NG2. In what manner God still accomplishes His chief goal...
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NG2. In what manner God still accomplishes His chief goal of ”increasing the knowledge”, in spite that in His actions God must consider all constraints which restrict Him

Practically each one of us is wondering whether God does exist, whether we have eternal soul, what is the goal of our existence, what awaits the humanity in a near future, how we should act in our lives, etc., etc. I also belong to the group of people asking this kind of questions. But there is a significant difference between myself and others who ask. After all, because I am a professional scientist, I managed to find not only the answer to these questions, but also identify a wealth of scientific evidence which confirms that my answer is this correct one.
When formulating these formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, and while researching God with scientific methods, I had numerous opportunities to have a close look at what would happen if all people unanimously recognised my proofs and rapidly started to believe (as strongly as I do) that God in fact does exist. A positive consequence of such a rapid converting of all atheists into the belief in God would be, of course, that almost instantly all people would begin to act morally. Means, that would disappear: crime, lies, cheating, killing, exploitation, wars, etc., etc. However, in the present situation of our civilisation, when people still just only "worship God" instead of researching Him and instead of obeying laws that He established, various undesirable consequences of such unanimous belief in God would also appear. Namely, almost completely would then diminish the accumulation of knowledge and the human motivation to investigate the universe. After all, in present circumstances, for so- called "typical bread eaters" the consequence of being sure that God does exist is to loose the motivations for investigating and for analysing the world around us. For every question about anything, for these ones who strongly believe in God is just a single reply, namely "because God created it so and He controls it in just such a manner". Believers in God notoriously keep ignoring the well-known principle that "God helps only those people who help themselves", and that by failing to act even saints get nowhere. In order to summarise the above, typical consequences of increasing the faith in God in present circumstances are: an increase in morality of people, which is accompanied by the simultaneous decrease in knowledge, disappearance of scientific research, and the lack of motivation for creative searches.
Of course, if these are us who put ourselves in the position of God, we would NOT like the situation when all people believe in Us and all people worship Us, when all people act morally, but simultaneously the progress of knowledge and technology rapidly falls down. After all, in such a situation the human civilisation would never advance to a higher level of development. So in our interest as God, would lie finding a way to inspire in people somehow the creative searches and the increase in their knowledge. As it turns out, this way depends on persuading some people into the so-called "atheism". Atheists from the very definition are forced to find out which mechanisms hide behind events around them. After all, they negate God as the source of these mechanisms. As such, the "atheism" is the propelling force for the progress of knowledge and for the technical development of our civilisation. Unfortunately, the "atheism" has this drawback, that it causes also a moral decadency. This is because without believing in the existence of God and without believing in the existence of eternal soul, atheists try to gain from the life as much as they only can for as little as they manage to get away with. But since the morality stands on their way, then to hell with the morality. In order to summarise the above, typical consequence of "atheism" is the increase of knowledge and the fast technical progress, which, however, is accompanied by the simultaneous drop in the level of morality amongst people.
Each one amongst two situations on the Earth described before has its drawbacks. Namely, if all people are believers in God, then the science, progress, and motivations of people to improve their situation would diminish on the Earth, while the average level of morality would increase. In turn, if all people on the Earth were atheists, then the science and technology would bloom, while the morality would fell down. The main reason is, that when something undesirable affects believers in God, these typically state that this is the "God's will" and do NOTHING to improve their situation. In turn when something undesirable affects atheists, then they try to determine what is the reason for this and they fight with it. So what God should do in order to make the humanity to stay on the path of morality, but simultaneously people keep motivations to continue research, progress, and improvement of their situations. Well, on the present level of human awareness the only choice is that a correct balance between the number of people who believe in God, and the number of atheists, must be maintained on the Earth. Expressing this in other words, if someone puts himself into the position of God (means speaking scientifically - if someone would "simulate the situation of God") then he would discover easily that God to the same degree is interested in a correctly balanced propagation amongst present people both the "atheism" as well as the "belief in God". In turn the best evidence for this interest of God in a balanced propagation of both, atheism and the belief in God, is the so-called free will of people, and also the so-called canon of ambiguity which God displays in everything that He does. The "free will" which God gave to all people causes that each one of us has the right to interpret everything on any way that he or she wishes. In turn the "canon of ambiguity", which is embedded into every action of God, depends on such doing everything God decides to do, that every person can interpret later this God's action according to his or her own view of the world and according to his or her personal philosophy - means in any way that a given person wishes to interpret it. (Please notice that descriptions of the "canon of ambiguity" are provided in subsection NB7.4 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4].)
Unfortunately, the maintenance of the correct balance on the Earth between the number of atheists and the number of believers in God, is immensely difficult. After all, people display so-called "sheep mentality". Furthermore, on the Earth works inertia, fashion, tradition, etc. Therefore, every now and again this healthy balance becomes disturbed. So what God does in such cases. Well, he must take various corrective measures. What these measures are we already saw in the period of medieval times, and we also are starting to see it in the present time. After all, similarly like previously this happened already once near the end of antiquity, just recently again the disturbance of this healthy balance took place. In the result of this disturbed balance, the number of atheists grew to the level that it endangers the moral progress of humanity. So God again must intervene, and in fact He already intervenes. But He cannot appear openly in the sky and start to electrocute atheists with lightning. After all this would destroy the "free will" of people - and thus would force every atheists to become a believer in God. In the result another fall down of progress in knowledge and technology would take place in the future of the Earth. Therefore God have chosen another method for restoration of the balance. It is based on an old finding which is excellently expressed by the proverb which states that there are no atheists amongst frightened. This method represents only a slight modification of the method that God already used once on the humanity during medieval times. In a short run it is going to turn very painful for individual people. But on a long run it is going to turn very beneficial for the entire human civilisation.

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