V5.3. Long, straight, glossy tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs
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V5.3. Long, straight, glossy tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs
Our present science attributes a solely natural origin to all underground caves existing on Earth. However, it seems that there are a number of cases where a technological origin could explain perfectly well the properties of some underground tunnels, whereas none of the natural explanations is supported by existing facts.
The best known case is the system of tunnels extending thousands of miles under the area of Ecuador and Peru - see Figure V6 (#1). Descriptions and photographs of these are published in two books by Erich von Däniken: [1V5.3] "In Search of Ancient Gods", Souvenir Press, Leeds, England 1973; and [2V5.3] "The Gold of the Gods" (First published in Germany by Econ-Verlag under the title "Aussaat und Kosmos"), Redwood Press Ltd., Towbridge, England 1973. All the properties of the Ecuador tunnels described in von Däniken's books correspond exactly to those which one would expect to find in the tunnels made by a Magnocraft's flight underground - compare the quotation below with the description in subsection F9.1.1. To highlight the similarities between them, let us quote a few sentences from "The Gold of the Gods":
"The passages all form right angles. The walls are smooth and often seem to be polished. The ceilings are flat and at times look as if they were covered with a kind of glaze. When I tried to use my compass to find out where these galleries lead, it went on strike. I shook it, but the needle did not move."
For further details, the books indicated above are recommended.
Numerous examples of such long, straight and geometrically shaped underground tunnels are described and illustrated in various other books. For example the book [3V5.3] by Ben Lyon, "Venturing Underground - the new speleo's guide" (E.P. Publishing Ltd, 1983, ISBN 0-7158-0825-7), provides photographs and descriptions for a whole series of tunnels. The tunnel shown in this book that deserves our special attention is the Mammoth Cave System in Kentucky, USA. To date it has been found to have over three hundred kilometres of underground passages. Other examples of similar tunnels, one located under the Island of Malta and another leading from Cuzco in Peru through Lima to Bolivia (together almost 2000 kilometres long), are described in the book [4V5.3] by William Gordon Allen, "The Steiner-Tesla Enigma Fantastique", pages 80 to 85.
Unusual underground tunnels - glassy and regularly (technologically) shaped, have even been presented in some recent television programmes. In the TV series, "The Wonders of Western Australia", produced by Guy Baskin, Channel 9, Perth, Australia, exploration of the Cocklebiddy Cave system located in the Nullarbor Plain of South Australia was shown. The film makers were quite puzzled by the unnatural, continuous, and smooth shapes of these endless passages, but they did not suggest or investigate their technological origin.
That the Cocklebiddy Cave has a technological origin is almost certain after reviewing photographs of it published in [5V5.3] the Australian magazine, People, December 5, 1983, page 7-10. The cross-section of this cave is elliptical, i.e. typical for the north-south direction of a Magnocraft's flight (see part (#2) in Figure V6). It also extends exactly in the direction from south (exit) to north (the direction of the tunnel's path). It is unnaturally straight and always takes a course which suggests it was formed by a moving disc. The lower part of the tunnel is covered with solidified rock vapours and debris. Also on the walls of the tunnel there are regular, repetitive wave-like ripples which indicate the sawing action of a magnetic whirl.
A different pattern from those already mentioned, left on a wall of this type of tunnel, was presented in the TV documentary programme "Skydive to Autana" by RKO Programmes International (Producer: Adrian Warren). This programme showed the mysterious tunnels passing through the summit of Autana in Venezuela. They are also straight and geometrically (i.e. Magnocraft-like) shaped. In one cave, formed at an intersection of two tunnels, a perfect spiral pattern was shown indented in the rock. This pattern had the exact shape of the magnetic whirl of a Magnocraft - just like the one presented in Figure F24 (B).
Other technological tunnels, located under Mount Chester, USA, were presented in the American series, "More Real People", produced by George Schlatter Production, Los Angeles, California. The locals are quite serious in their claims that these tunnels are inhabited by some kind of telepathic beings. The unusual geometry of these passages and the arguments of the locals apparently did not induce any more extensive investigations.
An elliptical passage of 100 meters wide and 120 meters high (i.e. probably formed by a UFO type K8 which during the flight was slanted in relation to both main axes of the tunnel), displaying similar technological properties, is also located in the Sarawak Province of Malaysia (Northern Borneo). It is called "Deer Cave" and it completely penetrates through a mountain from one side to the other (similarly to the tunnels passing through the summit of Autana in Venezuela - see the description above). It can be visited via the Park Ranger at the Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak.
If a spacecraft from a different civilization formed any of the tunnels described, it is logical to expect that such activity could also be repeated in many other areas. Therefore there is a chance for the accidental discovery of similar tunnels during underground engineering
work (e.g. tunnelling, mining, building subways), during cave exploration or in deep-sea diving. (The author has come across information suggesting that such tunnels have been found under Washington D.C., but there is difficulty regarding access to the source of this information.) It is possible that while reading this treatise, someone will be reminded of the details of similar discoveries. In such a situation the author would be extremely grateful for any information.
One of the traces which may indicate the existence of such tunnels also in New Zealand is contained in Maori mythology. Apart from numerous legends concerning the Tapanui explosion already discussed in subsection V5.2, these tunnels are also mentioned in Maori myths concerning so-called "mist people". According to these myths, a "tribe" of mysterious beings of an extraterrestrial origin is continually living in an underground settlement located somewhere under Fiordland of New Zealand (note that the "Tapanui Crater" described in subsection V5.2 is not far from Fiordland) and the Tasman Sea. These people have the power to vanish from view by transforming themselves into a mist. Therefore they are called "mist people" or "patupaiarehe" (fairies). They frequently emerge from their underground dwellings due to a system of glossy tunnels that lead to the surface. But because Fiordland is an unpopulated area (even today), someone only rarely manages to see them before they turn into a mist. White settlers arriving to New Zealand heard about "mist people", but they rationalized Maori stories by assuming that "patupaiarehe" are simply an illusive and civilization-shy tribe of natives. As encounters with these beings are continually reported until the present time (the most recent report was broadcast on 16 October 1991, at 6:35 p.m., as part of the evening news by Channel 3 of TV New Zealand), there were even some scientific attempts undertaken to explain their identity (see a paper [6V5.3] by Herries Beattie "A mystery of fiordland: a vanished Maori tribe", The N.Z. Journal of Science and Technology, April 1921, pages 86-90.) The most intriguing part of the mist people story is that in fact glossy and technologically shaped tunnels seem to exist in Fiordland. Their appearance and properties coincide with those presented in Figure V6. The entry to one of such tunnels was found by a goldminer named Alan Plank (P.O. Box 7051, Invercargill, New Zealand) - see Figure D1. He was even prepared to show the tunnel to the author. However, inconveniences and high costs of an expedition to the remote part of Fiordland where the tunnel begins combined with the fact that the author must finance this research from his private income, made such a trip unfeasible. Another report of glossy tunnels comes from a miner employed in drilling an underground drainage system around New Zealand's Clyde hydro-dam. Apparently two such tunnels were accidentally opened in Clyde during mining operations, but they did not encounter much interest from geologists involved, therefore their entries were subsequently blocked. Because of the industrial character of this mining in quite dangerous conditions, the Clyde glossy tunnels were unable to be examined by outside investigators.
It is understandable that methodology, rationality and a sense of proportion are very important in science. Undoubtedly in the majority of typical cases, the natural origin of underground caves is the only correct explanation. However, there are occasions when such a general application of one explanation may cause some exceptions to be overlooked. These exceptions may represent evidence of extreme importance for the progress of our civilization. To avoid losing vital information, perhaps we should revise our approach to the causes of some phenomena and take the activity of extraterrestrials into consideration. The time now seems to be ripe to reinvestigate a number of facts. The tunnels described in this subsection provide an excellent opportunity for this because they cannot disappear, and anyone who does not believe in their technological origin may visit, see, touch and investigate them.

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