NG4.3. Examples of tests and exams to which God subjects people
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NG4.3. Examples of tests and exams to which God subjects people

God has this habit, that He places various life problems, obstacles, etc., before every person in order to exam and to test the morality, strength of character, and the value of this person. Most frequently these life problems, obstacles, difficulties, etc., result from what a given person currently does, or in what situation he or she just is. But in case of people who do NOTHING, God still invents and creates various problems, obstacles, and difficulties, which can be called “imagined”, but which result from their needs, dreams, position in which they are, etc. In the result every person encounters in his or her life various problems and obstacles to overcome - if not real one then “imagined”. In turn by overcoming these problems and barriers, or by refusing to overcome them and by trying to escape from them, every person reveals to God his or her true value. Let us indicate now a few examples of most commonly encountered such problems, obstacles, or barriers for overcoming, that are formed by God for present people as kinds of the God’s “exam”. A) Real life problems, barriers, obstacles, etc.:
A1) Overweight. In present times the strength of character and the value of many people is tested by God through causing their overweight and checking how these people are going to fight with it.
A2) Destructive love. This test depends on imposing onto a given person a love to someone who is extremely destructive and immoral, and then on checking whether the person under exam is able to overcome in himself or herself this love in order to return to the path of moral behaviour.
A3) Falling a victim of a ”bully”. Almost everyone amongst us encounters in his or her life someone who “gets back” on him for something, or torments him for something. In English such a tormentor is called a “bully”, which his or her tormenting others actions are called “bullying”. Myself, for the first time I fell a victim of such “bullying” when I was just a few years old boy. My large neighbour, ”Bolek”, was getting a regular biting by his father almost everyday. So whenever I left home and ”Bolek” was nearby, in turn I was bitten by ”Bolek”. I passed this life exam after several years of being systematically walloped by “Bolek”, through overcoming in myself a fear of the size and physical strength of “Bolek” and through coldly planned and thoroughly executed biting this “Bolek” during one of our meeting. Since then “Bolek” left me in peace for the duration of the rest of my life. But after the emigration to New Zealand I encountered a different form of the same “bullying”. We could call this form a “psychological bullying”. Examples of it are described in meaningful articles “Bullying ‘second highest in the world’” from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, December 15, 2008, or „Bully put tuna in painter’s mask”, from page A7 of newspaper The Dominion Post, Saturday, December 20, 2008. This form of bullying usually depends on doing rather psychological than physical damage. For example, superiors impose onto their staff many unnecessary and unpleasant requirements (e.g. they refuse to provide their staff with whatever their workers are entitled - e.g. refuse to sign an agreement to take the vacation during vacation times), some people purposely make life difficult and tormented to other people, etc. Because such psychological bullying does NOT depend on physical fighting, it cannot be finished through a physical biting up a “bully”. In order to eliminate it one needs to find a manner to morally bit up the ”bully” in some area which agrees with indications of totalizm.
A4) Homosexuality. This one is increasingly common exam issued by God to individual people and to entire societies. After all, God clearly and unambiguously forbids homosexuality. For example, in the Bible ”Leviticus” 18:22 clearly states, quote: “And you must not lie down with a male the same as you lie down with a woman.” This is why this exam is ”failed” by individuals and entire societies which after being confronted with someone’s deviated sexual preferences put homosexuality above morality.
A5) Obstacles in accomplishing life goals. This one is an ancient way of testing by God so-called “people of action”. When these people attempt to accomplish any goal, God continually places various obstacles on their paths.
B) Imagined problems, obstacles, etc.:

B1) Paralyzing with fear. It depends on creating by God repetitive situations in which the examined person sees various tormentors and finds itself in various situations, which are so designed that they induce in this person the feeling of paralyzing threat. However, God so creates and organizes these threatening tormentors and situations, that apart from the examined person, no-one else sees them. (Means God uses here exactly the same method of action which he uses also during the simulation of UFO sightings described in chapter NJ of this volume.) Therefore all outside witnesses suspect that a given person just imagined these tormentors. Myself I was subjected to such an exam during my professorship in Borneo. To my shock almost everyday I saw some strange individual sitting in a very old, eye hitting car, as he intensely was watching windows of my home. Frequently when I returned home from work, the floor in my shower was wet and strongly evaporated - as if only a while before someone took a hot shower in there. Sometimes I had light switched on or TV set working, although when departing to work I clearly remembered that I switched them off. When I was going downtown, immediately in my vicinity appeared some individual strangely dressed in an old fashion suit whom I could notice from a large distance and who accompanied me at a distance clearly avoiding me approaching him, although manifestly watching every my move. Etc., etc. My experiences from the course of that exam are described in item #8 from subsection VB4.8 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4].
B2) Voiced in head. This exam depends on a frequent appearing strange voices in the head of the examined person. These voices try to convince a given person to commit some highly immoral actions – e.g. mass murders. Myself, I never heard such voices. But I studied their existence and consequences because in one amongst almost 30 assassination attempts at my life (during the so-called “Ara Moana Tragedy”), I almost was shoot by a person who most probably heard just such voices. About this case I write more extensively in item #77 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of this monograph. It turns out that almost all mass murderers hear in their heads such voices. In times when I wrote this paragraph an article appeared on this subject. It was entitled ”Suspect ‘heard voices’” and was published on page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, January 29, 2009. In this article was written that the Belgian murderer who on Saturday, 24 January 2009 murdered in a kindergarten two innocent children and their teacher, also heard just such “voices in his head”. His murders described the article “Weapon seized from ‘Joker’ nursery killer” from page A18 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, January 26, 2009.
A3) Anorexia. This is a reversal of overweighting. People subjected to this exam are forced to starve themselves almost to death. In a TV programme “60 minutes” which was broadcasted in TVNZ 3 on Monday, 9 February 2009, 7:30 to 8:30 pm, an anorexia victim was stating that she hears “voices” in her head, which make her to starve herself. So it appears, that anorexia also originates from “voices in the head” as described in the previous item.
B4) Various phobias. Sometimes even induced by “invisible” creatures.


At this point I should again emphasize, that whenever we encounter in our lives a repetitive problem which looks like a test or exam of God because it is NOT a karma as it does NOT cease after hurting us once, then the only manner of getting rid of this problem is a morally correct passing the exam which God imposed onto us in the form of just this particular problem to be solved.

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