W1. Why this monograph was written
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

W1. Why this monograph was written

A frog in a well is unable to realize the tragedy of its situation. Therefore it believes that walls of the prison that surrounds it, represent borders of the entire universe. Similarly to this frog, humanity is imprisoned by the thick walls of its parasitic philosophy, and is not able to realize the tragedy of the situation. Only new windows to the universe, such as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and totalizm, allow us to temporally distant ourselves from the current situation, and to have a brief glimpse at the vastness, beauty, and justice of the universe around us. Just even by such a limited glimpse, we rapidly realize that we should do something to improve our tragic situation. Our souls are eager to mount the white horse of totalizm and to use moral laws like a sword that cleanses our planet and restores dignity to the human race. The only thing that still is missing, is the awareness of the necessity to renew also our minds. There is a time to awaken from the moral nightmare we are in, and to start live a real life. There is about a time to stop doing harm to others, and thus to put stop to receiving harm from others. After all people who sow good deeds, are going to reap good deeds. Let this monograph to serve as a wake up call!

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