly in 1995 he died of cancer at the age of 45. As it turned out, our parasites were not prepared to allow people fly in the air like birds.
- Ludwik Pajak. When, during the finishing of treatise [7/2], due to a chain of extraordinary coincidences I learned the fate of John Britten, I experienced a shock. The reason for this shock was, that the fate of John was only a more tragic version of the scenario of similar events which affected my own brother Ludwik. My brother was a chemistry technician, who for a sport used to pilot propeller aeroplanes. This allowed him to empirically learn secrets of aeronautics. He utilised these secrets for his unusual hobby of constructing a muscle-propelled aeroplane. Unfortunately, having no access to suitable research facilities and not knowing how to construct complicated mechanisms, for many years he was unable to solve the problem of wing flapping. However, his knowledge of aeronautic principles allowed him to invent a solution, which went around this problem. His invention replaced the bird-like flapping of wings, with the system of several spinning drums. These spinning drums created the Magnus Effect, that effectively formed the lifting thrust. Moreover, they allowed to accumulate energy in the inertia of spinning motion (i.e. the spinning drums of my brother worked a bit like balloons - when once they were set into motion, they lifted the apparatus upwards almost without any further consumption of energy). I had a fortune to observe in person a test of my brother's prototype and must admit, that his prototype really formed a noticeable lifting force. But in order to fly successfully, it still required further improvements and polishing of details. But when my brother attempted the improvements and polishing of his revolutionary invention, unexpectedly in the chemical factory where he worked he fell a victim of an accident. He was seriously poisoned. Although somehow he survived this poisoning, for the rest of his life he remained an invalid, who has significant difficulties with everyday activities, thus who cannot even dream of completing a flying apparatus that requires a high physical and mental condition. During all these years no-one linked his accident in a chemical factory with his hobby of constructing a muscle-propelled aeroplane, and both these matters were seen as totally separate. However, now when I discovered that two people experienced a fate which was developing almost to an identical scenario, it becomes obvious that tragedies of both these people are resulting from the same fact, that our parasites, amongst others, are also blocking on Earth the development of muscle-propelled aeroplanes. After all, in subsection VB3.3 I /?/ described how the trail of so-called "coincides" leads us to the discovery, that this are UFOnauts that hide behind a given disaster.
- Reporters from Polish Television. By a strange "coincidence" (see how I explain "coincidence" in subsection JC7 /?/), I know about three reporters from Polish TV, who died in very similar circumstances. Their death took place just before the situation make them to broadcast programs, which were to disclose truth on UFOs. In relationship to their deaths a regular repetitiveness just hits in the eyes, which clearly indicates, that all three of them almost surely fell victims of UFO assassinations. After all, in each case from the research of the future completed by UFOnauts, it would appear that these reporters are going to significantly undermine the occupational interests of UFOs on Earth. Two first deaths from this series, took place still in the first half of 1988. Then two reporters died in a car accident, Kaminski and Kurek, who hosted a widely watched TV scientific programme "Sonda". These two reporters, almost exactly one year before the date of their death, broadcasted a part of their scientific serial "Sonda", in which they rather brutally attacked the research which I carry out, and which I described in publications that were available for them. Their superficial and scoffing attacking of my research induced a vivid protests from people, who at that time already shared views that were expressed in my publications. Under the pressure from these people, reporters of "Sonda" decided to prepare another part of their program, in which they intended to present the same topic but in more objective and truthful manner. Unfortunately, their tragic "accident" make impossible to broadcast this more positive program of "Sonda".
The next TV reporter who had an "accident" in very similar circumstances, was Marcin Kolodynski - a producer of the programme "TenBit". This programme was broadcasted from the ground TV station of Polish TV, and also from the satellite 13.2 degree East (data for Poland). On Tuesday, 30 January 2001, he broadcasted a next part of his serial "TenBit", in which he show internet sites of totalizm and RO (resistance movement) against UFO occupation of Earth. He also mentioned research that I am carrying out. But typically for himself, he treated the UFO topic quite ironically and scoffingly. This in turn caused, that various members of the RO (resistance movement) against our cosmic oppressors from UFOs, felt that the topic requires another, more objective presentation. Thus they exerted a significant pressure on Marcin, to make him to prepare another programme on the same topic, but this time to make it objective and deprived of previous irony. Unfortunately, before anything was done in this area, Marcin died in Tatry Mountains during a skiing accident, when at a full speed he hit a ratrak (i.e. on a machine that firms the snow) that was invisible for him. The information about his tragic death was even published in a Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, issue from 5 February 2001.
For many thousands of years UFOnauts got away with such deceiving of ordinary bread eaters, while they kept killing with their unnoticeable methods all people that were inconvenient for them. It is about a time we start to notice, that there is a clear regularity and repetitiveness in all these "accidents". For example, all three above deaths affected reporters of Polish TV, who firstly broadcasted a scoffing programs on UFOs, then due to a pressure from rationally thinking people, were forced to prepare positive programs on the same subject (but the preparation and broadcasting of these positive programs was blocked by their tragic deaths).
- Krysztof Bialas. He was one of my close comrades, with whom we intended to write a treatise devoted to the history of occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. He put into this intention a lot of research and work. Unfortunately, since the very beginning of our cooperation UFOnauts started to operate almost openly in his flat. For example I received for analysis a whole range of shapes (unfortunately impossible to identify) which he accidentally captured on photographs in his flat, and which typically are formed by fast moving UFOnauts in the state of telekinetic flickering. When he finished his research, and was ready to start writing, a tragedy struck. All started with a strange "dream", during which he was "dreaming" that was abducted to a UFO, and that during this abduction something was implanted into his stomach. In June 2001 he started to feel unwell. During the examination with a gastroscope, it turned out that he has a cancer of stomach, with the spreads to abdomen. This type of a cancer was unusual for him, because typically it does not appears in men before 50s (Mr Bialas was only 34). His state was worsening very quickly. He died on 29 December 2001, means in only around a half of year since his problems began. Together with Evan Hansen described in the next item, he is the second case of my comrade who was killed by UFOnauts soon after he started a work on a treatise that was to disclose the evil activities of UFOnauts on Earth.
In addition to the above, I know further brilliant minds, sometimes in person, which most probably were also assassinated by UFOnauts. As an example consider Werner Kropp referred to in subsection D1.2 of treatise [7/2], or Adalbert Béla Brosan discussed in subsection K2.3.1 /?/ of this monograph. Based on these disturbing findings I started to suspect that evil parasites from UFOs systematically and ruthlessly assassinate all the best people on Earth, only that they do this with the use of invisible and undetectable methods similar to ones used for controlling us (described in subsection VB3 /?/). So in 1998 I formulated an alien assassination question to be answered. This question stated: "is it possible that all progressive people on Earth, who either adhered to totaliztic principles, or promoted the more rapid progress of humanity, such as Jesus, Joanna D'Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, J. F. Kennedy, and many others, actually are victims of undetectable alien assassinations, that usually were executed through hypnotically programmed fanatics, through inducing deadly illnesses, or in other unnoticeable manners?"
In order to answer "yes" to this question, I needed to identify a distinctive assassination method used by aliens, and also I needed to find a proof that aliens actually used this method on someone. After thorough analyses, which took into account the essence of other methods used by aliens, and also the aliens' philosophy and technology, I come up with a distinctive method of alien assassination, which I named the "Titanic scenario". This scenario states, that one of numerous methods, which UFOnauts use to kill trouble-giving people in a manner which is unnoticeable to others, and which does not force aliens to break the moral law stating "do not kill because you will be killed", depends on the use of time vehicles. They simply move to the future and search for details of some disaster which occurs in our times. Then they return to the present time and cunningly manipulate the candidate of a given assassination into a plan, which is designed very thoroughly and long in advance, and which gives this candidate no other option but to be in the place and at the time of that disaster. In order to make sure that the victim is not going to change his/her mind, aliens also hypnotically program a special person, I call him/her a "victim guard", who is making sure that the assassinated person is present at the time and place of the disaster (unfortunately this "victim guard" frequently dies together with the assassinated person). I named this alien assassination method the "Titanic scenario" because it is similar to someone knowing that the Titanic is going to sink, thus making sure that his/her enemy is going for a voyage in this transatlantic liner. Of course, because of the unique way in which this scenario unfolds, it is characterised by several distinctive attributes, which allow one to identify the victims of such alien assassinations, and also allows one to distinguish these victims from ordinary people who just fall in a given disaster because of their fate. The most distinctive of such attributes include: a) long preparations (i.e. in order to be effective, such an assassination is carefully planned and carried out long in advance, thus a victim knows for sure that he is going to take part in this particular event and almost does a "booking" for his/her death), b) the spectacular killing event (i.e. the event which kills the victim must be spectacular enough to attract the attention of aliens who travel in time into the future to spot it as a suitable means for assassination), c) the presence and activities of the "victim guard", who "forces" the victim into the given situation. Of course, additional factors which allow one to recognize such an assassination include the fact that victim is carrying out, planning, or developing potentials, for some activities or accomplishments that strongly run against the interests of alien parasites, and also that in a case when one assassination attempt fails, soon other such attempts are repeated until a given victim is dead.
The second part of answering "yes" to my question turned out to be an easy one. This is because after I worked out the details and attributes of the "Titanic scenario", I realized with a petrifying shock that this scenario perfectly fits into what happened to myself on 13 November 1990 during the Ara Moana tragedy in New Zealand (when a gunman who went berserk first shot dead his own neighbour, Garry Holden, then shot dead all the people who were present in Garry's house, finally went outside and shot dead scores of passers-by: together 13 people gunned down). For that particular day, my close friend, Garry Holden of Ara Moana, made with me the planned-long-in-advance arrangements, that we both were going to complete in his home several laborious experiments. Later Garry many times kept reminding me about this our plan, and about time consuming preparations that he needed to make for that particular day. Actually even on the tragic day, only a few hours before Garry got shot in his Ara Moana house, he rang me again. I needed to reassure him once more that I was going to fulfil our agreement and arrive to his house. But by some miraculous set of coincidences I was stopped on my way and never arrived at Garry's place. Had I arrived there, I would have been in his home before the shooting started. Incidently, when I try now to recall what actually stopped me, and why I had not arrived at Garry's home, I am not able to remember - it looks as if someone thoroughly erased my memory of what happened in the remaining part of that particular day.
The detection of the Ara Moana assassination attempt on me was an enormous shock. I never expected that my research and publications are getting such a deadly response from their main heros, means UFOnauts. Because I remembered that in my life quite frequently I closely "brushed with death", I decided to make a list of these brushes and scenarios in which they occurred. This list was another shock, because it turned out that I had almost 30 such close brushes with death, and that several of them fulfil the "Titanic scenario", while the remaining part fulfils other scenarios, which also meet the basic requirements of alien assassinations. Thus, it would appear that since I was born, statistically almost every 2 years some kind of effective assassination scenario was tried on me by our invisible invader (other examples of such cases I described in other subsections, e.g. see VB4.5.1 /?/). Because of various miraculous coincidences, so far all these attempts left me unharmed, although frequently very scared. But I am increasingly afraid that one day I may run out of this survival luck.
I should add here, that these undetectable assassination attempts on me, were probably started long before I was even born. For example, during the Hitler occupation of Poland my father was "deported as a slave labourer" to Peenemünde, means to the place which because of the close proximity of a factory and launching pod of V2 missiles, was one of the most thoroughly bombarded areas of the entire Germany. The factory in which my father was working, most probably produced parts to V2 missiles. But in spite, that during this thorough bombardments of Western allies, almost everything around was levelled with earth, my father come out without any harm. Similarly camouflaged assassination attempts were also affecting my mother. For example approximately at the time when she got pregnant to give birth to me, i.e. during the harvest of 1945, she suffered a very unusual infection of both her legs. Present doctors would probably identify this infection as a kind of less deadly strand of "flesh eating bacteria", or something very similar to it. Past (as well as present) doctors were completely helpless towards this bacteria. But because of some strange miracle, the body of my mother was able to live with this bacteria for the next 44 years, although it was unable to overcome it and to completely heal. Thus even when my mother was dying on 17 December 1989, her legs still were fighting this infection, which most probably in plans of UFOnauts was to kill her before I was born.
An interesting extension of our knowledge about the Ara Moana shooting, and thus also about all other alien assassinations accomplished through gunmen, provided a TV programme "60 minutes", which was broadcasted on 6 August 2000, at 7:30 pm, in the TVNZ channel 1. This programme reviewed results of research on several cases of similar mass murders committed by gunmen (the research was completed by a fermer New Zealand policeman). As it turned out from conclusions of this research, the killings are not spontaneous at all, but all the gunmen are thoroughly being prepared for the killings for the period of at least one year. Some of these gunmen even tried to get a professional help openly claiming that some outside force (UFOnauts) - in their descriptions very similar to invisible activities of UFOnauts that are now known to us, controls their minds, feelings, and actions, and guide them to a disaster. Of course, most probably instead of help, they met a wall of disbelief and ridicule. For me the most interesting was that conclusion from this research, which indicated that the assassins are always being prepared to the killing for at least one year. Priori to the Ara Moana I experienced myself that also victims are being prepared for this act of killing for a long time, and that these prepared victims are supposed to die first, while the scores of innocent people are only to follow them in order to produce a confusing "smoke screen". Thus all these facts indicate to me, that the alien assassinations through the use of gunmen are not the events which occur "naturally" - while UFOnauts only utilise them for their evil purposes, but are events which are entirely planned, arranged, prepared, and staged by our cosmic parasites from UFOs.
I am aware that cases of alien assassinations are extremely controversial, as at our present level of technology and medicine they cannot be conclusively proven in such a manner that it would convince everyone. Only evidence which strongly indicates their reality, are their scenarios and these methods described in subsection VB3.3 /?/. Thus they can be sarcastically attacked by collaborators of our cosmic parasites (although these collaborators are not capable to disprove them either). However, we need to reconsider seriously all rapid deaths in our history. As this is starting to be painfully obvious, whenever there was a person on Earth who was to significantly and positively contribute to our civilisation, this person almost never lived a full productive life, but was assassinated in his/her early age. To make it worse, this ruthless murdering of the best people with hands of alien collaborators, is still continued even today. We need to realize this, and to initiate our vigorous defence, otherwise this murdering never ends. More information about murdering people by UFOnauts I presented in subsection VB4.5.1 /?/.
#78. Murdering of my associate, Evan Hansen, by UFOnauts. I already used to the fact, that evil parasites from UFOs are deadly, and that without any mercy they kill everyone who act against their interests. After all, according to what I explained in the previous item, myself in my life I can count almost 30 assassination attempts on my life (some of these attempts I described in subsection VB4.5.1 /?/). But each time when I learn about a next murder committed by evil parasites on someone whom I know, I am experiencing again a huge shock.
One of my comrades who helped me to decode evil methods, which UFOnauts use for manipulating on leaders of religious cults on Earth, in order to deviate the activities of these cults, was the late Evan Hansen. Evan was a living example of how sharing the same views gradually transforms into a close friendship. He contacted me around 1995 after he read treatise [7]. Our initial exchange of views eventuated into a close friendship. He was an activist in the Global Peace movement. He lived in the USA close to one of the largest grouping of religious cults, by himself being a member of one of the more known of such cults, and still having within cults several members of his close family. Thus he did his own research on the methods used by UFOs in order to control cults and to manipulate cult leaders. He discussed with me methods used in manipulation of these cults, and intended to write together with me a scientific treatise on this subject. But just before he initiated the writing, unexpectedly both his eyes (usually sharp as in an eagle) got cataract. In the effect he lost his sight so the writing of our treatise on the manipulation of cults by UFOs needed to be postponed. In 1999 he went for complicated eye operations, which dragged for moths and finished with various complications. The most troublesome problem was caused by a surgeon who operated him. This surgeon, supposedly by an "accident", installed lenses in his eyes, which were prepared for someone else. In the result, the operation needed to be repeated in order to remove these "wrong" lenses and replace them with the right ones. This was supplemented with various medical complications and problems. In spite of all these sabotages by UFOs, in the first half of 2000 his eyes finally healed, and Evan started to see again. So he returned to his plans of writing a truth-disclosing treatise about manipulation of cults and cult leaders by UFOs. Then, on Friday, 23 June 2000, around 2 pm, unexpectedly his gun exploded into his face. A piece of the magazine "accidentally" cut his throat and was lodged into base of his tongue. In spite that he was bleeding, he was able to talk with his family the whole way to hospital and during waiting for his operation. During this talk, he asked his family to notify me what happened to him. In the hospital he was subjected to a small surgery, aimed at removal of pieces of the gun from his tongue. However, supposedly surgeons again "make a mistake" and instead of the anaesthetic, they gave him some medicine which caused him to lose conscience and to fall into a "coma". For the whole next year he was in coma. In July 2001 his family decided to disconnect him from the life support system, so he is dead now. With him also the extensive evidence died, which he gathered on the topic of manipulation of cults by UFOs.
Officially the explosion of his gun is considered to be the cause of his death. This explosion is explained as caused by two bullets already stuck in the barrel of his gun, which Evan supposedly fired before the "accident". The subsequent (third) shot caused the split of the barrel. But it remains unknown to me, on what basis this explanation is formed, e.g. whether these two bullets were found in the barrel, or someone just invented them in a comfortable armchair. After all, Evan was an excellent hunter - while a misfire is easy to detect by the sound. Therefore I do not understand how he could allow that two previous bullets stayed in his barrel, and still kept shooting - unless he was hypnotised and telepathically controlled by UFOnauts. Furthermore, officially his death is blamed on the gun explosion, while the gun explosion was only a reason to give him out into hands of surgeons. In turn surgeons were ones who committed a next "mistake" on him, which actually killed him.
For me he his death is an obvious case of an RO anti-UFO fighter, who was assassinated by UFOs in order to silence his intended revelation of shocking truths about manipulations on cults by UFOs. After all, typically for UFOnauts, in his case almost all karma generating acts were committed with hands of humans. When I learned about his "accident", I wrote to his family a letter, containing a list of questions. I tried to establish with these questions whether is there any evidence for the intervention of an invisible UFO in his "accident". Amongst other questions, I asked his family to check for me whether any parts of his gun are magnetised. As it turned out, I was right. In fact the barrel of the gun, and also some part located under the barrel, were strongly magnetised. More important, the magnetisation of the barrel had one polarity until the point where the rapture finished, while the undamaged part of the barrel had a completely opposite polarity. Furthermore, as his family wrote to me, the tree under which his gun exploded, in a strange manner was dying. I know from my research on the UFO landing sites that all trees above which invisible UFOs are hovering for a longer period of time, usually die afterwards - killed by the powerful magnetic field produced by the propulsion of these vehicles. For me all this is a convincing proof that at the moment when his gun exploded, an invisible UFO was hovering above him in order to cause the explosion with some unnoticeable manipulations and equipment.
The death of Evan Hansen was not waisted completely. This is because his case revealed to me a scary regularity, which can be noted in manners with which evil parasites liquidate inconvenient people. The point is, that because of the existence of karma algorithms described in subsection I4.4, not each person can be murdered in any possible manner, which someone can invent while sitting behind a desk. In order for a given murder to finish with a success, the victim must have in his/her karma the algorithm, which causes his/her death in the result of a given type of event. The case of Evan reveals, that evil parasites somehow read this algorithm, which a given person has in his/her karma, and then murder this person accordingly to this algorithm. For example, in case of Evan they must discover, that Evan is going to die because of the "mistake" of surgeons. Thus they caused that Evan twice fall a victim of such a "mistake". (Notice that Evan is also discussed in subsection VB4.4.1. /?/)
Evan is not the only person, whom evil parasites from UFOs harmed more than one time with the use of the same method. For example at night, on Sunday 29 July 2001, in New Zealand died as the result of overturning of a car, 17 years old Kirsty Leigh Robinson, together with her boyfriend. A brief notice about her death was published in the newspaper article [24A4] "Boating survivor dies in car crash", The Dominion (Wellington, N.Z.), Tuesday, 31 July 2001, page 6. In spite of a young age, Kirsty was known as a fighter for a better tomorrow of our planet - her efforts were discussed even in TV news at 22:30, on 30/07/01, in channel 3 of TVNZ. But the unusual case of Kirsty was, that on 2 April 2000, means slightly over a year earlier, she participated in another deadly accident, when on a full sea, the fishing boat in which she was present overturned, killing 3 people. But that other overturning accident Kirsty survived due to the 24-hour long drifting in full sea. Most probably evil parasites investigated the future of Kirsty, and they discovered that she is introducing the thereat to their parasitic interests on Earth. Therefore they decided to kill her according to the algorithm of an accident by overturning, which they red from her karma. The laws of statistics, and also my research on UFOs, state that if the same type of a potentially deadly accident happens to the same person for more than one time, it actually means that this is NOT an accident - but an assassination attempt or a sabotage by evil parasites from UFOs (see also subsection VB4.5.1 /?/ in this monograph).
Also myself I experienced that evil parasites have the tendency to organise the same type of accident, which is written into the karma of a given person, many subsequent times. In my analyses from the previous item, such an abstract course of the same type of deadly accident repeated many times by UFOnauts, I call a "scenario". For example, amongst my own almost 30 close brushes with death, which so far I managed to recall, several different such "scenarios" can be detected, which are stubbornly repeated by UFOnauts. The scenario of "head on collision" of cars, one of the realisations of which I described in subsection VB4.5.1 /?/, in my own case was repeated at least 6 times. Out of this number, in four repetitions of this scenario actually the head on collision took place, only that each time somehow I managed to escape alive from it. In the most critical one of them, this other car slightly missed, hitting only into the corner of my car, just near the front wheel by my legs. The front wheel of my Ford Laser deflected the impact, saving my life. This head on collision took place around 1992, about 3 km before the place called Rakaia, on the Highway 1 from Timaru to Christchurch. An underage driver on a straight and well visible highway rapidly turned on my side of the road (probably similarly hypnotised by UFOnauts as me in the situation described in subsection VB4.5.1 /?/). The speed of each one of our colliding cars was then around 100 km/h. In the result the entire side panel of my car was ripped off in flight like a thin shell, although I experienced only a minor cuts with flying pieces of glass, and not too serious hitting in my shoulder with car's door ripped off from the frame. In two other head on collisions, which took place in identical circumstances of unexpected incoming of another vehicle from an invisible side road onto my side of the highway, I managed to slow down my car just before the accident to the speed which make the accident not dangerous to life (although still rather tragic for both cars). But one out of these my six almost deadly head on collisions was especially "miraculous". It took place around 1971 in Poland, somewhere near towns of Szklarska Poreba or Karpacz. At some stage of my drive in a car "Mikrus" that I owned at that time, the straight as a ruler road led downhill. (Interestingly, all my head on "collisions" took place on the fragments of roads with a perfect visibility, as if the excellent visibility was a basic requirement for evil parasites to complete a given "scenario".) In that particular place the sides of the sunken road formed a kind of steep U-shaped excavation with relatively smooth walls. I was driving in my Mikrus downhill. My speed was around 100 km/h. On the other end of the road slowly crawled uphill a huge truck with a trailer, of a TIR type. When I was quite close to the truck, from behind it, on my side of the road, rapidly a bus drove, blocking also my part of the highway. For breaking was already too late. Thus in the last moment I thrown my Mikrus on the steep wall of this excavation. Fortunately, between the road and this steep walls there was no any trench. My Mikrus, like an acrobat, climbed the side wall of the road, somehow driving slanted sideways, so that under the left window of my car I saw the roof of the bus. After it drove around the roof of the buss in this acrobatic style, Mikrus again drove to the road completely without any harm, and continued the drive. I was so shocked with what just had happened, that I had no energy to stop it. So I continued the drive, in spite that in my rear mirror I saw that the bus stopped, while the driver and several passengers run to the road and looked shocked in my direction. No one was hurt in this "accident", even my Mikrus had no any visible damage. But in my memory it stays as one of the most amazing survivals in my life. Of course, the fact that evil parasites from UFOs stubbornly repeat on me the same assassination "scenarios", in spite that in previous attempts these scenarios turned out to be fruitless, may mean only one thing: they know my karma and they are sure that one of these scenarios some day is going to work for them. My only hope that during next repetitions of these murderous scenarios, the universal intellect is going to continue its miraculous interventions - as it did so far!
The above discussion I would like to finish with a warning. According to totalizm, nothing happens by a chance (see subsection JC7 /?/ of this monograph, and subsection C7 of monograph [8]). Thus if someone repetitively has the same "scenario" of accidents - according to my research this is a clear identification sign of assassination attempts repetitively carried out by evil parasites. It is worth to remember this, when the next time we meet a repetition of "scenario" of a deadly accident. We should treat it as an identification attribute of an assassination of the victim by evil parasites!
#79. My return to New Zealand (1999) and settling in a small town of Timaru. After 6 years of globetrotting and fruitless searches for a job in New Zealand, finally I managed to find an employment. Thus I returned to New Zealand, and on 25 January 1999 I initiated my first work in New Zealand after six years of professorships at overseas universities. I landed in a small township named Timaru (population around 27 000), located approximately at half of height of the South Island. I tutored in computing over there.
I used to know township Timaru quite well from times that proceeded my employment in there. This is because it lies by the main road from Christchurch to Dunedin and then to Invercargill (in which cities I lived for around 10 years). In my trips I was forced to drive through Timaru many times. Thus I know, that soon after the Second World War, Timaru (and nearby Temuka) used to be in New Zealand synonyms for provinciality and close-mindedness. In these times the expression "... in Timaru" or "... in Temuka" (e.g. "go to Timaru" or "go to Temuka") were equivalents of saying "beyond borders of civilised world". Furthermore, until around 1995, when finally a long overdue road was build that was awaited by everyone and that directed traffic around Timaru, this township was famous from its chronic traffic jams and enormous difficulties with passing through its narrow and crowded streets. In times when there was no road which would allow to go around these narrow streets, in case of necessity to drive through Timaru, almost every driver was swearing in advance and going on road long before the time, because was knowing that is going to get stuck in narrow streets of Timaru. But only after I lived in Timaru and got to know local people, I realised why Timaru has such a bad opinion, and why all progress is arriving to it with such a delay. As it turned out, the reason is the philosophical atmosphere that prevails in this township, or more strictly its hermetic tightness. In this township all know one another and are members of various configurations type: he is my friend from the school, while she is the relative of my brother in law. In addition to this, a significant proportion of these people practices parasitism as their everyday philosophy. In the result, almost no-one new can get inside of their closed world, while without getting inside, he/she is exposed in there to various persecutions, attacks, and pressures. Therefore progress arrives to Timaru only after it is well advanced in all areas around it.
#80. The appearance of evidence for treatise [7/2]. As it used to always happen in my life, soon I discovered that the township of Timaru is not just an ordinary place, but it is located in the centre of intriguing scientific mystery. This is because the present area of Timaru previously used to be populated by a mythological tribe, by Maori called "Te Kahui Tipua" tribe. The unusual thing about the Tipua people was their enormous size. They were human giants of around 5 meters tall - not just normal native New Zealand people (as it is suggested by various sources, they did not belong to the Maori race). Because of their enormous sizes and mythological powers, worrier-like Maoris used to dread them! To make them even more unusual, supposedly the last of Tipua giants died out only around 1800s - i.e. these giants used to still roam the vicinity of Timaru when in Europe Napoleon used to roam! Only around a week after my arrival to Timaru I learned that in 1875 a huge skeleton of a human giant was discovered in the area named Otipua at the footsteps of Timaru (in Maori language the word "Otipua" means "Of Giants"). The report about this find was published in a small article [23A4], that appeared in the local newspaper named Timaru Herald, dated on Wednesday, 24 February 1875 (page 3, 5th column). I quoted the exact content of this article in treatise [7/2]. The data about this giant were later repeated in numerous other New Zealand periodicals. Unfortunately, the gigantic skeleton mysteriously disappeared soon afterwards. Although this is not recorded in writing in historic sources, the local verbal fame goes, that this Otipua giant skeleton supposed to be of a man estimated at around 8 meters tall. It had such a huge scull, that it was able to take a whole head of a normal human into its mouth. Later I also learned that further two gigantic human skeletons were unearthed in 1960s during earth works on a new public swimming pool in the part of Timaru known as the Maori Park. They also disappeared without a trace soon afterwards. So again I was sucked into the centre of an intriguing scientific mystery, and I could not restrain myself from carrying out research on it.
The research and analyses, which initially I carried out about Te Kahui Tipua giants, and later on the subject of rather dramatic events which started to plague me in Timaru, inspired me to constantly gather information and observations. Later these observations formed the beginning of what in 2000 was transformed into treatise [7/2].
#81. Hysteric attacks on me and on my publications. The results of my research, and outcomes of my publicising efforts, practically never met a decisively positive welcome. Presently I am not surprised by this, as now I do know that "when we carry out a fight, then the measure of our success is the level of scream of our enemies". After all, my publications are really the battle strikes served to sworn enemies of humanity (i.e. to UFOs and to their collaborators). But until around 1999 I did not know about this regularity. I believed at that time, that the measure of success of every written word is the number of readers who like this writing. Therefore, for a long time I felt very hurt, that only around 10% of people who red my publications, and only these most quiet ones, could somehow get over the shock which the facts revealed by my publications are causing amongst people. The reaction of this remaining 90% of people, who are the most loud, was fitting usually somewhere between just a normal criticism, and a hysteric attack. My special interest was induced by people, who after learning the facts that resulted from my research, experienced a kind of attack of hysteria. This hysteria always was displaying several distinct attributes, which initially were inducing my amazement, but about which I know by now that are hypnotically or telepathically manipulated into people by evil parasites. These attributes are as follows: a) a given hysteric person with a vicious furry attacks every aspect of results of my research, and is not able to see in them even a single positive side, b) a given person everything takes with emotions and nothing with mind, c) this person demonstrates towards everything that I write only so-called "low emotions", e.g. anger, jealousy, fear, etc., and never is able to show "high emotions", which this type of subject area should also induce, such as loyalty towards the society and human civilisation, solidarity with other people, sense of justice, etc., d) a given person does not carry out the logical analysis of what I write about, and "fights" with individual formulations or words, even if several paragraphs later there is a reply to their objections. As it turned out, the viciousness of this type of attacks was growing increasingly as my results were popularised increasingly wider. The highest intensity of it I observed during the finishing of the "storm on human awareness" that I carried out during years of 1994 to 1998, and after the initiation of the intensive promotion of totalizm through internet in 1999.
#82. Detrimental for human health atmospheric phenomena in subsequent places of my residence. Although these were plaguing me continually, their technological origin and character I started to discover only when from the beginning of 1999 until the end of 2000 I started to live in a small New Zealand township named Timaru (around 27 000 inhabitants). This was only in Timaru that I finally started to realise, that in whatever place I would stay, always in that place, after I arrived to it, for some surprising chain of "coincidences" various detrimental for human health atmospheric phenomena starts to appear. As this usually turned out, these phenomena were not in there before I arrived, and they usually disappeared after I departed from there.
In case of Timaru, this extraordinary atmospheric phenomena turned out to be unnatural stickiness and pollution of the local air, clearly induced by some manner of permanent telekinetising of this air (for details on permanent telekinetising see subsection H7.1). This stickiness caused that air in Timaru kept intercepting and storing for many months, all possible impurities (more accurately this stickiness of the air in Timaru is described in subsection A4 of treatise [7/2]).
The township of Timaru is a small sea-shore holiday settlement, which has the population of only around 27 000. It lies on a sea shore within the southern part of a huge farming plains, called the "Canterbury Plains". Soon after the Second World War, Timaru was a fashionable holiday resort. On its beaches used to spend their vacation the social cream from the larger cities of the South Island in New Zealand. Until recently it was famous from crystal-clear air, clean sea, and sunny weather. The Timaru itself almost does not have any larger industry, and is only surrounded with green paddocks on which herds of sheep and cattle are grazing. The largest chimney of the entire township, is a chimney of a central heating in a local hospital. But after I arrived to it, unexpectedly in 1999 and 2000, especially during months of April to September, it become one of the most polluted areas in the entire New Zealand, with the level of impurities of air comparable to huge industrial centres of Europe. In that particular time Timaru was described as the "New Zealand capitol of air pollution" - see the article "Timaru now smog capital", published in the newspaper "The Timaru Herald", issue from Sunday, 8 July 2000, pages 1 and 3. The air pollution reached in it the level of 111 micrograms of solid particles per each cubic meter of air, while the level that is dangerous for health is at 50 μg/m3.
Of course, results turned out to be deadly. But what in my opinion was completely overlooked in the whole matter, is that in order to make the air so polluted in a small town without any larger industry, that lies by open plains on a sea shore, is that this air must be exceptionally "sticky". Only a sticky air could cause such resistance to fresh breezes from the sea, and such holding in suspension of particles of pollutants for many times longer than normal. In my opinion, such an increase of viscosity of the air in Timaru could not occur in a natural manner. Therefore I believe that this viscosity was an effect of some evil methods of UFOnauts, that were just tried in Timaru. These methods increased manyfold the viscosity of the air - as I believe through the permanent telekinetisation of it. Unfortunately for us, at present our orthodox science does not have neither a method, nor a measuring device, that would measure the "viscosity" of the air in the sense of its capability to hold in suspension the solid impurities and also the capability to resist of wind breezes. Therefore, this kind of evil activities of UFOnauts still remain undetectable for people.
In exactly this point a rather strange event took place, namely UFOnauts used their undetectable and difficult to explain methods to meddle in the text that I previously had here (a lot of previous cases of such meddling I described in chapter VB). Because this meddling is very representative to the undetectable methods used by UFOnauts against people, I describe it now in more details. The interfering with my writing took place on Saturday, 1 March 2003, around 4 pm. In that precise time I was in the process of translating this item from the Polish language (in which I already had it written) into the English language. This translation I managed to complete until the end of the previous paragraph. The beginning of text that still awaited translation, which appeared after the previous paragraph, I marked with my "indicator of position" which I always use. This indicator is simply a word-processor command to increase the size of font. (Usually, I mark text that I already processed with small font of 12 points, while the text that still awaits to be processed with the large font of 30 points.) But because that Saturday the weather outside was rather perfect, I decided to interrupt my translation and to go for a walk. Before I closed my computer and switched it off, I quickly glanced what the next paragraph is about. This next paragraph was to be translated right after I returned from my walk. As it turned out, this next paragraph presented information that I learned from the content of a documentary film that was broadcasted by New Zealand TV sometimes in the second half of 2002. The film concerned a wave of heat, which prevailed in Chicago, USA, in summer of one of the preceding years. (Probably it was in summer of 2001, although it could also be in summer of 2002.) This wave of heat caused the appearance of untypically "sticky air", which hold suspended in it all impurities for extremely long time. Thus such an air killed then in Chicago many thousands of people. From the data contained in this documentary film I deduced, that this sticky air from Chicago was displaying exactly the same attributes, as a similar sticky air from Timaru that I am describing in this item. Furthermore, the topography of Chicago has a lot in common with the topography of Timaru, because Chicago also lies on the huge plain and on the shore of water masses (i.e. a huge lake). Probably, while experimenting in Timaru with making the air deadly, UFOnauts tested their preparations for this murderous attack on Chicago. Thus, according to my present understanding of the matter, also the air from Chicago was intentionally and permanently telekinetised by UFOnauts. So, the mentioned film additionally confirmed my suspicions, that UFOnauts intentionally telekinetise the air in order to unnoticeably murder those people, who are already not suitable for further exploitation by UFOs (i.e. oldies and sick). During watching this documentary, I made notes for myself to record the most important data. After I copied details from these notes to the paragraph that before existed exactly in this place, I saved the notes carefully for a possible further use. Thus, the first paragraph that was awaiting to be translated after my walk on this particular Saturday, was the paragraph which described the case from Chicago, and which revealed my conclusions from this case. So, after I had a quick glance at this paragraph, I went for a walk. But when I returned from the walk around one and a half of hour later, and proceeded with my translation, the paragraph about Chicago already vanished from the content that supposed to follow. Instead of it, at the end of previous paragraph I found a brief sentence attached, that existed in there in the previous version of these descriptions (i.e. in the version that existed before I introduced here the description of these tragic events from Chicago). The content of this sentence reads: "I would not be surprised, if after a few years, when the tests in New Zealand are finished, rapidly similarly sticky air appears in the majority of other countries, and kills millions of people." The presence of this sentence was hiding a suggestion, that UFOnauts removed the paragraph that bothered them by shifting time backward, and then causing that in the next elapse of time the mentioned paragraph was either not written at all, or after it was written it was not saved on the disk. (Just such a method of acting of UFOnauts I described in subsections V5 and V5.3.) But I do not know whether this suggestion is true, or just was insinuated on purpose by UFOnauts so that in case I detect this falsification it would direct my thoughts onto a wrong path. The indicator of position in which I should start the translation after I return from the walk was placed at the beginning of next paragraph (i.e. after the sentence quoted before, and also after the paragraph that previously existed in this place). When I checked the date and the time of the last saving of the file with this volume of [1/4], it turned out that this saving coincided with my going for the walk. (Although the date and time of saving any file can be easily falsified.) Thus the falsification of text I am discussing here was so completed, that apart from my memory, there was no any physical trace of intervention of UFOnauts in what I was writing. When I decided to recreate the most important data from the paragraph that was just deleted by UFOnauts, it turned out that the notes, which I prepared during watching the documentary film on heat wave in Chicago, vanished completely from the files in which I stored them. (This is not the only case of vanishing important documents from files that I am protecting especially thoroughly.) Thus now I am unable to state in which exactly month and year this event from Chicago took place, how long this wave of heat and sticky air prevailed in there, how many people exactly died then, what temperatures were there, what was the level of air pollution, what was the title and details of this documentary film, etc. By a strange "coincidence" I managed to catch somehow UFOnauts on this particular deletion of the most evidential fragment of my writing. But the question that still bothers me, is how many further evidential fragments from my writings, UFOnauts also deleted in a similar unnoticeable manner, and I have not managed to catch them. This in turn leads to even more uneasy question, namely how much of this monograph is really mine, while how much of it was cunningly introduced to it by UFOnauts, so that in the future in a manner known only to them it is going to support their evil interests and activities on Earth.
An interesting attribute of this sticky air from Timaru, and thus also probably every air that has telekinetically increased viscosity, is that it causes wide spread of skin allergies in numerous people - means in almost every person with allergic inclinations. (As it appears, the industrial pollutants of the air tend to cause allergies in only a proportion of people with allergic inclinations, not in all such people.) Therefore, in the time discussed here, almost each inhabitant of Timaru with which I talked, was acknowledging an itchiness of his/her skin, or an allergic irritation of this skin and frequent scratching. My explanation of this phenomenon of mass allergy is, that the air with telekinetically increased viscosity keeps suspended all possible impurities for a long time. Therefore amongst these impurities always there is a sufficient variety of allergic agents, to cause an allergy in almost everyone. In turn the air which is polluted e.g. only by industry, causes allergies only in these people who have allergic inclinations toward these particular industrial impurities.
After many analyses, several years later I arrived to the conclusion, that this detrimental for health atmospheric phenomena in subsequent places of my residence, are induced on purpose by UFOnauts. It is known that UFOnauts have a technology that allows them to control weather and to control atmospheric phenomena. For example it is a public knowledge that UFOs can create fogs and clouds at any will, to hide their vehicles in them or to carry out mass abductions (e.g. during one of such fogs entire "Sandringham Company" was abducted by UFOs in Gallipoli (Turkey) in 1915 - for details see subsection E3 of monograph [8]). In turn from history it is known that in order to support their pupil, Adolf Hitler (see also subsection JD8.1), in every day when Hitler declared a public holiday, UFOnauts created in that day extremely beautiful weather. In times of Hitler there was even an expression in Germany "Hitler's weather" to describe these extremely beautiful days. However, in case of areas of my residence, UFOnauts always changed the weather in a reversed direction, always making it detrimental for health. I believe that their motives were elementary: due to detrimental for health weather I will not be able to notice and to record for posterity artificial interventions of UFOnauts, described amongst others in subsection E2 of monograph [8], to affect my health in such a manner, that I am not able to carry out research on the development of totalizm.
Timaru was not the only place in which these detrimental for health atmospheric phenomena took place at exact period of time when I lived in there. Only that previously I did not link them with UFOs. For example, when in years 1993 to 1996 I lived in Kuala Lumpur, a standing high pressures were appearing in there, which lifter temperature up, and thus which were charged with the responsibility for holding all possible impurities in the air. During my staying in Borneo, in years 1996 to 1998, local people rapidly got crazy with matches, while the air filled up with dangerous smoke from tropical jungle that continually burned in there. The smoke was sometimes so dense, that there were days when the visibility dropped down to meters, authorities closed schools and public buildings, while people were advised to stay home and breath through masks. In turn when in 2001 I shifted to Wellington, rapidly an almost stationary low pressure centre appeared nearby, which through entire months and even years kept in Wellington a very wet, rainy weather, that promoted the appearance of respiratory illnesses.
Before I conclude this item, I feel like to return to this interfering of UFOnauts in texts that I write. It really bothers me. As UFOnauts gave me opportunities to experience it many times, in this interfering they show skills of professionals, and use a variety of methods that are proven in action. This in turn means, that practically everything that was written on Earth and that exerts significant impact on people, for sure was so changed by UFOnauts, that it serves interests of evil parasites. Amongst others, this must also include holly books of practically every religion. Even if the content of these books was send to people by God, actually this content was later written, then many times rewritten, and then published, by normal people. In turn UFOnauts know excellently how to manipulate these normal people. In such situation, we must not argue about various small fragments of holly books, which so-far separated followers of subsequent religions. After all, these small fragments may be just these ones, which were introduced on purpose by UFOnauts (previously called "Satan"). Then their purpose would just be to divide people - according to the principle of evil parasites: "divide and rule". So let us stop finger-pointing to each other, that for example many data contained in the Bible contains some error, that Koran in Sure 4 verse 89 and in Sure 47 verse 4 directly orders to kill infidels, etc. After all, the huge part of the Bible, Koran, and all other holly books, supports brotherhood between people and orders moral behaviour. So let us accept that all words, either written or spoken, that divide people, actually are exactly what religions call them - instigation from the former Satan (which presently is called "UFOnauts"). Thus instead submissing to them, let us direct our force to fight these real enemies of humanity, which for thousands of years brutally robs us from their borrows in the bottomless pit of cosmos.
#83. A new, internet-based strategy of promotion of my research on totalizm and on the occupation of Earth by UFOs (1999). In vacations that proceeded my arrival to Timaru, I was forced to revise my to-date approach to dissemination of my publications. The further postage of paper copies of my monographs to libraries in Poland stopped to have sense, because (1) all key libraries in Poland already received my publications, (2) sending of paper copies of my publications were increasingly more expensive, while my resources were close to the exhaustion, and (3) the effects of distribution of paper copies of my monographs turned out to be rather miserable. Therefore, as from the beginning of 1999 I decided, that I am going to introduce a drastic change into the strategy of distribution of my knowledge regarding totalizm and the occupation of Earth by UFOs. I decided that instead of sending paper copies of my monographs, I rather start to push forward with making them available through the Internet. Thus as from the beginning of 1999, I started to organise decisively the new task of opening the Internet promotion of totalizm. I tried to open as many Internet sites about totalizm, and also about the occupation of Earth by evil parasites from UFOs, as it was possible. By the end of 2000, the number of these Internet sites exceeded 10. It kept increasing constantly even during the writing of this monograph. The outcome of this gradual mounting of the Internet basis, for dissemination of totalizm and other my discoveries, was that in spite that it tuned impossible to publish even a single book about totalizm, this progressive philosophy still started to be available for the mass reader.
#84. Christchurch divine revelation, which announced the visit of Second Jesus in Christchurch in 1999. On Friday, 24 September 1999 I was watching TV news on channel 1 of TV New Zealand. They were broadcasted from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Rapidly I was shocked by one news item. It was a short, scoffing report, which was making fun of the manager from Christchurch city council. He was spending millions on beautifying his city for the arrival of Second Jesus. (In this scoffing TV news item, the city manager of Christchurch was finger- pointed by name.) This news item mainly concentrated on scoffing and ridiculing, thus almost contained no facts. But it was implying, that there was some divine event, which revealed, that in 1999 city of Christchurch is to be honoured by the visit of Second Jesus, and that the manager of city council took this divine revelation enough seriously, to invest millions of dollars into the preparation of Christchurch for this very special visit. Unfortunately I was able to remember only a few data from this brief news item. (I have not seen it again, so I had no opportunity to refresh my memory, to verify my understanding of it, or to record it.) But as I understood this news item, it mentioned several vital areas of Christchurch, which were selected for rebuilding and for beautifying for the arrival of Second Jesus. Out of what still stays in my mind, most probably in this program mentioned were, amongst others, the central square of Christchurch, named "Cathedral Square", which - according to this divine revelation, was to be the culmination point of the visit of Second Jesus; the main entry road to Christchurch from the Timaru side - as according to this divine revelation this was to be the road by which Second Jesus was to enter Christchurch (to Christchurch lead three major roads: from Timaru, from the West Coast, and from Kaikoura, plus several further small, local roads); and the covered swimming pool of Christchurch, which was to be made ready to be used if Second Jesus decides to carry out mass christening. Immediately after I heard this news item, I rushed to learn more details about where and how this divine revelation took place, what exactly it stated, etc. To my enormous disappointment, I could not find any further details to be officially provided. It appeared as if this divine revelation induced only a mass disbelieve, scoffing, and ridiculing, while no official source was prepared to carry out the duty of rational informing people what actually had happened. For me personally such reactions sounded a bit arrogant and unwelcome towards God. The only other news item, which referred to this revelation, and which I managed to find, was a very brief article [25A4] "A gay old time in the capital". On 30 September 1999, it was published on page 4 of the newspaper "The Timaru Herald" (Bank Street, Timaru, New Zealand). This article again was not providing any informative details, but limited itself to additional scoffing at the beautifying activities of the Christchurch city manager (again finger-pointing him by name, so there is no mistake who is he), and associated his case with sarcastic comments about homosexuals. Fortunately verbal rumours, which at that time started to spread throughout New Zealand, were not so laconic, although they were quite imprecise, and full of mutual contradictions. Of course, because of the complete lack of official information, what actually had happened, no-one knows which parts of these rumours were coinciding with truth, which were just speculations. According to these verbal rumours which I heard at that time, there was a divine revelation in one of fundamentalist churches in Christchurch. In a miraculous manner many people from this church got the breathtaking divine message, that Second Jesus is going to visit Christchurch in 1999, that the culmination point of His visit is to be the central Cathedral Square from Christchurch, that He arrives to that city by the main road from the Timaru side, and that the city is specially chosen for this honour for many important reasons. Because the city manager supposedly was one of those numerous people, who experienced this divine revelation in person, and had no slightest doubt about its significance, he decided to save no funds in order to prepare city for such an unique occasion. So he laid new marble-like paving of the "Cathedral Square" - so that Second Jesus had a nice area to conduct public masses, and he rebuild the main road on the Timaru side, by which Second Jesus was to enter the city. Furthermore, from his own initiative he additionally modernised the city's covered swimming pool - so that there is a facility to conduct mass christening. I actually was so much interested in this divine revelation, that in 1999 I especially drove from Timaru to Christchurch - and I did it a number of times. I wanted to check how these works are progressing, on what scale they are carried out, what are their outcomes, and also I wanted to talk to local people from Christchurch whether any new developments took place (after all, I could not count on the official information about these matters, as mass media in New Zealand refused to report objectively what was happening). And in fact, I noted that the marble-like pavements of the "Cathedral Square" in my opinion looked marvellous. From the previous typical Eastern, provincial small town appearance of this square, they transformed it into a large city centrum with a very modern, European taste, which literally took breath away with its elegance, nobility, majestic, openness, and prospective. Also the main entry road to Christchurch from the Timaru side was really much improved. Unfortunately, the impressive scope of beautifying works, which I initially observed on this road during my first entrances to Christchurch, was soon narrowed down - probably because of the effects of all these scoffing attacks of the New Zealand mass media. In the result, even after it was rebuild and beautified, this read still left a lot to wish for. In turn what happened with the city's covered swimming pool, I am not able to report here, because I never went to see it. But the entire year 1999 passed quietly, and the awaited by everyone fiery spectacle of the divine entry of Second Jesus to Christchurch did not take place. From the talks, which at that time were carried out about this subject, it appears that everyone expected a rather spectacular event, full of fire, lightnings, and other manifestations of Godly powers. Thus, when nothing like this has happened, many people showed not only a large disappointment, about also a large anger. A typical reaction was, that many people only deepen their scepticism and readiness for scoffing. Almost no-one with whom I discussed, expressed an opinion that Second Jesus actually could arrive to Christchurch not in a spectacular manner, which everyone was expecting, but exactly as the divine revelation in Bible foretold this, means humbly and unrecognised "like a thief" (see Bible, 2 Peter 3:10).
The comparison of the above extraordinary revelation with the content of old prophecies seems to suggest, that in present days it is the city of Christchurch, that is selected by the universal intellect to be the "City of Second Jesus". After all, it is Christchurch where there was a divine revelation that foretold His visit. Christchurch is also the only city on Earth, which beautified and prepared itself for His arrival - in spite that its citizens later were disappointed, because they were not seeing the fiery spectacle that they expected. Furthermore, in the English language the name of this city "Christ-church" has a meaningful connotation. In addition to all this, the location of Christchurch is coinciding with old prophecies. After all, this city is located in the most Eastern country of our planet, while each new day on Earth starts in this city. Christchurch is also located in the Christian country, which as the first in the world experienced the sunrise of the new millennium. By being so special city, Christchurch undoubtedly is performing currently some symbolic role, which probably we do not realise yet. Perhaps, whatever happens in it, it expresses the symbolic essence of similar phenomena on the whole our planet.
I must admit here, that after the entire year 1999 has passed, and the awaited spectacular arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch would not happen, I also stopped to maintain my interest in this matter. Although I lived until 12 February 2001 on the same island as Christchurch, the reason for which in 1999 I was repetitively driving to Christchurch disappeared (namely these preparations for the fiery spectacle of the arrival of Second Jesus were finished). I drove later several times along the orbital highway, which runs around circumference of Christchurch's suburbs, and I also used the Christchurch's airport, which is located just by this orbital highway. But after 1999 all my rides near Christchurch did not induce in me the sufficient curiosity to actually enter this city, and to see for myself what happens with these marble-like pavements of Second Jesus from the Cathedral Square. Now I regret this my failure to visit Christchurch after 1999, because as it tuned out, the matter of the pavements would not finish in 1999, but it had a further follow up in 2001 and 2002. Thus, for a scientific exactitude I should observe and be able to report thoroughly also this further evolution of events.
This further fate of the marble-like pavements, was induced by some interesting phenomenon, which so-far I do not understand fully, but which I believe that I should investigate - if I have such an opportunity. It appears to me that the religious motivation behind the renovation of major areas of Christchurch, seemingly still bothered a lot of people even two years later, i.e. at the beginning of the year 2001. These people stated then their public attacks on the effects of this renovation, and tried to destroy these effects with a wave of public hysteria. For example, on Tuesday, 13 February 2001, at 6:25 pm, Channel 1 of TVNZ broadcasted another sarcastic news items entitled "Redesigning Christchurch Square". This news item attacked again very sarcastically the newly paved City Square, by insinuating that after the renovation it has no character and that it makes a poor impression on tourists (it is worth to notice, that this type of claim is fully subjective, and it can be raised about every possible place on Earth - actually I seen many times this square in 1999, and I know for sure that the renovation was done with a high taste and that the square undescribably gained on the elegance). In my opinion, behind these attacks stand people, who are not able to accept the religious motivation for the renovation of the central place of Christchurch, and thus who are trying to induce a kind of "artistic hysteria", which caused the removal of these "religiously motivated marble-like pavements". (My experience with such people is, that according to the "coefficient of deception" equal to 180°, they never say openly what really bothers them, and therefore they always launch their attacks under any other excuse, which they can invent, and which they know that is difficult to defend.) Although at the surface it may appear that all these attacks have some physical motivation centred at the appearance of Christchurch, actually if one analyses the circumstances in which they were launched, their real but well hidden motive force seemed to be an "anti-Jesus hysteria".
On Tuesday, 15 May 2001, at 18:25, evening news broadcasted on channel 1 of TVNZ, returned to the matter of instigating the matter of rebuilding the Cathedral Square in Christchurch. After another series of vicious attacks on the marble-like pavements, another plan of "improving" of this square was proposed. This plan was thought so cunningly, that the marble-like pavements installed for the arrival of Second Jesus, supposed to become completely covered with soil on which flowers supposed to be planted and various structures supposed to be build. Television showed various individuals, whose appearance was saying a lot, which almost hysterically or fanatically, were criticising the appearance of this square and pavement. As it is apparent, various individual pre-programmed by evil parasites from UFOs, are not going to let it go, until the pavement installed for honouring the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch, are somehow removed from the view of people, or are completely dug out from this central square of the city.
#85. Publishing of treatise [7/2] "Pyramid of thoughts" (2000). After gathering a further doze of these intriguing information about human giants from Timaru, I flown to Malaysia for my summer vacations, which in New Zealand at that time extended from December 1999 to January 2000. I took with me my "lap-top" computer, because in a spare time I intended to do some writing about the research that I completed in Timaru during the proceeding year. As it turned out, almost every day in Malaysia I had a few hours of spare time, so I spent it on writing. As a result I managed to formulate a good part of a new treatise. Later, this my writing from the Malaysia summer vacation, formed the nucleus of treatise [7/2], which was finished in Timaru and published in 2000.
After I returned from Malaysia on 30 January 2000, I combined the treatise that I started to write in Malaysia, with the descriptions which by then I received from Mrs Daniela Giordano. In this way the entire treatise [7/2] was prepared. Treatise [7/2] was completed within February to May of that year, and formally published in June 2000 simultaneously in two languages, namely in English and in Polish.
Treatise [7/2] turned out to have a significant impact on the eventuation of this monograph. This is because in treatise [7/2] I presented the summary of newest formulation of totalizm in English and descriptions of telepathic devices. The summary of totalizm included such new features of totalizm, as "moral field", "moral energy", "gravity equations", and "totaliztic nirvana". Treatise [7/2] was the first publication, which presented these new features of totalizm to English-speaking readers (before they were presented only to the Polish audience, as the previous presentation of totalizm in English was in monograph [2E] published in 1994 - i.e. before these features were discovered and introduced into totalizm). In turn this publishing of the newest presentation of totalizm in treatise [7/2], and the encouraging response that it received, led to the eventuation of monograph [8E], then to their inclusion into this monograph.
#86. The crime on humanity just being carried out by UFOs. After treatise [7/2] was published in August 2000 and I started to disseminate it, but before I started research that led me to a next publication, I designated a short period of time for reflections and for "catching the breath". One of the worries that constantly occupied my thoughts, was this ocean of crimes that is unnoticeably committed on humanity by UFOnauts who occupy us. Thus I started to think then: "what further crime these UFOs are currently committing on us without our knowledge and without us knowing that we fell their victims". When I was thinking about this matter, my attention was attracted by a systematic decrease in sperm count, that is observed currently on Earth. It amounts to around 2% per year. It can cause that around 2050 all human males become completely unfertile. From my research on telepathic noise I knew for a long time, that such a decrease can be caused by an appropriate type of telepathic noise. I remember even some sort of experiments completed on mice, which become infertile after a longer staying in a pyramid (as we know, every pyramid concentrates telepathic noise). Thus, it lies in capabilities and technology of UFOnauts that occupy us, to unnoticeably cause such a decrease of the sperm count. It is sufficient to place a satellite on the orbit around the Earth, which would bombard humanity with appropriately selected telepathic noise. Furthermore, knowing about the feeling-based mechanism of deciding about the sex of a child (which is described in subsection JE4.1 of this monograph), our occupants from UFOs may also selectively bombard our planet with appropriate telepathic orders, which decide about sex of newly born babies. For this, it is sufficient to make these orders to cause, that during sexual intercourse our women start to experience mainly feelings that trigger only female babies to be born. The summary effect of both these crimes (i.e. decrease in fertility of males, and technically induced births of predominantly girls) could cause the effective blocking of the major biological function from males on Earth. This would be accomplished by a drastic decrease of the number of males, and also by the elimination of their capabilities to impregnate women. Of course, immediately a question raises: what could be the goal of these evil parasites from UFOs in committing on us also such a terrible crime of depriving human males of their biological function? This goal become clear, when I recalled observations of the Polish UFO abductee named Mr Domala (these observations are described in Polish treatise [3B]). Namely Mr Domala noticed on UFO vehicles, that one of the civilisations that is exploited by evil parasites (Mr Domala calls them "female humanoids") is composed exclusively from females and does not have males at all. His observation turned out to be a key in my searches and provided the solution for the puzzle. It turned out, that the reason for which UFOnauts gradually decrease the sperm count in Earth's males, is a crime on humanity that just now is in the process of completion. This crime is aimed at transforming our civilisation from the present bisexual (i.e. composed of males and females, who multiply via sexual intercourse) into a monosexual civilisation (i.e. which is composed of exclusively out of females, and multiplies only through cloning). After all, when such a transformation is completed, our civilisation would be deprived of males, means deprived of those who mainly are carrying out all defence and all rebellions, who mainly are carrying out the technical and scientific progress on Earth, who with a stubbornness press towards their goals - even when the entire world seems to be against them, etc. A civilisation composed of exclusively from women will be unimaginably easier to control and to enslave, than our present one, it will not try to free itself from the occupation of UFOnauts, it will not increase its technical and scientific advancement, etc. More on this topic of the horrifying crime on humanity that UFOnauts are just committing, will be explained in subsection W6.
Because the advancement of the crime on humanity that is discussed here (i.e. depriving humanity the need for having males) is already quite high, if humanity does not awake from the lethargy to-date, does not undertake the completion of telepathic devices described in chapter N of this monograph and in treatise [7/2], does not undertake its self- defence, and does not find a way to neutralise the telepathic noise which decreases the sperm count in human males, or does not find a way to remove devices of UFOnauts that generate this destructive noise, then people who are born on Earth when I wrote this item, will be the last generation composed of two sexes. That generation will be the last which knows the two- gender society, and thus which still knows what is a sexual intercourse, romance, poetry, art, beauty, ambition, competition, progress, etc. Children of these people will live only in a society, in which males are beings not only close to extinction, but also biologically useless. Thus in order to prevail such a society must master cloning. In their time the "governmental intervention" in matters of procreation must start, when only the most privileged women will obtain a dose of male sperm, while the sparse males which still will exist, will be forced to pay "taxes" from their sperm. In turn grandchildren of these people, will live in a society that is composed exclusively from females. In this female civilisation, the sexual intercourse become unknown, while romance, poetry, art, and beauty cease to exist - thus the only occupation of this exclusively female humanity will be work and slavery for their evil parasites from UFOs. People will be multiplying in this society exclusively through cloning. What I am writing here seem to be the truth, the inevitability of which cannot be overlooked any more. Well, do you (the reader) wish that your own descendants meet such a doomed fate. If not, it is about a time you move your back side and start to do something in our self-defence. This monograph is showing you where to start.
#87. My brief work in Timaru, and the further identification of methods used by institutional parasitism. My employer at that time, was a very interesting institution. It already managed to collect on managerial positions almost exclusively people in advanced stage of primitive parasitism. Actually, this institution was in the most advanced stage of institutional parasitism, out of all institutions in which I ever worked so-far. This fact, as usually, spelled very tough life for me, but also a lot of opportunities to learn about the parasitic philosophy. My parasitic superiors, almost from the fist moment I landed in there, started to demonstrate the best of parasitism at work. In this way, during two years that I worked there, I learned a lot about the heavy atmosphere of terror that parasitic bosses can spread amongst their subordinates, about the lack of laughter and human joyfulness in staff-rooms of institutions which are in claws of institutional parasitism, about the real reasons of extensive throughput of employees in such institutions, etc. As the outcome of all this, I perfected some of defence techniques which are effective against attacks of adherers of parasitism (one of these techniques is described in subsection I4.1.1 under the name "peaceful resistance method"). I also identified, and described in chapter A of treatise [7/2], some of the parasitic methods of acting. My work in there allowed also to clarify the understanding of institutional parasitism, which is addressed in chapter JD of this monograph.
When my professional situation was concerned, only around two months after I got employed in Timaru, my bosses decided that they do not want me any more. (During two years of my work in there, three different bosses were occupying the same administrative position of my superior: one was sacked by force, one resigned by himself, and the last one was that one who made me redundant; but all three of them were in the most advanced stage of the parasitic philosophy, thus they all were very consistent in their behaviour towards me.) Of course, I was not prepared to give up easily, and to bend under their pressure. Also I was "squeaky clean" and doing everything "by the book". So the adherers of the parasitism could not catch me on anything, in spite of undertaking numerous attempts, in spite of carrying out almost a continuous appraisal and verification of everything that I was doing. Thus, in spite of making a big issue from each matter which went wrong and was somehow connected with me, in the final check always it turned out, that I was doing everything exactly as I should. Only in December 2000, my last (third in a row) direct boss finally found a solution how to overcome my ability to defend myself from all accusations. (The Polish saying goes that "if someone wants to hit a dog, the appropriate stick always can be found" - "jesli ktos chce uderzyc psa, kij zawsze sie znajdzie".) Three working days before I was flying to my vacation to Malaysia in order to start writing monograph [8], this third my boss made me redundant. I believe that he choose the timing on purpose, because everyone knew that I am just flying to Malaysia. Thus by announcing my redundancy just before the departure, I got no chance to defend myself. The reason officially given to me for this rapid and not anticipated redundancy stated that "a projection indicates that there will be no enough enrolments for computing the next year to sustain my position". Of course, I was made redundant two and a half month before the enrolments finished, and before they even had enough time to gain a full momentum. This again in my opinion was done on purpose, as it released my superiors from the risk that by the time a next academic year starts in mid February 2001, enough students may enrol to actually sustain my position.
Amongst all places where I worked in my life, many of which gave me quite a hard time, Timaru remains the most memorable one. Working over there turned out to be a real nightmare and a source of continuous stress, from which I still have not recovered even two years later, when I wrote these words.
#88. Starting my work on monograph [8] "Totalizm" (2000). Until the end of 2000 I was preoccupied with the dissemination of treatise [7/2] "Pyramid of thought", and with current research on the development of totalizm. At that time, English and Polish versions of treatise [7/2], due to an extreme devotion of fast growing number of RO fighters, was presented in a whole number of Internet sites, including into this also sites indicated on the title page of this monograph. The consequence of exposing this treatise to a public insight via the Internet, was a growing number of questions, comments, and feedbacks, which was arriving from readers. As it turned out from the content of these feedbacks, the interest of the largest group of readers was induced not by descriptions of the telepathic pyramid - for presenting of which treatise [7/2] was mainly written, but descriptions of totalizm. The correspondence that I received in this matter clearly indicated that people desperately need a morally correct philosophy, such as totalizm, in order to give to their lives a positive sense, a direction, and a spiritual hope. In the result of this correspondence, I decided that the next summer vacations in Malaysia, which extended from December 2000 to January 2001, I am going to spent on writing a monograph on totalizm. This my intention I actually completed, and during the next stay in Malaysia I wrote a skeleton for the monograph [8e] entitled "Totalizm". This monograph I initially wrote in English, with the intension that when it is completed I am going to translate it into Polish. At the beginning of February 2001 three first volumes of the new monograph [8e] were ready. At that time monograph [8e] was planned as four volumes long. The volumes that were completed included: volume 1 "Totalizm", volume 2 "Parasitism", and volume 3 "The Concept of Dipolar Gravity". These three volumes were immediately made available on Internet sites of totalizm. Unfortunately, I had no enough time to finish also the volume 4 "Totaliztic Mechanics". The volumes that I worked out then, contained the most systematic, simplified, and transparent presentation of totalizm, when they were compared to all previous presentations of this philosophy. But because these vacation in Malaysia turned out to be too short to allow also prepare the last volume 4 of monograph [8e], this volume "Totaliztic Mechanics" needed to be put aside for a later writing.
The work on the first version of monograph [8e], exerted a significant influence on the present shape of totalizm that is presented in chapter JA of this monograph. The reason was, that during this formulation of monograph [8e] in conditions of vacation peace and the lack of disturbing factors, I managed to additionally work out several vital problems of totalizm, the solutions of which were build in to the text of totalizm and later also this monograph. For example, one of them was the mechanism of feelings, from which directly results the stand of totalizm about a number of controversial matters (e.g. in supporting the corporal punishment of children and youngsters - see subsection JC2). In turn other is the more complete formulation of the philosophy of "primitive parasitism", which quickly spreads throughout Earth. (The primitive parasitism is that one which primitively breaks moral laws, instead of intelligently walking around them - as this is done by refined parasites.) In previous editions of totalizm the primitive parasitism was not clearly defined nor extensively elaborated. Thus, one of the significant consequences of writing this four-volume English version of monograph [8e] was that totalizm very clearly noted and defined the polarisation of people who populate our planet into two basic categories, namely into intuitive totalizts - who lead Earth to the better future, or into primitive parasites - who lead our planet and humanity directly into a self-destruction.
#89. The mechanism of feelings and motivations. While working on this monograph [8E], as usually I was trying to clarify all matters, which were not elaborated satisfactorily in the previous editions of totalizm. One such matter was the mechanism of feelings and motivations, which I was trying to solve from the time when totalizm was born. I had all ingredients of the solution in my head from the time I went through nirvana. But I was unable to put these ingredients into a workable model, which would explain all properties of feelings and motivations. Only on 11 January 2001 the satisfactory solution finally come to my mind. I was then riding to Port Dickson near Kuala Lumpur, and when I was watching a huge forest of oil palm trees, all segments of this jig-saw puzzle of feelings fell into their positions, and I rapidly realized how feelings and motivations work. The solution which I then formulated, is presented in subsection I5.5.
#90. The standardization of spelling of the word "totalizm". One of the undetectable methods of obstructing, spreading confusion, and fighting the inconvenient ideas, which evil parasites from UFOs are frequently implementing on Earth, depends on manipulation into people highly misleading names that are assigned to confusing ideas. In order to explain here this method more exactly, the confusing ideas which UFOnauts manipulate into people are so designed, that they represent an exact opposite of the ideas, which UFOnauts try to fight out. Then evil parasites give to the ideas that they manipulate exactly the same, or very similar, names, and assign apparently the same basic principles. Let us illustrate this on examples. If for example UFOnauts want to fight a totaliztic religion, than exactly in the same region of the world, and even in the same city, they place another antagonist religion, which claims, that is identical to that fought by UFOnauts. But it promotes very barbaric behaviours, which are opposite to those contested by UFOnauts. If UFOnauts wants to fight out the idea of highly efficient and healthy farming, which is called a "telekinetic farming", than they suggest to some traitors to come up with an idea of chemically stimulated farming and call it a "kinetic farming". When they try to hide the real origin of "UFO landing sites", than they order their traitors to call them "pictograms" and to spread about them various fantastic theories (after all "the best manner to hide a well visible tree is by planting a whole forest around it"). If UFOnauts do not want that people develop a magnetic propulsion, than they lead researches into forest by telling them, that they should seek the "antigravity propulsion". If they do not want people master telepathy, than they strongly promote radio communication which is slow and detrimental for health. Etc., etc.
Of course, our only defence against this constant spreading of confusion on Earth, is to insist to call things directly by their real name, to use unambiguous and explicit names, to terminologically distinguish between opposite ideas, and to silence traitors who try to spread terminological confusion. For example we have the duty to call UFO landing sites with their real name, means with the name "UFO landing sites in crops" - not with the highly misleading name "pictograms". We should also correct these people, who do not take under consideration the content of chapters G to I of this monograph and even presently they gurgle something about antigravity propulsion.
In the situation of the development of totalizm and the spread of this philosophy throughout the world, evil parasites used the same principle of spreading confusion to fight out this progressive philosophy. They manipulated into selected traitors the development of a highly reactionist philosophy, which is an exact opposite of the progressive totalizm. Then they caused this reactionist philosophy to be also called with the use of the same English word "totalism", which originally was assigned to the progressive philosophy of totalizm. 
Furthermore, they inspired various academicians, that instead of using the original name "totalitarianism" for the fascism-type ideology, they should start to short cut this name into the word "totalism". In the result of such manipulations, at the time when totalizm started to be propagated through the world, many potential receivers started to confuse it with this reactionist philosophy, or with the shorted naming of totalitarianism, because the English spelling of it initially was also "totalism". Therefore, in order to clearly distinguish between these opposite philosophies, and thus also to eliminate the confusion introduced by evil parasites, in monograph [8e] I intentionally introduced for the English name of totalizm its Polish spelling "totalizm" (i.e. the spelling, which intentionally uses the letter "z" that does not appear in the English spelling of this word). Simultaneously, in other words which represent modifications of the word "totalizm", in which normally the letter "s" should be present, I also intentionally use this letter "z". Thus for example I introduced the spelling of the words: totalizt, totaliztic, etc. In this manner the spelling of the word "totalizm" was standardised in all languages of the world, and started to be distinctively different from the name "totalism" for a reactional philosophy manipulated into people by cunning evil parasites, which try to fight out the progressive totalizm.
#91. My shifting to Wellington on 12 February 2001. My redundancy from the job in Timaru, which was running against moral laws, this time brought consequences, which even for myself started to surprise with their low probability of occurrence. As it turned out, after I was made redundant from the job in Timaru, a whole string of events took place, which sometimes were on the border of miracles, and which almost completely neutralised the consequences of this redundancy. Because these events were rather extraordinary, while for myself they represent a noticeable proof of this invisible protection and guidance which I experience all the time, and about which I wrote in one of initial items of this subsection, the most important of these events I am going to describe here briefly.
Everything started from the high-type feelings, which my redundancy induced in many people. Inspired by these feelings, one of my friends, put his personal time and energy into finding a next job for me. Thus, in spite that at that time I was in Malaysia, writing first volumes of this monograph [8e], my next job gradually started to eventuate for me. With the use of Internet, I made an agreement with my potential employer, that I come for the job interview on 7 February 2001. The potential employer wished, that in case I am suitable for the position, I start my job already from Monday 12 February 2001. From Malaysia to New Zealand I flown around 5 pm on Monday, 5 February 2001. In Dunedin, New Zealand, I landed on Tuesday evening, 6 February 2001 - after almost 24 hours spend in aeroplanes and in airports. I took from the friend my car, loaded my possessions, and almost immediately started to drive to Timaru, where I intended to stay for night.
The distance from Dunedin to Timaru is around 200 kilometres. Usually I drive it in 2.5 hours. (Outside of human settlements I maintain the speed of 100 kilometres per hour which is allowed by the New Zealand road law.) During this drive, when I was only around 10 kilometres from Timaru, on a straight road like a bullet, I was unexpectedly overpowered by a strange paralyse very similar to a state of being hypnotised. This happened, when from the opposite direction another car was approaching very fast. This paralyse was very unusual (I did not experience it ever before), because my mind remained completely aware, and was exactly registering what is happening, but my muscles refused to react on the commands of the mind. I know this type of paralyse from the reports of UFO abductees, because it is used by UFOnauts to demobilise their victims. In my case, to my horror, in addition to the paralyse, my hands started to slowly turn the steering wheel against the will of my mind, so that the car that I was driving started to direct itself straight onto the head-on collision with the incoming car. With the all strength that I had, I tried to overcome this paralyse and to return my car at my side of the road. But I felt as if someone else had a control over my body, which refused to comply with the commands from my mind. I remember that a very scary thought went through my mind "these damned UFOnauts finally managed to neutralize me in the manner unnoticeable to other people - if I kill now myself, everybody is going to believe that the accident has happened because I was tired by the trip, not because the invisible UFOnauts caused the paralyse of my body". When I was only around 50 from the approaching car, in my thoughts I turned to the universal intellect with the plea "Father please help me"! At that moment, like in effect of some magic spell, the paralyse rapidly disappeared. Literally in the last moment I managed to turn the steering wheel and direct the car back to my side of the road. Soon afterwards I was already in Timaru.
After unpacking my possessions, refuelling my car, and eating something, I finally was able to try some sleep. But I could not fall into sleep. After all, my head was buzzing after such a long trip, while my body was experiencing "jet leg". The next morning, on Wednesday, 7 February 2001, I needed to drive again, this time 160 kilometres that separate Timaru from the airport located at the outskirts of Christchurch. On this airport I left my car, and I flown to Wellington (located on a different Island) by an aeroplane. After all, a job interview was awaiting me. During this interview, amongst others, I was to give a demonstration lecture on the subject "Objects, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism". But in the aeroplane I discovered, that after two days of constant move and the lack of sleep, in my head I have a complete emptiness and I do not remember exactly what is my name. So when the interview started, and the emptiness in my head would not go away, I again resorted to the plea to the universal intellect "Father please help me"! Immediately my thoughts clarified, and I started to speak calmly and with conviction. This demonstration lecture turned out to be much better than many of my other lectures, which I was giving at the full capacity of my mind. After the job interview I returned to Timaru, again flying to the airport located at the outskirts of Christchurch, and then driving my car the remaining part of the distance. Of course, I did not know what is the outcome of the job interview, because the panel which was to employ me still needed to take the decision in this matter. The decision arrived only on Thursday near the evening, while my next employer wished I started the job on Monday (I was scheduled to have my lectures already that Monday). Thus I had only the Friday to liquidate all my matters in Timaru, to buy tickets to a ferry, etc. The weekend, means Saturday and Sunday, I spend on packing and on shifting the spare possessions back to the shed that I have on the property of my friend in Dunedin. After rushing through all matters, at 2 am on Monday, 12 February 2001, I left Timaru forever in my heavily loaded Ford Laser 1300, to carry out my 600 kilometres long, full of adventures trip to Wellington. This trip lead me through the orbital highway that encircles around circumferences of Christchurch, but excluding the drive through this city, to the sea ferry in Picton, and then by a sea ferry to Wellington. In Wellington I was around 3 pm of that Monday, while my first lecture in a new job I started at 6 pm on the same Monday, 12 February 2001.
In that manner I started my life and my lecturing in a distant Wellington, means in the capitol of New Zealand. Although all these events in the above description may seem to be normal, in reality during completing them all of them turned out to be extraordinary. In order to understand the character of their extraordinarily, it is sufficient to remember, that for example just catching an ordinary flat tyre during any of these trips tensed by deadlines and timings, would suffice to disallow me to get this job in Wellington. But in spite of the fact, that there were thousands of matters that could go wrong and could destroy my chances for this new job, everything worked out ideally - like in a Swiss watch!
There is one matter, about which I am rather sorry in connection with the shifting to Wellington. This is that now I have no chances to check in person and to report here, what is to happen with the marble-like pavements from the Cathedral Square of the City of Second Jesus, which are so viciously criticised during my writing of monograph [8]. After all, Wellington is located on another island from Christchurch, and distant from Christchurch by around half a thousand of kilometres. Thus in spite that I am very interested, how these vicious attacks on the pavement of Second Jesus are going to finish, and what citizens of Christchurch finally are going to do with these pavements, after I shifted to Wellington I completely lost the possibility to check and to report, how the future fate of these pavements is going to be shaped. This is rather pity, because when I wrote monograph [8], this hysteric criticism and public spitting on the "pavements of Second Jesus" was exploding every now and again. This criticism was making on me an impression, that because citizens of Christchurch are not able to crucify Second Jesus Himself, because they do not know who is He, still they wish to bury at least the pavement which was put in the centre of their city to greet his arrival to Christchurch. For me attacking these pavements is actually attacking the symbol that they represent. In turn the sole fact that the idea for which these pavements are serving, is attacked with such a fury and stubbornness, is a kind of doomed reminder, how low matters on Earth managed to fall, and who really has the control over our planet.
#92. The discovery of totaliztic interpretation of responsibility (which is the moral equivalent to a linear acceleration from classical mechanics). I developed this interpretation late at night on Monday, 16/4/2001. The previous day I was watching in TVNZ a documentary programme, in which a pair of New Zealand teachers appeared. They were teaching in Peking - China. This couple constantly was enchanted, how pleasurable is to teach Chinese youngsters, and how huge difference is between teaching in China, and teaching youngsters in New Zealand. During this report, one of the New Zealand teachers stated objectively, that in spite that he regularly visits New Zealand, and that during these visits he talks to many of his former colleagues - other teachers, he never met in New Zealand a teacher, who would treat teaching as a pleasure. But teaching in China actually is a pleasure. This sentence shocked me! It exactly corresponded to my own experience, although I never discussed it with anyone and previously I always was believing that it is caused by my own fault, or more strictly by the fact that I was born in Poland and I do not understand fully the New Zealand culture. It was only this TV programme which realized to me, that I am not the only teacher who discovered that teaching in some countries, e.g. in communistic Poland or in Cyprus, represents a relative pleasure, while teaching in other countries, like in New Zealand or in the mainland Malaysia, represents only a continuous source of stress and torment. The realizing of this shocking fact caused that the next day practically without a break I was thinking about reasons for such state of things. I asked myself the questions: what is different about New Zealanders or Malays in relationship to Chinese, Poles, or Turks from Cyprus, that teaching New Zealanders never can be perceived as a pleasurable occupation, while teaching these others always is a pleasurable experience. The reply I found only a late evening of the next day. The difference depend on the sense of responsibility! Chinese, Poles, or Turks from Cyprus, all they accept on themselves the personal responsibility for increasing their knowledge. In turn New Zealanders, always push this responsibility at the teacher, and sometimes also at the educational institution or at the government. Thus if New Zealanders do not learn something, in their own eyes the fault for this lies not in them, but in their teacher, who was not able to teach them properly, or in the institution which does not fulfil their expectations. This discovery was a huge shock for me. The significant part of that night, and almost the entire next day, I spend on efforts of establishing, what is the connection between someone's sense of responsibility, and the motivation. As the outcome of these efforts, I managed to establish, that taking at ourselves the responsibility, is a moral equivalent to the acceleration of our motivations (this means that responsibility is a moral equivalent to a linear acceleration from classical mechanics). In turn pushing responsibility onto someone else, is a moral equivalent of introducing a deceleration to our motivations. Thus, by representing the acceleration of motivations, responsibility in itself is an indicator of the moral correctness.
#93. Changes in my working environment. After I arrived to Wellington, I again observed a lot of unexpected changes in my working environment. These changes confirmed again that evil parasites from UFOs do not let me out of their sight, and constantly undertake measures that are aimed at final blocking the research that I am doing.
#94. The monument for "marihuana joint" from the Cathedral Square in Christchurch, and the continuation of attacks on the "pavement of Second Jesus". In the first half of 2001, TV New Zealand served a whole series of attacks on the marble-like "pavement of Second Jesus" from the Cathedral Square in Christchurch. I already reported about two of such attacks. After these attacks the entire matter seemed to quieten down. So I started to believe, that enemies of this pavement gave up, and that perhaps the pavement may somehow survive. But I was wrong. On Friday, 7 September 2001, in the evening news at channel 1 TVNZ, around 18:55, a news item was broadcasted with a triumph, that the fist stage of rebuilding the Cathedral Square in Christchurch, was just started. This rebuilding was initiated by the construction of 18 metres high structure, called "chalice". The cost of this structure was 300 000 dollars. The "chalice" has a shape of gradually narrowing tube, formed from leaves cut out in aluminium plate. In the news was stated, that this is only a first stage of the rebuilding of the square, completed in the response to a wide public criticism of the pavements, with which this square was laid out, and which after the rebuilding are going to be hidden. A next series of details about this "chalice" was given in the night news at channel 3 TVNZ, around 22:50 of the same Friday. In these news it was admitted that the full costs of constructing this "chalice" reached almost half a million of dollars. It also presented several interviews with normal people from the street, what they think about this colossal tube from aluminium leaves. One of the interviewed people stated something that I understood to be a kind of fear, that this tube formed from twisted leaves actually is going to become a symbol of marihuana joint (a "joint" is a slang name for a hand-made cigarette). Due to it Christchurch may turn into a symbol, or into a world's centre, of marihuana smokers. It is going to be the only city in the world, where a twisted joint from marihuana leaves is going to have such magnificent monument.
The entire matter of "marihuana joint" from Christchurch, for me become a kind of shocking alarm. It illustrated how enormously vindictive are evil parasites from UFOs, and how we should not count that they ever let go anything. Thus, if there is something, like this "pavement of Second Jesus" from Christchurch' central square, or like totalizm, that collides with their parasitic interests on Earth, than they are not going to stop their satanic manipulations, until this thing is destroyed, or until we squash them like bugs. This in turn means that we are not going to have any peace, until we remove them from our planet, in a way as one needs to remove snapping animals or biting insects. In fact these cosmic parasites are putting us in the situation "we or them" which is described in subsection JC8 /?/.
Unfortunately, the attacks on this "pavement of Second Jesus" which is laid down on the Cathedral Square in Christchurch, would not finish at the moment of constructing the "marihuana joint". On Thursday, 21 March 2002, at 18:20, in the evening news at channel 1 TVNZ, and also on Friday 22 March 2002, at 18:15 on channel 3, TVNZ, two further TV reports were shown, which presented next two vicious attacks on this marble-like pavement. This time evil parasites who manipulated attacks of so-called "public opinion" on the pavement, completely changed the strategy of arguing. Instead of accusing the pavement of making city more ugly, they started to accuse it of introducing the danger to the life of people. And so, several strange-looking individuals described illustratively in these programs, how cars in rainy days slipped on this pavement. These individuals expressed their opinions, that it is only a matter of time when someone is going to be "killed" because of the pavement, and thus the city council of Christchurch is going to be responsible for causing deaths of people. As a solution for this problem, the TV program suggested, that the marble-like pavement should be dug out from the Cathedral Square, and replaced with asphalt. But during this suggestion of the "asphalt solution", this critical TV programme "forgotten" to mention, that there is even a much better solution, which should be introduced long ago in Christchurch. In order to remind here this another obvious solution to the skidding cars' problem, the central and the most beautiful square in Christchurch should be excluded from the road traffic, and changed into a walking mall - similarly as for a long time this is the case with a majority of such squares in the world. In such a case, cars which would not be allowed to drive onto the square, would not also be able to slip and pose any danger. These two vicious and vindictive TV programmes again confirmed, that the "pavement of Second Jesus" from Christchurch is directly attacked by evil parasites from UFOs, and since these parasites once started to attack it, they are not going to leave the matter out, until "us or them". In this situation there is no other option, as to decisively defend our planet from them - because UFOnauts never voluntarily are going to let us live in peace.
Of course, these vicious attacks on the "pavement of Second Jesus" from Christchurch have also a positive significance. After all, only one reason there can exist why UFOnauts so stubbornly instigate New Zealanders to these attacks. Namely this reason is that Second Jesus already operate on Earth and that He really visited Christchurch in 1999. After all, UFOnauts are able to shift to the future in their time vehicles, while in future they are able to see from a historic perspective what we still are unable to notice now.
Probably one of the last episodes connected with the "pavement of Second Jesus" which I still encountered, took place on Monday, 6 October 2003, at 6:55 pm. As a curiosity added to the weather forecast broadcasted that particular day in evening news from the channel 1 of TVNZ, the Cathedral Square from Christchurch was shown, swarming from workers busy with tearing this pavement out. So UFOnauts managed to accomplish their goal and caused the complete removal of this pavement. In addition to this, they accomplished it in so hidden manner that the information about the removal of the "pavement of Second Jesus" only by accident managed to leak to TV. Because there must be a vital reason for which UFOnauts went through all these troubles of such vicious persecution of innocent pavement, I am absolutely sure now that in 1999 Second Jesus in fact did visit Christchurch. Only that so- far local people do not know yet about this. In turn when they finally learn about this visit, all material signs of this historic visit of Second Jesus in Christchurch will be completely destroyed.
#95. The first verbal fights with UFOnauts, on the third Internet discussion list of totalizm. The adherers of totalizm from Poland started several discussion lists in internet, with the use of which people interested in this philosophy tried to exchange constructive opinions. But the very nature of the exchange of opinion in internet is such, that their participants keep their full anonymity. This in turn allows UFOnauts to take a direct part in discussions from these lists. Thus without intending so, these lists turned out to be the battlefields for first verbal battles between totalizts, and UFOnauts that reside on Earth. In this item I would like to summarise the most important conclusions that already can be drawn from the course and content of these first verbal combats of totalizts with UFOnauts.
The first of these Polish discussion lists of totalizm was organised in the second half of 2000. It operated under the address . Unfortunately, initially completely without a knowledge of people involved, the list itself, and also its participants, become targets of very vicious verbal attacks from UFOnauts. At the beginning of 2001, these attacks become so vicious, that they completely paralysed the discussion. Therefore on 12/4/2001 this first list of totalizm needed to be closed, while its participants needed to "escape" from the furious attacks to another list. The second Internet discussion list of totalizm had the address . Also that one soon after being opened was attacked by UFOnauts, but this time with the use of a different method. Of course, in these attacks UFOnauts used their undetectable methods of acting, which are described in subsection VB1 to VB6 /?/. Therefore, they managed to destroy also this second list, before anyone realised that this is also their work. The Internet server on which this second list was operating, was closed on 12/8/2001. Because of its closure, there was a need to open the third discussion list of totalizm. It had the address . It was the first discussion list of totalizm, in which I took a part.
Soon after this list was open, very strange emails started to come to it. They were characterised by very chaotic Polish language, by a complete lack of respect for the grammar and spelling rules, by extremely long sentences (sometimes a whole large email was just one single sentence), by the lack of logic, and also by the extreme offensiveness. In addition to this, many of such emails were written at rather odd hours, e.g. around five in the morning. From the analysis of their content it become obvious, that they were written by people who were hypnotised by UFOnauts, and who wrote under the dictation of UFOnauts. One of the authors of these strange emails admitted openly, that he regularly meets an UFOnaut calling himself "Daryl", and that this UFOnaut instructs him what he should do, and that after giving these instructions Daryl does not erase his memory. Soon everyone on the discussion list of totalizm started to recognise these strange emails as a propaganda that originates from UFOnauts themselves, but which is passed to us through hypnotised collaborators. The participants of the discussion list gradually started to take no notice of the offensive content of these emails. Their form and content was only used for identifying the most important attributes of the correspondence written with hands of collaborators hypnotised by UFOnauts, which - amongst others, I tried to collect together in subsection V8.2. We started to decisively remove from the discussion list authors of these offensive emails.
When, in the result of decisive removal of these collaborators from the discussion list of totalizm, these offensive emails ceased to come, rapidly the list become attacked by a completely different type of emails. They originated from several different authors, and all were written in the same, although quite unusual, manner, which could be characterised by a single word "slippery" (their content was "slippery" like eels, and thus extremely difficult for qualifying as hostile or offensive). These strange emails were usually several pages long. They very thoroughly discussed a topic that they concerned. They also contained quite a good theoretical background, were formulated logically, and used relatively good Polish. Their authors clearly knew the subject area that they wrote about, and additionally they had a mastery of the skill of convincing argumentation. It also become obvious, that they were having some form of formal training, which taught them how to convince people. Fortunately, arguments that they used were separated from facts and truth, and were displaying the lack of agreement with the real state of things. Of course, these arguments needed to be such, as they argued against the truth and against the sure facts. (In spite of their visible emptiness, these arguments still managed to convince quite a number of indecisive people who wrote to this list.) For example, on the topic of the scar on human legs, which is described in subsection U3.1, these emails claimed that UFOnauts would not leave such a scar, because they have so advanced technology (it would not matter for them, that this scar is detected and confirmed empirically, thus it exists and originates from UFOs - no matter what someone would claim about it). In turn about the method of detecting UFOs with the use of remote controllers for TVs, that is also described in the same subsection U3.8, these emails tried to devaluate it by the claim, that such controllers have no right to work, if they are not directed straight on TVs (in spite, that the lack of truth of this claim in relationship to controllers that have a powerful diodes, every single owner of such a device could check in his/her own home). These emails originated from around ten of different individuals, who hide behind rather odd pseudo-names, frequently of the foreign "devilish" sound (e.g. "Therion" - what supposedly means a "wiper" in Greek). In order to make my own participation in this discussion list even more difficult, and also in order to provoke hostilities between totalizm and the "cult of Satan", UFOnauts started to enrol me onto a discussion list of a Polish satanic group against my will (of the address ). On this Satanic list I discovered, that almost all the authors of these strange emails, were also enrolled for the Satanic discussion list. These strange emails contained very cunningly composed, slippery content, which induced in the readers an entire range of powerful feelings. At the beginning these emails usually started from stating several complements. But then, in further parts, they viciously and offensively, although each time very cunningly, attacked totalizm, myself, and other participants of the discussion list. In the part that represented their attack, these emails always initially related to some powerful idea, e.g. to justice or to equality. Then they insinuated, that totalizm, or someone out of disputants from the list, acts against this idea. Finally, under the excuse of defending this powerful idea, they viciously attacked totalizm, or someone out of the discussion list. Due to such a cunning, slippery formulation, initially it was difficult to clearly qualify them as attacks and hostile propaganda. Their extraordinary attribute was also, that many topics they attacked with a significant time advancement. For example, when I wrote for the list a bulletin on a special topic, e.g. concerning the manner of recognising the fact of UFO arrival to our flat, these emails attacked the content of such a bulletin immediately after I started to work on it, and several weeks before this bulletin was send to the discussion list. Thus these emails forced the participants of the list into negative altitude towards given statements of totalizm, long before these statements were revealed. The authors of these emails could not be removed from the discussion list. Later it turned out, that they so changed the programs of the discussion list itself, that this software put them on the list automatically each time after someone tried to remove them (normal people do not have the access to servers, in order to be able to change programs of a discussion list).
As with the elapse of time it turned out, these "slippery" emails originated from UFOnauts themselves, or more strictly from the representatives of UFOnauts on Earth, who operate as cosmic spies and saboteurs. With the use of these offensive emails, they tried to make impossible the constructive discussion of totalizm on the list. At the moment when the authors of these unique emails were disclosed as UFOnauts, while their emails were clearly identified as attacks on totalizm carried out by UFOnauts themselves, rapidly these emails went through a drastic transformation. From the cleverly formulated and slippery attacks, which was very difficult to qualify as attacks, they transformed into crude emails full of swearing, venom, abusive statements, threats, blackmails, clear leading on, provocations, and an open hostility towards everything that concerned totalizm. In this second stage of discussion, the emails of these UFOnauts become almost equally rude as previous emails of collaborators, only that they were written in a better language, and contained much more logical argumentation.
These attacks intensified quickly. With the elapse of time authors of these emails stopped to hide and pretend that they are humans, and started to openly refer to themselves that they are UFOnauts. After all, on the Internet's discussion list they stayed completely anonymous - no one knew whether they use their own computer, from where they come, or how they look like. At the beginning of November 2001, these attacks of UFOnauts become so intensive, and reached so huge scale with such powerful level of aggression, that they completely chocked any constructive discussion. Therefore, on 20 November 2001, this third discussion list needed to be shifted again. This time, the fourth discussion list of totalizm was opened under the address . This server was chosen because it allowed refereeing the voices in discussion that were sent to the list. In this way it allow to protect the list from these offensive attacks of UFOnauts. For a short while the third discussion list still remained open, and the discussion was carried out on two lists simultaneously. But UFOnauts so intensified the attacks on the third discussion list, and started to use the full of venom and threats provocations directed towards Polish church and government, that the further allowing of this full of hatred and aggression statements become dangerous. Therefore on 5 December 2001, this third list of totalizm was forced to be closed and liquidated.
The verbal attacks of UFOnauts on this third discussion list of totalizm , were actually the first open battle of totalizts with UFOnauts, which in the final stage took the shape of a full-scale defence fight against UFO attacks. In this battle UFOnauts shown their overwhelming advantage, completely destroying the third Internet's discussion list of totalizm. But simultaneously they disclosed several methods of their attack, and also they allowed us to learn the characteristic attributes of their written statements. Thus these first defence fights with UFOnauts provided us with the precious knowledge and experience, a part of which is presented in subsections V8.1 to V8.3 of this monograph. Here are the most important conclusions that stem from these fights. (1) Currently on Earth very significant number of UFOnauts is active, which mix with the crowd and pretend to be people. Statistically there are sufficient numbers of them on Earth, in order for one UFOnaut to be a member of each human organisation, which has a potential to work against humanity. (I.e. the presence and the membership of UFOnauts in every larger cult, religion, secret society, research institution, teaching institution, political party, government, etc., I already established earlier - during the events described here I only confirmed that this presence is the fact.) (2) UFOnauts always attack as a whole pack, like robbers, wolves, or wasps. Each their attack they carry out in a highly synchronised manner, mutually dividing roles between themselves. In these roles, e.g. one UFOnauts is leading the victim, other is utilising this leading and attacks the victim, third is exaggerating the matter, fourth is turning the mater upside down and catches the writers on words, the fifth is scoffing and disgusting the subject for others, etc. Also their attacks take place on many levels at the same time, although the most visible level is the propaganda attack. (3) One of the first type of weapon, which UFOnauts use in their propaganda attack against anything that they try to destroy, is the scoffing, laughing at, and sarcasm. According to what I already know about the methods of acting of UFOnauts, all the scoffing attacks that are described in subsection JB7.3, surely were coming originally from UFOnauts, and only then they were intercepted and amplified by the hypnotically manipulated collaborators. When the scoffing fails, UFOnauts resort to swearing, calling the names, malice, threats, black mailing, and provocations. If these also fail, then they start to protest, propose alternative solutions, systematically contradict every individual fact, etc. - until the complete "exhaustion" of the opponent. (4) The power of attack of UFOnauts is so overwhelming and carried out on so large scale, that at the present level of the advancement of our defence, it is almost impossible to be withstand and to keep our positions. Therefore currently much higher chances of success is giving the dynamic battling of UFOnauts, in which no definite positions are kept, and after each hit we withdraw fast in order to hit again in a completely different area.
In all films showing alien invaders, these invaders are portrayed as creatures more stupid from people, which we overcome with our intelligence and cunning without any difficulty. But these first open battles between totalizts and UFOnauts proved, that UFOnauts are more intelligent from humans, and also that they tower over us with their cunningness, knowledge, organisation, communication, and technology. Thus they are an enemy, which is going to be difficult to be defeated with our normal fighting attributes. Our only hope for a victory lies in the use of morality as a weapon against them. After all, in the area of morality we are capable to gain a fast advantage over them, and also it is sure that they never are going to improve their morality. In addition to this, if we choose the morality as a source of our strength, then we acquire also an invisible ally in the form of the universal intellect (God), which is going to stand on our side. In turn this invisible ally is going to make sure, that in spite of their overwhelming advantage in practically every field possible, UFOnauts are still going to be defeated by us.
#96. The eight-volumes version of monograph [8] "Totalizm". After I returned from my vacation in Malaysia in February 2001, together with other totalizts I placed on sites of totalizm in the Internet the first three volumes of the English version of this monograph [8e], that were ready by then. In this manner the first three volumes become available for English speaking readers. But because from my previous experience I know that the volume 4 about "Totaliztic mechanics" is not going to interest too many readers, I decided to interrupt further writing the English version of this monograph [8e], and rather proceed to write the Polish version of it. Thus, starting from February 2001, I initially translated into Polish the existing three English volumes, and then I started to improve and to extend them. In the result, in May 2001 (for my birthday), we managed to place in the Internet the first, five-volumes long, version of the Polish monograph [8] "Totalizm". After further improvements and enhancements, in November 2001, this first version was replaced by even a newer version of Polish monograph [8], which by then had already seven volumes. In December 2001 I flown to my next vacation in Malaysia, during which I wrote an additional volume 5 about "evil parasites", thus turning the Polish monograph to become 8 volumes long. In this manner, during just a year of time, from initially four volumes long publication on totalizm, monograph [8] transformed into the present 8 volumes monograph. (Because all research and developmental works on totalizm I carry out underground, and exclusively at my own expense, the reader probably is able to appreciate how many weekends I needed to spend on research and on writing, and also how many evenings and sleepless nights I needed to put into thinking, logical deductions, developing, improving, simplifying, etc.) During this 2001/2002 vacation in Malaysia, the improved and extended volume 1 of that 8-volumes long monograph [8] I started to translate again into English. In this manner I returned to the process of preparing and
making available the English version of this monograph. This English volume 1 was already placed in the Internet in January 2002, when I was still on my vacation in Malaysia. After the return to New Zealand, in February 2002 I finished the translation into English the volume 2. March fruited with the finishing of volume 3. This volume 5 was started to be translated into English on Saturday, 8 June 2002. At the time when I started it, I was just experiencing a massive infection of the chest, described in details in subsection E2 of monograph [8]. This chest infection lasted exactly until Sunday, 1 September 2002, means until the moment when I finished the translation into English of the entire this monograph. Then it rapidly diminished, and become replaced by several other health problems of a different nature, that are described in subsection E2 of monograph [8]. Each volume of this monograph was made available in Internet for the use of interested people immediately after it was written, or translated into English. Therefore, as this monograph was born, it simultaneously was also disseminated in two language versions (i.e. Polish and English) via the internet.
#97. Whirls of counter-matter as permanent structures from the counter-world. In the initial stage of my research I believed, that because of the lack of friction and because of the volatile character of counter-matter, the counter-matter is unable to form anything permanent just by itself. Therefore I believed that all permanent structures that are formed out of this substance (e.g. our counter-bodies), exist only because of the permanent objects from our physical world. I believed that these permanent physical objects are kept together due to forces of cohesion that are created in our world, while through the action of gravity, these forces of cohesion later keep also together the counter-material duplicates. But on Sunday, 22 September 2002, I discovered that is completely opposite. Namely permanent structures are formed in the counter-world. These structures are described in subsection H4.2 as "whirls of counter-matter". It is these permanent structures from the counter-world, that via forces of gravity are keeping together also subsequent components of permanent objects from our world. The breakthrough in my knowledge, that inspired this discovery, was my previous finding, that electrons and positrons (described in subsection H5.1 of this monograph) are actually formed from such permanent whirls of counter-matter. Later I also discovered, and explained in subsection H5.3, that the course of winds on Earth is forced by such permanent whirls of counter-matter. This in turn means, that the entire planet Earth is also kept together by such permanent whirls of counter-matter.
#98. The success of the "year of opening" (2002). In my manifesto to totalizts, prepared and posted at the beginning of 2002 at the internet discussion list of totalizm, I declared the year 2002 to be the so-called "year of opening". The idea of this year was to concentrate efforts of all totalizts on "opening totalizm to people, and opening hearts and minds of people to totalizm". Therefore parallel to preparing both language versions of monograph [8], I also experimented in finding and in implementing practically manners of increasing the readership of internet sites on which totaliztic monographs were available. Thus the initial number of visitors on each of such pages was increased from around 2 people per day at the beginning of 2002, into around 20 people per day at the end of 2002.
When on 1 September 2002 the translation of my monograph [8] "Totalizm" into English was completed, and the entire monograph [8] was placed in both languages (i.e. English and Polish) on numerous internet web sites of totalizm, in October 2002 it caused a change in readership of my monographs. It happened that starting from around 1990, until this October 2002, the majority of readers of my monographs originated from Poland. But outside of Poland my monographs had almost no readers. In turn the placing in internet this my English monograph [8], in connection with the "year of opening", caused together, that after October 2002 the number of English readers of my monographs again started to exceed the number of their Polish readers. (The number of readers was continually growing in both these languages, only that in the Polish language was growing slightly slower than in English.) This in turn meant that my findings, scientific theories, and technical inventions, as well as totalizm itself, from a local phenomenon known mainly in Poland, gradually transformed into a movement that encompassed the entire world.
#99. Starting my work on the fourth edition [1/4] of my most important monograph from series [1] (December 2002). The success in the "year of opening" (i.e. 2002), and gradual return of increasingly larger number of English readers to my monographs, caused that a need emerged to make available in English also my most important monograph from series [1]. After all, the previous English version of my most important monograph from series [1], i.e. the English monograph [1e] that was disseminated from 1990 to 2003, for the last time was updated in 1990. Thus this previous monograph [1e] in 2002 become rather outdated. Therefore, after I finished my writing the two-language versions of monograph [8] "Totalizm", and after it accomplished a success in readership, I decided that my next publication to be worked out similarly as [8], is going to be the edition in two languages of the improved version of my Polish monograph [1/3]. But the Polish monograph [1/3] was published in 1998. Thus, before I started to translate it into English, it was necessary to firstly update it, so that it formed this monograph [1/4]. The update of monograph [1/3], that transformed it into this 18-volumes long monograph [1/4], I started on the first day of my subsequent vacation in Malaysia, means on 21 December 2002. Until 31 January 2003, when my vacations in Malaysia approached their end, the entire newly updated monograph [1/4] was ready in the Polish language version. Because simultaneously with its updating, I was placing the volumes that were ready at my internet sites, until 31 January 2003 the entire newly updated monograph [1/4] was available for Polish readers on several my internet sites. The only thing that was remaining to be completed, was to laboriously translate it into English. The task of this translation I left for later, to be gradually completed in New Zealand after my arrival from vacation in Malaysia.
#100. The interpretation of the idea "energy" in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity (17 December 2002). Although as far as I can reach with my memory, I always was thinking what "energy" actually is, the final synthesis of the interpretation of this idea in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity took place on Tuesday, 17 December 2002. In that day I was updating subsection H4.1 of monograph [1/4]. During this updating I again analysed the interpretations that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity assigns to ideas of "time" and "gravity field". I then realised, that the natural execution programs, that the counter-matter is storing in itself and that it continually completes, independently from algorithms that these programs are expressing, must also be characterised by several physical attributes. To examples of these physical attributes belong, amongst others, such their properties as: volume of the counter- matter that these programs occupy, actual position of their execution control (i.e. "time"), "friction" that they form during their motion through the counter-matter (i.e. "gravity"), a type of behaviour of counter-matter that these programs execute (i.e. "energy"), and several others. The realising of this fact revealed to me, that what we traditionally call "energy", in reality is simply one of such physical attributes of these elementary programs that reside in the counter- matter. This attribute could be defined in the following manner: "energy is a collection of elementary programs stored in a given portion of the counter-matter, which (the programs) rule the behaviour of the counter-matter that contains them". Because the behaviour of the counter-matter that is ruled by programs of energy, due to gravity links is immediately reflected in matter, programs of energy define also how must behave the matter from the area of their influence. All presently known attributes of energy, originate, amongst others, from the indestructibility and movability of subsequent classes of these elementary programs of energy that describe the behaviour of counter-matter. After all, these programs constantly move from one areas of counter-matter to other areas. In each their position they define how the physical objects that contain this counter-matter must behave. However, these programs cannot be neither created nor destroyed by people. In such manner, on 17 December 2002, the interpretation of energy in the light of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was born. This interpretation was immediately inserted into content of subsection H9.2 of monograph [1/4].
#101. The resolution of the internet list on "exploitation of Earth by UFOnauts". A historic resolution was accepted on 24 March 2003. The painful and prolonged fate of this resolution is described more comprehensively in subsection P2.15. The voting on this resolution was carried out in very dramatic circumstances, under a significant external pressures, and with intensive sabotage of UFOnauts. During this voting UFOnauts demonstrated to the participants of the internet list the power of their occupational forces, and their control over the development of situation. However, although this resolution turned out to be a painful and expensive victory of totalizm, still it is a victory, and this is what matters the most. Here is the content of this resolution.
The exploitation of Earth by UFOnauts: the collective resolution of the internet list regarding official recognition of formal proof on the existence of UFO, recognition of the formal proof on the occupation of Earth by UFOs, and recognition of the Magnocraft as a technical explanation for UFOs.
We, 161 participants of the internet list, representing almost every area of life and almost every region of Poland, with a great concern observe the development of present situation regarding parasitic activities of UFOs on Earth. From one side we see the passivity of authorities and adverse of scientists towards increasingly larger problems that are induced by parasitic activities of UFOs on Earth, and we also see the growing tendency to ignore the prevailing collective opinions of majority of people and to base UFO-related decisions on claims just a few non-constructive individuals. On the other hand we notice the overwhelming accumulation of evidence on the continuous presence of UFOs on Earth, evidence of immoral interference of UFOnauts in our public life, and evidence of abductions of people to UFOs combined with biological exploitation of people in UFOs. We are also aware, that in 1981, in the Polish Journal Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje (no 13/1981, pages 21-23) for the first time a formal scientific proof was published, which stated that "UFOs are Magnocraft". Starting from that moment, a growing number of scientific monographs is widely available for all interested, which formally prove the physical nature of UFOs, the parasitic interests of UFOnauts in Earth, the magnetic character of UFO propulsion systems, etc. Until present day these formal proofs transformed the knowledge on UFOs that is available so-far into a single consistent logical structure, proving via this structure that (1) UFOs do exist and they are material space vehicles piloted by morally degenerated relatives of people that originate from space, (2) that morally decadent owners of UFO vehicles occupy and exploit humanity in a hidden manner, and (3) that the design and operation of the space vehicle with magnetic propulsion called the "Magnocraft" provides a complete and correct explanation for all technical aspects of UFOs. We are also aware, that very detailed descriptions of the Magnocraft, as well as all scientific proofs that originate from Magnocraft, are available in a number of scientific publications. Amongst these publications the most up-to- date is the scientific monograph [1/4] by Prof. Dr Jan Pajak, entitled "Advanced magnetic devices" (4th edition, Wellington, New Zealand, 2003, ISBN 0-9583727-5-6). This monograph is distributed free of charge from numerous web sites, for example from sites,,,, and several others indicated by links from these sites. While being aware of all the above, and simultaneously knowing about responsibility that lies on our shoulders because of our representation of the cross-section of the entire society and all regions of our country, herewith we resolve the following.
§1. We resolve that we officially recognise the formal proof that states that "UFO vehicles do exist". We know that this proof, carried out according to the scientific methodology of "matching attributes", is published and distributed constantly starting since 1981, and that no-one managed to undermine the merit of it. By recognising the significance and validity of this scientific proof, we simultaneously declare and remind, that it has the binding power and that its conclusions, and awareness consequences, should be considered in action of every person on Earth. Especially binding this formal proof is for scientists and for UFO investigators, who on the basis of it have the obligation to undertake the constructive research of goals and manifestations of UFO activities on Earth.
§2. We resolve also, that we officially recognise merit of the formal scientific proof stating that "UFOs are Magnocraft, which are constructed by technically highly advanced, although morally decadent, civilisations of evil parasites from space". We oblige everyone to respect the conclusions and significant consequences of this proof.
§3. Furthermore we resolve, that we officially recognise the formal scientific proof, that "morally decadent owners of UFO vehicles occupy our planet in a hidden manner, and secretly carry out a large scale exploitation of humanity". We oblige every citizen of our planet to encompass the seriousness of consequences of this scientific proof, and to initiate actions that gradually neutralise this occupation and exploitation of people by UFOnauts.
While resolving all the above, we simultaneously strongly encourage all interested, to urgently learn about scientific proofs contained in the monograph [1/4] indicated above, the official and popular recognition of which this resolution declares and also the multitude of consequences of which we are trying to realise with the assistance of this resolution. We also encourage to learn the design, operation, and propulsion system of the Magnocraft, which is the space vehicle that represents an Earth's version of UFOs (means which displays all attributes of UFOs, carries the same operational capabilities as UFOs, and induces the same phenomena which are known from UFO observations).
While issuing this resolution, and granting to it the character of a true representation of our collective views and wishes, we simultaneously hope, that the resolution finally is going to initiate constructive actions and initiatives regarding UFOs, so long-awaited by the society. For example we hope, that it is going to inspire the undertaking of systematic research on UFOs by scientists and by people responsible for our security and our level of informing. We hope, that in all matters regarding UFOs the society starts to draw from collective wisdom and stops following the claims of wrong but noisy individuals, who probably are manipulated by these parasitic UFOs. We hope, that this resolution breaks through the impasse to-date which surrounded the progress of people's rational understanding of the reasons, multitude, and technology of morally degenerated aggressors from UFOs. We hope, that it is to make people sensitive about immoral, parasitic, and hidden character of all activities of UFOs on Earth. We hope that it points the attention of authorities at burning issues of the defence of society from evil exploitation by UFOs. We hope, that it makes everyone interested in the scar from identification implant of UFOs, which (the scar) the majority of us is having on a leg. We hope, that it is going to initiate more intensive observations of UFO activity in our living space, and that it realises that with appropriate methods and devices which are sensitive at fast telekinetic motion, literally tans of visually invisible, telekinetic UFO vehicles can be registered in our sky in every moment of time (these telekinetic UFO vehicles are usually referred to, as "rods" - see subsection U3.1.2). We hope also, that this resolution inspires all people to undertake an active self-defence against cosmic aggressors from UFOs.
This resolution was taken on 24 March 2003, in the result of anonymous voting (which was based on pseudo-names) that was open for participants of debates on the internet list The results of this voting was unanimous - the entire 100% of voting participants gave their votes for accepting this resolution. The participants confirm that the voting had anonymous character, thus the results represent an exact reflection of actual views and wishes of people that voted. In turn because voters represented the cross-section through the entire society and through all regions of Poland, and also because the text of what was resolved represents the collective opinion of voters, this resolution is representative for the stand, wishes, and feelings of significant proportion of citizens of Poland aware of the seriousness of current situation.
#102. Noticing that starting from the year 2000, times are arriving to the Earth in which old biblical prophecies begin to fulfil - especially about so-called “Riders of Apocalypse”, the arrival of Second Jesus to the Earth, and so-called “Antichrist”. In previous items #73 and #84 of this subsection two divine revelations were described (Dayaks and from Christchurch), which clearly suggest that starting from 4 January 1999 humbly and without publicity Second Jesus is completing His mission on the Earth. In turn old prophecies do exist which warn us, that soon after the arrival of Second Jesus, Antichrist is to be installed on Earth. Also, when these times of fulfilment of old prophecies are to arrive, then so-called “Riders of Apocalypse” are also to appear on the Earth. The above justifies the need for a careful looking around for signs that these old prophecies actually started to fulfil. As it turns out, such signs become ever-increasingly easy to notice. For example, in the area of these “Riders of Apocalypse” such signs we can see more and more frequently - consider the widespread fall-down of morality, the spreading of godlessness, wars and so-called “terrorism”, unstoppable greed for money in ruling classes, world-wide economic depression and unemployment started in 2008, rapid deterioration of climate, etc., etc. For myself the most fascinating are increasingly more shocking changes in nature. An example of such changes is described in the article ”Theories fly over dead bird mystery” published on page A9 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, February 21, 2009 - in which is described how in the small New Zealand town New Plymouth thousands of dead sparrows started to rapidly fall down from heaven. Another example of almost a biblical plague describes a humble article entitled ”Bug invasion comes to light on east coast”, published on page A4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. According to this article, a small place in New Zealand called Whatatane experienced so huge ”invasions” of various bugs, especially hordes of some black beetles, crickets, and cicadas, for which locals were forced to use shovels to remove them out of shops and petrol stations. Of course, in countries other than New Zealand also various plagues do appear lately, for example locust, mice, shark attacks, or murderous fires - as these ones from Australia which on 6 February 2009 devastated a significant part of south-east Australia burning alive over 210 people (for details e.g. see the article ”Arsonists turn up the heat” from page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, February 7, 2009). Fits that these “Riders of Apocalypse” started to show on the Earth already now, resembles the ancient description of biblical plagues.
The first television programs from the intense propaganda campaign that prepares people for the instalment of Antichrist on Earth, appeared in New Zealand TV at the beginning of June 2003. These were recorded in the USA. From there the programs were broadcasted to several countries in the world, amongst others to New Zealand. It is easy to predict, that the coverage by these programs must encompass all countries that are planned for the future inclusion into the political empire of Antichrist. After all, citizens of these countries must be prepared by this propaganda to give him the political power over themselves. For first few weeks I watched carefully these programs. I was checking whether they really are this proceeding propaganda campaign. When from their content it become obvious, that they really prepare people for the spectacular arrival of the creature that fulfils the prophecies about Antichrist, together with participants of the list, we initiated taking prevention measures. These measures are aimed at realizing to people, that the instalment of Antichrist is approaching. If people are aware of such an event, their awareness will minimize the undesirable impact of this evil creature on our civilisation, decrease the number of countries which are to be included into the empire of Antichrist, and decrease the chance for success of his mission on Earth. Even if these measure manage to only delay the instalment of Antichrist, it still is going to be a great success. After all, time works now for the benefit of humanity and against interests of UFOnauts. The publishing of this description is also one of such prevention measures.
According to the content of this propaganda campaign, Antichrist installed on Earth is going to impersonate Second Jesus. Thus the aim of the campaign is to convince people, that when this impostor of "Second Jesus" arrives spectacularly to Earth, people should give to him the political power over themselves, and blindly obey his commands. The campaign proclaimed even the timing when all this is to happen. (In June 2003 was given the date "in three years" - what would mean that the instalment of Antichrist is planned for the year 2006.) According to this brain-washing propaganda campaign of UFOnauts, the alleged "Second Jesus" (means Antichrist), is going to arrive to Earth in order to solve all problems for people. 
The arrival of this impostor is to be noted by all nations, because his space vehicle surrounded with flares is going to encircle a huge arch above the Earth before it lands in the USA. The encircling of this arch will cause, that the landing of the impostor is going to be accompanied by fires, thunder claps, and fiery path which is to print on our sky a line leading from East to West. After this alleged "Second Jesus" lands in the USA, he is to take the political power over people, unite a half of the world into a single country, and to initiate prophesied developments in human history.
There is several internal contradictions that hit me in this intense campaign of brain- washing TV propaganda disseminated by UFOnauts. The first of these is handling the campaign by UFOnauts themselves. At present we know relatively well how UFOnauts delegated to Earth to mix with people and to spread pro-occupational propaganda look like. Their appearance is described in subsection V8.1 of this monograph. For example, for the person who knows their appearance, eye-hitting details are their vertically divided chin that looks like a miniature human bottom, their pointed nose looking like a carrot with a grove at the tip, and their hair that grows upwards on the skull above the forehead (instead of downwards - like in people). Creatures which spread propaganda in the USA TV about the arrival of this alleged "Second Jesus" display just such an unique appearance of UFOnauts. The second contradiction in the entire campaign, is the discrepancy of this campaign with old prophecies about the arrival of real Second Jesus. Namely, according to the brain-washing propaganda of UFOnauts, this alleged "Second Jesus" is to arrive in flames and thunder claps, is to make numerous miracles, and is to assume the political power over people. In turn according to old prophecies, the real Second Jesus arrived to Earth in a humble manner "like a thief", and completes his mission under cover unrecognised by almost anyone. The creature the arrival of which UFOnauts are currently proclaiming in the USA, actually corresponds exactly to old prophecies about the arrival of Antichrist. After all, old prophecies warn us that "Antichrist is going to impersonate Second Jesus". The third contradiction is the dating of the event. This alleged arrival of the "Second Jesus" coincides in time with the period when UFOnauts are going to gradually loose control over Earth. Thus, this arrival is actually a well camouflaged political move aimed at saving the domination of UFOnauts over Earth.
The early detection of this evil impersonation that UFOnauts are planning, allows us now to undertake prevention measures. If these prevention measures turn to be effective, then UFOnauts may be forced to change their plans. However, if they do not change these plans, then it is worth to remember, that the "Antichrist impersonating Second Jesus" that they are to install on Earth, can be easily distinguished from the real Second Jesus. After all, firstly he is going to talk only about doing good, while with his actions he is going to spread evil and destruction. Under his rules people are not to be neither happier or safer. Secondary, he is not going to have anything new to offer to people. In spite of making many "miracles" and alleged "godly knowledge", he is not going to teach people anything new nor lift the state of human science or technology. (After all, such a lifting of human knowledge would be disastrous for the occupational domination of UFOnauts over people.) In turn old prophecies are clearly announcing, that the real Second Jesus is going to lift humanity in every possible area so much, that the progress He introduces is going to change the entire situation of humanity. Tertiary, Antichrist is to practice the principle "divide and rule". Thus in spite that he could unite the entire planet, he will unite a half of it at the most. After all, UFOnauts always keep an option open, to be able to instigate one group of people against another one. Then his alleged "miracles" actually are going to represent only a hidden utilisation of advanced technology of UFOnauts. Therefore these "miracles" will be just a large-scale version of tricks done by "magician" David Copperfield or by "guru" Sai Baba. So when he appears, starts to make his spectacular "miracles", and starts to claim that he is "Second Jesus", we must remember, that old prophecies already warned us thousands of years ago that "Antichrist is going to impersonate Second Jesus" and that "the face of Antichrist is to mimic the face of Jesus".
#103. The loss of job in the Wellington Institute of Technology and starting my unemployment without getting any unemployment benefit. In 2005 in New Zealand
appeared a shocking phenomenon of drastic decrease in student numbers. On the Wellington Institute of Technology, in which I then worked, lecture theatres almost completely emptied. A reduction of lecturing staff was initiated. Out of lecturers of Informatics make redundant were 6 people, in this number even my boss. In this way, starting from 23 October 2005 I become unemployed. In addition it turned out, that according to New Zealand law, I am Not entitled for an unemployed benefit (i.e. to so-called “dole”). So I was forced to live from my savings.
#104. One-year full professorship in Korea. After the loss of job and becoming unemployed, of course, I started intensely search for a new job. After almost two years of searches, I was invited by the Ajou University in South Korea for a full professorship in Software Engineering, for the period from 1 March 2007 to 31 December 2007. (The University of Ajou belongs to a group of 10 best universities in South Korea.) This professorship turned out to be quite a breakthrough period in my life. It allowed me not only restore my fast diminishing feeling of self-worth, but also gave me a different outlook at my research. Furthermore, it fruited with several vital discoveries, and several scientific publications (in this publishing the first formulation of monograph [1/5]).
#105. The discovery that UFOnauts and UFO vehicles represent temporary simulations of God. In South Korea I accomplished an immensely vital discovery around a half of 2007. This discovery completely transformed my views of the world and fruited, amongst others, with formulation of this monograph. It was the discovery, that UFOnauts are NOT creatures which have their own “free will” and which exist “permanently” – in the same way as exist e.g. people. I noted then first evidence that UFOnauts are temporary “simulations” created by God. Namely, they are creatures which God creates only for short periods of time, and to the minds of which God wires His own mind and His own awareness. Therefore UFOnauts, in spite that to us, people, show a really evil nature, behaviour, and actions, in fact are human-shaped representations of God. Only that God simulates the character, behaviour, and actions of UFOnauts with so immense precision, that for us people they look like if they really existed and really arrived to the Earth from some evil planet. With a similar accuracy God simulates also UFO vehicles – means starship in which UFOnauts supposedly arrive to the Earth. Everything in UFO vehicles is simulated with such a precision, that if we have technical documentation as to how build these vehicles, then after building them they would also fly for us.
#106. Publishing monograph [1/5]. After discovering that “UFOnauts are temporary simulations of God”, the content of some my older monographs, in this number monographs [1/4] and [8], ceased to be actual. Therefore, still during my stay in Korea, I started the re- editing of my old monograph [1/4] into a new monograph [1/5]. Until the time of finishing my Professorship in Korea at the end of 2007, I managed to prepare final versions for several volumes of new monograph [1/5], for example for volumes 4, 5 and 11.
#107. Return from my Professorship in Korea and continuing my unemployment without getting an unemployment benefit. In January 2008 I was again in New Zealand. In the meantime it turned out that the sliding of this country into an ever-increasing economic depression got only deeper in the meantime. Thus, for me black years have returned, when I was forced to live from savings without having any income, and where there was no prospect for finding a next job. In addition, New Zealand newspapers of that time started to publish increasingly persistent articles, examples of which included the one entitled ”Older workers vital for economy” - which was published on page C2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, October 6, 2008, or the one entitled “Senior, not youth, hold key to ending skill shortage”, from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, November 27, 2008. In turn, from bad experiences of past I knew that this type of articles usually represents the propaganda preparation of public by the local government for the secretly planned extension of the retirement age. For me this extension of the retirement age from 65 to 70 would mean that instead of further 4 years of living only from my savings, I would need to live without any income, nor dole, for next 9 years - to get to the retirement age. But these plans to extend the retirement age were invalidated by the world’s economic crisis which rapidly appeared and which caused a massive unemployment in New Zealand. In this situation the extending of the retirement age ceased to have any sense. Furthermore, fortunately for aged people, soon afterwards that particular government lost elections and was thrown out of power. But shockingly, with the new government the matter of extending the retirement age has returned - in spite of mass unemployment caused by the world economic crises of 2008 and 2009. For example in the article "OECD has tough remedies for NZ" from page C4 of New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, April 18, 2009, amongst others the following statement was included, quote: "The OECD suggests raising the eligibility age for New Zealand Superannuation to 67".
#108. The discovery that God experiments on people with “evilness and its consequences”. In December 2008 I discovered that the reason for which God currently simulates arrival to the Earth of evil UFOnauts, while in past He simulated the existence of devils and Satan, is that in fact the period of last several thousands of years God carried out on the Earth the experiment regarding “consequences of evilness”. On the subject of this experiment I wrote quite extensively in subsection JF6 from volume 6 of this monograph. Therefore I am not going to explain it here. The consequence of this discovery was, that a need eventuated for writing this monograph [8/2], and for including to it the content of volume 6 which is entirely devoted to the objective (because scientific and secular) getting to know God, His goals and His methods of acting.
#109. Publishing monograph [8e/2]. The progress in decoding personality and methods of acting of God, which was accomplished during my professorship in Korea in 2007, caused that many my previous publications, in this number also the monograph [8] “Totalizm”, required philosophical perfecting. Such perfecting needed to acknowledge in content of these publications all new findings of the philosophy of totalizm concerning God. Therefore, when on 7 December 2008 I finished work on including illustrations to the monograph [8] ”Totalizm”, and on translating this monograph into PDF format, almost like by ”inertia” I initiated then the simultaneous works on preparing the second edition of that old, 8 volumes long monograph [8]. This second edition was marked [8/2] - but maintained the previous title ”Totalizm”. The first Polish language version of monograph [8p/2] was made available through internet already on 5 February 2009. In turn the first English language version of [8e/2] was made available in internet on 17 February 2009. Simultaneously with making these first versions available through internet, I continued works on further perfecting and updating that monograph [8/2], thus preparing the gradual dissemination even further, still more perfect and updated versions of [8/2].

Of course, the above history of my battles and this monograph is not finished yet. Thus
I do hope that I will be able to add another milestones to it. Let us hope that one of them will be that this monograph [1/4] is fully reedited, updated, completed, and formally published in both languages (i.e. English and Polish). Therefore, that it has started to serve fully for the good of our tormented and morally collapsing civilisation. After all, in spite of the complacence of the majority of orthodox scientists, and in spite of their eagerness to fight out everyone who tries to introduce something novel and progressive, as a civilisation we badly need scientific publications, which publicise and explain such progressive discoveries, inventions, ideas, and philosophies, like ones presented in this monograph.
Quite a shocking regularity which frequently hits me during an analysis of events which affect my life, is that these events always have a highly symbolic character. Each single one of these events is a kind of symbol, which independently from a current meaning, carries also a hidden symbolic message. These symbolic messages always are representative to the situation of Earth and humanity, to methods of action of people or UFOnauts, to manners in which we should utilize moral laws, etc., etc. Their messages always try to provide me with multilevel moral lessons and guidance for the future. So practically subsequent events that I experienced, are not just a course of my life, but also a carefully planed tour of symbolic teaching lessons, in which a higher power is illustrating for me practically the most vital knowledge that is important to all people.
These readers who familiarised themselves with the history of my research, and thus also with the history of my life, probably noted a strange paradox in it. This paradox makes to wonder even myself. It depends on the necessity of "giving knowledge to other people in an invisible and completely anonymous manner". In order to explain what I mean here, the majority of people who do something that is going to benefit numerous other humans, always is doing this in an open manner. They also act only when there is an assurance, that later they are going to have an opportunity to reap some rewards from what they accomplished. Thus, they do their work in a visible and official manner, they put fences around whatever they are doing, they are always reaping in person the fruit of their activities, and they always expose themselves to the public view. For example scientists, in order to develop their theories, apply for a decrease in their teaching load and for the governmental funds. When they develop these theories, usually they can proudly teach them to scores of their students and discuss them publicly on conferences. All others know them and see them. Thus people know from whom these theories are originating, and show their respect and appreciation proportionally to the contribution of authors. The political leaders and important personalities firstly are obtaining conditions in which they are to carry out their tasks, and only then they proclaim in person to crowds, or via television, what they are doing. Thus people know them and precisely know for what they should show the appreciation. Everyone treats them with respect, and everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate this respect. Owners of large factories or companies show themselves to their workers, or on meetings, thus all know them and know from whom given decisions originate. Therefore during their contacts people are showing to them the appreciation for what they have done. Even Santa Clause, before he gives presents to children, firstly have a pleasure of holding them on his knees, and enjoying their appreciation. For the contrast, I am always forced to work in underground, and behind a hermetic screen of my occupation of a scientist (instead within this occupation). People who surround me, have no slightest clue about the real goal of my research, about the level of improbable difficulties with which I constantly must fight, and about the size of my accomplishments to-date. After all, each attempt to reveal my accomplishments always finishes with a catastrophe. Frequently I experience the situation that some arrogant students behave towards me like small monsters towards a creature that their parents bought for them to practice devours. Some of my superiors, and sometimes also colleagues, occasionally let me feel, that they belong to the cast which is incomparably higher socially or intellectually. Material facts are also confirming this - after all they have better paid positions, they occupy more important posts, they have more expensive and more comfortable homes and cars, they managed to keep the same job, the same place of work, and sometimes even the same position, for many subsequent years, they are "settled" - not globetrotters like myself, they know important and influential people, etc., etc. But what is even worse, there is a huge number of traitors preprogrammed by UFOnauts, who constantly attack me, who flood me with rather explicit swearing, who scoff, who accuse me of every possible crime and every possible mental illness, and who intimidate me with various macabre threats. (It is good that we live in present times, as judging by the anger, hatred, and the overwhelming wish to hurt, which emanate from these threats of traitors, in different times they would nail me to a cross, murder me a long time ago, or would throw me to lions.) These sparse people, who actually know my research and appreciate the significance of what I try to accomplish, as a rule almost never see me, nor never meet me in person. Thus I feel like a "thief in reverse", which in the manner unnoticeable to anyone is secretly giving to unknown people what he has the most precious, namely the knowledge which he managed to laboriously accumulate. Similarly as this is the case with real thief, people can see effects of my work, but myself I remain invisible. The recipients can benefit from my gift of knowledge, but neither know, or are going to have opportunity to get to know, a physical person from which this knowledge originates. Thanks God, that by charging me with such a honourable and responsible task, the universal intellect simultaneously gave me the strength to withstand all these defeats, scoffing, pressures, and difficulties, which I experience, and which are connected with this task. After all, the only internal gratification which is returning to me, is increasingly larger awareness, that ideas that I am disseminating, are like miraculous seeds - one day they are going to grow into beautiful and needed plants, which are going to be enjoyed by all people, and perhaps then some of these people are going to send me in their thoughts these magic words "thank you".

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