NH1. What vital reasons had God to create the "simulated history of the universe..."
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NH1. What vital reasons had God to create the "simulated history of the universe and the humanity" - means to created an invented opposite to the "real history of the universe and the humanity"

The introduction and the previous subsection of this chapter explained to us the shocking fact which most clearly NO-ONE considered before, and which to people was revealed only by the most moral philosophy on the Earth called totalizm (means the philosophy of discovering and stating truths). This fact reveals, that the universe which surrounds us in fact has at least two different histories. This true one is described in the Bible authorised by God Himself - e.g. see the Biblical Book of Genesis (1:1 to 2:4). It states that the physical world is just around 6000 years old, and that together with humans it was created by God. But for important reasons, independently from this "true history of the universe and mankind" God clearly created also a completely different "simulated history of the universe and man". This simulated history of the universe is a kind of fantastic story which God intentionally invented and then "implanted" into His final product that He created, means implanted into the Earth and into the physical world. This story states approximately the same that present scientists claim. In turn these scientists claim that e.g. the universe is around 13.73 (with the accuracy +/-0.12) billion years old, that the man originates from an "evolution" - NOT from a creation by God, and that before people on the Earth horrifying and barbaric "dinosaurs" used to live.
For some people the fact of the existence of two different histories of the universe can seem to be a kind of "Godly cheating". After all, these people do not understand that only people "cheat", while God just creates new paths and opens for people increasingly wider perspectives. Whatever God does, He always has for this extremely important reasons. So let us now list most important reasons which probably motivated God when He created this second, untrue, simulated history of the universe and the man.
(1) Inspiring people to scientific searches. After all, if existed just only one history of the universe and people, namely this true one, then nothing would be for seeking and for researching. This is because this history is described just in several sentences by the Bible authorised by God Himself. As such, it does NOT inspire the interest in people, neither it fascinates them. So no-one would wish to research it. In turn without scientific research people would NOT experience any progress. So in addition to this true history, God was forced to invent and to implant into His creation, a kind of fabulous history, which leads people from one discovery to another one, stimulating their imagination and inspiring scientific research.
(2) Allowing the cultivation of atheistic view of the world by some people. In several subsections of this volume it was explained, that if the humanity was composed of exclusively people who deeply believe in God, then the humanity would live in caves until today and would NOT known even a secret of fire (e.g. see subsections NB3 or NG2.1). This is because people who deeply believe in God are typically very passive, as their deep faith in God deprives them the courage to carry out scientific research. Therefore God is was forced to give to people also another possibility of living according to the atheistic view of the world. After all, such an atheistic view of the world inspires people to research and to form a progress. So in order to inspire amongst people such atheistic view of the world, God was forced to create and to pass off upon people various encouragements for creative scientific searches. In His superior wisdom God gave to these encouragements a form of alternative history of the universe and man, which present human science considers to be a "scientific history".
(3) Illustrative demonstration to people the creative power of God. If God does NOT introduce to the world that He created an invented history of the kind which is being "discovered" by the present science, then the history of the universe would be uninteresting and deprived the ability to inspire. It would just reflect the fact that God created planets, lands, seas, living creatures, and man. As such, it would NOT demonstrate to people the creative power of God. In turn people have tendencies to doubt and to negate the creative capabilities of God. So in order to illustrate to people, how immense is His creative power, into the world that He created, God implanted this fantastic history of the universe that He make up. So when people finally recognise the findings of the philosophy of totalizm and begin to understand that this "simulated history of the universe and man" which is discovered by the human science, is the untrue history, then they simultaneously realise how huge is the power and capabilities of God who was able to invent such a history and to implant it into the fabric of the universe.
(4) Subjecting people to trials and to exams. For reasons explained more extensively in subsection NG4.1 of this volume, God continually subjects every inhabitant of the Earth to countless tests and exams. Then, depending on outcomes of each such a test, God qualifies a given person to appropriate category. Of course, in order to be able to subject people to these trials and exams, God needs to have a kind of "exam questions or exam problems" which every person separately must then solve on his or on her own. The existence of two contradictive histories of the world (i.e. (1) religious history, and (2) atheistic history) is just one amongst such questions-problems to be solved during the Godly trial-exam.
(5) Challenging people to seek well hidden truth. The main reason for which God created the man is a more effective gathering of knowledge. This reason I am explaining more comprehensively in subsection NF1 from this volume. The need to increase the knowledge is even more urgent because of the "young age" of our God. So in order people could assist God in His searches for knowledge, they must acquire specific kinds of attributes. Therefore, in order to develop in people these attributes that God needs, God continually challenges people with ever-increasingly ambitious challenges. One amongst these challenges is the existence of two completely opposite histories of the world, and the need that every person must take and justify his or her own stand which one amongst these two histories he or she considers to be true. Thisvolume in fact becomes a part of such a challenge.
(6) Masking from some people the fact that God in fact is still "inexperienced youngster". The true history of the world reveals that our God is still "inexperienced youngster" which still has a great sense of humour and still likes to play jokes on people. After all, He created the physical world just only around 6 thousands years ago. Thus He Himself probably finished His self-evolution and gained the self-consciousness only shortly before - as this is explained in subsection NA1.2 from this volume. So even if several thousands of years passed from the moment of the self-evolution of God and acquiring His self-awareness, until the creation of the physical world and man, still the age of God probably does NOT exceed even 10000 years. I personally suspect that the "software God", described in subsection NA1.1 from this volume, is NOT older than around 7000 years. (Note that this "software God" in Christianity is called the "Holy Ghost". We should NOT confuse Him with the eternally existing "God Father" which in the Bible is also called the "Ancient of Days".) In turn such a young age of God really qualifies Him to the category of almost a "Godly teenager". Although in the Bible authorised by God Himself, God indirectly confirms the fact of His relatively "young age", in fact in real life He is NOT very inclined to brag about this to every human being. Probably for this reason God "added years to His age" in the "simulated history of the universe and man", which He so invented and fabricated as if the universe had already around 14 billions of years. After all such an age inclines everyone to show respect.
(7) Documenting the God's sense of humour. The entire body of evidence in existence, suggests that God has a magnificent sense of humour. Furthermore, in times when God initiated the creation of the "body of evidence" which for scientists provides a basis for formulation this "simulated history of the universe and man", God already knew how pompous and all-knowing human scientists are today. So probably one amongst numerous motives of this young God who still likes to play tricks on people, was to make a mock on Godly scale of these scientists who pompously refuse to recognise His existence and who behave as if they "have swallowed all brains".
At this point it is worth to add, that the sole fact of the existence of so many and so vital reasons for the additional creation by God the "simulated history of the universe and man", is also a confirmation and a proof that God really gave to people these two opposite histories of the world, namely (1) the true history - means the one described in the Bible, and (2) the simulated history - means the one that was invented by God and then skilfully implanted into the Godly creation. Therefore also this proof I introduced to the list from subsection NH4 in the further part of this chapter.

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