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V8. Attack of UFOs on America
In the parasitic interest of UFOnauts who occupy Earth, lies stopping the progress on Earth. After all, if our level of science and technology raises too much, then we may escape their invisible exploitation. So one of the more satanic actions of UFOnauts, is to systematically destroy each most advanced country on Earth. This destruction of countries is done with the same methods, which for individual people are described in subsection VB4.7. Also similarly like this is case with individual people, this destruction is extremely effective, and so-far always finished tragically for the country being destroyed. History of our planet is full of examples of such leading countries of the world, that were destroyed by UFOnauts. Two last of these were the Russia of Peter the Great, and completely recently the Great Britain. It was because of such intentional destruction by UFOnauts, that during just less than a century, from the biggest and the most vigorous powers on Earth, such countries transformed into ones that almost bear no significance in our civilisation.
All signs on heaven and Earth indicate, that in the newest stadium of such destruction, after Russia and Great Britain the turn now for the USA. It appears that UFOnauts secretly started to destroy the USA quite some time ago. For example mysterious murders of the president J.F. Kennedy and M. L. King, or the appearance in the USA of "tornado alley" and hurricane seasons, are only some manifestations of this destruction. But at the beginning forces of UFOnauts must be preoccupied elsewhere. Probably still involved in finishing with Communism, Russia, and Great Britain. So no much happened in the USA. In a spectacular and open manner UFOnauts attacked the USA only on 11 September 2001, through the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers. On this day started an open, although invisible, war between the USA and UFOnauts. Only that so-far Americans do not notice nor acknowledge the existence of this war with UFOnauts, and prefer to believe that they fight with Arab terrorists. So they take the symptoms for the illness. If this denial of facts continues, the outcome of the war may become sealed: in less than a century the USA may share the recent fate of the British Empire, and previous fates of Russia, Ottoman Turks, Poland, Ancient Rome, Greek, China, Egypt, etc. And we must remember here the totaliztic truth which is explained, amongst others, in subsections V6.1 and W6.1, namely that "every moral defeat or loss of any person or nation on Earth, is simultaneously a defeat and a loss for each single one of us, and also for all nations of the world". Especially painfully we all loose, if this defeat and loss affects the leading country of our planet, such as the USA. So for the sake of all of us, it is about time that Americans wake up from the illusion that blinded them for so- long, and begin their defence against this open massacre of their country by UFOnauts. After all, they have the technological power and the will of fight, with which they are able to confront this invisible aggressor from space. In further subsections I am trying to present evidential interpretations of the most vital milestones in this open although invisible aggression of UFOnauts against the USA. These subsections are trying to be my personal contribution towards an attempt of starting an alarm and dispersing the blinding spell of UFOnauts that impedes human vision.

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