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V8.4. The worst scenario of a "big bang"
From attacks of UFOnauts on the USA to-date, a repetitive picture gradually emerges, which reveals how these attacks are arranged. So let us now find in them a repetitive regularity, means a "scenario" of these UFO attacks. Well, UFOnauts seem to start from finding or arranging some sort of a "political motive" for the attack. This motive allows them to shift later the karma for the attack onto human "escape goats", for example onto human collaborators who pilot aeroplanes used for the destruction. Usually such a "political motive" is provided by either an attack of Americans onto someone, with whom human collaborators of UFOnauts sympathise, or the presence of Jews in the area of destruction, whom these collaborators of UFOnauts fanatically try to destroy. Then UFOnauts arrange an "escape goat". This goat is usually an activity or an event, which provides other people with someone to blame for a given UFO attack. Thus it guarantees, that the karma for a given destruction is NOT going to be shifted by people onto UFOnauts. For example, this escape goat can be Arab terrorists, or NASA employees who allowed that in the space shuttle insulation fell off from an external fuel tank. When UFOnauts manage to create both above conditions, i.e. a political motive and an escape goat, then they hit as painfully as they only are able. They know, that no-one is going to realise their participation, and that the karma for a given destruction and deaths is going to fall on these human "escape goats".
A horrifying problem with the above scenario is, that right now we observe the gradual unwinding of it for a worst possible scenario of a "big bang". According to what I wrote in subsection V3, evil UFOnauts repetitively destroy our civilisation with intentional explosions of their UFO vehicles. All signs on heaven and Earth indicate that just now they gradually prepare for our civilisation a next such an explosion. This potential "big bang" seem to be a next explosion of several UFO vehicles on Earth. It is aimed at shifting our civilisation several centuries back in the development, in a similar manner as in 1178 UFOnauts did this with the aid of the Tapanui explosion described in subsection V5.2. According to a typical scenario of UFOnauts, the USA is now continually pushed towards wars. After all, such wars create a political motive for UFO collaborators. Then suffices if for example a country attacked by the USA, or a terrorist organisation, send near territory of the USA a suicidal ship with nuclear weapon on the board - then UFOnauts will have also an "escape goat". When such circumstances are created, nothing can stop UFOnauts from detonating several their UFO vehicles just by side of this suicidal ship with nuclear weapon. After all, people will believe that this explosion is simply an explosion of the nuclear weapon that this ship was carrying. The result will be identical as after the UFO explosion in Tapanui in New Zealand - means almost a complete destruction of at least a half of the USA, plus a "nuclear winter", destruction of food production, and starvation on the rest of our globe. In this manner UFOnauts with a single blow will be able to destroy completely not only the technical power, scientific knowledge, advanced culture, and democratic traditions of the USA, but also shift back entire our civilisation to the medieval period.
At this point we may ask ourselves a question, whether there is any manner to protect ourselves from this "big bang" which UFOnauts clearly are preparing. It turns out that "yes". There are even several such manners. One of them is obvious, and depends on stopping further wars on Earth and replacing them with negotiations and peaceful solutions. But I am going to describe here less realised by people manner, based on "revealing the truth". This is because it utilises laws and powers of the counter-world. According to it, it suffices to disclose, that we see through the intentions of UFOnauts, and that we perfectly know about preparations for a "big bang" by UFOnauts. If UFOnauts learn, that all people already know about preparations to this great bang, and about a general scenario of it, and that in case UFOnauts actually implement it, all people are going to direct karma for this big bang to UFOnauts, then UFOnauts will abandon the completion of it. After all, if thoughts and feelings of all people begin to send the karma for such a great bang directly to UFOnauts, and not to human "escape goats", then UFOnauts loose all their benefits from giving us this cataclysm.

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