OD5. The evidence which confirms, that manifestations of UFOs on the Earth are...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

OD5. The evidence which confirms, that manifestations of UFOs on the Earth are really God’s ”simulations”, not a true occupation by evil UFOnauts

These researchers, who carefully watch the manifestations of UFOs and UFOnauts on the Earth, with the elapse of time notice that these manifestations display an array of quite unique attributes. In turn all these attributes confirm consistently, that UFOs and UFOnauts in reality are just highly realistic and perfect "simulations" implemented by God Himself, not the real occupants of the humanity which truly practice the philosophy of evil parasitism. After all, if one considers attributes which should characterise UFOnauts that are permanently existing creatures (i.e. existing in the same way as for example people do exist), then it turns out, that a significant number of these attributes must be exact reversals of attributes which must be displayed by UFOnauts which also exist objectively, but minds of which are linked directly to the mind of God and thus which are just temporally "simulations" of God. For example, permanently existing UFOnauts would need to have the ”free will”, would need to be lazy, slack, and easy to catch on committing errors (after all, they practice the lazy philosophy of parasitism), would need to long shape their advanced civilization, etc., etc. In turn UFOnauts "simulated" by God would NOT have the “free will” – because they would do only whatever God orders them to do, their actions would be perfect and they would never commit errors, they would be created by God already in their highly-advanced knowledge and technology, etc., etc.
The above drastic differences which would need to appear between (1-evidential) attributes of the temporally "simulated" UFOnauts, and such (2-comparable) attributes of UFOnauts that exist permanently, allows us to develop a formal scientific proof, that UFOnauts (and their UFO vehicles) which are sighted by people, are actually only temporary "simulations" carried out by God. In order to accomplish such a proof, it is enough to use the excellent method of “matching the evidence” which is described in great details in subsection P1, while is illustrated on examples in subsection P2, from the next volume of this monograph. Attributes (1-evidential) are then these attributes of UFOnauts which are really noted in UFO sightings over the Earth, while attributes (2-comparable) are then attributes deduced theoretically as these which must appear in UFOnauts temporally "simulated" by God, but simultaneously mustn’t to appear in UFOnauts which would exist permanently as a civilisation that gradually developed its present technical and scientific advancement. Below I am providing the most meaningful and significant amongst these (1-evidential) attributes which constitute such a formal proof which states that UFOnauts (and also UFO vehicles) which we see on the Earth are actually temporally "simulations" carried out by God. Here are these attributes:
#1. Acting exclusively according to God’s intentions and goals. Although UFOnauts document having all attributes of the beings which practice the philosophy of “evil parasitism”, in fact every their manifestation on the Earth serves perfectly towards the implementation of beneficial for the humanity goals and intentions of God. In turn such a mutual contradiction between their philosophy and actual acting is only possible if UFOnauts are temporally "simulations" of God, which serve the completion of His goals, and they only pretend to be evil occupants of the humanity.
#2. The possibility of explaining every manifestation of work of UFOnauts as a work of wild nature, and also as an Act of God. According to what I explained in item #J1 from the totaliztic web page named ”day26.htm”, everything that God does, is planned by Him so perfectly, that it always contains a body of evidence which allow to explain it at least in 3 different manners. Namely, everything that God does, is (1) so "simulated" as if it has a “natural origins” resulting from the work of “laws of wild nature”, it is also (2) so "simulated" as if it was secretly caused by the advanced technology of evil UFOnauts, and additionally it (3) contains in itself also hidden evidence that it was caused by God Himself. In turn only God has the sufficient knowledge, execution power, and reasons, to e.g. so "simulate" almost every "Act of God", that valid for it are simultaneously all these 3 different explanations indicated in above. In order to realise how difficult is to imprint 3 different sets of attributes into a single product of intelligence, it is enough to realise, that people build e.g. "vehicles" for already several thousands of years, and so-far they did NOT managed to build even a single "vehicle" which would simultaneously (1) fly in the air or vacuum of space, (2) move in solid ground, and (3) sail in water (although I invented just such a "vehicle" - it is called the “Magnocraft”, and it is described in subsection C1 and in chapter G). As it turns out, every UFO manifestation can also be explained with the use of all 3 above explanations. This in turn proves, that UFO manifestations must be "simulations" implemented by God Himself, because for example imperfect beings which practice the philosophy of parasitism would NOT have the need, execution powers, nor motivations, to implement such a high level of perfection in every their actions.
#3. The perfection of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles is disagreeing with the nature of practitioners of parasitism. The philosophy of parasitism always causes sliding its practitioners into increasingly deep laziness, complacency, and imperfection. Thus practitioners of parasitism with the elapse of time commit increasingly more errors and mistakes. On the other hand UFOnauts practically never commit true errors, and everything that can be considered to be an error in their action, in reality after the analysis turns out to be an action agreeable with God’s intentions. Simultaneously, these almost perfect UFOnauts document stands with their behaviours which are characteristic for creatures that practice the philosophy of “evil parasitism”. This complete disagreement of the parasitic behaviour and the perfection of actions confirms, that UFOnauts are just "simulated" as parasites by the highly perfect God.
#4. The evidence that “UFO vehicles never get out of order”. Whatever civilisation would build given flying vehicles, practically it is NOT possible to develop them so perfectly that these would never break down. Especially frequent the breaks down of UFO vehicles must take place if these are constructed by a civilisation that practices a philosophy of parasitism. After all, this philosophy encourages to laziness, cutting corners, and bad work. Thus if really UFO vehicles are build by such a parasitic civilisation, then we would need to have on the Earth an access to evidence that sometimes they fail. But in reality we do NOT have such evidence. We do know at least three cases of powerful explosions on the Earth, in which we can find all attributes that are characteristic for UFO explosions (i.e. is known to us (1) the Tapanui explosion from New Zealand of 1178, (2) Tunguska explosion of 1908 from the Siberian taiga forests, and (3) the explosion which caused the killer-tsunami from the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004), but each of these cases contains also evidence which documents that it was NOT an accidental UFO explosion. For example, each one amongst these explosion (a) contains evidence that it was caused on purpose, (b) contains the evidence that it served for the completion of God’s intentions and goals, and © contains also evidence for at 3 simultaneous explanations for its origins according to item #2 above - means already by itself this evidence proves that these were Acts of God (i.e. it contains the evidence that: (i) it was an explosion caused by wild forces of nature, (ii) it was an explosion secretly caused by UFOs, and (3) it was an explosion caused by God Himself). In other words, these three explosions already researched by now in fact also contain in themselves evidence that they were God’s "simulations" intentionally so arranged that they look, amongst others, as UFO explosions. So in fact there is a complete lack of any evidence that UFOs can break down. This, in combination with the inherited slackness and laziness of all creatures that really practice the philosophy of parasitism, unambiguously proves that UFOs are "simulations" implemented by "God perfectionist" - not permanent UFO vehicles of some parasitic civilisation that secretly occupies the Earth.
#5. The potential for making impossible to accomplish God’s goals, for loosening the God’s control over people, and for sabotaging His plans and intentions. God created people for accomplishing specific goals – the most vital of which is to the increase of knowledge. But in order to accomplish these goals, God must control the fate and development of the humanity with the really iron hand. However, if apart God, people were controlled by highly advanced UFOnauts, then they would introduce a potential for at least making more difficult, if not sabotage completely, the God’s control over fate of the humanity and accomplishment of His goals. So God simply cannot afford the existence of such complications. Thus UFOnauts have the right to appear only if they are temporally God’s "simulations" linked directly to His mind and deprived their own "free will", and thus absolutely obedient towards the intentions of God.
#6. Absence of the so-called "free will" in UFOnauts. UFOnauts themselves continually emphasize this in their contacts with people, that oppositely to humans they do NOT have free will. The best document which confirms these confessions of UFOnauts, that they are deprived of free will, is an excellent book j [1T1] by the late Professor John E. Mack, M.D., entitled: "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, volume 464 pages (currently available also in translation into Polish, under the title "Uprowadzenia - spotkania ludzi z kosmitami"). In various places of this book the reader can find reports from several conversations between people and UFOnauts, in which talks UFOnauts repetitively admit that they do NOT have free will. If one considers this matter thoroughly, the "free will" must be absent only in someone whose mind is directly controlled by some other (superior) mind, e.g. by the mist of God Himself. Thus these confessions of UFOnauts, that they themselves do NOT have a free will, are equivalent of admiting that they are just "simulations" controlled by the mind of God Himself.
#7. Inability to generate new knowledge. In spite of practicing the parasitic philosophy, UFOnauts act in a perfect manner. This in turn means that from their behaviour they cannot learn anything. After all, one can learn only if makes errors, means when still is imperfect. In turn the perfect behaviour only utilizes the knowledge which needed to be learned earlier, by itself NOT generating any new knowledge. In other words, perfectly behaving UFOnauts would be the contradiction of the goal (which is the “increase of knowledge”) for the accomplishing of which God created physical creatures. So God would NOT tolerate the existence of creatures that are incapable of generating new knowledge. Since, in spite of this, UFOnauts do exist, this means that they are just temporally "simulations" of God.
#8. The age of the universe, which is too small to allow the evolution of so highly advanced UFOnauts. As it is explained in subsection A10 from volume 1 of this monograph, the age of the physical world amounts to just over 6000 years. So this age is too short for so advanced civilizations as UFOnauts could evolve. Thus UFOnauts must be "simulations".
#9. The history of evolution of the idea of UFOnauts. UFOnauts did NOT existed since the beginnings of the physical world, nor they appeared on the Earth rapidly in their present form and present understanding. The evolution of their appearance and later crystallization was rather long and gradual. In addition, this evolution can now be traced on the basis of religious evidence, legends, and historic documents. This evolution is described more extensively in subsection P5 from the next volume. But in order to not force the reader to disturn the order of his thoughts, I am going to summarize it here briefly. The blue-print for the appearance of UFOnauts were the so-called “bodily representations of God”, described more comprehensively in subsection A14 from volume 1 of this monograph. Namely, immediately after the creation of first people, God needed to interact directly with humans in order to be able to teach them how to live. But because God is actually a kind of natural program, for physical interactions with humans God created for himself special “bodily representations”. These were the appearance and the form of people, only that their minds were directly linked to the mind of God. So these had no "free will". Because on the very beginning God still have a lot to learn Himself, this His first “bodily representations” had personalities which represented the mixture of “good” and “evil” – as this was the case for example with the Hindu deity called Murugan, shown in Figure OD1 below. Then God discovered empirically, that much better is to separate these characteristics of their personalities which represent “good”, from the characteristics which represent “evil”, and to assign these two sets of opposite attributes to completely different His “bodily representations” which in addition drastically differed from each other in appearance (i.e. “good” representations looked beautiful, while “evil” representations looked ugly). Such a division of personalities is already visible in the religion of Maoris described in subsections A14 and A14.2 from volume 1. In this way with the elapse of time the idea of “angels” and “devils” was developed which we know already from the Christian religion. As time elapse it turned out that “angels” are not needed anymore. But ugly “devils” were still needed, but atheistically oriented people ceased to believe in them. So there was a need to rename “devils” into something, so that God still could utilize them on everyday basis for controlling people. Because these atheistically-oriented people started strongly believe that they are NOT the only inhabitants of the huge cosmos, God decided to create for them the idea of UFOnauts. The above gradual evolution of the idea of present UFOnauts, which can be traced relatively well on the existing evidence, quite conclusively proves, that UFOnauts (and their UFO vehicles) are just temporally "simulations" of God.
#10. Diminishing of direct persecution from UFOs aimed at our person, at the moment when we become sure that UFOnauts are really temporary ”simulations” of God. In His interaction with people God follows the principle, that “if a person believes deeply in something and undertakes actions based on this belief, then this person always must receive proofs that his or her believes represent truth- for details of this principle of God see subsection A16 from volume 1 of this monograph. On the other hand, real parasitic UFOnauts, if they really occupy the Earth, would follow a principle of doing only what is most beneficial for their parasitic interests. When I believed deeply that real UFOnauts secretly occupy and exploit the Earth, in my flats hell was breaking loose. Lights, radios, and television sets kept switching on and off just by themselves – sometimes even in spite that they were cut off from the electricity supply, clocks rapidly rushed forward like crazy, or lost entire hours, computers, washing machines, and fridges rapidly burned, at nights on my body kept appearing evidence of being abducted to UFOs, in the flat everything kept getting magnetised and telekinetised just “by itself” as well as took place events described in subsection U3.6 from volume 16 of this monograph, precious possessions kept disappearing although no-one was breaking to my flat, under windows of my flats kept appearing tens of burned marks from UFO landings (see Figure W1 from volume 18 of this monograph), my friends were troubled by UFOnauts, etc., etc. But when in 2007 I realised and become sure, that UFOnauts and UFOs are just temporary “simulations” of God, rapidly all this ceased and stopped. At present no UFOnaut is directly troubling me nor nothing extraordinary happens in my flat. The only form of persecution from ”simulations” of UFOnauts that still is carried out, is the campaign of smearing outcomes of my research which is still raging in the internet. But this campaign is actually directed at other people who could benefit from my research, not at me directly. After all, it is detrimental for other people who are at the losing end, not detrimental for me. Such a rapid cease of direct persecution by UFOs could NOT take place if I was really persecuted by true UFOnauts with parasitic interests. After all, their parasitic interests would NOT change rapidly only because I changed my knowledge. So in order this directly affecting me persecutions from UFOnauts could cease, UFOnauts need to be just God’s “simulations”.
The above is worth to complement with the information, that the fact of such fast cease of direct persecutions from UFOnauts and UFOs immediately after I become deeply convinced that they are just temporary “simulations” of God, indicates for us a very simple although highly effective manner of defence against UFOnauts and UFOs, and also against all other creatures and phenomena temporally “simulated” by God (e.g. demons – see Figure A2, devils, spirits, fairies, poltergeist, etc.). In order to defend ourselves against them it simply suffices to: (1) become deeply sure that all these creatures are just temporally “simulations” of God, and then (2) start to act on the basis of this our certainty. In order to (1) become certain, we at least need to study the content of the entire this monograph, and compare the evidence from this monograph with whatever we experience or learn on everyday basis. In turn to (2) prove to God that we really pursue actions based on this our certainty, we need at least begin to practice and somehow promote the philosophy of totalizm in our everyday life. But we must also remember that God knows our thoughts and beliefs. Thus if we just pretend to be certain about the actual “simulation” of these creatures by God, but deeply in our mind we still are to believe that whatever happens to us is a fact and a permanent reality, then our persecution is NOT to stop. So in case we do not change our beliefs, we should rather fight with these our invisible persecutors on traditional ways (i.e. with demons, devils, ghosts, poltergeists, etc. – through exorcisms, with UFOnauts and UFOs - with methods described in my previous monograph marked [1/4], etc.).


According to what I explained in subsection P1 and P2.15 from the next volume of this

monograph, and also what I illustrated on examples from subsection P2, the above constitutes a formal scientific proof stating that “UFOnauts and their UFO vehicles are temporally simulations of God.”
Of course, as this typically happens in the life with formal scientific proofs, in spite that they represent a reflection of some specific section of the existing truth and that every person should respect their statements, in fact rarely anyone amongst people considers them in his everyday action. In case of the above proof this typical for imperfect people rejection or ignoring of proofs will have its consequences. Namely, as this is explained in subsection P2.16 from the next volume, God will continue the utilization of His "simulations" of evil UFOnauts and UFO vehicles for accomplishing His goals for as long, until all people begin to recognise the truth of this proof and consider this proof in their everyday actions. Of course, from the point of view of God it is quite beneficial if people ignore this proof and will delay the acknowledgement of it. After all, then people will commit much more errors, and thus they will produce for God much more new knowledge, then they would do if they climbed onto the higher level of perfection through recognising this proof.

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Fig. OD1.
The Hindu god most frequently called "Murugan"
. t is also called with other names, e.g. Subramanya. His name means "ever young". In fact he represents a blue-print and model for the present simulations of “UFOnauts” by God. He even carries the equipment typical for UFOnauts. This God is the second son of god "Siva" - which in Hinduism represents the "god of destruction". A gigantic figure of god Murugan stands at the entrance to so-called "Batu Caves" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The above photograph shows him in a frontal view. As this is explained more comprehensively in item #B6.1 of the web page named “god.htm” (about secular and scientific understanding of God), the religion of Hinduism by many is considered to be the first religion on the Earth, which God disseminated amongst people just after He created the physical world. Thus, this religion does NOT contains yet the separate concepts of God and Satan - understood as separate carriers of good and evil. Therefore all Hindu "gods" in fact were creatures that demonstrated with their actions both, numerous aspects of good, as a significant dose of evilness. For example, in present times the behaviour of the above god Murugan would be described as highly "evil" or "devilish", and thus more appropriate to "evil UFOnauts" (i.e. God’s “simulations” of secretive occupants and exploiters of the Earth), than to "bodily representations" of the only God.

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