OC2. Natural transformation of whole civilisations: from institutional parasites ...
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OC2. Natural transformation of whole civilisations: from institutional parasites into evil parasites

Let us try to express in a single sentence the most important consequence of practising the destructive philosophy of institutional parasitism by a whole civilisation. This consequence is that due to the natural processes of deepening parasitism, with the elapse of time such a civilisation transforms into a civilisation of so-called "evil parasites" (of course, this happens only then, if it does not reach much earlier the stage of a self-destruction). Initially this process of transformation of institutional parasitism into evil parasitism is explained in subsection OA2.1.
Let us now describe this doomed process more precisely. Initially the natural mechanism of impacting the fate of parasitic intellects by outcomes of moral laws, is revealing itself at the level of individual people. Then it extends its influence at whole institutions. For example, if in an institution a sufficient number of individual people who practice parasitism starts to work, then this institution rapidly converts into practising an institutional parasitism. In turn when in a given country a sufficient number of institutions that practice institutional parasitism appears (especially governmental institutions), then the institutional parasitism is practised by a whole country. Finally, when the sufficient number of countries of a given civilisation practice institutional parasitism, then a whole civilisation turns into practising institutional parasitism. (Our present civilisation on Earth is very close to such a philosophical threshold.) If a given civilisation starts to practice the institutional parasitism, then the fate of it is sealed. It is unable to turn back into totalizm without an outside help. Therefore the parasitism gradually deepens in it, until one day the civilisation reaches the moment of a self- destruction.
Depending on mutual proportion between a speed of the moral fall-down of a given civilisation, and a speed of the technical advancement, if this civilisation develops sufficiently fast, then still before the self-destruction it transform into so called "civilisation of evil parasites". The more precise definition what this name means is given in the next subsection OC2.2. At this point it is sufficient to notice that our civilisation is at a fast track to reach - even in the present century, the level of "evil parasites". As it is explained in subsection OA2.1, the civilisation of evil parasites is characterised by the fact that it developed devices for interstellar travel (i.e. developed "Magnocraft" described in subsection OC3 and showed in Figure OA8). Therefore for slaves it does not use any more members of its own society, but it rather organises colonies of the relatives on other planets, and then enslaves, pushes down, and exploits these colonies.
Because in the huge universe there is a large number of civilisations in a given moment of time, which already reached the state of "evil parasitism", practically every young civilisation of the universe, which is just starting the existence, is endangered, that without knowing it becomes a civilisation of slaves for some kind of evil parasites. This rule does not have exceptions. This practically means, that also we, Earthlings, are treated as if we are in power of some cosmic evil parasites (more comprehensively this subject is discussed in chapters JI and JJ). Such evil parasites from the definition put all their efforts into not allowing that the enslaved civilisations were ever able to free themselves from the slavery. Especially strongly they are trying to disallow the enslaved civilisations to implement totalizm. This has a very unpleasant consequences for us. After all, this means that absolutely every civilisation, which wishes to adopt totalizm, including also human civilisation from Earth, must firstly fight for the freedom and the right to practice this moral philosophy.
The drive of parasitic civilisations to enslave others, cause that practically every civilisation of intelligent beings, in the initial stage of its existence must start as a civilisation of slaves, which is in power of a parasitic civilisation. Only at the further stage of the development, this civilisation receives the choice, whether it wishes to follow the path of parasitism - exactly repeating the fate of the own oppressors, or wishes to start to practice totalizm. If this civilisation chooses the totalizm, then it firstly must use force to earn the freedom, before it is able to exist as a totaliztic civilisation.
Let us now summarise this subsection. The punishing consequences of moral laws, which govern the fate of intelligent beings, are forcing almost an identical course of fate onto every civilisation that neglects the obedience to these moral laws. According to this course of fate, initially such civilisations are falling into claws of institutional parasitism. Then "natural" mechanisms of deepening of parasitism are activated in them. Therefore, if a given civilisation slips down faster than it develops technically, it serves the justice to itself, accomplishing a self destruction almost immediately after it becomes able to build weapon of mass destruction (such as nuclear weapon). But if a given civilisation develops technically much faster than it slips down morally, it firstly becomes capable of intergalactic travel, and thus it transforms into so-called "evil parasites". Only then it serves a self-destruction to itself. In both cases these civilisations reach their final state of the "self-destruction" threshold and perish from their own hands (usually also completely destroying the planet on which they previously existed - see the history of humanity described in subsection V3 of [1/4]). The only trace which sometimes is left after them, are these other slave civilisations of their relatives, on which they previously leached, and which then receive the right to choose the further course of their own fate.
In order to understand parasitism even better, and also in order to realize the "natural" character of this morally decadent behaviour, in subsection OC2.2 parasitism is going to be defined more comprehensively. This subsection OC2.2 is also going to explain conditions, that must be fulfilled, in order for a given civilisation that practices institutional parasitism to transform itself with the elapse of time into civilisation of evil parasites (means to achieve the level of evil parasitism earlier than it reaches the moment of its own self-destruction). In further subsection OC3 the basic devices, which evil parasites use to subdue other civilisations, are described.

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