NK1. Facts which confirm that God supports and tolerates the eventuation...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NK1. Facts which confirm that God supports and tolerates the eventuation and development of totalizm

Nothing happens in the entire universe without knowledge and approval from God. This in turn means, that in order totalizm could be born, and in order God allow totalizm to be disseminated over the world, for sure totalizm is tolerated and discretely supported by God. Unfortunately, it looks that totalizm was born in a wrong phase of God’s experimentation with people. Namely, totalizm was created when according to explanations from subsection NF6 of this volume, God just carries out on the Earth “experiments with evilness and its consequences”. Within this phase, all moral actions are openly and obviously punished by God, while they are rewarded only in a secretive and intangible manner. Therefore, in spite of a high morality and progressiveness of totalizm, this philosophy highly beneficial for people is openly persecuted, practically on almost all possible ways. For example, the creator of totalizm (means myself) every now and again is subjected to assassination attempts, adherers of totalizm are persecuted while their lives become long sequences of difficulties and unemployment, internet web pages of totalizm are sabotaged, totalizm is continuously criticized and spitted in internet by some masked individuals mentioned in subsection NH5.2, etc., etc. In other words, God allows that the “spark of totalizm” just only smoulder, but He disallows totalizm to become an open and well visible fire.

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