NG1.2.1. The generation of two opposite explanations by God...
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NG1.2.1. The generation of two opposite explanations by God for every fact and every noticeable manifestation of His activities

In order to fulfil the requirements of the "canon ambiguity" God was forced to carry out His activities in a strictly defined manner. For example, everything that God does, He must do in an “anonymous” manner. Means, He must do it so that people have NO absolute certainty that it actually was done by God. One of the most consequential for people implication of the obeying by God of this "canon ambiguity" is that for every phenomenon or event which God manifests to people, He always must generate at least two opposite explanations. Only one of these explanations can have a "religious" character – i.e. can allow people to state that God did this, and allow them to determine "how exactly God did this". In turn second (and further) possible explanation for a given manifestation must be completely "atheistic" – means must allow to explain a given manifestation fully without the consideration for the existence and actions of God.
Consequences of this principle of God’s acting, that for everything He generates at least two independent explanations, are huge. A highly meaningful their example is discussed in chapter NH of this volume.
A serious disadvantage of present human civilization is that people hysterically avoid researching God. Atheistic scientists do NOT believe in God - thus for them researching this superior being appears to be an absurd. In turn believers in God are extremely passive in matters of God and take everything "on belief" – means they are satisfied with the knowledge "who" (i.e. God) without researching further details of it. However, God wants that people research Him, and that they establish precise details of every fact that He passes to us for a consideration. This is why God inspires human research with various simulations described in chapters NC and ND of this volume. This is also why God inspired the eventuation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm described in this monograph. In other words, this is why for every fact and for every manifestation God creates as many as two opposite explanations (i.e. "religious" and "atheistic") so that people could investigate equally thoroughly each one of them. Therefore also for the religious explanation researchers have the duty to establish not only "who" (means - God), but also "how", "when", "in what exactly manner", "from what", "for what reasons", "which evidence confirms this", and also "what is this ‘atheistic’ explanation which God also additionally created for a given fact".

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