NH. The "great bang" and "natural evolution" as inspiring "fabrications" of God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk


If God does NOT exist, while time would pass irreversibly - as this is described by the present science, then all past events would occur just once only, while the universe and man would have just a single history. In such a case everything that scientists determine in the result of researching the existing evidence would be an objective truth. For example, the truth could be that there is just a single history of the universe, that the universe originates from the "big bang", that in fact there was a past which to people is told e.g. by petrified skeletons of dinosaurs, and that man originates from a natural evolution. But if there is the omnipotent God while time has a reversible software nature - as this is described by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see subsections I1.5 and I2.5 /?/ from volume 5), then all past events can be changed by this God any number of times, until God accomplishes with these changes such outcomes which He needs. In turn the universe and man can have at least two histories - out of which only one is true, while the remaining ones can be simulated by God in order to accomplish some Godly goals. In such a case practically every "fact" which scientists establish in the result of research on the body of evidence present in the universe could be just a fantastic simulation and illusion passed off upon people by God for some higher reasons. For example, the history which is told by e.g. petrified skeletons of dinosaurs would only be a kind of fantastic story which the omnipotent God intentionally invented and for important reasons simulated into the physical world that He was creating. In reality packs of dinosaurs could never run over our planet - although God could create one or several of them from each species just to check whether their bodies and bones are realistic and work correctly in the physical world. (Of course, there is also a possibility that God have NOT gone through the trouble of verifying in action bodies of all dinosaurs. For example, research described in the article "Answer to how giant flying dinosaurs got airborne", from page A15 of the New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, January 10, 2009, reveal that many scientists have serious doubts whether the weighting over a quarter of ton flying dinosaurs from the family called "pterosaurs" could at all become airborne.) This chapter is just about a second, simulated (invented by God) history of the universe and man, which in spite that it is confirmed by supposedly "objective" evidence, in reality is untrue.

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