NE3. Two basic kinds of creation...
@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

NE3. Two basic kinds of creation, namely: (1) temporary simulation and (2) permanent creation

Let us temporally put ourselves into the situation of God, or more strictly into the situation of one amongst numerous personalities of God which is characterised by a high sense of humour. So when being in the situation of a humorous God, we would firstly created a man, let us name him Jan, to whom we would grant the "free will" so that he could have his own views, and we would give to him a relatively long life - so that he would have enough time to write down these views in his monographs. However, then we would decide to have a bit of fun. So knowing that this Jan is interested in UFOs, from time to time we would create for short periods of time various creatures which Jan would believe are UFOnauts, but whom we would NOT give neither the "free will" nor a soul, but for whom because of our sense of humour we would pin our own humorous personality. Of course, after each confrontation of these "UFOnauts" with Jan, we would annihilate them. After all, having godly creative powers we could create again these UFOnauts each time when they would be useful for us.
The above situation, although purely hypothetical, perfectly explains two different kinds of "creation" which God is carrying out. The first kind of "creation" serves the giving life amongst others to permanent creatures, e.g. to people, which receive their own "free will", their own "self-awareness", their own "soul", and their own "life". In turn the second kind of "creation" in present times would be called with a different terminology of a simulation. Namely, God creates something just temporally, while removes it just after it ceases to be needed. If whatever God simulates is a living creature, then God does NOT give to it neither "self-awareness" nor the "free will", nor "soul", nor "life", but only temporally inserts into it His own self-awareness, and does with hands and body of this whatever lies in His godly interest.
Both these kinds of "creation" are described in the Bible. Unfortunately, both of them use the same name "creation". And so, according to the Bible God "created" both the man, as well as "demons", "serpents", "devils", "Satan", etc. But in present terminology this "creation" of supernatural creatures (like "demons", "serpents", "devils", "Satan", etc.) we would now rather call with the use of this newer terminology "simulation".
So let us now define the most vital differences between the terms "creation" and "simulation" used in this volume to describe two basic processes completed repetitively by God and in the Bible described with the same term "creation". Thus in this volume the term creation means the process which is completed by God, and with which can be described, amongst others, the permanent formation of people supplied into their own "free will", "self-awareness", "soul" and "life". In turn the term simulation is a different process also completed repetitively by God, with the use of which God forms temporally various creatures or machines which He intends to confront with people, but which do NOT receive neither the "free will" nor own "soul" or "life", while for the awareness of which God inserts His own self-awareness. In other words, the simulation is like a temporally "impersonation" under which hides God Himself when He decides to show Himself to a living person or to a group of living people.

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