P6.1. The descriptions of Eden coincides with the design of telekinetic UFO type K7
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P6.1. The descriptions of Eden coincides with the design of telekinetic UFO type K7

In the Hebrew mythology ancient descriptions of Eden can be found. In these descriptions Eden is composed of seven separate spaces (these paces were called then "homes") located towards each other in a concentric manner (see Figure P30 and compare it with Figures F39b /?/ and F19b /?/). One of the summaries of these descriptions published in the Polish language was provided on page 152 in the book [5S5], the author of which quoted them from another book [1P6.1] by Roberta Graves i Raphael Patai, "Mity Hebrajskie" - means "Hebrew Myths", Cyklady, 1993 Warszawa. Here is this summary, quoted from [5S5]:
"Eden has seven gates, one of which leads to other. The first home has walls made of crystal, beams of cedar. Second home is build similarly. Third is from gold and silver. It is there where the tree of life grows and are costly silver containers, canapés, sits, baldachins, candlesticks of gold, pearls, and precious stones. The tree of life with beauty of gold and scarlet exceeds all matters ever created. Its branches shade the entire garden. Four streams - milk, honey, wine, olives - flow from roots. Fourth house is build of gold, and the structure is supported with beams from olive wood. Fifth house is build of silver, crystal, pure gold and glass. It has silver and gold beams. It is decorated with silver and gold canapés, read and purple wardrobes, tasty food. Here lives the messiah. Sixth house is the "shelter for those who died", fulfilling duties for God. Seventh house is designated for the quarter for those who died of sadness because of sins of Israel. Some say that 'inhabitants of Eden are standing on heads and walk on hands'. But on the command of king they stand on legs."
If one analyses this description more thoroughly, then it turns out that the concentric shape of the biblical Eden, the location of subsequent compartments, and also various functional aspects, correspond with the internal design and operation of a telekinetic UFO type K7 revealed by my research and explained in subsection F2.5 /?/ (see also Figure F39 /?/ which illustrates the internal subdivision of various types of UFOs into compartments). Only that descriptions of this telekinetic UFO was accomplished with the use of naďve language, which was in the disposal of first people tens of thousands years ago, when they were passing to their descendants the appearance of Eden that they remembered. In order to realise to the reader the similarities of these ancient descriptions of the Eden to the appearance of a UFO type K7, on the basis of my research to-date I am going to interpret now with the precise technical terminology from this monograph the description of Eden quoted before. For a better understanding of my interpretations it is recommended to constantly compare the explanations provided here with the Figure P30 which shows various spaces (houses), hermetic division walls, and gates in a UFO type K7. However, while looking at Figure P30 one needs to remember, that UFO shown there was illustrated in the vertical cross-section that runs along the central axis "Z" of this vehicle. Therefore every space and wall from this cross-section in reality forms a concentric ring or cylinder. In my interpretation of the previously quoted description of Eden I used the following dictionary of ancient terms: "Eden" = telekinetic UFO type K7, "house" = concentric living space distinguished inside of this UFO and separated with hermetic walls from other spaces of the vehicle, "tree of life" = branching above the ceiling and under the floor of the vehicle column of life-giving telekinetic field produced by the main propulsor of this UFO, "streams of milk, honey, wine and olive" = strands of magnetic field that run under the floor of the UFO during the operation of the vehicle in a four-circuit mode, seen under different parameters of the operation of propulsors and under different lighting conditions, "candlesticks of gold, pearls, and precious stones" = levers, control buttons, and control lamps in the machine room. Here is an example of one of possible such resultant interpretations (translations) of the description of the Eden quoted before, into a technical language used and explained in my monographs:
"A telekinetic UFO type K7 of the outer dimensions D = 70.22 [meters] and H = 10.03 [meters] is subdivided into seven concentric spaces - see Figure P31 /?/ and compare it with Figures F39b /?/ and F19b. Each of these spaces is separated from others with hermetic subdivision walls, which in case of decompression of the remaining part of the spaceship still are keeping their air. Subsequent spaces are linked together with seven hermetic gates, which for the easier evacuation are positioned through and through towards each other (means each gate stands opposite to all others). The first of these seven hermetic spaces is the captain bridge (1). It is located on an external circumference of the highest part of the UFO type K7 and serves for the piloting of the spaceship. It is occupied by the crew on duty, means by the captain, pilots, navigators, communication officers, and their equipment. For the facilitation of the visibility of the environment, it usually has so regulated level of transparency and the reflection of light from its walls and ceiling, that they are almost crystal transparent. Radially along its ceiling and external walls run strands of magnetic circuits (CMS) of the vehicle, that for an observer resemble beams from a cedar timber. The second concentric space is located in the central part of the hulk of the vehicle, means it is adjusted to the captain bridge (1) and runs around its outer perimeter but one level below it. It occupies the complementary flange of the UFO type K7. It is used as specialisation hall (2), the equipment and function of which are adjusted to the specialisation of a given UFO vehicle. For example for a vehicle of a medical orientation it is occupied by operational tables and medical equipment. It looks similar to the first space, i.e. to the captain bridge (1), but it has a larger radius of curvature of its concentric walls. The third concentric space is machine room (3) located in the centre of the spaceship and adjusted to the internal walls of the captain bridge (1). It has a shape of a ring (or cylinder) that surrounds the main propulsor (M). In the centre of it a huge transparent cylinder (PM) is visible. It contains the free-floating oscillatory chambers of the main propulsor (M) of this UFO. Above the ceiling, and under the floor of the machine room, from the column of the central magnetic circuit (CM) of the telekinetic field produced by the main propulsor (M), inter-propulsory magnetic circuits (CMS) are branching. Thus the circuits (CM) and (CMS) resemble a huge tree - see parts A and B from Figure P19. Because this field has a telekinetic character, it is capable of inducing growth, health, and good feelings in all living organisms subjected to it - see subsection NB2. Therefore its branching at the top and bottom of the column, is called the "tree of life" by technically unaware observers. In the four-circuit mode of operation of the propulsors of this UFO (see the description of such four-circuit mode of operation contained in subsection F8 of this monograph), depending on the dynamic state of the vehicle's field and on the conditions of lightning, these four strands of inter-propulsory magnetic circuits (CMS) running under the transparent floor of the machine room, look like four streams of milk, honey, wine or olive. Central oscillatory chambers (M) producing the column of branched magnetic field are twinkling with gold and scarlet, almost hypnotising with their beauty people who observe them. Around the central cylinder (PM), which contains the main propulsor (M) inside, control panels of the vehicle provided with sits are located. To the people who see them, their colourful livers, buttons and lamps may resemble candlesticks and precious stones. The fourth concentric space is the ring-shaped gallery of side propulsors (4). It runs outside of peripherals of the specialisation hall (2) from the complementary flange. Around the external circumference it is surrounded with the row of columns (PS) containing side propulsors (S), which look as if they are made of olive timber. The fifth space are living quarters (5). It is located inside of the side flange of the vehicle and has a shape of a ring with the height of Ds = 2.04 [meters] and width of L = 10.28 [meters]. Outside it is surrounded with the side magnetic circuits (CS), while on the side towards the interior of the spaceship, through transparent walls are visible columns with side oscillatory chambers (S) with golden electric sparks inside. Side magnetic circuits (CS) running around their external surfaces look like silver beams. In turn visible through the wall (PS) side propulsors (S) resemble golden cubes with silver beams running from them in both directions. In quarters (5) living compartments are located (amongst others kitchen and dinning room), compartments for leisure and recreation, and individual crew cabins. Apart from the captain and crew, also visitors live in these quarters, amongst others a project manager, a guide, and a supervisor of people that stay on this UFO (i.e. the alien in original descriptions of Eden called the "messiah"). Quarters (5) have comfortable furniture and equipment of the lively colours. The sixth concentric space is storage area (6). It is contained under the floor of the captain bridge (1) and behind the internal wall of the specialisation hall (2). It contains, amongst others, fridges and containers to freeze bodies that require conservation - e.g. bodies of crew members that died during the trip. The seventh concentric space is contained in the area flashed with the magnetic field of the vehicle, i.e. located inside of the central column (PM) with the main propulsor (M) and above the ceiling of the vehicle. It is a rubbish dump (7). The internal walls (PM), means walls that are adjusted to the interior of the vehicle, hold small cells that resemble honeycomb. Each such a cell is used as a separate container for rubbish. The crew treats as rubbish also bodies of people that died during the faulty medical experiments carried out on this UFO, people that died during accidents caused by the flight or landing of this UFO, or people simply killed by deadly pets of UFOnauts - see subsection R4.2. The shocking curiosity of this rubbish dump is, that according to reports of these who were able to look inside of it, it is literally loaded with human bodies - perhaps this has something to do with reasons described in subsection R4.2. For example, this rubbish dump together with human bodies stored in it, is shown in the American documentary film of 1993 based on a real abduction of someone called Travis Walton and entitled [2P6.1] "Fire in the Sky" (the film "Fire in the sky" is mentioned also in subsection O5.4 on the occasion of presenting the so-called "onion charcoal"). There is so many of these human bodies in the UFO rubbish dump, that sometimes two of them are stored in a single compartment, although this storing is for a short term and until the time when this rubbish dump is emptied somewhere above red-hot atmosphere of Venus or Sun. The helical elevator ramp (E), i.e. a kind of staircase which instead of stairs has a type of ramp with the floor and ceiling covered with sticky mesh, links together both levels of UFO type K7. This ramp has three gates, i.e. 2E, E6, and E1, that link it with spaces located on its outlets. Some people abducted on this UFO observed, that because of the weightless the crew of this UFO sometimes stands on heads and walks on hands. But when the crew members accept commands of the captain of the spaceship, then they obediently stand on their legs and stretch in the military position of attention."
From the comparative analyses outlined above, it stems conclusively that our pra- ancestors, Adam and Eve, actually were born, grew, and were brought up at the deck of a telekinetic UFO type K7. When the period of their childhood and growth finished, they were "banished" from this UFO and designated to the self-sufficient life on the planet Earth. Thus they were not "created" - as this is suggested by our mythology, nor they evolved, but simply they were "transported" to Earth from a different planet. The theory on their "bringing" from other planet discussed here is also supported by ever increasing detailed evidence that originates from UFO research (the comprehensive discussion of which is to be omitted here). An example of this evidence can be an observation of huge numbers of children, which by some UFO abductees are seen on UFO decks - e.g. see the discussion about a "baby business" provided in Appendix Z of monograph [2e]. One of the probable explanations for further fate of these children, is that similarly as our Adam and Eve, they are going to be used for populating some distant and still unpopulated planet, of course to be later occupied an exploited similarly to people from Earth.

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