T2. Observations of telekinetic UFOs in operation
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T2. Observations of telekinetic UFOs in operation

The findings of the theory named the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" and described in chapters H and I, indicate exactly what are the most important attributes of propulsion systems that utilise the Telekinetic Effect. These attributes can be utilised for the direct identification of Telekinetic Vehicles and garments of Telekinetic Personal Propulsion. They also allow to distinguish between such telekinetic propulsion systems from all other propulsion systems of UFOs, especially from the fully magnetic propulsion systems of the first generation. The use of such telekinetic vehicles and garments should be quite easily identifiable, as they would display the following attributes absent in other propulsion systems:
#1. Extraction glow. When operating in the telekinetic convention, the surface of these vehicles and garments should be covered with a thin layer of white "extraction glow" or green "dispersion glow" - see subsection H6.1.2. The extraction glow is a cold and white light, very similar to the light of the Moon. In the old days this glow was considered to mark supernatural beings. It made them look as if they were "oiled with light".
#2. Passing through solid objects. Vehicles and garments operating in the telekinetic convention should be able to move through solid objects without damaging these objects or themselves.
#3. Becoming invisible. It is accomplished through the flickering between the material state and the telekinetic state. Details of this state of "telekinetic flickering" are described in subsection L2 /?/.
At this point it should be added here that there are also various attributes which indirectly certify the use of telekinetic propulsors in some UFOs. In order to give a frequent example of such attributes, one of them is the high biological activity of the Telekinetic Effect. It is explained in subsections NB2 and NB4. It causes that UFOs of the second (and also third) generation induce various long-term post-effects. In order to list some of these post-effects, they include almost an explosive increase in the speed of growth of vegetation sometimes even up to 12 times more than normal, mutations of organisms, the appearance of paranormal capabilities in some people, etc. Manifestations of these attributes, after UFOs were previously observed in the same area, are documented with a vast body of evidence. However, because of the indirect meaning of this evidence its further discussion will be omitted in this monograph.
Let us return to direct attributes. There is a wealth of evidence already available, which confirms the presence of attributes listed above in some contemporary UFO observations. This allows us to reason that some UFOs already utilize the telekinetic convention of operation. Let us now examine a few examples of evidence which confirms that some UFOs display the extraction glow, have the capability to pass through solid objects, and are invisible to human sight.
Re. #1. The extraction glow. There are numerous UFO photographs available which illustrate shapes corresponding exactly to those deducted for the Magnocraft, but in which the vehicle looks as if it is "oiled with light". An example of this is shown in Figure T1. In this photograph the light covering the surface of a UFO displays all the properties of the extraction glow. Moreover, the fact that a single frame shows twice the same vehicle, but moving discretely to two different locations, indicates that the vehicle moves in a telekinetic state - see subsection L1 /?/. The above is additionally reinforced by the fact that in any of the magnetic modes of the Magnocraft's operation, such as the magnetic whirl mode, throbbing mode, or magnetic lens mode, the appearance of the vehicle as in Figure T1 can not be induced. To conclude the above, in order to achieve all the attributes recorded in the photograph from Figure T1, the UFO needed to employ a technological version of telekinesis. Thus, the photograph must show a UFO of the second or the third generation.
Garments of personal propulsion used by UFOnauts can also look as if they are "oiled with light". Such an appearance is reported in the following eye-witness report by Miss Jock Laing (7 Smith St., Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand). The events reported by her took place one weekend in December 1958, when she was 9 years old.
"I was lying on my bed and reading a book. The bed was a heavy construction, made of brass, with three horizontal bars at the foot of the bed. Behind the foot of the bed there was a window, closed that day, through which branches of a huge apple tree could be seen. For some unknown reason I lifted my eyes from the book and saw three little beings of about 85 cm in height, dressed in shiny, radiant clothes. They were suspended in the air, exactly in the place where the three horizontal bars at the foot of the bed were located. The metal of these bars penetrated through their bodies. The outlines of these beings were also unusual. The entire surface of their bodies and clothes was covered with a thin layer of white light. This light made their outlines quite fuzzy. The beings were not intimidating, and somehow I felt a calmness and friendliness emanating from them. They communicated with me without a sound - just by putting the information straight into my head. When they finished this silent talk, they departed rapidly, still facing in my direction. They accelerated backwards in a straight line, passing through the glass of the closed window and through branches of a tree behind it. The brass of my bed displayed no damage afterwards. Also the glass in the window was untouched. When I described the events to my family they laughed at me, telling me that I was too old to see fairies. No-one had heard about UFOnauts in those days."
In the above observation both attributes unique to the use of telekinetic propulsion systems were confirmed, i.e. the appearance of the extraction glow on the surface of the personal propulsion garments, and the ability to penetrate solid matter without any damage to that matter or to the UFOnauts themselves.
Probably it is also worth mentioning here that in 1987 I conducted a research of UFO landing sites in the Roxburgh area. Some of the landings investigated there are presented in Figure Q12 of monograph [1]. On the slope of the hill range behind the garden of Miss Laing, I noticed numerous (not only one) old landings of a UFO type K4 (with the strict policy of UFOnauts that at least one crew member must always remain inside the vehicle, UFOs type K4 have three out of four crew members capable of visiting someone - see Table F1). These landings could have been scorched in 1958. Their extremely high biological activity still clearly noticeable in 1987 suggested that they originated from telekinetic UFOs.
When discussing the case of Miss Laing it should be noted that the event took place when she was 9 years old. Also a significant proportion of other close encounters with UFOnauts involve 9 year olds. I analysed possible reasons why at that particular age UFOnauts seem to willingly appear to children, and I came to the conclusion that the reason must be the height of people. Nine-year olds on average are approximately around the same height as Zeta Recticuli UFOnauts (i.e. 90 to 110 cm). Thus UFOnauts must somehow relate better to people of equal size to themselves and probably this prompts them psychologically to appear to these youngsters more often than to other people.
Re. #2. Passing through solid objects. The ability of UFO propulsion to pass through solid objects is emphasized in many observations. This ability, together with other attributes of telekinetic propulsors similar to these from case of Miss Jock Laing, were revealed in another case of the use of telekinetic personal propulsion, known to me. On the night of 29 May 1983, at 1:30 a.m., Mr Witold Rusek, ul. Wiktorska, Warsaw, Poland, was abducted by two UFOnauts onto the deck of a spherical UFO complex (similar to the one shown in Figure P9) where he was subjected to a medical examination. Here are some excerpts from his written report describing the event.
"... I stayed near the window in my room and observed this huge sphere, with two black horizontal flanges fastened round the middle of it, which gently hovered above the ground, emanating a brown-red colour. ... Rapidly from the wall near my window emerged two beings about 2 metres high, dressed in white glowing garments. ... They grabbed my wrists and began to pull me in the direction of the wall. It terrified me because I could become stuck inside the wall. But when I thought this, they sent back to me, probably telepathically, the feeling of their amusement and this relaxed my resistance. ... Inside the spaceship there was a square room, the ceiling of which curved on one side into a wall. ... On one of the walls protruded something that appeared to me to be like a square window. I tried to look through it but I could not see anything. ..."
The last two sentences of this excerpt concern the observation of the Oscillatory Chamber, and are connected with the content of subsection S1. It is pity that the eyes of this observer were adjusted for distant seeing, otherwise perhaps we would have another report of observation of an octagonal (or even "sixteen-sided") Oscillatory Chamber. In the above report it is also worth to notice the use of TRI of the first generation described in subsection N3.1 /?/. It was used to telepathically pass feelings.
There are also opposite situations reported, when UFOnauts are motionless, whereas material objects (e.g. people) penetrate through them. A highly evidential observation which clearly confirms such an ability of UFOnauts was made on Starr Hill, Warminster, England (this observation is described in [1T2] Nigel Blundell, Roger Boar: "The World's Greatest UFO Mysteries". Octopus Books Limited, London 1983, ISBN 0-7064-1770-4, page 132). In the incident a team of eight witnesses was present, which included Sally Pike, who reported it, and her husband Neil. The witnesses had spotted two high-flying UFOs when they all felt the air become warmer (compare the conversion of thermal energy during telekinetic release - subsection H6.1.2). Then two aliens appeared. They were about 2 metres tall, and it was as if they were made of smoke (see transparent properties of telekinetic state - subsection L2 /?/). The observing team could see their outlines down to their waists, then they gradually started to dissipate. When Neil approached them, he seemed to blend in with them. He couldn't see them when he got close, but the team of observers watched him walk straight through the figures and out the other side. The aliens remained in the same place for about half-an-hour, then disappeared.
A similar observation of passing an UFOnaut through a car, is described in the article [2T2] by Bronislaw Bzowski, "UFO nad ZSRR", that was published in the Polish monthly Nie z tej Ziemi, no. 2, 1992, pages 27-29. This observation includes all components of the use of telekinetic personal propulsion system. It reports on an event that took place on 26 June 1989 in the city Lesozawodsk, from Nadmorski Kraj, Far East, Russia. Here is how these events were described there (in my translation from Polish):
"The alien still walked along the centre of the road, turning his head to the right and left, like looking around. Rapidly on the road a car appeared, driven by a young male. The driver noticed the alien and started to break. But something unexpected happened. The alien took several steps in the direction of car, and the car drove through him. The scared driver stopped the car after around 15 meters, clamping his fists on the steering wheel. Both, he - especially his hair, and his car, were covered with silver dust. In that moment legs of the alien disappeared, although he himself still walked and disappeared only on the bridge. Girls saw all this while hiding behind the buss stop..."
Independently from the record of physical penetration of one object by other object, without harming any of them, the above description contains several interesting observations concerning technical telekinesis. One of these is the observation of the visual byproduct of the action of telekinetic field. This byproduct is the "extraction glow", that appears on objects and materials which were in contact with powerful telekinetic field produced by UFO propulsion. So the above report represents an eye witness confirmation which confirms the ability of the UFO telekinetic field to temporally telekinetise of all objects that are in contact with this field - for details see subsection NB1. It is this silver glow of the air powerfully telekinetised by oscillatory chambers of the second generation used in "magical rods" of ancient "wizards" and "witches", that induced the folklore stories about "magical silver dust" that is spread by "magical rods" of these aliens. Another interesting observation, is the reliability of the instant reaction of the controlling computer from this personal propulsion used by the alien. After the alien found himself in a dangerous situation, his personal propulsion system automatically increased the frequency of the "telekinetic flickering". In this way, the ability of this alien to penetrate through moving objects was increased. In turn, according to descriptions from subsection L2 /?/, the higher frequency of the telekinetic flickering caused the decrease in the visibility of this alien. So the alien partially disappeared around propulsors in his legs.
Re. #3. Becoming invisible. There is a lot of observations that document the ability of UFOs of the second and third generations to become invisible. These UFOs accomplish such invisibility through going into the state of telekinetic flickering. An example of such observations can be adventures of "L family" described in subsection U3.5. An entire UFO vehicle was entering their house every three months. Amongst a large selection of such reports, the special attention we should pay to these ones, that document and explain the manner in which UFOs become invisible.
One of the best documentation of becoming invisible, is presented on pages 351 to 352 of previously mentioned book [1T1]. In this particular case, a person abducted to a UFO named "Carlos" describes how he was placed on an oscillatory chamber from the main propulsor of a UFO. This chamber looked to him like a crystal structure. In the effect of being placed on this oscillatory chamber, the body of Carlos gradually transformed into what for him looked like light. This means that from a physical state, he transformed into the telekinetic state - for details see subsection L2 /?/. Then his body become transparent. This person was also aware, that in the exactly the same manner UFO vehicles become invisible to hide themselves from humans. Here is what exactly Carlos reported in on this topic:
- "The crystal 'table' was used during examinations..., i.e. that particular symbol comes forth and we infer it as a table per se ... The large crystal structure, however, is located in the center of the lower rotunda area, and is a different mechanism; it is operationally and functionally distinct from the smaller instruments utilized in the exams. ... I went through that body - cracking (apart) ... First the light is the body. It (the light mechanism) continues (invading and permeating the interior of the body - muscles, tissue, organs, blood, nerves, et cetera) to the edge right next to the skin; it is when the skin dissolves ... This process is associated with itching. ... In this time, I am golden light. ... I am seeing my (own) inside (i.e. body interior) ... I saw the crystal-clear form of me. It is the ghost image I referred to earlier ... Carlos feels somehow that this process of transmuting his body into light is related to 'the process of... hiding (making invisible) the spacecraft'."
In the same book [1T1] several further descriptions are provided, which prove that becoming invisible, and also walking through walls, is accomplished due to a fast flickering, or vibrating, between the physical state and the telekinetic state. Means it occurs exactly in the manner as it is described in subsection L2 /?/. The key to the observation of the mechanism of this telekinetic flickering is the feeling of a powerful vibratory itching of the body of person who went through this process. A best such description is contained on page 19. Here is the appropriate quotation:
- "They are usually astonished to discover that they are passed through solid objects, experiencing only a slight vibratory sensation. In most cases the beam of light seems to serve as an energy source or 'ramp' for transporting the abductee from the place where the abduction starts to a waiting vehicle."
The above quotation documents, that people who walk through walls feel a sensation of fast vibrations of their bodies. These vibrations originate from the fact, that in the physical state their bodies are hold back by the wall, and thus they can only move after reaching the telekinetic state. Thus the entire process of walking through solid objects is composed of many subsequent pulls and halts at the moments of pulsatory change of states. By a given person these must be felt as vibrations and internal itching of the body. Notice that physical objects through which such a person walks, such as e.g. windows or gates, also may experience such noisy vibrations if they are loose in their frames.

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