V5.3.2. Glossy tunnels from Babia Góra in Poland
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

V5.3.2. Glossy tunnels from Babia Góra in Poland
Due to the action of some strange law, which so far remains unknown, the entire my life I experience events that all seem to concern the subject area covered by this monograph. It is only because of such events that I carry out the research in this subject area at all, and also these events are the ones which actually forced me to research this partucular subject area - not any other one. In this situation probably no-one is going to be surprised that the legend about glossy tunnels, which look as if they are evaporated in rock by a strange machine, I encountered for the first time in the final class of my lyceum - see my article [1V5.3.2] "W poszukiwaniu UFO-tuneli" (i.e. "In search of UFO tunnels") that was published in the Polish journal Nie z Tej Ziemi, issue from August 1992, number 8 (24), pages 42 i 43, which was later complemented by additional information published by another article [2V5.3.2] by Piotr Derdej "Zapomniana cywilizacja czy tylko mit?" (i.e. "The forgotten civilisation or just a myth"), Nie z Tej Ziemi, July 1993, no 7 (35), page 6. The person who told me this legend, let us call him here "Wincenty", was known to me from other similarly extraordinary stories, which drastically collided with my outlook at the world considered then to be "scientific". So when I was listening to this subsequent story, I did not pay much attention to details and treated everything as a temporary entertainment. With the elapse of time I also forgotten many details. Thus below I and presenting a version of this legend about a glossy tunnel from the Babia Gora in Poland, in the version in which I currently remember it.
As this was usually the case in winters of Poland in 1950s, this evening an electric blackout happened again. So we were sitting by the fire from the wood burner, listening to cracks of the flames and observing flashes of lights moving on ceiling and on walls. Wincenty ignited his pipe, sat comfortably, and looked at me long with some strange attention, hesitation, and a puzzling expression on his face. I felt that he thinks intensely about something and that perhaps I am going to hear one more of his extraordinary stories. After some time he started:
"When I was in your age, one evening my father proclaimed that the next day we are going into a long trip. However, in the morning I was surprised that instead of usual preparations for a market, my father only packed a kerosene lamp, matches, and food. My curiosity grew even more, when we went on foot, instead as usually - in a horse wagon. But I did not say a word, because I knew that my father will tell me at a right time whatever I should know. When we left the boundaries of our village, my father who was leading in silence, called me with a sign of his hand to walk next to him. "Wicek" he said, "a right time just come, that you learn the secret of our ancestors. This secret we pass from father to son since the oldest times. We keep it in family for the "black hour". Apart from me, about this secret knows one person per several families spread over other villages. This secret is a hidden underground passage. So watch now the path, as I am going to show it to you only once. You must remember it for the rest of your life." The remaining way we walked again in silence. We walked so until the footsteps of Babia Gora from the Slovakia side. My father stopped again and pointed to me a small rock at around one-third of height of this mountain. "Wicek" he said, "notice this rock, as it hides the entrance to the underground". When we climbed to the rock, I was surprised that no entrance is visible. My father lined on a corner of it with his shoulder- blades and started to push. I stood surprised, because from a close distance the rock looked too large for a single person being able to push it. "Bloody ..." my father swore, "long unopened and must be stagnated - do not just look but help me to push". I jumped to it and pushed, the rock jerked and after an initial resistance started to move surprisingly lightly. An opening was exposed sufficiently large to ride a horse wagon through it. My father ignited the kerosene lamp, then pushed the rock on the previous place. It shut completely the entrance opening. Then my father started to walk along a straight tunnel that started from this rock and led quite steeply downwards. I was chocked with the surprise, because something like this I never saw in my whole life before. The tunnel was huge and it would easily accommodate not only a horse wagon, but even an entire train. It led straight like a bullet. The cross-section of it was circular, but slightly flattened from the top. The surface of it was slightly wavy, like etched with the edge of a huge drill. Walls and floor were shiny, like poured with glass. Although it rapidly descended down, it was surprisingly dry. No trace of water leaking from walls or flowing along the floor. I also noticed that our shoes walking on this glassy floor did not produce any sharp sound which one would expect during walking on rock; the sound of steps was silenced like the floor of this tunnel was covered with some sort of lining.
After quite a long march, the tunnel joined a huge chamber shaped like a barrel standing slightly slanted. The walls of this chamber were glossy like walls of the tunnel by which we arrived. But they were not waved. In turn the floor and ceiling were formed in some strange spiral pattern looking like a solidified whirl on water. In this chamber outlets of several tunnels converged. Some of them had circular cross-section, other - triangular. My father put the lamp on the floor and sit for a moment to rest. While I started to look around of this chamber. Under walls far from tunnels the floor was covered with various objects, chests, barrels, and various weapon. I saw parts of knight armours, various axes, clubs, swords, bayonets, and also ancient firearms. My attention was attracted to an unusually beautiful shotgun, with very long and richly incrusted barrel, and a white butt. I took this shotgun to my hands and started to look at it, but my father yelled at me "do not touch - we do not have oil to preserve it again". "But we can take it with us" I replied. "No" my father said, "all this must wait here in case of the arrival of difficult times". So I sat next to father. He started to explain. "Tunnels that you see here lead to every country and to every continent. You can walk through them wherever you wish, of course if you know how to move in them. This tunnel from left leads to Germany, then to England, and further to America, where it joins the tunnel from the right side. In turn the tunnel to the right leads to Russia, then to Caucus, and China, further to Japan, and finally to America. To America you can also walk through remaining tunnels, which run under poles of Earth. Each one of these tunnels every now and again has branching chambers similar to the one in which we are just now, where it joins with tunnels leading in different directions. In this labyrinth it is easily to get lost. Therefore our ancestors used signs, which informed which tunnel is to be chosen. Come now I show you how these signs look like". We approached one of these tunnels and then I noticed at the entrance to it several primitive drawings made with some black paint or dried blood. My father show me one drawing after other and explained their meaning. One of them indicated the king's castle in Wawel from former Polish capital Cracow.
When he was explaining these drawings to me, unexpectedly a sound of far rambling, hissing, and squeak started to be heard. It resembled me an arriving steam train, which changes rails on slip points, and breaks. My father stopped talking and said "the rest I will explain to you in the return way, now we must leave fast". We started to climb hastily along the arrival tunnel, chased by the increasingly loud rambling and metallic squeak. My father visibly was worrying and frequently looked behind. When we run to the rock at the entrance, the hissing and squeak was so loud as if the train was breaking just behind our back. After we left outside, and shut the rock behind us, my father fell exhausted. After quite a long rest he started to explain to me. "Tunnels that you saw were not caved by people, but by omnipotent creatures that live underground. These creatures use such tunnels for travelling from one side of the world to other sides. They use fiery flying machines for this purpose. If such a machine hits us, we would get cooked from the heat it creates. Fortunately in the tunnel voice goes far, so there is enough time to get out of way of these machines when one hears them. Besides, these creatures live in other parts of the world and in these areas they fly very rarely. So our ancestors used their tunnels to hide from invaders and to march fast to other areas." During the return path my father explained to me the meaning of remaining pictures. He also ordered that - when the right time comes - I show the entrance to this tunnel to someone trusted, so that the secret knowledge of ancestors is not lost."
The fire in the wood burner and the pipe of Wincenty almost burned out completely. I knew that this is the end of story. A next day I continued my rational life of a high school student. Textbooks of physics, geography, and history mentioned nothing about a system of underground tunnels that is used by fiery machines of some omnipotent creatures. Almost the only inhabitant of the underground that was officially discussed in school was "Vulcan" - the Roman God of fire and metalwork, and his Greek equivalent "Hephaistos". But none of textbooks which described this god, nor any class which concerned it, indicated that at the source of every old story a real event may stand, and that perhaps also Vulcan is a religious symbol of actually existing creatures. Also tens of popular-scientific and technical books, the content of which I was then digesting in bulks, did not indicate neither a method, or a machine, which would be capable to evaporate such glossy tunnels. So the story of Wincenty initially I took for a pure (although very interesting) fantasy and I qualified it to the same category as other similar stories and myths, e.g. about miners' "elves" who guard underground treasures, about an armour of Achilli from the Iliad, about the "Pied Piper of Hamelin" who in 1284 in the town of Hamelin from the Lower Saxony near Hannover abducted children to just such a glossy tunnel that resembled the tunnel of Wincenty (the summary of this German legend from Hamelin is provided in item #3I5.4 from subsection I5.4), about a legendary tunnel from the massive Untersberg (on the border of Germany and Austria), about which Peter Krassa and Richard Habeck write in their "Library of Palm leaves", or about the expedition to the centre of Earth described in the book by Joules Verne, "Journey to the centre of the earth". Years passed and none of us ever returned to the topic of tunnel from under the Babia Gora in Poland. In autumn of 1981 Wincenty departed from this world, while a half year later I departed from Poland to New Zealand.
Slightly later I started to realise that actually may exist some connection between the story of Wincenty about a glossy tunnel from under the Babia Gora, build and used by some omnipotent creatures, and various extraordinary events that took place just in this area. Common in Poland legends about gatherings that witches, wizards, and all other supernatural creatures supposedly had just on this Babia Gora (see also descriptions from subsection R4), could simply be a form of ancient reports from such extraordinary events. I also deduced that if the Babia Gora really hides such a tunnel, perhaps an analysis of these legends and finding the place where exactly these gatherings supposed to take place could assist in finding the hidden entrance to undergrounds. After all, it was the content of legends that allowed the German archaeologist-amateur, Heinrich Schliemann, to find the mythical Troy. An example of more recent event from history of the Babia Gora was a catastrophe of the aeroplane, An-24 PLL LOT on 2 April 1969. Causes for that catastrophe turned out to be extremely difficult to define. Perhaps this aeroplane hit one of these dangerous machines that just left from under the Babia Gora? After all, the aeroplane of the Captain Thomas Mantell from the Fort Knox disintegrated in the air just for such a reason - see subsection P5.7.
After I developed the Magnocraft, means after I found the principle of operation and a device that was able to evaporate just such underground tunnels, I decided to start actions aimed at inspiring searches for the glossy tunnel from under the Babia Gora. The first step in this direction was publishing the legend of Wincenty. Independently from the article [1V5.3.2] indicated at the beginning of this subsection, this publishing was also done in monographs from the series [5], namely in [5/3] and [5/4]. In the result of this, several people who lived in the vicinity of the Babia Gora become interested in this legend and started their own searches for the tunnel. One of the results of these searches was a two-part series of articles written by Robert Lesniakiewicz (ul. Mickiewicza 53, 34-785 Jordanow, Poland) about the so-called "Moon Cave", which appeared in the bimonthly Wizje Peryferyjne (Wyd. "Libra" Sp. z o. o., Krakow, ul. Jozefa 22/14, Poland), numbers 2 and 3 from 1996. This series suggested that the "Moon Cave" perhaps is another entrance to the system of tunnels described by Wincenty. Second article from this series literally repeated the legend of Wincenty quoted above.
The searches for the tunnel from under the Babia Gora obtained a speed when they were joined by Mr Kazimierz Panszczyk (ul. M. Kopernika 3/22, 34-400 Nowy Targ, Poland). In 1996 to 1999 he make a personal hobby from the task of finding this tunnel, and he pursued it vigorously. At the time of writing this monograph (and paragraph) in 1998 he already found several areas on the Babia Gora, which previously hid entrances to this tunnel. (For example, one of these entrances was an old and currently collapsed cave under the "Mokry Staw", other was a natural well locally called "Slowikowa Studnia" also already destroyed, one more was a cavity in the rock, presently blocked, that existed near an old shelter called BV.) He found eye witnesses who actually entered this tunnel. He also make a lot of interesting discoveries connected with this tunnel. (For example, that if one marks these entrances on a map, they form outlines of a regular rectangle, what is not a phenomenon typical for natural forms, that at these entrances some sort of old signs was present, similar to these about which the story of Wincenty mentions, that searches for the entrance to this tunnel were already carried out by Germans during the Second World War - what confirms the claim from the book [4H3] that Hitler was personally interested in finding a path to an underground kingdom of Shambala and carried out large scale searches for this path, etc.) All discoveries of Mr Panszczyk is impossible to present in such a brief note. Therefore it is good to know that together with me he published over 100 pages long treatise [4B], in which he thoroughly describes his findings (in Polish). His findings conclusively confirm that the glossy tunnel under the Babia Gora actually does exist and that in past it had more than one entrance. Only that all these entrances were later destroyed on purpose. This in turn means, that we should not stop our efforts to find a still open entrance to this tunnel, to make it available for the use of all interested people. This can be accomplished e.g. through uncovering one of the old entrances, that were used in past but later intentionally blocked.

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