NG3.3. The utilisation of motivating capabilities of "evil"...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NG3.3. The utilisation of motivating capabilities of "evil" – means deaths, illnesses, corruption, injustice, etc.
Motto: "God so shaped the reality, that true knowledge always must be sought with difficulties and earned with effort. In turn whatever is screaming and finds us by itself, never is a true knowledge but only misleading lies that pretend to be knowledge."

As it is explained above, in very vital interest of God lies maintaining people in continuous uncertainty about the existence of God. So in order to keep people continually in this uncertainty, God developed and perpetually uses a whole range of various manners, ways, methods, tricks, etc. For example, God causes that after the birth, memories of our previous incarnations are blocked. Only very stubborn seekers of truth can later unblock these memories with the use of hypnosis. But even then their scepticism still forms barriers against recognising these memories for what they really are. God also so designed the human psychology, that everyone amongst us is especially untrusting and sceptical in all God's matters. Thus, a typical person would acquire the certainty of the existence of God only if he or she could see and touch God - of course, to NO living people God grants such a privilege.
Amongst a huge number of methods, ways, means, tricks, etc., which God continually uses to keep people in the perpetual uncertainty about His own existence, one group of these is strictly linked to the topic of this volume. This is a wide use of "evil" by God, and His employment of "evil creatures". Namely, in order to be able to illustratively suggest to people, that God does NOT exist, in practically every area of life God noisily although anonymously (i.e. not under His own name) promotes the prevalence of "evil". Simultaneously, God also suppresses the emphasizing, and intentionally hides, all manifestations of a good and morality. Of course, God does all these in a way similar to an enthusiastic examiner, who uses various tricks and traps to check how well his students mastered a given subject area. Means, these people who allow to be misled by such noisy promotion and actually give out to temptations, God later mercilessly, and this time quietly, punish and persecute. In turn these ones who stand by morality and in the defence of good, God discretely and quietly rewards later.
In this noisy utilisation of "evil" for hiding His own existence, very handy for God is the use of "simulation" of the existence and a secretive activity on the Earth, of "evil creatures" which in most ancient times were called "gods", later - although still in antiquity, were called "devils", while presently are called with the ultra-modern term "UFOnauts". After all, God is a master in "simulation". He continually creates and destroys thousands of stars and planets, and millions of human existences. Thus, for the use in such a simulation, God is able to design appropriately, then temporally create, human-like creatures (i.e. "UFOnauts") to which He transfers (i.e. "possesses") His own awareness. Then with hands of these creatures God can subject people to any manipulations, temptations, tests, and tricks - which lie in interest of goals and intentions of God. Finally, when these temporally created creatures fulfil their duties, God again destroys them. The use of these creatures has also this advantage, that everything that God does with their hands, appears as if it has NOTHING to do with God. So it works perfectly towards making impossible for people to gain a certainty about the existence of God.
More exact explanations as to how God simulates UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, and also which items of evidence confirm the truth of this God's simulation, are presented in chapter NJ below. This subsection concentrated mainly on discussing consequences of this situation for our understanding of UFO manifestations and phenomena that accompanies UFOs.

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