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V8.2. Exploding the space shuttle Columbia by UFOs
Motto of this subsection: "The enemy that is ignored is the enemy that destroys us".

On Saturday, 1 February 2003, at 7:72 CST, UFOnauts again openly attacked the USA. This next attack on the USA was equally spectacular as the attack at the WTC. Similarly as the attack at the WTC, it was carried out in sight of thousands of people and in front of TV cameras. This time UFOnauts evaporated the American space shuttle Columbia, that was just returning from cosmos in mission number STS-107. This attack costed Americans not only lives of 7 astronauts, and extremely expensive flying vehicle, but also a huge loss of prestige, significant step back in their research of space, atmosphere of panic and paralyse that started to overcome their institutions connected with space, etc.
Facts that concern the exploding of the space shuttle Columbia are well described in press and illustrated in television. Therefore this subsection is not going to repeat the rich evidential documentation, which is easily available for everyone. The only thing on which I am going to concentrate here, is to explain and to interpret these facts, which were not presented in the press, or were hidden between lines.
I start from describing how most probably two UFO vehicles destroyed the Columbia space shuttle. Around 7:50 CST they approached from both sides the shuttle that was preparing for landing. Because the direction of the flight of the space shuttle was slanted in relationship to the course of force lines of Earth's magnetic field, in order to maintain the same direction of flight as the shuttle did, both UFO vehicles needed to fly in the magnetic whirl mode of operation that is described in subsection F6.3 of this monograph. Therefore in spite that they so oriented themselves in relationship to the shuttle, that astronauts sitting in the shuttle could not notice their presence, the close proximity of UFOs was noticed by temperature gauges of the shuttle. After all the magnetic whirl of UFOs induced powerful eddy currents in metallic parts of the shuttle, while these currents lifted rapidly the temperature that was registered by gauges. At 7:52 these sensors reported to Earth the first increase of temperature caused by the approach of two UFOs. Initially UFO vehicles tried to turn the heavy space shuttle with its side towards the direction of flight. UFOnauts knew, that the thermal screen of the shuttle works just only for the frontal flight. During a side flight the protection would not work. But around 7:59 CST, automatic pilot of the shuttle fired correction engines, thus neutralising this attempt of UFOnauts. In face of inability to turn the shuttle sideways and to cause its self-destruction, UFOnauts used the proven in action method of destroying our flying vehicles. So they switched on the full power of their magnetic field, thus destroying completely the communication devices and electronics installed on the shuttle. Then UFOs switched on the full power of magnetic whirl. This whirl, on the principle of an "inductive shield" described in subsection F10.1 of this monograph, changed the metal of the shuttle into explosives. The shuttle started to disintegrate, while the thrusting debris started to be deflected into a shape of a fan by magnetic field of UFOs. The rest we know from the press and television.
Of course, many people may ask, how it happens that NASA has not noted so obvious action of UFOs. After all, two UFO vehicles manoeuvring near shuttle were noticed even by eye witnesses. (Unfortunately later interpreted as debris earlier separated from the shuttle.) The answer is simple. UFOnauts on purpose suggested to NASA an erroneous line of thinking, by causing that during a lift off some non-significant pieces of thermal insulation fell off from the external tank and hit wings of the shuttle. In the result, instead of looking for real reasons of the catastrophe, investigation of NASA concentrated exclusively on finding a connection between these falling insulation and the catastrophe of the shuttle. Even the director of the program stated, quote: "We're making the assumption from the start that the external tank was the root cause of the problem that lost Columbia." - see the article [1V8.2] "Nasa looking for the missing link" published on page B16 of the newspaper New Straits Times (Malaysia), Wednesday, 5 February 2003). Of course, according to the Polish proverb "when one wished to hit a dog, a stick always can be found" (in Polish: "kiedy ktos chce uderzyc psa, kij zawsze sie znajdzie"), because of the lack of different lines of thinking, and because concentration exclusively on this suggested by NASA erroneous direction, there was no option but to find this connection. After all, in such situations helpful UFOnauts always provide the required piece of evidence. In turn if someone does not even consider the possibility, which contains truth, what chances such someone has in establishing where this truth lies.
Let us now proceed with listing of evidence that I managed to identify, and which in my opinion documents that it was a UFO which caused the explosion of the Columbia space shuttle. Here are the most vital components of this evidence.
#1. Signals of the overheating of the shuttle. The principle on which UFOs were forced to destroy the Columbia, is based on the action of magnetic whirl described in subsection F10.1 of this monograph. Such a whirl causes a rapid boiling of metals in entire volume, and thus it turns these metals into explosives. Unfortunately for UFOnauts, such whirl leaves also marks. One of these are holes and pores that are present in the metal evaporated by such a magnetic whirl. Another such a mark is simultaneous increase of temperature in the entire volume of metallic parts of the shuttle. And actually, shortly before the problems started on the shuttle, all sensors of the shuttle in fact did notice a rapid and simultaneous increase of temperature. This is a clear evidence that the magnetic whirl of UFOs really acted in there. This is because if the shuttle disintegrated e.g. because of the destruction of a thermal screen, then the growth of temperature initially would need to appear in this area of the Columbia, where this screen failed.
#2. The blocking of radio communication. This blocking also appeared on the shuttle. Actually it make the communication of the shuttle with Earth impossible since the first moment when UFOs switched on the action of their inductive shield. This blocking is excellently known from all other attacks of UFOs. For example, it appeared during the evaporation of the WTC skyscrapers by UFOs - as I described this previously. It also
appeared during the attack of UFOs on a Russian TU154 - as described above. I should not need to even mention here that the disappearance of radio communication is a first sign of a nearby presence of UFOs in all UFO abductions - as this is well documented in UFO literature.
The blockage of radio communication between the shuttle and Earth confirms in many ways the intentional attack. Firstly, if the shuttle really disintegrated because of the breaking of insulation, then such blockage should not appear at all. In reality communication devices of the space shuttle are so well designed, protected, and have such independent electricity supply and backup systems, that in normal circumstances they should work and transmit data even after the shuttle disintegrated into pieces. So in normal cases, some debris of the shuttle still should transmit their data until the moment they hit the ground. Secondly, this loss of the communication took place before the shuttle received a major hit from the Earth's atmosphere. So if one puts the blame onto supposed falling off the ceramic insulation, then this loss of communication had no rights to occur as early as it did.
#3. Holes and bubbles in debris from the shuttle Columbia. When debris from the shuttle were shown in TV, my first task was to establish whether they have the characteristic holes, and bubbles, that appear when a metal is evaporated by a magnetic field of UFOs. And in fact, almost on each metal debris from the shuttle, the close up of which they show in TV, these holes and bubbles were clearly noticeable. These holes and bubbles are also clearly visible on a photo of a fragment of the shuttle, that was published in [2V8.2] Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times, Monday, February 3, 2003, page B18. In this aspect the debris from Columbia were identical to debris from the Russian aeroplane TU154 described in previous subsection.
#4. Observation of two UFO vehicles that flew parallel to the Columbia shuttle. Amongst many reports of eye witnesses of the explosion of Columbia, the most evidential was the report of someone called Gary Hunziker. It was published, amongst others, on [3V8.2] the last page (no 20) in the Malaysian newspaper New Sunday Times, issue dated on Saturday, 2 February 2003. This person observed the shuttle Columbia before it entered the Earth's atmosphere. Here is the key statement of this report, quote: "I could see two bright objects flying off each side of it. I just assumed they were chase jets". Of course, we must remember that chase jets are unable to climb into cosmos beyond Earth's atmosphere. Furthermore, above the atmosphere the shuttle could not initiate its disintegration, so these could not be shuttle's own debris. So these two bright objects were actually two UFO vehicles that were preparing themselves for the destruction of the shuttle.
The same two UFO vehicles flying on both sides of the shuttle Columbia and noticeable so early as above California, were also observed by many other astronomers amateurs, who watched the return of the shuttle. A note about these "upstream debris" is contained in the mentioned earlier article [1V8.2]. Unfortunately, by experts from NASA these are explained as debris that fall off the shuttle Columbia much earlier from others. But so-far, no explanation was given how it is possible that some debris were torn from the shuttle before the shuttle actually hit the atmosphere.
#5. The disintegration of the shuttle into the shape of a flat fan. In normal circumstances, if any object hitting atmosphere starts to disintegrate, this disintegration has a voluminous character. This practically means that debris are falling off in all possible directions, forming in the air a kind of sphere. But metal debris from the Columbia shuttle all kept breaking apart and deviating horizontally in relationship to the original direction of flight, while still flying in a single horizontal plane. So instead of a sphere, they formed a kind of a flat fan- tail. This in turn means, that some sort of force kept them in the same plane and deflected solely sideways, without allowing them to be deflected vertically. This force that spread the metal debris into the shape of a flat fan, were the magnetic circuits of two UFO vehicles magnetically linked together, which were flying on both sides of these debris and which pulled them sideways. So the shape of a flat fan, that was formed by debris of Columbia, and that was seen by many thousands of eye witnesses, is another item of evidence that almost to the last moment of their hitting the earth, these debris were kept destroyed by the vindictive UFOs.
#6. The repetition by UFOs of the same pattern of destruction that was already used on Russian TU154. UFOnauts always carry out their attacks with the methods already proven in action. So these methods are repeated by them many times. The method of attack used on the shuttle Columbia is an exact repetition of a method used on a Russian aeroplane TU154 and described in the previous subsection. Also in this case, the destruction of the shuttle was most probably done not by an UFOnaut, but by a human fanatic taught by UFOnauts to pilot their vehicles. In that way this fanatic took on himself the karma for taking lives. In order to motivate better this fanatic, a presence of Jewish astronaut on the deck of space shuttle was used. Also similarly like in case of attack on TU154, UFOnauts in advance prepared "escape goat", which in this case was insulation from the external tank. It was this "escape goat" that was to be blamed for the entire disaster.
For me the above evidence is sufficiently meaningful to introduce a certainty, that also the catastrophe of the Columbia space shuttle, was orchestrated by UFOnauts.

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