T3. The evidence confirming the existence of UFOs that operate as Time Vehicles
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T3. The evidence confirming the existence of UFOs that operate as Time Vehicles

Various UFO observations provided a significant body of evidence which confirms that some UFOs visiting our planet already operate as Time Vehicles. This evidence can be classified into the following categories:
#1. UFOnauts' statements. Various UFO abductees reported that UFOnauts claim their vehicles to be capable of time travel, and sometimes even explain the phenomena and principles which such travel involves.
#2. The documented cases of time acceleration or deceleration. These are observed on wristwatches of people having close encounters with UFOs. Such watches registered time which was significantly accelerated or delayed in comparison to the time shown by other clocks.
#3. Cases of abductions onto a UFO deck which belong to the category of "one way trips". Such trips do not have their time - see descriptions from subsection M1. Therefore they take less time than the timespan of individual activities which were completed during these abductions.
#4. Cases of the "duplication of time". This effect is described in subsection M1.
#5. Reports from observations of the "state of suspended animation". This state is described in subsection M1. It can be caused only as the result of the operation of Time Vehicles.
Reviewed below are examples of the most representative evidence belonging to each one of these categories.
Re. #1. UFOnauts' statements. An example of an UFOnaut's statement claiming the capability of their vehicle to travel in time is supplied by a New Zealand citizen, in this monograph referred as Miss Nosbocaj, abducted onto a UFO deck (the same case was already mentioned in subsection S1.4). A few selected statements from her report are repeated below (the full content of this report is provided in appendix Z - see phrases N-126 to N-132, N-140 and N-162). The excerpt quoted is limited only to the alien's explanations concerning time travel. The person reporting refers to the alien guide who provided these explanations as "he".
"He told me about time too, that time - actually doesn't move but we move over time, so that he can actually meet me once - or come together once, but we can meet many times. So he can actually meet me in the future as well, so sometimes when I get the feeling that I've been to see him at night or something I only have met him once but, and we come together once at that point or that's, but, but you see because time doesn't move he can, he can, oh how can I explain this. But those points are there for him to be at when I pass through them, and that's why I sometimes get the impression that he's there again.
... He told me so much about, or showed me the way time works and space and things but I, I just haven't got the words. ...
He showed me but he, their navigating is so, is so different because they actually, they're operating more on, on more than three dimensional, it's five, six, seven, it's, it's because they're going through space and through time ...".
Notice that in the above quotation the capability of alien vehicles to travel in time is definitely confirmed by an alien himself. Moreover, this quotation reveals that the aliens' understanding of time very closely corresponds to that derived from the concept of Dipolar Gravity - compare the first (highlighted) statement in the above quotation with the content of subsection H9.1.
Re. #2. The documented cases of time acceleration or deceleration. A case of accelerating time as shown by a wristwatch after a close encounter with a huge UFO, is well illustrated by the so-called "Kentucky abduction" that took place near Hustonville, Kentucky, on 31 January 1976. This abduction involved three women: Louise Smith, Mona Stafford and Elaine Thomas. Quoted below is a sentence taken from the report that describes this abduction (see [1T3] Ronald D. Story (editor): "The Encyclopedia of UFOs". New English Library, London 1980, ISBN 0-450-04118-2, page 193):
"Prior to washing her hands, Louise had taken off her watch and was startled to see that the hands of her watch were moving at an accelerated rate of speed, the minute hand moving at the speed of a second hand, and the hour hand was moving also."
Re. #3. Cases of abductions onto a UFO deck which belong to the category of "one way trips". An example of abduction which belongs to a "one way trip" type, thus which took less time than the duration of individual activities taking place during it, is the case of the abduction of Carl Higdon that took place on October 25, 1974. This case is described in the book [1T3] by Ronald D. Story (editor): "The Encyclopedia of UFOs". New English Library, London 1980, ISBN 0-450-04118-2, page 171, and in the book [2T3] by Joshua Strickland: "There are aliens on earth! Encounters" (Grosset & Dunlop, New York, 1979, ISBN 0-448-15078-6), page 16. Here is a brief description of events taking place during Higdon's abduction - compare this description with the description under Figure R4:
About 4:15 p.m. he began elk hunting on the north edge of the Medicine Bow National Forest, south of Rawlings, Wyoming, USA. "I walked over this hill and saw five elk. I raised my rifle and fired, but the bullet only went about fifty feet and dropped." When picking up the bullet he noticed a man standing near by. The appearance of this man is illustrated in Figure R4. The man called himself "Ausso". Ausso gave Higdon a pill which he said was to satisfy his hunger for four days. Then he took him into a transparent cubicle (i.e. four-propulsor UFO, see Figures Q1 to Q3). Inside was another similar alien. After they took off, Higdon saw a basket-ball-shaped object under the cubicle, which he took to be Earth. Ausso said they had travelled 163,000 "light miles". They landed near a strange tower with a bright, dazzling light. There were five human-like people around. Ausso took him into the tower and subjected him to what looked like an X-ray. Afterwards he announced that Higdon was not what they needed and that they would take him back. He placed Higdon on the seat inside his cubicle and moved a control lever. Instantaneously, without any noticeable travel, Higdon found himself in the same place where he picked up his bullet, prior to his unusual encounter. Time seemed to shift backward to the beginning of his experience. At this moment Higdon didn't know who or where he was. He started to wander around, walking about a mile past his truck. This walk was estimated to take him over two hours. Then he returned to the truck and about 6:30 p.m. he called for help by CB radio. He was taken to hospital where he had no appetite for another 3 days. He displayed symptoms of exposure to some kind of radiation.
By our measure of time Higdon's entire abduction took only about 2 hours, i.e. between 4:15 p.m. (when he began his elk hunt) and 6:30 p.m. (when he called on the CB radio after returning to his truck). But during this time he visited his abductor's planet, was medically examined, returned back to Earth, had a long wander in the forest, found his car and called for help. Even if the speed of his abductor's vehicle was hundreds of times that of the speed of light, reaching a planet from a distant star in less than 2 hours would be impossible. On the other hand, all the other elements of Higdon's story, including the personal propulsion of his abductor - see Figure R4, were confirmed by the evidence. So there is no reason to dismiss his report of visiting the alien's planet. But to make this possible, some form of time travel (e.g. reversing backward the elapse of time) must be involved. Thus, the abduction of Carl Higdon provides further evidence confirming the ability of some UFOs to time travel.
It is worth mentioning that also the abduction of Miss Nosbocaj reported in appendix Z of monograph [2e] also had the character of a "one way trip".
One of the extremely vital aspects of the abduction of Higdon, is the reason for which he was abducted. This reason is directly connected with the subject of this monograph. Therefore it requires addressing here. It is not difficult to deduce, that he was abducted in order to become a donor of some biological materials or resources. For example, his tissues or internal organs were required for transplants. Only the fact that from the medical point of view his characteristic was colliding with the needs of UFOnauts, saved him from being robbed from these materials. So his case is directly supporting the thesis presented in subsections A3, VB1 /?/, and U4.1, that "UFOnauts rob humans from biological resources".
Of course, the additional question that immediately arises here, is what would happen to Higdon, if he turned out to be the carrier of the required biological material. Would he survive the robbery of the required tissues or organs? After all, if we hypothetically assume, that becoming a donor would means for him the end of life, then his possible fate must be shared by many other people. We know that his abduction was not an exceptional case. As this is explained in subsection O6 /?/, many other people are abducted in a similar manner from wild areas of Earth, to never return. Police chronicles of almost every country repetitively notice such unexplained disappearances of people in quite mysterious circumstances. Their disappearances also display a high similarity to Higdon's case. In the face of facts presented in this monograph, there is about time we start consider such possibilities. The legal aspect which awaits addressing as the first priority, is whether governments of countries, which ignore the duty to protect their citizens from UFO abductions, are obliged to pay a financial compensation to families of people who never returned from such UFO abductions.
Another vital aspect worth addressing in the abduction of Higdon, is the "human" appearance of "Ausso". In spite of being an UFOnaut, with the appearance and with the anatomic build up Ausso resembled humans. This in turn documents the correctness of theses from subsections A3, V1, V3, and P6, which state that "UFOnauts are ours cosmic relatives", "people were relocated to Earth from a planet around 4 times larger than Earth", and "in various parts of the universe still relatives of humans live, from which our civilisation originates". Of course, while considering these theses, we also need to remember about the thesis from subsection A3. Namely that out cosmic relatives from UFOs are actually "black sheep" of the human family. They practice the philosophy of evil parasitism, and in a hidden manner they rob humans from everything for which they find any use.
Re. #4. Cases of the "duplication of time". One of the best cases of multiple observation of an effect, which in subsection M1 was called "the effect of duplication of time" was reported by a New Zealand abductee with the initials J.W. He asked me not to publish his full name or address. Mr J.W. lives alone in an isolated wooden cottage by the sea in a suburb of Dunedin. The lawn growing around his cottage is continually covered with many biologically active, visibly new UFO landing sites. In order for a given landing site to be biologically active, it must be made by a UFO of the third, or at least the second generation. For details see the biological action of the Telekinetic Effect summarized in subsection NB4. After detailed research it turned out that J.W. is systematically abducted onto the deck of an invisible UFO of the third generation, i.e. a Time Vehicle. Unfortunately his memory is always thoroughly and effectively "erased" after each of these abductions. He has, however, an awareness of UFOnauts taking him away, and even believes that he knows the purpose. According to his claims, his sperm is being taken for reproductive purposes. So J.W. belongs to the category of "sperm donors" described in subsection U4.1. After each abduction, he is put back into his cottage while still in a hypnotic trance. Sometimes he is left in a standing position. Then a waking up impulse is sent to him. When J.W. is woken up, an invisible UFO still stays in his vicinity for a few further minutes. As J.W. believes, most probably a UFO is doing it to make sure that he is O.K. This proof of being concerned about his wellbeing continually demonstrated to him by a UFO, immensely impresses J.W. During each talk with me he always stresses this fact, adding a comment along the line, quote "sometimes I am upset with them that they do not ask me for permission to do their sperm gathering, but I must admit that they show an unusual decency by making sure before the departure that all is o'right with me". But J.W. does not know, that UFOnauts do not show the concern about his health at all, but only about the karma that they generate for themselves. They want, that when the time comes that they are going to examined by someone, this someone makes sure before the departure, that they are OK. After awaking J.W. the invisible UFO departs. At the moment of its departure J.W. always experiences the "effect of duplication of time". Whatever he would be doing at this particular moment of time, or whatever he would be listening or watching, it always repeated itself twice, with the ideal correspondence of details. For example, when he watched a car with his neighbours passing by his window, a moment later the same car with the same neighbours dressed in the same way passed again by his window. The repetition is only a short period of time, around 15 seconds.
It is worth mentioning here several interesting aspects of this case. The first is that J.W. has a characteristic mark on the right side of his right shin. The mark lies a half way between the knee and ankle. Actually he was the first person systematically abducted to a UFO, which informed me that after one of his abductions he returned with this unique scar on his leg. It was the examination of his leg that inspired me later to a systematic examination of legs of all other people abducted to UFOs that I knew at that time. In the result of his inspiration, and also due to a "coincidence" that at the same time I just was carrying research of a number of different people abducted to UFOs and thus I could check also their legs, that I managed to accomplish an important discovery. Namely I discovered, that just such clear scars on legs have almost all people systematically abducted to UFOs. Only that woman have it on the left side of their left shin. This in turn gradually led me to discoveries described in subsection U3.1 and U4.1, and in chapter W of this monograph.
The second interesting aspect is that his abductions occur in such regular intervals, that J.W. knows their next date and time. Thus a few times, when the appropriate date approached, myself, equipped with all necessary instruments, waited in his cottage. However, UFOs never completed the abduction until I definitely, not only apparently, gave up and departed.
Another interesting aspect of this case are vibrations of the house in which J.W. lived. This house was made of wooden planks covered with metal sheets. In times just proceeding a subsequent abduction of J.W., this house was experiencing powerful vibrations. These vibrations waved. Means that with a rhythm that was significantly slower than human breathing, they kept intensifying and then diminishing. They make an impression as if a UFO vehicle which arrived in the state of telekinetic flickering to abduct J.W., rhythmically kept descending and entering the house, inducing these vibrations, then again ascended, so that these vibrations diminished. But from my later research on effects caused by invisible UFOs on my own TV set, I discovered that the reason for this "waving of vibrations", is the waving of frequency and power of UFO's field. Namely an invisible UFO vehicle most probably remained inside of the house all the time. But the frequency and power of pulsations of the field that caused the telekinetic flickering of this vehicle, was changing in a wavy manner. In turn this waving of the frequency and power of UFO's field caused that the covered with metal plates wooden house of J.W. also was falling into resonance with the field of this UFO in a wavy manner. Between us, this wavy intensification and diminishing of the frequency and power of UFO fields, has something to do with the principle used to control the output from twin- chamber capsules of these vehicles - for details see subsection C7.1 /?/. It is reported in a large number of UFO observations, for example see the description of a "dog with constipation" provided in subsection O5.4 /?/ of this monograph, or the description of waving of the height on which a UFO hovered in an underground chamber - reported in subsection O5.3.3 /?/. Sometimes it is even captured on photographs - e.g. see differences in thicknesses of subsequent ionised layers of the air shown in Figure P18. In turn the mechanism of passing these pulsations of the UFO field onto vibrations of the wooden house of J.W., is exactly the same as the mechanism of vibrations and itching of human body during the telekinetic penetration of people through solid walls. In details this mechanism is described in subsection T2, while theoretically it is elaborated in subsection L2 /?/ of this monograph. Vibrations of the house of J.W. in some cases were so intensive, that cups hanging on walls were rattling against these walls. Unfortunately, whenever I tried to register them, a UFO that was abducting J.W. always detected my presence in the house and would not fly inside of this house until I definitively departed. If I tried to trick it by an apparent departure and then return, the UFO always without an error awaited with the arrival until the moment of my definitive departure. The manner in which it kept occurring suggested to me that this UFO either checked earlier the future, or secretly watched me and my thoughts to detect my definitive departure.
Re. #5. Reports from observations of the "state of suspended animation". An excellent observation of the "state of suspended animation" is provided by a person using the pseudonyme "Richard Williams" (his real name is suppressed on his request) of Dunedin, New Zealand. Here is how he describes his experience (a spoken record of his observation is contained in my files):
"The events that I am reporting took place on one week day in July 1975 (most probably on Tuesday, 12 July 1975) around 12:50 p.m. As well as myself, it was witnessed by three of my friends, namely Pat S., Nancy T., and Ross K. Because all of them used to be well known figures in Dunedin, I will not reveal their full names. That day four of us had lunch together in a coffee bar, "Stewarts", located on the south side of Dunedin's Octagon. This lunch was one of many that we have together in the same coffee bar, as our everyday meetings here had a long tradition. On that particular day our conversation didn't spark, as the weather was cold and damp, Pat had flu, Nancy had migraine, Ross cut the top of his finger, and I had a headache. We sat around our table located opposite the stairs and quietly ate our lunches. All of a sudden time stood still. The noisy and busy coffee bar occupied by about 80 people turned into an absolutely silent place where everything froze. This looked like a still frame from a movie film. People were twisted in strange positions, frozen whilst performing movements. Their bodies looked comic and their positions seemed to be very unstable. I remember a cloud of steam suspended motionlessly in a dynamic configuration above the expresso machine. I also remember a waitress pulling out burning hot cakes from the oven, and sustaining their heat in the motionless hands. In the whole café only four of us seemed to remain non-affected, thus having the occasion to observe what actually happened.
At the top of the stairs that led down to the coffee bar from street level, an unusual man appeared. He was about 1.75 metres high and looked about 19 years old. He was dark, thin, with olive skin and black wavy hair {according to later Richard's comments he actually looked like a twin brother of TV magician David Copperfield, or famous spoon-bender Uri Geller}. His clothes looked normal, but displayed high taste and elegance. Everything about him looked strikingly perfect. The man was surrounded by a beautiful white glow, especially around his head and chest. The light seemed to be emitted not from him, but from the air that surrounded him. He glided down the stairs without moving his legs. He actually floated in the air slightly above the level of the stairs. Then he moved to the counter and stood first in the queue. As soon as he got there, everything started to happen normally again. People continued their actions from the point when they were suspended in motion. Steam continued to rush from the expresso. Everything looked as though nothing had happened. The man bought a glass of fruit juice and sat at the last free chair left at a 12 person table. He acknowledged our attention by a smile. We wanted to talk to him and find out more about his unusual arrival, but there was no access to his chair. So we decided to leave the coffee bar and wait for him upstairs at the only way out. After about 5 minutes waiting and not seeing him pass, I went back down to find that he was gone. There is no other exit from this coffee bar. This day we were also surprised to find out that Pat's flu and Nancy's migraine were gone, I had no more headache, and the top of Ross's finger looked as though it never had been cut.
We talked about this experience almost continually, and really wanted to learn more about this unusual young man. About six weeks later we spotted him again. He stood at the top of the stairs, intending to enter the café. He moved his head in our direction in a kind of greeting. His clothes were the same, except that this time he was surrounded by a faint green glow (not white). When he appeared nothing actually happened. He walked down as normal people do (his steps looked somehow more light then ours) unnoticed by anyone but us. He again bought a glass of fruit juice and again sat in the same place. A few times he acknowledged our attention by a friendly look at us. This time we decided to interrupt him, and to find out who he was. We wanted to stand up and come closer, but none of us could move. When finally we managed to stand up, we directed ourselves out of the coffee bar (seemingly against our will). Pat desperately tried to turn back to him, but her efforts failed. After a while Pat decided to return back to the coffee bar, only to find out that he had already gone. We never met him again. The experience shook our lives and has remained the deepest mystery." The above mystery was resolved on 1 October 1988, when Richard Williams described these unusual events to me. In the impulse of the moment I read to him the paragraph (in this monograph presented in subsection M1) which describes the "state of suspended animation". I previously described this state theoretically, solely from the analysis of the operation of Time Vehicles. Thus, Richard was the first person known to me who actually witnessed this state, without any prior knowledge of the theory behind it. Therefore his report provides an extremely valuable confirmation that Time Vehicles in fact already do exist.
In March 1989 I discussed the "state of suspended animation" with Mr. Mac X. of Waikouaiti near Dunedin. During this discussion Mac admitted that he also witnessed such a state. Unfortunately, because of various pressures, he was unable to give a written or a recorded report as to what he has seen. But he was willing to describe verbally his experience. Mac's observation had a very similar course to that of Richard B. It occurred around 11 a.m. one week day, sometime between June and August 1976. During the experience Mac was siting at the table nearest to the stairs in the Dunedin coffee bar, "Stewarts", drinking his coffee. His attention was alerted when an unusual silence fell on the busy coffee bar. He witnessed all the people in the coffee bar, except for himself, frozen motionlessly for about 4 minutes in extremely uncomfortable positions. It is worth mentioning here that Richard and Mac X. never met and remained unaware of each others independent observation of so similar events. The only attribute they had in common was that they sat at the same table situated nearest to the stairs in the coffee bar Stewarts.

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