NF4. The goal for which God created people: learning about Himself...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NF4. The goal for which God created people: learning about Himself and increase His knowledge

Deductions from subsection NA1.2 and NA1.3 revealed to us, that the present age of God amounts to just slightly above 6000 years. So if we ask the question "what is the most important goal for just slightly older than 6000-years superior being of the universe?" – then the answer to this question becomes rather simple. The most vital for such a "young" God is, of course, gathering knowledge - after all, young God not always knows everything – although He knows incomparably more than is known to all scientists taken together, all people, and all books in existence. So such a young God must accumulate knowledge in order to be later able to carry out further improvements and evolution of the universe.
If we ask ourselves the question "why ancient people did not build a gun or a glider", then the most vital reason for this would turn the lack of awareness that a gun or a glider can exist. In other words, in order to increase one's knowledge in any area, one firstly needs to be aware that such an area of knowledge does exist at all. So if this finding we extrapolate to the situation in which is God, then in order God is able to continually increase His knowledge, firstly people must exist which are to realise to God that such new areas of knowledge do exist at all - so that God then can increase His knowledge in these areas.
Let us illustrate the above in more picturesque manner. If we look with e.g. God's eyes at still not researched area of unknown, then this area resembles a "black mass" inside of which hides a complicated "white skeleton of knowledge". So in order this "white skeleton of knowledge" is revealed to eyes of God, there is a need for a sworn of laborious ants, which are to pounce onto this "black mass of unknown" and gradually "eat" all shadows which hide the knowledge. People are performing for God just such a role of "sworn of laborious ants" which gradually reveal a complicated skeleton of knowledge hidden inside of the black mass of unknown.
In order to summarise the above, there is a vary important role, for the fulfilment of which God was forced to create humans. This role is to detect new areas of the knowledge which God should learn. Expressing this in other words, God created man for knowledge.
The above analyses of intentions of God allows us to establish that "the most important goal of God is to increase His knowledge", and thus to develop intellectually the intelligent universe. What even more interesting, this goal explains also exactly what God created the physical world and man. After all, if God alone tries to increase His knowledge about the universe, then in His lonely search for knowledge He would overlook a huge number of interesting aspects. This is because with knowledge is like with discussion on any topic. Means when we alone consider any topic, then it looks much poorer than when this topic is discussed constructively with other people.
So if we consider the existence of man from the point of view of the intellectual development of the universe being the most vital goal of God, then man turns out to be a kind of "God's technician" who prepares future objects of research. Of course, this role of man in plans of God places a series of requirements onto the humanity. In turn these requirements could be met, God is forced to direct the development of man in a strictly defined manner.

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