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V7. Commonly known "natural phenomena" induced by UFOs
UFO vehicles, as well as UFOnauts, induce also on Earth an entire array of pseudo- natural phenomena, which so-far people considered to be of completely "natural" origin. But actually these phenomena are induced technically by UFOnauts. Let us list here the most common out of these phenomena.
#1. Whirls of clear air. These are formed in the result of whirling of clear air by spinning magnetic circuits of invisible UFO vehicles of large types, most frequently K6 to K10. These become extremely dangerous, if they are formed high in our atmosphere, while their power is significant. They are responsible for a huge number of problems and accidents in civil aviation. If a passenger aeroplane enters the range of their spinning, then this aeroplane is hit by a powerful blow that throws it with an enormous force. This in turn causes shaking of the passengers, sometimes even causing deaths. For example on Monday, 29 December 1997, around 23 of local time, died in this manner 32-years old female passenger, Konomi Kataura, while further 83 passengers were hurt in the flight number 826 of "United Airlines" from Tokyo to Honolulu. According to article [1V7] "'Clear air' pocket undetectable", published in the Malaysian daily Sun (Sun Media Group Bhd, Lot 6, Jalan 51/217, Section 51, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia), issue dated on Tuesday, 30 December 1997, page 41, only in 1997, independently from the above massive accident with one death, three further airliners seriously wounded their passengers because of hitting such invisible whirling of clear air. These were: a) on 9 June 1997 the jet from "Japan Airlines" hit such a whirl around 25 minutes before arrival to Nagoya from Hong Kong - 11 passengers were wounded, b) on 6 July 1997 an aeroplane from "Qantas Airways" hit such a whirl on the way from Brisbane to Tokyo - 23 passengers were wounded in this 3 very seriously, c) on 13 September 1997 a jet liner "Alitalia" hit such a whirl shortly before landing in Caracas - 19 passengers were wounded. In turn the article [2V7] "Probe indicates UA flight was pushed up first" published in the same daily Sun, issue dated on Thursday, 1 January 1998, page 41, writes that the so- called "black box" from this jet liner (i.e. flight 826 of "United Airlines") indicated that during this accident the aeroplane was moved by less than 30.4 meters, while it was firstly thrown rapidly upward with the force almost twice higher from gravitational force. What kind of undetectable by radar natural phenomena (apart from a UFO) is able to release such a powerful force on such a short distance. After all, this force is almost an equivalent of hitting this aeroplane with a huge hammer, not just a natural blow of air. Similarly destructive whirlpools are also created by UFOs in sea water. Only that, otherwise than with the swirling of air, on the boats that fall into these whirlpools no-one survives to tell later what happened. A former fisherman from New Zealand, and my good acquaintance, Bill Sinclair (4 Hawea Pl., Ravensbourne, Dunedin, New Zealand), told me one day that his own fishing boat only due to a good luck avoided being sucked into a huge such whirlpool of water, that unexpectedly appeared in the area of sea that he knows very well.
The above is worth complementing with the information, that after we discovered that these whirls are formed by invisible UFOs, we can practically utilise this knowledge. For example, so far no-one was able to develop any warning device that would inform pilots about approaching such a whirl. After all, so far no principle of operation was known, that would enable a remote detection of this whirls of clear air. But if these whirls are formed by invisible UFOs, then such systems can be effectively working on the same principle as these described for the so-called "revealing devices" that allow to detect invisible UFOs - for details see descriptions of these devices provided in subsection L1, and appendix Z.
#2. Clouds.
#3. Dense fogs.
#4. Tornadoes.
#5. Hurricanes and destructive winds.
#6. Changes in ocean currents.
#7. Earthquakes.
#8. Tsunami waves.
#9. Landslips, ground collapses, quicksand.
#10. Fires.
#11. Polluting the air.
Descriptions of the counter-material mechanisms of weather phenomena, and also

principles with the use of which UFOnauts control them, are contained in chapter KB. Selected other such phenomena are discussed in subsection W4.

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