NH3. What states the "true history of the universe and the humanity"...
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NH3. What states the "true history of the universe and the humanity" described in the Bible

The "real history of the universe and the humanity" is the one for which most vital facts are described in the Bible. Unfortunately, the main role of the Bible is to provide people with only the most fundamental information, and thus inspiring people to carry out their own research that would extend this information. Therefore the Bible does NOT reveal the whole "real history of the universe and the humanity", but only some key points of it. This is because God expects that the remaining sections of this history people will find out on their own through research. Therefore the relatively new scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity worked out some amongst these missing sections of the "real history of the universe and the humanity". These sections were published, amongst others, below in this chapter. Let us remind ourselves most key points of this true history.
(0) The infinitively long existence of self-learning "counter-matter". Counter-matter displays attributes of a "liquid computer". Means, attributes of this substance are exact reversals of attributes of matter which we already know so well. Counter-matter exists infinitively long. But only relatively recent, just on itself, it evolved in its memory the self-aware natural program which we popularly call "God". The evolution of this program finished only slightly over 6000 years ago. More on this subject is presented in subsections NA1.1 and NA1.2 from this volume.
(1) The self-evolution of God. The course and effects of this self-evolution of God were determined through analyses carried out by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Their descriptions are provided in subsection I1.2 /?/ from volume 5. This self-evolution of God was completed slightly over 6 thousand years ago, when our God accomplished (developed) its own self-awareness.
(2) The creation by God the physical world, living creatures, and humans. It is described by the Bible. The interpretation of this biblical descriptions, carried out according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, was published in subsections I1.3 and I1.4 /?/ from volume 5. According to data provided in the Bible, this creation took place around 6 thousands years ago.
(3) Period of the open coexistence of God and humans. In the first period of around 1000 years after the creation of the physical world and people, God linked His own mind to human-like bodies that He temporally simulated on the Earth. (These simulations were carried out on principles identical to these with which presently God simulates UFOnauts and UFOs - means on principles described in chapter NJ of this volume.) In this way God could interact with people directly and teach them the basic principles of living. Descriptions of these times survived until today in the form of mythology and sparse descriptions from holy books. It is from these times that various mythologies originate, e.g. Egyptian, Greek, or Roman, as well as texts from the Biblical Old Testament.
(4) The giving of religions and holy books to people. Because direct interaction of God with people turned out to be impractical and creating undesirable effects, around 5000 years ago God ceased to influence people openly. But in order to still provide people with a set of most vital rules of living, God decided to create what presently we call "religions". Probably the oldest religion that God created, was what we presently call "Hinduism". On the occasion of creating Hinduism God gave people also a written form of hugely voluminous guidelines and fundamental information - which with the elapse of time formed these numerous "holy books" of Hinduism. But it turned out that people do NOT use these holy books because of their too- voluminous size. Thus practically only very few people read them. In the result God decided to give to people further religions for which holy books were increasingly shorter and more condensed. One amongst these religions was the Christianity, the holy book of which (i.e. the Bible) turned out to be the most perfect holy book authorised by God Himself.
(5) The inspiring in people the development of increasingly more perfect social systems, and also the development of culture, science, and technology. This inspiring boiled down to forming amongst people a whole series of increasingly more perfect social systems, starting from (1) tribal communities, through (2) slavery, (3) feudalism, (4) capitalism, until the present form of (5) socialism, and the future forms of (6) totaliztic systems. Simultaneously God inspired in people the development of culture, science, and technology. This stage of the history of humanity lasts until today and is going to continue.

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