NG5.1. The mastery over time
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NG5.1. The mastery over time

For us people the scientific premises for the mastery over the elapse of time and for constructing time vehicles, revealed only the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In subsections I1.5 /?/ and H9.1 from volumes 5 and 4 of this monograph this concept explained the existence and operation of so-called “timespace” and “software interpretation of time” which allow to shift back time which already elapsed. In turn subsection N3.2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5] /? chapter N does not exist, only NA-NK in volume 12 ?/ indicates the principle derived from this Concept of Dipolar Gravity on which future time vehicles are going to work. Of course, God invented the reversible time and invented the software “timespace” mainly to be able to rule over time in a simple and effective manner. The possibility of constructing time vehicles is just like a “by product” of the God’s mastery over time. God also everyday carries various changes in events which already took place in past. Changing the past so that it serves better to presence is fact is one amongst most popular methods of action used by God. If someone watches carefully the life around himself, then frequently meets situations when God just introduced one of such changes to the past in order to be able to better master over the presence.
I personally noticed many times in my life situations when God drastically changed the past, in order to accomplish some effects in present time that would much better serve the God’s intentions. Several examples of just such situations I already described in subsection N7.3 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5] /? chapter N does not exist, only NA-NK in volume 12 ?/. One (rather insignificant, although very meaningful) such a manipulation of God on past took even place on Saturday, 24 January 2009, when I just intended to begin writing this subsection. Namely, at that time I intended present in this subsection my reservations which I have regarding methods of used on people by God. Since time when I study these methods, I noticed that God did NOT attempted to improve them from times of Jesus, thus presently they contain many imperfections and injustices which God could gradually eliminate. (About these imperfections of God’s methods I mention, amongst others, in subsection NF3 from this volume.) Therefore initially I intended to devote this subsection entirely to the discussion of manners in which these imperfections could be eliminated. But before starting this subsection, I went for a long evening walk in order to plan in my head what and in which manner and order I am going to describe. When I returned home, it turned out that in the second channel of New Zealand TV just is broadcasted a comedy “Keeping Mum” from 2005, with my favourite actor Rowan Atkinson in the main role of a priest. This comedy was already broadcasted since 20:30 and lasted till 22:40 - thus after my return from an evening walk I could see only its final part. In the part that I have seen, the priest just started to read his paper at some official conference or seminar. For my shock, the topic of this seminar were just “methods of God”. The priest (which was the main hero of this film) in his paper discussed a verse in the Bible in which God comments on His own methods of acting. The ending of this paper turned out to be words directed to me. Namely, the priest that read this paper on the film stated something along the lines, that whether we like it or not, God uses such and no other methods of action while us people have the duty to just accept them as they are and put up with them without criticizing them. Of course, in order I could hear these words, film needed to be made, then placed in the program, and finally broadcasted at the moment of time when I still walked and planned what to write about methods of God’s acting. In other words, a significant portion of past needed to be changed in such a manner that I could hear of what I have heard.
Of course, such immediate changes of past in order to serve presence better are also noticed by other people. One such an example which I recall took place in the initial part of 2008. It was reported in New Zealand television. A pilot of a small airplane repetitively flew from the South Island of New Zealand to so called Stewart Island. So he knew almost every tree on the path of his flights. During one such flights the engine of his airplane failed when he just was approaching an edge of a mountain range full of sharp rocks. So it looked as an end - as on sharp rocks it is impossible to land. He and his passenger started to pray loudly to God for a saving of their lives. When the airplane somehow passed by inertia on the other side of the mountain range, both of them saw below a lone farm with a small landing strip. They landed on this strip safely in a glider flight without the use of an engine. Then the pilot openly admitted that he flew over this place many times and never previously saw a farm nor a landing strip in there.
Summarizing the above, one amongst methods of God’s acting depend on an absolute mastery over time. So when needed God literally in a split of second changes the past so that the future events are matched to the situation from the past.

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