@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

U3.5. External evidence of our own abductions to UFOs
Independently from the "internal" consequences of our abductions that were described in subsections U3.1 to U3.4, we also may find around us various "external" evidence for our own abductions. This subsection tries to describe them. Here they are:
#1. Evidence of frequent arrivals and landings of UFOs to abduct us. This evidence may appear near (and also in or on) the house in which we live. Most frequently they take the shape of rings of telekinetically stimulated grass, or grass scorched by magnetic field of UFOs (i.e. they form UFO landing sites described in subsection O5.1 of this monograph, and also described in every monograph from series [5]). But other physical marks also can be left and noticed. Their examples include: the bending or scratching of tall objects (someone reported o me the bending by 50E of 9 mm thick aluminium antennae on the roof, while myself I investigated the squashing of a tall lamp and scratching the lamppost); breaking, wounding, or magnetic scorching of nearby trees; scorching of footprints on floors or on carpets, etc.
#1a. UFO landing sites. These are rings formed from the grass with a different colour, or grass with a growth much higher than this on the surrounding area. In drastic cases of long-time landings, these rings may be formed by the grass being completely scorched (to the bare soil) by the pulsating magnetic field of a UFO. It is worth noticing that for landing of their vehicles, UFOnauts prefer to choose patches of ground free from buildings. Only if they have no such cleared parking space, they hover directly above a building, or fly into the building, thus exposing themselves to the danger of being detected because of the electronic devices in the building go crazy. In order to find such a quiet clearing these vehicles sometimes may be "parked" at a distance of even around 100 meters from the building where their crew abducts someone.
In one case I conducted research of a lady aware her UFO abductions, who lived in a house tightly surrounded with trees. Thus there was no clearing to park a UFO vehicle. I noted that one side of a fir-tree growing only about 5 meters in front of her bedroom was drying out from top to bottom (all branches) as if burned with powerful magnetic field affecting the tree along a vertical column. This drying out resembled slightly that one from burning the branches with a vertical fire, or pouring some destructive chemicals over them.
Interesting that effects of telekinetic stimulation of the environment, very similar to that which appears in landings of telekinetic UFOs, in special cases can be observed even inside of flats of various people. One such case I researched in Kuala Lumpur. It concerned a couple of people who were aware of their systematic UFO abductions, and who are described in more details in subsection U3.8, as this couple noticed the series of regular arrivals of UFOs taking place after each 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour. From their flat UFOnauts were departing through the west wall. This wall was formed from huge metal doors that let to a large balcony, behind which there was a grassy lawns. Above this lawn UFO vehicles were parked, because it was covered with circular UFO landings. At the time of my research I counted 22 rings of grass burned to the bare soil, which had the external diameter of around do = 1.5 meter and the width of scorched band of grass around g = 30 [cm] - see Figures F3 "b" and G9 "B" and "D" in monograph [5/3]. One person from this couple noticed even the moments when invisible UFOnauts are arriving/departing through these metal doors, because the doors were then experiencing very powerful vibrations, thus producing a sound which was similar as if someone shook them. On this balcony there were strands of creeping vegetation, which in English are called "money plants". These were planted in a long concrete pot, that run along the balcony. Plants that grew approximately in the centre of this pot, means exactly in the area through which UFOnauts flying to the parked UFO vehicles most frequently were passing, reached 4-times larger size from the remaining plants. This happened because of their telekinetic stimulation and in spite that the conditions of growth were identical on the entire length of this prolonged pot. The appearance of these larger plants was visibly more healthy, while their colour more green. The cross section of stems in these telekinetically stimulated plants was 8 mm, while in remaining plants amounted to only 3 mm. Their heart-shaped leaves reached the length of 15 cm and width of 10 cm, while in the remaining plants these leaves reached sizes: length 4 cm and width of 3 cm. Thus plants that were located in the area of frequent flights of UFOnauts clearly showed visible effects of telekinetic stimulation, that was very similar to this one which appears in former landings of UFOs of the second and third generation - see also descriptions of the telekinetic farming provided in subsection NB2 of this monograph, and subsection F2.1.1.2 of monograph [5/3]. The almost 4 times larger size of these plants was caused by exposing them to the action of telekinetic field of UFOnauts passing above them for the duration of only a fraction of second. This gives also an idea how extraordinary effects may bring the correct implementation of telekinetic farming.
#1b. Scorching of marks by outlets from propulsors in shoes of UFOnauts. An interesting and relatively frequent type of marks, which UFOnauts are leaving in our flats, but which usually remains undiscovered, are telekinetic changes in colour of material on floors of our flats. These changes of colour usually take shapes of round or elliptical marks of around 13 to 17 mm in diameter. Colours of such marks, which I researched so-far, were either white, or whitish green. This change of colours is formed in the result of telekinetisation of the floor material by the telekinetic field produced in propulsors of UFOnauts that raid a given flat. It appears in areas of the floor, onto which UFOnauts directly stamp with their boots, the propulsors in which produce a powerful telekinetic field. In turn this telekinetising of the matter of floor - as this is explained more extensively in subsection H8.1, losses its original colour and takes a whitish appearance. In the result, in places where an UFOnaut stood or walked, who had his/her telekinetic propulsors from the soles of shoes switched on, on the floor two round marks are created of around 13 mm in diameter, and with very sharply marked, regular circumference. These marks usually have white (almost chalk-white) colour at very beginning. But with the elapse of time they gradually fade away according to the curve of half-life, and sometimes become greenish. They usually disappear completely after several months. As I noticed, these marks are most clearly visible on dark coloured floors, which contains some organic material, for example on wooden parquet which was covered with some organic polish, or on PVC pavement shown in Figure R6. They can also appear on furniture, television sets, or polished wooden banisters. In one case I discovered them even on stone tiles which were white in colour (the marks took then a greenish colour). For an outside observer they look as if the floor was stained with droplets of some white liquid, which after drying out formed whitish or greenish droplet-like marks. The interesting aspect of these round telekinetised marks is, that owners of the flat always have some rational explanations why they appeared - for me these explanations always seem to be manipulated into them by UFOnauts. (Thus, with these marks is exactly the same as with UFO landings under someone's windows - for such UFO landings owners of a given home also always have some "rational" explanation.) Because of this explanation, owners of the flat usually do not take notice of these marks. Thus they are not puzzled: (1) why these white marks always appear in couples (after all, UFOnauts have two legs, each one carrying a propulsor in the sole of shoe), (2) why they can be found even under furniture (e.g. under the bed), where is extremely difficult to splash round droplets of some liquid, and (3) why the marks always have the diameter in a narrow range that coincides with the diameter of outlets from propulsors of UFOnauts, means between around 13 to 19 mm (while if the floor is just splashed with droplets of some liquid, it should have droplets of all possible diameters).
#1c. Scorched marks from propulsors of UFO vehicles. When an entire UFO vehicle flies into a given flat, then - if the outlet from the propulsor of this vehicle comes near the floor, a larger white mark may be formed, with the diameter of tens of centimetres. As I noticed, these larger marks have irregular circumference (probably because an entire vehicle does not hover motionless, but makes continuous oscillations and small displacements).
#2. Unusual figures. In our flats unusual figures sometimes may be noted during days of our abductions. At the moment of being seen, they usually shock the witness, but after a time they may be mistaken for a delusion. For example, they may take shape of dark human figures moving fast through a room or a wall, or shadowy human-like shapes flying in the air, or miniature humanoids standing around the bed, or creatures that look like owls or seals that gather around someone's bed, or small glowing beings escaping through walls or furniture, etc.
These figures are UFOnauts, who just raided our house and await until we fall in sleep to abduct us. But they use their personal propulsion and hide from us, by remaining invisible due to their telekinetic flickering. If spotted, they disappear as fast as they only can. Because they carry out actions which deny our understanding of natural laws, after deeper thinking we usually dismiss them and tend to treat them as a strange deception or phantoms.
It is worth to add, that in case of abducting children of the age of below around 10 years, UFOnauts sometimes do not even bother to hide their presence behind the screen of invisibility. They probably know that no-one is going to believe in stories of children. Therefore abducted children, especially in age of around 9 years, usually observe UFOnauts in their real physical appearance. Thus practically almost every person, when reaches the age of around 9 years, recalls some case of observing an UFOnaut. Of course, at that time this UFOnaut is not considered to be an alien. Perhaps it is worth to take the notice when our children start to report about their invisible friends, about strange creatures that at nights approach their beds, about colourful humanoids that play with them when no-one is watching, etc.
#3. Unusual smells of an old person or unventilated lift. UFO vehicles of our cosmic parasites must have rather hermetic hulls, otherwise they would not be able to fly through vacuum, or through water. Unfortunately, not in all of them the ventilation devices and digesting organs work perfectly. Thus, in some UFOs the air is smelly and stuffy, like in an unventilated lift. (As various UFO abductees report this to us, some of them are also incredibly dirty inside.) When such an invisible UFO vehicle with a smelly interior surrounds us from all sides, and we have a sensitive nose, rapidly we start to smell the well-known fetor of unventilated lift or an old unwashed person, even if we are walking in the fresh air.
For this reason people with a good sense of smell, may sometimes note in their flats unusual smells that they do not expect to notice. For example they may detect a strong smell of "an unwashed old person" (in Malaysia this unique smell is called a "dried salted fish" smell), "unventilated lift", or "wind" (a dog), although no-one emitting such smell has visited them recently. Sometime also the smell of ozone ("sulphur") can be felt, although in the vicinity there were no electric sparks which could be responsible for the production of ozone.
These smells are caused by the proximity of unwashed UFOnauts, by the stuffy interior of their UFO spaceship that just raided someone's flat, or by ozone-generating action of their personal propulsion or propulsors of an invisible UFO vehicle.
#4. Sounds. People with good hearing may sometimes hear in their flats unusual sounds, the source of which is impossible to determine. These sounds are caused by invisible UFOnauts that are present in our close proximity and just are preparing themselves to carry out our subsequent abduction, or by components of their personal propulsion, by research equipment they use, and sometimes also by pulsating magnetic field or telekinetic vibrations that are produced by their propulsion systems.
I list here a few examples of such sounds, the descriptions of which I encountered in my research to-date. There is one race of UFOnauts, which is not used to breathe with air on Earth. During operations in our atmosphere, they use special masks and breathing apparatuses, which produce sounds of rather loud breathing. Thus when it is sufficiently quiet in a given flat, and when one of these invisible UFOnauts with such breathing apparatus raids it, then a loud, slow, rhythmical, almost "asthmatic" heavy breathing of this UFOnaut may be clearly heard with our ears. Therefore, after UFOnauts raid our flat, this loud swishy breathing can rapidly be heard (like someone with asthma or as if someone breathed through the mask of a cosmic suit), although it seems that there is no-one in the vicinity. In one case, the loud voice of such swishy breathing was supplemented with a powerful vibrations of a gate in fence (made of wood, but with metal lock and hinges), that appeared as if someone invisible was climbing through this gate, although the gate remained unopen and although there was no wind. Sometimes abducted people report hearing of someone's quiet, regular, and slow breathing in times of silence, with longer than normal span of breathing in and out, similar to breathing produced by someone who sleeps deeply. Interesting that such a breathing noises may accompany some people for long periods of time (for many hours), making an impression that they are watched by some hidden guardian, spy, or a watchdog. I know even about one funny case, when an aware abductee heard in the office such a breathing for several subsequent days, so he decided to find out who out of his colleagues sleeps in office hours, thus producing these embarrassing sounds. For his shock and surprise there was no-one in the office, while the noise of this breathing immediately disappeared.
Footsteps also may be heard in a specific room, but after looking inside no-one can be seen. Sometimes the source of steps may go through walls from one room to another. In several cases that I heard of, the tramping noise was approaching decisively doors of a room in which someone was present, but then rapidly disappeared - after looking outside no-one was visible. Relatively frequent (probably because of the special sensitiveness of wooden stairs to force interactions) the creaking of wooden stairs can be heard as if someone climbs up or down them, but no-one can be seen.
Two people who were aware of their UFO abductions, but who have not know each other, reported to me a fact of hearing a door bell, in both cases awakening them around 2 am at night. But after getting up and looking outside they did not see anyone, nor they noticed through window anyone walking away. (In both cases the bells were electrical type - not mechanical, thus this does not necessarily mean that someone physically pressed the button, as the bell sound could be caused by electromagnetic phenomena described in subsection U3.6, induced for example in the effect of a UFO vehicle hovering above a given house, or even flying into it.) Of course, it cannot also be excluded, that some eccentric UFOnaut, who hate the characteristic itching that is experienced during telekinetic penetration through walls, decided to ring the bell in order to be able to secretly enter the house when hosts looked outside.)
One of the most intriguing such UFO noises that can be heard, are ticking sounds as if those from mechanical watches or alarm-clocks. This ticking usually is slightly faster than that produced by a typical mechanical alarm clock or watch. In spite that it is quite low and can be heard only when a silence prevails around, the noise of it is shockingly far reaching, and can be heard in almost each area of a given room (but it usually disappears in nearby rooms). Furthermore, in case of hearing it, the source of this sound cannot be found, nor an exact point from which the sound is emitted can be located, in spite that one intensively searches for this source. Thus it makes an impression that it is produced in the entire volume of a given room. In Poland there are various folklore believes, superstitions, and prophecies connected with this sound. (I remember several out of these, and I would be grateful for letting me know further ones - if someone recalls them.) I also meet an opinion, that this ticking noise can be produced by some species of insects - although this opinion is contradictive to a voluminous character of these noises.
There are also sounds, which are frequently reported to me by people abducted a given night to a UFO, but which seem to arrive from outside of a given flat. One of them, confirmed already many times, that it does not originate from natural sources, is a sound of like pulling a heavy furniture along a floor. This sound usually arrives from above. It could be ignored, assuming that our neighbour above is indecisive about the manner of arranging his/her furniture, but there are strange things about it. The first of these is that the sound usually appears between the midnight and around 5 in the morning. If after hearing it, someone telephones or visits this neighbour to let him/her know our opinion about changing position of furniture at this time of the night, it turns out that the neighbour either was just in a deep sleep, or he/she is completely absent from his/her flat. The second attribute of these sounds is, that with a significant fear that they can be laughed at, also people who lived on the highest floor of a building reported them to me. Thus these people do not have any neighbour above them, who could move his/her furniture. I frequently wondered about the possible source of this noise. I come to a conclusion, that most probably it is caused by telekinetic shaking of the structure of the ceiling and by making this ceiling to vibrate violently, when a telekinetic UFO vehicle is moving through this ceiling in the state of telekinetic flickering (for descriptions of this state see subsections L2, T2 and T4). Sporadically other sounds are also reported, which were not verified so-far for the possibility of their natural origin. Usually they are similar to sounds produced by a stony roller that rolls along a stony floor, or to a glass bottle that rolls along a stony floor. Other frequent sound resembles the dragging of a long metal rod along a stony floor, or kicking an empty can along this floor.
One of the most unusual sounds, which also may be heard by various sensitive people abducted to UFOs, are magnetic sounds. These are formed by the pulsating magnetic field produced by propulsors of UFOs and UFOnauts, which act on selected parts of the human brain. Opposite to all other sounds, these magnetic sounds are heard not by ears, but by some organ contained in our brain (perhaps by pineal gland). Their extraordinary property is that they move with the speed of light, not like ordinary sounds - with the speed of sound waves. Because they are described extensively in subsection F9.3 of this monograph, and also in subsection I1 of monograph [5/3], I will not discuss them here again.
#5. Invisible touches. In sporadic cases, usually at night, unaware abductees can feel someone's touch, or other type of a physical contact (e.g. like a jab with a syringe needle, or like a blow with a thin stream of compressed gas, or like someone lifting their hand or leg), but they are unable to notice the presence of anyone in their surrounding.
The feeling of such physical contacts can be explained as simple tests or operations which invisible UFOnauts decided to complete, without the previous hypnotising of an abductee.
It is worth to mention that some aware UFO abductees report these physical contacts taking sometimes even more meaningful form, including the cases of being raped by aliens (as described in subsection U3.7.1) who do not even bother to switch on their invisibility shield. For several examples of such touches see also subsection T4.
#6. Rearranging of various objects. In the life of frequent UFO abductees may appear periods when they notice unexplainable rearranging of various objects in their flats. Usually in such cases they blame their own memory, believing that it started to play tricks on them. For example they put somewhere an object, and after a while they discover, that it is not in the place they remembered putting it. After some time they discover the same object in a completely different place, where they never would suspect putting it.
The above phenomena may not necessarily be memory tricks, but purposeful actions of UFOnauts who abduct us. There is probably several different reasons why UFOnauts move our objects. For example they may conduct their periodic inventory and analysis of the conditions in which we live. During this inventory they thoroughly check on every device that we own, sometimes even "borrowing" some objects for better research completed on decks of their vehicles. During this checking and "borrowing" they may put sometimes objects back in slightly different places than these from which they originally took them.
Other reason for such dislocation of our objects results from circumstances of this dislocation. People complete sometimes projects, which are clearly contradictive to occupational interests of UFOnauts on Earth. In such cases various materials, data, and texts, that are vital to these projects, simply disappear as if they were hidden by devils, and they return only a long time after they stop being urgently needed. The circumstances of their disappearance suggest that these dislocations of our objects represent a form of sabotage used by UFOnauts to prevent the completion of our tasks that run against their interests. This prevention is dome through blocking of "bottle necks", about which I write in subsection VB5.1.2. Instead of taking away these materials, and thus generate for themselves a karma for robbery, UFOnauts dislocate the materials into areas that are very difficult to discover. This also makes these materials impossible to use, but generates for UFOnauts much less destructive karma of "playing a trick on someone".
Some reflections may induce the coincidence of folk myths of various nations, with the discussed here phenomenon of movements and disappearance of various objects. Amongst myths of many nations there are various supernatural creatures, which specialise in playing all sorts of evil tricks in human houses (for more details see also subsection VB4.7). For example, these creatures love to hide various objects that are currently needed by humans, to dislocate these objects, to change the appearance of these objects, etc. In myths of various nations these creatures are called differently, for example in England they are called "gremlins", Islanders call them "leprechauns", in Poland they are called "chochliki", Chinese call them "kway-chay" (i.e. "the son of devil"), Filipinos in the "Tagalog" language call them "tiyanak", while Malaysians call them "toyols" (means "a child of the Satan"). If one analyses these folklore descriptions, these evil creatures always are dwarfish, have large heads, pointed ears, and mastered various magical powers, e.g. can disappear from the view, can walk through walls, can fly in the air, etc. - thus completely correspond to present descriptions of one of the races of UFOnauts. The fact of existence of this extraordinary correspondence between phenomena observed in homes of present people, and phenomena reported for centuries by folk myths, provides another confirmation for a highly intriguing conclusion, namely that "abductions of all people to UFOs are carried out on Earth from the beginning of times" - see also subsections P5 and R4.
#7. Falling of objects from walls. Very similar to dislocation of objects by UFOnauts, is also a phenomenon of unexplained falling down of objects that hang on walls (such as calendars, pictures, mirrors, clocks, etc.). These objects unexpectedly may behave as if the hook in the wall, or a wire which keeps them on this hook, from a material form transformed telekinetically into a liquid form, thus refusing to hold further a given object. Thus the objects fall to the floor, sometimes even braking on the impact. On the basis of our knowledge to-date (i.e. without the knowledge of telekinetic state), rationally it is impossible to explain why such a fall takes place. After all, the hook in the wall and the loop in the object remain untouched, while in the flat there were no phenomena that could cause such self-occurring taking off the hook. The explanation for this mysterious phenomenon boils down to the ability of telekinetic propulsion of UFOs to change objects into a telekinetic state - as this is explained in subsection L2. Thus, when a UFOnaut or a UFO vehicle flies through a wall with the use of such a state of telekinetic flickering, then its telekinetic propulsors may cause the accidental turning into a telekinetic state also a hook or a loop on which a given object hangs. In turn the telekinetic state of this hook (or loop) causes that the objects simply falls down.
Only around 30 years ago such physically unjustified falling down of hanging objects was well known in the Polish folklore, where it was a source of various omens (usually bed ones). (Interesting that everything that present research reveal that it originates from UFOs, in folklore of old ages always had an "evil" meaning assigned to it.) In evenings it was possible to hear strange stories amongst family or friends, containing statements of the type "around a half year earlier, a picture of uncle Albert fall by itself from the wall...", or "shortly before this happened a mirror fall from the wall completely without reasons, and broke onto 13 pieces...".
The falling down of objects that are hanging on walls is the most noticeable example of the phenomenon of partial liquidation of a solid objects due to the telekinetic field. Other examples of the same phenomenon may include: unexpected freeing of a bird from the cage (without cage doors being open), flowing out of water from an aquarium (sometimes together with fish), or falling under the table of objects that originally were on the table, or in the table's drawer. In tropical countries cases of mosquitoes getting under the mosquito net are frequent, when a night of UFO abduction comes. Normally these mosquitoes only gather on the surface of mosquito net and are unable to physically enter through this dense net. Unfortunately, our present thinking habits cause, that for cases of this type we always find so-called "rational" explanations, then we fast forget these cases.
The telekinetic propulsion of UFOnauts and UFOs may also cause many other uncontrolled motion effects. Thus in our flats various phenomena may reveal themselves, which traditionally are considered to be the action of so-called "poltergeists" (means highly mobile ghosts). An example of such effects can be an unexplained movement of furniture into other places, falling out of the content of wardrobes or fridges, or breaking of ice in fridges (this ice shortly before we could not remove with even powerful tools).
#8. Periodic disappearance of small objects. This is a phenomenon similar to dislocation of various objects described in one of previous items. The objects that periodically disappear usually play a key role for analysis of diet, style of living, habits, experience, and activities of a given person. This analysis takes place with the use of TRI of the third generation, and the research method described in subsection N3.3. After a specific time, usually amounting to several weeks, but sometimes even amounting to several years, these objects "return" on their own to usual places.
It is interesting that in the Polish folklore there is an expression "disappeared as if the devil covered it with its tail" (i.e. "zniknelo jakby diabel nakryl je ogonem") for describing such an unexplained disappearance of objects.(See also the analysis of myths on devils provided in subsection R4.)
#9. Disturbances in the normal elapse of time. During times of our abductions to UFOs we may experience many of such time disturbances. They include for example the "state of suspended animation", the "effect of duplication of time", etc. - as these are described in subsections M1, T3, and V5.1. Sometimes also changes in indications of clocks may be observed.
One of cases of such disturbances met most frequently, is "forgetting ourselves" in a given activity. For example, someone sits to do something, and believes that "only" around 5 minutes elapsed since it was started. But the clock indicates, that entire hour, or even several hours elapsed. Such a collision between our subjective, and an objective elapse of time, may (although not always) result from the fact, that during a given activity we were abducted to a UFO without realising this. For the actual occurrence of this abduction various additional phenomena noticed together with this "forgetting ourselves" will strongly certify. These may include:
- extraordinary behaviour of our computer or other electrical/electronic devices (e.g. a picture in our TV set more wavy and unclear than usual, combined with the rusty voice coming out of its loud speakers),
- changes in the operation of clocks (e.g. indicating by a nearest clock a time that is around one hour later, or unexpected changes in the precision of work of a given clock, which manifest themselves in delays or accelerations of time),
- discovered only after this event jammings of locks or other mechanisms in our house, - untypical phenomena observed earlier that day, etc. Other equally frequent and equally significant sign of disturbances in the normal elapse
of our time, are unexpected indications of a time that is usually around 1 hour later than the time indicated by other clocks located close to us (e.g. an alarm clock from our bedroom). In my research I encountered a lot of such cases, and now I am even able to even draw from then conclusions of the statistical nature. Here they are. Such cases take place independently of the principle of operation of a given clock, i.e. they are manifested by mechanical, electrical, and electronic clocks. This in turn means, that their source is the intentional interference of UFOnauts with our time (and not e.g. the accidental interaction of propelling devices of UFOnauts with a given clock). This interference with our elapse of time by a chance reaches also a given clock. Our elapse of time usually is delayed by around one hour, (although I know also cases when it amounted to as much as around 6 hours). This means that UFOnauts on purpose designed it that way, so that in case when it is detected it could be taken for a human error (e.g. to be taken for an error in our setting of a given clock). Such cases are only happening to people who are abducted by a UFO vehicle that arrived to their home in the state of telekinetic flickering - see also descriptions from the first part of subsection U3.8. Simultaneously with this change of time, also various other signs of the presence of the entire UFO vehicle in our flat can sometimes be observed (e.g. magnetisation of all ferromagnetic objects from our flat which by accident found themselves close to propulsors of this invisible UFO vehicle). For these ones amongst us, who are abducted to UFOs with this special method (i.e. with an invisible UFO vehicle flying to our house and changing the elapse of our time by around an hour), their cases of such abductions usually are repeated systematically every 3 months. Thus, with a bit of good luck and perceptiveness, they may observe every 3 months these delays of the clock by around 1 hour. If they are less lucky or perceptive, they may observe such delays every period of time that is a multitude of 3 months (e.g. every 6, 9, 12, or 15 months from the previous such case).
Another example of disturbances of time, is a short-lasting, self-disappearing, and unexpectedly appearing jamming of the work of a clock that has some mechanical parts. Such a clock most frequently starts to delay its indications, although I also met cases of short-term accelerations. In drastic cases, for some time (usually a short one, because lasting only for around 1 day to several days), it may even completely refuse to work. This has the connection with the phenomenon described in subsection U3.6, and results from the exposure of this clock to a telekinetic field from UFO propulsors. After some time this clock "repairs" itself.
Disturbances of time described here may be caused by many mechanisms. For example, they may be results of activating the equipment used by UFOnauts capable of changing the normal elapse of time, e.g. the side effect of the phenomenon called "time surges" that is described in subsection M5. Such time surges most frequently are induced during the restarting and departure of time vehicles, after these vehicles finish a subsequent abduction (see also the "effect of time duplication" described in subsections M1 and V5.3). They can also be an outcome of an intentional alteration of time of a given person carried out by UFOnauts, which by a chance includes also a given clock. They can be a result of accidental interference of UFO propulsors with a given clock (in such cases our clock is going to go slower or faster for some time afterwards). Finally they can be result of an accidental stopping of the clock by UFOnauts who just arrived to our flat, and who start this clock (but with a wrong time) only after they realise that they accidentally stopped it. As we already know this from the research to-date on UFO abductions, UFOnauts have a very strict order to remove all signs of their activities. They must remove these either by themselves, or with our own hands - by hypnotising us and ordering us what we must eliminate and immediately forget.
It should be reminded here, that this ability of UFOnauts to manipulate the elapse of time for UFO abductees, makes almost impossible noticing or detecting by outside observers the absence of a given person. Therefore, even if around a given person several guards were placed, all of whom would continually observe a potential abductee, or even hold his/her hand, the abduction could still take place without the knowledge of these guards (e.g. by putting them into a "state of suspended animation", or by arranging for a given person a "one way trip", the return from which would occur exactly at the same moment of time in which this trip would begin - for details see subsection M1, not mentioning about putting the guards into a hypnotic sleep).
Thus, although a significant proportion of us for many years sleep in the same room or even a bed with another person, or with other people, these other people never are able to notice that we, similarly like they themselves, are systematically abducted to UFOs. Therefore the best and the most reliable manner of proving to ourselves objectively the fact of our own abductions to UFOs, is either the use of UFO detectors described in subsection U3.8 of this chapter, or noticing other signs of our UFO abductions, as described in this chapter.
#10. Interventions of UFOnauts into course of our lives. These manifest themselves in experiencing various events by us, which are very characteristic for continuous interventions of UFOnauts in our lives. These interventions almost always are oriented towards harming people and humanity, although is some (sparse) cases they may also take the form of helping these morally degenerated individuals, who hurt individual people, or hurt the entire humanity. The types of events that may be experienced by us are extremely wide, while their multitude is well expressed in descriptions from subsections VB4.7, V9, and W6.1. The most easy for noticing manifestations of this invisible interventions of UFOnauts in our lives include:
#10a. Repetitions of exactly the same scenario of our problems, which we continually experience in many different places in which we live. There is a basic difference between a type of problems that reach us from the hand of God (or "fate" - if someone prefer this expression), and from the hands of UFOnauts. God (or fate) usually affect us with a given problem only one time. Then our karma which caused this problem is paid back and the problem disappears. In turn UFOnauts use repetitively the same set of methods of hurting. This is because UFOnauts apply for a given person only these methods of harming, which
previously they tried out and confirmed that the methods are effective for this particular person (see examples in subsections VB4.5.1 and W4, and also in the introduction to treatise [7/2]). Then these methods are repeated continually in many different circumstances. Thus when we determine, that we are affected repetitively by the same type of problems, which most probably result from such methods of harming us by UFOnauts repeated many times, then it always is a reliable sign, that we belong to a category of people who work against interests of UFOnauts, and thus whom UFOnauts try to obstruct something.
#10b. "Accidents" from which we almost loose our lives, being constantly repeated on us. According to what I wrote in subsections A4 and VB4.5.1, if we continually experience accidents that threaten our lives, most certainly UFOnauts are just trying to get rid of us, while these accidents are simply ineffective assassination attempts at our lives. This in turn is a proof, that in the future we are going to contribute something significant towards the good of our civilisation.
#10c. Almost "miraculous" cases of saving our lives. According to what I wrote in subsection V5.2, if UFOnauts save our life, it is always an evidence, that in the future we are going to serve their occupational interests on Earth. Therefore, in such a case we should verify our future actions from the point of view of the good of humanity.
#10d. Physical manifestations of the continuous presence of UFOs in our vicinity. The largest number of examples of such manifestations is provided in subsections U3.6, V9.1, and A4.
#11. Observations of non-typical behaviour of domesticated animals, which are capable to detect with their sharp senses invisible evil parasites from UFOs. A whole range of capabilities of detecting the arrival of invisible UFO vehicles and individual UFOnauts to our homes in order to abduct us, provides the observation of behaviour of domesticated animals. As it is already established empirically, for many animals, for example for cats and sheep, UFOnauts and UFOs are visible and detectable with their senses, even if they remain invisible for human eyes. Therefore, through observation of these animals, when they intensively watch the motion of something that remains invisible to our sight, or observe some point on the wall or furniture, in which we do not see anything unusual, or when without any reason they show rapidly a powerful fear and run away, usually this gives to us a sign that evil parasites from UFOs are around. Dogs are known from their fear of UFOs, and from running away from UFOnauts and UFO vehicles. If they are not able to run, because they are e.g. chained, then they howl loudly. Therefore the loud howl of dogs, especially at nights, usually is the sign of not far presence of UFOnauts. Probably this fact of howling of dogs for the arrival of UFOnauts, combined with the fact discovered not long ago that if UFOnauts wish to murder someone than they usually arrive at night to his/her bedroom and spread spores of a deadly disease (e.g. spores of the "anthrax", or viruses of "Sars" lately very fashionable amongst UFOnauts), are the source of an old Polish superstition that "if dogs are howling loudly, then someone nearby is soon going to die". Independently from dogs, cats, and sheep, also practically almost every other animal reacts very vividly for the presence of invisible UFOs.
In cases, when we observe such unusual behaviour of animals, and when on the basis of this behaviour we are able to approximately determine the area where an invisible UFOnaut is hiding, then we should take several photographs of this area, or film this area with a fast video - as described for "rods" in subsection U3.1.2. This is because if there is an invisible UFO or UFOnaut in this area, than with a bit of luck we may capture on our photographs, or on fast video, the invisible for our eyes flashes of the extraction glow. This extraction glow would reveal on our photographs the presence and the shape of the alien entity.
#12. Being bothered by various strangers, MIBs, witches, devils, etc. If someone actively contributes towards the progress of knowledge on UFOs (e.g. saw a UFO and disseminates the true knowledge about his/her own sighting), or takes part in the resistance movement (RO) against the exploitation of Earth by UFOs, then in addition to all previous evidence of being abducted and exploited by UFOnauts, such a person is also bothered by various unusual creatures, or finds himself/herself in the situation that such creatures offer their "friendship". These strange creatures, usually are going to be UFOnauts - or more strictly delegated to Earth cosmic spies and saboteurs described in subsection V8.1.
In spite that people are not aware of this fact, such UFOnauts mixed with the crowd, are on Earth currently in rather significant numbers. They "keep eye" on everything that happens on Earth, through undertaking the key occupations and positions, and through constant taking part in our public life - for more details of their activities see subsection V4.6.1 of this monograph. Practically one of such UFOnaut is a member of every larger organisation that has some potential to work against humanity - e.g. each larger cult, each larger terrorist group, each larger research or educational institution, each government, etc. One of their duties includes watching those people, who for UFOnauts represent any threat.
Such cosmic spies and saboteurs constantly residing on Earth, are present version of known for centuries legendary beings with supernatural capabilities. Their historic examples include: Pan Twardowski from Poland, Baron Von Münchhausen from Germany, Lord Cavendish from England, and probably also Harry Houdini from the USA. At present times there is a significant number of them, mixed with the crowd in every country and every area of Earth. From my own searches for these cosmic spies and saboteurs that I completed in New Zealand, it appears that at least one of them mixes with each 100 000 inhabitants of our planet (for example, in 1990 in a city of Dunedin, New Zealand, the population of which is around 100 000, lived and acted at least two such cosmic spies and saboteurs: one of them managed to even start a "friendship" with me, while about activities of another one I only heard, never being able to meet him in my conscious state - see the descriptions of unusual creature from the café "Stewarts" in Dunedin, presented in subsections VB4.6.1 and T3 of this monograph, and in monograph [1e]). This in turn means, that only in such a country as e.g. Poland populated with around 35 millions of people, with the crowd mixes at least 350 such UFOnauts, who pretend that they are ordinary Poles. One of them may even live close to us - see subsection V8.2. Of course, an interesting question immediately arises here, whether such contemporary individuals as the "magician" David Copperfield, the "psychic" Uri Geller, the "guru" Sai Baba, are just extraordinary people with very special powers, or are fame seeking present representatives of these cosmic relatives of people.
Surely to the class of just such cosmic spies and saboteurs famous in ufology "Man in Black - MIB" can be included, who terrorize rational UFO investigators, and responsible UFO observers. If, because of the activities which are inconvenient for UFOs, someone has an opportunity to become a "friend", or is bothered by one of these creatures, than with a bit of knowledge what he/she should take notice of, it is possible to realize that we deal with a UFOnaut. The wider description of attributes and behaviours that characterise such cosmic spies and saboteurs are provided in subsections V8.1 and VB5.3.3.
#13. Accidental capturing of invisible (telekinetic) UFOs on our videos and photographs. Although so-far we would not take much notice of such photographs, and in usual circumstances we tend to destroy this interesting evidence, actually fragments of UFO vehicles are frequently captured on our photographs. (Most frequently these UFOs operate in the state of telekinetic flickering, thus on photographs only whitish strands of their telekinetic circuits are visible - for more details see subsection U3.1.2.) Of course, depending what was photographed, the appearance of a UFO vehicle captured on our photo is going to be different. Only rarely it is going to be so explicit, that we recognize it as a UFO vehicle or a UFOnaut. Most frequently on our photographs we can capture oscillatory chambers from invisible UFOs, similar to the chamber shown in Figure S8 of this monograph, and in Figure D2 in Polish treatise [4B]. Usually these chambers look like white pentagons or octagons. In older times they were explained as "reflections of the shutter". Frequently on photographs also "beams" or "tarnishes" made of light can appear, which actually represent either the extraction glow described in subsection H6.1 of this monograph, or represent captured sparks that flicker in oscillatory chambers of invisible UFOs. A large number of UFOs invisible for human sight is explained as the "overlapping of two photos", when apart from the clear shapes, on a photograph also secondary unclear foggy shapes are visible. (Previously these foggy shapes were explained as a second photo taken on the top of a first one.) It is worth to take notice of all non-typical objects which appear on our photographs and films, especially these made of a white extraction glow. Many examples of excellent photographs, which captured invisible UFOs, is interpreted in the Polish treatise [4C] "Interpretacje zdjec UFO w swietle Teorii Magnokraftu".
#14. The herb "cat's tail" under our windows. If we live on a ground floor, than even if UFOs arrive in the invisible telekinetic state, still a powerful field from propulsors of these vehicles interacts with the soil, gradually changing physio-chemical properties of this soil. There is a kind of herb of the size of typical grass, which normally prefers very poor, sandy soil. I know it well, because my mother used to send me everyday to collect a handful of it. It has very powerful healing and revitalising properties, acting as a natural antibiotic. (Probably the synthesis of the unique components of this herb, which are carriers of these powerful healing and revitalising properties, imposes the requirement that this herb prefers to grow on the soil saturated with the telekinetic field: after all the telekinetised substances show properties of a chemical catalyst, as I explained this in subsection NB1 of this monograph.) After cutting this herb into small pieces, my mother used to mix it with feed for chicken and turkeys, so that they used to grow especially healthy and buxom. The folk name for this herb, which my mother used, was "cat's tail" - probably because its small leaves actually resemble a tail in a mewed cat. (In Botanic gardens in Wellington, New Zealand, in section "herb garden", I found a variety of this herb kept in gardens - which is much larger, taller, and more overgrown than the wild variety: it had the label "Achillea Filipendula YALLOW".) As I discovered this in my research on New Zealand UFO landings, this herb always spontaneously and intensively grows in areas, where the soil is strongly saturated with telekinetic field of UFOs - no matter how fertile or poor this soil is, and no matter whether the vehicle left scorched marks on this soil. But in areas of landings of invisible telekinetic UFOs, only leaves of this herb seem to grow, which almost as a rule are deprived stems and flowers, thus looking like a typical green grass. (This means that on UFO landings this herb looks different and less mature than in botanical atlases, because in atlases apart from characteristic leaves, typically stems and flowers are also shown, which on UFO landings for some reasons almost never are developed by this herb.) In addition to this I also noted, that when I arrive to some new flat on a ground floor, initially I am not able to spot this herb amongst grasses that grow under my window. But after around a half year of time in this flat, this particular herb starts to dominate over the grass under my window. Because from other manifestations I know for sure that in my flat at least one invisible UFO vehicle is continually present, all these observations together mean that if someone notices under his/her window significant proportion of this herb, this is going to mean that his/her flat is a target for frequent arrivals of invisible UFO vehicles.
#15. UFO landings under windows of our bedroom. Of course, it does not need to be even emphasized, that if not far from the window of our bedroom the ring-shaped UFO landings are systematically scorched in grass (e.g. similar to these shown in photos from Figure A3 in treatise [7/2e]), than this is also an excellent evidence of parasitic interests of UFOs in us. Unfortunately, in almost all cases when I tried to point the attention of people abducted to UFOs to such prominent rings of scorched vegetation in front of their bedrooms, almost as a rule they refused to acknowledge the merit of these rings. They rejected them under the excuse of something specific that they did on this grass. (Usually this was a use of an artificial fertiliser, or a chemical poison.) In this way they indicated that one of mental blocks that UFOs impose onto their victims, is to hypnotically convince them not to take any notice of evidence that UFOnauts must leave behind.
#16. Problems with taking an active part in the RO. In Poland a group of highly aware and motivated people gradually gathers together. They call themselves the "RO" (from the Polish historic name "Ruch Oporu", or "RO", coined and widely used during the Hitler's aggression of Poland of 1939-1945, which means "resistance movement" against the occupation). In the face of just disclosed fact of the occupation of Earth by morally degenerated UFOnauts, these people do not intend to "passively sit on their own hands" any longer, but they actively fight against the aggressor from space. A reoccurring fact connected with someone's activities in the RO, is that each person linked with this resistance movement, personally experiences ever increasing acts of aggression and sabotage from invisible UFOnauts. In the home of this person very strange events start to take place, his/her computer becomes systematically checked and blocked, his/her activities for the RO become sabotaged, etc. In total, everyone who starts to work actively for the RO, soon afterwards looses all doubts that the intervention of invisible UFOnauts in lives of individual people on Earth is actual and very intensive. Therefore, if also you (the reader) wish to be absolutely sure that the occupation of Earth by evil parasites from UFOs is a fact, or sure that you personally are being abducted to UFOs, and wish to experience in person various evil activities of these immoral degenerates from the space, the most effective method of accomplishing this assurance is to join the activities of our RO (e.g. promote totalizm, build and disseminate defence devices, etc. - as described in this monograph).

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