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V5. Permanent evidence for the continuous UFO activity on Earth
UFO vehicles which operate on our planet leave two different categories of evidence. The first can be called "court-type evidence" as it resembles that used in courts to decide on innocence or guilt of numerous accused (e.g. eye witnesses' statements, photographs, video records, etc.). This category is discussed in subsection V6. The second category can be called "material evidence" or "permanent evidence" and its presentation is contained in this subsection. From a scientific point of view the material evidence is more valuable because it can be investigated with instruments and also because its research does not impose the alteration of traditional scientific methodologies. Unfortunately, the material evidence is the subject of various "natural" explanations which refuse to acknowledge its technological origin, and thus which annihilate its value as the evidence of UFO activities. For this reason it is important that the origin of this material evidence from UFOs is exposed, so that it can be utilized for advancing our knowledge of extraterrestrials. This chapter reviews the most important categories of this evidence, and indicates source publications in which further details can be found.
The author has investigated in detail examples from four categories of such material evidence. All these categories exhibit the active involvement of extraterrestrial vehicles applying the Magnocraft's principles of operation. They are: (1) UFO explosion sites, (2) glassy tunnels made by underground flights of UFOs, (3) UFO landing sites, and (4) fragments of UFO shells. Let us summarize each of these categories separately.

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