P. The formal proof that magnocraft-shaped UFOs do exist objectively...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Motto of this chapter: "independently what people say or do, truth always remains true".

It is obvious that the best way of convincing someone about the feasibility of building a Magnocraft is to demonstrate this vehicle when it is already built and operational. By an extraordinary coincidence, advanced spaceships are observed on Earth whose attributes exactly correspond to those of the operational Magnocraft. These spaceships are called UFOs (an acronym from "Unidentified Flying Objects"). Of course, in order to use UFOs to validate the feasibility of the Magnocraft, formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" must first be conducted. This proof is presented in the chapter that follows.
The Magnocraft is entirely an Earth vehicle, i.e. it has been invented, developed, and it is proposed to be build on Earth. But if one remembers unique attributes of this vehicle, it is enough to see headings of present newspapers, or glance at titles of various books, to realise, that vehicles identical to the Magnocraft are observed on Earth from the beginning of time. These already existing vehicles identical to the Magnocraft, are described in there under the name of UFOs.
I had the honour of inventing and developing the Magnocraft solely on the basis of my professional interests in propulsion systems, i.e. without any influence or inspiration from extraterrestrial UFOs. At the beginning of my developmental work I accepted, that the Magnocraft is just going to be a flying successor for an electric motor. This is what suggested to me the analogies and symmetries expressed in the Cyclic Table (shown in this monograph as Table B1, and in other application - as Table K1). In this initial stage of the development of the Magnocraft, I was completely unaware of the similarities that exist between Magnocraft and UFOs. This similarity become obvious only when the complete design and attributes of Magnocraft become deduced. Actually this similarities were pointed out to me only by readers of my articles, who claimed that they have actually seen the Magnocraft in operation with their own eyes - only they called it differently, i.e. "UFOs". Although at that stage I did not envisage any connection of my Magnocraft and UFOs, just in case there was one, I followed these claims of my readers and tried to identify the differences or similarities existing between both these vehicles. Soon afterwards, with the weight of the evidence that I collected, I realized that in fact there are unknown vehicles popularly called UFOs already operational on Earth, which display all the attributes that have been theoretically predicted for the Magnocraft. Subsequently the formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" has been worked out and published. The first version of this proof appeared in the article [1P] "Konstrukcja prosto z nieba" ("The design straight from heaven") published in the Polish Journal "Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje", no 12/1981, pp.43-5. Unfortunately, in this first presentation of the discussed proof, for reasons which are clear only after reading subsection A3 and VB2 /?/, the editor of the "Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje" would not publish drawings and photographs that were included to this article (similar to drawings and photographs that illustrate the subsection P1). Because of the lack of space, these photographs and drawings could not be also presented when the publication [1P] was then discussed in the article [2P] "Jak dowiedziono istnienia UFO" (i.e. "How the existence of UFOs was proven"), published in the magazine "Kurier Polski", no 119/1981, page 5. Thus the complete version of this proof (together with a complete photographic and descriptive evidence) could be published only in New Zealand in monograph [1e] and in several other monographs that proceeded [1e] (see the list of these monographs provided in subsection C10). The proof presented in this chapter is only an updated extension, with additional evidence, of this original proof published in New Zealand in monograph [1e].
The formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" is a vital segment in the logical chain that forms the content of this monograph (this is the reason why in next subsection P1 the methodology of this proof is summarised, while in subsection P2 the evidence that supports it is listed). This is because in connection with the discovery described in subsections P3.1 and P6.5, that the planet Earth from the very beginning of settling human race on it, is under an invisible occupation of evil parasites from UFOs, this proof realises to us our bitter reality. In turn this reality is, that our planet from the beginning of time is continually abused and exploited by morally degenerated, although technically developed relatives of people that already have operational Magnocraft (UFOs) in their disposal. This in turn in the illustrative manner proves, that the idea of the Magnocraft can be completed technically (if it could be completed by other civilisations that parasite on us, when we decide so, we should also be able to complete it). Thus, through the completion of this formal proof, the truth of the main thesis of this monograph is simultaneously proven.

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