NG4.1. "Tests" and “exams” to which God subjects people
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NG4.1. "Tests" and “exams” to which God subjects people

God created the mankind for the purpose. This purpose is to increase the knowledge of both: (1) God and the entire intelligent universe, and (2) humans themselves. Thus, the entire our life is just a long lesson to learn, and a continuous series of exams. Each subsequent exam from life God issues to us in the form of another "test" which we either pass or fail. An example of such a "test" which we already identified and described relatively well, and about which it is known that God continually subjects us to it, is the "test for atheism". God designed it so perfectly, that if we pass it, then the gain is both ours and the entire humanity. In turn if we fail it, then the gain is just for the humanity (our is just a loss). Unfortunately, people who fail this "test for atheism" gain a rather special treatment. For example, all facts indicate that such people are treated by God exactly the same as animals do, in this number they are even reincarnated into animals instead of people. To repetitive "tests" is also subjected the entire human civilisation. An example of just such a test through which the humanity just is going, is the "test for a hidden occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts" - about which I am writing a bit more in chapter NJ. Also this test was so cleverly designed by God that if the humanity passes it, then it becomes beneficial for both the humanity and for God - after all the humanity will be then advanced to a higher level of morality. But if the humanity fails it, then still God will benefit from this, as it will allow Him to maintain and to use previous tools (i.e. simulations of "UFOnauts" or "devils") for controlling the further fate of individual people and the entire human civilisation.

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