NG1.2. The so-called "canon of ambiguity"
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NG1.2. The so-called "canon of ambiguity"

Let us imagine how people would react if God rapidly appears on the heaven and begins to hit with lightning bolts everyone who has a different opinion than God Himself. Of course, in such a situation everyone would agree with God in everything. And in order do NOT have by any chance a view that differ in some matter from that of God, all people would be afraid to have any own view. Therefore the entire creativity of people and all searches for a new knowledge would cease to exist. So in order to allow the fulfilment by people their role of "ants" which expose the skeleton of the truth from darkness of unknown - as it is explained in subsection NF4 from this volume, God was forced to give to people the so-called "free will". In turn this giving the "free will" has its consequences. For example, God cannot show Himself to people, because people would loose this "free will". Also God cannot do anything in such a manner that it immediately becomes clear to be His action.
So in order to NOT deprive people of this "free will", everything that God does must be carried out according to the general principle which by totalizm is called the canon of ambiguity. This canon is also described comprehensively in subsection B7.4 /?/ from volume 2 of this monograph. The "canon of ambiguity" states that in the universe nothing can be fully unambiguous and deprived sources of all doubts, because then the people who confront it would be deprived the right to their own free will and the right to choose their own views and the path through the life. This is because of this canon that every true miracle must allow to be explained on many different ways. This is also because of the action of this canon that every proof for the existence of God can be attempted to be explained also in an atheistic manner.
Probably the most drastic consequence of the "canon of ambiguity" is that God must make sure that people are NOT certain of the God's existence - as this is explained in subsection NG2.1 from this volume. In practical terms this means that God Himself must promote on the Earth not only atheism, but also the lack of morality, evil behaviours, the philosophy of parasitism, etc. Means God not only must be God, but also must simulate Satan.
The "canon of ambiguity" is discussed in more details subsection B7.4 /?/ from volume 2 of this monograph.

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