NG5.5. The so-called ”curse of inventors”
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NG5.5. The so-called ”curse of inventors”

The most eye hitting manifestation of so-called “curse of inventors” is that inventors of new technical devices which are strongly needed by our civilization, and also discoverers of almost all most needed laws and regularities, typically with the approval from God are murdered, persecuted, destroyed, put to prisons, deprived of ownership and income, etc., etc. Such treatment for most creative and most morally acting people does NOT excuse even the fact that according to explanations from subsection NF6 of this volume, God just experiments with evilness on the Earth. In order to justify this contradictive to the universal justice state of things, one needs to accept the fact explained in subsection NF3, that methods of action of God are still very imperfect. After all, the same effect as consequences of applying the unjust to inventors “curse of inventors”, God could also accomplish with the use of more righteous methods.

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