P2. The presentation of the formal proof that "UFOs are already .. Magnocraft"
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P2. The presentation of the formal proof that "UFOs are already operational

There is an overwhelming wealth of evidence available at present, which directly supports the formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft". This evidence conclusively documents, that every technical and behavioural detail deduced theoretically for Magnocraft is reflected in a corresponding detail observed empirically on UFOs, and also that every attribute or phenomena observed on UFOs has a theoretical justification in the future design, and in the future effects of operation of the Magnocraft. Of course, it would be impossible to present all the evidence concerning UFOs in one small chapter. For this reason, I decided to present here only principles of interpreting appropriate observational evidence that is only supported with the most representative examples. This means, that I try more to explain here the principles of matching the attributes of UFOs with those of the Magnocraft, rather than to accommodate all the UFO evidence available for this purpose. Therefore for each topic addressed, I selected only one single sample of evidence which in my opinion is the most representative of all the empirical material on UFOs collected on this particular topic. Everywhere, where it is possible, I used photographs to illustrate my deductions, as they constitute the most objective evidence. In some topics, however, where the deductions concern matters impossible to be photographed (e.g. course of events, electric currents, etc.), appropriate eye-witness reports are provided.
The type of evidence that is used in the proof presented here, can be called "court-type" evidence, as it includes UFO photographs and eye witness reports. This means that the proof is based on an evidence that would be recognized in any court during trials involving human lives. Apart from this court-type evidence, there is a wealth of material evidence available on UFOs, such as marks left on the ground during landing of UFOs, sites where UFOs exploded, glassy tunnels made in rocks during underground flights of UFOs, etc. This material evidence is here referred to, but its detailed presentation is contained in other chapters in support of more specific aspects of the Magnocraft's theory or UFO manifestations. Most of it has a stationary, permanent character, thus it can be subjected to scientific investigations without the need for altering traditional research methodologies of orthodox science. (E.g. the marks left on the ground during landing of UFOs, or explosion sites of UFOs, do not fly away when scientists approach them.) The interpretation of this evidence significantly advances our ability to commence the building of the Magnocraft.
Almost all evidence used in this chapter has been selected from the most classic examples of UFO photographs and UFO observations. Therefore copies and descriptions of this evidence are contained in various books and periodicals dedicated to UFOs. In order to save readers' time, I have listed at the end of this section (i.e. in subsection P2.17) some resource publications containing UFO evidence utilised here. Although these books contain all the descriptions of cases referred to in this chapter, they are not the only sources which supply the details of the evidence discussed here, and which allow for the verification of this evidence. For scientific exactitude, each time deductions are supported by UFO evidence, I have also provided the source materials where the original description of this evidence can be found. Such a reference takes the form explained in subsection AB3, i.e. "[...P2] page number". For example "[4P2] p. 134" means: look at page 134 in the 4th book in the list provided in subsection "P2.17". (Notice that the first book on the list from subsection P2.17 is written in German. But because, in my opinion, it contains the best atlas of UFO photographs so-far published on Earth, it is highly recommended for English speaking readers also.)
I have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to provide readers with the best possible quality of evidence. I have searched for the authors of UFO books and photographs, have written numerous letters to them, have asked for copyright permission, higher quality copies of photographs, details which were lacking on some evidence, etc. Unfortunately, for reasons which are more understandable after reading subsections A3, V5.1, and O1 /?/, or chapters U, V, and VB /?/ of this monographs, most of these efforts have not produced results. Thus some evidence of key importance must be presented here in the form which is available to me, i.e. sometimes with important data unavailable, or not of the highest quality copy. But I will continue this effort and hopefully in the next edition of this monograph the quality of the evidence presented should be improved further. I would like to take this opportunity to issue an appeal for assistance in gathering further quality UFO photographs, in finding the sources of the higher-quality UFO pictures, in collecting further evidence on the topics presented here, etc. To improve this monograph is not just to expand one more book on UFOs, but to strengthen the scientific foundations on which the rationalized research of UFO manifestations can be built.
As it is obvious from the content of chapters F, E and D, UFOs are not one type of vehicle, but a mixture of three kinds of flying devices which in this monograph are called the (discoidal) Magnocraft, Personal Propulsion, and Four-Propulsor Spacecraft. In the deductions from this subsection only the Magnocraft-like (i.e. disc-shaped) UFOs are considered and analyzed. The personal propulsion of UFOnauts is discussed in chapter R, whereas the four-propulsor UFOs are addressed in chapter Q.
The many distinguishable differences between the anatomy of occupants from various UFO spaceships allow us to deduce that numerous civilizations of evil parasites from UFOs have sent their vehicles to Earth. This is even confirmed by the claims of UFOnauts themselves. In Appendix Z to monograph [2e] a report of a New Zealand citizen, Miss Nosbocaj, abducted onto a UFO deck for a medical examination (the Auckland incident of abduction, Auckland, New Zealand, December 1979) is published. She discussed this matter with an alien doctor. In her report the information provided by the UFOnaut is recorded. Below is quoted, what Miss Nosbocaj repeated of the alien's statements (notice in this quotation that the word which UFOnauts pronounce "help", for us means "enslave and rob"):
"They have planets of people who are above them and planets who are below. We are below - not in any space, time or anything, simply in development. As he said and always emphasizes, knowledge is responsibility. They know about us, they have a responsibility to help us, as those higher than them have a responsibility to help them."
Because the level of technical development of the civilizations sending UFOs to us is varied, so also the technological advancement of their vehicles must differ. Thus Earth is raided by a mixture of vehicles, which are equivalent to all three generations of the Magnocraft.
But we know from subsection M6 that each one of these generations is also able to operate in the magnetic convention. Therefore all UFOs at some stages of their flight may display the attributes of the Magnocraft of the first generation. In subsections that follow, such magnetic attributes are only considered. UFOs flying in other conventions, i.e. telekinetic and time travel, are discussed in chapter T.
As was proven in subsection F4, the general shape of all vehicles which employ the Magnocraft's operation is strictly predefined by the set of laws utilized in their propulsion. This shape must obey the set of equations listed in Figure F18 /?/. The only details which could vary for vehicles of different civilizations are: materials, internal divisions into crew compartments, and generations of oscillatory chambers. After all, a common logic says that for practical reasons (e.g. rescue missions in space) the dimensions of UFOs must be standardized by various civilizations who use these vehicles. Therefore, it is certain that all civilizations who have already built Magnocraft-like vehicles, and are organized into a parasitic "intergalactic confederation", follow a strict standardization of dimensions of their vehicles. (Various reports from UFO abductees confirm the existence of this parasitic confederation, e.g. the abduction of Serg. Moody on 13 August 1975, Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - see Xenolog (New Zealand), no 104, May-June 1976, pp. 11-14.) The assumption adopted in this chapter is that such an intergalactic standardisation is in fact in force amongst various owners of UFO vehicles. This assumption allows us to have a consistent approach in considering all disc-shaped (discoidal) UFOs, without determining which civilization produced them.
The order of the Magnocraft's attributes discussed in the subsections that follow coincides with that from subsection P1 (which in turn is similar to that from subsection F13 /?/). Therefore, for the better comprehension of subsequent topics, readers are recommended to refer to subsequent items of subsections P1 and F13 /?/.

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