Q1. Classic sightings of four-propulsor UFOs
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Q1. Classic sightings of four-propulsor UFOs

Probably the most documented and investigated observation of a Four-Propulsor UFO, is the case of abduction of a Polish farmer, the late Jan Wolski from the small village of Emilcin near Opole Lubelskie, Poland, which took place on 10 May 1978. (His postal address was: Mr Jan Wolski, Emilcin kolo Opole Lubelskie, 24-325 Skokow, Poland.) Here is a brief description of this abduction together with details of the vehicle.
"On 10 May 1978 early in the morning Mr Wolski drove his horse wagon through a forestry road near his village. He noticed two small humanoids (about 1.10 metre high) walking along this road, dressed in tight grey overalls with hoods. They moved in a clumsy and strange way, keeping their legs apart (see the properties of Magnetic Personal Propulsion). When Wolski began overtaking them, they jumped from both sides into his wagon, surprising him with their nimbleness. At this moment the horse pulled sharply indicating the unproportional increase in the weight of the wagon. Sitting either side of him, they impetuously discussed something between themselves, using a "devil" kind of language, consisting of sharp, quick sounds - coo and chuckle like. (The melody of this language supposedly sounded like a coo of pigeons mixed with laughter of hyenas.) This convinced him that they were not humans. When the wagon reached a small clearing, Wolski noticed an unusual vehicle hovering above the ground at a height of about 30 metres - see Figure Q1.
The vehicle had the shape of a rectangular hut with the roof looking like a small pyramid. Its body slightly resembled that of a twin-rotor helicopter. It had no windows, only an open doorway located in the centre of the facing wall. The doorway revealed the thickness of the walls estimated by Wolski to be about 0.2 metre. The UFO had no flanges, wings, legs or wheels. The only elements protruding from its body were four barrel-like devices (propulsors) located exactly at the corners of the main body. From each of these barrels a dark, spinning, vertical "drill" extended downward. The medium that constituted these "drills" looked like very dark smoke. Its appearance resembled that of a solid substance, but it permeated underground without causing any visible opening or disturbance of the soil. All four "drills" were spinning very rapidly, although there was no noticeable motion of the air. While spinning they emitted a faint humming noise, quite similar to the sound produced by a bumblebee.
From the door of the UFO a small platform attached to four plastic ropes descended. One of the humanoids stepped on it and invited Wolski to follow him. The platform was firm and surprisingly steady under foot, although it looked fragile and unstable. It lifted Wolski and one of the humanoids to the vehicle, where another two humanoids were already waiting. The fourth humanoid joined the rest in a second descent of the platform. Inside the vehicle there was a dark, right-angled room. The only source of light was the door opening. The door was rolled up near the doorway into a vertical tube. Floor, walls and the flat ceiling looked as though they were cast from a material similar to glass, which was hard to the touch. The room was empty, with no furniture, only a few chairs attached to the wall opposite the door, and two control levers that were near the door sticking out from the wall.
After a brief medical examination and an activity that looked like taking photographs, the humanoids released Wolski. When rushing his horses home he noticed that the vehicle departed. While flying at a low speed above Emilcin, the UFO was also seen by another witness who described it as a "flying bus". Shortly after passing above this village, the vehicle turned sharply up, accelerated, produced a loud sonic bang and disappeared from view. The examination of the site revealed material marks left by the UFO and its crew, including small imprints of the humanoids' shoes looking like trapezoids, scorched vegetation at the forest clearing, and a mysterious "devil stone" hidden underground, which turned out to be the main subject of this UFO visit." (Notice that the photograph of this particular devil stone is shown in Figure K1c of English monograph [1e]. As it is explained in subsection VB4.3.1 /?/, the interest of UFOnauts in this particular stone was later definitely confirmed. Soon after this stone become an object of research and after an emission of a strange radiation was detected on it, it was subjected to a hidden sabotage by UFOnauts and disappeared forever well hidden by UFO collaborators impersonating UFOlogists.)
The events following Wolski's abduction took a course tragically similar to so many other close encounters with UFOs. The initial investigation of evidence and events proved the validity of his description and his experience. This, however, was unacceptable to many so- called "UFO sceptics" who behaved as if their chief life goal was to annihilate this excellent chance of finding out the truth about extraterrestrials. They began a vigorous campaign of "debunking" using irrational arguments, publicly trying to ridicule the case, and exerting various pressures on people involved. The argumentation of both sides escalated and seemed to get out of control. Finally, around 1989 someone invented an idea of announcing that Wolski's abduction was a "joke" played to him by a group of students (this announcement was not accompanied by the reason for such an enormously sophisticated and expensive "joke", or by explanations how it possibly could be done by students who had no access to the equipment or characters being seen). Although this announcement was unconvincing and contrary to evidence, it achieved its intended goal of ceasing further publicity and investigations for this case. In this manner the scientific value of this extremely informative UFO observation was also squandered. Mr Jan Wolski died on 8 January 1990, at the age of 83.
All properties of Wolski's UFO correspond exactly to those envisaged for a Four-Propulsor Spacecraft. The appearance and operation of its barrel-like propulsors also match in every detail those unique to spider configurations. This makes Wolski's abduction one of the best documented observations of a Four-Propulsor UFO.
A Four-Propulsor UFO was also observed in the Roseneath suburb of Dunedin, New Zealand, by a local resident who prepared a detailed report of his sighting but requested his name and address be kept confidential. The sighting took place during a clear autumn night, when strong moonlight increased visibility. It provided excellent confirmation for the expected configuration of UFO's magnetic circuits that ionize the air. Figure Q2 illustrates what was seen. Here is the eye-witness report which describes this sighting:
"It was 2.56 a.m. on 23 March 1989. I was awaken by a loud sonic bang similar to that caused by a supersonic aeroplane crossing the sound barrier (I remembered that a similar bang also awoke me about 4 months earlier). I decided to glance through my window. It was a clear night with strong moonlight shinning on the landscape. I noticed a vehicle hovering above a patch of bush on the other side of the valley, about 1 kilometre away from my home. It was suspended motionless, about 10 metres above ground level on the unpopulated slope of the hill known locally as "Blue Skin Hill", slightly to the right of the Sawyers Bay water reservoir. The position of this vehicle was approximately level with my house and located in the direction of NNW from my window, i.e. on the magnetic azimuth 330E. The UFO was clearly distinguishable against the background of the moonlight slope, because of the lines of bluish-white steady light that outlined its body. It had the shape of a transparent, cubical-type hut, covered by a gable roof. The side dimension of its square walls I estimate at about 9 metres. From the vehicle's corners four columns of white-blue glitter light shone downwards. The glitter light grains of these columns resembled something like the flickering of 'white noise' visible on TV screens when working sets do not receive any station. Each side wall of the vehicle was crossed by strands of steady (i.e. not glittering) bluish-white light. Also each edge of the vehicle was outlined by the layer of the same light. The lines of light appearing on the rear of the vehicle were also visible through its transparent body.
After observing the vehicle for a few minutes I stopped looking. But the strange view aroused my curiosity, so about 10 minutes later I had another look. The vehicle was still above the same spot. After a short observation I stopped looking. At about 3:15 I looked again and checked for the third time. The vehicle was gone. Four days later I prepared a drawing of what I saw, which I have enclosed with this report."
My later field analysis of this sighting allowed a number of technical details to be established about this UFO. For example, it revealed that the UFO most probably represented a type T5 vehicle, whose design and approximate day-time appearance is illustrated in Figure D1. Also it confirmed that the observed geometry and mutual relationship of dimensions of this vehicle correspond to those described theoretically by the equations contained in chapter D. In addition the analysis revealed that this UFO was positioned so that its right rear wall was facing magnetic north. Moreover, the vehicle hovered slanted from a vertical position at the angle of about 20° so that the four columns of flickering light which extended down from its corners were parallel to the force lines of the local magnetic field. (The magnetic inclination for Dunedin is about I=70°.) These last two findings confirm that the vehicle's propulsion system utilized the Earth's magnetic field, and for this reason the UFO needed to remain aligned to the force lines of this field.
Another classic observation of a Four-Propulsor UFO was the abduction of Carl Higdon on 25 October 1974, which is described in subsection T2 - see evidence #3, and illustrated in Figure R4 (for details see books [2P] page 171, [5P] page 16). The UFO that abducted Mr. Higdon also had the shape of a "cubicle". Unfortunately the descriptions that are available concentrate more on the events than on the vehicle, therefore it is impossible to determine at this stage whether Mr. Higdon noticed barrel-shaped propulsors protruding from the corners of this UFO.

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