Abstract volume 18
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

ABSTRACT of this monograph no 18 from the series [1/5E] "Advanced magnetic devices", ISBN 978-1-877458-98-9.
Have you noticed that the morality of our civilisation is rolling down instead of climbing up. Have you noticed that lives of normal people with the elapse of time are not easier, not more pleasurable, but just more full of suffering and struggle. Have you realized that this moral rolling down of our civilisation, documented by the increasingly harder life of individual people, is actually a conclusive proof for the fiasco and erroneousness of the whole human science, and the entire foundation of our society. In turn it means, that not only all these smart scientists are at wrong when they continually promise that life is going to improve if they only manage to clone one more human, to develop one more form of nuclear fuel, to build one more type of ballistic missiles, or to introduce a faster system for execution of payments. But it also means, that our religion already went astray, that our morality still lives in the stone age, that our laws promote lawlessness, that our economy is full of errors and deficiencies, that our social policies spoil people instead of improving them, etc., etc. After all, if the science and the foundations of society function perfectly, than instead of living increasingly worse, we would live increasingly better. Have you realized already that in fact we must NOT follow the path, which has proven itself to be so wrong, and that we must change our directions as soon as possible, so that it is not too late. Have you realized, that the change of path that we follow, actually means abandoning of the philosophy of parasitism into which humanity falls increasingly deep, and adopting the totalizm.
Nothing grows in vacuum. Also my research, inventions, theories (e.g. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), and philosophies (e.g. totalizm and parasitism), thus also this monograph, were born in specific circumstances and are products of a specific situation on Earth. They are expressions of suppressed scream of our civilisation: people, evil is taking us over - it is about a time we woke up from the delusion! This volume is intended to describe the history of the development of my research, inventions, discoveries, my philosophy of totalizm and this monograph. It also is to explain the injustice, suffering, and oppression which caused that everything that I created was inspired to be born, to illustrate the subsequent stages of evolution of my views, and to speculate about the future, which my positive philosophy, ideas, and discoveries may bring to the humanity.
The history of my research and the evolution of my views to-date, is a kind of “thorny path” towards the truth. Everything that I described in this monograph was born from pain, suffering, and from continuous oppression to which I was subjected. Probably this was beneficial for my accomplishments, because the grater pain with which something is born, the more rightful it grows up and the more goodness it brings later to people. After all, it managed to pay up the painful and unpleasant part of its existence before it was born.
This volume begins with the presentation of the history of my research, inventions, discoveries, difficult circumstances in which these positive ideas were forced to develop, and the gradual evolution of my views to the present stage. Then it reviews some old prophecies, which relate to outcomes of my research. Next it indicates the general direction which my research presently follows. Finally it reviews the most important discoveries and findings which were combined into the content of this monograph and into disciplines related to it.
On the subject of my philosophy of totalizm, which also was born from my pain and persecution, one reader wrote to me the following reflection-inducing words "totalizm already prevailed on the Earth - only that so-far people do not know about it". This volume, amongst others, provides also data on the progress in dissemination of the ideas which I developed, and on old prophecies which describe the future fate of my progressive philosophy. Thus, after reading this volume, each person should be able to formulate his/her own opinion, whether this reader was right.
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