Abstract volume 15
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

ABSTRACT of this monograph no 15 from the series [1/5E] "Advanced magnetic devices",ISBN 978-1-877458-95-8.
Evil UFOnauts use on Earth a wide range of various advanced vehicles and technical devices. The design and operation of most important of them is defined by the statements of the Theory of the Magnocraft and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus this design and operation are already described in chapters B to F and K to N of this monograph. Therefore this volume is only designated to disclose evidence, and thus to prove, that such propulsion systems and technical devices described previously in a theoretical manner, are really owned and used in practice by UFOnauts.
The proving that UFOnauts really do have, and practically utilise, various propulsion systems and technical devices described in previous parts of this monograph, introduces an entire range of consequences. The most important out of these is, that it proves also the correctness of technical ideas of these devices. This is because if a given technical device postulated in this monograph was already completed by UFOnauts, and is currently used by them, it practically means that the completion of this device is feasible, and that it utilises the implementable principles and phenomena. Thus, it also can be constructed by us. Other benefits resulting from proving, that devices postulated by the Theory of the Magnocraft and by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity that are described in this monograph, are already build and used by UFOnauts, include amongst others: (a) proving the correctness of these two theories that are so vital for our civilisation, but the correctness of which many orthodox scientists try to undermine through quite vicious attacks, (b) confirming the correctness of other conclusions that also result from these two theories, e.g. correctness of the conclusion about existence of the universal intellect, or about existence and operation of moral laws and moral field, © supplying people with highly useful information about the design and principles of operation of technical devices used by UFOnauts, and thus making possible our self-defence against these devices, (d) demystification of UFOnauts, means revealing that they are not at all satanic supernatural creatures created by God just to torment humanity, but only our morally degenerated relatives from which we originate and which draw various benefits from exploiting and oppressing us. These relatives use technical devices in the same way as we do. Only that their devices are much more advanced from ours, although still possible to be understood and constructed by us on Earth.
This volume, similarly like two volumes that proceed it, and like subsection A3, should be almost a compulsory literature for all these people, who either research UFOs, or just are interested in UFO subject area.
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