NH5. What other simulations God also implements on the Earth
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NH5. What other simulations God also implements on the Earth

Only in this volume listed are and documented numerous fabricated simulations and jokes played for people by God. Let us try to count these here:
(1) Inventing and implanting into the physical world the second (untrue) history of the universe that includes, amongst others, the "big bang" and the so-called "natural evolution".
(2) Inventing and passing off unto people the "cosmic origins of the humanity" and the existence of cosmic relatives of humans.
(3) Inventing, simulating, and periodical confronting with people the extraordinary flying machines which are called "UFO vehicles", as well as the supernatural beings that control these machines and that in past were called "devils", "dragons" "serpents", "witches", etc., while presently are called "UFOnauts".
(4) Periodical creation and passing off upon people the clumsy monsters with shocking habits, e.g. “hoofed devils” or “god Pan” from ancient Greece.
So if we draw some general conclusion from the above review, this conclusion would reveal a rather humorous findings that our young God likes to play jokes on people and likes to confront people with highly inspirational puzzles which He temporally simulates especially for this purpose. Moreover, our God does all this because He wants us to grow intellectually through solving His puzzles, and He shows a great disappointment when we do NOT respond to His inspirational challenges.

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