NG3.1. The role of so-called "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction"...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NG3.1. The role of so-called "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction" in human searches for knowledge

The moral and highly progressive philosophy called totalizm explains that independently from the so-called "gravity field" our lives are also ruled by still another kind of invisible field called the moral field. This "moral field" causes, that into accomplishing everything that is moral us people must put our personal effort. After all, everything that is moral lies "uphill" in this "moral field". Therefore doing in lives moral things is like climbing uphill in gravity field - means always requires putting into specific amount of effort. In turn when we review the list of things that are moral, then it turns out that apart from telling truth, doing whatever is good and justly for others, etc., highly moral is also gathering knowledge. When anyone amongst us gathers new knowledge, then he or she also moves "uphill" of this "moral field". This in turn requires putting a specific effort. Therefore gathering knowledge, establishing truth, gaining certainty, reaching point of being convinced, etc. NEVER comes to us without an effort. We always must trace these with our personal contribution of work and gather these with significant effort - like farmers gather grain and harvests. Only information which represents confusion and untruth find us by themselves and we have them without any effort.
Of course, as this is the case of every truth and knowledge, also accomplishing the progress in our knowledge of UFOs requires the contribution of effort and climbing upwards in the moral field. But the majority of so-called "UFOlogists" and UFO researchers are NOT prepared to put any effort in the matter of UFOs. They expect from the life that the explanation of the UFO puzzles is going to find them all by itself, in the same manner as television advertising about the newest (and thus also the most expensive) products are finding them. In turn since these "UFOlogists" are NOT prepared to put their own effort into the gaining knowledge and truth about UFOs, their supposed "research" in fact are "infinitive trotting in the same place". This is why the majority of so-called "UFOlogists" never in their lives go beyond the "barrier of awareness" defined by the question "do UFOs really exist".
Interesting is the manner in which God does that gaining any new knowledge, in this number also knowledge about UFOs, comes with such a difficulty and requires putting into it so much effort. As it turns out God formed every knowledge in kinds of like layers, which can be named "levels of induction into knowledge". In every topic and in every matter there is at least a dozen of such subsequent layers. In addition, in front of each such a "level of induction into knowledge" God placed a special "barrier of awareness". So in order someone could lift his or her knowledge onto a higher "level of induction into knowledge", he or she always must firstly overcome the "barrier of awareness" which stands on his or her way. For example, in order to learn the knowledge about UFOs, every person must firstly overcome in himself or herself the "barrier of awareness" described by the question "do UFOs exist". So until the time when someone overcomes this barrier, he or she is NOT going to learn anything constructive on the subject of UFOs. But when he or she overcomes this barrier, then in front of his or her eyes opens a huge prospect of knowledge about UFOs, e.g. all that about UFOs and UFOnauts explains this volume. However, simultaneously in front of this person appears another barrier of awareness - e.g. described by the question "on which principle UFO vehicles do fly". Etc., etc.
More about "levels of induction into knowledge" and "barriers of awareness" which allow gain new knowledge only by these people who put into the learning their personal effort, explains subsection NB4 from this volume.

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