NE5. Whether God sometimes links temporally ones amongst...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NE5. Whether God sometimes links temporally ones amongst His many personalities, and His own awareness, to bodies of selected people

YES, I myself watched and researched such linking and I saw it with my own eyes. In many religious rituals God links temporally His own awareness and one amongst His own personalities to bodies of selected people. After this linking the awareness and personality of God, a given body begins to behave in a manner known from the behaviour of that particular personality, and NOT like the original owner of that body. For example, if this linking is carried out during Hindu religious ceremonies called "Thaipusam", organised in Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then the personality which possesses a given body of a Hindu devotee begins to behave like a specific deity of Hinduism. Means, it begins to move in a strange manner that is visible on religious paintings of Hinduism, begins to emit sounds like that deity, is also resistant to pain and cannot be harmed in such a manner that blood flows from it. In turn when this linking of a God's personality is carried out during a Chinese religious festivity of Taoism called the "Festival of 9 Gods" (organised on 9th day of 9th month of Chinese lunar calendar), then the body of this person begins to behave like one amongst these 9 Gods of Taoism - e.g. like the highly characteristic and easy for identifying "Monkey God" shown in "Figure N1". For example, this body can walk on fire and do NOT burn itself, or walks on sharp blades of swards and do NOT cut itself. Later, i.e. after the original soul of the owner of given body is returned to it, this person does NOT remember what he or she was doing when his or her body was taken by one amongst these godly personalities.

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