NG5. Summary of the most important methods of controlling people by God
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NG5. Summary of the most important methods of controlling people by God

God utilizes in practice a whole array of methods to control the fate of the universe, so that this fate unfolds according to his intentions. In order to illustrate to the reader the true span of these methods, below I am briefly describing at least these ones amongst them which in a beast manner represent the diversity of their major categories.
At this point it is worth to mention, that every method of action that God uses, can be also used by people. In fact methods of God's operation always turn out to be extremely effective, deprived of side effects, and leading to the success in the fastest way possible. Therefore for example the method of "a carrot and a stick" turns out to be inreplaceable in bringing up children and in training animals. In turn method of finding and triggering a solution that hides embedded in every problem, allows people to overcome even the greatest obstacles. It is enough to remember in it, that every problem contains a solution, and then concentrate on finding this solution. Also "keywords" which trigger codes that program the course of appropriate actions, are used by people in magic and in hypnosis. A lot of traditional magic by accident discovered words or sentences which trigger appropriate consequences, and then utilized these keywords as "spells". In such a manner, e.g. on the Easter Island magicians caused that boulders ascended into the air and flown where ordered. In old China some magicians managed to discover "spells" which caused that bodies of dead people raised on feet and walked to homes. So in times when no fridges nor modern transport existed, their descendants earned for living by "walking home" dead who lost lives far from families and family burial sites. In turn in present Malaysia so-called "Bomoh" with just such keywords are able to stop rain. On the other hand present hypnotists form their own codes and keywords which trigger them. They call these "post-hypnotic suggestions". Then they only say this keyword in the vicinity of such a hypnotically programmed person, while this person does whatever they ordered him or her to do.

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