R7. Summary
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R7. Summary

The evidence provided in this chapter represents only a small fraction of a huge ocean of similar facts which overflow the files of UFO investigating organizations and the collections of private researchers. If one analyses these facts it becomes evident that they all display perfect correspondence to the expected properties of magnetic personal propulsion described in subsection E6. The logical determination of such a correspondence constitutes formal proof that UFOnauts already use magnetic personal propulsion garments. Completion of this proof introduces numerous consequences, the most important of which are listed below:
#1. The proof confirms the correctness of this part of the Theory of the Magnocraft which describes magnetic personal propulsion. This is because it indicates that operational models of magnetic personal propulsion already exist.
#2. It confirms again that UFOs have a strictly technological origin which results from the advancement of appropriate technical devices. It also reassures us that there is nothing supernatural in the abilities of UFOnauts, and that all of their actions can be rationally explained with our present level of knowledge. Also it reveals further evidence for the rotten morality of these evil parasites from cosmos.
#3. It testifies that UFO manifestations have an extraterrestrial origin, as human technology is yet unable to produce such propulsion devices. Also it provides the theoretical base for the piecing together of further secrets of UFOnauts.
#4. It creates a scientific foundation from which the future completion of magnetic personal propulsion can be launched.
The evidence accumulated in this chapter indicates also that the collection of observational data concerning the personal propulsion of UFOnauts serves a very practical purpose. It facilitates and expedites our completion of these devices.

=> Figure R1 upper, R1 lower

Fig. R1.
An illustration of three UFOnauts and their vehicle drawn by 9 year-old Stanislaw Maslowski just after his close encounter in Popowice Park, Wroclaw, Poland, on 29 August 1979. In spite of his childish manner of drawing, the vehicle presented by Stanislaw very closely resembles the Magnocraft type K3 shown above his drawing in a frame (also shown in Figure F1 /?/). The four "black bars" of magnetic field from the UFO's side propulsors are indicated (the UFO apparently landed with a four-circuit mode of operation). The two glaring lamps of the SUB system are also visible on the upper edges of the flange (refer to Figure F30 /?/). The two UFOnauts, wearing tight green suits with hoods and red belts and shoes, left the spacecraft, whereas a third one remained in the crew cabin. The nearest alien hovering in a standing position only about 2 meters from Stanislaw has both legs spread apart. The one further back hovered in a squat position. Both these aliens were suspended in the air about 0.5 meter above grass level. The vegetation waved below the thick soles of their shoes. Stanislaw noticed that the blood-red hair on the nearest UFOnaut's face and hands stood erect. When the vehicle took off later, the sides of the discoidal UFO dissipated and from the entire base only outlines of the twin-chamber capsule from the main propulsor remained visible to the witness (see the explanation of this phenomenon in Figure F32 /?/). Stanislaw described this chamber as a device with diamond-shaped outlines (i.e. the effect of seeing a square from an angle), which emitted a strong, dark-yellow light (see also subsection S1.3). (Upper) The original drawing by 9-year old Stanisław Masłowski.

(Lower) The exact appearance of a UFO type K3 which Stanisław Masłowski witnessed.

=> Figure R2

Fig. R2. An artist's reconstruction of the appearance of a UFOnaut with a glowing belt. The alien was observed in Lindley, New York, USA, on July 23, 1977, just after 1 a.m., by two girls Janine (aged thirteen) and Monica (aged twenty-six) - both surnames are kept confidential. The UFOnaut wore a belt from which a green light glowed. He/she also seemed to have a flashlight, and made a tombstone levitate while shining a light on it. Throughout this incident both witnesses got severe headaches, ringing ears, dry throats, and a shortened sense of time (they thought that the three-hour experience had lasted only an hour). All these symptoms indicate that the girls were under the influence of a powerful field emitted by the personal propulsion of this alien.

This illustration is published in the book by [2S1.1] Allan Hendry, "The UFO handbook", Sphere Books Limited, 1979, page 123.

=> Figure R3.

Fig. R3.
This photograph is one of four flash pictures of a very fast-moving UFOnaut, taken by police chief, Jeff Greenhaw, on the night of 17 October 1963, just after 10 p.m. in a remote field west of the town called Falkville, Alabama, USA. In all four photographs the alien keeps his/her legs apart in a motionless, standing position. Because all the photos were taken while the alien was moving extremely fast, this indicates that his/her motion was produced by personal propulsion, not by a physical movement of the legs (stepping). The characteristic stance of the legs spread apart indicates that the alien wore a version of the personal propulsion, having the main propulsors located in the soles of his/her shoes. The UFOnaut was about the size of a large human, and was clad in a silvery suit that looked like tin-foil. Antennae appeared to sprout from the head.

It is worth mentioning here that after taking these photographs, Mr Greenhaw lost his job because the authorities decided that a person who photographed a UFOnaut could not be trusted any more (he is not the only victim of an anti-UFO hysteria).

=> Figure R4.

Fig. R4.
A UFOnaut calling himself "Ausso". This illustration presents Carl Higdon's recollection of the alien called "Ausso" who abducted him from the northern edge of the Medicine Bow National Forest (south of Rawlings), Wyoming, USA, on 25 October 1974. It is published in the book [3R1] by Joshua Strickland, "There are aliens on earth! Encounters", ISBN 0-448-15078-6, page 16. The alien was about 1.88 meters tall and weighed approximately 82 kilograms. He wore black shoes and was clad in a black, tight-fitting overall that resembled a diver's wet suit, clasped by a heavy belt with a shining yellow six-pointed star and an emblem below the star. "Ausso" was bow-legged with a slanted head, no chin, and one long appendage in place of each hand. His hair was thin and stood straight up on his head. (I believe that it was because his hair was electrified by the main propulsors in his epaulettes.)

From the point of view of the Theory of the Magnocraft, "Ausso" wore a version of the personal propulsion garment with the main propulsors located in the epaulettes (note the reinforcing braces joining the belt with the epaulettes). At the ends of his arms (i.e. in the appendages) additional enhancement propulsors were located (for aiding heavy physical work) - see Figure E4 "a". From the description available it can be deduced that these enhancement propulsors utilized a technological version of telekinesis.

=> Figure R5.

Fig. R5.
A UFOnaut climbing a wall. This manner of climbing up (passing) a vertical wall is contrary to our understanding of physical laws, yet M. Ivorde of Belgium observed a UFOnaut doing precisely this. He reported a greenish man about 1 meter high in a helmet and space suit that was seen with what looked like a metal detector. The alien had pointed ears (dog-like) and large luminous yellow eyes surrounded by green rims. When the UFOnaut lowered his/her eyelids, the face, deprived of the glow from the eyes, became invisible. This strong luminescence of eyes confirms that the alien used a personal propulsion system whose powerful field was able to cause the eyes to glow. This means that the main propulsors of this system must be positioned close to eyes, i.e. in epaulettes (compare the reinforcing braces joining the belt with the epaulettes of this being with similar braces shown in Figure R4). When M. Ivorde shone a flashlight at him/her, the UFOnaut walked up a wall in the manner presented in the above illustration (we tend to believe that only insects are able to climb up walls in this way).

This diagram is published in the book [3R1] by Joshua Strickland, "There are aliens on earth! Encounters", ISBN 0-448-15078-6, page 14.

=> Figure R6.

Fig. R6.
Footprint of an UFOnaut. This photograph presents one of the seventeen scorched marks left by the main propulsors of an UFOnaut that walked along a PVC floor in the flat of Jerzy Wasilewski (ul. Kruszwicka 53/5, Wroclaw, Poland) on 4 September 1979. Each of these marks looked like a chalk-white droplet left on a bluish-grey background of the floor. Marks were (on average) about 13 millimetres in diameter and had a black wavy pattern produced by an active ozone that attacked the PVC particles. All of the marks formed a "footprint trail" leading along a PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) floor of the flat's inside hall. The relative distance between two successive footprints was about 40 cm. The research completed by a team from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, revealed that the footprints were produced by a highly concentrated pulsating magnetic field acting upon the surface of the Polyvinyl Chloride tiles. Thus these footprints represent conclusive evidence that UFOnauts use magnetic personal propulsion. To the best of my knowledge, the PVC tiles containing these footprints are still held (together with other material evidence on UFOs) by a UFO investigation group "Wzgorze Partyzantow" in Wroclaw, Poland.

=> Figure R7.

Fig. R7.
Historic drawing illustrating the use of personal propulsion of UFOnauts. The source and meaning of this drawing remains controversial. The publication that presented it suggested that it was prepared by Albrecht Dürer in 1493. However, other data suggest, that it is a wood engraving that illustrated a story dated in 1656 and entitled "Comical History of the States and Empires of the Moon" by Cyrano de Bergerac, 1619-1655. (Notice from subsection R5, that this story is actually the report from a confusing UFO abduction, that was deformed due to staging theatrical behaviours by UFOnauts, and due to false philosophical explanations that UFOnauts intentionally gave to the abductee.)

Knowing the principle of operation of magnetic personal propulsion with propulsors assembled in belt and in epaulettes, as this is shown in Figure E4a, and knowing that for easy control each one of these propulsors is going to be composed of a transparent twin-chamber capsule assembled inside of a spherical casing also transparent, one can realise what this drawing is portraying. For sure the author of this drawing must see an UFOnaut dressed like a human, and flying in the air with the use of a belt and epaulettes containing these strangely looking transparent spheres filled with something that looked like "dew". But because the only objects that resembled these spheres at that time were spherical bottles, this author interpreted later the flying alien, as a person hang round with bottles full of magical dew. (Notice in subsection R6 descriptions of "philosophical traps" that await in case of a "rational" explanation of this drawing with the use of present stereotypes.)

One of the more precious confirmation that results from the fact, that an UFOnaut shown on this drawing is dressed in the clothing of that epoch, not in a space suit, is that cosmic spies and saboteurs were send to Earth in every epoch, not just only presently - for more details see also subsections VB4.6.1 /?/ and V8.1. Due to mixing with the crowd, and looking like every other passer by, these cosmic spies and saboteurs could unnoticeably gather information, which later allowed UFOnauts to enslave humanity more effectively.

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