NH5.1. "Printer's imps" - means another large family of continuous set-ups...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NH5.1. "Printer's imps" - means another large family of continuous set-ups and jokes played on people by God for important reasons

My acquaintance from Germany (Rainhard) is a professional printer that originates from a family of many generations of printers. One day he complained to me, that if an important publication is printed, in which NOT supposed to be any error, then no matter how thoroughly it would be checked and improved, never all errors can be eliminated from it. If a printer removes one group of errors, then by the action of some magical powers another group immediately appears. This regularity Rainhard knew NOT only from his own experiences, but also from findings of past generations reported by his father. Practically the matter of these printing errors looks as if in printing shops secretly acted some mischievous supernatural creatures (in past called printer's imps) which intentionally play tricks on printers.
Myself in my research also frequently encounter this phenomenon. But because I write everything on my computer, which also stores my works, in my case the tricks of these "printer's imps" take the forms of changes introduced to my texts after I finish writing and close my computer. In past these tricks of "printer's imps" used to make me really upset and angry, as they used to leave physical traces as if some "evil UFOnauts" at nights secretly kept breaking into my computer. But presently, when I discovered WHO really hides behind these changes intentionally introduced to texts that I am writing, I ceased to worry and get upset about them.
In the computer discipline called "Software Engineering" it is commonly known that the number of errors contained in every computer program remains approximately at the same level (i.e. is proportional to the length of this program) - no matter how much this program is tested and improved. This is because when someone removes several out of these errors, later it turns out that mysteriously in the same program almost an equal number of new errors do appear. So we could say, that these "printer's imps" act also in computer programming. Practically their mischievous activities can be detected in everything that is vital for people, and that depends on writing.

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