NI. The concept of angels and devils
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk


In the light of information presented in this volume, the supernatural creatures called "angels" can be defined as follows. "Angels" and “devils” are temporally "simulations" of supernatural creatures which are peacefully and helpfully oriented towards people and which are deprived of their own free will, that God creates for a short period of time in order to complete with their hands some positive action which for important reasons cannot be completed under the God's name. In other words, "angels" and “devils” are simply some amongst numerous positive "personalities" of God, which are created in the temporally physical form to be confronted with people and to NOT allow people to realise that they deal with God Himself.
The above explanation reveals to us that “angels” and “devils” do NOT exist in the form in which they are described by religions, means in the form of creatures fully spiritual that have their own "life" and "free will" and of the same place of residence as God (i.e. in the counter- world), also the same consistency and origins as God. In the counter-world there is simply no room for other superior creatures separate from God and acting as his intellectual adversaries, while simultaneously almost equal in powers with Him. The entire counter-world is occupied by a single superior being, which is God.
However, for a number of important reasons God simulates "devils". After all for ruling over the world God needs the existence of a "stick", means "evil", while for many reasons it is more beneficial if people believe that this "evil" originates from "devils" than from God Himself. Furthermore, these "devils" are perfectly suited to organise various "tests" and "exams" to which with their assistance God can easily subject both the individual people as well as the entire human civilisation - as this is explained in item #C6.
This simulation of devil causes that "devils" do exist - namely as physical creatures, which are simulated to be close relatives of humans. They are simulated as if they originate from the cosmic space and accomplished an enormous level of scientific and technical advancement, while simultaneously they are totally corrupted morally (i.e. they chronically do NOT obey moral laws, although they also do NOT break them, thus they cannot be punished for breaking these laws). These simulations of really evil creatures by ancient religions were called "devils". However, presently we prefer to call them with the more modern term "UFOnauts". In fact they are so simulated as if since the beginning of times Earth is in their power. These UFOnauts are simulated as able to build technical devices which make them invisible to human eyes, and which allow them to walk through solid objects, such as walls or rocks. Of course, principles of operation of such devices are simulated by God as true - means in such a manner that if build by people these devices would work for us. (these principles are described in chapter L from volume 10 of monograph [1/4] - especially see there subsection L2.) Thus for example devils are indestructible e.g. to our bullets and swords. Thus to many people they are like "spiritual creatures", in spite that that are simulated as they are our physical relatives from space, who are equally physical as we do - only that they stand incomparably higher from us in their technical development. More about simulations of "UFOnauts", including also explanation why they were called "devils", is provided in chapter NJ.

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