@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

V1. How to recognize whether a given civilization is exploited by evil parasites
The satanic, although invisible, methods that evil parasites use to harm, to put down, and to control civilisation of their slaves, has one scary implication. It opens up the real possibility that practically every civilisation, which thinks that is independent and free, actually is a slave planet for some invisible evil parasites. For this reason, it is desirable if everyone is fully aware what is the evidence, which would clearly indicate that a given civilisation is actually a slave farm controlled by some invisible evil parasites. After all, in case of the planet Earth, the appearance of this type of evidence on it, would provide a further item to countless body of testimonies, that our planet in fact is currently occupied by invisible UFOnauts which practice the philosophy of evil parasitism. At the present level of our knowledge, we can easily prepare such list of possible evidence, which would confirm the parasitic activities of aliens on a given planet. After all, knowing the philosophy of parasitism, and also knowing the technical devices that evil parasites have in their disposal, we can easily predict their behaviour, and thus deduce what type of evidence must prove their hidden activities on a given planet. Thus, in spite that evil parasites hide themselves so carefully, they always must live behind enough evidence for someone who knows what to look for, to be able to notice their existence, if only this someone has enough open mind and enough willingness to learn the bitter truth about his/her own position.
Unfortunately, noticing the evidence of an invisible slavery of someone's own planet, is a bit like noticing traces of human activities in European forests. If one visits forests in any European country, one soon learns that almost all of them were planted by humans, because the natural "jungle-type" woodlands long ago were cut out in Europe. Yet, if someone local, who does not know the characteristics of natural types of forests, needs to go into such a human-planted forest just after a fall of fresh snow (such a fresh snow reveals all tracks made by everything that moves), then after the return home such a person may claim "I have not seen even a slightest sign of human activity in that forest". The reason for such a claim is that during the march through this forest such a person did not see either any tracks made in snow by a human being, nor see a passing human vehicle, nor notice the slightest other sign of nearby presence of humans. However, if to the same forest another person is sent, who exactly knows how natural jungles look like, this better educated person after the return home is going to say "I have seen nothing else but countless signs of human activities in that forest". If someone asks him/her, "what type of signs of human activities actually did you see", the answer would be "everything around me certified for the human activity: trees were planted in squares and all were the same type, only the most valuable commercial timber was farmed, undergrowth was trimmed down and under control, grass was utilised for human cattle, roads were straight and pre-planned by humans, water flows were controlled and carefully designed, wild life was selective and commercially managed, etc.".
If someone, who does not know anything about the invisible methods used by evil parasites and about powerful technology that is in disposal of such parasites, seeks signs of parasitic activities on his/her own planet, then the outcome is similar to the comments of this person who does not know about natural jungles: "I am not able to see any signs of parasitic activities of aliens on my own planet". But if someone knows about methods and technology used by evil parasites, and knows about manifestations of these methods and technology during parasitic activities, than such a person knows what to look at. In such cases it may turn out that wherever you look, you always can see nothing else but signs of intensive and planned parasitic activities on your own planet.
Although it is impossible to even list in such a short monograph the countless types of evidence, which consistently documents the activities of evil parasites on a slave planet, this subsection tries to indicate the most important categories of such evidence. For a different presentation of the same evidence see either English monograph [1e], or a slightly newer English monograph marked [2e] in chapter Y. During the presentation of this evidence it is worth to notice, that in spite that this evidence is so numerous, that is generated continually, and that it spreads almost to every area of life, the savages who encounter it are never able to unambiguously indicate what is the origin of this evidence. After all the evil parasites who generate it, are masters of deception, hiding, removing of traces, and spreading the confusion. These parasites never have the intension to allow that the savages that they exploit learn the truth about a desperate situation they are in. Thus one of the most conclusive evidence for the operation of evil parasites on a given planet is that there are on this planet numerous traces of parasitic activities, but never is visible this someone who constantly makes these traces. Here are the major classes, and a list of the most important evidence, which must be present on a slave planet, if evil parasites are active on it.
Class #1: The evidence for the origin of the exploited race from a different planet than their own.
#1a. Mythology which indicates the arrival of a given race from a different planet. If a given race of slaves was brought to the slave planet from elsewhere, there will be various indications of this bringing in mythology. Myths must capture such a vital event and pass it to future generations. Here are most important messages which such myths would contain.
- The mythological description how the slave planet was adopted to host the slave civilisation. Of course this description would use rather confusing terminology, such as "creation" instead of "planetary engineering", "God" instead of the "chief planetary engineer", "days of creation" instead of "subsequent stages in which the planet was prepared for being populated with savages", etc. But the general course of events, and the process of adoption of the planet in subsequent stages, would be described correctly. This mythology must be also supported by "hard evidence" such as for example: a) imprints of human shoes found together with the first fossil trilobites (on Figure V3 in this monograph, and also in Figure B1 of treatise [7/2], a photograph and descriptions of the imprint of human shoe are presented, which was found on Earth and which is 550 millions years old; this shoe imprint was made when Earth was prepared to spread life on it), b) so-called "missing links", which do not show evolutionary connection between savages and other creatures which populate their planet, and also between various species of animals that live on this planet, c) astronomical evidence, indicating that the slave planet originally had several moons and that it had different lengths of days and years.
- The mythological description of the trip to the slave planet. This would also include the description of the spaceship which carried the first couple of naďve settlers. (Although this spaceship can be described under a confusing name, like "Eden", in fact it is going to have all the attributes of a magnetically propelled space vehicle of a "Magnocraft" type. Actually on Earth Jewish mythology about "Eden" quite clearly indicates that "Eden" was a K7 type magnetically propelled spaceship, identical to the Magnocraft described in subsection A2.)
- The mythological description of first years after the slave planet was populated. These years would be characterised by close supervision of evil parasites, over everything that then happened on the slave planet. Of course, terminology will again be confusing, e.g. "angels" may be used for the description of the "supervising team of scientists", "God" can be used for the "chief supervisor", etc.
- The mythological description of all abnormalities that would need to be overcame in order to establish the race of savages on the slave planet. This would include such abnormalities like the growth of giants caused by the insufficient gravity of the slave planet, or by the cross-breeding between "angels" and savages, the lack of decay of bodies of first settlers caused by the too high density of their counter-bodies (for more details see subsection JE9.4), etc.
#1b. Human body. As it indicate the so-called "gravity equations", if someone knows what to look at, he/she finds out that the parameters of human body prove the human race evolved on a distant planet "Terra", about which we know now that it had a gravity around 4.47 times higher than the gravity of Earth. ("Gravity equations" are explained in subsections JE9.1 to JE9.4 of this monograph.) This means that human race was planted, and then farmed on the present planet, in order to be exploited. The evidence which supports this includes:
- People are too small for a planet with the gravity of Earth. If we evolved on Earth, we would be around 5 meters tall - instead of present around 1.8 meter. But our present height is still adequate for a planet Terra with gravity around 4.47 stronger than that of Earth.
- Savages would continually increase their height during ages. For example in case of people from Earth, mummies indicate that ancient Egyptians had only a fraction of height of people from XX century. Also medieval knights were in average by a head shorter than their descendants a few centuries later - what can be seen from knights' armours. Also today inhabitants of some countries (e.g. Germany, Holland, Japan) still grow several centimetres taller than inhabitants of neighbour countries - for details see subsection JE9.3.
- Brains of savages would use only a fraction of their potentials. For example human brains use only around 5% of their capacity. According to gravity equations presented in subsection JE9.2, this means that a given race evolved on a planet, which had gravity much stronger than a planet on which they are currently living. For example in case of humans they must evolve on the planet Terra, which had the gravity 4.47 times stronger than Earth, and thus which required the whole capacity of human brains. Only then the human race was replanted to Earth.
- The first ancestors of a given race lived many times longer than the remaining members of this race. For example human pre-ancestor Adam lived 930 Earth years - this is a lifespan more suitable for a person who arrived from a planet Terra with gravity higher around 4.47 times - see subsection JE9.1.
Class #2: The evidence, which discloses the suppression of the development of the exploited race.
#2a. The slave-oriented development of human societies. This development is typical for a situation of the controlled manoeuvring of humanity into slavery by some invisible invader. As it is easier to exploit and to control stupid people, this invisible occupant continually pushes us down in our development. Here is the list of evidence which certifies that some invisible invader is arranging us as a civilisation of slaves:
- Contra-evolution of humanity. It turns out that in prehistoric times humanity had a much higher level of science and technology than it has at the moment. It used to built spaceship which travelled to stars, constructed pyramids, and even could move Earth's moons - see subsection V3. But whenever humanity experiences any significant development, evil parasites pushed us down by causing a technically-made cataclysm.
- The presence of castes and steep hierarchy in ancient societies. If society evolved naturally, they started from family groups and then gradually developed a hierarchical structure, as their need to exploit each other was emerging slowly. But in case of slave planet this situation is reversed. Similarly like all old societies on Earth, Including India, Egypt, and America, such slave civilisations have already castes and very steep hierarchical structure from the very beginning. The presence of such castes and hierarchy is certifying that someone prepared a given civilisation for exploitation from the very beginning.
- Using the knowledge as a tool of oppression. In societies of slaves the access to knowledge is allowed only for a small group of privileged, because knowledge is a key to power and a tool of control. If one analyses the ancient societies on Earth, one soon learns that knowledge was available only to a small group of high priests and rulers. Such a use of knowledge indicates that from very beginning humanity was organised into a society of slaves.
#2b. The suppression of development in strategic areas. The evil parasites are always interested in having technological advantage in various strategic areas. Therefore they vigorously suppress the development of their slave planet in these areas. Here is the list of evidence which supports this suppression:
-The suppression of human technical development. If one is interested in technical inventions, he/she soon realizes that there is an enormous suppression of inventions going on at a slave planet. For example on Earth the scientific and technical establishment is always manipulated in such a manner, that all breakthrough inventions must run against the existing institutions, thus almost all existing institutions that supposed to support inventions, actually are actively suppressing and destroying new inventions and their creators. (This is because of such manipulation of creative environment on the slave planet, savages always attribute this suppression of inventions to other savages, e.g. to large cartels, without taking under consideration, that these other savages simply implement post-hypnotic suggestions and telepathic commands that originate from evil parasites which control the slave planet.) Practically the majority of inventions are never completed or disseminated, usually because someone or something destroys the inventor before he has the time to finish his task. The effect is that these sparse inventions on Earth, which finally break through hermetic barriers imposed by invisible evil parasites from UFOs, actually must be reinvented several times by different inventors. As an example consider such a vital invention as “airplane. Historic sources indicate, that there are well documented at least three independent and successful attempts at inventing and building a piloted airplane, before this invention managed to break through hermetic blockades that were imposed on it by UFOnauts. Only after this at least third independent inventing and constructing an airplane by American Wright Brothers, humanity could learn that a heavier than air flying machine can be build at all. (The first successful flight of Wright Brothers was carried out on 17 December 1903.) And even then this breaking free through the hermetic barriers of misinformation and official condemnation succeeded only because of the favourable set of coincidences (i.e. the direct intervention by the universal
intellect). The field where the Wright Brothers were conducting their test flights was located next to a busy railway line. Thus many travellers, including a number of journalists, saw first flights of this airplane with their own eyes. Thus they spread the word about this vehicle, in spite that there was a hermetic blockade imposed by evil parasites over the official media coverage of the first aeroplane flights. Around one year before the Wright Brothers, a New Zealand inventor named Richard William Pearse (1877-1953) also built an aeroplane, and successfully flew it. He originated from a small New Zealand township, named “Pleasant Point”. (It did not turn “pleasant” for Richard Pearse. For example locals called him over there “Mad Pearse”). Most evidence indicates that his flight took place on 31st March 1902. But Mr Pearse was quickly "burned on the stake" by hypnotically excited New Zealanders, and he finished in a mental asylum. Thus the information about his accomplishment never reached the outside world. In turn without being disseminated amongst people, his invention was never able to contribute towards the technical development of entire humanity. Presently the descendants of the same New Zealanders, who not long ago felt ashamed of their local "crank", and who - because of their prejudices, send him to a mental hospital, spend millions on building monuments for him and on duplicating his airplane. This is an irony of fate that the recognition of his greatness arrived when it cannot help him (although “better late than not at all”). If he received any support when he needed it, even if it would be just a moral support, the course of history would roll differently. Before Richard Pearse, an aeroplane was also build and successfully flown by a Russian inventor and engineer of a Polish origin, named Aleksander F. Możajski (the original Russian spelling of his name expressed with the use of Word’s font named “WP CyrillicA” reads: Алзксандръ Фёдорович Можайский). At this point I should explain, that during the Mozajski’s times Poland did not exist as a country. It was partitioned earlier amongst three neighborhood countries, namely between Russia, Germany, and Austria. So although Mozajski was a Pole by birth, legally he was a Russian citizen and worked for Russia. Therefore he had a double nationality “Polish/Russian” (similarly as this is the case with myself, when I am a “Pole/New Zealander”.) The first official flight of this Russian aeroplane invented by the Polish/Russian inventor took place in summer of 1882, means around 21 years before the flight of the Wright Brothers’ aeroplane from the USA. This flight was carried out on the military range from the small township named “Krasnoj Sielo” near Petersburg (the original Russian spelling of this township expressed with the use of Word’s font named “WP Cyrillic A” reads: Красной Село). It had a character of an official demonstration of the Mozajski airplane for officials of the Russian Tsar. The airplane was then piloted by especially trained pilot named I. H. Golubev (the original Russian spelling of the name of this pilot reads: И Н Голубев). The rarity of this Russian airplane was that it used a very light although efficient steam engine for spinning the propeller. But also this first invention of the airplane was suffocated by bureaucrats of the Tsar's Russia, and it never contributed to the technical development of humanity. It is only described in Russian historic literature. For example, the details of the Mozajski airplane described above are taken from an old Russian encyclopedia [1V1] of the following editorial data: “Болъшая Советская Энциклопедия", 1A - Актуализм, Второе Издание, Москва 15 декабря 1949г. (i.e. „The Great Soviet Encyclopedia”, Volume 1 „A – Aktualizm”, Second Edition, the Head of the authoring team C. I. Babilov, published on 15 December 1949 by the Governmental Scientific Publisher “Great Soviet Encyclopedia”, Moscow, Pokrovskij Bulvar, d. 8; 633 pages, HC), on pages 90 to 94, seek under the term “Aviacija”. But already in times of my attending to Lyceum I read about this airplane and about the inventor in an old popular book that I had about Mozajski and that was published in Poland quite a long ago. (The existence of this book should surprise anyone. After all Mozajski was an inventor and engineer of a Polish origin. Only that the political situation put him into the position to be legally a citizen of Russia and to work for the Russian Tsar, because in his times Poland did not exist.) The above I should complement with the information, that in the period of time between the airplane of Mozajski and airplane of Pearse, a whole array of other airplanes was independently invented, build and flown. But these also were forgotten by now. For example the Russian encyclopedia [1V1] states, that a French designer named Kleman Ader of Eole constructed an airplane with a steam engine, named “Avion”. In 1890 this airplane flew a distance of 30 meters, while after further improvements in 1897 it flew the distance of 300 meters. (Unfortunately it then crushed and was never rebuild.) An English designer named G. Philipps (spelling translated from Cyrillic) constructed an airplane which in 1891 flew the distance of 35 meters, ascending at the height of 6 meters. In turn a German engineer, Otto Liliental, in 1889 invented and constructed an airplane with movable wings similar to bird ones. (But there is a lack of date regarding the flight capabilities of this machine.)
- The suppression of the development of knowledge in all strategic disciplines. There is a list of disciplines, which are not allowed to progress on the slave planet. These forbidden disciplines are either leading directly to the discovery of evil parasites, or to the gradual working out the technological or scientific advantage of savages over evil parasites, or to the development of philosophical and moral incompatibility of savages with these parasites. To name some of these restrained disciplines, on the top of list - which is so intensively blocked that even the institutional science actively contributes towards suppressing it, are positioned: UFOs, free energy devices, renewable energy resources, magnetic propulsion systems, hypnosis, telepathy, plus all areas explained in this treatise (e.g. the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, totalizm, parasitism, moral laws, moral field, counter world, universal intellect, etc.). In turn, down on the list, are the areas which are formally recognised and pursued by the institutional science, but which are doomed by evil parasites to have near-zero achievements. Here are some examples of such partially blocked disciplines. (1) Astronomy. This blocking of astronomy by UFOnauts is the reason why, until recently, astronomers on Earth not only were prepared to almost swear officially that apart from humans there are no intelligent life forms in the entire universe, but could not even agree if planets do exist in other star systems - although the sure existence of planets in every large star system seems to be such an obvious conclusion. (2) Gravity. This is the reason why the science on Earth at the beginning of XXI century, not only still insists that gravity field is a monopolar one - when even a school child can tell that gravity does not display the properties of monopolar fields, but also refuses to acknowledge that at the other pole of the dipolar gravitational field another intelligent world exists, which for thousands of years was already being described by our religions. (3) Climatology. This is the reason why we still are unable to not only distinguish between a tornado or hurricane caused by nature, from a tornado or hurricane technically formed by evil parasites from UFOs, but also are unable to predict sufficiently in advance where such a tornado or hurricane is going to strike. (4) Prehistory. This is the reason why our historians not only misrepresent human history in times when newspapers were not invented yet, but they even fail to learn and convey to us any meaningful moral lessons from times, which already are described in old newspapers. (5) Progressive philosophies. This is the reason why totalizm must be developed in complete conspiracy. Etc., etc.
- The suppression of progressive religious views: As this is explained in subsection JB4, the way one sees the properties and functioning of the universal intellect (God) constitutes the essence of differences between atheistic philosophy of parasitism, which is adhered by all evil parasites, and the deistic (but secular) philosophy of totalizm, which is adhered by the natural adversaries of evil parasites. Therefore evil parasites always try very hard to reinforce their atheistic philosophy at the slave planet, and to squash in the seed every sign of a totaliztic outlook. To accomplish this mischievous goal, they suppress on the slave planet the development of new religious ideas. For example, evil parasites spread crude atheism through local science, by telling people that "scientific views are atheistic views". (Note that the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity states an exact opposite, namely that "atheism is the outcome of ignorance, because the complete knowledge includes also the detailed knowledge about the existence and operation of the universal intellect (God)".) Furthermore, they also spread a subtle form of atheism through formation of various barbaric cults and immoral religions, which prevent the development of totaliztic outlooks. (One of the methods frequently used by evil parasites is to "combat through promoting contradictive".) I wonder if the reader ever noticed that whenever a new religion or cult is formed, it always does inhumane and repulsive things, which turn everyone against the possibilities of searching for new and more scientific ways of obeying the universal intellect (God). Because of such devious activities, in religions evil parasites must be portrayed as "devils", while the methods they use must be described as "satanic".
Class #3: The evidence which indicates the slave-oriented management of savage civilisation by evil parasites.
#3a. The fulfilment of parasitic requirements by slave societies. Slave societies are always manipulated into adopting such policies and public standards, which are best suiting evil parasites. Examples include, amongst others:
- The promotion of overpopulation, and the suppression of birth control. Because it is convenient for evil parasites to have as many slaves as possible, and also because nations which are overpopulated are poor, uneducated, and thus easy to exploit and to control, evil parasites always suppress the birth control in every possible manner. For example they include the suppression of birth control in almost every religion that they create or manipulate, claiming that using contraceptives is "unnatural" (interesting that the same religious leaders who are manipulated into claiming this, use cars and aeroplanes for their travel, instead of using the "natural" walking on their own feet). Evil parasites are also going to instigate various fanatic groups to make troubles in all matters regarding birth control.
- The promotion of an "ideal slave model". Evil parasites are the same willing to see various intellectuals, philosophers, moralists, or inventors amongst their slaves, as a breeder of horses would be pleased to see his stallions being preoccupied with writing scientific treatises. Therefore these parasites have a well developed model as to how an "ideal slave" should look like and behave, and then vigorously try to implement this model on the slave planet (description of attributes of an "ideal slave" is contained in the Polish monograph [1/3]). Thus no-one should be surprised that in recent years on Earth a clear tendency become noticeable, which is vigorously reinforced by our television, newspapers, sport institutions, fashion, current laws, costs of education, internal policies of governments, etc. It boils down to encouraging people to build their muscles and physical fitness, but simultaneously in avery way available it discourages them from developing their intellect or technical capabilities. For example, when 1999 I returned to New Zealand after several years of absence in this country, I was shocked how much the implementation of this model was advanced in the meantime.
- The promotion of only immoral role models at the slave planet. In order to destroy totaliztic views and to propagate parasitism, evil parasites must so manipulate their slave societies, that only immorality must be always fashionable on the planet of savages. In turn moral models of behaviour must always punished, burned on the stake or thrown to lions, kept in shadows, etc. Thus if someone lives in such a society of slaves, and looks into the past, almost all rulers and upper class members must promote immoral lifestyles, both through their own example, and through the way in which they led their nations. In turn all people who behaved morally, were crucified, murdered, tortured, burned on stakes, etc. If one looks at present days, the majority of people whom evil parasites allowed to become famous, in one way or the other must promote immorality. Also laws and legal system on the slave planet are controlled in such a manner, that criminals and immoral people are entitled to all rights for defence, for privacy, for amnesty of their immoral actions, while moral and law obeying people actually have no any rights nor any protection. Thus if in such a controlled slave society a criminal is judged, this criminal is protected by the law. But his/her victims, and the entire society, does not receive any protection. In this way "law" on the slave planet is going to "legally" promote immorality, deviations, and crimes, simultaneously it is going to destroy morality, law obedience, and correct social behaviours. Mass media on the slave planet must overflow with tiny details regarding various idols, whose main achievements are numerous immoral things that they have done. On the other hand, moral people are almost never mentioned in mass media, while the moral way of living is almost never emphasised. If someone moral become famous against the will of evil parasites, and is going to promote a moral behaviour, than he/she is soon going to have a tragic accident, similar to a mysterious aerial catastrophe that on 3 February 1959 killed the American singer named Buddy Holly, who at that time started to be recognised as a public model of morality. Even small children on the slave planet are going to play toys, which teach them how to kill, and are reading books which teach them how to cheat and go around moral laws. (An example of such immoral literature, which in 2001 deviated minds of human children, were works from the cycle "Harry Potter", which promoted Satanism and going around moral laws.) Of course, this is not a natural state of things, as immorality runs against the direction set by natural laws of the universe. Thus the only explanation for so deviated course of events on the slave planet is that evil parasites are interested in promoting amongst savages the immoral idols, immoral role models, and immoral behaviour.
- The manipulation of public opinion and the suppression of free exchange of ideas. The civilisation of savages must also display clear signs that the public views about certain strategic topics are hypnotically and telepathically manipulated and forced upon it. As an example consider the behaviour of citizens of such a slave planet, including their scientists, when they are confronted with the topic of vehicles of evil parasites (UFOs). If their opinions are hypnotically manipulated, they must not react naturally nor rationally, but must display all attributes of post-hypnotic emotional programming. For example even the most respectable amongst such scientists, if confronted with a hypnotically manipulated topic (e.g. with the topic of UFOs), should behave like children confronted with sex. There are numerous areas in which human views show signs of such telepathic or hypnotic manipulation, and thus in which the free development and exchange of ideas is being suppressed. Apart from UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms, other examples of such manipulated disciplines include: ghosts and spiritual phenomena, life after death, hypnosis, telepathy, universal intellect (God), myths and folklore, astrology, paleoastronautics, free energy, and many others. Actually if one wishes to recognize areas that are manipulated by evil parasites, these areas include everything, about which most of people would feel embarrassed to buy a book publicly, while being watched by their colleagues from work (or by friends). This is because of this continuous suppression, Nicholas Copernicus ordered his revolutionary book to be published only after his death, and still his body was removed from the grave and desecrated by the puppets of evil parasites, so that in spite of what our civilisation owns to his brilliant mind, his grave remains empty, while his body never will be resting in peace.
#3b. The controlled existence. Slave civilisation is experiencing continuously all these destructive events, which a planet of slaves should experience. Such unfortunate selection of events, which constantly happens to human civilisation, and which is characteristic to every community that lives under someone's ruthless occupation, in Polish monograph [1/3] is called the "occupational model". This model realises that the course of events on Earth is not natural, but is directed by someone towards keeping our civilisation in continuous slavery. Although our level of science and technology is still too low to enable us to catch hidden evil parasites on doing all these awful things to us, still the combination of events that affects us is too meaningful to be ignored. Here are some examples of such destructive events rom the "occupational model":
- The systematic assassination of the best human minds: As this is explained in subsections OC1 and W4, almost all best people on Earth, who fight for progress and who contribute totaliztic views, are systematically assassinated in an unnoticeable manner. The result is that hardly any progressive scientist or politician on Earth lives the whole productive life, and thus almost all significant contribution to our civilisation must be done by relatively young people.
- The systematic diversion of the best human minds from the fields in which they are most competent. During the years of my research I encountered numerous cases, when very capable and promising experts were rapidly diverted from the areas to which they contributed significant progress. One day they were making fabulous discoveries in some
leading field of science or technology, the other day they buried themselves in some "natural" lifestyle, or in a totally non-progressive discipline. For example I personally know a computer microprocessor designer (who was one of the leading brains behind the floating-point co- processor used in modern space technology), who rapidly lost his interest in electronics and become an archaeologist, thus instead of pushing forward our technological progress, he is now talking about mummies (not even digging them). When I investigated reasons why these people so rapidly changed their interests and professions, in the majority of cases it happened because they were abducted by UFOs and then successfully convinced that their lives will be much happier and more fulfilled when they drastically change their profession into some "more spiritual" one. Because we know that evil parasites try to hold back our technical progress, and also because we know that they investigate our future to detect and to discriminate all those individuals who are going to significantly lift our civilisation, it is easy to predict that these particular people were to contribute some significant discoveries to human development, but were discouraged from making these discoveries by being diverted into another, less "threatening" for the parasites, disciplines. Of course, it was perhaps much safer for them to change the discipline, for if they insisted on making their discoveries known, most probably the parasites would assassinate them (see descriptions of UFO assassinations contained in subsections OC1 and W4).
- The systematic destruction of our civilisation each time it recovers from the previous cataclysm. For example, when the ancient civilisations started to bloom, an explosion of time vehicles in a distant Tapanui, New Zealand, that took the place in 1178 AD, thrown human civilisation in darkness of medieval times. When the civilisation recovered from the darkness of medieval times, a next explosion of time vehicles of 1908, taking place in remote Siberia, caused the bloody revolution, deviations of fascism, and two subsequent bloody wars. When the civilisation recovers from this Siberian explosion of 1908, a next environmental catastrophe, social chaos, and provocations for a next world war, are gradually prepared and unfold by UFOnauts - see subsection V8.
Class #4: The evidence which proves the continuous although invisible presence of evil parasites on the slave planet.
#4a. The continuous presence of evil parasites on the slave planet. From the beginning of time, planet of slaves must be systematically infiltrated by various creatures, who look exactly as savages do, and who interfere with every aspect of savages' life. Unfortunately savages usually do not notice them, because they blend with the rest of crowd, and also because they are so technologically advanced, that they can make themselves invisible to eyes, and to escape the attention whenever they wish so. The evidence, which confirms the continuity of this infiltration of the slave planet by occupational forces of evil parasites with their advanced technology, includes amongst others:
- All "gods" from ancient times. For example on Earth they include Greek gods, Roman gods, Hindu gods, etc. If someone analyses the "magical devices" which these gods had, and which allowed them to play functions of gods, these devices coincide with the technology described in subsection JD10 for evil parasites.
- All devils and angels from medieval times (e.g. old descriptions of "devils" very well coincide with present reports of UFO abductees concerning physical appearance of various races of aliens which continually are invading our homes and our space).
- All witches, wizards, fairies, mist people, etc., from previous centuries.
- All UFO sightings from recent years. Vehicles observed during these sightings are displaying all features of "Magnocraft" - thus can be used for enslaving our planet. Also creatures which are seen on this vehicles, apart from "devil-like" beings, include also close relatives of humans who look exactly as we do. To make it even more interesting, these human-like aliens always are the bosses who control and manage the entire activities of UFOs.
- All these "super-humans" who at present mix with people, pretending to be magicians, psychics, miracle makers, religious gurus, etc., and who in fact are evil parasites send to Earth to carry out sabotages, spying, manipulating of our politicians, destroying evidence of UFO activities on Earth, changing the views of public, etc.
It is worth emphasizing that the majority of these creatures, always was known to display very evil behaviour. For example, if one analyses stories on witches, they mostly were bad, or evil, and only extremely rarely there is a story about a good witch. Also in medieval times people mostly saw devils, and only rarely someone encountered a forsaken angel. Similarly with ancient mythologies - almost all ancient gods were bad, and feared of. Probably the only reason why not all these creatures are always portrayed as evil and bad, is described in subsection V5.2. Namely doing evil things sometimes requires to also do good - although still with evil intensions. Furthermore, if one analyses the philosophy of these creatures (this is done in Polish monograph [1/3]), it turns out that all of them adhere to refined parasitism.
#4b. Cultural consequences of continuous presence of evil parasites on the slave planet. These consequences include amongst others:
- Prophecies and foretelling. A method of keeping a slave planet in submission, which depends on continuous shifting of evil parasites into the future, and checking the course of events in there - to more effectively prevent these events in their own times, has this consequence that it is the source of various prophecies and foretelling that are circulating on the slave planet. These prophecies and foretelling indicates what important events are going to happen on the slave planet in the future. Technically, they are nothing else but a reliable knowledge about future fate of the slave planet, established in the effect of travelling to the future, which (the knowledge) somehow leaked to savages - see their descriptions in subsection G2 of an old monograph [8].
- Parasitic religions. One of the consequences of the constant pushing down the slave planet is the increasingly large evilness of the initial foundations of subsequent religions and cults formed by evil parasites on the slave planet. The younger a given religion or cult is, the more satanic and cunning it is formed by evil parasites, so that it can be a source of more wide death and destruction on the planet of savages. Only these religions, which similarly to Christianity on Earth, are formed against the will and efforts of evil parasites, are initially totaliztic and only later are gradually misled by evil parasites into various deviations and errors.
- Buildings, which are similar to vehicles of evil parasites. Even if architects of the slave planet do not remember the appearance of vehicles of evil parasites, still this appearance is etched in their subconscience and is emerging during creative process. Therefore many buildings on the slave planet are going to have attributes, which are copied from vehicles of evil parasites. Especially numerous are such buildings in modern Kuala Lumpur and in old Istanbul.
- Unaware reflection of the interior of parasites' spaceship inside of religious architecture. Actually, if one considers churches, mosques, temples, and other religious buildings, they all contain components of UFO spaceship included into their interior.
#4c. The physical traces and material evidence of parasitic activities on the slave planet. Evil parasites work very hard to either systematically destroy the evidence which they leave behind, or to convince people that it has a "natural" origin. But some of this evidence has a reoccurring character (for example consider UFO landing sites, which every year are produced in crops of England, and thus which cannot be destroyed). Other evidence is contradictive to natural occurrences (e.g. consider these large lumps of ice falling from heaven). There is also UFO evidence, which is too permanent to be destroyed (for example see underground tunnels evaporated by UFOs, shown in Figure V6 of this monograph, and also in Figure A5 of treatise [7/2]). Therefore sometimes this evidence is available for the interested people. Examples of such physical traces and material evidence, which certify for the continuous operation of evil parasites on Earth, include:
- Areas where vehicles of evil parasites landed (e.g. consider so-called "crop circles" from England) - see Figure A3 in treatise [7/2].
- Areas where their vehicles exploded (e.g. consider the huge crater near Tapanui, New Zealand, described in monograph [5/3e], or so called Tunguska explosion of 1908 described in the majority of encyclopaedias) - as an example see Figure W4 in treatise [7/2].
- Tunnels evaporated underground by vehicles of evil parasites (e.g. consider the Deer Cave in Sarawak Malaysia, or Cocklebiddy Cave from Western Australia, shown and described in Figures V6 and G31 from this monograph, and also in Figure A5 in treatise [7/2]).
- Various substances lost by vehicles of evil parasites (e.g. Angel's Hair, so- called "onion charcoal", droplets of tin falling from sky, lumps of ice falling from sky, etc.).
- Various objects lost by evil parasites, including parts of their spaceship.
- Ancient imprints of human foots in rocks millions of years old - see Figure P31 from this monograph.
#4d. The continuity of attributes of parasites which keep arriving to a slave planet. If evil parasites exploit the slave planet for thousands of years, then there should be a noticeable continuity of attributes that they display. And in fact if someone analyses attributes of strange creatures, or strange vehicles, which were observed on our planet throughout ages, actually these attributes remain the same. One can establish their continuity in spite that the terminology with which these attributes are named, differ from age to age. This means that throughout thousands of years, we are exploited by the same pack of evil parasites. In order to demonstrate how terminology may differ, but the attribute remains the same, let us compare attributes of three types of vehicles: (1) ancient ones, which were recorded in human folklore under the name of "dragons" (ancient people did not know machines, so flying machines were for them strange animals called "dragons"), (2) present UFOs, and (3) the futuristic vehicles, which people are going to build, and which in subsection C1 of this monograph are called "Magnocraft".
- Coupling ability. The development of the Magnocraft revealed that the magnetic propulsion used by this vehicle allows to couple together several such vehicles in order to create a larger flying configurations (e.g. cigar-shaped complexes, spherical complexes, etc. - see descriptions in treatise [7/2]). From observations of UFOs we know that UFOs also can form all flying configurations that we theoretically identified for the Magnocraft (e.g. UFOs can also couple into cigars, spheres, etc.). Finally mythology, especially Chinese, explains that male "dragons" had this tendency to couple during flights with female "phoenixes". This naive folklore explanation also indicates that dragons were observed by ancient people in the process of coupling. But because ancient people only knew animals, and only could refer to animal behaviour, this coupling ability of dragons they described with such animal concepts.
- Ability to change appearance. Changes of shapes caused by such coupling, and also changes of colours and external appearance resulting for example from making the hulk either transparent or reflective to light, is characteristic for all three kinds of vehicles considered here. For example, folkloristic dragons similarly to present UFOs, were well-known from their ability to change appearance at any will.
- Ability to disappear. Magnocraft can disappear on few different principles, the most effective of which is the telekinetic flickering described in subsection L2. There are also photographs of UFOs which captured these vehicles in such telekinetic flickering. In turn folklore was quite clear that dragons had the ability to disappear from the view whenever they wished.
- Snake skin. Magnocraft and UFOs during horizontal flights above the ground get covered with a black substance called "onion charcoal". This "onion charcoal" is simply a layer of organic matter which gradually sticks to the surface of these vehicles, and then cracks like dry mud into a "snake skin" pattern. It is because of this black substance, that domes placed over roofs of Moorish architecture were frequently painted in black, in spite that everything else was painted white (white was the only colour available in old times, which approximately imitated the mirror surface of UFOs not covered with "onion charcoal"). Well, if one analyses folklore on Chinese dragons, than he/she learns that they were qualified as snakes because they were covered with black snake skin. It is also significant that a characteristic snake skin is not limiting itself to the Chinese dragons only. For example in America there was a cult of an ancient god illustrated as a "feathery snake", who had this unique attribute that it could fly as a bird, but the skin of which was like in a snake. Similarly was in New Zealand, which does not know snakes at all, while lizard is the only creature over there which has a snake skin. A mythological creature of New Zealand Maori called "Taniwha", which actually is a Maori symbol assigned to UFOs and also a Maori equivalent to Chinese dragons, is illustrated in there as a lizard, which usually carries several round eggs under the belly (means which has round UFO vehicles of a smaller type clinging to its base). An interesting thing about Maori Taniwha is, that independently from a creature symbolised by a huge lizard (means independently from a UFO vehicle), occasionally the same creature used to show itself as a human being of a repulsive appearance (means independently from a UFO vehicle, sometimes Taniwha show itself as a crew member of this vehicle). These crew members of UFO vehicles seen in ancient New Zealand, were also called Taniwha by Maori, means were called by the same name as their vehicles. When a Taniwha show itself as an ugly human, its intentions and morality were always described by Maori as evil, misleading, oriented towards harming people, and requiring the utmost carefulness. Practically, in eyes of Maori people, crew members of these ancient UFOs displayed similar evil immorality, repulsive appearance, and magical powers, as crew members of UFOs seen and called "devils" in ancient Europe. An interesting sample of legendary evilness of these humanly looking Taniwha was shown in a part "Divine Intervention" from the New Zealand TV serial named "Mataku", which was broadcasted from 9:30 to 10 pm, on Thursday, 21 November 2002, on channel 3 TVNZ.
- Carrying passengers. All three vehicles, namely Magnocraft, UFOs, and dragons, carried passengers. For example folklore states that Buddha and his "Lohan" ("Lohan" is Chinese for "Immortal") were watched with awe by people when they rode on dragons (interesting who was Buddha, if he used to ride dragons?).
Class #5: The evidence which indicates that evil parasites have immoral intensions towards the slave planet, exploiting and managing this planet in a highly parasitic manner.
#5a. Continuous hiding of evil parasites from being noticed. In spite of the fact that aliens constantly operate on Earth, and that there is a lot of them around, they very effectively hide from people. (Calculations provides in subsection B3 of treatise [7/2e] indicate that on Earth there is one UFOnaut per each 100 people, and one UFO vehicle per each 400 people.) In turn, even small children know that "if someone hides from us, this someone has something immoral to hide". On top of the evidence explained in subsection VB4.1, for the existence of the intentional hiding also certifies:
- All this controversy which accompanies observation of UFOs, where the majority of people, after all these years of gathering observations and evidence, still are not sure whether UFOs do exist or not.
- All this controversy which accompanies abductions by aliens, where the majority of people are not sure whether these abductions are real, or just imagination. (In spite that on Earth every third person has a scar on his/her leg described in subsection U3.1, which was produced during one of such abductions to a UFO deck.)
- The fact that scientists are obviously manipulated by UFOs to refuse any official and constructive research on UFO phenomenon, in spite that this phenomenon is so prominent and impacts our civilisation in such a multidimensional manner. (As it is obvious, so far evil parasites allow Earth scientists to only negate the existence of UFO vehicles and their occupants, and they instruct these scientists to repeat to their societies that humanity is the lone civilisation populating the empty universe. And surprisingly scientists are doing exactly as they are instructed by evil parasites.)
- The fact that almost all governments in the whole world are denying the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts, despite that logic tells us that there must be intelligent life forms in free space, despite that the manifestations of alien presence on Earth are reported in almost every newspaper, and despite that the same governments are spending millions on the mock searching in space for intelligent life forms.
#5b. Cutting out the slave planet from other cosmic intelligences. The first thing that evil parasites always do, is to cut out the slaves which they exploit, from any contact with the rest of the world. For example Germans during World War II were executing people for possessing an ordinary radio receiver, while Communists, and many present regimes, either do not permit satellite TVs at all, or only allow the viewing of specially coded satellite TV for which all programmes are strictly censored. We know already that there are millions of intelligent civilisations in free space. Some of them even are contacting us at a distance via "telepathic projectors" described in subsection N5.2. (These projectors put pictures and words directly into the mind of a receiving person.) But the warships of evil parasites so tightly cut Earth from access to other civilisations, that these parasites are the only aliens who have a physical presence on Earth. The evidence which confirms this cutting us out, is as follows:
- We never experience a physical visit from a friendly extraterrestrial civilisation.
- We are bombarded with telepathic contacts from friendly civilisations. These contacts most frequently are carried out via specially chosen people called "contactees". (Note, however, that also evil parasites are arranging hoaxed contacts of the same type, in order to develop the stereotype opinion that such contacts are invalid, useless, and maintained only by rather queer people.)
- Our totaliztic allies from free space are even sending us the descriptions of how to build technical devices, which would allow us to defend ourselves from evil parasites. The description of one such device is the topic of treatise [7/2e]. Other similar self-defence devices are published in monograph [1/3] and in treatises [7E], [7B]. Unfortunately evil parasites so-far successfully block the completion or distribution of these devices on Earth.
Class #6: All evidence which proves the continuous exploitation of savages by evil parasites.
#6a. Evidence of direct exploitation. Although evil parasites constantly hide their parasitic activities, their exploitation of the slave civilisation cannot go unnoticed in all cases. Because of various errors, or because of natural causes, this ongoing exploitation is sometimes noticed by various individuals. Therefore there will be countless reports originating from the slave nation, which are to indicate this ongoing exploitation. Such reports can include:
- Reports on abductions of individuals onto decks of spaceships. During these abductions their victims are subjected to numerous forms of exploitation. For example their moral energy is extracted. Their sperm and ovule is taken. Also some of them are robbed from vital organs, fetuses, etc. Their knowledge is analysed and recorded into computers of evil parasites, etc.
- Reports of sightings of huge flying factories, which industrially produce human babies to be later exploited as "biorobots" on the planets of evil parasites. These babies are seen on huge spaceships type K10, which harvest the sperm and ovule from the slave planet.
- Reports from sightings of "biorobots" being exploited as slave labour on the planets of evil parasites. Whenever a savage visits the planet of evil parasites, he/she actually sees human-like "biorobots" in action. An example of such observation is the Polish treatise [3B] "Kosmiczna ukladanka". These biorobots are noticed to do all the work, while evil parasites themselves only play "masters". Furthermore, biorobots are used as sex slaves which sexually entertain human visitors. (These visitors are usually too stupid to realise that a given female "biorobot" that entertains him could actually be his own daughter conceived due to his sperm being milked out by the same evil parasites.)
#6b. Objects and scars in bodies of savages. Because savages are the subjects of such intensive industrial exploitation by evil parasites, these parasites do various inhumane things to them, similar to things that people do to their farm animals, i.e. tag them, mark, cut, etc. For example parasites implant various tags and communication devices in bodies of savages, so that they could identify and find each one of them more easily. Parasites also control, cut, and probe savages, leaving numerous scars, etc. There is a whole array of visible evidence left after such a treatment, explained in more details in subsection U3.3. Here are examples of some of it:
- A scar on the leg of almost every human, which is left after implanting the identification tag described in subsection U3.1. This scar is located 27.5 ("3) cm from the floor, for men on the right side of their right leg, for women on the left side of their left leg. Usually it is easily noticeable, because it has a diameter of around 3 mm. But in cases when the skin of a given person heals well, it can only be detected if the area of this scar is viewed under in the light reflected from the skin. The exact location of this scar can be established by touch, because the drilling into the bone always leaves a cavity in muscles under the scar, which (the cavity) can be noticed through the touch and pressure.
- The presence of indoctrination implants in heads of many people. These implants are located above the left temple. They can be objectively detected with the use of "Magnetic Implant Response" test (described in subsection U3.2). Also they usually are the starting point of all migraines.
- Various blue or black painless bruises, which people discover in the morning after an abduction, and numerous other marks on our bodies described in subsection U3.3. It is very interesting that whenever I directed someone's attention at clear black bruises on the upper arm, which had imprints of all five fingers of UFOnauts that were restraining a given person, against all logic and rationality these people were claiming that their bruises originate from hitting into some objects that they already forgotten.
Class #7: Formal proof for the existence of UFOs on continuous operation of UFOs on Earth. All the classes of evidence presented before, must be complemented with one more class, which amongst other publications is presented here in subsection P2, and also in subsection J2 of a separate monograph [1e] available in the English language. This additional class is very unique, because it was shaped into a logical structure of a formal scientific proof for the fact that "UFOs do exist and they are already constructed Magnocraft". Because this formal proof is published continually since 1982, and during these 20 years of its constant publication, in spite of numerous attempts, no-one was so far able to invalidate it, or even to just shake it, the proof remains in power all the time and people should consider it in their actions and theoretical analyses. The consequence of it is conclusive - after all it proves conclusively that UFO vehicles, which constantly hide from the sight of people, do exist and continually operate on Earth. In order to express this in other words, the fact of existence, the material character, and the principle of operation of UFOs, was already proven in a formal manner; the scientific proof for the existence of these continually hiding from human sight space vehicles, is published in subsection P2 of this monograph, and in subsection J2 of monograph [1e].

An interesting aspect of the evidence listed above for the activities of evil parasites on
the slave planet, is that the appearance of this evidence is governed by laws of the universe, including moral laws. Thus, this evidence is going to remain very similar, independently of which civilisation is enslaved, and which one represents evil parasites. Therefore the evidence and phenomena described here are having the universal character, while their consequences are going to be visible on any slave planet and in any savage civilisation. For example when some slave civilisations are going to be just subjected to the precess of turning them into civilisations of exclusively females, other slave civilisations are already exclusively female ones - as an example see the only female civilisation of "humanoids" described in the Polish treatise [3B].

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