W3. I actually experienced everything that is described here
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

W3. I actually experienced everything that is described here
Motto of this subsection: "If every creator checked on himself/herself the true value of his/her creations, we would not have so many weird creations, nor so many queer creators."

During my research I adopted the strategy used by ancient boat builders - I always go myself into the first trip in every my new creation. So if the creation turns out to be correct, I live with it. But if my creation goes down, I go down with it. The result is that almost everything that is written in this monograph represents a real experience - I actually lived through it, and experienced it myself. No many scientists can say this about their armchair theories invented entirely in air-conditioned offices.
Due to undertaking this non-typical for a scientist strategy of acting, I personally managed to experience, while with the assistance of this monograph I am now able to tell it to others, in my opinion a very important fact. This fact reveals, that in everything that happens in our lives, there is always a special type of balance or equilibrium between the good and the evil, between the pleasure and suffering, between the effort and the outcome, etc. This balance causes, that the more we give from ourselves - the more we receive back, the more we volunteer to take and to endure - the higher the reward returning to us as a compensation, etc., etc. For example, on one hand my life after the adoption of totalizm, actually was, and still is, very tough. (I am not hiding or beautifying this. After all, I adhere to a philosophy which is all about telling truth - even if this truth acts against what we want to accomplish. Furthermore, by explaining what, how, and why affects me so harsh, it helps to understand the desperate situation that we all are in.) And so, the majority of my life to-date I lived like a warrior, having no home, forced to constantly move, struggle to survive, and engaged in countless battles with dark forces. But in spite of all these tough experiences, and in spite that my life is incomparably more difficult than the life of thousands of other people with my education, qualifications, knowledge, and experience, this my life is simultaneously very fulfilling, rewarding, happy, and socially useful. And the sole source of moral and spiritual correctness, sense of purpose, strengths, and powerful feelings that I am constantly getting, is totalizm. Thus the point which I would like to make in this monograph is, that no matter how tough your life is going to be after you adopt totalizm, still you are going to feel much more happy, spiritually clean, fulfilled, rewarded, and socially productive, than you feel when you adhere to any other philosophy. In fact, the more you give to others and the more you agree to endure, the higher reward and the higher feeling of fulfilment you are going to receive back. If what I wrote in this monograph is convincing to you, by itself it is a sufficient reason to adopt views contained in my ideas and findings. If you do not believe what I am saying here, you still should check my ideas simply to experience on yourself that what I am saying here is the sincere truth.

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