R4.2. Blood sucking "mascots" of UFOnauts
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

R4.2. Blood sucking "mascots" of UFOnauts
Motto of this subsection: "Verdict usually reflects the philosophy of the judge, not the level of guilt of judged."

Vampires and other creatures discussed in the previous subsection represent UFOnauts themselves, who clearly show the presence of intelligence and human attributes. After all, only UFOnauts are interested in "sucking exclusively human blood", or more strictly in extracting from people moral energy that is an invisible kind of live-giving blood. But independently from UFOnauts, already are known blood sucking monsters which also originate from UFOs, but which have clear attributes of animals. When released on Earth, these monsters literally suck blood from their victims. The mainly attack animals, although there are cases known when they also attacked people. According to observations to-date, these monsters are simply "pets" or "living mascots" of UFOnauts. As such "pets" or "mascots" they must be distinguished clearly from UFOnauts themselves. UFOnauts keep them on a similar principle like some people keep cats or dogs. Only that when these "mascots" feel hunger, UFOnauts let them loose on Earth, so that they may hunt something for themselves. After they satisfy their hunger, they are taken again to UFO vehicles, which always wait patiently nearby. For this reason people who investigate these mascots have huge difficulties with documenting reliably, that these mascots in fact do exist.
One of the best known such blood sucking "mascots" of UFOnauts is a creature recently called with a popular name "chupacabra". In 1975, 1995, and 1996, it was let loose many times on a densely populated island of Puerto Rico, where quite a detailed observation of it was carried out. In 1996 attacks of this creature noticed also in several areas of Mexico, on the area of southern USA (i.e. Miami on Florida, Tuckson in Arizona), and in San José, Costa Rica. On Friday, 3 October 2003 one of these monsters was also observed in New Zealand - about what I write near the end of this subsection. Many press articles was published about "chupacabras". This summary of attributes of these monsters is mainly based on the extensive article [1R4.2] by Linda Moulton Howe, "Chupacabras - The Mysterious Bloodsuckers", which appeared in bimonthly Nexus (P.O. Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia), issue from June-July 1997, Vol. 4, No. 4, pages 53 to 57. But I utilised here also other sources which were in my disposal. In Polish press the following articles appeared about them: [2R4.2] ""Chupacabras - blood suckers" (in Polish: "Chupacabras - krwiopijca") published in Journal Nieznany Swiat, number 9/1998, pages 14-15; [3R4.2] "Invisible predators" (in Polish: "Niewidzialni drapiezcy"), Nieznany Swiat, number 11/1998, pages 32 to 34; [4R4.2] "Vampire from Puerto Rico" (in Polish: "Wampir z Puerto Rico") from Nieznany Swiat, number 11/1998, pages 34 to 37; [5R4.2] "Chupacabras in offensive" (in Polish: "Chupacabry w ofensywie"), from quarterly UFO, number 1 (33), January-March (styczen- marzec) 1998, pages 34 to 42. Unfortunately, not everything that is presented in these articles coincides with my own experience and findings. Thus while reading descriptions that are presented in further parts of this subsection, one needs to remember that for sure there is a number of different races of these blood sucking mascots of UFOnauts, similarly like people have many different breeds of dogs that mutually differ by appearance and by colour. These races of chupacabras are periodically let loose on Earth by UFOnauts, so that they can "hunt". In turn on Earth all of them are currently classified into the same group of "chupacabras". But in this subsection I only describe one of these races, which I had a doubtful pleasure to encounter in person in my teenage years.
The current name "chupacabra" used for these monsters was formed in Puerto Rico during a wave of attacks of this creature that took place in 1995 and 1996. This name originates from two Spanish words "chupar" ("suck") and "cabras" ("goats"). But in old times these monsters were also known, only that under different names. For example in 1925 they were observed in New Jersey, where they were called "Jersey Devil". In folklore from Poland they are frequently identified with devils that took shape of dogs, or with so-called "werewolves". In antiquity and medieval ages they were known under the name of "griffins" and presented in drawings as small winged lions standing on back legs. In this subsection I am also going to call them "griffins", although everywhere that I use the name "griffin" I also have in mind the creature now called "chupacabra".
Griffins appear in many races, that mutually differ with size, colour of feather, and various anatomic details (e.g. having or lacking a tail). A number of their subsequent races that UFOnauts let loose on Earth seems to be almost the same wide as a number of breeds of dogs that currently people keep on Earth. Griffins observed so-far usually were sizes of a dog, with a body long at around 0.6 to 1 meter. They smell quite intensely with mud and wind, thus their presence sometimes can be noticed in darkness firstly by a smell before they can be seen visually. Their appearance slightly resembles a small lion, or panther. Frequently they move on back legs only, in an uplifted position. They have a split tongue like our snakes. Most frequently they do not have a tail, although there seem to be also griffins with a tail. (Perhaps all of them are born with tails, but UFOnauts cut tails in some of them similarly like people do this to some breeds of dogs.) Their body is covered with something, that in front part looks like a fur, while on the back resembles feather. (I personally believe that these are small feathers.) The colour of this fur/feathers usually is completely black. But in several cases this fur/feather was also patched or dotted in colours: grey, brown, brick-like, and even orange and pink.
(Probably from such a pink griffin originates the popular character of "pink panther".) Paws of griffin that end all four lion-like legs look like in an eagle - i.e. they have three large fingers, each finished with a sharp claw of around 5 cm long. But these fingers grow from a thick and elongated foot, slightly similar to human one. Head in profile resembles slightly a head of camel or eagle, with elongated lips and split tongue like in snake. The ears are similar to ears in horse. On the top of head it has something like a large protruding bump or crest. In the head most prominent are huge hypnotic eyes, which glow vividly with red light. Before attacking this monster stares with these penetrating eyes, hypnotising a victim with them - or more strictly taking a control over victim's mind similarly like a grass snake does it with a frog. During looking into these eyes, they seem to constantly enlarge their diameter. In the back of griffin is something that looks like wings put together. Sometimes these wings-like features seem to have like red feathers sticking out backward at length of around 10 cm from their body.
It was observed, that griffins can fly in air. After they satisfy themselves with blood, they always fly towards a UFO vehicle that awaits patiently nearby hidden from human sight. In order to fly they seem to spread huge wings. But their flight looks more like it was carried out with the use of telekinesis than with the use of laws of aerodynamics. But because observations of flying griffins usually were carried out in poor visibility, it is not absolutely sure whether these are griffins that fly, or UFOnauts equipped into personal propulsion systems take them away and carry out with them into a UFO vehicle that awaits nearby. After all, costumes of personal propulsion systems of UFOnauts also have sawn huge wings. According to descriptions, on earth griffins frequently move in a half-standing position jumping on back legs like Australian kangaroos or African vultures - both paws simultaneously. Unfortunately I have not seen my griffin in motion, so I am not able to confirm here this manner of movements. Most probably just because the similarity to griffins (sometimes called devils), a meat-eating kangaroo from Tasmania is called "Tasmanian devil". However, they can also move on four legs, like an earthly panther. Most frequently they spend their time standing motionlessly and passively until their victim arrives. They seem to know the future and know where exactly their victim must pass, and they await in such places obstructing the path. During awaiting they either lie on earth in the position of readiness to pounce, or sit like a dog - frequently in darkness resembling an athletic dog with glowing eyes. If they await on a victim while sitting on a branch of a tree, then they resemble a large owl.
Griffins, similarly like UFOnauts who have them, are active mainly at nights. Thus they most frequently attack their victims during nights. But there were reported also daily observations. They, or perhaps their owners, have favourite areas of hunt. In these areas they appear periodically for decades. Thus local folklore approximately knows where they can be met. It is worth to take notice of warnings of this folklore, because a person who goes in such areas at nights and alone, risks his/her disappearance without a trace. Their attack is completely different from attacks of our earthly predators. Instead of, like our predators, demobilise a victim by a physical power, and then tear this victim apart, griffins completely rely on a paranormal demobilisation and sucking only blood from their victims, while body they leave untouched. During the selection of the victim they do not take any notice on the physical size, but only on the metal power. Therefore they attack even animals that are many times larger than them, such as horses and cattle. But most frequently they are satisfied with small animals, such as chicken or rabbits, only from time to time enriching their diet through an attack on a dog, goat, sheep, or a person. Their attack is composed of two phases. The first phase is a telepathic attack. It is oriented towards hypnotising a victim. They stare motionlessly with their penetrating, glowing eyes into eyes of a victim and try to take a control over victim's mind. During this activity they look completely safe, and even funny, thus inclining a victim to ignore the danger. If they succeed and their victim is hypnotised, then griffins proceed with the second phase, namely a physical attack. But in case when a victim does not surrender the mind under their control, they give up and seek another victim. Never they try to overwhelm their victim with a physical force, or attack again. In the second phase of their physical attack they jump on the victim, grabbing it with their claws in both pairs of legs. Thus sometimes, independently from two deep holes that serve for sucking the blood, a soft- skinned victims may also have several wounds caused by sharp claws on their paws. After they pounce and hold the victim, they very fast penetrate it with their two (sometimes one) pipe-like stings of a diameter around 7 mm and mutual span around 2 cm. I believe that these two stings are hardened protrusions that stick from their split tongue. But at a present stage of research we do not have data about the nature of these protrusions. (I.e. they also can be pipe-like teeth similar to these that snakes have. But they would need to be extended forward vertically from the mouth, because this is indicated by the direction of wounds caused by them.) These stings penetrate the body of the victim into the depth of around 2.5 cm. The attack is very fast, completely painless and occurs under hypnosis - so victim usually have no idea what actually happens. Squeezing their lips around the inserted stings like for a kiss, they suck the entire blood through them. So victims of griffins usually have one or two holes from these stings, while in their bodies even a droplet of blood is left. But if their paranormal subduing fails and a victim e.g. manages to mobilise to throw them out, then even if they are already in the process of sucking the blood, they still give up and seek a different victim. The entire attack of griffins and sucking of all blood lasts very short, because for a human idea of the elapse of time only around 30 seconds. Most extraordinary in this attack is, that during it these monsters change paranormally the speed of elapse of time in themselves and in victim. Thus their attack looks like the victim move in a slow motion (see the "state of suspended animation" described in subsection M1), while griffins themselves move with an accelerated speed almost invisible for human eyes. An attack of this monster on an aggressive dog was observed. The dog was used to fight and exceeded the griffin with the power and size. But was unable to defend itself. Before in the slowed down elapse of time it managed to do appropriate defence movement, the entire blood was already sucked out from it. There were also noted cases of attacks of griffins on people. In one of them described in [1R4.2], during just a few seconds that elapsed from the moment when the attacked person managed to throw out the monster, he lost a significant proportion of the blood and then for several days was giddy.
The race of UFOnauts who love to keep griffins, most frequently arrive to Earth in so- called four-propulsor vehicles described in chapters D and Q. These witnesses who observed a griffin frequently report also hearing in vicinity a characteristic humming noise of pillars of field from this vehicle. Furthermore, because the four-propulsor vehicle flies with sonic effects, after an attack of griffin and return of this monster to a UFO, witnesses frequently hear the departure of a UFO and the characteristic sonic bang. When the griffin hunts, UFOnauts patiently await nearby until their pet finishes the feeding. It is also known that for people UFOnauts have very strict rules. These rules demand that UFOnauts always take with them bodies of people that died because of activities of UFOnauts on Earth. These bodies are disposed only in cosmic space - e.g. through burning them in a sun. (In discoidal UFOs there is even a special space distinguished, which has appropriate cells in which human bodies are kept - see internal part of the column "Pm" on Figure P30.) Thus if a person falls a victim of a griffin, his/her body is taken into space, while on Earth no trace is left from this tragedy. For some reasons official statistics are not published regarding the matter of disappearances of people. Perhaps, it is due to manipulation of UFOnauts, who do not want that the society asks questions that force to think. But it is shocking how many people every year disappears in every country without leaving even a slightest trace. From observations to-date seems to appear, that a large percent of these who disappeared without a trace are actually victims of UFO occupation, whose bodies are taken and disposed in cosmic space so that no traces requiring explanation are left on Earth. Perhaps that some part of these victims of UFO occupation, died only to satisfy hunger of griffins. In turn regarding animals, UFOnauts seem to sometime take corpses of griffin victims, while sometimes they leave these on Earth. I personally believe, that UFOnauts took a principle, to take only these corpses which are left in densely populated areas, where there is a danger that someone makes their careful studies and analyses the reason of their death. With this taking away can be explained e.g. a significant number of night disappearances of sheep in New Zealand, or cases of disappearance of these goats in Poland which are accessible from the air. In turn the failing to take in cosmos corpses of some victims of griffins is the source of our present knowledge about these monsters.
I have personal score to settle with griffins. As a 17-years old boy I had a doubtful pleasure of meeting one of these monsters. Without being aware of this fact, most probably I was even hypnotised and attacked by it. But I was saved by one of these extraordinary "coincidents" which constantly happen in my life and which I described in subsection A4. This "coincident" released me from a deadly kiss of this monster. So if not this miraculous saving, the reader probably would not have now a chance to read this monograph. In turn vapours from body probably would enrich atmosphere of Venus or some other hot heavenly body. Here is the description of my personal meeting with a griffin.
It was one Saturday in August 1963. On the occasion of summer vacation in Poland I was earning some money by organising sport festivals and village dancing. A next dancing I was just organising in a small village, the name of which I am unable to find out from distant New Zealand - so I will provide this name sometimes in the future. This village lied westward from a township Cieszkow. In turn Cieszkow is located around 10 kilometres north from Milicz. The meeting of a local organising committee which was preparing this dancing extended until around 1 at night. So to Wszewilki near Milicz in which I then lived I had to return alone on my bicycle very late at night. Just before my departure, one member of the organising committee, half-seriously warned me: now you must return through wilderness by this road on which haunts. When you are near the top of that hill, be careful. A devil taking the shape of a dog sometimes was seen there. At that time I was a perfect product of materialistic eduction and I did not believe in any devils, especially if these looked like dogs. So I replied courageously with some joke of the type, that a devil would be very helpful in organising our dancing, so if I meet it I try to catch it. While riding my bicycle in the direction of that hill, I was thinking with amusement about these superstitious people, who probably met some homeless dog and immediately took it for a devil. So with these thoughts I defined my internal attitude. If I was to meet something similar to a dog, without a doubt I was to believe it was a dog.
Either there was no moon at all, or it was covered with clouds, because the night was pitch dark. The road by which I needed to drive was a gravel one and in a part it lead through a wilderness. The more hard path led on the right side of that road. I could ride a bike on this path. While pedalling along this path, in the indicated point of the road I really noticed in light of my bicycle's dynamo a creature that lied on my path. It looked like a black, solid-build dog. I started to look with interest at this creature, in order to see why local people take this dog for a "devil". It was completely black. Only the large and strongly glowing eyes were burning red colour. I explained the unusual glowing of these eyes by reflection of the light from my dynamo in the bicycle. The size and proportions of the solid body it exactly corresponded to a large breed of dogs, which officially are called "rottweiler". But I get to know this breed only in New Zealand. I never met a dog of the "rottweiler" breed in Poland. But the creature had a different snout from a typical dog. It resembled me a snout of a camel. On a top of head it also had a clearly visible protrusion, which I took for a freshly grown bump. Along the entire back a kind of a long flap or a standing mane, slightly similar to an erected comb that is kept on heads of so- called "punks". But I was not surprised by it, because some owners of dogs trim them in very unusual manner. Around a neck a flap of like a skin was noticeably protruding, which presently I suspect that could be an edge of the wings folded tightly along the back. It had no tail. But had four muscly legs, placed like in all dogs that lie on tummy in a readiness to get up. This "dog" lied exactly on the path that I needed to pass and did not look that it intends to give me a way. The position of it resembled to me a dog that intends to play with someone. It kept all four legs on the ground in readiness to pounce. The head was protruding forward and slightly lifted above the ground, like in a goose that prepares itself to attack. But the mouth was closed and did not show any teeth. Its front lips were positioned in a tube in a cute grimace similar to lips of a child that prepares itself for a kiss. Actually this "devil" looked very innocent and friendly. It was like preparing itself for a play. It did not look hostile. Only that these penetrating eyes were sinking through the brain and unpleasantly tingling somewhere at the end of spine cord. If my teachers see mein that moment, they would be very proud of the level of my implementation of their philosophy of teaching. I was an excellent example of the blind belief which they impregnated in school, that everything that exists in the universe i already described in scholarly textbooks.
I watched this monster with the earlier internal attitude, that it must be a dog. Only that it belongs to an unknown and strangely looking breed. I was not even considering that I am just confronting something completely different, what is not described in scholarly textbooks. In turn with dogs I had a lot of experience, so I knew how to deal with them. This one was not growling and not snarling. Means, it must be in a peaceful mood. So in spite that I confronted an unknown monster - during a deep night and on a complete wilderness, I felt no fear at all. I was not terrified that this monster was sufficiently powerful to tear me apart in a split seconds. Because this "dog" decisively remained on the hard path, I decided to walk around it carefully, so not to trigger its aggressiveness. A soft road disallowed riding bicycle outside of the hard path. So around two meters before I run out this "dog" I stopped in order to walk my bicycle around it. After I stopped, of course the light from my dynamo extinguished itself. An absolute darkness surrounded me. But I still could notice the position of this "dog" by these two red- glowing huge eyes, which penetrated me continually. Making sure that just in case my bicycle all the time was kept between me and this "dog", I stepped carefully to the left side of the gravel road and started to walk my bicycle around the creature. I was not aware then, that close to the left edge of the road a cliff from a deep open cast gravel excavation began, with very steep slopes overgrown with some bushes. So when I was carefully walking around this "dog", rapidly earth tilted under my feet and I started to fall down along a steep slope. I made several somersaults, sometimes rolling over my bicycle, other time painfully feeling the bicycle rolling over me. Finally I stopped on some bush. I still spasmodically gripped my bicycle in hands. Blindly groping my way around I managed to scramble back to the road. The "dog" was not there any more. So I took the bicycle back on the hard path, with a relief confirmed that still it is possible to ride on it, sit on it and pedalled to my home.
In home it turned out that my shirt is completely covered with blood. In addition to scratches, bruises, and tearing of the shirt that are normal for such a fall down, I had also three very deep wounds. Two of them were located parallel to each other and looked as deep pierces made with a thick wire, e.g. barbed wire. They were positioned at my right arm, i.e. from the "dog" side. They appeared in the area and at a height, where on other right hand smallpox vaccination usually is done. The third wound looked like a cut or tearing of the skin with a sharp object or a piece of glass. It was located on a wrist slightly above of the area where a watch would be located is I have it on my right hand. It is surprising, that having such three deep and bleeding wounds, I did not feel a pain, while the existence of these wounds I noted only after the arrival home. Furthermore, the entire my shirt was covered with short sticky feather, with a greyish-blue base and pitch black tops. Because pigeons have this type of feathers that change colour at their length, I come to a conclusion that during my somersaulting I must fall onto some old remains of a pigeon. My unusual state I fast explained to myself with a theory, that the wounds come from a barbed wire fence that I encountered, while feathers originate from falling into a nest of old remains of a pigeon. Both wound on my arm healed quite fast, while the wound on my wrist was septic for a long time and it left a large scar until today.
Soon after the events described here I rode through this road again. But this time during a daylight. So I decided to satisfy my curiosity, and to compare on the spot my theory that I invented to explain the entire event with evidence present in the area. So I searched for the pigeon feathers and for barbed wire. Some kind of feathers I found around 10 meters before the area of my fall down - measuring along the edge of the road. In turn around 30 meters after the area of my fall down - also measuring along the road, I found an old barbed wire fence that run downhill of this slope. But I was unable to explain to myself how I could dip myself into these feathers and fence. After all, I fall vertically down, and then scramble straight upwards. However, the sole fact that there were feathers and barbed wire not far from the area of my fall down I took for a sufficient evidence to rationally explain all mysteries of that night. So I put the matter aside for forgetting. At that stage I did not know, that UFOnauts have the custom of just such manipulating human behaviour and reasoning.
However, this event refused somehow to be forgotten. As if it still awaited resolving, it get stuck somewhere in my memory - probably because of the intervention of the universal intellect. The second meeting with a griffin, but this time with only sculptures and paintings, took place around 1980. At that time I was already twice as old. In the meantime I managed to experience, that the world is full of things, which are not mentioned in scholarly textbooks. Together with my colleagues from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, I was then in city Prague from Czech Republic. For tourist purpose we visited the Prague's Castle. Czech kings were seemingly fascinated with griffins, because in their castle there were numerous sculptures and paintings of these creatures. In spite that they presented griffins artistically and in a stylised form, with a shock and surprise I recognised in these sculptures and paintings the outlines of my extraordinary "dog" from Cieszkow. My colleagues had difficulties with taking me away from these griffins and showing also other attractions of the castle. It was then when one of these collisions between the scientific knowledge and life experience took place. As a scientist I could not understand, how it is, that I met a griffin as a boy, while everyone knows that griffins are non-existing mythical creatures that supposedly live only in human imagination. Also from that time I stated to be interested in griffins, and to read about them and about other similar monsters.
The last missing link in the griffin matter was found in 1997 because of a next favourable "coincidence". One of my New Zealand acquaintances send me the article [1R4.2] in a letter. In this article, amongst others, descriptions of the appearance of chupacabra were published, together with photographs and descriptions of wounds on hands of a person who was attacked by this monster. The appearance of this creature presented in the article, corresponded exactly to my griffins. But the highest shock for me was to discover, that also wounds caused by it were exactly corresponding to wounds that I found on my arm after the meeting with the griffins. On the basis of these wounds I come to conclusion, that at the night in 1963 I was actually attacked by the griffin. Only that because of the temporary hypnotising caused by this monster, I was unaware neither of the attack, nor the pain that accompanied it. Most probably when the monster pounced to suck my blood, the weight of its heavy corpse bit me out from the road and down the slope. (This is because until today I do not know how it happens that while still walking along the road I rapidly started to roll down the slope.) When I was somersaulting downhill the slope with the griffin attached tome and sucking my blood, the bicycle that I spasmodically gripped in my hands probably by accident drag the monster out of me. So slightly bruised, the monster probably flown away to seek other victim. This would explain the absence of the monster on the road, when I scrambled back in there. But feathers removed from this griffin remained on my shirt. (Pity that I ignored them and did not keep for researching.) The wound on my wrist would originate from the central claw of the back paw of the griffin, with which it probably was holding itself by my hand during the attack. Two wounds in my arm were not at all from piercing with a barbed wire, as I believed in this all the time, but from stings with which the monster sucked my blood. Because once removed the griffin do not attack again, I could ride my bicycle alive, completely unaware what I just experienced.
Griffins (chupacabras) were presented in this subsection for several reasons. Firstly, people like myself during my youth, who like to travel alone at nights through wilderness, have the chance to meet this monster. This is because if I could meet it, also everyone else can meet it too. So if someone meet one of these creatures, it is worth to know about methods of their attack and what one should do then. (I.e. to not subdue ourselves on the initial stage of hypnotic taking control over our mind. Then, if it attack physically, to throw it out from us as soon as possible.) Secondly the reader should also be aware, that griffins are mascots of UFOnauts. So they always hunt not far from a vehicle of their owners. Thus if someone notices the presence of a griffin, this means that also a UFO vehicle is somewhere near by and observes how their pet is doing. (If necessary UFOnauts are also ready to take on the deck of their vehicle and dispose in cosmic space a body of a possible human victim of the griffin. So that for a human investigators no trace is left.) Tertiary, it is vital that readers are able to distinguish between griffins and UFOnauts themselves. Griffins are like a cross between blood sucking "birds" with lions. They are only animal "mascots" or "pets" of UFOnauts. In turn UFOnauts are our relatives from cosmos, who amongst others rob from us moral energy that is equally vital like blood. Fourthly, it is good to be aware of the existence in far cosmos of monster with paranormal capabilities. These monsters are able to slow down the elapse of time in their victims and to take hypnotic control over them. This gives an idea about a kind of dangers onto which are going to be exposed first people that travel to other star systems. Fifthly, the discovery of an existence of a "bird" that has six protrusions, i.e. four legs and two wings, and which additionally has paranormal powers, frees us from stereotypes in thinking. This is because it reveals that on other solar systems evolution could take a different course than on Earth. (Having six specialised legs is normal also on Earth - consider crabs and insects.) Sixthly, the advancement of griffin from a sphere of completely mythical creatures, into a sphere of a bird-lion that really do exist, puts old mythology into a completely different light. It appears that various extraordinary animals which are present in myths of many countries, such as sphinxes, phoenixes, pegasuses, unicorns, etc., are simply mascots of UFOnauts. Seventhly and lastly, it is good if we start to understand, that having such "mascots" and letting out these mascots on Earth for hunting, says a lot about a brutal nature of UFOnauts that occupy us. After all, it is a popular knowledge that "pets" are always so selected, that they very closely reflect the nature of their owners. So I am getting goose- pimples on the thought, that UFOnauts who have this type of "mascots" actually have a complete power over people. (Interesting is, how these UFOnauts satisfy the hunger of their monsters during long trips throughout cosmic space - do they keep on decks of their vehicles several well blooded people, who then are offered to these mascots.)
There is also one more aspect connected with the topic of this subsection, onto which I would like to draw the reader's attention. It is a scientific significance of griffins, or more strictly their hypnotic methods of attacking. Griffins confirm directly the history of humanity discussed in subsection V3, in this part which states that various Earth's fauna was brought to Earth from several different solar systems. The evidential value of griffins originates from folklore believes, that various Earthly creatures, for example snakes, also carry out hypnotic attacks. This in turn means, that they were brought to Earth on which hypnotic attacking was developed evolutionary. (This is because it was unable to develop on Earth because of too low gravity of our planet - for details see subsection JE9.2 /?/.) But because of a scientific ignorance regarding telepathy and hypnosis, our orthodox scientists so-far refuse to admit that such attacks do exist, in spite that they are well known in folklore. As a teenager I watched one day an attack of an ordinary Polish grass snake (in Polish named "zaskroniec") on a frog. All that this snake did, was to open the mouth and intensely look frog into the eyes. When I started my observation, the frog was distant by around a half of meter from the mouth of the snake. The concentration of the snake was so intense, that it did not notice my approach and continued its telepathic attack. Because of this I was able to observe exactly the entire event. In turn the frog behaved in the manner that is unexplainable on the basis of an old concept of monopolar gravity. (As it is known, this old concept denies the existence of telepathy and makes impossible explanation of it.) Giving the loud croaking of terror, which by the way brought my attention to the entire event, the frog was strongly holding back the forward movement with the front legs. But the back legs of this frog were making rhythmic jumps. These jumps gradually led the unfortunate frog straight into the mouth of the snake. Even when the front of the frog already went into the mouth of the snake, back legs still kept jumping thus helping the snake to swallow it easier. So the snake only needed to take the effort of swallowing it. After I observed this extraordinary event, of course I asked Wincenty about the entire event (Wincenty is also mentioned in subsections O2.3.2 /?/ and O2.4 /?/). He was a walking encyclopedia of folklore knowledge. Wincenty confirmed, that grass snakes hypnotise their victims at a distance, so that they do not need to catch them physically, but these victims get to their mouth on their own. It appears that a telepathic attack is not just something that evolved only on distant star systems, and thus exist only in there, but was also brought to Earthly fauna. Only that an official orthodox science on Earth so-far ignored this phenomenon, probably because it was unable to explain it.
Everything indicates that griffins (chupacabras) also hunt sheep in New Zealand. It should not surprise anyone, because New Zealand is basically a sparsely inhabited country, where supposed to be around 1000 sheep per each person. In turn griffins (chupacabras) love to hunt in uninhabited areas, sucking blood from sheep and goats far from human settlements. An observation of just such a large creature similar to a black panther but really unknown in New Zealand, was reported on Tuesday, 7 October 2003, at 6:25 pm, in the evening news on channel 1 of New Zealand television. Further details were also provided in the programme "Holmes" that was broadcasted on the same channel at 7:00 pm. Observers took this creature to be a wild "black panther". This New Zealand griffin/panther was seen not far from Mayfield near Ashburton. According to descriptions presented in these two New Zealand TV programmes, the griffin (chupacabra) from Ashburton was very similar to that one which attacked me in Poland. It was a pitch black animal of a size of typical dog from the "rottweiler" breed. It was seen on an uninhabited area near a large group of sheep. Actually these programs suggested that during the last 10 years officially reported was at least half a dozen of sightings of this mysterious monster in various unpopulated areas of New Zealand. But as it emerged from local programs of "talk-back shows" type, actually this monster was seen by many more people who did not file an official report because they preferred to remain anonymous. The last encounter with the griffin was reported not only in New Zealand TV and local radio programs, but also in articles from various newspapers. Two such articles I managed to find. One of them [6R4.2], entitled "Man convinced he saw panther" was published in a newspaper The Southland Times (address: Invercargill, New Zealand), issue from Tuesday, 7 October 2003, page 19. Other article [7R4.2] entitled "Panther-like creature sighted" was published in a newspaper The Dominion Post (email: letters@dompost.co.nz; address: Level 8 Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, PO Box 2595, Wellington, New Zealand), issue from Wednesday, 8 October 2003, page A3. Unfortunately, as in every case which may lead to the discovery of a hidden interference of UFOnauts in human affairs, UFOnauts immediately went into action and with a typical for them method they quickly neutralised the evidential value of the entire observation of the griffin near Ashburton. So the next day, i.e. on Wednesday, 8 October 2003, the evening news on channel 1 of New Zealand TV, broadcasted at 6:20 pm and repeated at 10:30, contained a statement that the searches for this "black panther" did not revealed any signs of it. (It should not surprise, because footprints of a panther were searched for, not footprints of a "mascot" of UFOnauts.) In turn the next day, on Thursday 9 October 2003, a next lot of news from this channel broadcasted after 6:00 pm, neutralised the griffin's observation even more by a non-critical repetition of a statement given by some unknown individual. This individual stated, that really an 8-kilo large black wild cat was sighted, not a panther. According to him a lot of such black cats roams wildernesses of New Zealand. Of course, this individual that so authoritatively disclaimed the "black panther" to be just a large cat, actually never saw the monster discussed here, nor did any verification research on the spot. After all, in order to claim what he claimed, this individual should firstly verify on the spot whether there are any footprints or other marks from a wild cat, and also whether it was really possible that a professional driver with a sharp sight, who saw everything from a close range, could take a common black cat for a panther. Also the TVNZ news team should not provide such an obscure and unfair disclaimer without giving a chance to the original observer to defend his observation. Anyway, in a typically unfair and brutal manner that is so characteristic for methods of UFOnauts, the matter of observation of a griffin near Ashburton was closed down again with hands of TVNZ 1 team. The manner of closing this matter was almost an identical repetition of a manner in which in 1992 UFOnauts closed a matter of finding of 3 UFO landings near Ashburton - also with hands of TVNZ 1 team. By the way, these UFO landings of 1992 appeared not far from the area in which currently the griffin was seen. (The manner of this neutralising of the evidential value of UFO landings from Ashburton is described in subsection VB4.3.1. /?/) But in spite of typical for UFOnauts neutralising of the evidential value of the griffin's observation from Ashburton, all the existing facts quite clearly indicate that there in fact was seen this blood sucking mascot of UFOnauts. Here are the most important facts which certify for the observation of a griffin (chupacabra) near Ashburton:
a) The appearance of a griffin. In the TV programme "Holmes" a drawing was shown which was prepared by one of the observers of this monster. As it turns out, there is a huge similarity of the monster seen in Ashburton to this one which attacked me in Poland. The griffin from Ashburton even had this characteristic bump on the head. Only eyes were slightly smaller than I remembered them in my monster. But I seen these eyes at night, when they were glowing strongly. So I could make an error in estimation of their size and proportions.
b) Behaviour of the griffin. The Ashburton monster behaved like a typical chupacabra. It was firstly spotted as it lied down near a group of sheep, waiting for a victim. A panther would not lie down and await, but it would rather stalk a victim. Furthermore, the griffin from Ashburton is extremely illusive - in spite of numerous sightings no-one managed to photograph or hunt it. A significant confirmation is also a fact, that this monster from Ashburton is seen repetitively in the same area. This exactly corresponds to the habit of UFOnauts that they let their mascot loose for hunts only on several favourite areas.
c) Unidentifiable footprints. To the area of observation of the griffin from Ashburton, a special group of trackers was send. They looked for footprints of a panther. But they found nothing that they could recognise as panther's footprints. In combination with the fact that the monster was actually seen there, this actually means that the griffin left much different footprints, which were ignored by the tracking party because they looked e.g. like bird's footprints not like panther's ones.
d) Appearing in the area favoured by UFOs, which is widely known from frequent UFO observations and UFO landings. An evidential significance has also the fact, that the area in which the griffin was seen, lies on the favourite territory of UFOnauts. Not far from the place of present observation of the griffin, in February 1992 three UFO landing sites were found which were famous in the entire New Zealand. These landing sites are shown on Figure O3 b) /?/ of this monograph. Also the method of neutralising the evidential value of these old UFO landing sites near Ashburton coincides exactly with the method of neutralising the value of present griffin's observation.
e) Methods of UFOnauts action revealed during silencing the entire matter. The most important, however, evidence that it was in fact a griffin, was a manner with the use of which UFOnauts neutralised the entire event. This manner coincided exactly with methods of action used by UFOnauts, that are described in subsection VB4.3.1 /?/ of this monograph.
Of course, there is a chance that one day the hunting of sheep by a griffin (chupacabra) from Ashburton become confirmed beyond any doubt. This will occur when someone finds a corpse of dead sheep completely drawn of blood and having two deep stings' holes in the body.
At the end of this subsection I would like to add, that the only goal of presenting the above matters is to reveal the truth. This revealing of truth is the mission of the entire my life. Still, it required a lot of courage to include this subsection into the content of monograph [1/4]. To be honest, for some time I even was unsure whether I should include this subsection, or just ignore the entire matter. This is because in present times personal experiencing by a scientist events that diverge from a textbook normality, usually are taken by the society as a discrediting factor. For example, if Albert Einstein admitted in any of his scientific publications, that he saw phantoms and had visions of the future, then most probably no-one would took seriously his theory of relativity. But in spite of doubts that tried to overwhelm me, I decided to describe the above events as exactly as I remember them. I did this independently of  consequences that the presentation of these events may cause. After all, I devote my life to a fight for truth whatever this truth turns out to be. I also implement totalizm, in which the everyday philosophy must not differ from the official philosophy. Furthermore, I have orthodox scientists and my former colleagues in fresh memory, who sometimes privately and confidentially admitted to me that they made personal observations of UFOs. But in public and officially they attacked and voted against any research on these secretive alien vehicles.

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